• Erica

    Wow. Powerful.

  • Darrell G. Walton

    A man of dignity!!!

    • 7papa7

      I agree, now we see why he received his medal of honor, he is a true American hero. He can be counted with the great. We salute you. You are a man of honor and decency who obviously puts America first unlike this administration. Thank you for your service.

    • muypro

      Probably was reared under the “choose your friends carefully” philosophy!

  • Lindyranch

    This man lives his convictions. With men like him in America, WE WILL continue to be Free and Brave. Thank You Sir.

    • ADRoberts

      I had the distinct impression that this hero was not happy to be NEAR Obama. That is the contrast between a HERO and a TRAITOR.
      If he had refused to let Obama give him the medal, the military would have court martialled him.

      • beelp

        No, you are wrong. He was already out of the military and had served more than the 7 years they have a “claim” on you.

        • Frank_Alexander

          You can be recalled for 8 years from the time you raised your hand, not seven, even after you complete your initial active duty obligation. If he was no longer on active duty, he did not have to obey any order UNLESS he is brought back on active duty. It would have been embarrassing for the DoD to have done this. Also, let’s say he had ballooned to 300 lbs (at 5’8″) and no longer looked good in uniform, the ceremony might have been a quiet one with not many official pictures…

        • Rustytruck

          All you people seem to think you are an authority on what happens in the Military, even Mr. Alexander here. I spent my life in the Military and have seen all kinds of things that are out of the normal happen. I seen guys come and go in less than a year with an Honorable, I’ve seen guys like me who were recalled many years later because they needed something. Just because what you got in the service does not mean it will be written in stone that it’s the same for every person. Sometimes your MOS (job) or rank will dictate what they want from you in particular, and one person can have an effect on your career, good or bad. In the Spec-Ops command there is always a demand for your ability, even when you age, because of what you know or are willing to do. Our oath was for life, not just 7 years or 8 or 6.

          • General

            Yeah, even I could have been recalled (as an Aussie “Digger” with specialities,) even if I was retired Unfit for duties, and M.D.

          • Surly Curmudgen

            Enlisted can be recalled up to thirty years past when their hand first went in the air. Past that they have to commission you before you can be recalled, then your butt can be recalled by the military till death plus one day.

      • WOP 2

        The United States Armed Forces could not have taken any action against this Patriot. He accepted the award on behalf of the men he was a comrade in arms with, not because of political aspirations or affiliations. Its fairly apparent that he was not in a particular mood to allow the current Commander in Chief politicize the Medal of Honor. For that I say Bravo Zulu. If you are looking for a reason to detest Obama’s leadership as CIC, look no further than his failure to support the fallen and the survivors at Ft. Hood, shot, wounded, or killed by an Islamic terrorist. No purple heart, no declaration of a terrorist attack. Quite frankly, in 20 years of service in uniform, I never did anything heroic or even close to it. If I had, I would have choked down the award of a medal from the President, and then done precisely what this brave soldier did. And oh, by the way, Mrs. Obama is NOT the deputy CIC. What makes a difference that she invited him?

        • Disgusted

          I like this guy. He does have convictions and true values.
          What does BZ mean?

          • http://www.facebook.com/bill.gaither Bill Gaither

            Bravo Zulu (BZ) is military code for “very good job” or “Well Done”

      • NavyMM1

        Mr. Obama was awarding the CMOH on behalf of CONGRESS and the American people. He would have diminished himself, those who hold the CMOH, and the nation had he refused to allow Mr. Obama to award it to him. He knew that and did the right thing.

        However, being used in the Obama dog and pony State of the Union campaign show is an entirely different matter. He is well within his rights as a citizen to refuse, and the military has nothing to say in how he, as a civilian, uses his time. And in this he did the right thing… AGAIN.

        I am honored to have him as a countryman.

    • cazie

      I could see it in his face..when big ‘O’ was putting the medal on behind him. I give him credit for his grace and dignity at having to endure the charade who calls himself our commander standing so close.

  • id2nv2nj2ca

    That’s wonderful, but the story seems incomplete without an explanation as to why he turned down the invitation.

    • Glock 30
      • id2nv2nj2ca

        Thanks for links. :)

    • sandman

      If you an not figure that out……….

      • id2nv2nj2ca

        Wow. You’re going to criticize my question with that response? That’s rich.

        • sandman

          Ok, lets try this, If you can not figure that out by now, you never will, no mater how we write it, or explane it, you will not be able to comprehend it!

          • id2nv2nj2ca

            HAHAHA!!! You’re a trip. I found out later why he turned it down, but it was NOT in this article, and it had nothing to do with the reason you are assuming. But by all means, keep criticizing me with your obvious superior intellect. After all, I’m sure someone that can’t even write one sentence with every word spelled correctly is someone I should really take advice from. You’re a tool.

          • id2nv2nj2ca

            And if you actually knew how to spell, some people might actually take you more seriously.

          • sandman

            or spell or mistype or tell you any way on earth, you will never get it, cause you have not a clue at to what this brave man has done in one act of his life, than you and your boi obalmer has in his total time on earth!

          • id2nv2nj2ca

            You think Obama is my boy? Hahahahahahaha. I can’t say what I think for fear of getting a visit from the Secret Service.

          • id2nv2nj2ca

            You think Obama is my boy? Hahahahahahaha. I can’t say what I think for fear of getting a visit from the Secret Service.

          • sandman

            that is really hard to tell id2nv2nj2ca! with the responses you have given to me, and others here, maybe you should work on your expressions and tell us what you think. Or maybe you are obalmer boi!

          • sandman

            that is really hard to tell id2nv2nj2ca! with the responses you have given to me, and others here, maybe you should work on your expressions and tell us what you think. Or maybe you are obalmer boi!

          • sandman

            that is really hard to tell id2nv2nj2ca! with the responses you have given to me, and others here, maybe you should work on your expressions and tell us what you think. Or maybe you are obalmer boi!

          • id2nv2nj2ca

            You think Obama is my boy? Hahahahahahaha. I can’t say what I think for fear of getting a visit from the Secret Service.

  • http://www.gunsgodandcountry.blogspot.com/ johninlongmont

    the soldiers are right – we don’t have much for our “commander in chief”

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.a.jones.5243 Michael Allen Jones

    Love ya man. It takes personal courage to say, “No” to such a perverse regime. I don’t blame a person from wanting to be paraded around so a regime can use it to feed the media and increase their popularity.

    • Disgusted

      You’re a true hero, SSgt. Romesha. You’re not going to compromise your values for a few minutes of fame. God be with you always.

  • Maria

    Prayers to you for you strength.

  • BarackObongoFromTheCongo

    I’m sorry he had to receive a medal from such a commie oathbreaker! He is a man of honor for refusing the filthy obummer regime!

  • Meme

    Well, the hair needed washing, socks sorted and all…

  • Metal

    Maybe he had to feed his cats?

  • mmm

    He declined the invitation, that’s it. I respect him in many ways. Not being a prop in the circus that the State of the Union is a good decision. Scalia was a no show also.

  • Stormtrooper

    I wouldn’t want to be seen with the 1st Wookie either.

  • Uncle Joe

    I thank him for his service and sacrifice and applaud his actions. Hoorah ! !


    Honor does not fade with a DD214

    • DenverKitty

      Recon & Drifter: You both have earned “Comment of the Day!” Gratz!!!

    • TLady62

      Amen, brother!

  • Lee

    I just hope he knew how to decline with dignity.

    • Delores109

      He saved lives, and you question his ability to decline an invitation with dignity. He did what I would have done…..DECLINE TO BE USED AS A PROP.
      Delores Smith

    • sandman

      You may not know this, but with a man like this, it is second nature to him.

  • redwolf6911

    I want to thank him for his service to his country. He is a prime example of what is right with america. I do not blame him for wanting to be with family and friends. I am sure his refusal was done with dignity. After the Obama’s only wanted a photo op.

    • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

      He better stay “on Guard” so that he isn’t murdered or have an “accident”.

      • Sarianna

        As others have likely been.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Now that’s what I call living up to the HONOR part of his medal. Something that Obama knows nothing about… HONOR

  • maker not taker

    give him another medal

  • Jack K

    A real American hero! No photo ops with a ‘Wookie’

  • VirgoVince

    God bless you, sarge, ya done good!! Thanks for your service and intelligence!!
    A Medal of Honor should be presented by a president, NOT some ugly illegal mu-slime POS ni666er fraud!! I’d have declined any contact with the WH and waited for a REAL president to present the honor, legitimately!!

  • nobodysfool

    He’s truly a man of Honor, Integrity, Character–the kind of young men we need in this country instead of leaching porch monkeys. What a contrast to the foreigner in the white house, who wouldn’t know honor and integrity if it slapped him in the face. (He would just yell “racist”!!!!)

  • Gordon

    A man of Honor!

  • stonemike

    He doesnt want to be used by an ‘unamerican” president who is very adept at using patriotism in an under handed way to further his RADICAL AGENDA to effectively destroy American freedoms! I just wish more military would come out openly against obamas assault on America, after all if obama can openly disobey any law he pleases, why cant common soldiers criticize ‘big ears”, hes just a MAN, NOT A GOD!

    • ABBE

      But he thinks he is the Emperor of the USA

      • panors77

        …..to be renamed the USTA (United Socialist Territories of Amerika) if BO gets his way.

        • Berzrkr50

          You mean “Emperor Scrotumus Maximus Of The USTA”

  • Johnny

    I salute him. God Bless.

  • Jackie

    Thank you Sir.

  • 0ldfart

    I admire this man and his accomplishments and for following his personal beliefs. Look at the sports teams that kiss Obamas Butt for their 15 minutes of fame. Clint is true American, when I saw Obama placing the medal around his neck I cringed something just wasn’t right

  • Proud American

    The only answer a man of honor COULD give.

  • rabrooks1

    I also commend him, but I refuse to judge his motives. Based on his demonstrated humility, I suggest that this decline was not overtly political, but merely a reflection of his humble and heroic character; Even receiving the medal of honor was uncomfortable for him, which I also respect. This is a man of principle and honor. We know what he did; we don’t always know why. It is very hard to accurately judge motives.

    • VeeDub57

      I think you’ve got the right perspective on this young hero. I despise obama and know why I would turn down the invite if it were me, (unless I could unload on him and embarass him on National TV) but we can’t assume his train of thought follow ours.

    • beebee

      And sometimes there are no “motives”, just act when there is a need, and do what the situation calls for, in spite of personal safety. And that is called bravery. Thank you, SSgt Romesha, for your service to our country, and may God bless you and your family.

    • Delores109

      After Clint left the WH, he spoke in front of the WH and said, “This medal is for the 6 that didn’t make it.” That was Clint’s honorable motive.
      Delores Smith

  • slickzip

    He is a man who does not believe in laying down with dogs ,,,

  • Drifter007

    Man–would I like to shake this guys hand!!!!

  • my.hairy.mole@gmail.com

    He needs a 2nd Medal of Honor, for standing up to the fraud and chief. WHAT BALLZ HE HAS!!!

  • ceholley01

    A true man of honor and dignity, Semper Fidelis….

  • TimeWarp66

    Why would he accept an invitation from an administration that is against every AMERICAN. The resentment and hatred the Obama’s have for this country is on display for the world to see.

  • dave

    i would have liked to have read the story what he did to receive the medal of honor

    • Delores109

      What he did was save MANY lives. He accepted the Medal of Honor, and spoke ourside of the White House immediately thereafter. Clint said, “This medal is for the six who didn’t make it.” He was invited to the State of the Union address by Michelle Obama. Clint declined the invitation.
      Delores Smith

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.sparks.39545 Steve Sparks

    BZ Why would a man of honor have anything to do with those douche bags?

  • jaycee

    Thank you Sarge! You are a true patriot and one that obviously doesn’t like to be paraded around by this imposter of a potus….obama doesn’t like the military so this invite was just
    another way of him gaining support from his liberal base. God bless you and your family.

  • Al Chemist

    Not willing to be used by the Commie in Chief. A thousand times: Thank You!

  • jb80538

    Good man! It’s bad enough he had to stand still while barry placed the medal on him. I’d stay away from the stench in the WH too.

  • Bill

    My Hat off to him for his service. He had insight not to be a ploy for the President.

  • granny_forUSA

    It would be nice if they would state why he declined. Just wondering how they treated him when he received his medal at the WH????? Am certainly glad he did, but would like to hear the “Rest of The Story”.

    • Delores109

      You should have watched the ceremony at the White House, or a repeat on the news if you are that interested. He was not mistreated. Clint said later that he was there to pick up the Medal of Honor for “the 6 who did not make it.” Clint accepted the medal barely looked at Obama, and then stood at attention barely looking at Obama. When Obama was speaking, he continued looking straight ahead. I sensed pain in his eyes. I believe that he declined the invitation to the State of the Union Address, because he did not want to be used at a prop. Many of our military do not respect
      Obama. Their votes never arrived to be counted in the election. This is my opinion, based on what I saw.
      Delores Smith

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Good taste in character; it’s what drove him to do whatever it was that gained that Medal of Honor. He didn’t do it to gain the medal, he did it because it was in his character to do so. This same character will not allow him to be amongst those of no character and no moral virtue. Good call soldier.

  • Gizmo

    A man with HONOR! interesting that the invite came from MO instead of BO. She must be a bit more comfortable with military around.. or maybe the sight of a uniformed REAL man?!? O might have requested no uniforms, just civvies, though, to lessen the manliness in the room…
    It also might have been quite interesting for him to have gone, sitting up there with the FL, and when everyone was clapping accolades, he sit quietly in dignity, when everyone rose in adoration, he continued to sit quietly in honorable conviction….

    • mom2marine

      BO is busy perfecting his golf …. at the tune of $1000 a day to we tax payers…

  • mom2marine

    God bless him. We need more men stepping up in this way.

  • Delores109

    Thank you for being a hero. I watched you receive the Congressional Medal of Honor at the White House, while I was watching TV. I am so proud of you. Three members of my family are buried at Arlington National Cemetery, and I wish you had been in their Company. You are a GREAT SOLDIER. Clint, my family is very proud of you. God Bless You and your wonderful family. I sensed the pain in you, and I am going to be praying for your life to get back together with great happiness.
    Delores Smith

    • sandman

      “and wish you had been in their Company”?????

      • Delores109

        Have you ever been in the service….if so, you should know what a Company is.
        Clint might have saved my family had he been in the same Company. He is a true Hero. Any other questions?
        Delores Smith

        • sandman

          First of all thanks for all your family has done, and I pray everyday for those who have not come home. I have spent 3yrs active duty from 1973-1976, and 9 yrs reserves after, I was not drafted I inlisted when I was out of high school at 18, but was fortunate enough to not have to go over seas, but was ready too. I am also so relieved to know now, that that is what you ment, but you can never be sure on these sites, ok? lets just be thankfull, that your family does have a place in their hearts for Our Savior, and know that your family members are in a better place, and you will be seeing them again! Take care, and may God Bless.

          • Delores109

            Thanks so much for your comments. I’m so glad that you understand what I meant, and I appreciate your taking the time to send me these comments. I agree with everything you wrote. You’ve put in a lot of time both in active duty and the reserves. God Bless You and your family, Sandman. Have a great evening.
            Delores Smith

  • edro3111

    To me, this man is even more of a hero for this refusal. He did not want to be one of King Barry’s stage props and I admire him for his candor.

  • jim in Va.

    He refused to be a propaganda pawn for Obama. Obama uses victims/heroes to his advantage then dumps them.

  • skyhawk

    A man of principles. Don’t waiver. To receive a Congressional Medal of Honor from the hands of a Usurper would be hard renough to take.

  • CyclingFoodmanPA

    This man has shown his true conviction and is “beyond a shadow of a doubt” a true American Hero. My 10 year old daughter WILL know the name of this man and know what he has achieved BECAUSE he is true to his heart. Thank you SSGT Clint Romesha for your service!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Lebischak/100000493555704 Nancy Lebischak

    There is still freedom of choice in this Nation, the man exercised it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-Chandler/100000567196552 Edward Chandler

    What an honorable man

  • yancie

    He didn’t wish to be put on parada for obama progranda.

  • abbe

    More honor in refusing than acepting and invitation to that comedic afair role played by the bufoons in the whitehouse

  • LEL

    obama failed to even mention medal of honor winner Chris Kyle on the day of his funeral. Romesha is invited only as an obama photo op.
    NO, Medal of Honor winner Clint Romesha should not contribute to obama’s Charade.

    • dHb

      Chris Kyle, while being a great patriot and hero was not a recipient of the Medal of Honor

    • buckofama2010

      He never spoke a WORD about Kyle but yet within seconds of the death of the drug addled nobody whitney houston, he was on the air mourning. filthy scum ovomit

  • rowleya

    The sergeant is brave, modest, honorable man who did not want attention call to himself.
    He expressed his gratitude for the honor; he risked his life for USA; we do not own him.
    HE IS HIS OWN MAN. God Bless Him

  • Northohio

    It’s to bad he had to receive the award from someone who is uncomfortable with the term “victory”.

  • RLM357

    I echo LindyRanch on this.”This man lives his convictions. With men like him in America, WE WILL continue to be Free and Brave. Thank You Sir.” ~ i Thank you Sir for your Service S/Sgt Romesha. You are an inspiration. Let us hope that this terrible Administration fails to respond to your Patriotic jesture. i say, Trust not your Enemies hands. We, your fellow Veterans, are with you. God Bless you! ~Rick Magee, FL

  • gutterfalcon

    I’m surprised they haven’t tried to turn this into, or say this was a Racist issue.

    • buckofama2010

      GIve them time. This has been ignored by the lame stream media to make their messiah seem all powerful. If it leaks into their areas and they HAVE to report on it, rest assured they will say he is racist.

  • $12994363

    A MARINE, through and through!

    • dHb

      ARMY, not Marine

  • marcdepiolenc

    Just right. Did not refuse the medal – he earned that, and he had no choice but to accept it from the Usurper-in-Chief. But he refused to be exhibited like an organ-grinder’s monkey to validate Obummer’s nonexistent patriot credentials. That shows style. Good on you, Sarge.

  • Randy Gaiser

    To be a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, has to be the highest honor any individual could possibly receive. It is an indication of true patriotism and bravery that most people will never display in their entire lives. The fact that Staff Sargeant Romesha declined the offer from the pretender in chief, shows his integrity as a Man of Honor.
    We could definitely use more people like Staff Sargeant Romesha, as leaders of this country, in our congress or at the local levels of government.
    God Bless you, Staff Sargeant Romesha, for a job well done.

  • suz

    I want to first of all thank him for his service and to let him know I truely understand why he declined the invite. He was not going to allow Obama to use him like he has other people for photo opts.

  • tim

    I think its bush’s fault

  • polmutant

    Good to see an AMERICAN MAN. not a commie pink kenyan arse licker. too bad the USA military do not understand the oath they took.

    • $39132868


  • Shagnasty1

    This intelligent man knows Mooch only wants to exploit his honor into supposedly endorsing Barry.

  • Warren Jones

    I don’t think anything about it, since his reason was not given. Make that., “You didn’t give his reason,” so you sound lie a provocateur

  • efred1

    Good for him! He truly is a Medal of Honor winner. He was very gracious in declining what was supposed to be political window dressing, a “propaganda pawn”, if you will, for the President. At least, they can’t take it away from him for this.

  • http://twitter.com/TravisAubreyFL Travis

    Yeah, he shouldn’t have been there– the address was too obnoxious(of course).

  • dr.dulcamara

    Ooooo…burn time on the First Wookie! Good on ya, Staff Sergeant! Bangin’ in the nails…

  • P Stover

    Like The GOP Itself, Romesha Showed Poor Judgment. A Man Of The Uniform Should Follow And Uphold The Protocol Of Respect And Service. Romesha Showed That He, Like The GOP Itself, Has Thrown Reason And Respect And Sanity To The Wind!. Very Sad!

    • $39132868

      Feck off .Why should a decent, honest White Man grovel before a bunch of mongrelized nancy mutant freaks? He’s refusing to be a paycheck whore, unlike so many of the degenerates in “the military”. Good for him! BLESS him!

    • buckofama2010

      Respect can only be EARNED and ovomit has earned nothing but utter contempt. I would have also asked if there was someone with honor and integrity to put the medal on me as well…like maybe the white house maid. If not I would have asked that it be mailed to me.

    • Beautut

      To: P. Stover “What Planet Do You Live On?”. Wake up and smell the stink in Washington DC…..I grew up in D.C. and Hell and High water couldn’t get me to go back there. Face it, The Sgt is a hero and you are an A.. hole.You need a few years in the military to find out what real men do. Sorry to have disturb your knitting

  • Rich

    I wouldn’t be there either. The office of the president is to be respected, but that does not mean we are expected to respect the imposter usurper that sits there.

  • DeborahCats

    I admire his integrity.

  • JMWinPR

    CMoH is not the Armies highest honor. It is the highest honor of the USA. IIRC it even surpasses the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
    While I understand his convictions. he should look at the invitation as not from the BHO but from POTUS. As such he should have accepted.

    • DenverKitty

      JM: NO. You are dead wrong. Clint knows he was going to be USED by the Butcher of Benghazi and his ilk.

    • jgbrite

      You would have him participate in the deception? Obama is the EOTUS! Enemy of the United States.

  • lizaz

    I think it’s great!! His friends and family are more important than the phony in the WH…..good for him!!!!

  • Disenchanted

    yes,give Sergeant.Romesha another medal! The treasonous imperial Whie House occupent deserves much more then then an invitation rejection–impeach the SOB!

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    The brave warrior deserves another medal, the Medal of Freedom. Hoorah.

  • $39132868

    God Bless this honorable decent White Man, who refuses to grovel before the sick, deranged, evil mutant alien GARBAGE infesting DC.

  • RockyMtn1776

    FINALLY ! Someone with the guts to tell Obama NO ! This hero has more pride in country, honor and dignity than most of the Commies in Washington. God Bless him and God Bless America ! With guys like him all is NOT lost !

  • Dennis

    Most commenting here do not know this man nor his reasons for declining.This is all speculation and guess work at best but i am of the opinion he was smart enough to know he was being used and was better than that.That is my guess.

  • noweareman

    He deserves another medal for that action!

  • rightandright

    Congrats Sarge, you represent all that still remains right and good for this Country. All veterans respect your decision
    not to be part of odumbo’s dog and pony show. This clown is making it more and more difficult for our military. His
    faux regime and all the leftist demoncrat love weakening and demonizing our military. Semper fi!

    • Beautut

      I agree with all the above

  • cottagemist

    Courage in His convictions..Honorable.

  • Stealth

    Bravo! My comrade! That you are an HONORABLE soldier and PATRIOT and would not DEMEAN yourself to allow Obumma ( who could care LESS about you, your lost comrades and the military! ) I salute you!

  • richard

    Good for this soldier, unlike most in dc he has convictions.

  • ELI


  • fdleupp

    Makes me even more proud of him. He’s a MAN!

  • jim

    I’m proud of him. But I’ll bet his name is on their black list.

  • Frank_Alexander

    He put family first. I do not see any disrespect here. I bet he may have attended had George W. been the host!


    A man to be proud of…The military should stay far from this terrorist in Chief. Neither Obama like our Military at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlie.rigoglioso Charlie Rigoglioso

    I thank him for his service and agree with his choice not be used as a political pawn for the current anti-American administration.

  • kimjim4042

    This hero should give us all great hope for our country. He and many more like him are on our side. We can and will win if we stick together and not let them divide us. God bless you and all that you hold dear. Thank you for your great service and bravery. You are a true American Hero.

  • grannie

    I applaud Mr Romesha. He is the Hero. obama is the fraudulent usurper.

  • Pamela Braman

    I applaud him for his ethics!!

  • gypsy314

    He is a true American not to hang out with tyrants like Obama and crew. I tip my hat to this young man for standing his ground on who to be hanging with.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.finis Joe Finis Sr.

    AWESOME I love him!

  • artarlo1

    A true American HERO as a ex G.I. I salute you. If some of our politicians should follow your lead.
    God Bless you and all our troops

  • Guy Gibbs

    This man sounds like someone who has his priorities right. His friends and coworkers mean a lot to him. The Preisdent would not be high on my list of priorities. The President didn’t do anything to earn a Medal of Honor.
    Guy Gibbs
    Yorba Linda, CA

  • Dempseycoleman

    I think this Man can tell the difference between a man of honor giving him The Medal of Honor and a Liar giving him a Medal the giver Detests in reality I totally Respect the Staff Sergent for not being used

  • Jim_Ank37

    He rec’d the Medal of Honor. Honor is no where to be found in the white house under this current admin. God Bless this wonderful hero!

  • foxxybey

    A real hero, a real man and has more brains then all the cool-aid drinkers together. God Bless this American with common sense.

  • rebart

    Good for him. Keep acting like a hero, Staff Sergeant, Romesha

  • d2lv

    As usual, Obama screws up a military ceremony. After the Commander in Chief places the medal around the recipient’s neck he salutes him. Not this commander in chief.

  • AL, Orange Park, FL

    Well this explains why he won the medal he’s a true Patriot and I applaude him with all my might would love to have heard what the b-och had to say about it when he turned it down.

  • sukhotai

    Well Done Sgt. . Obviously you see where the enemy lies.

  • panors77

    Typically…….snopes has nothing on this. Nothing on factcheck.org either.

  • bill

    good man–lives by his convictions for sure
    whitehouse is occpied by hypocrites and Marxists/–why would a man want to associate with the likes of them

  • Steve Reed

    Bravo to you SSG Romesha. The people awarded you the medal. The president, as usual, did nothing. And for you to declaine the dog and pony show of the STOU where lies and absurdities abounded is a true reflection of your patriotism.

  • DocJimmy

    “Attention On Deck” – Medal of Honor in Attendance. These are the actions of a true American Patriot. Would loved to have been a fly on the wall when the SSgt told the 1st Lady – No Thanks. I can almost hear her grinding her teeth from here…

  • cutebeachgirl

    A man of true integrity, honor and principal.

  • Bob

    Why anyone with honor would even CONSIDER being around the fraud in the White House is beyond me. I certainly would have refused also, had I been in this man’s shoes! The stink might rub off!

    • WASP

      That’s the inconsistency in having the Kriminal Kenyan fraud as “Commander -In-Chief” Many thousands of honorable Americans in the military being subjected to the commands of a dictatorial weasel. It can’t, and isn’t, working.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Dean/100001633828483 Mary Dean


  • GQ4U

    He’s an American and can refuse or accept an invitation from whomever he pleases; the difference is he has an heroic heart and isn’t afraid to refuse the main squeeze of the POTUS… of course everyone except Barrack would say NO to that.

    I wouldn’t go either unless they gave me the microphone so I could tell people about the true state of the union.

  • Rustytruck

    Oh but Michelle Obama said she is ashamed of America, remember?? Why in hell would a man of honor accept an invite from her who is ashamed of him? I don’t blame him one bit, and if it was me, I would’ve insisted that I got it from direct commander of my unit, screw Obama. All he was doing was showboating anyway, he doesn’t desreve the honor of shaking this man’s hand, SS6/E-6 Romesha is an American Hero who deserves better than the Obamas. God Bless you Soldier, thanks for your service to us, HOO-AH!!

  • buckofama2010

    Good for him!!! He knew they just wanted to use him as a political pawn and claim it was ovomit who was on the battlefield and not this hero just as he did with killing osama. ovomit and his sasquatch make me puke.

  • http://www.subgenius.com/pam1/pamphlet_p1.html jesus_loves_you

    Another brainwashed GI. If he didn’t want to play their game he should go ahead and give the medal back. What’s he fighting for anyway?? Some BS story about spreading freedom?? made up by US politician scumbags??

  • http://www.facebook.com/denise.leopard.9 Denise Miller Leopard

    good job Sargeant. As a vet myself I understand and agree with you

    • Beautut


  • ATLDave

    I salute you, sir! Semper Fi. You have made all of us who served or who are currently serving proud to be Americans! May God less you !

  • mjwing

    I believe Staff Sergeant Clint Ronlesha has earned the right to not accept the invitation if he so choses. We don’t know what his reason is (nor do we need to know), but it was his choice.

  • Beautut

    I agree with Staff Sergeant Romesha. He is an : “All American Hero”.
    Before I was a S/Sgt in the USAF during the Korean war, I grew up in Washington DC. I was a Television Service Tech for McCarthy Brothers who handeled DUMONT TV service for Washington, Maryland and Virginia. Every year Dumont would give a set to the White House and also several more to the Pentagon. I was installing a DUMONT “Westminster” in the west wing of the whitehouse when President Harry Truman came into the office and said to me: “Have you got that set working? I answered Yes sir, Mr. President. President Truman asked my name and started laughing when I told him that my name was Harry also. He then said (still laughing) Well son, the white house isn’t big enough for two Harrys and one of us will have to go. The President shock my hand and that’s the last time I have been to the White House. I will will never have that chance again since I now live in California and nothing could get me back to Washingto…

  • Michael G.

    Good for him. I’d have done the same thing. I, perhaps, would have gone farther and said: No to receiving the CMH from Ob.

    • Delores109

      Michael G.
      When Clint came out of the WH, he went to the Mike and said, “This medal is for the 6 who didn’t make it.” That was his purpose in accepting the medal, and his declining to be at the State of the Union Address speaks for itself.
      Delores Smith

  • Kioga

    Proud of you Sergeant Romesha, for your Service, Dedication, and your Decision. You’re a true Hero and I can understand and support your actions.

  • A Patriot

    If more Americans were like him we wouldnt have to live under the rule of a socialist v=with visions of dictatorship


    Obama, a devout Black Muslim Communist, criminal offender, and above all a traitor! No wonder that he called the terrorist attack at Fort Hood “workplace violence” in stead of what it actually is, a terrorist attack! Obama has denied the Medal of Honor to another soldier who was truly deserving! Obama is openly trying to destroy this country, and this soldier is brave for not being one of Obama’s puppets! Now is a time to take up arms and come to defend this once great nation!!!…

  • DAY8293A


  • Terry C

    Well Done, SSG Romesha.

  • iwojimafan

    From what I saw of the Ceremony, Obama did not Salute the Sgt. which as Commander in Chief he is supposed to Salute any Medal of Honor Recipient along with any Officer from Generals on Down. This just shows Obama is either Totally Ignorant of the Protocol or he just does not give a Damn about what he is supposed to do.

  • freedomringsforall

    May God continue to bless him greatly

  • Not a Paper Patriot!

    God Almighty bless this good man. He sees the Traitor-in-Chief for the charlatan he is.l

    This American soldier will live forever, the Traitor-in-Chief is headed for the abyss.

  • LB

    Good for him! No need to be used as a side show in Obama’s circus act. Obama’s administration had already reneged on providing assistance to the family of this brave soldier in order to attend just days before the MOH ceremony – stating there were too many cutbacks. I was fortunate enough to have been able to donate to his family fund to get all there and would do it a million times for all military families in need. God Bless this fine man!!

  • Bay0Wulf

    What is there to wonder about?

    OBummer is not worthy of respect, accolades or adoration. He & His Administration has been systematically throwing Our Military … Our Young Men & Women … “Under the Bus” in the name of Political Expediency.

    As much as it seems to be popular, the whole Gays in the Military” and “Women on the Front Lines” are extremely damaging to the military in general. The cost/benefit won’t stand up to even casual scrutiny.

    The push to pull our troops OUT and advertise when and where is leading to another engagement that will be even worse. (Like I said after Desert Storm … “We’re pulling out NOW!?!? Why aren’t we finishing … We’re just gonna be back there in less than 10 years … !”

    Our Current Administration is eager to abandon Our Military and strip as much as they can from it to put it into other stuff (You didn’t actually think they were going to SAVE that money did you?) … probably more solar panels, batteries, ethanol and wind power (ie. Political Boondoggles)

    The young man looks at the His/Our Country with a clear vision and … I think he realizes that what he’s been fighting for abroad is largely disappearing at home. Imagine what a shock that must be.

    • Bay0Wulf

      Oh … I forgot to note … Our Military is one of the VERY FEW THINGS the Federal Administration … President & Congress … are SUPPOSED to be doing. All the other BS is not even supposed to be handled by them.

  • Bay0Wulf

    One more point …

    Mr. President Obama DID NOT “GIVE” ANYTHING to this young man. He DID NOT “AWARD” ANYTHING to this young man.

    Mr. President Obama PRESENTED this Medal (CMH) CONGRESSIONAL Medal Of Honor to this young man. OUR CONGRESS “Awarded” the Medal.

    Some President’s are worthy of the Honor of Presenting the Medal. Some are NOT.

    Mr. President Obama in this case was just a Stooge who hoped to make points with the fact that he “Presented” the Medal.

    This guy accepted the CMH the only way an Honest Soldier Can … in the name and memory of His Fallen Comrades. He went further by refusing to ALLOW their names to be sullied by Our Stooge Commander In Chief.

  • dreamour

    Not a very informative article: So WHY did he refuse the medal?

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.d.hill.3 Karen D Hill

    Thank God for Americans who still have integrity.

  • Anna

    Good judgment on both invitations. Thank you for your service. May God protect you.

  • Diane Crouse

    I am proud of this honorable Soldier and man, Gods blessing to you Sir. and thank you for your service to and for our Country.

  • General

    It would not surprise me if I heard that the Obamanation will try to rescind this honour award! (maybe even give it to himself, like Mussolini, and Idi Amin etc., have done before!)

  • guest

    there is no CONGRESSIONAL MEDAIL OF HONOR! IS IT the medal of honor period! congress has nothing to do with it! the mans command recommends it and it approved by the service head, and then presented by the president.

  • WASP

    The implication, by tone if not by word, on the part of the Libtard lamestream media, is that the SSgt somehow insulted the Liar-in-Chief by refusing his invitation to his circus.
    Like hell! He didn’t kick the mulatto Hitler in the face did he? When we hang the Kenyan traitor, will THAT be an insult?

  • Drew

    Whatever his reasons, I think he more than earned the right to do what
    his conscience dictates! Good for you Clint. May God always bless you
    & Thank You for your service! I support your decision, no matter
    what your reasons!

  • horseridingplains

    Thank you sir–bama needs to see he ia not gawd, he has no mandate over us–and many of us disagree with him

  • Berzrkr50

    I would have LOVED to have seen the look on Obozo’s face when his invitation was refused. I can hear him now; “How dare this peasant deny me a photo op”…

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.rosin.1 James Rosin

    I cannot imagine any circumstance where I would voluntarily sit in the same building with either the jackal or his wife. It is refreshing that there are pure thinking Americans, heroes at that, who are not flinched by any pc concerns from the communist administration.

  • adruidwolf

    Benny Dawkins your right he is not wasting lives, he is giving them up through treasonouse acts of transfering itelligence of sucurity opsec, along with arming the camel sht eating pigs that are killing my brothers and sisters in an illegal war he started to spread the cause of islam and their child molesting women beating god. And has the audacity to continue to deny the threat of muslims (extremist) building training camps here within the US. if it was a white supremist group, or a black brotheerhood arming themselves and educating themselves on self dwefense and home protection those camps would be raided with prejudice. Something that warrants that type of action for the recognition is not just something you sit around and talk about with your beer buddies, it takes a piece of your soul that you sacrificed by your self-less actions in being honored. this imposter will see prison and you will see his backers fleeing like rats off a sinking ship. you look at the Ameican rate of loss from your bozo and compare it to the rate of loss that could have been prevented by not giving terrorists sophisticated weapons that our own have not been able to have on the field. Had I recieved this type of medal it would have meant more to me given by my commander who I served under in the field, not some delussional make believe john doe. look at that atats on the lives lost in GW1 and when american weapons began to fall into the hands of the camel sht eaters along with security info tell me who has cost more livesand caused more collaterall damage to push the agenda of the muslim sisterhood.

  • Longhunter

    Obviously his good judgement did not end on the battlefield.

  • American47

    A true man of honor!


    Good for him!!

  • G W

    Well done again Brave Warrior.

  • Igor

    The man has gone through enough pain without having to be in the painful presence of Ogabe and his cronies. Bravo Zulu! Semper Fi!
    Smart man.

  • Vincenta

    I wouldn’t accept anything from either of the Obama’s.

    • liberals_steal_your_money

      The only thing I would accept from Odumba is his resignation

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