• Chuck Palenti

    Deport them ALL!!

  • Gray Eagle

    so because of Obama’s weak policies against immigration, & worse,,,,, deportation of dangerous persons, he is responsible for 19 murders and 142 rapes that we know of,,,

  • http://www.facebook.com/marina.herrero.71 Marina Herrero

    She allow a lot illegals criminals out of jail. Look what happen with Boston!!

  • Bill Board

    I can’t understand how anyone would take the buffoons of this administration, seriously. Holder, Napalotano, Kerry and Osamba himself, are nothing more than incompetent jokes.

    • retired cop in marana

      Make no mistake, BB, all of the gang you listed are carefully working on a plan to take America down, orchestrated by the chump-in-charge and his handlers. Namely George Soros and the ‘Manchurian Candidate Boys!

  • Light_V_Dark

    The Age Of Enlightenment was extinguished by Atheistic_Satanic_Liberal_Fascism, at the end of the 16th century’s French-Bloodbath. The West has been committing suicide, ever since.
    The Pharaohs’ Descendents, the Muslims, are perfect analogs to Nihilistic-Leftists.
    Atheists are cowards and seem to adore evil.

    New Atheism and hypocritical cowardice 
    Have any of the New Atheists toured Islamic countries giving lectures in which they condemn Allah, Muhammad, Islam, or Muslims? Have any of them debated Muslims in Islamic countries?  Have any of them been interviewed on Al Jazeera? Have any of them written entire books in which they condemn Allah, Muhammad, Islam, or Muslims? Have they done anything of the sort at all? The answers to all of the above are: “No.”.. 
    Note; I do not believe that there are a dozen “Christians” in the West, who are capable of even NAMING EVIL—FORGET CONDEMNING IT! They are GLAD for the escalation of evil, FEELING, THAT WHEN JESUS COMES BACK, THEY ARE JUST GOING TO FLOAT RIGHT UP TO HEAVEN. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

    • Light_V_Dark

      The 2 most evil forces on earth today, are Islam and Nihilism–

      W. Churchill, on Islam…1899. 
      How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog…

      4, also Nihilism A diffuse, revolutionary movement of mid 19th-century Russia that scorned authority and tradition and believed in reason, materialism, and radical change in society and government through terrorism and assassination.

      5, Psychiatry A delusion, experienced in some mental disorders, that the world or one’s mind, body, or self does not exist.

  • Doc

    Obama protects his muslim brothers and Americans die for his treason.

  • $12994363

    Why in the world would you think that DHS and their ilk would deport the bad guys? They want to IMPORT them!
    Maybe we’ll get lucky and one, preferably a bunch, of them and their’s, will be in the wrong place at the right time. Or is it the right place at the wrong time? Or the wrong place at the wrong time? Right place at the right time?
    Guess it’s all in how you read it.

  • Hotnike

    Napolitano is either incompetent or a muslim sympathizers. I believe the b*t*h is both.

  • ewljr

    Under Obama & Napolitano, DHS releases terrorists & criminal aliens into America’s population instead of deporting or prosecuting them..

  • $12994363

    Hmmm. Got to wonder when the illegal Mexicans released by Obama due to his sequester start showing up in the police lineups again.

  • marineh2ominer

    They were too busy watching and harassing White American Christians , American patriots , American veterans and just white Americans in general to focus on a few muslims with probable terrorism ties , even picking up and releasing one of them earlier .

  • VirgoVince

    incompolitano farts again and it still stinks like ugly idiot libturds!!

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