• Erica


  • RockyGMarshall

    LOL, I was just talking about this,Nice.

  • mikeinidaho

    A law for THEE, but not for ME! Nice!

    • edro3111

      My thoughts exactly Mike! Just like the Hollywood types too. Whole different set of laws and values!

      • victoryman

        We are all created equal……It’s just that some are more equal than others.
        I am sorry, but this man disgusts me. His (And the democrats) exploitation of his wife for political and financial gain are beyond the pale. Reminds me of how Superman, Michael J. Fox, etc, were exploited at democratic conventions – then cast aside as will be Gabby Giffords.

        • gutterfalcon

          That is the use of Propaganda, like obama using the children on T v & photos. Hitler did the same thing. People today are too stupid or Lazy to read. It’s all in Books if people would Read.

          • victoryman

            Stupid + lazy + can’t read = obama supporters.

          • Show Me

            It should be taught in our schools! History should be drilled into these kids. OUr government taken over education system is too busy holding up gays and lifestyle role models, etc. The crap they are teaching in schools these days, along with handing out condoms , is simply turning our a bunch of morons who can’t think for themselves and stnd in line waiting for their welfare checks and Koolaid!! Sickening to think of the years of service and the wars my daddy and so many others fought in to protect our constitution and way of life.

          • Show Me

            Correction- should say holding up gays as lifestyle role models! Sorry, but most of you I’m sure are smart enough to figure that out. Those that aren’t, well, you probably don’t understand much on here, because of your koolaid fog!

          • GrumpyOleMan

            But then there is the problem of “which” or “whose” history. Real history as it really happened? Or the revised history that government school children are being spoon fed today by union teachers? Hitler and Obama are twins. Not genetically, but mentally.

          • jim_wright

            Half these kids graduate without being able to really read of even put together a basic paper but I’ll bet that every one of them can put a condom on a cucumber.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          Kinda like Clint Eastwood?

          • panors77

            No kinda like your Nancy “you have to pass it first before we let you see what’s in it” Pelosi. Please move to Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea where you belong.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            But that’s so not true. You can go online and read the legislation anytime you wanted to. No one was keeping it from anyone. People hear some piece of something they want to cling to as a truth without even doing three minutes of research to see if it’s true.

            I’ve read the entire Affordable Health Care Act. It took me a good week of reading and re-reading and digesting and understanding what I read but I did it. Because it’s important. And because so many people were saying this or that ad microchips and all kinds of things. I wanted to know for myself what was in it.

            Good news, no micro chips. Research is a good thing.

        • panors77

          Nice quote of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”…..too bad the dems are blind to it.

      • john4637

        Actors cannot get their hands on enough guns fast enough to make a sicko, violent movie for vile profit.

    • 7papa7

      He is a democrat so the laws don’t apply to him. If you or me or any conservative did it, we would probably be in jail and the prosecutor would be going for the death penalty. This is the most corrupt administration in the history of our great country and needs to be overthrown.

      • froggiedi

        You are totally right!!! Just can’t understand why it seems most OBAMA voters don’t have a clue what they voted for. Most people don’t pay attention or read the news.

        • 7papa7

          Most Obama supporters I don’t think can read. They are government schools educated.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            As are most of the Countries population, educated in Public Schools. Except the actual politicians, most of them are silver spoon babies that had private school education.

            That being said, I am neither of those things. I have a private Christian school education AND vote for the We The People, President, Barrack Obama.

          • panors77

            Then you have voted for communism. Congradulations. You are now helping him set up the first American dicatorship.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            Clearly you don’t even know the meaning of the term Communism. If this were a communist state all you bad mouthers who surely be locked up by now. The Communist government doesn’t tolerate detractors and does not put up with treasonous words or acts.

        • panors77

          Of course they voted multiple times for BO too like Melowese Richardson.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          You’re wrong, we do pay attention, we do read the news. Just not FOX NEWS, the news agency who went to court and stated clearly they were for entertainment purposes and could not be held to a standard to tell the truth.

          • MikeStuckInMass

            Much better to watch networks with some integrity, like NBC, right? You know, the network that rigged up “dangerous” GM pickup trucks to explode, edited George Zimmerman’s 911 phone calls to expose “racism”? Or one that employs Al Roker who gushed over the president at the inaugural parade like a schoolgirl at a Justin Bieber concert? Or even the likes of Al Sharpton who was up to his eyeballs in the race-baiting of the Tawana Brawley (white police officers) and Crystal Mangum (Duke lacrosse team) “rape” cases?
            Now, that’s a news agency with integrity. Uh-huh. Yup. Ok.

      • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

        Really? Isn’t that a bit of hysteria there? Buying a used gun, legally, and turning it over to the police department? That’s such a horrific crime that YOU would be arrested for it and tried on the death penalty? That must mean you are planning to use it for something else before turning it over to the PD.

      • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

        Hardly the most corrupt, by far not the most corrupt. Not once has he lied to get us into a war where tens of thousands died and him and his buddies got even more filthy rich by getting government contracts that didn’t even have to go out for bid.

        That’s pretty corrupt. Haven’t seen it out of this Administration.

        • 7papa7

          Yea right, we could start with fast and furious or maybe we start with Benghazi, or how about socialized medicine or maybe we could start with his attempt to destroy the country by putting us so far in debt we become another Greece. In reference to the war, it was approved by congress in a bi partisan way. Once again we the libs blaming Bush for everything, next they will probably try to blame WW II and the great depression on him.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            He never once paid for anything for either war, Bush effectively put it on the credit card, now the interest and the balance has come due under President Obama. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that President Obama is one of the lowest spending Presidents in modern history.

          • 7papa7

            When is Bush going to stop the target of the left. Obama is in his 5th year so quit blaming Bush for Gods sake. If what you say is true then why has Obama increased our debt by over 60%. When he got into office the debt was at $10T, after Obama’s first term it is almost $17T. Nobody who can do the simplest of math can come to the conclusion that Obama is not a MAJOR spender. His Obamacare alone is over $2T. As far as the war it was approved by both republicans and democrats. Clinton’s administration agreed that their were weapons of mass destruction. This was found by BOTH parties. Try getting your facts straight.

    • IdahoJim

      Shame that it’s true…….

    • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

      He bought it and is turning it over to the Police Department, hardly a nefarious sort of person. Buying this to keep it out of the hands of someone who might use it to hurt someone else, well I hardly think that is worth the nastiness that some of you here contribute to it.

      You should be ashamed to allude that he purchased this for some boot jacked gun thug on the corner!

      • http://www.facebook.com/RobSMiami Robert Sieh

        However, local law requires the police to resell any guns turned over to them. They cant keep them. So, it will be going into someone else’s hands.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          My local police department does not sell guns. I think most police departments don’t sell guns either. I believe they generally dismantle and destroy surplus guns.

          • panors77

            they have auctions. Cars, homes and guns.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            My police department does not and with the research I’ve done, I’m hard pressed to find any PD that is selling confiscated or turned in guns.

          • Dan in Georgia

            Georgia law requires guns held in evidence to be returned or sold after 30 days if no case is pursued. Look it up!

      • Frank J. Austin

        Didn’t you read the story glena ? That’s EXACTLY what he is doing with it ! Geez, PAY ATTENTION !!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          I read the story. He legally bought a gun. What’s the hysteria about? Both him and his wife have said publicly they are supporters of the Second Amendment but like about 90% of American Citizens they also support stronger laws regarding firearms.

          What’s wrong with that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/arthur.mackey Arthur Mackey

    Hope they boil Kelly’s lying ass in very hot grease from Obama’s hair !

  • Zundfolge

    As much as I hate this putz, buying a gun to give as a gift is NOT a straw purchase.

    The 4473 asks if you are the “actual buyer” not the “eventual owner” of the gun.

    Nice try guys, but he’s just a schmuck, not a criminal.

    • bob searle

      Someone who actually read the form. This is the same loophole in the form which allows eric holder et al to not prosecute anyone in the fast and furious scandal.

      Thank you,

    • Daniel Gray

      Sorry but in the way he did it, YES it IS a crime. All the books and the manuals and any BATF agent will tell you the exact same thing..so please if you dont know what you are taking about, then say nothing or clearly state this is your opinion as 4473 clearly TELLS you that if you are not the intended owner, YOU CANNOT TAKE POSSESSION OF IT! What part of this plain english seems to escape you?

      • Zundfolge

        I’m sorry but you are just flat 100% wrong.

        You can buy a gun with the intention of giving it away and NOT be committing an illegal straw purchase. It is ONLY a straw purchase if you are not the actual BUYER of the gun, which is exactly what Kelly was if he was telling the truth (and I don’t believe he is, but if he was lying about giving it to the police then he’s CLEARLY both the intended buyer and owner).

        The fact that he intended to give it to the police is irrelevant, if he bought the gun as a gift for his wife, or a nephew, or even a friend it is 100% perfectly legal (unless he knows for a fact that the recipient of the gift is a “prohibited person” … which doesn’t apply here).

        A straw purchase is where you pose as a buyer for a third party (usually because said third party couldn’t successfully pass the background check, but that isn’t necessary).

        There is NOTHING in the 4473 or any ATF regulation regarding the “Intended Owner” only the “Actual Buyer”. The text is right there in the story for you to read.

  • http://twitter.com/1VMP88 Vincent Paretti

    Rules don’t apply to the elitists, just the righteous.

  • fordfan

    Considering the wording on this form, I’m with Zundfolge, I don’t see a crime here either so long as he bought the gun and will take possession of it himself.

    But yes, like all liberals, he’s the ultimate hypocrite.

    • CMiller

      In his rebuttle for buying the gun(s), he said he was testing how easy it was to buy guns and that he is now giving it to the police dept. So he either had intentions originally to give it away, or when he got called out, he decided to give it away. IDK

      • TPM

        Chad … I think most of us agree on your latter premise. He’s gonna give it to the police department, because he got caught buying what he says no one should possess.
        I feel sorry for the tragedy he and his wife have suffered. BUT, taking guns from law abiding citizens isn’t the answer.
        Better mental health care would be the best “first” step. EVERY mass shooting I’ve read about was done by a loon on psychotropic drugs. That’s the “common thread” and that’s the problem that needs to be addressed.

  • Bill

    Enforcement of existing laws is quite selective under regimes similar to Obama’s. Although the law is quite clear and unambiguous, it doesn’t apply to someone who is considered to be “politically correct”. We witness this dual standard with increasing frequency .. Holder has shown his contempt for laws that jeopardize his worldview and he simply refuses to enforce them. Period. No one with political power seems interested in calling him on it. We are no longer a nation that abides by law, but rather by political power and influence peddling. While the problem is substantial when it comes to Democrats, to a lesser extent it applies to Republicans, too. We must, at some point, insist on removing all those office holders who insist on ignoring or completely distorting the Constitution and insist that we throw off our liberty and embrace tyranny.

  • Harvey817

    I thank Mark for his service to our country, but totally disagree with his words about gun control. I hate that his wife was shot and messed up for life. I am elated that she has healed so well. Mark should be smart enough to know that criminals do not obey laws that hinder whatever that are planning to do. The law abiding citizens are the ones that will be hurt by destroying our Constitution. The rifles they are trying to ban are mid power rifles. Just because some people call them assault weapons does not make them one. They are not as powerful as other rifles and some hand guns. Please Mark go back to what you understand and leave the politics out of your life and mine. Our Constitution is very specific about the “right to keep and bear arms”! It does not limit or restrict what kind of arms we can bear or when, where or how we can bear them. In order to change this and make it legal the Constitution will have to be amended. The Constitution is the law of the land and even all of our judges are required to support and base their decisions by it. Every elected official took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution. Did they lie or are they being bought and paid for or blackmailed?

    • JEButler

      Hey, a guy has to make a living right???

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Hauser/1336596489 Bob Hauser

        Not off me and not off the destruction of my Constitutional rights, I don’t give a damn whether he was an astronaut or whom in Hell he’s married to.

    • K031313

      AMEN well said. We have had judges proclaim all sorts of legislation, etc unconstitutional. Any action legislative or otherwise to disarm the citizens is unconstitutional. Period.

    • Show Me

      Bought and paid for, and some, probably blackmailed too. More Koolaid drinkers.

    • metheoldsarge

      Good post. I wonder what tune he would be singing if a law abiding and legally armed citizen was able to stop the shooter before he killed or wounded anyone.

      • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

        There were law abiding, legally armed citizens AND PAID guards. Seems to never stop these shooters. No many how many guns or training they have.

        Do you know when Hinkley stopped shooting at President Reagan? When he ran out of bullets. I’d say the President has the best security that money can buy, yet not even that can stop a shooter with a jump on anyone else with a gun.

        • $18476877

          Criminals are stopped freqenty by armed citizens. You won’t hear about it on the libtard news networks. It’s counter to their agenda.

        • Robert

          How many bullets did Hinkley shoot? I saw a huge pile of men jump on Hinkley and that is when he stopped shooting. Luckily he didn’t have an “Assault weapon with a 150 round clip” like the brain Feinstein wants to outlaw from legal human hunting!!! When does people season open in California anyways????

    • http://twitter.com/jimwoodsspeaks Jim Woods Speaks

      Well said. Respectfully spoken.

    • hijinx60

      The first thing that I thought of when this story broke was that a felony had been committed, as is written above. My second thought was that of blackmail. When Mark Kelly and Ms. Giffords were first interviewed about gun control, they were all against it and even used some great talking points for their arguement against gun control. The next interview that I see, they are all for gun control. What gives? I am only asking, but could it have anything to do with medical bills and the full salary that she would/does get for life?? You have to admit that it surely sounds like a Chicago plan to me.

  • exbuckeye

    Of course they wont prosecute, dont be silly.

    And purchasing a gun of any kind then giving it to someone else IS A STRAW
    PURCHASE AND IT IS ILLEGAL. Go read a 4473 (allm of the small print too!)
    Dont try to split hairs (or straws).

    Logic guys. The person to whom it is given HAS NOT HAD A BACKGROUND

    • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

      The “person” he is giving it to, if you read the words right from Kelly’s mouth, is the POLICE DEPARTMENT. I’d hope they’d had some sort of background check to handle weapons!

    • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

      No, deliberately going in to buy a gun for someone who can’t purchase it for themselves is punishable by law. There is not a question about “is this a gift” on the form.

  • Tomcat58@gmail.com

    So anyone can buy a ar15 and then give it away legally ?

    • czman


      • TROY82

        absolutely not- not if he bought it with the intentions of giving it away, that is covered on the questionnaire at purchase.

        • gunseller

          You are wrong you can buy and give it
          As a gift to anyone that can legally own it.

          • Robert

            You can give it or sell it to ANYONE. period. Even a felon.They are the ones violating the law by obtaining and being in poccession of a firearm while being a felon. We can run ads in the local paper and do not have to do a background check. It is always wise to ask if they are a felon but how do you check if they are lying? Private sales and gifting by private citizens is Legal.Atleast for now. But if the Government has their way, it will be illegal to gift a gun to your son or daughter without a background check. Please stand corrected.

        • Robert

          Depends if you publically say you bought it with the intention to give it AND you get caught lying about the purchase

      • Daniel Gray

        NO you cannot. And anyone who says you can is a fool not worth listening to as if you do you WILL be charged and quite probably be going to prison. You can ONLY “give it away” if you clearly state up front this is what you are going to do with it. Then the person you are “giving” it to MUST BY FEDERAL LAW come into the gun store and undergo a background check before the gun can be given to him/her. This is clearly stated to you when you obtain your Federal Firearms License from the BATF So czman is not only a fool for trying to get people to believe this, but if you listen to people like him who have no knowledge of what the he!! they are talking about, you WILL end up with a record and if it crosses state lines then you will have a felony on your record. Dont believe me? Simple, contact the BATF and ask them and they will tell you how stupid czman’s statement actually is.

        • Robert

          My father lives in Florida. He puchased an AR-15 at a gun show.(don’t know if there was a background check done and don’t care if there was) but he can drive from Florida (or fly on a plane) and bring it here to Tennessee and gift it to me(his son). I would be very happy to have it. Only a hundred rounds threw it!! He wouldn’t be breaking any laws. He did purchase it just prior to the Conn. Sandy Hook School childrenslaughter. And didn’t purchase it with intent to “give it to someone else”. Funny thing about “Intent” is If you buy a firearm with the intent to give a firearm to someone else and you buy one then that is “felony”. If you Allow straw purchases to go across the MEXICAN BORDER (DOUBLE FELONY) law breaking and you are Attorney General, it is OK. Plain and simple. Therefore we can as granted to us by the US Constitution, Buy a gun and give it to anyone we please. Even a felon can be given one. Hope the lawman don’t catch him with it. That would be BAD for the felon, But not for me. You see, as a private citizen and not a firearm dealer or broker, I can sell(or give) a firearm to anyone and not need a license or do a backgroud check. But it is the purchaser(or gift reciever) who can’t buy or obtain or be in possession of a firearm if a felon.What part of shall not be INFRINGED deos the Fed’s not understand? JUST say I didn’t INTEND to give it to anyone else. Keep it for a day or two and…. GIFT it to anyone.. The Government doesn’t respect our constitution at all. Why should we have to follow their laws when the government won’t follow “HIS” (God given) Constitutional Laws????

          • darkcyder

            The issue with this guy is that he claimed on a talk show that he bought it with the intent of giving it away from the start. I personally doubt he did, until he got caught in the act. He probably arrived home the evening on the news to one of those hands-on-the-hips looks and a “what the ehck were you thinking” conversations. If he truly bought it to give away, I find it funny that he ignored the law to do so, and it would be nice to see at least a wrist slap for being such a snarky jerk. The point is he is condemned by his own words. These guys always think its OK to break the law if the reason is to make a point. I’d bet that the sherriff in that little town in Texas wouldn’t have backed off on my ticket the other day if I’d have told him that I was making a point that I didn’t agree with their silly speed limit signs.

          • Robert

            I agree with you wholly. Yes, I believe like you say, He bought it for himself and after going home, he got “caught” enjoying a “Right-Wing” evil. Then to please his “Left-Wing “agenda posse, he didn’t think before he spoke and blurted out: I bought it to give to the police. which inturn made his statement that he purchased it for HIMSELF nullified in the legal sense which then makes it appear as a false statement which is a felony. I think he wanted to enjoy a great pleasure as most LAW abiding citizens do, but did so by being a “closet” gun enthusist but got caught. That is called a “HIPOCRIT”. More commonly called and renamed:DEMOCRAT

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            WHOA…did I just read that GOD gave us the Constitution and it’s laws?

            I think YOU should read the DICK ACT, it’s about our National Guard and how they will be paid, It has NOTHING to do with guns. Look up the ACTUAL piece of legislation and read it, not read what someone TOLD you it was about.



          • Robert

            Well I actually didn’t state it correctly and I didn’t read the actual article that you posted a link to. I wasn’t stating that GOD himself wrote the Constitution. Only inplied that the second amendment is our God given rights to keep and bear arms and that shall not be infringed. Have “heard some reference the Dick Act of 1902. Guess I should have researched it myself before I stuck my foot in my mouth.Thank you for providing the link and educating me. I always try to be informed, but sometimes get caught up in this blogging stuff. But I also don’t take any one sites “take” or interpitation of something as the gospel truth. That is why we have so many Liberals spouting off after they leave the Huffington Post and think they know everything. But I do stand corrected. I will research it further before I again go to quote something I am not versed in. Thanks

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            Thank you for saying that Robert. That’s how it should be. I know that there are so many that think the “Dick Act” is something it isn’t. Mostly people believe it because they WANT to believe it. Research is so easy to do these days.

            I believe nothing and research everything.

        • Robert

          Maybe we should contact our Attorney General and ask him. He knows the Laws!!!!!

        • gunseller

          You are the fool. I am a dealer and retired fed. dont spread crap you have no clue about.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          That’s not the law in my State. You can buy it, give it away, SELL it even and it’s all legal. The part that they’ll arrest you for is if you do it so often a month that you should apply for and pay the fee and taxes for a dealers license.

          Gun laws vary State to State.

    • Robert

      Yes.(unless a felon, or convicted of domestic violence, or Mental illness) You can if “intent” isn’t to buy it to give away. Under certain “conditions” that the Government is trying to stop with laws such as FEDERAL background checks for ALL purchases(Federal Data Base). This will be even between a father and a son/daughter. And making all Semi-automatic weapons illegal or limiting them to a 7 or 10 round magazine or Rifles with no detachable magazines, Shotguns will be kept to 3 rounds (ask Dianne Feinstein D-California Senator. etc… That would make almost every pistol that is semi-auto illegal. Period. Maybe even the Colt 1911. Definitely my Glock 32 (.357 sig) which holds 13 in the Magazine and one chambered. Just refuse to REGISTER your guns and DO NOT turn them in. It is not about “gun safety” It is about “PEOPLE” control

      • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

        Sure keep telling yourself that, you law abiding gun owner.

        • panors77

          Wow…………..you really have no clue do you? Feinstien is on video stating her goals and intentions yet you sit here and deny what’s being set up. YOu keep telling YOURself that BO will take care of you eh? He’ll take care of you until your usefullness is over. Stalin was certianly right about you.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            Feinstien dooesn’t make our laws alone. So she’s just able to say whatever her thoughts are on the matter, she’s an American citizen, we can do that, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

            AND I don’t look to the President to “take care of me”. I look for him to lead our Country. That’s what he’s been doing.

            Stalin has nothing to do with anything we’ve been discussing here at all.

        • Robert

          Miss Glena. This IS something that I AM sure of. Until the Constitution is Amended, the Government can’t take (and will not get) MY weapons. This I know. It will be them or me. One will be carried off in a Hearse(them or me also). I “legally” purchased and possess these items and they are my private property. I will NEVER register them or turn them over for the Federal Government. Besides it being Unconstitutional, They will have to pry them from my cold dead hands. I am a law abiding gun owner until the Feds MAKE me a criminal, not I make MYSELF one. I recently wrote to my State Senator and inquired as to whom is in charge of doing an evaluation on a “certain” Senator from California as SHE is clearly INSANE and should not be in possession of a firearm carry permit. Am awaiting a response. It has been almost a week. I will again write my inquiry until I get a satisfactory answer. If I was a “loon” like she is, Then my permit would be in question. And I just read that she said that ” Do they need a bazooka?” This tells me she should step down also as she has lost touch with reality. By the way, Just for your information, I am a Health Professional with 21 years of experience as some of that was in Psych Nursing. I am qualified to make such a judgement legally (Am licensed by the state boards).Maybe there are others who could write, call, or e-mail their Reps and inquire about this Psycho too.Enough said.

    • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

      Sure you can, right now, as the law is in MY State, you most certainly can. Probably in lots of other ones too.

    • Dave

      Of course they can.

      Just ask the comrade Dear Ruler and his lackey, Herr Erich “Himmler” von Holder.

      And I would include an unlucky Border Patrol agent, but he’s on the wrong side of the grass now.



    Yes he broke the law but he has “O” on his side to save him.

    • Black Rain

      What law did he brake? Mr KELLY took position of the firearm, then changed his mind. Didn’t want it any longer, didn’t need it any longer, what ever the reason. He didn’t give it to a drug cartel like Holder, Emanuel, and Obarry.

      • Joseph Wieck

        He publicly stated that he purchased it with the INTENT to give it to police. He knowingly purchased it with intent to give to someone else is a violation of federal law. If I were to do that, I would be jailed, fined and stripped of all rights to ever own a gun again.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          No you wouldn’t and you know it. Stop trying to make this WAY more than it is. If I had the money, I’d go around buying up every assault weapon I could afford and turn them over to the Police Department too.

          There is NO crime in that. Get over yourself, you’d not be in jail either but you’d never do that.

          • jim_wright

            Instead of shooting off your mouth how about you actually read the law and then say something from KNOWLEDGE instead of EMOTION, that is if you can read the law.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            I know the LAWS in my State. I speak from knowledge. I refuse to spout information fed to me by folks fueled by hysteria and make believe government actions.

            I can go buy a gun today and give it away next week and no one is going to come put me in jail. Why should people get all up in arms and call for Mark Kelly’s head on a platter?

            His family IS a victim of gun violence. He has a right to speak on this issues and to have his thoughts and feelings on the subject heard. No one right to a gun supersedes anothers right to life.

            No one is trying to disarm America. But they would like to come up with a way to SLOW gun violence. Wouldn’t you?

          • jim_wright

            None of this BS liberal gun control is going to help slow down the violence or do one thing to protect anyone. The only people being disarmed are the lawabiding citizens. Meanwhile all this liberal BS does nothing but empower criminals just like their “gun free zones’ better known as free fire zones.
            His actions were hypocritical and people are getting tired of the BS.

          • Frank J. Austin

            glena, when I want YOUR opinion, I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU ! Now, if you are gonna be a turd, go lay in the yard…

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            See that’s just the thing, You THINK you tell everyone else what to think. You can’t have an intelligent discourse on any subject without resorting to name calling and hatefulness. You can’t stand for someone to stand on FACT and not on something they WANT to believe.

            Heaven forbid you take three minutes to look something up to see if it’s indeed true before you start hanging your soul on it and trotting it around as a FACT.

          • panors77

            Sooooooooooo…..comrade Pelosi “isn’t” trying to ban all rifles, shotguns,etc. So the BO administration “isn’t” getting ready for a national gun registry to set up for later confiscation, BO’s administration “hasn’t” just bought billions of hollow point rounds for the DHS eh? ……..yeah right. Who do you think those rounds are intended for? Please stop listening to comrade Maddow, comrade Olberman and the rest of the propagandists in the MSM. The way to slow gun violence is to keep the 2nd amendment intact for the law abiding citizenry so they can defend themselves. The criminals and your buddies in the new black panthers will get their illegal guns on the black market and “laws” don’t apply to them whatsoever.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            All cars are registered with EVERY transfer and no one is confiscating them. Get real. No one is coming for your guns.

          • Robert

            True. Cars are weapons too. They kill more humans than guns.(some humans killed with guns are from self defense) Lets ban cars… Ops.. they are already trying to.(fossil fuels etc..) those little electric cars are cost prohibitive and I am surprised that the minority class hasn’t screamed back because they can’t afford to buy them. But the government will probably use tax payer dollars to give GRANTS if you earn less than 6000 a year so they can afford them in the ghettos. Free cell phones anyone?!!!

          • Hank

            He has no right to speak out and be unpatriotic. The second amendment is the law of the land. He belongs in jail.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            Obamacare is the law of the land too. But the Republicans have tried 37 times to repeal it. The Supreme Court has ruled it Constitutional. Yet it’s not accepted by everyone. The right to abortion is the law of the land too. Supreme Court has also held that up as Constitutional, over and over again.

            So, stop being unpatriotic and get behind ALL the laws of the land or go to jail.

          • Robert

            Yep. This Obama care was rammed down our throats. No one knew what was in the BILL.No one read it. NO ONE. And we were told by Nancy”smiles” Pelosi that we would have to pass it to find out what was in it. Now they make up the rules on Obama care as they go along. If it was affordable as the name of the bill (Law) implies, I would have no problem supporting or wanting it. I think everyone needs AFFORABLE Health Care. But it didn’t make healthcare affordable.And Obama lied about it when selling it to us. Now it is Mandatory to purchase it and if we don’t then we will be taxed opps… penalized as was the ruling from the Supreme Court. The Court said the government has a right to regulate commerce. And the Government said that Healthcare is a commerce. The court ruled that the government does NOT have a right to FORCE you to purchase a product. Hense they have a right to regulate commerce and penalize you and this is a tax. Even though Obama said he would not raise taxes one cent on the middle class. Remember me? I agreed I didn’t know what I was talking about a while back and said such. Now you should say the same here. I will not purchase something I don’t want. The Liberals always say : but you have to purchase car insurance…… yep, but the government doesn’t force you to buy a car. And besides, Who is going to pay the premiums for those that don’t buy a health policy? The answer is THE TAX PAYERS.I already pay taxes so I want what the government freebees are.I already pay. P.S. :They can’t put you in jail for not buying OBAMACARE.

          • Robert

            More investment in the Mental Health area would be a good start, plus crack down on the gang bangers that threaten our society and make citizens want to carry or purchase guns to keep themselves safe both outside and inside their homes. Not trying to limit or ban the weapons we choose to use to protect ourselves. And yes,Obama, Biden, and Feinsein (along with that nutty New York Mayor Bloomberg) want to BAN guns(if possible ALL guns) from civilians. They only want Law Enforcement and military (and their Body Gaurds so they can be protected) to have firearms.

          • panors77

            Get over YOUself…..you probably don’t even know the difference between an assault weapon and a non assault weapon. Please….again join your comrades in the communist country of your choice.

          • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

            To me, ALL guns are assault weapons. Just like ALL shootings are acts of violence. Now I don’t think we should take anyone’s guns, but I sure do think we need to better REGULATE them, just like the Second Amendment tells us too.

          • Robert

            Mine is a defense weapon. I have never assaulted anyone(yet) with them. Some violence is defensive acts. When someone tries to: 1) Rob me 2) Rapes my wife or daughter 3) breaks into my home 4) threatens my safety as to make me feel in fear of my life, then it is DEFENSIVE. I have never robbed a store, bank, or person. I also have never pulled it in anger at somesome. Have thought a couple of times that I may need to defend myself, but just the motion of reaching into my jacket changed their minds about their intent of accosting me. That is defensive weapons. Assault weapons are used by the military to ATTACK the enemy. AR15 are semi-automatic rifles and are not assault weapons. Unless they are used to ATTACK someone. A baseball bat or a hammer is an assault weapon if used to ATTACK someone. Liberal gun grabbing proponents can’t differentiate what the difference is. That thing that holds the Shells(bullets is called a MAGAZINE. The only guns with “clips” are world war 2 guns that load bullets with a stripper clip.

      • victoryman

        Let’s see. He purchased an AR-15, extra 30 round magazines and a Wilson Combat .45 plus ammunition for all guns. Got “Caught.” Then claimed he purchased the AR for “Demonstration purposes.” Then claimed he never took posession of the rifle and didn’t plan to. Then he stated that he would give the rifle to the Police Dept. The usual democrat shifting story – whatever fits the moment. Two things here. 1. This man wants us to believe that he spent probably 2-3K on a rifle…then came up with excuses for NOT owning it? 2. Bet you a steak dinner that the money for all the guns, magazines and ammo came out of the “Organization” he set up to push gun control. I sense that this is the usual “Straw” organization that is a front to raise money since this man has political ambitions. He is slimy enough to enter the world of politics…….as a democrat.

      • LittleMoose

        The law he broke was lying on ATF form 4473. Whether or not he actually took possession of the firearm is inmaterial, he filled out the form and submitted it.

        • fredpucker

          this is EXACTLY where he broke the law!!!!!

        • Black Rain

          Your right, if he made those statements of not taking possession of the firearms, he should go to jail. Only in New York can you be arrested for think I’m buying it for someone else. How did he get it to the police station? The statements are bad!

      • Daniel Gray

        As a person who used to have an FFL (Federal Firearms License) I can assure you that IF you went into a gun store and did the same thing, you WOULD be prosecuted as a straw buyer. Makes no difference if he changed his mind one minute-second-hour-day after he bought the gun, the law says you CANNOT buy a gun and then give it to another person PERIOD, unless you are stating as much. Now if you owned it for a month or two, then the law assumes you ment to buy it for yourself. But the cut off date is exactly that, if you purchase a gun with the intent to give it away…that is a straw purchase and as such is a federal felony if it crosses state lines. You are told this by monthly updates sent to you by the BATF. So please cease pratteling on about stuff you obviously dont know anything about! There is an old saying “If you dont know what you are talking about then keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool, then by opening it and removing all doubt.”

        • Zundfolge

          The ATF says exactly the opposite of this.

          Buying a gun as a gift is not a crime and if you treated your customers like criminals based on this false understanding of the law I can see why you “used to have” an FFL.

          • jim_wright

            If you buy the weapon as a gift you are required to fill out the form as such, other wise you are a straw buyer as defined. There is no room for BS.

          • Zundfolge

            There is no place on the form to say “buying as a gift” you either say “Yes” or “No” to the question “are you the actual purchaser of this gun”. If you answer “No” the sale stops dead right there.

            If you buy someone a gift (gun or otherwise) you are the “purchaser” not the person you’re giving the gift to.

            Buying a gun for someone else is NOT a Straw Purchase, PRETENDING to be the buyer when in fact someone else is the real buyer IS A STRAW PURCHASE.

        • Black Rain

          I to have know people who have bought firearms for their children. Their children are not criminals like drug lords, bank robbers or even home invaders. They have taken firearm safety coarses before take possession of firearms. It has been awhile back. Has the 4473 form changed?

          • jim_wright

            Not that I know of and I too have purchased weapons as a gift except I filled out the form to show that.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          Not necessarily. I live in VA. Last month a lady was FINALLY arrested after buy more than 75 guns in one month. This had been an ongoing thing for MANY months. She was “transferring” them to another party, all legally of course. Except if you “transfer” THAT many per month, then you need a dealers license which she didn’t have.

          • Robert

            You got that one right. Good comment. She should have applied for an FFL license and requested tips from Eric Holder

        • Black Rain

          At to time of the interview Mr Kelly hadn’t even picked up the firearm. I’m hoping the gun dealer didn’t go through with the sale. The statement was prior to picking up firearms the dealer would be in trouble as well.

  • vonveezil

    With Holder in office you can guarantee he won’t do anything about it. Obummer’s lapdog is pathetic, dysfunctional, and inept.

    • dl33

      so is obummer

    • my.hairy.mole@gmail.com

      The Dept. of social Justice, is doing exactly what the plan calls for…TOTAL CORUPTRION!!!

    • Dan in Georgia

      Inept?! I think he has been very effective in destroying justice.

  • 9Spoon9

    Now that is the kind of ‘Karma’ needed. Maybe someone shouldn’t have ‘leaked’ it here until the exchange of possession was made? No one in Big Gov is gonna dare try and make this a Federal Case…you can bet! The whole damn mess would be laughable if the buffoons weren’t actually dead-set on disarmament or a bloody US Civil War. Part Duece coming to a neighborhood where YOU live! :(

    • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

      See, there’s the problem, NO ONE IS ASKING FOR ALL GUNS TO BE DESTROYED or be confiscated or turned in. Common sense gun laws should be what EVERYONE wants.

      • Sven79

        Sadly, common sense is a relative term these days, and it’s sadly lacking in those that are screaming common sense the loudest. Examples: see your posts.

      • 9Spoon9

        The problem is naive folks like yourself believing that ” ‘Uncle Sam’ wouldn’t do that”! Just look to the history of people of color…slaves if you will and NEVER forget many of my kin…The American Indian. Any erosion of the 2nd Amendment is intolerable. Just like the Grand Canyon, disarmament doesn’t happen over night. It’s been a slow process…a long-time coming that has now been accelerated to ‘warp speed’. Once again…in case you missed the lesson, Amendment II was placed exactly in the second spot behind the Freedoms of Worship, Speech and Peaceable Assembly. The 2nd Amendment exists indelibly to prevent tyranny by a small group of power brokers with nothing by service to themselves, and damned be any group or individual that they even think has or will get in the way. To many “freak” accidents of death exist to substantiate the simple fact that these men and women with a superiority complex will ‘remove’ all impediments they deem necessary to allow them to achieve their foolhardy goals.

        Research and read the Federalist Papers. The Founder’s expounded upon the virtues of their noble intentions when the drafted the Constitution. The Federalist Papers were a sales aid to allay fears and concerns of citizens 230 odd years ago.

        Ms. Ferguson if you wish to continually assert your thoughts into writings on these forums, either become fully informed or I ask you politely to please take your liberal-minded narrow view of the Rosy World you live in permanently away from this forum that Patriots share!

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          I’m VERY informed, I make sure I research something before I speak about and not just from some source that continually agrees with my point of view. I try to challenge my thought process and to make sure I know the truth before I speak and certainly before I would ever post on a public forum.

          • Robert

            When the SHTF, Glena, You can stand behind me. I will have a gun to protect you (DEFENSIVE) weapon. The police will be hours away and won’t be able to rush to your aid, so being the kind hearted patriot that I am, I will shield you with my life if necessary. Now Diane Feinstein will have to find other accomadations! At least you support some guns and not a TOTAL ban?

      • jim_wright

        No one except Sen Fienstien. She has stated publicall that total confiscation is her goal.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          But lucky for all the gun lovers, she can’t just make laws by herself. AND as an American citizen she’s entitled to express her opinion.

          • Robert

            She took an oath of office which states that she will uphold and support(defend) the Constitution. Unfortunately she doesn’t believe in the constitution as most progressives don’t. It is just a piece of paper with out dated Guidelines on it to her. Same with most of this Administration

      • panors77

        Feinstien is!!! Obama wants to set up the national registry which is one step away from confiscation. Just look at what’s happened in Australia for kripes sake!! They just “registered” all weapons then confiscated em…..all of em…bolt actions from WWI and WWII even. Now their gun crime is through the roof.

      • bicentennialguy

        Not yet. Baby steps….baby steps. It’s like losing weight – it didn’t go on overnight and it’s not going to come off overnight.

  • Lt Roger Wilco

    He’ll skate though. Liberals always seem to squeeze out of tight spots–probably because they are all so slimy.

    • victoryman

      Just look at the case of the mediapimp, David Gregory…….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Zimmermann/1578077838 Rick Zimmermann


    • Robert

      Who should be fired? Mark Kelly? He is retired. No more shuttles to pilot. He just entered into politics. Wish you could “fire” politicans. Only conservatives can be fired. The RINO’s and Liberals aren’t held to any standards. Only people with morals can be.

  • Dave L.

    He’s a Democrap, so it doesn’t matter. The only reason this moron was an astronaut, was that he took up space in school !!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

      See? That’s the kind of crap that adds nothing to your argument and makes it look like you have nothing of worth to say.

      We ALL know what a rigorous training and high level of education it takes to be an Astronaut. We all hail them as heros, right up until the moment someone pisses you off for some reason, then they are know nothing wastes of space.

      • panors77

        Hey guess what?? Check the political affilations of all the latest shooters eh? All democrats!! Check the history of racism in this country. All southern democrats who started the klan, Jim Crow,etc. I’m not going to say you’re a waste of space, but marxist minded you do seem to be, and marx was wrong!!!! Please face that fact.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          And that is yet another example of a rumor that you want to believe. It is simply NOT true that all those mass shooters were democrats or that they even voted but it sure sounds good to say it doesn’t it?

          • Robert

            Only Timothy McVeigh was a “Anti-government” guy that was portrayed as a right wing nut. The Left tries so hard as usual, to link any mass shootings to Republicans or Conservatives, such as the Colorado shooter to the TEA party but they were wrong as usual. You don’t have to be a voter that voted Democrat to be a “DEMOCRAT”. That is an ideology(a way of thinking)

      • Robert

        We also know that it takes a lot of smarts to gradute from Harvard or Yale especially to be a Constitutional Professor like Obama. Seems he didn’t study too much due to the reefer,cocaine and skipping class. Bet someone else took his finals!!

  • Black Rain

    I would like to help Former Congresswomen Gifford by buying the rifle from Mark Kelly.
    I happen to believe the law enforcement let her and others down. The shooter had tried many time to get close to Ms Gifford, stocker who know. If he was a threat before, why was he not detained some how.

  • $5708171

    He’d already be in jail had he been a conservative. Slam. Dunk.

  • huddy

    When you first commit to decieve what a tangled web you weave.

    • William Burke

      No. The saying goes, “Oh what a tangled web we we’ve, when first we practice to deceive.” Funny, you could have looked it up; you’re obviously using a computer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Clancy/100001054502726 Jim Clancy

    He admitted to violating the law…..arrest him and take possession of the rifle in question and all other arms he owns…….Just as you would with any other citizen………

  • Victor

    YUP, if he was not the intended owner as he said, that is a 20 year felony. Maybe he needs to do a little Prison time to think about what the Second Amendment is Really all about.

  • gaigene_bob

    This will surely be covered up!! He’s their BOY!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-A-Bullard-Jr/1494713236 William A. Bullard Jr.

    I mean every word of it

  • Brix

    He’ll be treated like that sanctimonious blubber mouth on Meet the Press that waves around a 30 round magazine in a city they are OUTLAWED.
    To elites law is just a big game BUT “We the People” are not allowed to play.
    This administration sees Law as – a nation of men. When we are to be a Nation of Laws.

  • dl32

    Probably a nice guy but he and his tragic wife should go away into the sunset. She was always on the dopeocrats side

  • astrojohn

    No problem, he’s a liberal…it was for the “greater good.”

  • eagleexc

    Rember this… The President of the US can (and he will) Pardon Him or any other criminal he likes! So (IF) he is prosecuted it won’t matter!

    • czman

      He has done nothing to be arrested for or be pardoned for…He used his own monies to buy the rifle, took possession of it…now, what he does with it just depends on how he gets rids of it…giving it to / turning it in to the police is not a crime.
      People, learn the facts first, then spout off…

      • John

        Obviously, you have never bought a gun. The form ask if you intend to give it to someone else. You must answer YES if you purchase with that intention. He apparently did not… that is a crime. .. a felony. Had he bought it and then LATER decided to give it away, that is a different issue… a legal thing to do. His prior statement of intent is the issue here.

        • Zundfolge

          No the form does NOT ask you if you intend to give it to someone else, you are only being asked if you are the one actually purchasing the gun and not pretending to be the buyer so that the real buyer can avoid the 4473 and/or background check.

          Buying a gun with the intent of giving it away is NOT a crime.

        • http://www.facebook.com/glena.ferguson Glena Ferguson

          BUYING it for someone else isn’t the same as gifting it to someone else.

      • Daniel Gray

        Dont listen to this fool. The BATF and the Federal Firearms License books and manuals given to you BY the BATF when you get an FFL, as well as the telephone line for info given to you all three clearly say that czman is completely incorrect and totally ignorant of what he is speaking on. You listen to him at the peril of having a record or a felony on your record if you do what he says. People, learn the facts from the BATF and ignore liars like czman, that is unless you want to go to jail.

        • Robert

          Depends on “INTENT”. PERIOD. If you are stupid enough to publically say “I purchased it with the INTENT to give it away”, then you screw yourself. But if you purchase it legally and check the “I am the person puchasing the weapon for myself ” then keep your mouth shut, and don’t go on a public broadcast or interview with a reporter and say” I purchased it with the “INTENT” to give it away, then you CAN give(or sell) it to ANYONE(as long as you are not a FIREARM DEALER or Broker). Daniel, you sound like one of the Obama coolaid drinkers. You believe the Government “rules” are all Constitutional. The Constitution is the LAW of the Land. The BATF&EXPLOSIVES(you forgot to include explosives) is not always correct. They do not believe that there is a Law above them. SEE: The Bill of Rights and the Constitution.That is what we abide by.

        • Robert

          And just because you were a FFL, you don’t know all the rules, just the ones that the Gooberment wants YOU to abide by.

      • darkcyder

        He is condemned by his own words. He went on a talk show a couple of days back and told them that he bought it with the intent of giving it away. If so, his felony offense was lying about this on the federal form that he filled out. If his real intention was to buy it for his own use, as he stated on the form, then it is his wife he has to deal with, and if so, he did that by making up a lie to cover his tracks. In other words, he has to have wanted it before he didn’t want it. Typical democrat flip flop. Please try to pay attention and get the facts before you spout off. Doesn’t seem to be your strong point.

    • Robert

      Does anyone know what happened to the New Black Panther guy(an upper “officer”) whom was on his way to incite rioting against George Zimmerman in Florida and and stopped in Georgia to sell a pistol at a pawn shop I think it was, and was arrested for being a felon in pocession of a firearm? After that hit the media a year or so ago, haven’t heard anything more about it. George Zimmerman will be “judged” soon and the Panthers have vowed to retaliate if he isn’t convicted. Is this felon in jail or has his brother in crime Eric Holder given him a get out of jail free card? Anyone know????

  • akble

    ahh you miss the main point- as a Progressive left liberal and being both intectually and morally superior to other lessers such laws do not apply to them

  • Roy F Wilt

    Just like most Democrates, He is just a LIAR!!!!!

  • HardnoseMP

    I was a gun dealer for almost 40 years, worked when Clinton’s assault ban was in affect, didn’t do anything to stop crimes, Kelly didn’t break the law, agree with him on people with mental problems who commit acts and make threats against society, have got to get States, Universities, hospitals to enter this information into the FBI background system, so they can’t just walk in and buy a gun, this alone would of stopped 4 out of 5 of the last massacres !!!

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      Your premise is most frightening: “agree with him on people with mental problems who commit acts and make
      threats against society, have got to get States, Universities, hospitals
      to enter this information into the FBI background system,”

      You mean you would actually trust the government to do an actual, unbiased evaluation? Under our current admin, you as a ‘gun dealer’ would likely be labeled as ‘unstable’ (otherwise why would you sell guns which kill people?!). As a conservative who believes the US Constitution is the law of the land, rather than a president, I would be considered a ‘subvertive’ and labeled as a casualty by the same admin.

      Hitler used ‘hospitals’ and ‘universities’ to gain access to people; and did horrific things. I DO NOT intend to ever have this happen to us in the USA. Only our 2nd Amendment right, uninfringed, can guarantee that…


      • HardnoseMP

        By entering this information into the background check system it would only delay the individual from a gun purchase, they then call the local police to check on the individual and find out about them, before they approve the gun transfer, this already happens when felons try to purchase a firearm, I don’t believe you want mentally ill people running around shooting innocent people with guns, you can see the results of our current system, they just lie on the gun form, I am a Conservative and a firm believer in our right to keep and bear arms , lets preserve it !!! I have fought Clinton’s assault weapon ban ,back in the 70’s and testified against it at the State Legislature !!!

    • Daniel Gray

      As for you being a gun dealer, I have majorly extreme doubts about this statement as I did have a FFL and I was told by the BATF agent that came to inspect my records that I could NOT sell a gun to anyone unless THEY were the owners of said gun. AND IF they were buying it for a gift or intended to give it away, then I could NOT give it to them, only the person for who it was intended for. AND that person MUST come into the place of business and have a background check done on them BEFORE the gun could be given to them. Now this was back in 1988 and the gun laws have not become easier to deal with, but more stringent and demanding. Therefor IF you were a gun dealer (and I highly doubt this) then you know for a fact that your manuals of state laws as well as the BATF as well as the telephone number you call for the background checks all say you are lying through your teeth when you claim Kelly didnt break the law. You have just been proven a liar and your opinion now does not have enough juice to blow itself up even if you were using explosives to help it.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Better idea, stop all the registering, licensing, background checks and make it open or concealed carry at all times, anyplace.

      That way the nutcases, liberals and other criminals know there will be an immediate response to poor behavior, probably resulting in death.

      (Is there a distinction between “nutcases, liberals and other criminals”? Or is it just different words with identical definitions?)

  • James Foley

    No where in the constitution or amendments does it say that we are permitted to own a firearm for squirrel hunting. A rifle was a food provider tool but it also was the means to keep your family safe… then and now. Progressive (communist) Democrats are perverting and destroying our constitutional rights. Mark Giffords-kelly is an active participant in that destructive process. Progressive democrats are mentally ill. Alarms should be sounding when one is spotted buying a gun, as all mass shooters on record so far have been Democrats. If it walks like a Democrat, quacks like a democrat, has a yellow stripe down its back like a democrat, then it must be a mass murderer awaiting a triggering event to go whacko nuts. :)

    • William Burke

      I get SO tired of explaining this to nitwits: THERE ARE NO COMMUNISTS; THERE NEVER WERE. There are, and were, TYRANTS and FASCISTS PRETENDING to be Communists, but are really “communists” in reality. There’s never been an actual communist government on this planet; only the ersatz sort.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-A-Bullard-Jr/1494713236 William A. Bullard Jr.

    Hey Doug,
    I’m with you. But Giffords old man really didn’t do anything wrong, at least not for his class. Not him!, why he’s a ‘Moviestar’ Navy Captain [from a gender neutral “politically correct” Navy] poseur asstronaut, married to a famous [because she got shot in the head] hack Democrat who’s in the ruling class. I couldn’t give two dumps or damn about either of them and damnit why did she survive? while thousands of others: men, women and children were killed or gunned down because they were guilty of nothing more than being the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong politically unprotected class; and, nobody gives a damn abiut them except to garner votes for office and pose adoringly with their mates on national TV: MSNBCBS, CBSBS, CNNBS or any of the other alphabets. Thei killeers get to enter “I’m crazy pleas” or the “Oreos made me do it” while this piece of crap [her shooter] is going to go down hard. Nobody gets it!!, why asstronaut Kelly is an educated whiteboy and he’s better than the rest of “Us” hics, at least for right now. The penulum is swinging; Bubbah and the hics will have the last word on this one, doesn’t make a pile of doo doo what “the war hero from Arizona” says.
    Have a fine Navy Marine Corps Day

  • TROY82
  • US taxpayer

    could this be a straw purchase ???

  • Steven Gratzer

    What a phony!

  • rags

    I would bet NOTHING will be come of it.

  • Charlie

    The liberals basicly let OJ Simpson go free and look what he has done since. Also look where he is now.
    And now we have Mark Kelly, yet another american icon. Yet another person that thinks anything he does is untouchable. Yet here we go again he is caught with his hands in the cookie jar of criminal behavior. What will happen to him now , nothing for he is Mark Kelly,Gabby’s husband. Crock of manure if our country is going to have laws then these laws apply to all with no exceptions. Richard Nixion proved no one is above the law.

  • Notyerslave

    His intent at time of purchase and at the time of signing the Form may have been one thing and his intent after purchase another. Does the legislation address that ?

  • polmutant

    but he is a weenie washer, and a but sucker, so the law is different for him

  • Morgan23

    This criticism is a stretch re the felony. I am sure it is a stunt and that he did it to make a point. A senseless point but that is the strategy of the left. The travesty that occurred to his wife is undeniable but is was done by a madman, an unstable individual who had already violated the law and who threatened to do just what he ended up doing. Under the care of a “psychologist” he told her, wrote her, and she ignored the threat or was compelled by the medical secrecy law not to reveal it to anyone. The police, if they had been informed would have done nothing because they cannot act in a case like this as they cannot in the case of an abused spouse. Our system is laced with these conundrums and to try to plug every hole, would make us all slaves to the vagries of those who ignore the law……..just as our current President ignores the law and the Constitution. So, all of you out there who want to disarm the 99.9% of the Good American People who never commit a crime of violence and expose yourselves to the vagries of the likes of Stalin, and Hitler, and Mao, and Obama, and Blumberg who think they know what is best for you and your children and who were and are sociopaths I have one caution. BEWARE of what ask for..you may get it.

    • Daniel Gray

      it is fact Morgan23, and you would know this if you had bothered to check with the BATF. This does indeed qualify as a straw purchase as he obviously never intended to keep it. And if he bought it and took it over state lines, then it now becomes a federal felony and will cost him his retirement as well as his right to vote and his military pension and any VA benefits that he receives.

      • Zundfolge

        Like I said below, you are just wrong here.

        It is perfectly legal to buy a gun to give as a gift. Question 11a on the 4473 is only asking you if you are the “actual buyer” not the “eventual owner”.

        If you buy a gun to give away you are still the “actual buyer” because it is YOU that actually bought the gun, you didn’t take some third party’s money and pretend you were buying the gun so they could avoid filling out the 4473 and/or going through the background check.

      • Morgan23

        I’m sorry but you misunderstand my comment. To my knowledge, there is no evidence he “gave” it to anyone. That said, it is a stretch to say he is a felon. If he purchased it FOR an organization, then it indeed may be a felony but that is for the courts to decide. Frankly, that is another reason the law is so bad. It makes a person who purchases a gun as a gift to be given to, say a child as his first gun, and criminalizes it. Further, if you think about it, when a Police department purchases a gun for a new police officer, that too would be a felony. SEE another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences”. Any law that is a knee jerk reaction to anything, is bad for exactly that reason. He could have purchaased it just to destroy it for all we know. i don’t condone these antics, I just caution that we not all go ballistic every time one of these people pull a stunt. It plays into their hands to picture us as a bunch of radicals and puts in a position of defending ourselves for being as bad a they are.

      • Black Rain

        Should what you say be true, don’t you think the BATF&E would be on this like honey to a bear. I mean, national TV. Even David Gregory was investigated.
        1.7 million people have lied on the form 4473, of those on 44 have been jailed. To tell you the truth, I hope nothing does happen to him because it add fuel to demorats fire.

  • edward

    Of course NOT…………….he is a DEMONCRAT,,,,,,,Odama has proven the laws of America do not apply to demoncrats…………….

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.helsel.94 Richard Helsel

    Socialism is for the people, not the socialist. How much longer is it going to take before people get this?

  • David Tupper

    Not that I agree with his politics, but you are allowed to buy a firearm as a gift. If his intention was to sell it to the police that would be a straw sale, if his intention is to donate it to the police that should be covered as a gift.

  • Michael a rowlwy

    LibTards are exempt from all laws. Thar is why they get to vote six times in Ohio.

  • GDC97


  • aeronca7acnc85057

    Did holder and obama commit a felony with Fast and Frvalas? Who cares? They will not be charged.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Walter/100001083842339 Tom Walter

      Hillary….”What Difference Does It Make”

  • Gun salesman

    It is only a straw purchase if he gives it to someone who wouldn’t be able to pass a background check. Buying a gun as a gift is very much legal. I’m no liberal but I think its better we understand the laws before accusing people.

    • mark

      I don’t know what state you live in, but in Ca it is completely illegal to buy a gun and then give to anyone. Everyone must go thru a transfer of ownership by a licensed FFL holder. I have a copy of all the gun laws in all fifty states.

      • Gun salesman

        That’s because you live in the least gun friendly state of the country. In Utah, buying a gun as a gift has never been illegal. He can even legally sell it without going through an FFL deale, at least here he can. Besides, if he does give it to the cops there is nothing illegal about that. It’s stupid, but not illegal.

  • Bob Honiker

    Gun Shop Owner Says Mark Kelly Has Not Completed Background Check For New AR-15


  • fred pucker

    As a FFL dealer,I can state that what he did is against the law. if he had bought the gun and given it to a family member for their use, and It was out of his control at any point, he had broken the law. you may loan a weapon, but you must maintain control of the item unless it sold to a third party.

    • jpcec

      Thank you for the clarification Fred. Laws change so frequently it’s hard to keep up.

  • Rickvid in Seattle

    Okay, hold on. Neither this article nor the Obamafile article tell us that Kelley bought it as a straw buyer; it is hinted at but where are the details? For whom did he buy it? Did the writers see his actual Form 4473? Kelly’s hypocrisy is evident, but leave the distortions, lack of facts, and absence of details to the lefties. We must be scrupulous in clarity and truth. I want the details, not innuendo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Uzi-Kattan/1209362869 Uzi Kattan

    I can give him the name of a local FFL dealer and he can send it to me since I live in Ohio otherwise I would have him bring it to me.

    What a shameless DemocRAT louse to use his wife’s tragedy as a political tool. Had concealed carry holders been allowed to pack in the mall, his wife’s attacker would be at ground temperature now instead of awaiting trial.

    • jpcec

      Do you see Dems win honestly or with any integrity? Of course he will use his wife just as she puts herself out as a pity me and pass this bill for me character. Nothing new here!

  • cherwin

    As soon as the discussion of identifying mental health issues comes up, everyone jumps to the extremes. People will be deemed mentally ill at random etc. etc. Let’s be real here. Every one of the mass type murders that has occurred over the last 20 years, has been committed by a younger male with longgggggggggggggggggg standing social and mental issues. These are not random, “mental illnesses.” They had extreme behaviors and were socially isolating themselves for most of their lives or they had extreme anger issues due to the inability to socialize with others.
    In the case of Adam Lanza in CT., he was a disaster waiting to happen. His mother had tried to get help but even with help she was basically in denial about his problems. How could she have had a houseful of guns with all the problems he had. Then to make it worse she took him to shooting ranges to hone his skills. Sorry she had to be shot by him but I blame her most of all. He should have been an inpatient somewhere and she should have made sure that there were no guns so accessible to him. Ask far as I’m concerned she was not dealing with reality herself, and 26 people had to die because she didn’t protect the public from her son.
    Let’s not go mental worrying about getting labeled, “mentally ill.” We could all easily see that the past murderers were not your average mentally stable person who went berserk on a moments notice.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      The most serious cases of ‘mental illness’ are in legislatures in all 50 States and the federal government.

      • jpcec

        One word Crusty Old Geezer…BINGO! Good job!

        • CrustyOldGeezer

          I stayed awake for 4 days straight to come up with it…

          (good thing I slept at night or I would be pretty tired now)

  • Conservative Not Republican

    Man, this guy is a real space cadet……oh, wait….

  • armydadtexas

    I am sick and tired of the democ-RAT hypocracy. They want to tell everyone else how to choose, live, eat, drink and what Rights are relevant and which are not. Most of the time the democ-RAT sides with the culture of death: Example: Abortuaries. It was sad when Gabby was shot. That action sickened me to my core. The fact remains: It was a sociopath, left winger who shot her. The puke needs to be planted under a prison and never allowed to see sunlight again. That said; Gabby and her husband are just one more example of Left wing, Radical, Extremist HYPOCRACY exposed. Hey, democ-RATS, you don’t want tools to protect yourself from violent jerks or a rogue, over-reachiing tyrannical government, that is your business.. You are a bunch of sheep to begin with. For the rest of us though, WE SHALL honor, uphold and protect our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS. We shall protect our selves, our families and our homes. If you don”t like that, move to Russia.

  • brabbie2002

    I hate that his wife was shot by some nut job, but it wasn’t me so why take MY guns? I did not commit perjury by stating the gun was purchased for myself. So why punish me for owning guns? Why send legal gun owners to jail or confiscate their weapons when it is the nut jobs and libtards that are buying guns ILLEGALLY? I hope the cops show up at his door and confiscate said weapon because he seems to be demonstrating how NOT to buy a gun. Oh, but wait. Anyone in the government is exempt from all rules. Does this apply to their significant others as well. I hope not. Would love to see this hypoocrisy punished to the full extent of the law! Think it would be on any media news if this libtard anti-gun nut was perp marched out of his house to the local hoosegow?

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Just because this needs to be front and center in the minds of the American people.

    Regardless of what the politicians would have you believe, they have yet to refute these FACTS.

    ” 80 million plus gun owners and no statistics to show any of them committed a crime.

    If 1% committed a ‘gun crime’ it would be 800,000 crimes, but no statistics show that.

    1/10% would be 80,000 still nothing….

    1/100% would be 8,000.. still no supporting data to show that PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of guns is the problem.

    1/1000% 800 ‘gun crimes’ committed by law abiding Citizens. still no data.

    On the other hand, Privately OWNED firearms stopped or prevented well over 1.5 million crimes.

    Thats a lot of RAPES that were not committed.

    A lot of murders that did not happen.

    A lot of robberies that did not happen.

    The list goes on.

    The problem seems to be the politicians and political appointees that would have the American people believe otherwise.

    Maybe it’s time to hold class?

    “Mr. schumer? do you have a moment to spare?”

    • Black Rain

      All of congress and the senate. It’s the old story, “Lets see what we can get by with”. Demorats and Rhinos.

  • Everett

    I am somewhat amused to see a liberal put himself into a law breaking situation, but I kind of doubt that the ATF will give him any trouble. It amazes me that anyone would believe that punishing those that obey the law will help stop crime. But then this effort is more about control than crime control. Just cannot cure stupid.

  • rebart

    Prosecute him.

  • Zundfolge

    Ok, there’s a tremendous amount of ignorance being passed off as expertise in this thread.

    If you go here and watch video #4 this is the ACTUAL ATF TRAINING VIDEO on straw purchases.

    from the video transcript:
    What if a customer who qualifies to own a gun buys a firearm as a gift for someone else?

    The same rules apply. A transaction is legal as long as the person who fills out form 4473 does so truthfully and completes it as the actual purchaser. In that particular situation, we usually like to make sure they are aware of the rules associated with ATF I 5300.2. Again, you should feel comfortable denying the purchase if you think the customer is being dishonest in any way.

  • Greg Smith

    Just like the white haired idiot on CNN, David Gregory, who broke the law displaying
    a 30 round magazine on TV in the DC, Mark is immune from prosecution because he is part of the ELITE CLASS. They don’t have to answer to the law because their intentions are pure, and they get to make their point regardless of the law. His wife, who is brain damaged, still holds her ccw. Keep moving along sheeple, theres nothing to see here.

  • richard

    Nope take another look at the law, if he intended to give the firearm as a gift to someone that he had no reason to believe was a “prohibited prson” then the transaction was legal. Now if he were purchasing the firearm for a person he believed could not purchase on on their own, then he comitted a felony. So if you buy a firearm for a gift and no reason to believe the person you are gifting to could not purchase themself, no problem, but if you buy it for resale and you do NOT possess a FFL you could be in trouble.

  • Itellthe truth

    If OJ Simpson got away with murder which I believe most intelligent people believe he did. The same will happen for Mr. Mark. There are two sets of justice…one for you and I and another set for celebrities and liberal do gooders who are tied in politically. My guess is he will get a get out of jail free card from our famous attorney general. Who is known for applying the law as he and his boss Mr. Oboma see fit.

  • eli

    Give me a break! This rumor is started by Nobama just like all the others! Nobama is Jerk with a capital J!

  • Show Me

    It is yet another case of “do as I say, not as I do”! The Democrats are really good at that if you will notice.
    America, I hope you wake up soon, before it’s too late! They are laying the groundwork for marshal law at the slightest provocation, and that will open the door to more socialism and communisim, seasoned with a good dose of Nazi style Dictatorship. It’s been worked on step by step, not noticable in small increments by those stupid enough not to think for themselves and put two and two together, while drinking the koolaid!!

    • Robert

      It is Martial Law. (not Marshall Law) anyways, as the Liberals are pushing and wanting us to go on a crazy gun killing spree as examples of why the government should be the only ones to have any firearms. This is true. But some want to go on killing sprees to assasinate these leaders who are trying to pass these unconstitutional laws. Please don’t fall for it. That is what they want. Then if enough happens they can declare a state of emergency and enact martial law LEGALLY. Just be patient. Stock up on guns and ammo. Vote these Legislature members out of office in ’14 and ’16. Most sheriff dept officers, State and local police depts. are on our side. Even probably 85-90 percent of all military branches. It is the leaders being installed such as Brennan, Kerry, and the top Commanders by Obama that are asked if the would fire on US citizens if told to. If they answer “No” they get canned or reassigned to “other” areas not in command. But when the SHTF you’ll be surprised that the military(atleast most) will stand down and not take action. Only the Liberal, and some of the installed homosexuals that recently joined will follow orders. Department of Homeland Security has purchased (or contracted to purchase)over 2 Bilion with a “B” HOLLOW Point Ammo within the last year. Their response was “it is for training” My BUTT. Look at Geneva Convention Rules(like this government follows them). You can only use FULL Metal Jacketed Bullets for Warfare. And Hollow point ammo costs alot more than FMJ. The Service won’t use them for training and they were purchased for Homeland Security. What does that mean? To use on Civil Unrest. Meaning “US”. They purchased (or have contracted to) 7,700 Fully automatic(not AR-15’s as is stated) but they are M-16 Assault rifles. AR-15’s are civilian SEMI-Automatic rifles that can be purchased legally without a class 3 federal license. Legally, you can also purchase a FULLY Automatic rifle but must apply for a CLASS 3 License which is highly restrictive and cannot be sold or transfered without approval from the Government. They are watching you and everything you do. I do have a concealed carry permit. It was due to be RENEWED on January 8 of this year. I went to the DMV(this is the place we here in Tennessee go to apply and renew) and I filled out my paperwork as such is required. I was given my reciept which acts as a license to carry until I get it in the mail. That was Renewed on Jan. 7. Am still waiting for it. Two months plus later. I have not been arrested, am not a felon, and not charged or convicted of Domestic violence with restraining order nor any mental health issues. My only “crime” may be a violation of Government by Free Speech as I say what I think about this Administration and have vowed to never give up my arms, and have joined or blog on alot of conservative sites. I NEVER call for an act of violence because that is what they are waiting for. Sorry this is so long winded. Guess that is about All I can say, except if YOU don’t stand up for YOUR rights responsibly, then you don’t desever to have those rights and the government will take them. Be patient and we will see.

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      Martial law only works if the military supports it.

      I just want to be on the jury….

  • http://myconservativeperspective.wordpress.com/ Chuck Fowler

    Kelly is a pseudo-liberal hero, along with his wife, so, no, he won’t be prosecuted any more than David Gregory of NBC’s Meet the Press was when he illegally used a 30-round magazine to make a liberal gun ban point on his show on national TV (banned to even be possessed, much less used, in that jurisdiction). The laws which would get me or you locked up don’t apply to the well-connected or well-known much less to liberal “heroes” and their aiders and abettors.

    • MikeW

      I don’t think there is anything ‘pseudo’ about his Liberalism, though. Nor does his status as a former (or even current) Astronaut necessarily make him a hero.

  • pointdan

    Send the LIB to jail and his wife with him.
    What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t these LIBS understand ????
    MOLON LABE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BigUgly666

    Arrest him and put him away!
    He is either a LYING HYPOCRITE, or he intentionally committed multiple felonies.

    In order for a “law” to actually BE LAW, it must apply equally to all.

    Although, it has been proven that the “law” only applies to some – remember the “high-capacity magazine in DC” thing ….. where the “government” decided not to prosecute?

  • Buford

    So if you buy a gun with the intent to give it to a random person, say as a raffle item or giveaway prize, then it is a straw purchase because the person you are giving it to hasn’t had a background check? I’m just asking what the difference is, not inviting flames please.

    • Robert

      Yep. That is an example of a straw purchase. You must state if you purchase it for a raffle item when you purchase it. But he stated it was for him. Then got caught violating the Left wing agenda and said that it was for the Police. Making it sound like that made it a double lie. Thus a felony. He should have said he purchased it to protect himself from all of the “right winged LOONS” And the Left wouldn’t have been outraged, thus nothing would be brought up, Instead he spoke too quickly and said: I was purchasing it, not for myself, but to give to the Police, thus getting one more “assault weapon” off the street and in to the governments hands as they don’t have enough to wipeout out their law abiding non-criminal citizens!!!! No flame started. Just read, follow, and uphold the Constitution. That is the LAWS we must follow (until changed by an approved Amendment to such Document).

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        OR… until it lands in front of a Fully Informed Jury that has the power to nullify the law as abhorrent to the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

        “Legislated law” can NEVER supersede Constitutional Law.

        Whether any particular ‘supreme court’ agrees or not.

        • Robert

          True. Very true. But our government(Congress) can pass amendments such as the one for Prohibition. That was legally done. Just that they thought that by denying the people the ability to drink that “Aweful Evil stuff” Alcohol that they could impose a law to ban it, it turned around to bite them back. People were still drinking and they weren’t getting anything from TAXES. So it was repealed (legally) as another Amendment. Thus allowing alcohol to be legally sold , regulated, and TAXED. (with emphesis on the tax!!!) True. Laws that are Legislated can NOT override The Constitution. Even Obama signing these 21 “executive orders”, can not be upheld as Constitutuional if they are contrary to our greatest Law(Constitution) and he is trying to scare the masses of low information voters into beliefs that he is their KING. The informed know better. We are not sheep. Thanks Crusty Old Geezer for fine tuning with that comment! Much appriciated.

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            Amendments, passed by congress, still require two thirds of the States to Ratify the Amendment before it becomes law.

            I have a question.

            If you shoot an arrow into the air, and it comes down and hits a person that is not legally entitled to occupy that particular space, is it his fault that he got hit?

            If he is there illegally, the greatest percentage of the blame would rest there would it not?

          • Robert

            Guess that I would agree that if someone that if not legally entitled to be there occupying that space, it would be their fault. Just as if you are driving a car and have an accident(wreck) and you have no drivers license, it would automatically be your fault due to the fact that you should not have been driving in the first place or If you tresspass on someones property and they are blasting to clear rock and trees and they get killed, it is not the person blasting that would get charged in the death. That person should not have been there. Did I answer it correctly? And YES. Two thirds of the states have to approve(ratify it) to make it a Constitutional Law. Also true that if Barack Obama was proven to be an illegal immigrant and thus not eligible to be President, All laws that he signed would be overturned(nullified) and voided. True?

          • CrustyOldGeezer

            All of his appointees would be vacated.
            All the rules and regulations they created would be nullified.

            All the salaries and expenses incurred by those appointees would have to be returned to the People.

            If any of those appointees were aware of, or had probably cause to believe, he was not eligible would be criminally liable.

  • Eddie G.

    Mark needs to take Gabby home and care for her as he should. Her ordeal has been enough that they decide to jump into the gun control mess. Knee jerk laws are on the table by politicians who know little or nothing about guns. Mark said he allegedly was going to turn the gun into the Tuscon P.D. Makes no sense to buy a $1000+ gun to give to the cops or anybody else after buying for yourself. That’s an illegal straw purchase. Gifting it to a son or daughter for a birthday present for instance would be ok. He didn’t say that so he stuck his foot in his felonious mouth. Sorry Mark, you’re a victim of your own Dummycrat hypocrisy,serves you right.

  • $8105658

    Mark is an insult to astronauts everywhere. NASA, a mere shadow of its former great self, sure was scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

  • Randy

    the constitution in our country is meaning less and less everyday pretty soon no one will care about it except the older generation and we will be to old to do anything about it but still trying too

  • darkcyder

    Another “useful idiot” finds himself crosswise with the law on behalf of his master. hah.

  • Watchdogman

    Like all Democrats and the other high profile turds, (like newscaster that had a 30 round magazine in DC), he will not be charged with anything. But in the realm of public opinion he will be, at least, labeled very, very stupid and a grandstander!

  • cae973

    personally I think gabby needs more rest and more rehab instead of being dragged around the country to be used as a pawn in the gun rights battle. Her husband should be ashamed of himself for using his wife this way which by the way he is clearly doing to further his own career as he is obviously thinking of running for office.

  • Winghunter

    One thing is for sure: We can’t use the term ‘rocket scientist’ as a measure of intelligence.

  • gunseller

    Long knife is a moron. Giving the firearm to another is NOT a straw purchase unless the person getting it is known to not be able to purchase one on thier own legally. We dont need to dig crap up or twist things to make news Headlines they do enough to hurt themselves. Don’t use the same tactics the left uses. Don’t be ignorant.

  • bill

    And this is our brights people give me a break

  • http://www.facebook.com/richarddean.watters Richard Dean Watters

    Simply another ” Do as I say,not as I do “

  • foxxybey

    Seems the laws only apply to terroristist, church going Bible carrying gun toting believers, they can’t call islamist terrorist but have no quam’s about calling us terrorist

  • gordon

    lock his liberal ass up he is not above law

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.guthrie.35 Tony Guthrie

    So sad. He is not above the law. Cite him.

  • carlie


  • Jackie

    Why hasn’t he been arrested?

  • Sgt. York

    burn this blowhard to the Max

  • wyatt81

    Lib propaganda-and useful, willing idiots. History is full of it-and so is this country right now thanks to the Dems, dumb voters, the “media”, and tools like Kelly.

  • William White

    Umm I need to point out that it says is the purchaser he was the purchaser. Just as if you ha gone out and purchased a gun for a gift to your son or daughter are not straw purchases even if he purchased the rifle to give to the Tuscan PD it is not a straw purchase. though if he purchased the Rifle to give to another that was not allowed to purchase the rifle for them self’s he then would be a straw purchaser. IE a Felon for the Drug cartel etc……..

  • danclamage

    Of course they won’t prosecute! It’s different for Democrats. Laws are for the “little” people.

  • boccagalupe

    Perish the thought that Prince Kelly would commit a felony. Fool don’t you know that he is a librocrap, and therefore is incapable of doing a thing illegal. And yes he is a prince having married a librocrap princess. Too bad the princess was taken down by one of her own librocrap goonies, she did not deserve it.

  • marineh2ominer

    Remember , in this demonrat controlled country any demonrat can break any law without any consequences , just as Obamass does every day he is in the Oval Office .

  • David S. McQueen

    Did Mark Kelly commit a felony? Of course not! Laws only apply to REPUBLICANS who believe in the 2nd amendment. Kelly (and his moronic ilk) are immune from prosecution for any crime committed while a Marxist is in the White House.

  • TexRancher

    What does the law say about this? Buying a gun under your own name with the intent to pass it on to another (straw purchase) especially if that person is not a member of your family is against the law!
    He should be treated just like any other AMERICAN CITIZEN!

  • pretty patriot

    I predict that Mark will run for Gabby’s position. Now that he’s done with the astronaut gig, he probably has his eye on D.C. Can’t you see the glimmer in his eyes in the photo above?

  • http://foxmuldar-conservative-thinker.blogspot.com/ Foxmuldar

    Nice find. But don’t expect Eric Holder or any of the Anti gun crowd to mention this or try to charge him with a violation of the law. He openly admitted now he plans on turning it into the State Police. But thats only after he was caught red handed buying it. Perhaps Mr. Kelly has been spending too much time counting stars when he should have read the application to purchase closer. Just as that liberal that produced a outlawed magazine on his news show and never was charged. Once again we see breaking the law is ok if your a bleeding liberal.

  • http://foxmuldar-conservative-thinker.blogspot.com/ Foxmuldar

    Kelly was being used and perhaps didn’t even realize it. I wonder what position he was offered or how much cash under the table buy rich folks like Bloomberg to go out and make a fool of himself.

  • WhiteWolf2013

    I highly doubt the evidence will be enough to hold in court that Mr. Gifford committed ‘a felony’. He is a public figure now with a seriously mentally challenged wife. I thank him for his service but no judge in her write mind, and from what I understand there are more female judges then male judges in the US – that this man accidentally selected the wrong box on a form that lets figure he probably hasn’t purchased a long list of rifles, pistols and shotguns so in court they would probably do several quick assessments in the jury room with a stack of 30 of them and find that nearly 1/3+ filed the form incorrectly or in the same or similar fashion and Mr. Gifford. I completely agree that he should be brought before the media to explain this, but as for charges being filed for ‘perjury’ on a firearms application that I am sure more then one of you here has not accidentally misfiled or had to go back over to cross a T or dot an I or something. So I do not believe this would be seen as a felony in the courts. Plus it would get way to much publicity.

    • WhiteWolf2013

      Besides him having to no doubt pay court fees for whomever would actually take him to court over this, I don’t see a judge would actually write it down as a felony. He mis-selected the wrong box on what can be a very tedious application, and more then likely his attorney would say he has purchased little to no firearms in the past thus he has no experience with the ATF Form 4473. And he could get away with as little of comment as ‘I didn’t have my glasses on’ or ‘the guy at the counter was new, and I guess I wasn’t guided well enough to understand my selections’. Plain and simple. I don’t see Mr. Gifford should get the shaft like Kwame Kilpatrick. I think the media should in fact question him about it, but I don’t think it should ever be brought to trial unless you want it to be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.rohrer Ken Rohrer

    Ha, ha! He gets caught being a hypocrite and then tries to lie his way out of it. He lies his way right into a federal crime. Gotta love liberals!

  • Black Rain

    WOW, that picture of Ms Gifford with an AR-15 was awesome. I believe her and Sarah could be on the same team.

  • Dave

    I have lost all respect for Mark Kelly.

    The man was a Naval Aviator, for Christ’s sake, not to mention an astronaut.

    Now he is nothing more than a tool for the commie gun grabbers that has apparently deluded himself into believing that some gun law printed on paper would have prevented what (tragically) happened to his wife.

    How sad.

    After all, this man took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    I must have missed the “…but only the parts I agree with” section of said oath.


  • JIM


    • 91B4S

      I respectfully disagree…the .223 is in the 2400 fps range. That is not a slow round. It does lack the knockdown power of a .308 but it creates an impressive wound channel.

  • Rainman2112

    He`ll never be charged. He is one of the elite.He sure as hates won`t be convicted and do the time.

  • $18476877

    He should be held accountable. He wanted to make a statement, well here’s his chance to show if curret laws will be enforced.

  • Keenan Lee

    I don’t know what his initial intention was but if he tried to cover-up a personal decision with a lie, it backfired. I can understand why he would want one since his wife was shot by a maniac. I can understand why he would donate a rifle to the police department. I can’t understand why he just advocated for the disarmament of the American people of AR-15s and then buy one for the police department. The police department can purchase their own. If he wanted to donate it, you would think it would carry an engraving of some sort. I just think he got caught in a hypocritical situation and didn’t think things through.

  • nailasch2

    FYI Glean, over 1600 Christian churches nation wide are challenging the IRS for their first amendment rights. This last election they were very direct on whom to vote for. They advised us to vote for Rodney, backing the vote up biblicaly. You just voted for a man that is pro same sex marriage and abortion. Funding plan parenthood whitch loves to kill babies. And get paid for it. You say you went to a private christian school. but i guess you forgot about what the bible and God forbids on these issues. The constitution was founded on Christian values. From G.Washington on up. This Obama does not agree and most likely wants to assassinate the constitution. So vote bible next chance you get.

  • nailasch2

    My message was to Glena…

  • JimB123

    Sorry guys. He did not break any law. I am a gun salesman and am initimately familiar with the 4473. He is the intended purchaser because he used HIS OWN MONEY and purchased it with the intent of it being a LEGITIMATE GIFT to a person not known to be unable to make the purchase themself. Ie.. this falls under the same guideline as me selling a Ruger 10/22 to Grampa in order for him to give it to Little Johnny on Christmas morning.
    He is most definately (in my personal opinion) a liar and a hypocrite. He was buying it for himself. He got caught. He had to make a BS story to cover for it. Just like the little boy with cholate frosting on his mouth. “No mom, I did not eat the cupcake.”
    The problem with the left is that they want to make laws for US and not for THEM.

  • JimB123

    The definitive phrase on the form is “On Behalf Of”
    on behalf of
    As the agent of; on the part of.
    [Middle English, from Old English be healfe, by (his) side : be, by, at; see by1 + healf, side, half; see half.]
    Usage Note: A traditional rule holds that in behalf of and on behalf of have distinct meanings. In behalf of means “for the benefit of,” as in We raised money in behalf of the earthquake victims. On behalf of means “as the agent of, on the part of,” as in The guardian signed the contract on behalf of the minor child. The two meanings are quite close, however, and the phrases are often used interchangeably, even by reputable writers
    Do you believe that he acted as the agent of the police department?
    If the answer is no then he commited no crime. If he did act as an agent of the police department then arent all weapons utilized by a P.D. purchased by an agent and then given to persons not the actual purchaser?
    Lawyers are picky about the use of words.
    What about the instruction for that particular question.
    You are also the actual transfereebuyer if you are legitimately purchasing the firearm as a gift for a third party.


    It was a genuine shame Rep Gabby Gifford was shot by another maniacal, deranged, young man seeking front page fame. She owes her life to the fact the shooter used ball ammunition he purchased at Wal Mart, rather than hollow points, which most certainly would have killed her. She should have had 1 or more bodyguards, like Mr Teleprompter!

  • gotroy22

    Laws are only for the peasants, as we learned with Meet The Depressed’s Lil’ Geraldo escaping prosecution.

  • Brian M

    well i think he planned to keep it until he was caught red-handed. he said he is keeping the 45 cal semi automatic and probably the full capacity ar-15 mags he bought too.

  • Fred Q.

    The law clearly states that if I buy a firearm to give as a gift with my own money, it is legal. However, if someone gives the money to me to buy in my name for them, then it is a “straw purchase” which is a felony…….It appears that Mr. Kelly is a hypocrite spelled with a capiital “H”. They own firearms and it appears to me that he wanted to get one for himself in case a law went into effect. Shame on him.

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