Texas Bill Would Block Police from Enforcing New Federal Gun Laws

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 9.14.32 AMUnder a measure advancing in the Texas Capitol, local police officers could be convicted of a crime for enforcing any new federal gun control laws.

Rep. Steve Toth, a newly elected Republican from the Woodlands, said his proposal would prevent officers from carrying out any future federal orders to confiscate assault rifles and ammunition magazines.

“There’s a federal law, there’s a 30-round magazine right in front of you – what do I do?” Toth said in an interview. The measure known as the Firearm Protection Act “answers that question in spades,” he said. It moved Tuesday to the House Committee on Federalism.

President Barack Obama has proposed federal laws banning such weapons, but no such laws currently exist.
Toth’s proposal would create a Class A misdemeanor for police officers enforcing any new federal gun regulations.

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  • Todd


    • Mike in Concan

      …and you want to be here, don’t you!

    • TexasJester

      Um… Care to elaborate on your assertion? Just HOW are we Neanderthal? (If you are going to insult millions of people, at least learn to SPELL!!!)

      Lets see.. Backwards hicks.. We have our own electronics industries; power grid; water supplies, several major sea ports; oil, natural gas, coal, and wind energy production plants; petroleum refineries; many different manufacturing industries; a WORKING health care system (as long as your beloved Führer keeps his mitts off!); relatively low unemployment…. And we are a successful economy – the 6th largest in the WORLD! Our STATE economy eclipses that of MOST COUNTRIES in the world!!

      Our crime rate is pretty low too, because a good percentage of us are ARMED and CARRY CONCEALED – so you rats don’t know which ones!

      How’s that for a bunch of backwards hick Neanderthals??

      Dam knuckle-dragging demoCRAP. You DARE to insult MY state? You, sir, are spoiling for a FIGHT that I GUARANTEE you can NOT win. This is NOT a threat; it is a PROMISE, sir.

    • TexasOlTimer

      I gather you object to our very independent freedom loving nature and that we stand up to threats and don’t back down. This was once the attitude of our country until it was infected by individuals with your mindset.

      However, an insult of this nature without an explanation and bad spelling merely places you in the category of the Democrats/liberals that feel calling another individual a name rather than standing up to a debate will win the point. It neither makes the point nor stops anyone from talking. It simply leaves you in the position of appearing to be an immature individual who cannot think for himself.

  • Damien. Hellstrom

    Todd, as bad as your grammar is, thank God they would not let you use a crayon. I am from Texas. Sir, those are fighting words. Be very careful of the direction you hurl those remarks. Texans are hospitable (nice ) but we are quick to defend our home.

    • TexasJester

      This “man” is spoiling for a MAJOR fight he CANNOT win. His insulting of is akin to insulting the Red Socks to a NYC native, or insulting the Packers in Green Bay! NOT a healthy option.. (I did answer the cretin below his comment, if you’re interested…)

  • pduffy

    My great grandfather was an ambassador to Germany during prohibition, and he had a secret still in the basement where he brewed beer. Truthfully, nobody of any sound mind turned in their booze. Get the picture? The people who kept drinking led to the repeal of prohibition, and this is how the gun-control legislation will be repealed – by the people ignoring it, not ‘law enforcement’ ignoring it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.nerob Mike Nerob

    Enforce the current laws before proposing any others. Thanks to the Texas Rep for some common sense.

  • TexasJester

    I wonder how a state law that blocks enforcement of an unconstitutional federal law can be unconstitutional under the Supremacy clause… I’d like to see that case at the Supreme Court level, provided Der Führer Obama hasn’t restaffed SCOTUS with progressive socialist liberal “judges” – aka political cronies..

  • gypsy314

    One step closer to revolution or civil war.

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