Double blast ends Boston Marathon while NYPD on high-alert

bostonThe area surrounding the Boston Marathon is on lockdown following two explosions near the finish line, one from inside a building and a second explosion emanating from an outside trash can, according to a police source on Monday.

The blasts occurred at about 2:55 p.m.., according to Boston Police Department officials, on Monday. There are no reports of possible suspects involved or if the double-blast was an accident, they said.

The Marathon was held on what was designated Patriot Day by the Boston city government.

In New York City, the NYPD’s headquarters at One Police Plaza are now on high-alert as a result of the Boston explosions, Det. Morris Schenk told the Law Enforcement Examiner.

“Terrorist attacks do not occur in a vacuum. They require planning and preparation, such as the acquisition of certain materials or training in targeted activities. Terrorist operatives will try to obtain these in the private sector, from businesses both inside and outside of New York City’s geographic boundaries,” according to a statement from the NYPD’s counterterrorism section.


  • docdave1

    Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as
    ‘controlled explosion’ drill by Boston bomb squad

    Two bombs have ocked the streets of Boston and reportedly injured 22 marathon runners (two have reportedly died). It’s too early to know the cause of these explosions,but you can rest assured both the state and federal government will try to usethis tragic event to blame whatever convenient enemies are most advantageous
    for the government.

    No one has yet stepped forward to claim responsibility for the bombs, and the
    fact that no firearms were used in the attack may indicate this was NOT part of
    a false flag effort by the government to try to blame gun owners. (But it’s
    still way too early to tell…)

    We are horrified at this loss of innocent life, and we
    are praying for the victims of this bombing as well as their families.

    Bomb quad was running “controlled explosion” on the same day

    What’s not yet being reported by the mainstream media is
    that a “controlled explosion” was under way on the same day as the
    marathon explosion.

    As the Boston Globe tweeted today, “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion
    opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”

    Bloomberg news is now saying, “This is very likely a terrorist attack.”

    The question is: Who are the terrorists? It’s far too early to take an informed
    guess on all this. However, it is indisputable that the FBI is actively engaged
    in carrying out bomb plots in the United States, then halting them at
    the last minute to “catch the terrorists.” This fact has been covered
    by the New York Times, among other publications.

    Also read

    FBI ‘entrapment’ tactics questioned in web of phony terror plots and paid

    Keep in mind I am in no way blaming the FBI for this. Most men and women who
    work with the FBI are upstanding citizens who would be appalled at such acts.
    But it is theoretically possible that one of the FBI’s many “terror
    plots” went too far and turned into a live bomb instead of a dud
    followed by an arrest for “domestic terrorism.”

    For the record, the explosions seemed relatively small for a false flag,
    and most false flags target children in order to maximize the emotional leverage
    after the event. That these explosions did not target children is yet more
    evidence that it may not have been a false flag at all.

    Either way, terrorism always works in the favor of the state. It makes
    presidents look presidential, and it gives the government an excuse to crack
    down on civil liberties all across the country.

    Be wary of who ultimately gets blamed for this, especially if it’s a veteran or

    Additional information: a message…



    • polmutant

      hey you serve a commie pink kenyan muslim and call him commander in chief. people of boston wanted to be sheoples along time ago. they gave away their gun rights in exchange for homo and baby murders, and a muslim, commie pink kenyan. and boston has some really nice mosques. let the devil in and the devil will destroy.

      • panors77

        I don’t call him “pink”…..he’s fully RED to me.

    • turfbarn80

      Yes, but it’s a liberal city. They figure as long as they’re nice to everybody, everybody will be nice to them.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        it appears they are wrong! the moosluts are like sharks at the scent of blood, they sense we are weak and vunerable, they sense a feedin frenzy and they have attacked! Now my thoughts and prayers go out to the folks of boston, but when you sheeple vote for the pyed piper and fall for the rhetric that spews from their stinkin suckholes, WE all pay a price!!

    • Stephen Rhinehart

      No way to anticipate everything. If a thousand of the smartest in the country got to geather and thought of every possible attack, some one they think is an idiot would think of somthing they missed

      • ggrdr05

        especially when we have napolitano,brennan,hagel,holder,obambam the idiots in charge!!!!!

  • Benjamin Fox

    I know the lame stream media isn’t allowed to use the term but, I will, had to be Islamic terrorist, those who hate America and wants to bring sharia law to our land, kick them all out and sent them home to worship their false god and prophet. Don’t need them to take this country to the dark ages, let them take obozo with them, he is one of them.

  • Jack_Reacher

    Reportedly, a Saudi National is in custody and currently being guarded at the hospital.

    Wolf Blitzer of CNN reportedly has stated that it was either Muslim Terrorists or Right Wing Terrorists. He failed to mention the Obama administration, one of the biggest terrorist groups on the planet.

    • 7papa7

      We should do to the Muslims what we did to the Japanese during WW II when we put them in internment camps. SCOTUS ruled that is was legal what we did because of the threat to America. We should give the Muslims a choice internment or get out of the country and don’t come back. I want my beloved America safe for my family and my grandchildren, which is my family.

      • panors77

        While we’re at it….round up all the illegals too and deport em south of the border.

        • 7papa7

          You get a double capitol AMEN on that.

    • violater1

      Now, now we cannot be racist toward his beloved ni99er sorry ass terrorist scum bags!


        Violater, your 9’slook a lot like g’s.


      Obama most likely will call it a “work place accident”, because “Muslim terrorist” is a forbidden word. You may get into big trouble using it. Don’t you know that all Muslims are peace loving people?

    • panors77

      Funny…….how many “right wing” terrorists have we had since McVey?? I think the majority of “terrorists” can be found in the muslim camp.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      I wonder how Wolf Blitzer defines “right wing terrorists?” Let me guess: Anti-Marxist Obama; loves the Constitution; a Military Veteran; upholds the oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution; is probably white; is pro-2nd Amendment; and is registered to a political party other than Socialist Democrat. Wolf Blitzer can go to hell.

    • mac12sam12

      Or obama buddy Bill Ayers. Remember, ”guilty as sin, free as a bird, what a country!”

  • G W

    Another Sad Day for our Country. Condolences to the families of our fallen citizens.

    • 7papa7

      You are right the families need to be held up in prayer. We need to get our priorities straightened out and deal with these terrorists. We are a big enough country to be able to do both things at the same time.

      • Greg

        I think we should not tell God how big our problems are, but to be telling our problems just how big our God is. Then, keep our powder dry, and you won’t take my guns from me until you pry them from my cold, dead fingers.

        • 7papa7

          No argument on that. We also need to be totally 100% honest with God and let Him no that instances we are overwhelmed with what is in front of us and ask for His mercy and strength to deal with those problems so that He gets the glory and we don’t fail.


      How many of those runners voted for obama?

      • panors77

        ….and how many TIMES did they vote for BO?

  • 7papa7

    It appears to be terrorist related. Where is the mad Marxist? He sure is silent so far. I wonder what video he will blame this on. It was NOT an accident. This was a deliberate attack on American soil. What is obama gonna do about it? How will he bury any information? How will he deceive congress? How will he blame America? How will we get him impeached?

    • turfbarn80

      He heard the news and went to bed early.


        I heard he hopped on another vacation or campaign stop. They seem to run concurrently these days.

      • Sarah Conner

        heard the news and smoked another bowl of crack…

    • wowman

      It’s always a terrorist plot, so what is this Muslim idiot in the WH plotting to take away from us now.

      • 7papa7

        Your guess is as good as mine.

    • James Star

      He has them looking for assault guns. Cant wait to hear the spin on this one.

      • 7papa7

        Workplace violence.

    • panors77

      Maybe BO knew about it and allowed it from his muslim brotherhood buddies?

      • 7papa7

        That would not surprise me at all.

  • agbjr

    We’ve seen this before in Israel, the style of Hamas and Al Qaeda but it may not necessarily be either. One thing is for certain, Obama will seize this ‘opportunity’ to further attack our Bill of Rights and restrict Constitution-abiding United States Citizens. Meanwhile those in burqas come and go as they please unchallenged and with the utmost courtesy from OUR government.

    • Alexander Davidson

      CIA used such tactics in Vietnam, to blame the “other” mob… so they could renew hostilities, and keep that money-spinner of a war going on. Poor GI’s are the bait for this, and the victims. So many dead on both sides, so Boeing and Co, can make billions!

      • panors77

        OH yes…..the viet kong were only trying to institute “equality” and harmony in south east asia. It’s those dang “evil” corporations again.

      • voter suppression

        From your comment you do not know what the CIA does.
        People like you are responsible for decreased security and actions like this and others.

  • Thomas Sharp


  • manfromthemountain

    Now are they going to ban trash cans and maybe, buildings????

  • Ben

    I wonder if it was the Religion of Peace again? Horrible, horrible stuff.

    • Alexander Davidson

      That “religion of peace” is gradually being infiltrated and usurped by criminal radicals, who buy kids out of poverty families, brainwash them, and send them out to bomb and die. The NEW rulers there do envisage a PEACE alright… YOURS in death! – But with Obama in Power illegally or otherwise, you are doomed, unless you all, en masse, react and throw out those responsible, and ensure that NONE of them can return to corrupt futher, may peace be on them.

      • panors77

        That “religion of peace” has been at war ever since their great leader amassed an army in medina and attacked/slaughtered mecca into submission. That “religion of peace” later tried to conquer Europe by force. It’s the same thing today.

  • Ed Powers

    Lost is the concern for human life. What loss will not be regained in my life time.

    • Rattlerjake

      People die from numerous causes every second, but it’s only when a terrorist or mass murderer kills that they make a fuss. Concern for human life? What will you do when we have to take back this county? You better not be worried about killing, because there will be a lot of it and much NEEDED; Americans have become so soft.

  • HDMania

    Obummer and the CIA and Homeland Insecurity did it..false flag..

    • Stephen Rhinehart

      I doubt that, not that they would not but not untill they get our guns. It would be to much of a distraction to gun grabing

  • Mike in Concan

    I sure hope it doesn’t take seven months to figure out and do something about it.

    • polmutant

      you mean do nothing about it. bengazi, boston, no difference.

      • Mike in Concan

        BHO has his fingers crossed that it was a right-winged white supremacist gun shop owner from Texas that watches Fox News

        • polmutant

          it was an obamaloid muslim, employed by the district of communists. but the sheoples do not know what the difference is. they should ban marathons, it is just too dangerous. at least they got 1st hand experience of obamacare!!!! it is too funny.

        • James Star

          If not, he will make it so! Believe it!

      • panors77

        Exactly………”what difference doeds it make” indeed, pheh!!

    • The Big Easy

      Where is h. cliton, she did so well with our Ambassador ?????? Seven months????? Your very optimistic aren’t you ????????

  • Fred

    Another “workplace violence episode” I imagine. Or at least that is what he will try to make us believe.

    • panors77

      WEll….it IS “monday” eh? Has to be a “workplace” episode, heh.

  • fred

    I see you are an obama lover

  • Murray Putnam

    What a screwed up country we live in. Homeland Security Agency(joke), CIA, FBI and others tasked with our protection (farce). Our Armed Forces,(fighting for other countries freedom and security). That giant gurgling sound is this country and its people being flushed down the John by its leaders.

    • dshevlin

      No, not a screwed up country we live in but rather the GREATEST country in the history of the Earth. What you are seeing as screwed up is them, the commies are running things. They suck at running things. They are ugly people with serious mental illness problems and they can’t do anything well. That is why they have to deceive, manipulate, steel and hold ya hostage because they are NOT capable of anything intelligent or meaningful and NO one wants their TRUE agenda, so they are the biggest bunch of liars you will ever witness in your life. That is also why they follow lucifer rather then God. Haven’t you heard ABC’s new commercial ad’s on TV lately? “As our nation prepares for a new course to our futures, ABC will be there.” Well thanks be to God for that. I thought we were going it alone! They are laughing at us. Can’t say I blame them.

      • Alexander Davidson

        Finally, one American sees the real problem!

        • dshevlin

          There are millions of me.

      • panors77

        They are laughing at us cuz they deny that they’re commies and deny that commies exist anymore. That’s the great deception I think.

    • panors77

      Well….the way it looks to ME it looks like DHS will be his gestapo for his new “citizen army”?

      • Dustin West

        We The People are the “citizen army”. The 2nd amendment included the words “militia” and “people” for one reason and one reason only. The militia is made up OF the people, and the moment we let Washington DC convince us otherwise is the moment we let George Washington down. His definition of a militia was (paraphrased) all able bodied men who are capable of fighting and are not part of a standing army.

  • randy fasig

    Boston has one of Beat PDs in the entire US. While we are focused on gun control the control Americas finest could not prevent this tragedy


    What is the other hand of the government doing as this tragedy occurs?
    Watch the other hand.
    My prayers go out to the people and families affected by this incident.

    • Light_V_Dark

      Floods and tornadoes are TRAGEDIES, AA. If it WAS Peaceful Muslims, what are YOU going to do, to be NICER TO THEM, SO THEY WON’T HATE US ANY MORE¿? TELL EM HOW MUCH JESUS LOVES THEM¿?

  • Major

    I really do not understand the cowardly terrorist mentality. What purpose does maiming and killing innocent people serve other than to promote further bloodshed and sorrow ?

  • 1josephg1

    All the bad guys and the people who do illegal things have weapons and they want to take our guns away from us. They also want to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. I wonder how many are terrorists. What a sad state of affairs we have here in our United States. We have a foreign exchange student sitting in the white house. we have him and others that have funded terrorist organizations with our tax dollars. We have a media that will not bring make public all of the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by our elected officials. We have a government that has allowed our tax dollars to fund abortions. we have a government that says two queers can marry legally. We have a government where the politicians who swore to uphold the constitution violating that oath by trying to infringe our our right to bear arms. This situation is far beyond what we the people can do by our selves. It is time we get back to God. We desperately need his help. Can we expect his help when we allowed all of these things to happen which are against his will. Don’t think so.

  • polmutant

    and the allah lands rejoice!! boston where guns are illegal, and bombs are illegal and now marathons will be illegal too! party at the white house! taxpayers are buying!

  • Light_V_Dark

    Shep Smith reported»»»several DECAPITATIONS are listed as injuries. DUFUS»»»
    Leftists, have to be dancing in the streets»»»And, aren’t they praying to Allah, that it was the TEA-BAGGERS—
    Look what ₩ caused in Bangladesh»»»

  • Barb Patton

    I am sure the latte one must be dribbling down his leg with pleasure knowing that if this is a muslim terrorist bombing he is winning the war against America… God help America.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    Regarding the two explosions at the Boston Marathon, the possibilities, as I see them are 1. Natural causes such as supplied utility gas leaking, sewer gas leak, etc., 2. “Domestic Man Caused Disaster.” Since this is “Tax Day”, I suspect that the first thing DHS, FBI, AG & etc. will look at will be “Tea Party Terrorists”, not “Misunderstanders of the Religion of Peace”. “Just another brick in the wall” [i.e.: “False Flag”] leading to more restrictions, invasions of privacy and, eventually, Martial Law. “Paranoia is what they call perceptivity, before you’re proven right.” -Billy Roberts

    Addendum: Of course, this could be a “Birthday Celebration” for the “Eternal Leader” of North Korea. (Wouldn’t want to upset our creditors though, by pointing that out too loudly.)

    • CharlieFromMass

      I’ve wondered a little about North Korea, too. While not very likely, I don’t think it’s something we could entirely discount, either.

  • ABBE

    Obama’s brother Islamists in action?!

  • Al Chemist

    At least one “Talking Head” on the MSM, said this had all the earmarks of “Domestic Terrorism.” Watch out! These guys can “find” all the evidence that they want to, and it may not point to those who actually did it …our real enemies.

  • John W.H.

    Wolf Blitzer is a left wing tree hugging Obama supporting insignificant pile of crap, maybe he should shake the tree he lives in and see how many squirrels fall out. I bet by the time the lame stream media gets through with this story, they will blame some American conservative with a home made bomb, and a sniper on the roof with a AR15,backing him up! to bad some dummy managed to get the truth out before they had time to come up with a cover story to protect the muslims, and the LIBTARDSbut but never fear, Obama is sending help

  • RockinU

    All politics aside, all thoughts and prayers to those hurt and their loved ones…in times of tragedies such as this we need to look after each other as Americans.

  • RockyMtn1776

    The Middle East is used to this sort of thing. Looks they got us again. The only way this could be any worse is if it was done by a Republican Tea Party member.

  • TexasJester

    Prayers to go to the victims, injured, and their families. This is an atrocity that shouldn’t have happened.

    I’m hoping Muslims are behind this. Maybe then we can start being more proactive in stopping this scourge on humanity, without further injury or loss of life. If not, if we keep kowtowing to these soulless bastards, this scene will become as normal as it is in the Middle East.

    This attack on American soil should not go unanswered. But with people like Eric “Fort Hood is a workplace incident” Holder in charge, you can bet this will be put on some loony über-conservative right-wing nutjob group – like the Tea Party, NRA, Boy Scouts.. Also wouldn’t surprise me if they use this to further the gun grabs.

    • panors77

      I say like the japanese we round up all muslims, especially from cities like Dearborn Michigan and instead of interring them, just deport em out.

  • Stephen Rhinehart

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of there country, (WW!!) and with your private wepons.
    Now what do you want to bet some @#$%^&* in congress or the WH will say it was done by a pro gun group like the NRA or GOA to take attention away from gun registration an compiscation

  • Mike Bellringer

    It seems one hell of a coincidence the Israelis were there 2 years ago to train Boston medical people how to handle mass casualties. This might be a lead up to the excuse Obama wants to declare martial law. There were no AR15s used.

  • HDMania

    Thats what they do Stephen..distract you from the real issue (gun control) while they sneak the law past you..

  • pappabill

    forget “assault” rifle & 30 rd clips bans, BAN MUSLIMS!

  • TPS12

    Not to worry bo said they will feel the full weight of justice. After all look how well he did with the Benghazi investigation!

  • truthseeker53

    Sad. Wonder why these things near always happen in the “blue areas”? Smart folk don’t go to blue areas unless they HAVE to.

  • Oath Keeper11B

    Imagine! Not an “assault rifle” or an 11-round magazine involved. The Massachusetts gun laws worked today, huh??

  • Germeten

    The better to impose more draconian limitations on civilian activities. I suppose this will make US pity the poor muslims more (don’t think so.)

  • Lou Szrot


  • The Big Easy

    More than likely it will turn out that the gubermint allowed the TERRORIST to purchase these materials so the gubermint could ‘TRACK’ where these materials were going,as the ‘fast and the furious’ didn’t do enough damage,fast enough.————-

  • Shane Lechner

    sounds like a false flag to me..alright everybody get ready to loose more freedoms

  • Shane Lechner

    i would bet my last dollar our own government did this

  • regulus30

    OBAMA’S BUDS called muslim brotherhood;; this won’t end until the bast66rd is gone.

  • Pakinpastor

    On the scene, the announcer told people that “this is only a drill.” This, I believe, is a false flag operation. Already they are calling that it may be right wing radicals. There was an operation going on when 9-11 happened, and another one when Oklahoma City was done. Military on scene. On 9-11 Air Force jets were told to stand down, it was only a drill. Oklahoma City BATFE was on scene within 2 minutes, as they were down the street preparing for this very event. They are coming for many, very soon…

  • 820 REDHORSE

    What a shame!! Senseless murders, I pray for the families and our nation. I’ve already heard & read where alotta folks suspect our own gubbamintz!!! I wish I could call Bulldoody on that, but we all know this bunch will stop at nothing to push its agenda. I don’t know whose responsible, but Like most folks I got me ideas. Yet another sad day in America.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    A Mideast counterterrorism official based in Jordan said the blasts “carry the hallmark of an organized terrorist group, like al-Qaida.” He did not give actual evidence linking al-Qaida to the bombing.

    Read more here:

  • Gary

    Have the news media found a way to blame Evangelicals, Catholics, or Orthodox Jews, or all three for the attack yet? Does anyone else smell a false flag in this “terrorist” attack?

  • CharlieFromMass

    One small correction to the article: today in Massachusetts and New Hampshire is PATRIOT’S Day, not Patriot Day (Sept. 11), which commemorates the battles of Concord and Lexington. The City of Boston has nothing to do with it being called or not, but because of the Marathon and the traditional 10:00 AM Red Sox home game, is instrumental in its success. The parades are in Concord and Lexington, and the 5:00 AM re-enanctment of the Battle on Lexington Green is actually a lot of fun to go watch.

    Back to the main topic…

    I was on the Green Line of the subway and passing through the Boylston St. stop less than five minutes before the explosion. Too close a call for me!

    The afternoon class I was in ended early and my evening class was cancelled. The Green Line heading back out to where I parked was shut down (there are four branches), so I had to take the Orange Line back to the next-nearest station and walk.

    This hit far too close to home for my comfort. May the Almighty be with the deceased and their families, the police and fire departments working to protect us and solve this dastardly crime and the injured.

    • CharlieFromMass

      One additional correction. Apparently, I mis-heard the time of the blast earlier. It actually happened about an hour after I rolled through the stop. Still….very unsettling to think that thing could’ve gone off nearly on top of me!

  • Dennis

    What ya wanna bet this will be shown to be a domestic terrorist act.No surprise this happened on tax day.Itll be a supposed right wing nut job group who hates government and taxes.Wait and see.I knew this was coming.Im just surprised it wasnt a bigger event but its still early.How many false flag operations does it take.We shall see

    • stonemike

      The INTERLOPER and “militant progressives” are ‘global revolutionaries ‘ and will not think twice to kill Americans in an effort to blame their opposition! FAST and FURIOUS was a warning, but there will many more trying to discredit AMERICAN PATRIOTISM and provoke an end to the greatest REPUBLIC ever known to man!

  • Cornell_1987

    Intersting that hussein’s mooslim allies continue to attack the epicenters of leftist thought; DC, NYC, Boston…they really are as ignorant as hussein is arrogant…

  • Stephen Russell

    Bomb source: Left wing group, Jihad, other.
    amateur or rigged that way or false flag strike.
    If Boston is antigun, make make more Pro Gun now.

  • Mike in Concan

    She’s on vacation…no negative press will be allowed whatsoever.

  • W,I,T,C,H

    Reports state that their were police dogs on bomb sniffing training….unhuh they knew prioir to the bombing and warned no one. This entire incident is on the NYPD. Officers and their dogs were located at the beginning and end of the parade route. Think about it. What are they diverting us from?

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Now we can also ban all running and sports and large crowd marathons what the hell is going on in America and all over the world

  • Snookershark

    Mark Harman called it correctly. This is a non-ending war so get used to it.

  • mjnellett

    What’s a matter Facebook, don’t like the truth?

  • ewljr

    I am praying for injured, their families and everyone affected by this deliberate & evil terrorism. It is so similar to Obama’s pals, ‘The Weathermen’ that it isn’t funny. Maybe this will get some effort at bringing the evil-doers to justice instead of being swept under the rug like Benghazi-gate…….

  • Dr Ley

    My friends,
    unfortunately it is now the era of the Liberals. Conservative / traditional leadership and political agendas have been usurped by a growing mass that finally has the platform and support to flex their newly acquired muscles. The liberals have been waiting, not too patiently, for just such opportunities as have been presented in the last 10 years. I suppose that “every dog has his day” is appropriate. What I have difficulty with is the how of the entire situation. What happened that opened the flood gates? Is this what the boisterous minority have been wanting, or is it just payback for the long decades of conservative control and sensible leadership? Isn’t it time to stop putting out fires and get back to preventing them?

  • jimpeel

    If they claim that the revolution is on they will demand total disarmament. At that point, the revolution will really be on.

    It comes down to whether this was the religion of peace, a homegrown nutcase, some patriot group that wants to start a revolution, or, as has been posited in a previous post, a false flag.

    I would not put it past this administration to invoke, or threaten to invoke, martial law.

  • Mike Won

    Homeland Security drill gone awry?
    After September 11, 2001, we can never assume the simplicity of our average terrorists!

  • Philof

    Wolf isn’t known a Wankpot for nothing is he?

  • sean murry

    The SOBs towel heads done this and obummer is going to stand up for them.

  • nahum

    And the Chicago 7 begat the SDS, and the SLA begat non- focused fringe terrorists, and the Weatherman begat focused anti- X-cause terrorists ( environmentalists, Facists Imperialists et al.) and their mother was called SoCal, and the mother had many sisters who begat other vile children of Hell.

  • Aristophanes

    Here is something that obozo can blame on Christian terrorists. Really, obozo, who are you going to point the finger at for this? Like Jack posted – right wing terrorists? How about gun owners? Or pro-life people? Or traditional marriage people? Any group except the ones responsible which I am sure are going to prove to be muslim terrorists.
    With the attitude obozo (I cannot even bring myself to call him president) has had toward muslim terrorists, I am kind of surprised this did not happen sooner. Let’s seen how obozo handles this and how much of a free pass the msm will give him.

  • rey

    Obama and his people more than likely are behind this. He loves Islam and welcomes them with open arms. This is the kind of chaos he looks forward to. He has brought terror to our once safe country. Prayers for those poor victems. We are no longer safe in our own country. Thanks a lot obamanation Mr. Don’t jump to conclusions my ass!

  • stonemike

    Too bad the bombs were not at the “half-white house’! Sectarian fighting between different factions, especially LEGAL, LOYAL, REAL AMERICANS against the millions upon millions of illegal foreigners enticed into our country by the BLACK INTERLOPER is going to give birth to a NEW, INDEPENDENT CONSTITUTIONAL nation, powered by “capitalism and defended by the 2nd AMENDMENT!

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