• http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Deel/570479350 Brandon Deel

    I want to know were the hell is he getting his 90% statistics from.

    • Joel W

      the same place he is getting his ‘as much as 40%’ of guns are sold without going thru NICS. out of his a$$. also in this case he says ‘as much as’ which could mean as little as 1%. such a sad excuse for a man, not to mention for a president.

      • redwolf6911

        You are right. Maybe these so called stats came from fairy dust floating over his head.

        • elmcqueen3

          More likely from Debby Wasseman Schultz!

    • Superduty

      He’s nothing short of being the biggest liar this country has ever had for a President. We should be asking him why the Homeland Security bought 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and 3000 armored weapons assault vehicles for US population control.

      • johnwlooper

        Exactly SuperDuty!

      • elmcqueen3

        Don’t forget the 3000 drones they have ordered with which to fly the friendly skies of the United States!…Oh…And the 2700 Urban Fighting Vehicles…That’s about 54 per state for Homeland Security! Plus the millions of full size targets with which white folks are predominate…And 7000 new AR16 varients which they have politely name “Personal Defense Weapons”….Guess they didn’t like Diane Feinstein coinage calling them Assault Rifles which sounds so horrifying. There’s targets of a little boy holding a pistol…a pregnant woman holding a pistol…A single female holding a pistol…A mom and her son both holding a pistol…and last but not least Grandma holding a pistol…No black people will be used as targets as that would suggest disturbing racism amongst the rank and file of the Communist’s who now control the White House!

        • Charlie

          Look up this acronym DUMBS google it !

      • Charlie

        Look up the acronym DUMBS it means deep underground Military bases. Tie it into what DHS is doing.

      • loon

        He’d just lie about it or laugh!!

    • johnwlooper

      He gets them from the same place all politicians get theirs! Anal extraction!

    • mudguy1

      The same place he got “If you like your doctor you can keep him” “Obummernoncare will not raise the deficit one dime” “Your insurance premium will go down by 2,000 dollars” The only thing Obummer said that was true was.”i am going to fundamentally transform America. And that is what we are letting him do. If he is aloud to continue his transformation of our America all of fredoms will be gone.

      • elmcqueen3

        Oh Hey…And don’t forget he will not raise your taxes one dime!

        • Charlie

          First week in first termhe raised taxes !!!

      • panors77

        Also don’t forget his 2008 campaign speak of “energy prices if I’m elected will naturally have to skyrocket”……..been to the gas pump lately?

    • Gary

      He must be using the EPA’s stats

    • 7papa7

      He reaches up to where the sun don’t shine to grab them. Do you actually expect integrity from this guy? I know you don’t but he makes Nixon and Clinton look like pillars of integrity. This is what happens when a spoiled little brat becomes president. He won’t except NO for an answer. If he doesn’t get his way legally then he will do it illegally and congress doesn’t have the backbone to stop him.

    • elmcqueen3

      He makes em up…Same as his birth certificate!…Who in their right mind would believe anything this moron puts befire us…He’s a habitual liar…He couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it…Its what he has done his whole life!

      • LARA


        • panors77

          More like typical communist……………..

    • Charlie

      Out of thin air !!!

    • Jojo

      The media which actively promotes the leftist agenda provides statistics. Doesn’t matter if they’re made up. The media’s job is to form public opinion, not report facts and allow people to come to their own conclusions. Too many are too stupid to even know they’re being used.

    • http://www.facebook.com/walter.jenisch Walter Jenisch

      more lies

    • Banjo

      From the same place he got the statement that citizens wouldn’t mind more taxes and bigger government!

    • KDS

      Michelle Obama?

  • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

    The only ones who should be ashamed are those–like HIM– who allow our kids and other innocents to be sitting ducks in “gun-free zones”! He’s a lying scumbag and deserves much worse than being dragged out in handcuffs and deported to East BF

    • Barbaree

      Right you are, Donald!!!! You may as well put a target on the school.

  • redwolf6911

    Next thing you know, he will be stamping his feet trying to get his way.

    • Superduty

      Jack-booting would be more like it.

    • $9151788

      Does anyone remember what Nikita Khrushchev did on October 13, 1960 at a UN meeting? I’m expecting Obama to do the same thing someday, especially if he doesn’t get his way. He is doing, now, many of the same things, to Americans, that the Russian leader did to the Russians back when Communism was trying to turn the world toward their form of government. I tell everyone, that will listen, to be very afraid of this man for he is backed by a group of very rich and powerful people who want nothing more then to take away everything we have enjoyed as a nation for hundreds of years and turn us into a nation of sheep which will be forced to follow their form of government, which will be much better for them then it will be for us. This is exactly why our Founding Fathers set America up with the form of government we now have, to get us away from a Monarchy type of government or a Dictatorship. They wanted America to be a country run by the people who would elect others that would do the bidding of the majority but over the years we have let these people take more and more power out of our hands and place it in their hands, mainly because we became very lackadaisical in what we, as the supposed rulers, allowed our elected officials to do. We have now allowed a person into the office of president who doesn’t even try to hide, from the people, what he is doing, because he truly believes, because of his huge ego and the following he believes he has accrued, that he is to powerful to be stopped.

    • Gary

      He’ll be throwing his empty chair soon too

    • http://www.pdcaregiver.org/ JP Jones

      Or, as rog363 references, he’ll take his shoe off to pound it on the lectern. He’ll, though, need to get the steps to do so placed on his teleprompter as he can’t talk or act without one. As a puppet, community organizer, he wouldn’t know an independent thought if one hit him up alongside the head!

    • LARA


  • Bill Board

    Obama needs to come clean on Fast & Furious and Benghazi instead of lecturing US on shame. He makes me sick.

    • mudguy1

      The only way for him to clean is the way one would clean a babies dirty diaper. Flush him

    • LARA


  • Superduty

    Dear Mr. President. I never in my entire life recall a President of The United States that lied as much as you do. Why haven’t you done your job instead of burying your head in this gun related issue? Why haven’t you cleaned the illegals from American Soil? Why haven’t you secured our Borders? Why haven’t you prosecuted the gun running BATF for Fast and Furious gun running scam? Why do you bow to foreign nations? Why have you not taken care of the national debt? Why do you still take expensive vacations when you say you feel for the working class people and how hard it is to make ends meet? Why do you have a dog walker that makes $100,000 a year? Why did you lie about Benghazi? You want respect Mr. President, stop your lying. P.S. Your facts on this matter are all lies too. Just for once why don’t you try telling the truth before you become the largest discrace this country has ever seen. Unfortunately I heard you already have that spot taken.

    • johnwlooper

      SuperDuty, your singing my song!!!

    • BobK

      I’ve heard that the dog walking thing is false – I consider myself a libertarian, and hate the fact that the libs jump all over something that conservatives spout that turns out to be false, yet give Obummer a pass on everything that’s wrong. He does lie about everything, but conservatives and libertarians have to stay on a higher moral ground to win the hearts of low information voters.

      • granny_forUSA

        The Dog Walker is also the trainer. (like training him to leave all the Xmas trees alone & jumping on people, etc.) He is at that dogs beck & call. Yes, the dog walker gets that much money plus family trips that include dog so they also include dog walker. Dog walkers make good money, otherwise there would not be so many. Plus they have to put up with the spoiled K-9’s (and their owners) along w/ the good.

        • Jackie

          Why did he get the dog to start with? He said it was for the kids. So why aren’t they training the dog and walking him? My grandchildren are younger than Obama’s daughters and when they wanted a dog, they got one, but they are the people who feed the pup and take care of her.

      • panors77

        Funny how those low information voters got to vote multiple times for BO like Melowese Richardson.

    • http://twitter.com/roadmantx RoadmanTX

      A true Marxist-Socialist will always speak about
      helping the poor and needy while they build their own wealth. They expect and
      demand to live a life of luxury and lavish spending on themselves while they
      are taxing others to death. Barry and Michelle are true Marxist-Socialist’s.

      We need to fundamentally change Ovommit and family’s lifestyle and send all of them back to Kenya….

      • elmcqueen3

        And please don’t forget Nancy Pelosi…She and her husband got filthy stinking rich from insider information learned while in a position of trust to the American people!

        • panors77

          That plus most of their money from their government salaries that our tax dollars paid them. I hate “government fat cats”. They talk about how bad a corporate fat cat is.

      • Barbaree

        … yassar arafat, jesse jackson (incidentally, what happened to his daughter who was a Fox News analyst?), al sharpton …

        • LARA


    • elmcqueen3

      But…But…But…He said we could keep our guns…No ones coming to take them away…See…He’s being transparent about eveything he does and he tells us exactly what’s we all want to hear!

      • Charlie

        Pizza guns, bubble guns,finger guns maybe.

        • panors77

          Yeah….finger guns are ok……Pop Tart guns…nooooooooooooooooo!!! heh.

    • Charlie

      He thinks we are all stupid. He does not know that in our country he is our servant,not the other way around. According to his personal agenda he is doing his job for you see he wants to be the first leader of the new worrld order and to do this he has to break our economy,get rid of all that oppose him in our military,start race wars if possible,disrupt any christain groups and this list just goes on and on. So he has to lie to cover his other lie to cover oh yeah another lie…..

  • Al Chemist

    The latest CBS poll says that 47 % favor more strict control, 39 % think it should stay the same and 11 % say it should be less strict. By my math that’s 50 % to 47 % AGAINST more strict control. In addition, you would expect the Commie Broadcasting System to be biased greatly in favor of more control. Mister President, you are spouting pure Bull Plop!

    • johnwlooper

      That’s all I’ve ever heard him spout!

    • LARA


    • panors77

      WEll…..ok that’s CBS huh? Wonder how many of that 47% voted multiple times for BO?

  • http://twitter.com/r1944gmailcom ron

    Colorado SB-13-013 will bring in secret service as the hickies own private enforcer to go after citizens with clips. this is going to be a grandstand bill signing when obama shows up here next week in Colorado.

    • Gary

      There should be mass protests at the Colorado state capitol building next week

    • Charlie

      It will be the brown shirts that show up, no ID’s on uniforms just auto weapons and a whole bunch of them. Hitler did the same thing it works. Stop the voting for any democrat and maybe save our country.

  • VirgoVince

    WHY is this ugly illegal basturd son of a white-trash whore, mu-slime fraud still breathing??

    • http://twitter.com/JprSR304 JOEL PATTI SR.


      • VirgoVince

        WHY must you SHOUT at everyone, learn how to use the Caps Lock key!!
        Have you never heard, ‘Where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY??’
        I’m waiting for some Patriot’s who have the will, to find the way, but it’s taken 5 yrs too long, is that so hard to grasp??

        • Charlie

          There was a way , but the people on the take voted him back in as our servant one more time.

          • VirgoVince

            You didn’t get the memo either; it has nothing to do with voters, but everything to do with fraud and corruption in the election process!!
            The election was STOLEN from the voters, because the idiot lefty libs knew they would lose!!!! That’s how ovomit got to be senator and ‘won’ the first time around; so they made it work the 3rd time!!

          • Barbaree

            As long as this continues, they will win EVERY election. Is anyone doing anything about this? I haven’t heard anything more since the “election.”

          • VirgoVince

            THANK YOU, Barbaree, FINALLY someone gets my point!! NO action has been taken, so refer back to my original comment and give me a LOGICAL reason!!!!

          • panors77

            First of all they didn’t vote him in as a servant, they voted him in as a “messaiah” and king……many voting multiple times illegally.

      • panors77

        And anti gun celebrities……like Jim Carey.

  • Jeff Shouse

    Calling Obama an obnoxious prick would be an insult to obnoxious pricks everywhere.

  • CaptTurbo

    Sorry Barry. Go back to Kenya and organize a spear control program.

  • stombut

    What a sick, lying POS!!! I’m sure he thinks about those kids every time he lines up a putt. There are no longer any words left in the English language to describe what he is. He is a sick human being. I’m guessing one day in the future if you want to offend or disgust someone, forget the “N- Word, Bigot, Racist….” use the word Obama, it will eclipse any of those. In fact it would be the only time where I would agree with a jail able offence for free speech if one were to utter the word. He makes the name Benedict Arnold seem noble!!!! Also, if they are going to hire an actress to stand behind him to cry on cue, at least find one that can make it less obvious. This whole thing was like watching a bad play. Mussolini’s retirement party would be too good for him.

  • Trainr

    Just listening to him makes me ill. He has no respect for the truth specifically, or Americans in general. I wish someone had the guts to initiate impeachment or treason proceedings. I’m betting he’s guilty of both

  • johnwlooper

    If you get into gun control, you have relinquished a Constitutional right wou’ll never get back. That opens the door for tyrannical government to remove the rest of your rights. Make no mistake, there will still me incidents like as Newtown.
    Obama is full of Crap. IF he’s as intelligent as a lot of people think he is, he knows that. The question really is, what is his and the rest of his Socialist pals real agenda. There are millions of us who know! Then we have the uninformed and the “sheeple” who blindly follow this “Pied Piper”.
    Wake up America! The taking of Constitutional rights will result in a horrific confrontation!

    • panors77

      “Real agenda” =Financially tank the USA to the point of default, declare martial law and condfiscate all firearms, disolve congress and the supreme court, then surrender the former USA to the UN under a global communist dictatorship which will divide the country up into American “sectors”, made up of former “states” merged with other former states. .


    OBOZO is banking on the “majority” of Americans being totally IGNORANT of his Marxist agenda to disarm them….with the dedicated help of a controlled and treasonous mainstream national media!

    ~Karl Marx

    WHILE OBOZO wants Americans disarmed he is escalating his personal army within the Department of “Homeland Security” …….simply because:

    “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”
    ~ Vladimir Lenin

  • pipcrusher

    how about a thorough background check on obama…. you first mr f2cking know it all

    • Charlie

      He has had background checks done. The checks failed,if he did not have the job he has he would not be hired.

  • http://twitter.com/jrfoleyjr James Foley

    Shame on us for having allowed Obama to skate for so long on the Benghazigate murders of 4 US citizens. This long intermission has allowed him to rally his screen of excuse makers and propaganda media.


    SEE how HAPPY the people are to be there,,there smiling face’s,,there loud cheer’s and support…AND where does all that support and stat’s come from ?? is this another one of his BULL SH$T TALK’S ??

  • Steve

    I wonder how many kids the DHS will murder with their FULL AUTO weapons & armored vehicles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/666InstantKarma George Cagnard

    The S#!T is getting beep where are my wading hip boots :: 90% my ass !

  • rp

    IF you want to do something that is showing you want to follow the law, then how about cooperating with Congress with Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and showing proof that you are qualified to be president in the first place>

  • http://twitter.com/JprSR304 JOEL PATTI SR.


  • Barbaree

    Can’t this man make a speech without a group of people standing around him? Don’t worry, mnr. obama, we haven’t forgotten Newtown, and I’ll bet you think about them on every one of your lavish vacations.

    • gutterfalcon

      His group of people around him, whether it’s parents or kids is “Propaganda” straight out of a book, Hitler did the same exact thing.

    • Arrgh2112

      dear leader is just doing as he was taught…human shields

  • gutterfalcon

    He says “We can do better than this” a couple times. And we can. Starting with putting an American in the white house and replacing all democrats in politics with Americans.

    • Gary

      So true. The Democrats of today were the far left radical commies of the 1960’s

      • LARA


  • Gary

    Let him go campaign in every red state with a Democrat senator up for reelection in 2014

  • Anthony Newman

    we shall never forget!!! we shall never forget what you choose to mister president. shall not be infringed!!! the background checks get destroyed after you purchase a gun so that governments such as we fought and died for back in Germany’s Hitler don’t come and get our guns and put us under a Marxist communism. even if it’s a soft form of it. it is repulsive. people know what you’re doing mister president.

  • http://twitter.com/GregWofford Greg Wofford

    This (destruction of the 2nd Amendment) is like all progressive plans a long term undertaking. Look at what these idiots are doing to the children in our schools. They are trying to make them all frightened of guns or heck anything that even vaguely resembles a gun. Children are being punished for toaster pastry that looks like a “L”, or making a “gun” with their hand. This must stop now or we will have a generation of wimps scared of their own shadows.

  • hangman57

    Up your Obama ,I will not give up my rights.

  • RubyBlu

    Shame Congress?! You, Mr. Obama, don’t know what that word means. WE are ashamed of you; your hissy-fits no longer impress us. Congress, stand up and do what WE elected you to do – protect our Constitution and the American citizens.

  • BobK

    I would like to see conservative leaders turn this gun control thing around and blame the libs for Sandy Hook – they should point out that a well armed and trained teacher would have stopped the shooter in his tracks before he killed all those people. They should also hammer the point that places with gun free zones are the targets of these maniacs, so designating a place as a gun free zone makes it a target. Also, hammer the point that the second amendment was created to stop maniacs, which includes a tyrannical government, from causing damage to our country. Are our conservative leaders so afraid of retribution that they don’t speak out?. I would like to know.

  • sovereigntyofone

    First of all, using Obama’s numbers I’d say almost 90% of decent Americans DO NOT TRUST the government, especially with Obama running it. Trust is the key. We don’t believe that this ” gun grab” will stop at 10 round magazine capacities, nor will it stop with the ” government approved ” rifles and shotguns. How many lies have the American people heard from this president? And all of a sudden we are supposed to TRUST and BELEIVE him this time on our 2nd Amendment rights? One important fact that Obama never enters into his conversation is the fact that NO law abiding American gun owner committed any of the murders/mass killings.. none. About (government run ) back ground checks. Trust once again comes into play. We gun owners know that with the present government we have that these back ground checks leaves us wide open for abuse.
    Collection data ( your name, address, type gun you own ) can be abused for future gun confiscation and or massive tax purposes. And we know that if Obamacare can be passed to ” tax ” our health/health care, Obama shouldn’t have any problems ramming through a hefty tax on guns, bullets and associated items. No Mr. President we DO NOT TRUST YOU NOR THE GOVERNMENT. Stand up and take a bow because you have destroyed any trust that we may have had in it to do the RIGHT THING and NO we have not forgotten. You talk of we have forgotten the children killed at NewTown, CT. No we didn’t forget them, nor have we forgotten the thousands of Parents children that served in past and present wars to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and that includes the 2nd Amendment. Do you want us to forget those children that grew up to fight and die for this nation? And last but not least, we haven’t forgotten the last four words in the 2nd Amendment ” Shall Not Be Infringed ” .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Deel/570479350 Brandon Deel

    So what I want to know is why is no one doing anything to have him impeached already? Clinton had an affair and did some fraud stuff and he was impeached even though he wasn’t removed from office so why is it that a man who is threatening our Constitution getting away with it?

  • Dale Patterson

    The flies buzzing around his head keep telling him this crap… He’s delusional AND psychotic…

  • $39132868

    Newtown is obviously a False Flag. That “data” that was just released is chock full of errors and inconsistencies. The Ruling Elite Vermin know that the USA is the most heavily armed Nation EVER – and when the Feinstains and Bloombergs “Cyprus” the USA – they are trying to avoid righteous justice.

  • granny_forUSA

    He is like a 2 yr. old in a candy store. A 10 yr old w/ statistics. A teen ager w/ the spending, An uneducated illegal w/ lies and always putting his foot in his mouth. He is mostly afraid of the “right to carry” cause he might have to walk the streets one day.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    There was a term made popular after the War Between the States. “Waving the bloody shirt”. It referred to politicians who referenced the blood shed by soldiers with the aim of criticizing their opponents. Obama and the lib/socialists have been waving the blood of the Newtown children at us for over three months. It might be more effective if, at the same time, they didn’t glory in the genocide of over three thousand children on a daily basis.

  • monacall

    his such a liar……….quit and stat doing your job…..stupid is a stupid does. bet most of those people there don’t work, wanna bet?

  • http://twitter.com/_shuntsm shuntsm

    everyone I know can pass a backround check I think obama should be backround checked
    ” obama be the first on your block get a backround check ” lets see how it works

  • Jimmy Hitchcock

    I just hope that the ones joining Rand Paul in his filibuster don’t cave in to threats.

  • Ralph

    I set the following to my Senators, Representative and the local paper. Either start standing up in public or do nothing and quit the whining and eat some cheese.

    Are you kidding, Gun Control?

    How will any limitation on the number of rounds a gun holds prevent mass
    murders? There are more ways to kill a multiple number of people, if
    they are unarmed, without guns if you are determined. Ask the Hamas and
    other terrorist organizations.

    Also how can you trust a government that refuses to enforce the present
    gun laws, to enforce these new laws?

    If you teach that morals are relative, or situational, that life is
    cheap, and that when you kill/murder an individual, you don’t pay the
    ultimate punishment but are allowed to live, what do you expect?

    A signer of the Declaration of Independence,has been proven right. “I
    lament that we waste so much time and money in punishing crimes and take
    so little pains to prevent them…we neglect the only means of
    establishing and perpetuating our republican forms of government; that
    is, the universal education of our youth in the principles of
    Christianity by means of the Bible; for this Divine Book, above all
    others, constitutes the soul of republicanism.” “By withholding the
    knowledge of [the Scriptures] from children, we deprive ourselves of the
    best means of awakening moral sensibility in their minds.” [Letter
    written (1790’s) in Defense of the Bible in all schools in America]

    Think about it and do something that is real or do what you are doing or
    nothing at all and the next mass killings blood will be on your head
    and hands.

    A Christian,

    Ralph E. Zecco
    Ecclesiastes 11:8

  • Robert Gunther

    Copy and paste or click on the URL and see what the American People


    All you people need to log on the White House and contact
    the president with this URL, make your opinion count and get out from under the
    radar, make your voice heard NOW before he pulls some under handed crap with an
    executive order. Comments on this site will not let our government know how you

    Click on nanny Bloomberg above and take the survey.

  • Shadow_58

    The entire Obama administration can kiss my butt. This assortment of clowns, thieves and frauds are nothing more than a haggle of Socialist with dreams of ultimate control.

  • Betty Lusinger

    And I haven’t forgotten Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and many other things that show me this president doesn’t have a clue.

  • John Beam

    These progressive scumbags make me ill. Equating “forgetting what happened 100 days ago” with opposing yet MORE gun control regulations (which they will only enforce upon those who comply with it, and will ignore those who DON’T) is as disgusting and cynical as this opulent turd has ever been. I’m sure that he went straight from this propaganda media-op to a few hours on a gated golf course.

  • $7872008

    The loop hole that President Obama wants to close is the 2nd Amendment. If he is able to that, the rest of the Constitution has no authority to determine legal rulings..If he can disregard one part, he can disregard any and all of the Constitution. Without the structure for all legal determination the Constitution will have lost its place of authority and the Judicial Branch will become subservient to the Executive Branch. If President Obama can enact a ruling to use Universal (without limits) background checks in determining who are or are not permitted to have the right to bear arms, consequentially he will have fractured the 2nd Amendment rights of the people. ……………….

  • websmith

    Obama doesn’t want to take away our gun rights. He wants to take away all of our rights as the Patriot Act and NDAA prove. Don’t give him an inch.

  • Altus

    He is pathetic…not a President…merely a stooge for his communist buddies. He makes up stats to disarm us. Got news ….IT WON’T WORK !

  • Hora

    All statistics is take from Lie and his mind only doing create more and more enemy and in numbers are over 50% of all voter. I hate that guy and all dem-liberals. When all be will inverse and GOP get a power that day dems-liberals will start cry. A revenge be will to sweet.

  • marineh2ominer

    As usual , he is a lying b–t–d and as a communist he HATES the idea of the people having the means to resist government atrocities . He could not care less for any kids , as all his past policies prove , starting with murder of the post abortion survivors .

  • Randy131

    First off, guns sold without backround checks do not amount to 40% of total sales, but only 10%, which is basicly private owners selling their property to another private citizen, a one time sale and purchase by those individuals. As far as including mentally ill people on the list of those banned for gun purchases, this is very reasonable and practical, but only those who have been ajudicated as such by a judge. When any person is accused of being such, they should have to go before a judge to confirm that accusation or diagnosis. Not arbitrarily assigning such designation to our veterans, without their ability for immediate recourse. The Obama administration forsees all veterans as potential terrorists, because they honor their oaths, that they take upon their enlistment into the military, for life, or are extremely religious and believe in their Bibles, or are strict US Constitutionalists, and take their rights and freedoms seriously when the federal goverment starts usurping them, in the name of supposed public opinion or protection. This both Nancy Pelosi and Janet Napolitano have publicly stated, and asked for all law enforcement agencies across the USA to keep dossiers on veterans with these leanings, without any probable cause. People also need to be aware that backround checks are a hidden method of registration for the government’s benefit, and one only has to see what registration of arms leads to by looking at the history of Poland, Germany, and Italy. Why people think that these historic events could never happen here is beyond me, because the same belief was intact in those places and helped the tragedies occur in them. Who would have ever believed that Christianity would be under the attack that it is today by Obama and the Democrats, using the federal government’s powers to do so. If infringement on an Amendment in the ‘Bill of Rights’, that strictly prohibits infringement, can occur, what part of the US Constitution would ever be safe from the same type of occurences? Better yet, if the US Constitution can be infringed upon, what rights and freedoms do you actually have, that the federal government cannot take from you, for it is the only instrument that guarantees your rights and freedoms, and not from foreigners, but from your own government, as it was written and designed for. The American people need to wake up before it is too late, if it is not already.

  • LARA


  • polmutant

    how can you shame the shameless. they eat and accept an illegal commie pinko. they spit on the constitution. and they should be ashamed? what a joke.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    Tell Hitler to go pound dirt, a true marxist idiot who has been on vacation since the day he was born.

  • randellmd

    we already have background checks you stupid moron!

  • bunky doodle

    he makes up facts and statistics out of the air. he wants to cancel the constitution and all amendments and reign as king george did. the king banned musket imports, then confiscated guns, (or tried) then, he got a revolution.

  • Oneyeopn

    If we all agree on his lies then why isnt it just sailing through congress. His lips are moving and he is lying!!!!

  • grumpy3625

    Every time he opens his mouth Saul Alinsky pops out. Why is it that every time he appears on TV a bunch of people are standing behind him? I’ve lived through 13 presidents and I can’t recall any of them always having a bunch of people there to add dramatic backdrop. Can’t he make one address without all the Hollywood showtime? I submit that it’s a ripoff of Hitler, who would always be photographed with throngs around him. And speaking of Hitler: compare the way he speaks and the way Hitler spoke. There’s a creepy similarity to the style and cadence. God, I can’t stand him! His followers must have the softest, most impressionable brains this sector of the Milky Way.

  • Joe Biden

    “we can do better than this” yes, we can, we can certainly get an American president vs. this fink phoney.

    made up stats, more lies. it’s not the gun dummie, it’s the guy pulling the trigger. I don’t hear anything on curbing violence on tv, nothing on prescription drugs from big pharma that alter the mind, no, why’s that?

    because guns are our last defense against this tyrannical usurper and his mob who want to control us. hollywood filth, that’s ok, they want a tyrant. big pharma, that’ ok, that contribute to the leftist party. guns are the last wall and an easy target for those claiming to make us safe.


  • Joe Biden

    oh yea, the Newton shooter couldn’t get a gun! he took it from his mom! So much for your beloved ‘background’ checks.

    also, 80% of shooting murders are by illegal guns! and…4.5M have said they’ve used a gun to defend themselves, 2% of these, 90k have said their gun said them in a life/death situation!

    we don’t hear those facts! if just a tenth of 1% were saved by there lawful gun, that would be 4.5k saved by a gun, that’s thousands of times greater than those killed at Newton that had their life saved because they own a gun!

    they (Obama regime) doesn’t want you to have a gun because they want you defenseless, that’s why they’re buying up billions of bullets.

    history repeats!

  • 1_Eddie_1

    These leftist’s speak out of both sides of their face. “Our common sense gun control measures won’t affect the second ammendment.”

    Really! Then, what is the point? Give it up lefty, America isn’t falling for the lie.

  • Teddy

    Shame on HIM! For using this for his polical gain.

  • Jackie

    Sounds somewhat like what he said in Israel, urging students to oppose the newly elected government, Direct appeals to people who might back his policies. In Israel it might mean the end of the nation. Here it would place all power in the hands of the government, meaning Obama and his cohorts of armed , but not forces, dupes.

  • Steve Harper

    He’s damn sure full of misinformation and down right lies, wonder how he looks his self in the eyes

  • Tonto

    Another looser from the nazis…and they are now having hissy fits and tearing their hankies to shreds and stomping them. Obama probably has his itty bitty lace undies in an uproar too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Meyer/100002158487298 Michael Meyer

    More socialist bull from president pinochio.

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