Sequestration: What is it, Really?

Enda_Kenny_in_U.S._Capitol_2012-03-20A look at today’s headlines is, at best, to embark on an excursion to the twilight zone. Perhaps it is more like an enforced, bad LSD trip. Leading all the rest (and there are a legion of stories) seems to be the Lyin’ King’s version of sequestration. This lunatic ride we have all found ourselves prisoner on, is a lulu.

Our Dear Leader has been lying so blatantly about just this one issue that, had he suffered Pinocchio’s curse, his schnozola would have rivaled the length of the Great Wall of China. “Teachers will be laid off.” You know, all of the federally hired teachers. “Firefighters and EMT personnel will be laid off.” Certainly, all of the federally employed firefighters and emergency personnel. The narrative claims an obstructionist Right will once again have impeded the president’s tireless work on the budget. The work he was, apparently, beavering away at while on his second vacation since January, 2013 … separate from his wife’s vacation.

As if this wasn’t enough doublethink to have shoved down one’s throat, the president claims to be fighting demon sequestration tooth and nail. Reality alert: Sequestration is the president’s very own plan. Sequestration is the president’s brainchild. The president’s and no one else’s.

Sequestration was never the Republican Party’s idea, even though Beltway Republicans are drooling to do the president’s bidding. With the exception of Senator Rand Paul. Senator Paul, correctly pointed out that sequestration, means a reduction in growth, not cuts to existing spending. . A complicit, mainstream media will never allow that fact to be made public by them.

Congressman Boehner, too, wants to throw sequestration back in the president’s lap. Unfortunately, typically, Speaker Boehner takes a good concept (albeit late) then fouls it up. Yes, he admits that sequestration is entirely the president’s invention. Yes, Mr. Boehner states that the president “broke” the economy and should be the one to fix it, but he is still gluing himself to the president’s false premise; Boehner proceeds as if sequestration deals with cuts to existing spending rather than reduction in spending increases. Some people never learn.

Some right wing pundits point out that the Republican Party will work almost as tirelessly as the president claims to, in order to prevent sequestration. Doubtless that is true. The majority of Republicans in office today seem to have spines made of Jell-O. They have proven, over and over, that they will cave in, relentlessly, to appease a left-wing that doesn’t want their cooperation. Why allow the Right any credibility when it is so easy to perpetually lie about them? To keep them, forever, as the bad guys? Orwell’s’ invention, Big Brother, would be proud.

What the pundits don’t seem to perceive is that sequestration, first and foremost, guts the military. Wednesday, the Lyin’ King announced, with mock distress, that there will be 800,000 civilian personnel cut from the military’s roles by March 1st. This would be our president’s wet dream; he gets to decimate the military …again. All the while decrying the evils of sequestration at the top of his lungs. This is precisely the scenario he craves.

For America? It’s a lose/lose situation. For our Imperial President? Chalk up another win. With our “representatives” able assistance.

About the author: Marilyn Assenheim

Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.

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  • Todd

    Uh, rasicts much Marilymn?

    • Marilyn Assenheim

      Uh, no. You?

      • DrDulcamara

        After reading your bio, Marilyn, I think you’d make the best cowboy in all of NYC! Ropin’, bulldoggin’, hog tyin’ and brandin’ liberal jack wagons outside of the Starbucks Ranch would make for an awesome reality show!

        Keep up the good work!

        I’m with you. I’ve been a Republican since first taking breath and for the life of me I cannot figure exactly on whose side the current squealership of the Beltway RINOs that they are on!

        They sit there in the face of the most toxic neo-Marxist world leader since the invention of Five-Year Plans rolling their eyes, wringing their hands in some bizarre Kabuki-kowtow extravaganza that they somehow care about us poor schmucks on the other end of their decisions.

        Presidunce Oblowhole golfs with Tiger and John Boehner’s tan is as much a fake and bake Republican reality canard [as the se-castration savings that they so lovingly pimp] as “saving us from the fiscal cliff” while gas is $4 bucks/gal nationally [up from $1.85/gal 5 years ago], 2 wars still swirling, off the hook food stamp enrollment and emboldened liberal Hollyweird douche monkeys like Ashley Judd and Alec Baldwin that are now considering running for political office like they are the Second Coming of Chicago Jesus!

        I know…let’s have another Stimulus package! That worked out really well, eh?

        Keep hittin’ ‘em, sister! Go for the low-blows too.

        • Marilyn Assenheim

          Wowzer, DrDulcamera, High praise indeed and I thank you. I’d have loved to be a cowboy and I don’t even have my own barbeque sauce (“NewYork City!?!?”)
          I’m not trying to flog my own stuff here but you might be interested in the article I wrote right before this one: As for “low-blows”, they edited out a bit. I had pointed out that hizzoner was taking his second vacation since January…seperate from heroner…but in the company of Reggie Love, his genuine “faithful companion.” I didn’t think pointing out a fact was a low blow but, hey, what do I know?

          • mfernandez57MN

            Marilyn, what you wanted to say about the separate vacations and those on them would not be a “low blow” as it is truth (ya hear that DrDulcamera?). I mean really, obummer is such a piece of work, that I don’t think it’s possible to use any low blows on him. He is so far down in the pit of hell’s work, that he’d have to look up to see down; so how could you give him a “low blow” unless you were to praise him maybe?

          • Marilyn Assenheim

            Hi, Mr. Fernandez, and thanks. Praise him? As you say, the chances of that happening aren’t slim and none, they are none and none.At this point there is only one thing that…caught myself there…could do to earn praise. And I’m not allowed to say that, either :-)

          • mfernandez57MN

            I hear you loud and clear. :-)

        • mfernandez57MN

          Good bit of commentary there. Only one point of disagreement. I don’t think it’s possible to hit obummer with a “low blow” as that would require praising him. He’s so far down in the pit of hell’s work, he has to look UP to see DOWN, and so, a low blow would have to be praise. Unless someone is an idiot or extremely naive, there’s no way of viewing anything obummer has done as being “praiseworthy.”

    • Meatface

      It is just a fact Jack.

    • DrDulcamara

      Todd darling…Marilyn, and not “Marilymn”, can’t be a racist if you can’t spell it. Run along and go play with yourself and your Obama blow-up drone doll. Don’t forget the butter and napalm.

  • Deb

    Good column, Marilyn. This president will be able to do anything, say anything, then claim he did or said the exact opposite an hour later. The media’s in his pocket. Taxia’s column earlier was so spot on: it’s the left finally sticking it to its perceived enemy at home, no matter the consequence to the country.

  • vk

    I have never been so unhappy with the Republicans. What in the world are they doing?

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Just had our “Sequestration/Castration” brief…didn’t even get a reach-around. While I am in firm agreement that the DOD needs to re-tool, instead of being one, since they are the masters of fraud, waste & abuse…docking the employees pay (a drop in the bucket) is not the answer.

    Here are a few ideas:
    1. Stop all U.S. AID.
    2. Reduce all contractors immediately, except for emergency services, regardless of what pet program they are on (it costs roughly 3x the amount to hire a contractor rather than establishing the GS position).
    3. Immediately pull out of the quagmire called Afghanistan & any other interventionist spots we have troops in.
    4. Close and/or realign all U.S. bases overseas. China will have what China wants & there is not a darn thing we can do about it, besides getting even more Americans killed for a bunch of ungrateful countries…let them defend themselves. Establish a line in the Pacific starting at the Northern Marianas Islands, then head south from there…note to China: Do Not Pass Go!
    5. Place on hold any big-ticket item such as the F-35 program until they can be looked at for unnecessary cost over runs.
    6. Realign the military services:
    a. One Navy (vice 2)
    b. One Air Force (vice 5)
    c. One Ground Force (vice 2)
    d. One SOF (vice multiple programs amongst the services)
    e. Move the USMC under the Special Operations Command, shed support units (Air, Arty, Tanks, Small Boats, etc.) to the “One” ground force (Army), the “One” air force & the “One” Navy & attach when needed, pare down the Combat Arms to “Commandos”: Infantry, Combat Engineers, Amtraks & Reconnaissance, deploy on ships as an “Maritime (vice Marine) Expeditionary Unit w/the MEU Commander appointed by JSOC. Beef up with SOF forces, Intel, etc. & support units from other services & make this a real Tiger & the first choice amongst deployed assets.

  • Dean

    Nothing but scare tactics. I hope the public will wake up very soon and realize this imposter in the Oval Office is a psychopathic lier.

    • Meatface

      His culture sees and don’t care they have one of their own in and they will do what they please. The when he begins to kill them with drones, UN forces and what ever they will die calling out his name as their hero.

  • TLady62

    Well said, Marilyn! Quite frankly, I don’t know who’s worse: Obama or the clueless RINOs.

  • Barb Patton

    I am surprised that the latte swine in chief has not blamed all of this on Mr Bush again. He is such a coward that he hides behind all his thugs. Methinks he hangs onto Jarrett’s left tit as much as the obama voters hang on to his, obama and the governments left tit. disgusting sickening and a disgrace to a once proud nation.

  • Take 2

    oh Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham Barry Dunham

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