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  • Todd

    Great hillbillies. Train your daghters to murder. Why don’t you buy your meat in stores where no animals where hurt. EVIL!

    • YouHanoiMe

      Animals raised in a stall and slaughtered for your fat and happy meals, todd, are hurt much more than one which has spent a full and healthy life out in the wild. Good job, internet tough guy todd, you fat hamburgler.

    • iskunk

      What? Talking to this guy would be like telling a gold fish about riding a bicycle!

      • CyclingFoodmanPA

        I love it! Telling a gold fish about riding a bicycle. That is going in my word document of quotes. Love it!

    • RockyGMarshall

      lol, yup, those store raised steaks are yummy.

    • undunder

      You are a true liberal. Dumber than a box of rocks and hiding behind Americans that can protect you, have protected you, and who will. Liberals wouldn’t be free to spew the illogical stuff they say if it were not for our fully armed and well trained military. Of course current liberal leaders are doing their best to wus down our military. Liberals are pathetic and frightened. But mostly liberals are just ignorant. Liberal leaders have to keep their constituents uninformed, misinformed, and ignorant. Liberal education has been successful with you.

      • NymRod

        Liberalism is a mental disorder and should be treated as such.
        They’re all a bunch of loons.

      • raptor2727

        Maybe Todd is dumber than a “bag of hammers” or “not the brightest lightbulb on a string”…:-)

        • Bandit

          He is also NOT the sharpest blade in the knife rack.

          • DAY8293A


      • Army Wife

        If you served, or are serving, Undunder, Thank you!!

        I agree, we need to keep our military strong and really well trained.It seems it is getting worse everywhere all the time! We CAN let the Liberal’s fend for themselves!! Then watch ‘em come running looking for help!!

    • dandeman

      Stole that line from your man-whore Bill Maher did you? Maybe we could get your lovedoll in the Whitehouse to tax “you” more so you can get it for free.

      Todd is the poster child for why we should reconcider free birth control. I say all liberal women should be mandated to take the pill. Nothing worse than a loney website stalker looking for attention. Hey turn on HBO.. “ya boy” is on the tube!!

    • anastasia

      hopefully you are just playing like you’re a dumb a$$.

    • MeMikeT

      Todd, your comment is so ridiculous I am sure you are just funning hoping to get a lot of replies. You were probably chowing down some raw bacon as you were typing. You are one funny guy, but as you can see it worked. You are about the only person getting replies. Hahahahahaha….lol….thanks for the laugh.

      • rebart

        That’s what I was thinking.

    • http://twitter.com/gunslingr45 Doc

      This is what we must fight, the uninformed voters of Obama and crew. SIGH!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      They don’t kill the animals that supply meat to the stores? Wow! Todd, that is simply amazing.

      Uh, what are you on?

    • Guest

      What do you think they do to the cow that they make your hamburger and steak out of??? They shoot them! The american tradition is hunting. It is american asw apple pie!

    • Watchdogman

      Good lord Todd. How dumb can one human be and still be able to breathe on your own? It takes some brain power to breathe, blink your eyes, etc.. Are you for real or are you, simply put, a stupid leftist that thought your idea was a good one. pititful!

    • Coulterr
    • Loretta

      Do you think that the meat at the stores just magically appears? Why don’t you google ranching? Then you might have an idea of how the real world works. Wild pigs are destructive and dangerous….lucky for us also delish~~ Grow up and smell the bacon

    • DocRambo

      What a pathetic liberal ignorant sheep. Very envious when confronted with two female sheepdogs who are not only unafraid, but ridding the environment of some very nasty critters while putting some bacon and pork chops on the table. Liberal wussies are overwhelmed with smart good looking competent females, that’s why there are nothing but skags at all those Obama rallies, and why there was such a backlash against Sarah Palin. I’m sure Todd would have made those boars pets and taken them home with him. Can people really be this stupid?

      • anyoldjoe

        No, those boars would have eaten Todd.

    • Army Wife

      Todd, you must not get out much, do you know anything about Wild Boars? OH, and they are not Hillbillies.. But they do WORK for a living!!!

    • $3846549

      Surely you jest

    • Bandit

      where do you think that steak comes from, you have to kill that steer to have a steak and if you want that pork chop then you have to take down a hog or two.

    • Diamina

      Todd…while I’m not a hunter, nor do I advocate the sports called hunting and fishing, I can tell you one thing….the meats you purchase at your local grocery are treated far worse than the 2 animals that may have been killed quickly. The animals raised for mass consumption are housed inhumanly, hoisted on conveyor belts…upside down, necks are slit with dull knives, thrown into vats of boiling hot water to remove feathers….after NOT being killed by that dull knief, chickens are cramped into cages so to prevent them pecking each other to death their beaks are seared off! Then because of the overcrowding they load them up with antibiotics….which you are now ingesting along with those growth hormones to fatten them up quicker! Shall we go on about veal and where it comes from…h
      w about the cattle that are prod in their vaginal and anal cavities with taser guns to get them to move! Lobster, purchased at your local grocer…pulled out of the water to be thrown into boiling water…ALIVE!!! I only eat Kosher meat! It is not abused as an abused animal would render the meat unkosher. It may cost a few more dollars but I know the animal was not tortured…not that I eat alot of meat anyway!
      SOOOOOOOOOO….with all that said, I’d say that meat you pick up at the grocer is the EVIL meat! Just sayin…..

    • oldMarine

      Do brown cows give chocolate milk?

    • pwr11@aol.com

      ROFLMAO…. Spoken like a true Liberal Todd… You should visit a slaughter house one time and see where that hamburger you had for lunch comes from and how it’s processed… It sounds like you might turn into a “Veggie Head” if you knew the truth!! Oh and I’ll take the “Hillbilly’s” anyday over some under informed liberal/progressive brat that lives on his moma’s dime! Run away little man, run away!!

    • barbiecakes

      No animals are hurt from meat purchased in stores. You can’t be that naive. The girls killed their own and you have someone else do your murdering for you. Libby coward!

    • anyoldjoe

      Wow Todd. Perhaps you should go put on another Smiths album, curl up in the fetal position, and weep. The fact of the matter is that hunting wild game is a far more humane means of adding meat to one’s diet than buying farm raised, industrially slaughtered livestock. It is nutritionally superior as well. From a p.e.t.a. point of view, if it were my destiny to end up on a plate, I would rather spend the time that I had wild and free, not as someone’s possession. I would rather die charging my attacker, (with my “boots on”, if you will, as these boars did) than be marched into a slaughterhouse.

      I buy my meat at a store, because I am lazy. I have always felt, however, that hunting is a far more righteous way of putting meat in your freezer. I think, Todd, that you need to reexamine your understanding of good and evil.

    • Bob Bullock

      This is an old joke folks, Todd is just pulling your legs. Nobody is that stupid. My first cousin’s 14 year old daughter just killed her first boar last week. Don’t know what she used, but she’s been killing deer with her older sister for years.

    • rebart

      Todd, how do you think those animals got in the store. Hogs were raised in pens in mud and their own excrement. Some cattle were raised in pens standing deep in mud, crap, and piss. Then these animals were trucked to a slaughterhouse where they were either shot in the head or had their head bashed in to kill them.

      To the contrary, these hogs ran wild until they were fully mature. No pens, no mud, no crap, not trucking, and they did not have their heads bashed in.

      I hope you grow up some day and realize that we grow animals to kill and eat them. They do not grow in stores and commit suicide so you can eat them.

    • Linda

      No animals were hurt ..really? Guess you don’t know about CAFOS then.I’ll explain.The animals are kept in quarters so small they can barely turn around.They’re given human growth hormone to force them to grow rapidly and antibiotics to stave off infection.(Which abounds in the filthy stalls/ pens) When they are shipped to slaughter, they are put in chutes where they are either stunned or shot in the head.They may or may not be conscious when they are hung up and their throats are cut.Chances are some are still alive as they are being skinned.So,there you have it,lesson 101 on rearing and slaughter of your store bought meat.I’ll take the hillbilly version of it anytime..

    • mike

      Pal, like so many other libs your suffering from a rapidly spreading desease called “CRANIAL RECTAL INSERTION” If I were you I would consult a concervative psychiatrist or possibly consider surgery

    • Steve Thomas

      My mother-in-law worked in a meat packing plant. I would much rather be shot than die the way they killed the animals. Do SOME homework Todd. At least know a little bit about your subject.

  • http://www.facebook.com/darrell.brundage Darrell Brundage

    well done

  • paj

    Todd, where do you think your meat comes from? How about the leather? How about the wool, silk? You show your stupidity by that very comment – Something has to die in order for us to eat it. And if you truely believe that humans should not “kill” other things to eat them, do us a favor and take yourself out of the pool,

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      yes, out of the gene pool. Let us hope Todd does not have children.

  • Cedar

    Man, there’s some weirdos posting here, LOL!!! Todd must have been raised in the city, by his mamma, who had long apron strings and showed her wittle boy pictures of steak trees, hot dog plants and pork saplings. You go Girls! Wish I would have raised my daughter this way. My Son is doin just fine and I’m very thankful for that.

  • capitalust

    My 18 year old daugher is GREEN with envy (that’s as close as she will ever get to “green”). She was getting quite good with her personal Ruger 10-22 when we left the U.S. for good. She never got to try Dad’s AR-15s (either the one with .223 or the one fitted for AK-74 ammo), or my Bulgarian AK-47. She’s always regretted that. Hard to get ahold of those here in Galt’s Gulch.

  • astrojohn

    So, AR-15’s CAN be used for hunting after all…does that make them OK in Obama/Feinstein-world?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HEZKX6NSY2DBVHM72IXJ4J5NOI Bimota Rider

      It’s NOT about the gun….It’s because they’re BLACK!

    • oldMarine

      It’s O.K. with me,especially without the afore mentioned people. Wild hogs are wrecking havoc on crops in the south. Was offered a hunting job by a farmers group recently to thin the herd and save some corn (for ethanol?)

  • agbjr

    When I read “ugly boars” I immediately thought the article was about liberal Socialist Democrat senators. Good to see these two beautiful young ladies are now equipped and able to shop alone in Chicago.

    • http://twitter.com/gunslingr45 Doc

      I thought the same thing.

      • EnemyoftheState

        So did *I*! lol Hillary and Nancy

        • Steve Thomas

          Hillary, Nancy, and Rosi O’Donnel were in “who let the dogs out”. Funny video.

      • DavidE

        Me too!

    • Rattlerjake

      I thought the same thing until I realized they are jacka sses, not boars.

    • Cincitiger

      Conservativegirls are better looking than liberal hags.

      • Henry Leunissen

        Much smarter too.

        • parlayer

          id have to go a little farther than just smarter, as that’s not to difficult.

    • http://www.facebook.com/karen.d.hill.3 Karen D Hill

      Lol, I think we were on the same page. Pelosi and Barney the Purple Flaming Dinosaur Frank for me – but Rosie O’Donnell is a good honorable mention.

      • parlayer

        Barney Frank the Fagot pimp, who brought down the banks with “everybody deserves a house” CRAP

    • parlayer

      You put my thoughts into words!! thanks.

    • edro3111

      Me too! Congrats to these two beauties for learning how to use firearms correctly!

    • TrueGrit

      I can certainly understand why ,its a very easy mistake to make. Hillary Clinton, Shiela Jackson Lee and Nancy Palosi came right to my mind. I’m really disappointed that we are still going to have to put up with them.

    • IllinoisMinuteman

      You mean Frankenfinestien!

  • Tomb

    I think “Todd” is joking. I’ve seen that response about buying meat in stores where no animals are hurt before. Nice photos, happy hunting.

  • Mike

    Todd, I got a chuckle, but obviously your sarcasm flew right
    over a few heads.

  • Dwightmannn

    I like it. . .

  • defendconstitution

    Cedar, I hope Todd was joking because no one, not even a democrap, could be that stupid.

    • disqus_lOxu4l2Nap

      Unfortunately the far left of the leftists, the vegans, would believe that!

  • Thomas Sharp

    Being proud poppas of two righteous and rowdy hog hunters…. friggen Awesome !

  • Jim Swavely

    These two young women are incredible. (And incredibly HOT, too. Sorry. But I can’t help but notice.) My 26 yr. old daughter just recently came to me and said she thinks she would like to get a gun and a carry permit. Of course I encouraged her to do so and will be glad to help train her when she gets to that point. Unfortunately, all the local gun outlets have a very short supply of everything these days; very few firearms and virtually no ammo. I hope that changes shortly, but I have a feeling the government is purposely buying up nearly all the ammo currently produced so as to take away our 2nd amendment rights by simply denying us the ammo we need for our guns.

    • capitalust

      Yeah, really tried to resist saying anything, but when I was 16 I would have faced up to Bethany’s AR-15 for a chance for a date with her…. maybe even whatever her Dad is packing…. she’s a serious cutie and obviously can handle a real gun. Way to go Dad!

    • $39132868

      One of the gratifying elements that I see , in these pics, is that these beautiful young women will be protected, by strong fathers, from predators who do not respect their loveliness and purity. Cads and bounders will know that Daddy will deal with any mistreatment of their precious jewels, and only the worthiest young men will be allowed anywhere near them.

    • VividVick

      The gov. doesn’t need to… they have nukes. You already lost

  • del57

    Nice shooting ladies! Not only did you put meat on the table, you did your job as part of nature in dealing with over population of wild hogs which in most areas are a dangerous and destructive pest.. As for the opening comment by IT (idiot todd)…we all kill and eat living things. Some of us have actually seen our teeth and know that we are omnivours (inteligently designed to eat both plants and animals). The meat you buy in the store was breathing at on time too, then it was slaughtered, processed and pumpped full of tenderizers and preservitives. Personally I want my daughters to know how to take fresh, wholesome meat from natures bounty.

    • $39132868

      Todd is a troll.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sandi.meenan Sandi Meenan

        does’nt that all so mean lib-tard ?

        • $39132868

          It means “both”. Libs are paid to troll websites, to attempt to “manage opinion” online. Todd has settled into this one.He’s not very good at what he does. He’s rather amusing though. It’s kinda funny to see how lame his ilk is…

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.hamel.35 Phil Hamel

    Hey that is GREAT.. I loved it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

    Not to be a spoil sport, but with the 5.56/.223 ammo you would need to be an excellent shot to take down a boar this size with that round (especially with one round). I am not saying it cannot be done, but for all you inexpeirenced hunters, I would recommend a larger bullet first time out boar hunting. Of course the idea with the 5.56/.223 round is that you have the option of more than one round.

    • Coulterr

      AR-15’s are pretty commonly used for boar hunting.

    • Watchdogman

      Scott! the military experimented with the 5.56 shooting BIG game…the effects were, the Shock of the round traveling as fast as it does will bring down a water buffalo shot in the ass….But also maybe they were using a larger round…you do know that you can “beef” up the AR platform to .50 Bouwolfe (sp) and anything in between. That is what makes the AR a great weapon.

    • noitaint

      Ed, did you happen to notice the size of the cartridges on Doug’s belt? I think the girls had plenty of back-up, just in case. .223 is just fine with the right bullet.

  • She said it

    Very cool. 5.56 or 7.62?

  • DocRambo

    It’s good to see girls raised as sheep dogs rather than sheep.

  • $39132868

    These pictures are simply wonderful! An absolute blessing. I’m almost at a loss for words. It’s an absolute relief to the general lunacy and degeneracy of this place called ‘America” to see 2 beautiful young girls, with their obviously loving, adoring fathers, doing something normal and healthy. God bless Mr Giles and Mr. Vallorani for being such excellent, dedicated father. Children need fathers as much as mothers. These pics reveal the best example of parenting one could ever hope for. Young women, especially, are targeted by what’s called “Popular culture”, to descend into depravity, in order to use them, grind them up, and destroy their lives before their lives have even begun. These girls have no idea how lucky they truly are, to be blessed with such decent, dedicated, and virtuous men, for fathers. So men “parents” cannot be bothered to expend anby time and energy guiding their children into healthy and productive modes of being. Strong, healthy families are the buildng blocks of strong, healthy civilization. The concept of “Patriarchy” has been delegitimized, and demonized, and we, as a Nation and civilization are suffering woefully, as a result. These simply pictures literally illustrats the virues of a healthy patriarchy. Mr Giles and Mr Vallorani – these pictures reveal you as genuinely noble men. Nature’s Noblemen. May your families thrive unto the generations. Bless you and thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1057093028 Chip Albritton

    Way to go Girls !! I know y’all are some PROUD Daddies !!!

  • huey6367

    I am impressed. Do you think the older one would be interested in dating a 45 year old guy? No? I tried.

  • johnbbbb

    Real men and beautiful daughters, raised to be strong. You all are very fortunate.

  • Trickydickie

    Those Boars are really ugly. They look just like Obama charging forward with his radical agenda.

  • $3846549

    My son-in-law takes my granddaughters elk hunting. Both girls have taken down an elk. One of them has two to her credit. These girls are going to be powerful women. Good for you Doug for giving your daughters a lifetime experience and teaching them how to defend themselves and take care of themselves. My father did the same thing for his daughters and they are exceptional women.

  • oat21

    Thank GOD we still have some real women left in the world….

  • pointdan

    Both Giles girls and Ms Vallorani are gorgeous . . . like so many conservative females.
    Then on the left, we have Janet Reno, Hilliary Clinton and Janet Napolitano.
    Enough said . . . .
    Continued success conservative gals . . . . !

  • oldMarine

    Nice that Dads and daughters are into outdoor sports. Imagined that it had died when my “baby” turned forty. Getting out of the urban area is a treat.

  • Mort Leith

    I’m really torn between taking my AR-15 or using my Cowboy HENRY .44 hog hunting….

    I almost would prefer the rapid fire of the AR-15 for when they charge,,, or if we can’t get closer than 100-150 yards without spooking them.,, I could easily use my scope.
    but really like that HENRY…..

  • crazzyotto

    is that 50 cal in your ammo belt? what is the rifle you are holding?

  • WASP

    Oh b-o-a-r-s, as in the porcine variety. At first I thought they shot 2 b-o-r-e-s, maybe Obumbler and Biden. Shucks!

  • $22091572

    Great.. good for those girls.. !!!!

  • hiskid1964

    why to go girls

  • Douglas Morris

    so they took these pictures before shooting these guys? I mean, come on. Giles can rant a bit but I would’nt call him boring..
    Nice harvest Ladies,,keep up the good work and continue spreading the word about your FREEDOM or you’re children will slave for a king…

  • obxned

    Gee, when I saw the title “Two Gorgeous Girls Kill Two Ugly Boars with an AR-15″, I thought it was another one of your ‘dating my daughter’ things. Sounds like a great hunt and that’s some nice pork!!!

  • anyoldjoe

    It seems to me that the use of an AR-15 in this hunt was to make a point, as the young Miss Giles has demonstrated her ability to hunt wild boar with naught but a stout spear. I have to say, I just love you crazy people. God bless.

  • barbiecakes

    We have an anti-hunting friend and we’ve noticed every time he eats he has some kind of dead animal on his dinner plate.

  • Valorian

    I am glad to see these girl’s know how to handle guns and protect themselves. Not only that but meat has to come from somewhere and there is no magical meat fairy that restocks the stores. In addition to that you need to keep in mind that boar’s are an invasive species that not only pose a danger to human’s but can in fact destroy entire eco-systems if left unchecked.

  • Swingline88

    Doug, what rifle do you have there in the last picture?

  • jeff lyons


  • DocJimmy

    When the Supermarkets are all gone, this quartet will survive along with the rest of us omnivorous Survivalists. For an extra helping of ribs, you can have my share of the offal…

  • foxxybey

    Sure is a lot of bacon and I love bacon, good shooting gals keep up the good work.

  • Chained

    Nice job ladies! Do me a favor and spread the blood and entrails on some muslim grounds like a mosque then help feed the homeless with the meat.

  • The Scotsman

    Well done GIRLS! I also have an AR 15, but California says I CAN”T USE IT. A great shooter and handles well. I was issued an M1 Garand in the Korean War. A fine shooter and very deadly. I was trying to find out how good this type of weapon (AR 15 style rifle) was for fighting in a war. Had to stop because California said that I could keep the rifle but can’t use it in any way or form!

  • rebart

    What caliber were you using?

  • Dempseycoleman

    That is what killers should look like

  • stevenmarkpilling

    Well… that should keep the Giles family in bacon and sausage for a while!.

  • Mrsiberian

    Great job!!!!!!

  • Fireboatman

    Fantastastic Giles, As my grandfather took me out to hunt I also took my sons and daughters hunting or target shooting with me even at an early age. My sons obtained their firearm expert medals in the USN and the USMC, just fantastic. The girls stayed home but they know how to protect themselves and their famililies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Dean/100001633828483 Mary Dean


  • dangerouspatriot

    Nice shooting Tex!!

  • moberndorf

    Dang! When I read the headline, I thought someone had offed Harry Reid and Al Gore. Then I noticed it was “boars.”

  • Rosenkranz

    I hope you guys ate these boars and just didn’t kill them.

  • $14223524

    Good shootin.

  • Chris Weaver

    Note the backup gun…an elephant killer.
    Personally I prefer big heavy and slow for hog killing. a 3030 is fine but my favorite is .35 Rem. Nothing comes to bear more naturally than a lever gun especially an CT Marlin. 44mag is next inline for lighter toting.

  • VividVick

    poor girls indoctrinated by redneck hillbillies

  • VividVick

    Thou shall not Kill. Hell is the place for those who break God’s commandments

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