• grinner


  • Ben


  • Winghunter


  • ejlawyer

    can you imagine… That poor guy must have peed his pants! hahaha

  • Cara Michaels

    Love the end… “Can we do it again?” :D

  • Adam Kuglin


  • eric

    nice commercial

  • Mcgyver49

    “can we do it again?”…bwahahahaha!!!

    • PhineasPhreak

      He showed some spunk. I think I’d have said the same thing.

  • Nick

    drove that way on wet roads, hes is the man!

  • http://www.facebook.com/greasecoastie Cody Ray Wright

    You wanna do it again :D

  • http://twitter.com/DearDipshit dearDipshit

    fake as hell

  • Casper

    I think the sales guy was in on it from the start.

  • genann59

    Cute, but it would have been neither cute nor funny if that salesman had had a heart attack. You all scared the crap out of that man and he is old enough he could have crapped out on you all and that would NOT have been funny. Think ahead to things like that. At least they should have tried it with a younger man.

    • gundog9mm

      Geeze get a life loser.BOOOOO HOOOOOO Are you related to Todd. LOL!!

    • SassyGirl

      Oh my goodness, take a deep breath and relax, go with it honey and just enjoy the show. Don’t be so uptight.

    • truthseeker88

      No worries, it was probably all staged. Do you think they would have endangered that other driver that spun out or driven over that ramp catching air? Or take the chance the salesman would grab the steering wheel? Or shut off the key while moving? Nope. Just a very funny commercial for Pepsi.

  • John

    That was awesome. I don’t watch racing and heard of Jeff Gordon, but man he’s an awesome driver. Funny video.

  • http://hubze.com/ David Foster


  • itsmebob

    Reminds me of a test drive I did years ago with a VW GTI.

  • Donald

    That was funny when they go to the Popeyes drive through and are like “shrimpin ain’t easy!” Classic Jeff Gordon.

  • MRD

    I’m not a NASCAR fan but I know who Jeff Gordon is. That was GREEAAATTTTT! Reaction on the salesman, priceless!

  • KingofThings

    LOVE IT!!!

  • darla

    AWESOME! even if it was staged (?), what a hoot…….. I’d let Jeff G drive my car any day…

  • edro3111

    One of the funniest celebrity gags I’ve seen!

  • amishron

    Sure would have liked to see that car salesman call the cops just to see what would happen.

  • Rocky

    Well, it looks like a use has been finally been found for the Cabarrus plant site. Maybe they can make a few kite flying videos and really utilize the facility.

  • firesnuffer

    I would say fake ….don’t see real concern in the salesmans’ eyes.

  • Conservative Not Republican

    I’m not a NACAR fan, and I don’t know if that was real or not, but it was hysterically funny.

  • Bluplanet

    Must be like being waterboarded. Its not fatal but you feel like you’re going to die.

  • Francisco Ortiz

    what if this guy would have had a heart attack? it could have turned bad real quick

  • brabbie2002

    Do it again. Do it again!!!! WHEEEEEEEE!

  • Doc

    not real!! Too many staged camera shots. It was funny though!!

    • Tourstix

      The staged cameras were just part of the road course they obviously set up for Jeff Gordon to drive a certain circuit. Not that hard to plant cameras and then drive past them. This was a Pepsi commercial, not RC cola so I’m sure they had enough funding to hide a few cameras.

  • bill

    Did he buy the car?

  • huneimurs0568

    I laughed so hard, I lost my breath, which was not a good thing, because I have a terminal rare lung disease, BUT IT WAS THE WORTH THE ENTIRE 3:46 minutes of it, I just crankd up the ole Oxygen concentrator and took some exta long deep breaths and here I am 10 minutes later, still giggling about it. lol Whew, I just wonder if he had to change his pants afterwards?????

    • CorruptionInColumbia

      Na, his sphincter slammed shut so hard he is now terminally constipated.

  • disqus_44JbsFzgKV

    Total set-up. Paid actors all around. Nice job though.

  • Björn Borg Josëf

    is there an ending? i would love to see “mike” say who he is

  • rfrichey

    I’m not as avid of a NASCAR fan as I once was but I’ve been a JG fan from the time he came onto the scene. My dad was a charter member of NASCAR and I saw all of the early stock car drivers back when most were driving 39 Fords. My Family traveled to
    Daytona in a 46 Ford woody wagon to see the first NASCAR Daytona race on the old beach course, what a treat that was for a kid that loved auto racing. On another note I don’t like Jeff’s choice of drinks. Long live Coke.

  • RistoNoel

    This was great! lol ‘Like’ my page if you collect NASCAR memorabilia http://www.facebook.com/ristonoel

  • AustinObserver

    Could have given that guy a heart attack if it was real. I say it was staged.

  • chuckt12345

    cant believe people think this isnt all staged

  • tammy

    that is great!!!

  • Fakemcfake


  • Jjones

    Haven’t laughed so hard in quite awhile..Glad the car salesman didn’t die of a heart attack. Jeff Gordon is awesome!!

  • Boogeyman

    Completely fake and staged for all in the name of promoting a product (or products).

  • http://www.facebook.com/sausagekingone Robert Sausagekingone

    I think it was great haaaaaaaaaaa

  • jrm nebraska

    Fake or not that would be pretty funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/janet.mcclellan1 Janet McClellan

    I wonder what Jeff Gordon would have done, had this man suffered a heart attack?


  • meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    of course it was staged, who cares. If that was Jeff driving I am Very impressed. This was funny and plain fun.To all those who were worried about a heart attack, do not be. This salesman was clearly an actor. If he was scared he would not have done anything but scream. This was a well made commerical for pepsi. To bad it wasn’t for Cherry Pepsi though.

  • truthseeker88

    Staged? Definitely. Entertaining and funny as hell? No doubt about it.

  • Cheryl Storms

    This was SOOO HILARIOUS to me !! I laughed until I was crying… Everyone that watches this must love it!!!! That poor salesman was tripping so hard… he thought he was going to die….Everyone must share this video…

  • PhineasPhreak

    Hope the car that had to swerve was in on it.

  • CorruptionInColumbia

    At last report, the car salesman still hasn’t been able to take a dump. Word is his sphincter hasn’t opened after slamming shut numerous times during the ride.

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