• melindaB.

    Australia is one of the safest places to live – you morons don’t know how gun control can save you!

    • mikeinidaho

      Thanks for the name calling! It’s the last refuge of an individual who has no cogent thoughts on the subject. I do hope that you will move there soon, since it is so safe.
      In the meantime, READ THE US CONSTITUTION, especially the 2nd Amendment.
      Then look up the meaning of “shall not be INFRINGED”. Thanks for playing!

    • ggrdr05

      You’re an idiot if you believe that

    • conservative

      Australia is not a safe place to live; not any more. Their crime has skyrocketed since they lost their right to have guns. You seriously need to go do your homework.

    • $26222150

      I’ll send you a “gun-free zone” sign for your front yard. What’s your address?

    • JOHN

      There crime rate is 4 times what it was before the ban and the murder rate is 5 times what it was.Criminals do not obey laws and you leave the citizens without protection.WHAT’S SO DAMN HARD TO GET ABOUT THAT?

  • mikeinidaho

    We did fight against it, sir and we will continue to fight gun control every time the communists try to force it down our throats! We the People will NOT stop fighting to restore the Republic, ever.

  • CP5thgrp

    Someone forward this to Jon Stewart please.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Stupid bitch .

  • 2War Abn Vet

    But than, Obama as our President “is an absolute disgrace.”

    • Guest

      Obama running a Popsicle stand is a disgrace!

  • freedomringsforall

    Yes some of us know that obama is a total piece of crap

  • Sarah Conner


  • CincinnatiRIck

    The founders didn’t put the right to keep and bear arms into the Constitution, second only to free speech, to protect hunters and target hobbyists. The Constitution is a serious POLITICAL document and the Second Amendment is a statement of an IMPORTANT POLITICAL right. It is there courtesy of their recent experience with the importance of an armed citizenry in curbing and, if necessary, resisting an overbearing government.
    And they were under no illusion that the potential for tyranny came solely from or would end with King George and the British Parliament. Australians still bow and curtsey for George’s descendents and don’t have a clue what the right to keep and bear arms means…including this “hunter and fisher” dude.

    • $26222150

      The Constitution is actually LAW. And every state that adopted it agreed to abide by it. AND we the people are the enforcers.

  • Lucy

    CincinnatiRick you are correct, but we should be thanking Mr. Borsak for his encouragement. We have not received any from any other country that I am aware of.

  • Robert S Moulds

    I think but enforcement of exiting gun laws is better than new and in effective ones.
    In Canada bill C 68 the gun registry was to cost $100 million but cost a billion move over it did reduce crime and inconvenienced gun owners. The Conservatives have over turned the bill but some provinces like Quebec want the data base if it is not destroyed. So don’t follow in Canada’s foot steps its expensive, unfair to gun owners and does not reduce crime.

  • marineh2ominer

    We will fight gun controllers civilly , until they begin to prevail , then not so civilly . Obam ass is a PURE communist . Born of a Godless communist tramp that was raised by communist grandparents , mentored by an infamous communist and only associated with communists all his life , even in college and after as a ” community a–hole and failed lawyer . We fought communism for fifty years then allowed them to take over our education system and dumb down our youth even as they indoctrinated them against everything American .

  • MyMissKitty

    I support the 2nd amendment. I am a gun owner. But what kind of asshat kills an elephant?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.panetta.77 Anthony Panetta

    Mr. Borsack is absolutely right. I think of the recent bombing in Cambridge and how many of those who bought into the liberal agenda of no guns and had to cower in their homes without a gun for their own and families protection,hoping the Muslim creep would not break into their home and kill them all.

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