Liberal Chick Says Football, SUVs, Hunting & Eating Meat Leads to Rape!

She’s back and as loopy as ever. Liberal Chick says men who play football, hunt, eat meat and drive SUVs tend to be rapists! She’s out of her mind! Follow this nutty broad on facebook and twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Your parents doing drugs obviously affected your brain

    • 7papa7

      She makes you wish that abortion was retroactive.

      • J. Brown

        Senator Feinstein says it’s legal to hunt humans, does she qualify?

        • 7papa7

          Is she human? If so when is the season to hunt them?

          • Michael G.

            Try this little expirement: When she’s looking at you cover half her face; then cover the other half. See the difference? After that you can cover up her entire face.

          • medivac

            You don’t hunt the likes of her, you just flush them down the sewer !!!

        • Rattlerjake

          We could only hope that she gets hit by a car, drowns, or is somehow removed from existence before she breeds., otherwise she’ll just become another California senator.

          • Michael G.

            She’s way past the age for “breeding.” Again my question: How’d you like to wake up ever morning and see that face?

          • medivac


        • Michael G.

          As human? or being hurt? I forget. But one thing is for sure, she really opened a very broad door on this one.

        • medivac

          Not on this planet !!

      • Michael G.


      • medivac

        One look at her and she would have been shoved back in !!! Too freakin’ scary !!!

        • Korean War Vet

          She SHOULD have been shoved back into her mother’s womb….as a reject.

  • Carl Gottstein


  • Todd


    • JaeDub

      what about women who play football, hunt, eat meat and drive SUVs? are they rapists? and by the way, there is nothing better in life than some good ol owmen abuse. best way to start the day. idiot

      • violater1

        If so I would have loved to have been ravaged by one of them in my younger days! I can hear me now during such an assault”don’t,! Stop! Followed by don’t stop, don’t stop please don’t stop! Followed up with a thank you ever so much!lolololol!

    • disgusted demacrat

      And so did yo moma & apple pie. Hay jackwad it’s your turn and time to wake the fook up..

    • JRJ21

      Learn to spell and then to think,maybe then you can join the big boys who can write a coherent sentence

    • violater1

      Hey dumbasss broad just which of all the drugs that you are own is your true drug of choice is it methamphetemines or cocaine or crack cocaine or marijuana or is it a combination of all of the afore mentioned at once! Perhaps black heroine! It is obvious to the most casual observer that you are screwed and no one wants you in any way!

    • violater1

      Todd go back to your drugs it affects your spelling and your dexterity or put simply for simpletons like you, your typing also sucks much like you probably do!

  • Terizup

    Shes just playing a liberal jackwad. Right?? Wow.

    • Charles E Hoy

      Did a great job, too, didn’t she?? LOL

    • ajay

      Someone gets it

  • BradenLynch

    I’m guessing her defense against rape is her lack of personal grooming and hygiene.

    • 7papa7

      This ding dong is definitely intellectually challenged. I guess she would be a good candidate for omarxist cabinet.

      • Rattlerjake

        She better hope she is good at sex because otherwise she is worthless to this planet.

        • 7papa7

          Even if she is, she is still worthless plus the fact I personally prefer humans. I am not in to bestiality.

          • medivac

            Please don’t insult animals !! They are way smarter !!

          • 7papa7

            Point well taken, I love animals so insult was not intended. A box of rocks are smarter.

          • Jeff Wade

            What the hell you got against rocks, dude?

          • Michael G.

            Didn’t we elect some of those (rocks I mean)?

          • 7papa7

            I didn’t, I require that a positive IQ exists before they get my vote.

          • medivac

            You definitly didn’t vote for obama !!!

          • medivac

            Methinks someone thinks a box of rocks are even smarter !!!

          • Michael G.

            In many ways you’re right. If you observe their behaviors they never do anything wrong (with them that’s instinct). We have no excuse.

          • medivac

            Exactly my point !! Take the recent incident that happened in California where the African lion did exactly what should have been expected of him !! I do, however , do not expect my Chihuahua to revert back into her ancestral mode and attack me like a wolf, though !! My ankles couldn’t take the mauling !!!

          • Michael G.

            Even in the animal kingdom geese and rabbits mate for life (though a buck will mate with whichever female you put in with him)…seems as though there are humans that behave that way as well.

          • medivac

            I can’t really fault a certain president of a few years back for his jumping the fence , though, with the legal selection he had !!!

        • Michael G.

          Maybe not. Remember even God has a purpose for her life–what it is escapes me.

          • medivac

            Deserts is the correct word !!!

      • Michael G.

        Or at least his orchestra. No, even that won’t work–he’s the entire trumpet section.

    • Lee Highsmith

      Apparently you aren’t very bright as this is a satire video.

    • Lee Highsmith

      Apparently you aren’t very bright as this is a satire video.

    • Lee Highsmith

      Apparently you aren’t very bright as this is a satire video.

  • Gary

    Hmmm, I think demented men seeing painted on clothes and cleavage that plunges to the navel might have more to do with it than hunting. Of course, that’s just a guess. Nothing excuses a crime and it’s despicable but still when you try to put out a fire with gasoline, you have to anticipate the consequences. There will always be men who need to be “controlled” but if women were a bit more delicate in their display, then the marginal one might be more docile.

    • pdh42

      I am not a liberal and will never be one, but what you wrote is insane…. There is no reason for a man to rape a woman and I do not care if she is naked as the day she was born there is NO excuse…. A real man does not need to rape to show how much of a man that he is…. Thugs and scum on the other hand do….

    • violater1

      Gary you must be a dumbassss! You set yourself up for pdh42 to slap both of your nuts together with 2 bricks dumbassss!

    • Daniel F. Melton

      This sort of logic smacks of blaming the victim.

      If the ladies want to show off, let ‘em! Just don’t look hard enough to leave bruises. Staring is gauche.

      If some ‘person’ can’t control his baser instincts cleanse the gene pool.

  • Pamela Walker

    shes an idiot!!

    • 7papa7

      And that’s one of her stronger assets.

    • medivac

      You gotta do better than that !!! She is way below an idiot !!

  • tom

    This has to be parody. Right. If not……………

    • Daniel F. Melton

      If this isn’t a parody maxine waters had best get her campaign in gear and prepare for competition in the next election.

      • ajay

        It’s a parody

    • ajay

      Yes it is

  • Warren Lutz

    The only truth or accurate statement she made was “Duh!”.

  • Loveylovelove


    • violater1

      Oh my another idiot emerging from the depths of hades!

  • Pighood

    This is obviously a parody.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      You can hope it’s a parody, then you see the code pink activists, hanoi jane clones, and the other damaged goods.

    • Sandra Krytus

      It is so hard for you to believe, you can only accept that it must be a parody, but I think you’re mistaken, this creature is for real.

  • Dawn Birney

    what I heard her saying between the lines was that she was asking for some guy to come and rape her dumb libtard ass!

    • violater1

      Wouldn’t touch her with an enemies dick!

  • marineh2ominer

    People that bash her obviously don’t understand sarcasm . Way to go liberal chick . By the way , I eat all the meat I can get my hands on , I hunt every hunting season , I don’t drive an SUV , I just drive a big honking four wheel drive pick-up truck . I gave up football for ice hockey , and I don’t have to rape because I am just so damn masculine that women throw themselves at me . Yeah right !

  • ArtBrecher

    This is your brain on drugs!!

  • idahoman

    I dont think her blood goes past the neck cuz clearly she is brain dead and if breathing wasnt an autonomus event she woulda passed out dead due to lack of oxygen

  • JaeDub

    wow looks like our dear lil todd has some intellectual equals here. i can’t for the life of me understand why people don’t get the satirical nature of these liberal chick sketches. every single one gets the same responses from humorless readers. geez people.

  • Bob King

    Three out of four for me….I drive a Mercedes.

  • Jack Meoff

    shes mad hat no one would rape her she cant give it away

  • LtRogerWilco

    This pig is trying to attract attention in hopes that someone, anyone, anything will rape her, but it won’t happen. Maybe Ellen Degenerate migh have at her.

    • violater1

      But she is a married degenerate now! Oh that right they are liberals no ethics, no values, no morals,no brains! What is a single word description of a liberal progressive commie facist homosexual athiestic imbecile!Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thats it!

  • Chris D. Clay

    OMG! this woman has clearly gone off the deep end. shes got no logice, and none of her advice makes any sense at all. if i have a son, im gonna teac him to shoot, drive mud trucks, embrace the family heritage, and just raise cain like boys should.

    • Hotnike

      She wants attention. Ignore her and she’ll probably go away, I hope.

      • violater1

        She is now for sale on the sudanese wife buying market we do not expect to get a very high price but maybe enough to pay for her ticket on the oil freighter hope she likes dark carney and she will learn respect and to shut her mouth and do what she is told and she fit right into here new liberal muslim socialist homeland! She will be out of business on video since she will be required to wear tj face cover burgas!

        • Michael G.

          Even dogs don’t want a sample.

    • dHb

      I’s a spoof by Clash Daily Chris, relax

    • Ray Ake

      damn straight on that !!!

  • k-luv

    The sad part is, the comments she made aren’t satire, that’s the way Lib’s think. She’s totally serious.

    • violater1

      You are oh so correct k-luv! Also a lot has to do with her drug consumption since obama provides for her every need! These are mindless idiots he has and will enslave this Americas future at its finest! Damnn how did she miss the abortion table!

  • cigarbaron

    at least get out of the 60’s baby

  • Bandit

    What is it with this bimbo that she thinks that playing football, hunting, driving an SUV or eating meat causes rape. She is just plain off her rocker and needs to get a life. She also should think about getting into a rehab program of some type.

  • Tom

    She is just another stupid idiot trying to make news. No way can these contribute to rape and she needs to be put in special care unit.

    • dHb

      It is a spoof Tom.

  • KenandShirley Locke

    #1 girl you are a twit.
    #2 go take a bath , we can smell you though the monitor.
    #3 Back to school, you seem to have missed most of the classes.
    #4 Try dating a Man.
    #5 Your sunglasses LMAO!!!!

  • VeeDub57

    OK, we get it, the girl is a loon. The question becomes why are you giving her so much publicity and air time?

    All you are doing is encouraging her and giving her more views of her videos.

    QUIT HELPING HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LawAbidingCitzen

    Reminds you sorta of the Flower Child era….? All I have to say is, hey BimboChick, get off the ‘crack’ before your nails and teeth start falling out..:-) That said, some of these GenX folk’s are just plain weird..!

  • mom2marine

    No, I will not follow her on Facebook and Twitter…that just ups her ratings and support.

  • Charlie

    This dolt really needs to just get off whatever drugs she is on and she needs to think before she opens her mouth. Never heard any any more stupid statements than what came out of her mouth. Her ignorance and stupidity are comical.

  • noname

    DAHHHHHHH! California logic. It is a shame,she isn’t sensitive to men,she is a lame brain twit. DAHHHH!!!! Of course,her defense is a shrill girllly voice hiding behind sunglasses.

  • Drik

    Genetically self-extinguishing philosophy.

  • violater1

    Hey dumbasss broad just which of all the drugs that you are own is your true drug of choice is it methamphetemines or cocaine or crack cocaine or marijuana or is it a combination of all of the afore mentioned at once! Perhaps black heroine! It is obvious to the most casual observer that you are an addict! You probably mix them all together to have a real burnout! Problem is you have nothing to burn out!
    Bet your parents wish they had aborted you! Moron liberal idiotic imbecile if dynamite were brains you wouldn’t be able to make a crackerball pop sound!
    Crawl back in your lesbianic assshole with your head planted firmly up you asss!

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Sean Hannita show? Why does anyone want to promote this Liberal Chick anyway?

  • JRJ21

    I so enjoy eating game that I have hunted.Then playing a little football and taking a ride in my four-wheeling SUV.I have six boys and have taught them all that after they do that to pick out a nice girl and………..teach them to ride shoot straight and speak the truth, something your Daddy failed to do to you

  • Roland

    This is tongue-in-cheek, right? I sense sarcasm.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    She left out drinking and fishing.
    I don’t have to listen to her idiocy. I have two ex wives I can refer to.

  • dHb

    LMAOROF, Folks, for crying out loud take a deep breath and relax and laugh at this. Clash Daily features her quite often and it is only a satirical production by Clash Daily. I worry about the way so many of you take it so seriously and think she is a real chick and cannot see that it is a comical spoof.

  • Doc

    This is Dougs way of making us laugh. Has to be. No one can be this stupid.

  • The Matthew Brower Show

    I just want to know why is on her Facebook and Twitter accounts? Parody all the way. I can admit pretty out there, but why would this Liberal chick want to put pictures and her accounts referring to a conservative site and not her own?

  • gutterfalcon

    Is this girl serious, or is it a Joke ?

  • rj

    Well son-of-a………. That’s 1.5 minutes wasted I’ll never get back. On the good side, I’llknow better next time.

  • Andy Selby

    Do people really have this hard of a time detecting satire these days?

  • Wayne Cowles

    Hey folks, guess what. Liberal Chick is a foil that is having fun making fun of stupid liberals. She is actually a conservative blogger. Watch her and have a good laugh.

  • TPM

    Guys who can afford nice weapons, hunting trips, football games and SUV’s aren’t out raping women, sugar. We don’t have to. We act like real men. Many women find that appealing. They come to us. Believe it or not, some women want to be treated with respect and protected by their mate. They don’t want some metrosexual wimp who’d bail on you, at the first sign of a dangerous situation.
    It’s jobless, ghetto dwelling Obamatrons that are out raping women, because …
    1. that’s the only way they can get one and
    2. They have no respect for people’s rights or law and order. They’ve been convinced by scheming politicians that they’re entitled to anything they can take … women included …

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Could this be a spoof, or are libs really idiots?

    • Nancy

      It is both. This is a parody and libs really are idiots.

  • tinkerunique

    What about FEMALES that share the same activities ???

  • mackadoo

    Why would any rational person give a rat’s patoot about anything this certifiable nut job has to say?

    • Rattlerjake

      Because when they “grow up” they become senators and congressmen in Washington or state government. Frankenstein, Pelosi, and Clinton ring a bell? Also, the same women and girls who listen to morons like Degenerate, Oprah, and the View who-ores will listen to this wench.

  • Smilinjack

    I think she’s just trolling. Gawd she’s as ugly as a leaky vomit bag.

    • Lisa Gillespie


  • minor rocker

    And there was a lot of football, hunting and SUV use at the Occupy “activities”?
    … where next to sanitation the incidents of rape was the big threat.

  • James Star

    Liberal and being on drugs tends to make her make silly statements like that!

  • spyderdalton

    Mental midgets are multiplying at an alarming rate…



  • Zack

    Oh god….you guys. This is satire. She is not actually a liberal.

  • frank1737

    She’s Paper Bag UGLY!!

  • andy

    Another reason for a look at the mental healthcare system. Also poster child for AA and 12 steps program. How can she be counted as a liberal if she’s
    a nut?

  • Sandra Krytus

    She’s sharp though. After a brief pause she figured out that 3 comes just before 4.

  • WesTexan

    Dumber than a stump! She is a very good argument for abortion. What was her mother smoking?

  • BubbysGrampa

    Wake up people; it’s a parody done by ClashDaily!! Sheesh, get real already!!

  • JacktheFAC

    Just because someone might be “equipted” to do something doesn’t mean they are going to do so. She is equipted to become a prostitute; but does this mean she is going to become one?

  • Ballistic45

    AGAIN, All it takes to prove Liberalism is a Mental Disorder is for them
    to open their mouths and vomit up this crap… New rule. It is perfectly Politically
    Correct to laugh at Liberals….

  • medivac

    At what age does this rapist mode kick in ?? I’m for and have done all the above and have already reached 67 yrs old and and it still hasn’t kicked in on me yet !!! But then I’ve always been particular in my taste in women !! I prefer them to be women and nothing like this whatever !!

  • barbiecakes

    Pretty soon colleges will have a course on ”how not to rape101.” Am I having a nightmare?

  • Ray Ake

    California fruit cake,,dumber than a bag of rock’s,,crack head,,IDIOT,,fool,,ALL her bull coming from the FAGGET state of the that THING STINK”S to high water !! and all this time I though that HIPPIES had all druged themselves out by now !! SHE has NOT and NEVER will get laid in her life time by male or female…MAYBE that’s her problem ????

  • Jennifer Stillson

    people like that,need horse whipped!she must have the,limited liberal reasoning syndrome

  • tedthebear

    I do it all except play football and I can guarantee her she has NOTHIN’ to worry about!

  • Mort Leith

    PLEASE ! ! !
    someone make SURE this nitwit doesn’t breed ! ! ! !

  • Mort Leith

    Raping her would be at least one huge step BELOW beastiality ! ! !

    • violater1

      At least!!!!!

  • Berzrkr50

    This has just got to be parody of a liberal chick. And if it is, I love it! She’s got the airhead routine down to a science. Nobody, and I mean nobody can actually be that stupid AND ignorant all rolled into one!

  • Eugene Lubben

    She is safe , she’s to ugly no one wants to bang her ,,,,

    • liliq

      Those homosexual dogs the re-gressives find for their news stories would mount her

  • paj

    Per my Lovely wife (who was abused) – “She belongs in the same cell as obama” and they “belong in that prison off of SF that is no longer used [and no services given to them]” I think we would say throw them in a deep mine shaft with no way out :)

    Then “SHE IS NUTS!” (yes, she said this loudly).

    This moron has obviously never seen boys play with dolls without some kind of direction – Boys and Girls are DIFFERANT!

    The last rapist and child molester I knew drove around in some stupid economy car. The one that hurt my family drove the pre-cursor to the mini-van, the station wagon. And they did not own guns, and were the most effeminate people I had ever met.

    According to her, there should be hundreds of thousands of rapes every weekend in the fall in the US, and around the world after every rugby and soccer game.

  • paj

    Because I really do know idiot who not just believe what was said by “liberal chick”, they actively preach these things, it was taken at face value.
    I rarely waste my time on parodys due to not having the health to deal with such things.
    If this (and the “love letters”) are truely parodies, please let me know. I do want to know about the things we have to do to fight against the libtards, UN, etc.

  • USNbubblehead

    She is the first person I’ve seen that agrees with that stupid woman Zerlina Maxwell on Hannity. I would say this makes ‘liberal chick’ even more stupid than Maxwell.

  • Charles E Hoy

    She seemed to be having a hard time getting to number three.

  • foxxybey

    I love football, SUV’s and belong to PETA, “People Eating Tasty Animals” and wouldn’t give her a minute of my time not alone rape the witch, she has her brains in her underwear and proves it from what she says, Pound dirt idiot cool-aid drinking little nazi.

  • Lisa Gillespie

    I would love to know where this idiot get’s her info from… she is clearly stupid!!!!! Damn straight I am gonna teach my son the finer things in life, a good steak out of the deer he shot and field dressed and put it in the bed of his truck and the mud he had to go thru to get it!!! I bet she is a hairy nastly smelly thing and she must be ashamed of herself hiding behind the glasses and the fake accent… wow she makes my head truly hurt and makes me want to get my gun and clean it and make sure it’s loaded to make sure there are not two of them in the world…

    • Alex M

      I respectfully suggest you go to a dictionary and look up the word ‘irony’.

  • liliq

    Hindis who eat only vegetables gang rape on public buses and buy children for sex as a culture. Ever heard of thugs? The full word is Thuggee, a devotee of Shiva. The Shiva festival is about March 10th. Maybe Lib Girl will show for a Thuggee rite for Shiva.

  • Suede

    That girl is 4 crayons short of a box. Half a bubble off. Porch lights on but nobody’s home.

  • Jeffrey F Szabo

    She may win the Democratic ticket for President of the United States next time around!

  • LK

    Liberal Chick Says Football, SUVs, Hunting & Eating Meat Leads to Rape!

    She’s out of her mind! Before we go any farther try to make these words into a sentence HARE, HUNTER, FIELD.

    The Body Viewed as a Machine——A favorite way of looking at the body as a whole is to regard it as an anatomical machine. In this view the body has an internal skeleton, of which the chief feature is the central axis or backbone. Considering the skull and backbone as one, the body may be said to be built up of two tubes, the smaller posterior or or neural tube includes the cavity of the skull and vertebral canal. Within this tube is lodged the nervous center, or engine, of the body. the anterior, or body, tube is much larger, consisting of the face above, and the neck and trunk below, and it contains the four nutritive systems of life, so that the whole body in section is like an eight with the lower circle immensely exaggerated. the limbs, of course, are not tubular, and merely form part of the machinery. Adopting the simile of the human engine and boiler and machinery; we see that the limbs, etc. , are the machinery; the posterior tube the engines and force that move them; and the anterior tube the human boiler that generates the force. This boiler, like one in the steam engine, has an upper and lower part. the upper part is where the steam is generated ( in lungs ) and sent to the engine ( the brain ) by the heart. the lower part is where the fuel is burned ( the stomach ) and the ashes and refuse drop through ( the intestines ). So that the analogy between the two is close and striking. What will it not do ? What has it not done ? A steam engine is but a larger hand, made to extend its powers by the little hand of man ! What an instrument for good it is ! What an instrument for evil ! , and all day long it is never idle.

  • DocJimmy

    I am curious as to whether she actually believes what spews out of her mouth to be true, or if she just talks to hear herself because she can?… If I can paraphrase George Carlin in one of his comedy acts, he said; ‘women who worry about rape the loudest are the ones nobody would want to f@#k anyway’.

  • Carol Bellinger


  • Darius the Mede

    Only thing you can say about thie dipstick, is that she’s a typical democrat…no sense…no intelligence………no ability to think for herself.

  • $29077531

    This broad is a pure nut case..

  • Ken Cariker

    She should move to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, or Iran. As a woman (?) she would probably be much happer there.

  • violater1

    Hey liberal drug addict homosexual chick! In an unrelated article about female sales for marriage in Sudan we have you a ticket on an oil freighter in order that you may put yourself on the market! I hear that muslims do not care how bad you may smell they just like to slap their women around first before having the fun time for him only! No complaints may be filed later just so you know! By the way the ticket is one way with denounced US citizenship to insure you do not return! Have a nice life as a muslim sudanese wife!

  • runnindeer

    It sounds as if this dingbat would like to be raped. She is like so many of these ugly winch’s now who have no clue about what real rape is or what woman or men who endure a rape have to do or to deal with after the fact. They talk and talk but it is all just sounds like the clanging of a garbage can lid against the can. Over and over and monotonous words that sound the same. Empty of all substance of any use to anyone. They have no reasoning ability. Like this idiot Joy Bahar who recently told news people that” she was leaving her job on the View in order to talk with intelligent people about intelligent things.”These women , Diane Feinstein who thinks it is legal to “hunt people” as well as way too many to name. all fit in to the same mold. WARPED. Bent beyond normal appearance or beyond usefulness to anyone except for other warped, useless morons like themselves.

  • mfernandez57MN

    Did Liberal Chic’s mother ever have any live children? By this I mean, children who, when hooked up to an EEG would register brain activity on the meter.

  • rp

    I still have to laugh at this segment. She can’t be serious. Her video I think is mocking the left and how they actually think. I have heard similar arguments from liberals before. If this girl is for real and she is serious about her comments, then she need to get a life and a brain. She is lacking on both accounts. Had her head up the old poop chute too long: that girl needs some ventilation.

  • Alex M

    Hands up all those who thought skipping the Irony and Satire modules in English class wouldn’t have unintended consequences in later life …

  • Nathan Dickey

    Perhaps I am wrong I have been before but watching this video I believe this is not an attack on us as it is on these liberal tree hugging jack wagons. I sensed a bit of sarcasm in this video. Like I said I could be wrong and if I am God please help us.

  • Tank

    Ironic how most rapes occur in inner cities where there is no traditional hunting, though it does include some pro athletes, also not farm boys but city boys. Someone should ask her how many rapes happened during the OWS protests that were committed by her very own… Her ever faithful leftist media left a lot of that out though while their false heroes stood up to the man…

  • Michael G.

    Can you imagine waking up next to this person (photo) every morning? and realize that this is as good as your life is going to get? I can’t. Besides, being female leads to rape–does it? or it is some other passway? All this time I’d been taught that it was a persons behavior and mental attitude that leads to ths vile act. Could I have been wrong? I don’t think so.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Liberalism causes rape and murder. They are the ones that are responsible for most of the violence in this coultr. Maybe we should banish all of them to the middle of the ocean.

  • Randy Richardson

    this is sarcastic or people have met a new level of stupid.

  • Dread Pirate Roberts

    Your level of stupidity is only outdone by your homely appearance.

  • a_Long_Islander

    This has to be satire.

  • Rich

    That lady is stupid and must be related to that Colorado State congresslady. Another stupid lady. Most women are smart enough on how to protect themselves if allowed to carry womens. Not allowing a women to carry protection make those that do not allow the women to protect them selves are no better then the rapist themselves.

  • Rich

    allowed to carry weapons.

  • LAPhil

    What a fool! I can’t believe anyone could be that ridiculously stupid and naive. She’s so unbelievable I actually think this whole thing may just be a put on.

  • fliteking

    Obviously a parody. The video makes several excellent points.

    Her portrayal of a liberal is very good, but comes off as smarter than your average Democ-rat.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    This is one whacky female! Obviously a liberal because she wears her ignorance on her sleeve, and a great recruiting tool for the Conservatives… I mean what human being in their right mind can identify with this lunatic!


    @ Liberal chick……….. *** G E T * O U T * O F * H E R E **** !!!!!!! You people are totally off the charts – pathologically INSANE!!! Please take your Kool-Aid and go find a padded room to vegetate in and take your kool-aid zombie friends with you!!!

  • Bob Hauser

    Guess it’s too late for my kids….I taught them among many other things that would horrify this air headed excuse for a woman right out of her saggy bloomers that when Sister Big Britches forces on us a “law” making it a crime to be politically incorrect, it would be the single highest honor of my life to go down in history and on record as Public Enemy #1….and they took it seriously and ran with it. This ditz is about four bottles short of a six pack and looks like some kind of intestinal polyp.

    • Alex M

      If you have a dictionary handy, trying looking up the word ‘irony’.

  • Bob Hauser

    Like most “liberal” distaffs, she has a face that would make an eight day clock spin backwards. Looks like a dredging from Telegraph Avenue.

  • Suede

    She looks likes she needs an education from some teachers that don’t spout the liberal stuff.

  • Johnny Fasttrack

    This has to be a joke… Liberal Chick can’t be THAT stupid!

  • Frank Hurley

    As my mother often said to me when I was a little kid, as we read a news item about some wacko: “Well, Bud, there’s more out than in.”

  • Ron Wieder

    Also chocolate ice cream and oh yes, ketchup !

  • Confuscious

    Confuscious Say, Liberal chick good argument for population control,, and tying of those tubes. Put parents in jail for producing this……..pile of? rocks, lol

    • Alex M

      Those who are reacting to the video by describing ‘Liberal Chick’ as stupid, or ‘needing an education’, or ‘short of a six-pack’, might want to step back and look at the irony here.

      It’s satire, irony,and it looks like that has to be spelled out for some people. It is the rhetorical device where someone says the opposite of what they actually mean, in order to hold up the concept to derision and mocking. That’s what she’s doing : she’s satirising liberal ideas by holding them up to ridicule at face value.

      That this should be going straight over the heads of the audience who are supposed to lap it up, but who are not astute enough to get the joke, is itself an irony, which suggests that it’s many of ‘Liberal Chick’s’ audience that is short of a six-pack, and in need of some education, not her.

      It rather spoils her joke, when you have to spell it out for those who’re not perceptive enough to spot it.

      She’s not a ‘liberal’. It’s satire.

  • Lee Highsmith

    It’s a satire people. OMFG…..

  • Lee Highsmith

    It’s a satire people. OMFG…..

  • HisServant

    Please please please PLEASE tell me this chick is kidding!! i’ll lose ALL hope in humanity as sentient beings if she is for real…

  • HisServant

    Please please please PLEASE tell me this chick is kidding!! i’ll lose ALL hope in humanity as sentient beings if she is for real…

  • HisServant

    Please please please PLEASE tell me this chick is kidding!! i’ll lose ALL hope in humanity as sentient beings if she is for real…

  • 2EdgedSword

    Ah Liberal Chick you left out Obama’s cheer leader, Sonya Sotomayor, who prescribes that all white males must be forcibly castrated. She’s on the Supreme Court for a reason.

  • 2EdgedSword

    Ah Liberal Chick you left out Obama’s cheer leader, Sonya Sotomayor, who prescribes that all white males must be forcibly castrated. She’s on the Supreme Court for a reason.

  • Carl Beckett

    Duh! Guys, it’s “satire”. (look it up) She is more conservative than you and intelligent enough to make fun of the liberals in a way that they won’t understand. Thought you would get it, though.

  • Justin Root

    Do you people really not understand SATIRE.

  • Justin Root

    Do you people really not understand SATIRE.

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