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After college, Allan Erickson enjoyed an 11-year career in journalism. He then turned to sales and marketing for a decade. Fourteen years ago he started his own recruitment company. Allan & wife Jodi have four children and live in Oregon. He is the author of "The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence," Tate Publishing, 2012. He is available to speak in churches addressing the topics of faith and freedom. To contact him, email: allanlerickson@gmail.com

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  • Marty

    The Obamas are using the same play book that his fellow travelers used in eastern bloc Europe to set up a oppressive security state, such as the Romania of Nicolae Ceaușescu and his Department of State Security, the Securitate, which was better funded and armed than the Military. At this point I do not believe that Big Sis will be able to control the whole of the country, however the disarming of the urban north east states from Maryland to Massachusetts will make them and the rest of the northeast easy pickings, as will be the Midwest and California, as for the rest of the country that is what the gun grabbing is about,

    • john_koenig

      Dude, we’re armed to the teeth here in Ohio. We don’t have to register our guns and we have an excellent CCW law. Pennsylvania is loaded for bear as well. Only Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Maryland are sure things for DHS compliance.
      BTW, Vermont is even freer when it comes to guns. Obama’s goons won’t have a cakewalk there, either.

      • wvbh17

        West Virginia is also the land of the free. Learned to shoot from diaper stage, and the topography much like Vermont. Lots of hills and hollers

        • john_koenig

          Yep. A great place for DHS drone hunting…no limit ;-)

  • VirgoVince

    THIS is NOT why Homeland Security was created!!!!
    Like all other govt agencies, they got it back-asswards!!!!

    • Skip V. Patel

      The DHS was created to enslave a vanquished nation under occupation. And YOU folks who supported the shredding of the Constitution (Patriot Act-NDAA etc.) are the Benedict Arnolds who brought this upon the rest of us.

      Here’s a quote from your messiah:

      I don’t give a god damn, I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief.
      Do it my way. Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, it’s just a god
      damn piece of paper!”

      George W. Bush

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        Interestingly enough, all of the staffers that were reportedly sitting at the meeting where “W” was supposed to have said this claimed that Bush never said this at all. The article showed up in “The Blue” shortly after an ‘unnamed source’ claimed to have heard it. However, The Blue was forced to recant the story and it was in fact taken down from their website. When airing “quoted material” such as this it’s best to research the blasphemy before you post, not afterwards!

        • Skip V. Patel

          Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing
          contempt or lack of reverence for a religious deity or the irreverence
          towards religious or holy persons or things.

          I rest my case.

          • http://twitter.com/mjojonell Michael J Nellett

            Thou shalt NOT take the name of the Lord in vain. It’s blasphemy!

          • Eric Haulenbeek

            Not much of a case Skippy boy.

      • Joel W

        i highly doubt bush is anyone’s messiah. and if he is to anyone then they are as brain dead and useless as those who see obambi as their messiah.

        • JIm

          Does bush or bushes take their curage from the bottle ? I don’t know ,i wasen’t there when it went down,but i did see the little bush ,when 911 happened ,he looked scared as a rabbit !! he did nothing little bush was at a school that day RIGHT /,Ben ladens planes had already taken off prior to that ,now her come Obama ,to try and finish you and I off ??????????and is it true that jr bush ,wife has filed for a Divorce >>>>>>>>>>>>?and is one of his daughters a lesbian ?????????I don’t know just asking ???????glorified people not Saints of God ,i herd that one of the bushes ,signed the pledge for one world government ,WE are all led astray,as sheep to the slaughter ,all the day long !!!Jesus is the only one we can trust to deliver us from Satan ,Evildorers ,Ploititians and this Government i believe that most polititians are as crooked as a dogs hind ;leggggggggggg//???\>>>>>>>>>////////

      • Wayne Ogilvy

        Skip, I hate to tell you but {YOU folks} did not then, Nor do we now have any sway or input with the ruling class of politicians. They do what they want and rig elections or just plain flip us the bird. No matter what we say or vote on if it doesn’t fit their view of what is best for the elite they just do it anyway. And please stop calling GW a messiah the only one that has been depicted as such in the media is the ONE ! Yes GW was responsible for the patriot act but if we had a true President of the United States after Bush he or she would have abolished it instead of multiplying the problem with the NDAA ! But you are right about why DHS was created ! I am now going to be politically incorrect and wish everyone a happy Easter !!

        • $5708171

          And a happy Easter (Resurrection Day) to you! Just because old Bush-man called himself a “republican” didn’t make him a republican in fact. He was a progressive, in a long line of conservative posers who had dreams of grandeur. He certainly was not my hero. The progressives are the problem.

          • Wayne Ogilvy

            Sam, I cannot argue with you or skepttico about anything you have said ! For far too long me and millions of others have done the old {pick the lesser of two evils} BS when we go to the voting booth. Now we see what our lazyness has gotten us. If I had been in a coma for forty years and awoke today I would not know where I was. When I went to sleep it was in a country everyone was proud to be from and most other countries looked to us for guidance, And respected, Now they laugh at us and screw us at every turn, They do not respect nor fear us anymore, We don’t even respect ourselves anymore and the majority of our politicians are liars and thieves along with the media and hollywood. Our problems are large and numerous but as American’s I believe we can and will overcome and once again stand tall and proud, With God’s help nothing is impossible !

        • $18476877

          George Bush Sr. “It’s a New World Order” I Can’t think of many Presidents that haven’t been Progressives since Lincoln. Who was a Progressive too. They have wrecked our nation, our governmental system. Are bring us close to the point of another civil war.

      • JIM


  • Skip V. Patel

    The DHS was created to de-construct existing agencies and have on nationwide paramilitary agency in charge of implementing the Patriot Act. When it comes to serving their Masters, Americans are a timid, subservient population, eager to comply with the most draconian of laws and regulations. Communist East Europe could never in their wildest dreams envision the police state that is US 2013.

  • pipcrusher

    i had friends in pa but no more……they blindly vote for whoever is a democrat, no matter who they are or what they represent…….they are the problem, its infuriating to listen to their so called reasoning…..blind fools

  • jeepdude911

    Keep your powder dry, patriots!

  • cornbread01

    It breaks my heart to say “I toldja’ so….”

  • Doc

    Shel kek nem ron , Literally means “I shall die free!”

  • Breeze13

    When the welfare people can’t get food, they will blame everyone else. Then the rioting will start. WE should be prepared with food and arms to protect ourselves. The DHS will send in the troops to quell the riots, mowing down lots of unarmed welfare people. Most of them will probably go willingly to the FEMA camps with promises of food and medical care. Fine. I’m not going, I will not comply, I will not give up my weapons. Let DHS use their resources to guard the FEMA camps. Less of them, more of us.
    “The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from it’s government.” – Thomas Paine

  • Hotnike

    WE THE PEOPLE are preparing for a war against Obama and his minions. If that happens, WE THE PEOPLE will win.

    • Skip V. Patel

      “When it comes to serving their Masters, Americans are a timid,
      subservient population, eager to comply with the most draconian of laws
      and regulations.” When push comes to shove you will surrender, as you did to the Patriot Act, the NDAA and the TSA. Your “Owners” in D.C. know this, and will encounter very little resistance, Most of you will gladly turn on your neighbours for a McDonalds gift card and a free T-Shirt..

      • dwm

        You believe the general populations voted for the NDAA, Patriot Act, TSA
        and DHS ???? The general poulation,,, voters,, representatives voted for the creation of these agencies. We know better how to take care of you !!
        Know who made that comment ???

      • Hotnike

        Sorry to disappoint you Skippy but I have been ‘fighting’ against the Patriot Act, NDAA, the TSA, Homeland Security, the EPA and every other dept. ever since they either came into exisrence or staring trying to steal our freedom. I hope not everybody out there is so negative as to what WE THE PEOPLE can and will do.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      We’re not gonna’ do a lot of winning if we don’t get involved in some planning first. Like where are you going to head when all hell breaks loose? Who are you going to hook-up with, and where do you make a stand that offers you the numbers and the odds to turn a fight in your favor? Loose talk isn’t gonna’ cut it!

      • Hotnike

        Well, why don’t you start organizing?

        • Eric Haulenbeek

          And you’re right Hotnike… I’ve been talking with some buddies of mine about the same thing. The idea isn’t necessarily to amass a citizen army in one specific location, but to have hundreds of these groups nationwide coordinating the same response to both perceived threats as well as those that are actually breaking out. I intend to share more of this as the ideas start to gel. For instance, getting some national media coverage would be very helpful. Something positive will come of all this chaos that the White House is orchestrating, but we need some good, solid planning to make them listen to us.

  • suz

    Our HLS is a joke when the borders are still not secured and the enemies are within. The mini series Jericho is coming true that is why it was taken off the air waves.

    • Skip V. Patel

      DHS is not there to prevent infiltration…quite the opposite, they wish to replace the population with cheap labor and closed mouths.

      The DHS paramilitaries exist to enslave the [former American ] Middle Class.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Jericho was dropped because of it’s dismal ratings! Come on you guys… the last thing we need to be is hysterical! If we’re going to be of any use to each other we have to be honest with what this federal government of ours is planning to do with those of us who are willing to fight for the freedoms our Constitution gave us. What we should be doing is planning our next move, not bantering about underachieving television programs.

  • paco12348

    At least Obama has been good enough to bring thousands of our soldiers home. We will need them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/randolph.goeman Randolph Goeman

    They are only securing for themselves. The general populous is just fodder to get rid of.

  • 7papa7

    If the mad Marxist wants a Revolutionary War, we patriots will give it to him and the outcome will be the same as before, we will win.

  • mickey

    How can our lax Congress let this happen. Obama should have been taken out a long time ago. He’s a fraud/Illegal/Muslim, what else would you expect from a Muslim? I blame congress for anything this Arrogant/Muslim does to us.

  • erehwon

    The Department of Homeland Security can be directly translated to German as ‘Heimatsversicherungabteilung’. Didn’t Germany have a similarly named department in the late thirties and early forties? They also had a Geheimnis Staats Polizei or Secret State Police. Big Sis, Janet Incompetano would love to recreate both agencies right here in this formerly great nation. We must not allow her to succeed.

    They have bought all these armnaments. Where are they? It seems to me that when the manure hits the mechanical air convection impeller we need to consider the purpose behind the Harper’s Ferry raid in mid-October 1859. It failed for a number of reasons, including a lack of operational security and lack of preparation. The idea of changing control of the arsenal was a good one — it would deprive the government of the weapons and ammunition in the arsenal, while simultaneously making those same weapons available to the abolitionists and their allies.

    Now, in 2013, we have a situation that is comparable ONLY in that the DHS is stockpiling weapons to use against American citizens. It seems reasonable to conclude that if we take that stockpile away from them it will both lessen the threat to other Americans and enhance our own logistical position. Where can you hide 2700 MRAPs and a billion and a half rounds of pistol ammunition?

    I believe the time is coming when we will need to deal with the situation. DHS has no intention to protect Americans. I believe they intend to subjugate us.

  • Nancy Sternberg

    And all this while North Korea has declared war on us. Will he be ready or give us over to the enemy?

  • marineh2ominer

    Keep your powder dry and your blades sharp , win or lose , hell is barreling down on us faster every day this communist b–t–d is in the Whit House . I have NEVER voted for a demonrat above the couty level and I did NOT vote for neither one of the Bushes . I voted for Ron Paul and Ross Perot and then for Allan Keyes and Rand Paul as write ins .

  • Kioga

    Obama’s not going to let the North Korean/Iran/ Syria or any other crisis go to waste and he’ll push for hitting it right so his 3rd term gets a shoe in with his Demo buddies via national catastrophy and martial law powers. Best to get him out now or we may be at war with him and one of the wacko nations.

  • gypsy314

    Folks do we need any more writing on the wall or do we need to see troops in the streets first? I say demand our leaders get to the bottom of this now and draw a line in the sand if this is true.

  • Magdalene51

    Here’s the acquisition form.

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