Bite Me Bloomberg Alert: Check Out Bloomberg’s Moronic Anti-Gun Video

Bloomberg and his fellow busybodies are attempting to disguise their fascism — “universal background checks,” a euphemism for a centralized information bank that would prevent parents from handing down weapons to their children without first going through the Washington bureaucracy — as “protection” for hunters. “Vote to protect gun rights” — yeah, right. The Leftist genius for disguising its true intention has never been more brazen.

But let’s leave aside for the moment that the Second Amendment has little or nothing to do with hunting. The last thing the Leftists of the criminal organization masquerading as a political party and its hypocritical offshoot, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, want you to think about is your own personal safety, whether from street criminals or tyrannical government. (You can read all about a counter-organization, Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors, here.)

As these two videos make clear. They depict a “progressive’s” kindly fantasy of yeoman rural America, right down to the flannel shirt, the camo cap, and the pickup truck, as if to say “we’re one of you” — but only an urban liberal would fall for it. No shotgun owner in his right mind would have his gun locked and loaded, with his finger on the trigger, while his kids played in the background.

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  • laura91

    Bloomberg can stick his gun agenda up his butt!

  • offroader1975

    Yep another idiot that shouldn’t be holding a firearm. Take a good look at where Bloomberg’s idiot has his finger. No brains no head aches fits this guy and his boss perfectly.

  • jtrpop

    Poor trigger control, and the gun may not be pointed in a safe direction with kids running around. Also “Ratings have been disabled for this video.”

  • Joel W

    wow. un-friggin-believable.

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