Church Celebrates 2nd Amendment, Kids Make Pop-Tart Guns During Sunday School

DSC_0687bThis past Sunday, a Chicago area church sponsored a Second Amendment Sunday filled with “assault” pop-tarts, “combat” cupcakes and a sheet-cake that featured a chocolate semi-automatic Glock handgun with a quote from Jesus that read “Blessed are the peacemakers.”  John Kirkwood, Pastor of Grace-Gospel Fellowship in Bensenville Illinois said the idea came to him after reading a column by Doug Giles entitled “Christian Parents Should Have Their Kids Play With Toy Guns.”

“Giles has a way of exposing the absurdity of the left,” said Kirkwood, “his article was in response to some Pastor from St. Louis and his ‘toy gun’ buyback program.   That and the news about 7 year olds getting suspended for threatening pop-tarts and menacing cupcakes led me to stand up for true American values and the Biblical wisdom that underlies them.”  The Pastor, referring to two recent cases in which a pop-tart shaped like a handgun and cupcakes topped by plastic soldiers brought on what many felt was over-the-top school discipline, decided to respond in kind.

“We had an ‘assault’ pop-tart challenge in our Jr. Church where each child who wanted to participate chewed a pop-tart into the shape of a gun and the top four would win prizes; in this case a toy gun,” said Kirkwood, “the guns were named for celebrities.”

“Second runner up received a double barrel shot-gun that we nicknamed ‘The Biden,’ and when we presented it we made sure to say what ‘not’ to do with it in a real situation.  The prize for runner up was a Navy Seal sniper rifle that we named ‘The Chris Kyle’ in honor of the American Sniper.  We felt that it was appropriate,” added Kirkwood, “given the insulting way that this administration ignored the death of this American hero, yet had the crust to send a delegation to the memorial service for Hugo Chavez.”

What was the top award?   Kirkwood smiled and noted, “You know, I stood in the toy aisle for a good half an hour to choose just the right one and it turned out to be the biggest Nerf gun that I could find, and the kicker – the box was marked ‘semi-auto’ and ‘high capacity,’ so we named that one ‘the Feinstein.’”

The church had signs, sold t-shirts and even had a chili cook off to honor the day but it wasn’t all about mocking political correctness.  “I instructed my teachers to plan their lessons around the Biblical understanding of the value of life, the directives to protect that life and the right to bear arms in doing so.  We deconstructed the myth of the pacifist Jesus and connected the dots between the second amendment and the Bible,” Kirkwood remarked.

David Steiger, the church coordinator of Bible Boot Camp, added, “At Grace Gospel Fellowship we take words seriously, especially those of God and the founders.  That’s why this past Sunday ‘we the people’ sought to honor ‘in God we trust’ by examining God ordained rights in the light of the Declaration, the Bill of Rights and most importantly the revealed Word of God. We celebrated 2nd Amendment Sunday as an assembly because we know … if Christians don’t do it, if Christians WON’T push back, the single most important experiment in the history of the world will come to an ungodly end.”

What was the general response to this rather unique worship service? “Well one couple did walk out, though I was told it was for another engagement, but overall the response was tremendous and we plan on doing it every year … and next year the prizes will be even better.  Our Bible Boot Camp class (High School age) will be challenged to come up with a 5 minute speech on the right to bear arms and the winner will walk away with a Ruger 10/22,” said Kirkwood, “who knows, maybe by then we’ll have sponsors.”

As for the odds on this becoming a national phenomenon among fellow pastors, Kirkwood smirked, “you’re kidding me right?  The reason this country is in this condition is not because sinners act like sinners, it’s because Christians don’t act at all.  And pastors?  They’re notorious cowards … anything that will come between a filled pew and a filled collection plate … the hirelings scamper away.  Having said that, I have been contacted by three other pastors each from a different state who want to know more and asked me to send them material.”  The pastor went on to say, “There will always be a remnant … I hope to see a new Black Robe regiment rise up and man the wall.”

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  • John C. Daniels

    A heartfelt AMEN!!! The Black Robe regiment is back!

  • freedomlover

    This church and pastor are spot on. We need more like Doug and pastor Kirkwood. This is the inspiration that help the nation wake up and take their freedom back!

    • sadnana

      What is the Black Robe Regiment?

      • usmadgirl

        To put it a simply as I can, it’s clergymen (most of whom wore black robes) from all “religious” backgrounds, Jewish or Gentile, Protestant or Catholic, standing up for our Constitution & religious freedom. Glenn Beck sort of reintroduced the “Black Robe Regiment” when he covered their history on his show when he was on Fox News. He’s a link to find out more:

        • sadnana


      • Jonathan D Yellowbear

        Back during the Pre-Revolution days in the 1770’s, the Black-Robed Regiment was all of the Minister’s, Pastor’s, and other Clergymen. They were the ones PREACHING THE GOSPEL OF LIBERTY AND REVOLUTION AGAINST A TYRANNICAL KING who oppressed them daily with taxes and harassment from the bloody lobster back British soldiers. It was not until the turn of the 20th century that the Government band all clergymen from talking about politics, which as you know is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL act on the Gov’ts part because it goes against the 1st Amendment.

        • WASP

          Except for the Tories. We have many more of them in the country now than we did in the 1770’s. But, they deserve the same fate. Shut up and live with freedom, leave the country, or die.

    • WASP

      Considering the extreme heartburn this is causing among the libtards and fascist-democraps, it has to be the greatest move in recent years.

  • Todd


    • Blake G

      Every time you open your mouth a puppy dies. Bravo Giles and Kirkwood…

    • tgoyer

      I weep over your destruction of the English language (if you can call it that).

    • Witt Dbs

      Jesus is the one who told his disciples that if they do not have a sword to go buy one. (Luke 22:36) Do you think if Jesus was opposed to weapons that Peter would have been carrying a sword? (God created to fight for what is right, not lay down and wet all over ourselves!)

    • lara

      todd your a liberal idiot…

    • $12994363

      Try that again. This time in English.

    • jeepdude911

      This D Bag has no clue who Jesus is or what the links between the Bible and the 2A are, doesn’t want to know, and will argue against it (on the losing end) all day long.

    • Cbt_Engr

      You are obviously a product of the liberal, pro-dumocrat, government run, lack-of-education system. (yes, spelled that way intentionally)

  • FLChristyB

    Very cool, and funny. Mocking the idiots, perfect!

    • John

      We aren’t the idiots – you are for believing in a magic god that doesn’t answer your prayers so you have to resort to violence to try to get your way.

      • TAM44

        More thumbs down, could it be your ignorance about the truth?

      • William E Ramer

        Poor John, You will be a believer 10 seconds after your last breath. If we Christians are wrong we loose nothing, if you are wrong, and you are, you loose everything.

      • LadyforLiberty

        Looks as if your god has answered YOUR prayers vis ballot box manipulation man!!

  • Duke1CA

    I propose National Pop Tart Gun Day. This Friday, 3/15. Everyone bring a Pop Tart & bite it into the shape of a gun, then have a food gun fight!



    • jlbs

      Waaaa!! I have to eat gluten-free and pop-tarts are out of the question for me. Maybe I can nibble on a slice of g-f bread, if it doesn’t fall apart on me before I finish it (g-f bakery is extremely dry).

    • John

      Your food choices are as bad as your religion choices.

  • Michael a rowlwy

    Great to hear a paster who doesn’t preach the PC story of Jesus the pacifist who would fail to defend His children.

    • John

      No – violence is the Christians answer to everything. Pure hate. Turn the other cheek wasn’t part of his bible.

      • David Kalmanir

        Its liberals using force, intolorance, and hate on people. That is kicking God out of everything that this country has been about since its beginnings.

      • Johnnygo7

        Moron…what about Luke 22:36 and others ???

        • far2right

          John is another gubermint school fail.

          Extreme fail.

      • LadyforLiberty

        John: Jesus is supposed to have said Blessed are the Meek.
        Nothing meek about a US regime which tries to ensure all citizens are made defenseless against a regime intent on de -democratisation!

  • kenrus

    This is precisely the sort of thing that’ll make the libs’ empty pinheads implode.

    I love it!

    • John

      Yes because your silly religion is nothing to do with anything your magic Jesus talked about. YOU are pro violence death and killing. You don’t give a rats about killing your magic god’s creations for fun.

      • grinner

        Hey everybody, Todds brother is here…

      • Johnnygo7

        Luke 22:36 ?????

      • far2right

        Whatsamatter John?

        Can’t you read?

        Can’t you progress beyond your child’s comprehension of the bible.?

        Another gubermint school fail.

      • TAM44

        Why so mad? just because your getting the thumbs down on on your screwed up way of thinking. :)

        • WASP

          He’s just another libtard troll. a Soros plant Ignore him and he’ll go away–if not now, then after Civil War II. A lot of traitors are going to get the sudden urge to leave the country when the shooting starts.

      • LadyforLiberty

        CAN IT JOHN!!!! Are you taking offense as you think the COLOR black is discriminatory??
        TAKE A HIKE MAN, or better still get into a church that has relevance unlike democratic politics today which is seeking to emulate Adolf the German!!

  • a_browning

    That’s awesome!



    • John

      Apparently you seem to want to dictate with the barrel of the gun – hypocrites.

      • far2right


        Where in God’s hell did you come up with that?

        Oh, right. From your own moronic mind.

        We only want to defend.

        You are proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

        Another gubermint school fail.

  • wisdomcries

    “The reason this country is in this condition is not because sinners act
    like sinners, it’s because Christians don’t act at all. And pastors?
    They’re notorious cowards … anything that will come between a filled pew
    and a filled collection plate … the hirelings scamper away”

    I would actually start going back to church if I had a Pastor near me with this guys guts…every church I have attended tries to be nicer than God and act like Jesus is their boyfriend…there is no honor in that.

  • James Peteterson

    We need more MEN like Pastor Kirkwood standing up for God and Country. Thanks for all you are doing.

  • mercury

    Having experienced a work place shooting myself – fortunately at a safe distance – I wish that I could legally carry a concealed weapon. Unfortunately, my state legislature and governorship is controlled by Democrats, many of whom seem intent on allowing guns only in the hands of criminals. I have told my wife, “if there is a shooter at my work, I plan to charge the individual” – likely with just a small knife in my hand. I only wish the Democrats in my state capital would allow me to confront a shooter on equal terms!

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    They are asking for trouble big time from the commie B’s. Every killing from now own will be linked to this harmless display. The next creep that does a senseless killing will be called a choir boy or girl. You don’t give these low crawlers any ideas, they are total nut cakes when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    • lara

      your right but we have to stand u pfor ourselves or we end up like the jews….

  • Al Chemist

    Afterwards, I’d like to see them go out and play a game of (instead of Cowboys and Indians) Seal Teams and Muslims.

    • Cbt_Engr

      or “Rangers & Rag-heads”

    • John

      Yep Christian racist haters all.

      • far2right

        Haters, yes.


        No, only atheists are true racists.

        You are like Dawin who held that blacks are little more than apes.

        Christians view all men as one.

        Oops. I thought you said you read the bible.

        Another gubermint school fail.

    • Anti-Leftist

      With ‘Good & Plenty’ ammo.

    • Ga_Mtn_Lady

      What a great idea. And really coming soon I fear.

  • gailfilerino0403

    God Bless you Pastor. What s good idea. We need to pull our kids out of the communist public schools that are promoting transgender dressing for 1st & 2nd graders. Sex education for pre schoolers. Yes our small children really need that. Bobby wants to wear Susie’s dress. REALLY DEMOCRATS! Their agenda is to disarm America period. hey are using the Australian plan. Vilify the law abiding citizens. Traumatize children and teach them to hate their parents, God and this Country. Get your kids out of these public communist schools and teach them God’s word.

    • John

      yep you are a certifiable idiot who is clueless about human biology – too much time reading your fictional bible.

    • rhandarox

      Right. So let’s teach our kids to love guns and see violence as the only solution to our problems: “We need oil? Let’s go bomb ‘em!”

  • freedomama

    This country needs more, a LOT more pastors like John Kirkwood! If we the people are going to save our country it has to start in the churches. The problem is that too many pastors have drank the Kool-Aid or want to play it safe on Sunday morning. Follow Pastor John’s lead and wake up before it’s too late. Everyone should share this article with their pastor. Pastor John gives me hope that we can do this!

  • katchaturian

    The bully IRS who I learned this AM owes millions might get their hands on this so I fear for the gutsy pastor. The spineless and gutless tax watchdogs are more obedient than falling slime. And their hard milked gains are used to abort babies . . .actually at any time in the period.

  • dangerouspatriot

    This is MOST EXCELLENT!!! And in Chicago no less, I love it. It’s wonderful to see there are still people who believe in the second amendment and in God and are not afraid to say so or show so. I hope something like this does catch on around the country and to show those idiot liberals just how wrong they are, which is usually with them. Keep up the great work Pastor Kirkwood and David Steiger, you make us all proud!!!

  • foxxybey

    Keep the real one’s near by, they don’t have church in Fema Camps and that is where they want us next. Remember where two or more are gathered in My Name, I am with you

    • John

      There are no gods.

      • foxxybey

        You can believe that but for sure your not one even if you like to be, and wouldn’t be in your shoes in the future as your hot place awaits your godhood, LOL

  • lara

    love this!!!! smart parents..

  • Lee Baldwin

    In every way this Pastor is a true American hero for honoring God, the American way and the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America in a way that is not disturbing for anybody but the usurpers of said Constitution! Children need to know WHY we live freely in America and this Pastor is doing a great job undoing all the wrongs the public school system is doing to our children. >BRAVO Pastor John Kirkwood< ~GOD Bless America!

  • grinner

    The only reason for me to live in Illinois, Is to be able to sit under pastor John Kirkwood. I have first hand knowledge of this man and he is a man amongst men..!!

    2nd Amendment Sunday was a big hit with all the church members and we look forward to celebrating this yearly.

    • usmadgirl


      That is if O’Dumbo “allows” churches to still be around in a year! I hate to be a realist, but if we don’t do something soon, REAL soon, to reverse the progressive agenda, it’s going to be too late if it isn’t already.

      This administration & ALL the government departments are armed to the teeth, have drones & all their other citizen murdering “goodies” to slaughter the entire population, not to mention O’Dumbo’s “private army” that doesn’t have to abide by the Constitution because they didn’t take an oath to protect anyone (except maybe him). What happens now if we “march on Washington” to protest anything? Will it look like “Tiananmen Square” or worse?

      We the People were supposed to form & KEEP a well armed militia since the founding of this country to protect us from a tyrannical government! What happened to THAT concept? Now, if we DO form a militia, they kill us for “trying to overthrow the government”! Even our own military was never supposed to be better equipped than the people’s militia & look where we are now! Our tyrannical government is probably better equipped & funded than our military. Now, even our enemies are being funded & equipped better than the people & our allies, but they’re trying their best to rid the people of what little protection we do have.

      ALL gun laws are unconstitutional & are actually NULL & VOID by the 2nd Amendment & we need to remind this administration until they GET IT, but we aren’t doing one thing to put a stop to their insanity!

      I’m thankful for all the pastors who teach & preach the TRUE Gospel, but this administration & probably 95% of the Dumbocraptic Party are evil to the core, hate everything about this great nation & are intentionally destroying it to rebuild it in their own psychotic image so please forgive my “gloom & doom”! I know God is in control, but we’ve used him like a “spare tire”…only when we need Him; so I’m not sure we deserve His Divine help! I pray He’ll forgive us, expose & punish these criminals & help us repair the only nation that was founded on His principles!

      • grinner

        Pray, pray, pray usmadgirl. Remember, one with God is a majority. We as the remnant need to continue to battle for the glory of God, regardless if that leads to imprisonment or worse….. Phil 1: 29 For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake.

      • rhandarox

        The military IS the government. Where you been?

    • ves

      Please tell you pastor that I salute him and wish we had more like him and y’alls Church members!
      Maybe he really has given inspiration!
      God Bless.

      • grinner

        Will do, bro.

  • Vance Campbell

    And the Pastor of the year award goes too….I love that cake! It would be hard to eat it but it gets to live on in pictures at least!!

  • stratus

    This minister is the greatest! We need more and he is right: if Christians do not stand up and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights God inspired, it will not go well for us. If we turn away from God, we will certainly perish.

    And Giles, you are great for your support. Keep up the pressure on all sides. You are both patriots for it.

  • James A. DeHart

    Concur; our churches must be involved, and forget about the ‘so-called’ separation between church and state. Pastors everywhere, whether Christian or Jewish, should take a lesson, not in belief, but action, as those of the Muslim nation do.

    Americans can no longer sit idly by, while the government infringes upon our rights, those granted to us by God.

    What would Jesus do? I know one thing, he wouldn’t lie down and let the state run over him!

  • LMBass

    This brings to mind the account of when Ronald Reagan was a young man and he pointed a gun at a man attacking a woman. The man fled on foot and Reagan helped the woman get home safely.

    God bless those that protect the Second Amendment.

  • Theo

    I have never heard of a church doing such things! That pastor Rocks!! God Bless the USA!

  • James W Parker Jr

    Proud of this pastor!

  • jeepdude911

    We bitter clingers have a little less reason to be bitter. Sorry, I had to put down my Bible and my M&P to write this.

    • John

      I read the bible – it’s fictional outdated rubbish. get over it.

      • jeepdude911

        Go to hell. oh yeah, you are!

      • moveonreid

        What part of the Bible have you read, John?

      • far2right

        I doubt if you can read.

        For sure you cannot comprehend.

        Two very different things.

  • studi30

    Luke 22:36. “He that has no arms,let him sell anything,and buy arms”(sword would be the weapon of the day).Commanded by Jesus.

  • sean murry

    Good lets show these screwy libs that there are people who loves this country.

    • John

      We are not screwy – we have the brains to know there are no gods and don’t waste time and effort going to church and praying. We are actually out here working and enjoying life without the threat of some magic vengeful guy in the sky.

      • far2right


        Yes you have a brain.

        But it is clearly unfunctional.

        You have not the ability to reason your way out of tissue paper bag.

        Like I said, just another example of a gubermint school fail.

    • RONNIE

      Find the e-mail addresses to EVERY CHURCH in your state and send them this article! GOD BLESS AMERICA!♥ AND OUR CHILDREN!!♥

  • gundog9mm

    God bless you brother John!!!!!! If I lived anywhere NEAR you I would be a
    member of your kick azz church. I pray to God other pastors see this and grow a
    spine. If we had more pastors and churches like yours this country would not be
    circling the crap hole. BTY Todd even a trained chimp could spell and type
    better than you. My apologies to chimps.

  • CaptTurbo

    What a great time they all must have had! May God Bless them!

  • Ray Ake

    you know I really do HATE the F$%KING liberal’s

    • John

      Good – I promise not to hire you. I didn’t think Christians were supposed to be haters – all that “Love thy neighbor ” crap. You clearly show how ridiculous the religious really are.

      • far2right

        Seeing that it appears that God hates you (Rom 11:13), why should I not (Ps 139:22).

        I am not required or expected to do more than what God does.

        Uh oh! Looks like another moron who does not understand a simple book that’s been around for over 2,000 years.

        Maybe you will have something less stupid to say if you ever progress beyond your child’s view of the bible.

        Being a gubermint school fail, this may not be possible for you.

  • lokiswife

    I loved it, after that school principal got her knickers in a knot over the GI Joe cupcakes a student brought to school. For those of us who have been called right-wing wackos, teabaggers, tin-hatters or repukelians, we’ll turn the ridicule game back on those name-callers. PC has gone over the top, and we will remind those who try to shove it down our throats how ridiculous they are!

  • Country Lady

    Absolutely awesome! God bless you, Pastor!

  • khuntom42

    Thank you, pastor.

  • Beth

    Love this. We need balance and not all this fear of things. I applaud this pastor as I am also a Christian from a mixed background of Christian mother and Jehovah’s Witness father.

  • marineh2ominer

    GOD BLESS PASTOR JOHN KIRKWOOD !! If we had more pastors like this the American Christian community would not look like the religious wasteland it does lately . I have been praying for a rekindling of GODS blessings on all of America and it Appears to be working . Thank You DEAR LORD and HEAVENLY FATHER .

  • Terry Adams

    thank you.. someone finally with a clue. our kids need to know as not to abuse them. familys need to come back together and then maybe this country could be again what it once was. a great and powerful nation. on nation under god.

    • kjfk

      it once was under god, at least on paper, when it was added in the 50s, prior to that, no under god

  • Lilia Cronin

    I’m the proud mother of that boy in the picture. We believe in owning guns because I believe we love life more than the others.

    • ves

      Thank your pastor and your community for being brave enough to do this with the present nuts in charge!
      Really cute kids love the dainty little girls too!
      God Bless!

    • wingeey

      Sounds like you love your own lives more than others’. Nice. Ironically, statistically, people with guns in their homes are exponentially more likely to have their own loved ones getting hurt by them than someone else. Sad.

  • Remnant-of-the”D”

    AMEN to this wonderful Pastor! I only wished that I lived near by because I would certainly want to attend his church! I’ve given up on my own, due to a “wimpy” pastor – I cannot withstand his drivel – I want to see once again, strong Pastor’s that stand up to Tyranny!

  • Remnant-of-the”D”

    I’m trying to post instructions on making zip guns out of Pens, staplers and etc. For all to share, but the posts won’t go up.

    Google “zip gun or how to make a zip gun” they can take away all they want, but ingenious American’s are still US!

  • Mara

    AMEN!! If more churches had the balls to do this then we wouldn’t be in the predicament that we are. Quit letting the Ninnys on the left dictate whats right. Great job Pastor Kirkwood and Grace Gospel Fellowship, Bensenville!

  • Richrd Hogue

    Quickly, someone call the Politically Correct Police to raid this church and prosecute the criminals that condoned this act of rebellion against the Grand POTUS of the United States. He will be infuriated and should he get his shorts twisted he will call our the United State’s Army, Airforce, and use the Navy to put down this juvenile resurection before it spreads.

  • jp

    derp derp jeebus loves killins no turnin cheeks or makin plowshares fer us, cesar wants summtin he can pry it from my cold dead hands… yee haw

    • far2right

      Hey idiot.

      He left no instructions about what to do after being struck, after turning the cheek.

      That’s when you might get the 9mm hydra shok in your forehead.

      Depending on how we feel about it in the moment, of course.

  • ForSuchATimeAsThis

    Watch out world! This church is raising strong, informed, unashamed Bible believers!! The Lord is working in and through this pastor and church. Thank You, Lord, for the remnant!!! I am a product off this wonderful church and I wouldn’t trade that education for anything other.

  • Steven McColley

    Dear lord I hope this brave church starts a movement that goes viral!!!!! AMEN!!!

    • John

      Apparently you don’t read the papers that say the religious are dying out.

      • far2right

        Apparently you do not know much about the mindless absurdity of atheism.

        Another gubermint school fail.

  • Mrs. T

    Bravo to this Pastor and his congregation for standing up for the Second Amendment, Liberty, and Truth. I’ve all but given up on organized religion due to all the hypocrisy I encountered in the two religions I’ve been involved with and a few others I learned about ( but didn’t join), but if I had a church like this one near me, I’d join it for sure! Our country desperately needs everyone it can get to take a stand, before it’s too late! If you don’t have a church near you with these values, join the NRA, Oath Keepers, Gun Owners of America, or any other Second Amendment group, especially in your own state. State level is even more important than Federal level. If we don’t all make a stand, however we can, before long, we will be kissing the America we know and love goodbye. We can’t let that happen!

  • Jed54

    Super!….. now this is what we need!! Keep up the good work Pastor John =^)

  • ves

    Praise GOD and pass the Ammunision!
    Maybe just maybe there is still a light at the end of the tunnel!
    If our churches will again start standing with Legal US Citizens and people start taking back their children we may make it through this!
    I hope more churchs start doing this!
    Guns weren’t demonized when I was a kid in fact all of us had some … however we were also taught what a real one could do and that it was our responsibility how we used them!

  • John

    Wow – and I thought your magic Jesus was about peace and humility. Nope the right wing Christians are pro violence and death. Apparently prayers don’t work so you have to use guns. What a morally deprived bunch of jerks. “Jesus – Prince of peace” – what a joke.

    • far2right

      Another moron who thinks he knows something about others’ religion.

      Jesus made a scourge of whips and drove out the money changers from the temple.

      He blasted the religious leaders of His day.

      He also told His disciples to carry a sword.

      In today’s violent culture He would have told them to carry a Glock 17.

      A shepherd always kills the wolf and bear to protect his flock.

      Your stupid misunderstanding if peacemaking needs correction.

    • far2right

      And BTW.

      He did not mean peace for reprobates.

      Such as yourself.

  • Steve Curley

    Bravo, Pastor Kirkwood! I hope your church grows by leaps and bounds – around Christ.

  • Pendy1

    You go, Pastor Kirkwood!

  • ibantam

    Is the body of Christ FINALLY getting a pair?

  • tinker2

    Understood & agreed with.

  • Keenan Lee

    Gosh, I wish I had this when I was a kid.

  • Johnnygo7

    Great church and the pastors that support our constitution.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    Q. Why do seagulls have wings?
    A. To beat the Muslims to the garbage dump.

    Q: What will most Muslims in this country eventually be asked?
    A:”Will the defendant please rise?”

    Q. How do you address the most powerful Muslim in the world?
    A. Mr. President.

    Q. What is the Obama Administration’s official term for Muslim terrorist?
    A. The victim.

    Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat?
    A. Bisexual.

    Q. What do Tehran and Hiroshima have in common?
    A. Nothing, yet.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    Q.What time is it when a Democrat sits on your fence?
    A. Time to turn on the electricity.

    Q: How do you play Taliban bingo?
    A: B-52…F-16…B-1…

    Q: How is Bin Laden like Fred Flintstone?
    A: Both may look out their windows and see Rubble.

    Q: What is the Taliban’s national bird?
    A: Duck

    Q: What does Osama bin laden and General Custer have in common?
    A: They both want to know where those Tomahawks are coming from!

    Q: Why doesn’t the Taliban have drivers ed and sex ed classes on the same day?
    A: Because the camels can’t handle it.

    Q: What’s the difference between Obama and a snake?
    A: One is spineless, has a forked tongue and is a threat to humans. The other is a reptile

  • ReaperHD

    God Bless these men who stand up for American freedom and rights, this Commie Anti-American Muslim Terrorist Regime in the WH will never break the will of the free American.

  • waupun

    Great idea but I think the 2nd amendment should be left out of the church and stick to studying the word of God. Polish up the weapons when you get home. God comes first.

  • Leslie

    Wonderful idea Pastor. Thank you that you had the courage to stand up for God and country. May all the Pastor’s of America rally together in unity. Obama uses anything and any one to push his own agenda. Lets take our nation back so that we can truly be One Naton Under God again.

  • rhandarox

    One question: Is this church teaching children that guns are a solution to problems? If true, it’s said. Or is it teaching freedom of speech and of thought. Then it’s a good thing.

  • american patriots

    Good work pastor. We need more people to see what is happening to our great country. We the people, are not the ones who have turned this country into a total mess. It is the government that has too much to say. We need to take back all of the wrongs that have been done to us.

  • Barbara Holliday


  • TAM44

    Those are the best pop tarts and cup cakes I ever saw, great job to you Kirkwood.

  • gotcha1988

    I love it!

  • MaricaB


  • drkennethnoisewater

    Mmm, gimme some of those high-capacity cupcake boxes before they get banned!

  • ginger

    About time some pastors grew a backbone and preached the Biblical principles and that our rights come from God and not the government..

  • Kate

    “The reason this country is in this condition is not because sinners act like sinners, it’s because Christians don’t act at all.”

    Yes, yes, YES! I was just thinking about that because of an email about school prayer… It’s a minority making these ‘rules’, not a majority. And yet the majority sit back and take whatever comes. Germany 1930’s, here we are.

  • pateboo

    AMEN!!! Did they invite Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin? They would have been the perfect guests of honor.

  • Wry Chess

    i’m a gun owner, and i cringe when i see my fellow gun owners indulging in this sort of thing. the kind of reactive, adolescent rebelliousness underlying a stunt like this, in which kids are sent a message that associates guns with casual playtime, only reinforces the stereotype that the average gun owner has judgment so stunted that he or she is a danger to the innocent. that is exactly the belief that will send undecided people into the anti-gun camp and lend impetus to those who would legislate away gun choices.

    i get that it feels good, but winning the war is more important than little victories like this. think bigger and we’ll all feel better in the end.

  • Dominiator

    I am not a religious person but you have my support! Keep up the good work!

  • Jim Clancy

    GOD bless the children for they are our future defenders……………

  • WASP

    A bit surprising, coming from a church, and from Illinois. Apparently, not all of that state is under the influence of the fascist-democraps of the mob enclave of Chicago, home town of the Kriminal Kenyan.

  • C/O

    I think they are right on target. The only thing I don’t like is the picture’s where the kids are pointing the guns towards the camera, loaded real or toy you never point a gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot. One of the rules of safe gun handling.

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