• Thomas Sharp

    Support your local Sheriff.
    Make sure he is prepared to support you and your rights as a citizen.

    • Bob

      I support the Constitution—-the sheriff only insofar as he does likewise…and the sheriff in Sonoma County never struck me as such.

      • Thomas Sharp

        Indeed, discernment is important.

    • TexasOlTimer

      Our local sheriff has already said he has no intention of enforcing any federal gun control laws. In fact, he said he prefers that citizens be armed and know how to use them – it makes his job easier because there’s less crime in the area and he knows he has able help if needed.

      • Thomas Sharp

        God Bless Texas.
        It has been proven that criminals like to have their victims disarmed.
        Lenin, Hitler, Obama… you know, Criminals.

        • TexasOlTimer

          How right you are! With the DHS appearing to be arming that ‘civilian military’ that Obama said he wanted (in the ’08 campaign) that is better armed and funded than our national military. With the gutting of our national military and the buildup of DHS and the attempting to disarm our citizens….

          “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police.” – Adolf Hitler 1933

  • eddyjames

    I wonder what he meant by” Those who won’t go along with Obama’s transformation of America into a socialist country must be controlled by law enforcement?” I hope it’s not what I think it means.

    • Joel W

      i’m no mind reader, but i guarantee it means exactly what you are thinking, if not worse.

      • beebee

        Sounds pretty clear to me. It’s his way or the highway. We either bow down and kiss his rear end, or we will be eliminated. It’s evident that he wants no dissenters. His plan must succeed or he will be replaced by his handlers. So let’s start “dissenting” folks! I’ve got a lot of tea bags and I’ll be happy to share………

      • jackbaggelaar

        your right.thats why obama wants guns confiscated.

        • Alexander Davidson

          Get to know old commandos and rangers… they know how to get weapons FREE from agents and police who do Obama’s dirty work. Police especially must be warned that any attack on gun owners, will be met with the kind of force and punishment meted out only for traitors to the Constitution of USA! – And be prepared to ACT on it, even use the twitter / mass sms to call like minded brave warriors to arms in a flash! To a commando, fingers in the right place (easy really), or a weapon such as a ball-point, can disable the enemy much more effectively than a knee to the eggs. A medical guide… look up THYROID GLAND, and see where it is. Try a little pressure on yourself, and experience it.

        • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.
      • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.


      • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

        The Following People Are Members of The Muslim Brotherhood
        And They Work For Obama.

        Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

        Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser

        Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference

        Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser – founder Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director

        Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar – Islamic Society of North America-Islamic Society of North America

        Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships

        Anybody feel safer now that these folks are helping influence U.S. policy???

        • thorshammer

          hell no!

    • medivac

      I’m already at “fixed bayonets” and know how to use it !!

      • johnwlooper

        Eddy, He meant exactly what you think he means! Why else would DHS buy up 1.6 billion rounds of hollowpoint small arms ammo and more than 2700 armored vehicles to be used in this country. I don’t know any cops who are buying their crap but if there are, “Molon Labe”!

        • medivac

          “Molon Labe” with several Molotov cocktails for the APCs and black SUVs they are so fond of !!

        • TexasOlTimer

          If DHS had actually meant what they said (to buy in bulk to save money so they’d have it for the police forces around the country, border patrol, etc), then the police and sheriffs around the country wouldn’t be bartering with each other for ammo and the border patrol wouldn’t be saying they can’t get any.

          It’s obvious it’s for the ‘civilian military’ that Obama said he wanted (during the ’08 campaign) that is better equipped than the national military. With the way he is gutting our ‘national military,’ that won’t be very hard to do.

          • bondjamesbond

            Why else would he want to give amnesty 11 (more likely 20) million mexicans, who won’t think twice about shooting Americans in our attempt to take back America? They’re a massive pool of potential “civilian military” personnel, right there. And the houses and properties left after we’re dead they’ll be awarded or sold dirt cheap. Join the civilian forces and gain instant citizenship! Right out of the movie ‘Starship Troopers’.

          • TexasOlTimer

            Unfortunately there are a lot of mexicans in this country that have spoken out stating that we “stole” the southwestern states (California to Texas) from Mexico and they want it back. We’ve got a lot of illegals living in these states. With our non-secure border, I wonder how many of the ones with these ideas could get others (particularly the drug cartels) to come across and join them in attempting to take it back… just asking…

      • Luckyme52

        I’m with you lock and load

      • John

        You also appear to have forgotten that anybody can read your posts.

        • medivac

          I also should appear to not give a crap anymore !!

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      Well, it’s pretty clear to me. Hitler was clear with all of his initiatives too; no one believed he would actually ‘take advantage’ of the power he granted to himself…we should learn from history that power DOES corrupt people; that ‘s why the founding fathers were smart enough to delineate the powers of the new Republic using the Constitution as the guidebook for the 3 branches of the new government.

      Today, that intent and spirit seems to be either lost or suppressed or both. Let us not forget what happens when absolute power is either granted or taken…we’ve seen it all before.

      • PassTheWord

        Apathy of the patriot Is their best weapon. It what they are counting on.

        • $26222150

          “Apathy of the patriot” is not possible if one is a true patriot.

      • Semper_Fidelius

        People forget that the Nazi’s were a Socialist Party. Socialists think that the government is your God. Not your actual God. So any mention of him might scare them.. It scared the devil.

      • Alexander Davidson

        To understand the future and present, we must know history! – If we deny history, we will never learn any lessons from it!

    • 7papa7

      This is why we must NOT let the second amendment be overthrown and why ALL patriots load up on as much ammo, magazines and weapons as they can. They will need them in the near future. I fought for my America once and I will do all I can to get it back from the mad Marxist in the Kremlin west. If we the people don’t do anything to stop this tyrannical government then nobody will. Remember the founders and what they gave up for the new country. Can we do any less?

      • Hogan181

        Thank you for your service, God bless you!

        • 7papa7

          Every vet who volunteered ALL did it for love of country and it was our great honor to do so. I took the oath to enter the military in 1964 and that oath to defend America against ALL enemies foreign and domestic still stands and is important to me as it is all veteran. That is why we must organize, get together and be ready to bring down any tyrannical government such as we have presently. I assure you I am not different than any other vet. I care about my country. I want my children and grandchildren to have the same freedoms and liberties that I had growing up. That should not be asking to much but apparently it is from this administration.

          • DrZarkov99

            I suggest you familiarize yourself with information security. Look up a system called “pretty good privacy” (PGP), and an internet system called TAILS. Those systems will become important as the government starts hunting down resistance.

          • 7papa7

            Thx for the info, I will check it out.

          • medivac

            Sounds like a plan to me !! Cocked, locked, and ready to rock !!
            USMC ’66-72

            RVN 67-68

          • Alexander Davidson

            medivac, love you guys! – ex-digger, Royal Australian Army, borrowed from PNGVR in New Guinea! I also served as a Medic, and later as a Fireman in the RAAF! – You know us, I am sure!

          • medivac

            Diggers were our best intell machine !! They also had the sense of humor we loved so well !! Also loved the plan of attack used by the Diggers in RVN. Cut off the supply line and kick arse !!

          • 7papa7

            I am ready to go, just give the signal. Life under Marxism is NOT for me, I would prefer to die fighting for our freedom.

          • medivac

            BTW, cap foreign and domestic, too, especially domestic !

        • eddyjames

          The main problem with loading up with all the ammo you can buy is. It is so friggin heavy! A bugout bag with 500 rds of anything other than . 22lr is already so heavy you can’t carry much more. At least not far, and not in the Hills. It will be hard to avoid the TSA in your Van.

      • bondjamesbond

        I wish. But does anyone really think people are going to jeopardize their job or “waste” their vacation time fighting to bring back what was once America? To roll back the punitive tax burden on every single revenue stream in America to simple taxes designed to keep a thin federal government and armed forces to Protect us from foreign threats. I don’t think but a few people will show up at all. It makes me sick to think that, but I truly believe it.

        We have no leadership, and we have no plan for taking back America. Our enemies know this and they grow more powerful every day as we grow weaker. The limit of most people’s “patriotism” is joining the NRA and sending emails to their “representatives”. I am repulsed by the big words and no action. I want a leader to stand up and give us orders to follow! I don’t want to wait one, single, day, longer!

        Where are the patriots to protect America directly, not in some far away land in wars to protect oil interests and corporate bottom lines and prop up the military industrial complex? We need to stand up NOW and protect America from the very REAL threat of fascism that HAS TAKEN our country from us.

        This nation is of the corporation, for the corporation, and by the corporation. Our freedoms have been bought and paid for in campaign contributions and lobbyist payoffs and other means of payment for politicians and favorable legislation. If we don’t take back America, no one will; our youth are by-and-large brainwashed by faux liberal schools and mass media; they’ll never know what freedom was or how to get it back or even have the necessary tools to take it back once our guns are gone.

        • Alexander Davidson

          Amen, Yank! (coming from an Aussie Digger that is a compliment!) – This war can never be won in a conventional sense, and will need a combination of CIA, Commando, and Guerilla tactics. Ask some old Aussie diggers how that works, or ex-service SEALS who are being cheated. The MUST know that Obama is a TRAITOR, along with so many Congressmen and Senators (especially these corrupt thieves).

          Dont challenge conventional forces, move around them. take out the REAL VILLAINS permamnently, right across America, do minimal damage to buildings, and if police corner you, be prepared with surrounding marksmen, who will keep survivors busy. keep more on rooftops, expecting surveillance or marksmen police. You know how to do it, but organise for best response. Get a few stingers to knock out AF1 / AF2 when the rat scurries away. do it fast before the worst hits.

          • Bill Cloven

            What terrible shame that our Aussie blood brothers have already fallen.
            But perhaps not all is lost. I can’t believe that ferocious spirit is dead.

        • Bill Cloven

          All of what you have said is true, but…

          Once, long ago, I held up my hand and took an oath. I am as ready as I can be, and when the time comes – or sooner if they come for me – I will fight and likely die in the first ten minutes, because I am old and crippled.

          And others like me are everywhere; in every town, city, county, and state. We number in the tens of millions. Fortunately, younger, fitter men than myself also saturate every level of government, the military, and law enforcement.

          Keep the faith baby! When THE TIME comes, you’ll know it without any doubt, and so will millions more who will suddenly, horrified, awaken and rise up. It will start as a breeze, then rise to a screaming hurricane in moments. Let them have their billions of rounds and armored vehicles. Keep in mind those that come for us will be young and eager, with zeal and shining eyes, sure of their power and quick, easy victory; those same brainwashed kids of which you spoke. Think of the first twenty minutes of “Saving Private Ryan.” How many will return for a second day of horror, to fight against desperate, enraged men with cold, lethal eyes fighting for their wives, children, country and constitution? We will be everywhere, behind every tree, every rock, every building, every window. They will face entire counties, organized groups of hundreds or a dozen, and the lone wolves. And if those weren’t enough, how do you think they will react when WE come for THEM?

          Yes, we may die by the thousands. It may last for years. But no one ever wins against determined guerrillas, and certainly not against American guerrillas. Be patient. There will an event. A disaster, catastrophe, emergency, or false flag requiring the government to take drastic action, to declare martial law – for our own good of course. THEN you will know with crystal clarity that the time has come. And I guarantee it will happen before November of 2016. Stand ready, coordinate with others and…

          Keep Your Powder Dry.

          μολὼν λαβέ

        • 7papa7

          I totally agree with you. I am keeping up on my marksmanship and looking for that same leadership. I am retired and am a disabled vet but their are still many things I can do and will do if we can get some organization. We need to get some of the retired, forced out by Obama, Generals to lead us. They know the inner workings of DC and could be a real asset to any group willing to fight for their beloved America. We must remember what our founders did to make us a free country. We must be as committed to holding that freedom or we will lose it.

      • Poodleguy

        Amen! The people of this nation have become so complacent, sitting on their fat butts, thinking this is just a bunch of scare tactics but it will all be okay, just as it has always been, ’cause this is America & this s*#t can’t happen here!! I am sure that many others believed the same before their nation fell to a dictator.

        • Alexander Davidson

          In Austria they fell for that…

        • 7papa7

          You are absolutely right. It would be nice if some of these Generals that the mad Marxist is firing would put together battalions of men ready to fight for our country and keep it free.

      • Alexander Davidson

        Use up all available resources to have places ofsafety with ongoing food supplies available (like aquaponics) and buy only weapons compatible with police or army issue…. you may need occasionally to “borrow theirs” as my dad did in the Underground resistance in Holland WW2. The borrowed from died of fright, so it was said. A weapon that fires unusual rounds, can run out and be useless except as a club. ( old WW2 saying… pacific theatre.) I am a New Guinea Ex-Serviceman whose predecessors helped American troops defeat the Japanese… we won a Unit Presidential Citation for our efforts in helping the US Army.

        • 7papa7

          Thank you for your service to America.

    • PA Running Woman

      I find that phrase absolutely chilling. We have a president who says he is “constrained” by the Constitution from gun confiscation and now we have a thug working for DHS who thinks if you don’t agree with Obama you need to be controlled by law enforcement. Oh, yes, and then there is the mayor of NYC who recently said that “…sometimes we need to infringe on your rights”. Is this not all really, really frightening?!

      • Bob

        No…not “frightening” anymore….infuriating, inspiring to smash, yes….but “frightening” no longer. We need to make ourselves so frightening to them that they are the ones who end up paralyzed. We are cursed to live in a nation whose misregime is maggot-saturated with pure sociopathy. The time for rhetoric is long over.

        • 9Spoon9

          Agreed, not frightening, but a new motivational force that is lifting sleeping heads our of catatonic states of delusion and bringing them on-board with those of us that believe in and support the US Constitutional ways. The bucket of S is now set above the fan…when is it going to abruptly pour into the path of the “blades”?

        • Alexander Davidson

          Now you have to ORGANISE resistance at the first sign of infringement of your rights, through SMS or Twitter or both. Get there before the traitors do, CALL THEM TRAITORS OPENLY! let everyone know, and be prepared to defend yourself. And, BTW, if you can afford to, get your family OUT of the way… would not put it past Obama to capture them and use them as leverage, then if you give in, kill them all anyhow… just as the Nazis did in Europe! (Australia is a better choice at this moment than Europe). Remember that God said those who are saved are those who listen and obey the signs God allows for His people!

        • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.
      • Dennis

        Funny how these statements are echoes of the things stated by the KKK some 70+ yrs ago.
        The full statement would have been: “We need to infringe upon YOUR rights” in order to secure OUR desires!

        • 9Spoon9

          Dennis, folks that ain’t live in the south, can’t grasp the realities of racial divisiveness. And those that wore the white robes and hoods were democrats. They weren’t true believers in the principles upon which this nation was founded. We need to move on and put an end to comments about the wrongs. I haven’t heard the American Japanese that had their families/ancestors penned up in “Govt. Detention Camps” during WW II. STOP…simply stop and push or pull together or get off and good luck! And that is addressed to anyone that insists on digging up bones when we’re facing a fire-breathing, present-day dragon!

      • Daisysue

        I am 70 yrs old, I was raised to believe that America was the greatest country in the world. I was taught to love G-d and to be a honest and law abiding citizen..And this now makes me a person who is considered a Threat, a terrorist and someone that should be under close watch by the very people I was taught to respect and obey..
        Men and Women who offered their very lives for this country come home to find that they are considered suspect, this is the reward for their service…
        Insanity has overtaken America in such a short space of time. Just a few years ago such ideas would have been thought a joke..
        Well there is no confusion or joking about what is happening..It is real, no doubt about it..

        I am a Christian and I am glad of it. Because I know that no matter what happens G-d is in control and always will be. I believe the last days are upon us…I am just a bit startled how fast America went from, G-d fearing and loving to G-d hating..

        • bondjamesbond

          Why are you typing “G-d” instead of “God”? Are you afraid of those reading your message or is it some kind of strange way of showing respect to God by misspelling His moniker, accepted by Him? I truly don’t get it.

          ON another note; someone tell me when and where and then let’s get this thing rolling back the other way, back to America of the Free and the Brave, not the fascist and the weak.

          • Daisysue

            It is a habit I picked up and yes it is a way of respect.

          • Foxwatcher

            I respect your respect. Practicing Jews tend to do it too. Kudos.

          • Daisysue

            Thank you and G-d Bless……

          • Alexander Davidson

            America, aongst other western nations, WEAKENED and made their people COWARDS, by first refusing to keep GOD’S Laws the way Jesus showed us… And Jesus kept ALL the Law (of Gen-2 and Ex-20) but criticised only man-made laws that made His people feel like they were being CHOKED! – Don’t YOU fee that CHOKING feeling of Obama’s dictatorship controlling frenzies? Get back to GOD first (not what man obeys right now) and HONOUR HIM by keeping the ONLY DAY allowed by Him for mankind since ADAM (who was not a Jew, just a human). THEN, and ONLY then, will God HEAR YOU (Read what John says about those who OBEY God.) Read what John says about people who refuse to obey God (He does not even acknowledge their existence or prayers.. unless in repentance and willingness to conform with HIS WAY)… Then you can WIN against the most mighty enemy of all nations at once….

          • KatrinaWB

            Not writing down God’s name is an ancient custom of the Jewish people…many holy observant Jews will write G-d instead of God to this day. It is to remember that we are unworthy even to speak/ write down His name. In a similar way the monks who transcribed sacred scripture always would leave a slight error in spelling etc. as a means of stating that only God is perfect.

        • 9Spoon9

          Ditto jamesbond’s comment. If you truly believe in the existence of the One GOD, with “no other before me” why do you turn from him in denial? Just me wondering very out loud!!!! I’m 10 yrs your junior, but by the Grace of GOD…go I! Do not be afraid to bear witness and truth. We’ve had a good run and I’d rather “Go out…In a blaze of glory” than to cower and shame my life-long principled existence. AMEN!

          • Daisysue

            I don’t get where in what I wrote you see/feel I “turn from him in denial”?
            Please explain..

        • Alexander Davidson

          Dont believe those Pastors and priests from the Churches, that The Christ never allowed SELF-DEFENCE! – See that PETER had a WEAPON (sword) and cut off the ear of a Roman Soldier (Invader) – Jesus only said “you should not have done that, because my time is being met by these people” – But never did he say surrender your weapons of defence.

        • idagney

          I don’t believe you were taught to respect and obey traitors. The people who have hijacked our society have done so by stealth and deceit. There is no legitimacy to their authority (in Obama’s case he is illegitimate in every sense of the word).
          You were taught to love your country and defend our values. Now is the time to put this into practice. Stand with your fellow Americans in this, our time of trial, and protect our precious, God-given rights.

      • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.
      • idagney

        Don’t get scared – get prepared…and aware. We need to alert our fellow citizens, in practical ways, to the dangerous direction that these renegades are taking.

    • petsnpeopletoo

      Of course it is….Why do you think True Americans are fighting to uphold the Constitiution……If they get our Right to Bear Arms then kiss you butt goodbye. Hitler and many other world leaders started out the same way and once the arms are confiscated then they start rounding up humans and putting them in camps or killing them on the spot…..This has already started in our country with the government threatening the police to go along with them or not get paid or lose their job or get shot……There have been many deaths lately of people trying to warn americans of what this administration is up to but people are to naive to do something about it. People of America Don’t know what it’s like to lose freedom because they have never experienced it….Why you ask? Our Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers, etc. fought to their deaths to keep this country FREE for US and it is up to US to keep it FREE for our generations to follow……Just go back and watch some video from the Civil War right here in America against our Government who don’t give a crap about our people…….All they care about is lining their pockets with more money and their heads with more power. Obama is showing us that he is going to try everything in his power to bring this country to it’s knee’s just like Hitler did it. With an unaware public because the media can’t tell you anything the government don’t want you to know

    • barbiecakes

      Did you ever here about obama and the silver pony tails?

    • auhunter

      That was probably what he meant, but that is not what he said. If you are going to quote someone, make it accurate.

      • eddyjames

        “Kluczynski intimated that those who are not going along with the changes in America will need to be controlled by law enforcement”

        There! Now does that make you feel any safer?

        • auhunter

          Eddy, sorry it’s not about safety for me, but for you. You do realize you can be sued for slander if you misquote a person, so that the sentence, paragraph, etc. takes on a new meaning. It wouldn’t come to that in this case, but it might in some future time. It was just a warning for your sake. I wasn’t trying to ridicule you.

          • eddyjames

            To quote an old saying “You can’t get blood out of a turnip”.LOL

    • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

      It is! Seems pretty plain to me.

    • Strangerinmyownland

      It means what you and I think it means.

    • TexasOlTimer

      “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police.” – Adolf Hitler 1933

    • jpcec

      It means war if we don’t comply! Got it!

      • eddyjames

        Comply? I don’t know what that means.

    • HonestyAdvocate

      I don’t think he meant anything by it because he never said it. The word Obama does not even appear in the article. If you are going to put something in quotes, it better damn well be word for word what someone says.

      • eddyjames

        Obama is the one who did say that he wanted to fundamentally change America. Who do you think this guy was talking about when he spoke of the change a comin. Martha Stewart? Who is the disillusioned person wanting to ram change down everyones throat. Again I ask you Martha Stewart? or maybe George Soros.

      • eddyjames

        HonestyAdvocate ? From a liberal ? Hahahahahahahahha. Nothing like a little humor by using an oxymoronic avatar.

    • $26222150

      Got your yellow spray paint yet?

    • jackbaggelaar

      it’s what you think it means.all citizens should be ready for civil unrest.louis farekahn expects the black gangs to rain terror on whites and he has made several radio speeches saying so.who do you think the gang of 3-400 youths that beat up people in downtown chicago were last weelend?

    • DrSique

      Fact is, there ARE Amerikans who need to be watched………and Kluczynski is definitely one of them.

    • http://twitter.com/r1944gmailcom ron

      he met stuff like valery jerret said about destroying those who disagree with obama

    • medivac

      It do !!

    • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

      Let’s take a closer look at Obama. Federal agents put a gun
      to a little girls head & Obama says that’s ok. Muslims are
      into these sort of things.


    • Tea Party

      oh trust me it is what you think.

  • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

    It’s real.

  • VA Patriot

    Isn’t that Odummy on the leash in the picture up top?

    • noweareman

      No-That’s his dinner!

  • donl

    Google Yuri Bezmenov, Ex-KGB officer who escaped Communism. He explains in detail what is happening to our country. Very important that everyone see this video. There are several of these documentaries.

    • wisdomcries

      I saw that several years ago and you are correct…it is prophetic.

      • donl

        The ones I watched were dated 2012 and 2013.

        • wisdomcries

          Did he do new ones? The interview I saw was 6 parts(?) and it was filmed in like 1987.

          • donl

            The latest one I found was dated 4-6-2013. But it could be a re-run.

          • wisdomcries

            Yeah that’s just the date someone uploaded the interview on youtube, Yuri died in “93 and the interview was ’85

  • http://twitter.com/r1944gmailcom ron

    i frikken dare the bastards to try

  • http://twitter.com/r1944gmailcom ron

    NF going to find them selves dead

  • http://twitter.com/r1944gmailcom ron

    hickenlooper lies about early release here and brings on thugs

  • Tonto

    I agree with “Support Your Local Sheriff.” They are local and answer to local voters and not some bureaucrat in the Beltway, Ivory Towers of Academia or someone we don’t know.

  • Tonto

    Quotes list

    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    “Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.” — Ronald Reagan

    “The most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’.” — Ronald Reagan

    “The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places. But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.”
    — J. R. R. Tolkien


    Be afraid; be very afraid.

    Remember our veterans.
    All gave some; some gave all.
    Rest in peace my brothers.

    “The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing.” – Jean Baptiste Colbert (1619-1693), French economist and Minister of Finance under King Louis XIV

    “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.” — George Washington

    “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.” — Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers, p. 184-188

    “The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” — Samuel Adams

    “A government that doesn’t trust its law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms itself is unworthy of trust.” — James Madison

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” — Thomas Jefferson


    Remember our veterans.
    All gave some; some gave all.
    Rest in peace my brothers.

    “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.” — Mohandas Ghandi, An Autobiography, Part V, Chapter XXVII, page 446.

    911 may take a few minutes to reach your house. My AR15 responds at 3,200 feet per second.

    “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.” — George Washington

    “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.” — Alexander Hamilton

    “The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” — Samuel Adams

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” — Thomas Jefferson

    • TexasOlTimer

      And another quote from long ago that indicates how very wise our Founding Fathers were:

      “A Nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it can not survive TREASON FROM WITHIN… An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and he carries his banners openly, but the traitor moves among those within the gate freely. His sly whispers rustling thru all the galleries, heard in every hall of government itself. For the traitor appears, not as a traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their garments. He appeals to the BASENESS that lies in the heart of all men. He rots the soul of a Nation. He works secretly and unknown in the night, to undermine the pillars of the city. He INFECTS THE BODY POLITIC, so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.” – Cicero 42 B.C.

    • eddyjames

      It might take longer for the police to reach your house if they have to detour to the nearest Dunkin Donuts. Could turn into 30 minutes or longer if the Donuts are fresh.

  • wisdomcries

    I believe we are witnessing the beginning of what the mark of the beast will entail.
    If your thinking isn’t sanctioned you will be black-balled from buying or selling by the all powerful Federal Gov’t

    • OSJ

      YES!! While odumbo may not be THE Anti Christ, he sure is paving the way for the one who is, even now, waiting in the wings.
      “Seek The Lord while He may be found”

      • Daisysue

        YES,YES and Yes…

        You know in the beginning I used to wonder why our congress/senate was not doing anything to stop or control what was happening and I would write letters, make phone calls and sign petitions with a fever…Well, I still sign petitions and make calls for whatever good they might do, I just no longer wonder about our congress/senate…

        Stop and think, there were questions and rumors about obamas dual citizenship ( British & American = ineligible ) before he ran the first time.. And yet neither congress or the senate raised a single question, nothing in/on the news about it really. Then all the shenanigans he started pulling, congress/senate just laid down and rolled over, after a LOT of calls and petitions, one or the other would stand up for a moment to state how they were going to get to the bottom of this or that. .They would repeat this a couple of times and that was the end of it until the next time.

        Then the big boom over Fast & Furious, and what happened ?? Holder & obama simple told them to go fornicate themselves and that was the end of that.

        So what finally makes sense to me is that this was all set up and agreed on by both parties before he ever took office the first time..Nothing else makes sense because there has been plenty of evidence and actions that should have ended this whole charade at it’s inception..Yet here we are and still Nothing….

  • Cory Hicks

    I am proud of my local Sheriff Mike Downey, along with the Sheriffs of my surrounding counties in Northern California, for publicly denouncing the enforcement of ANY unconstitutional gun laws. While employed under Sheriff Downey I had many opertunities to speak with other deputies regarding this issue and the rank and file deputies also believe these new proposals to be unconstitutional.

    • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

      That is great, but wait till they repeal the 2nd amendment, it will no longer be unconstitutional! Then what?

      • pikemaster1

        LOCK & LOAD !! Molon Labe

      • $26222150

        “They” can’t repeal the 2nd Amendment.

    • John

      Since he isn’t in charge of determining their constitutionality – he’s grandstanding to appease gun owners.

  • Virgil Ferguson

    I just don’t control worth a durn. You can pull a log chain very easily, but try pushing one. Just doesn’t work to well!!!!!!!!!!!

  • medivac

    Don’t be mislead by trooper Kluczynski’s implied heritage , He and his kind were around in Poland prior to WW II and would trade his mother for a swastica in a heartbeat !! This happened in Poland and seems to be happening here in the U.S. today !! I’m sure his and his kind are prepared to kill anyone that looks cross-eyed at them if they are a conservative and even will kill liberals if they aren’t easily identified. I will avoid Colorado completely and ask they keep their dip-s**t politicans and true believers of fascism such as the above trooper within the state borders. If they cross over to other states, they are open game for we the people !!

  • Tonto

    We now have a hybrid of the nanny state and law enforcement in the works.

    Hopefully there will be no offspring and this chimera is a sterile beast.

    • eddyjames

      Don’t worry about the police and Sheriffs They’re usually the first to be disarmed by the new regime when the dictator assumes power. The TSA and Homeland security will break out their new Brown Shirts and assume control.

  • MikeyParks

    Without the media to call him out, Obama can do pretty much what he wants. The media are being “silent in the face of evil.”

  • got243kids

    What will be the Archduke Ferdinand moment?

    • Bob

      If it had been yesterday it wouldn’t have been soon e3nough

  • Grayzel

    “It makes no difference whether government controls allegedly favor the
    interests of labor or business, of the poor or the rich, of a special
    class or a special race: the results are the same. The notion that a
    dictatorship can benefit any one social group at the expense of others
    is a worn remnant of the Marxist mythology of class warfare, refuted by
    half a century of factual evidence. All men are victims and losers under
    a dictatorship; nobody wins—except the ruling clique.” Ayn Rand

  • RockyMtn1776

    Glad to see there are still elected officials who refuse to sell their soul or their country for money, power and votes ! God Bless’m

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Wilson-Kingsley/100000397000382 Ann Wilson Kingsley

    The DHS must be disbanded. In the event of unrest, citizens must take responsibility by arming themselves and forming unpaid militias to protect themselves, their homes, and local businesses. A Police State is untenable. Federal Governments have the worst track record in the world for solving problems, and efficient allocation of resources. Nanny states cannot perform for their citizens, except in a very destructive manner.

  • Bobseeks

    In a way, the Church brought this on itself because it has, as a whole, failed miserably to oppose the democrats and their evil agenda over the last 50 years or more. The Church has settled for a truce with evil when GOD calls us to war with evil. The coming persecution will separate the truly committed from the fakers and that may be a good thing. Maybe the Church will once again find its voice and use that voice to oppose evil.

    • RaymondofCanada

      I agree, Bob. The church has too much so become a centre for entertainment and money. No one wants to tread on toes or spill the beans, so this is what a peace-loving security-conscious church inherits.

      • Bobseeks

        Yes – the Church was meant for war, not peace.

    • $26222150

      You are so right! I sent an email to my pastor asking if we could order t-shirts or hoodies from a Christian company that was being bullied by a homosexual group for refusing to print t-shirts for a gay pride event. I got back an email saying that spreading emails about “intolerant businesses” would only give them more publicity. Can you believe that? I thought Christians were supposed to be intolerant of sin! We left that church.

      • Bobseeks

        Great – it sounds like your pastor should have been the one to leave. Tolerance is not a concept taught in Scripture – GOD is 100% intolerant of sin.

      • Daisysue

        Doesn’t the Bible say this is the condition of the Church in the end times? Weak, ineffective and world pleasing, with only a remnant solid core of Christianity remaining…
        I do believe we are in the beginning of The last days…I don’t think obama is the anti-Christ, but I think the ensuing economic collapse along with all the problems in the mid east has set the stage for his arrival. For him to walk in and fix things…..As bad as things seem now, obama is actually only the proclamation of worst things still to come, for those with eyes to see and ears
        to hear…

    • Dennis

      The church (as we know it) will wither under the weight of oppression as well for its silent tolerance out of fear. Early Christians were martyred for their faith and they are still murdered for the same reasons today but elsewhere in the world. How are American Christians any different? The Bible predicts this very thing would happen. True believers will be killed for their faith while Christian posers fade into the safety of dark silence. No mean to offend others but I can only relate to Christianity…and I’ve found that my faith is real but religion, as it were, is disappointing.

  • Politicalchick

    Wow, this gets scarier by the minute. You know there are sheriffs and law enforcement officers who won’t go against their fellow Americans. However, what’s the background
    om the Klucynski guy who is more than happy to “control” his neighbors and friends who don’t go along with Obama. This is Hitler like make no mistake about it, the difference is the American people do not have their head in the sand. It’s bizarre that because you believe in God and the Bible that your now a terrorist. All ties into the war against Christianity. Any bets Obama makes sure he gets unlimited terms?

    • Daisysue

      The only Bet you’ll get from me is . ” I Bet you are absolutely right “.

  • OSJ

    The anti Christ IS coming people! This world is fast spinning toward the End Times that God Himself warned us about. If reading the letter above doesn’t wake people up, nothing will. If you are left behind, and you become a believer, you WILL be hunted down by law enforcement. Our government is evil, God.ess, and there is virtually no difference between repub and dem. There are a few good people, but I could probably count them on both hands…….maybe.

    • Taskmasterendgame

      The Anti-Christ is Here !

  • Luckyme52

    The S–T is going to hit the fan very shortly Obama and his cronies can not continue on this road to RUIN they must be stopped.

    • eddyjames

      You know I am simply amazed with all the hate and discontentment I witness on the internet that someone hasn’t made an attempt. Or is it because the media has covered up any and all attempts on Obama’s removal?

  • $39132868

    WHY do you ALL keep equating these things with the Gestapo? It’s NOT GERMANS that are attacking Christianity. It’s Talmudic Jewry. This is akin to the Bolshevik take-over of Russia. The Bolsheviks were JEWS. They still ARE. Communism is right out of the Talmud. Karl Marx was a Jew. You may want to note who runs the money supply. The primary gun-grabbers. The Open Borders proponents. The Frankfurt School was comprised of White HATING, Christian HATING Jews, who created “Cultural Marxism, in order to destroy White Christian societies, from within. This Nation Wrecking was their STATED PURPOSE . Hitler booted them out of Germany. Their co-ethnics, in the USA, got them plush gigs in American Universities, although they spoke nary a word of English. The Department of Hillel Security is part and parcel of the destruction. You are supposed to be a CHRISTIAN pastor. Why do you keep LYING, Giles?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Hauser/1336596489 Bob Hauser

      You are entirely right, Cairan….but nearly all of the people on this thread have been raised on TV and media mush and are victims of the skull rape of the public FOOL system and will never learn until after it is too late that America is for all intents and purposes dead of pure jew rot—all of the most rubber lunged proponents of gun grabbing—Shumer the Tumor, Mike Bloomberg, Diane Swine-slime, Barbie-Ditz Boxer, etc., are all jewish. But the sheeple will never learn….

      Down the crapper it flushes

      Out the TV it gushes

      And who owns and controls the media in the U.S.? Muslims?…well, the burkhas they wear sure must have shrunk down to the size of beanies…some refer to them as yarmulkes.

    • jpcec

      What’s your problem Cairan? Can’t you see the parallel in the Gestapo and DHS? under Obama? Get your head checked. It sounds like something is missing form normal thought patterns.

  • Warren

    Nothing wrong with being prepared to stand for Constitutional values. If nothing happens, then no harm. being prepared and vigilant is the right thing to do. God bless

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    I believe every word of the Bible and He who inspired this book of salvation. I own a gun (Sword) in the time of Christ and I won’t give up any of them to live under Nazi control and the plantation they want to enslave people on of every race and color. It’s all about control the people and nothing more, following Hitlers plan’s to a tee. They don’t mention the real terrorist islamist who convert via the sword. I will either live free in Christ or die and be with Him forever. I will not be the aggressor but will defend myself from the enemy within or without. I know I’m out gunned but, won’t go quietly.

    • Clint

      I believe every word of the Bible as well and my salvation is safely in Jesus Christ. I am not a violent person but I will defend my family, my neighbors and friends, as well as my property. If I die in the effort, no worry, I am in the Lord. If being a Christian puts me on the terrorist list, I’ll wear the label with honor. We are living in the most terroristic administration of my lifetime, and some of my relatives are responsible for putting them in office. I can forgive them of being stupid, for that is what a vote for this madman was, completely stupid. Here we are not quite 3 months into this 4 year term and things seem to exponentially speeding up toward a dictatorial government. We need to stay alert and keep looking for our redemption.

  • 808truth

    He simply meant that christian fundamentalists are (and have been throughout history) slightly more likely than the average person to commit what other people view as atrocities in the name of their religion. This is true of religious fundamentalists of all religions, but in America that largely means christians

  • reggiec

    As an ex law enforcement officer retired in 1992 I have seen a disturbing trend in some law enforcement training. It is most obvious in “swat type team training”. The police have always been considered a quasi-military organization but this ideology has begun to take a wrong turn. In the military soldiers have to be trained to kill. It is a well-known psychological fact that the taking of another human life is a very difficult choice to make. Soldiers are trained to dehumanize or degrade the status of the enemy during war. This allows them to subjugate their natural aversion in using deadly force.

    Even in 1992 when I retired I began to notice police training aimed at creating an “us versus them attitude. Civilians were being dehumanized or the degrading of their rights justified. Specific non-politically correct groups were increasingly targeted as being threats to law enforcement. The result is an increase in the divide between the public and law enforcement. The police have a very difficult job but they should still subscribe to the motto “to protect and serve” and most of them still believe in that duty.
    Homeland security, I believe, is accelerating the “us vs them” ideology under Obama. The fact that Homeland Security and other federal law enforcement agencies do not interact with the public on a day to day, non-confrontational basis makes it easier to indoctrinate them into believing Christians, Second Amendment, Conservatives or anti-abortion proponents are dangerous. The most effective and least abusive law enforcement presence is when the law enforcers live within the community they police and interact daily with their fellow citizens in non-law enforcement situations.

  • EdS

    I have had a lot of experience with “sovereign citizen” adherents, including tax protest groups and militias. One thing all these groups have in common is the belief that county sheriffs are the ultimate legitimate law enforcement authorities. Thus, no county sheriff or deputy should have anything to fear from these people as long as they do their duties in compliance with the US and state constitutions.

  • charlie

    our only chance for survival of the USA

    Since the Supreme Court says the local Sheriff is the highest Law in their territory,
    Time is now to contact all sheriffs and demand they start arresting all legislators from obummer on down as well as all of the government employees and all civilians that are promoting, or have voted for or have bills registered for consideration to interfere with the 2nd amendment and charging them with conspiracy to subvert the constirution and any and all other charges that apply. I believe these are also considered treason. Then holding them without bail for trial and if convicted immediate execution or what ever the most severe penalty for the crime of which they are covicted. If we cant get the sheriffs to do it then we need to get the military to do it before he purges all patriots from it. This ridiculous that they are getting away with treason time to put a stop to it. If his supporters want to riot we can all help the sheriff and or the military to stop it. No mercy shoot all rioters. Its time to return to the rule of law and our constitution before it is too late. In addition any one that refuses to enforce the laws of our land should also be arrested under the same terms. Come on lets start enforcing our laws no matter who is breaking them. Also we need to get out of the UN and throw them out of our country. take over the real estate and claim it, we paid for it.

    • jpcec

      Charlie, I admire your idea. It is one that would take are of our problem but just who do you think has the balls to do the job? Anyone in mind?

      • charlie

        I have sent this to several of the sheriffs that are standing with us and to the group also but have not yet had a reply. I am hoping they are looking at it. of course if they are wise they will get together and do a secret plan , it would be a good start and if all at once they start arresting those mentioned whenever they step into their territory.

        if we could have several hundred of these traitors arrested at one time that would send a message and if we had fast trials and even faster execution of those found guilty of treason it would be a beginning,

  • infidel81

    It just keeps on getting scarier and scarier. The fact that people like this are LEO’s is mind-blowing. I’m glad I have the LORD to turn to.

  • $12994363

    So, if THEY are going to target those who believe in history as it happened and NOT as they rewrote it, does that then mean that even the wifes/children who are “Christian” or “Fundamentalist” or “Constitution believers/followers” are also targets?
    If so, I might say they best look to their own first. All bets are off when they attack citizens for BEING citizens!

  • http://www.facebook.com/loran.carlson Loran Carlson

    Some say that all of us conservatives/republicans are seeing conspiracy theories everywhere, that we are the brained disturbed ones. I say that there are just way too many of these stories from all across the nation to be just a theory. People, the warning has been given. I fear that there are too many of us that do not care about this nation.

    • oldtexasgal

      Loran – Agree with you re the conspiracy theories (which really are not theories, many are facts!!) As far as too many that do not care about this nation, perhaps we could break that down – many who are on the government dole really have no clue (because they do not listen/read or because they do not care – after all, they have their new phones and plenty of handouts). Unfortunately, I have encountered numerous conservatives who, I believe, truly care about America but either can’t be bothered with what this president and his administration are up to, or are “too busy” with other things or, like a few in my family, do not want to hear what they refer to as “doom and gloom”. I am a Tea Party Coordinator and have been fighting this Administration from the first Tea Party of April 15, 2009; what I have discovered is that many conservatives believe “all will be fine”. I have reached the conclusion that the primary thing we need to do is pray; the powers behind this Administration are so vast and powerful, I cannot see anything short of a miracle from God to bring us thru this. From Bible prophesy, it appears we are in the beginning of the end times and the primary thing we must all do is keep the faith and not waver in our trust that God will see us through – but, in the meantime, to not cower or be afraid.

      • jpcec

        The king in 1773 was powerful too, wasn’t he? So much for him!

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.ofarrell.927 David OFarrell

    Maybe Mr. Ron Trowbridge could run down and post the address of this Joe Kluczynski on the police computer. We can then go visit his wife, kids, mother, and father so we can watch them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003586781928 Magdalene Prodigal

    I’m a Christian and pro-life and everything. Have a family and have had a medical profession. Now I am the dangerous one…..because I am not dumped down or addicted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003586781928 Magdalene Prodigal

    And by the way, the communists had to get rid of the intellectuals–teachers, preachers, and more….they are not mindless sheep.

  • Bob Hauser

    There is no one on this thread who solemnly hates the guts of the Almighty Mackdaddy, Superfly Obama, more than I…but I am beyond sick and tired of people comparing him to Hitler—-ordinary working class CIVILIANS were free to own as many fire arms as they wished in 1938 under Hitler…and he cruised around all over the whole damned countryside of the Reich in his iconic 3-axle Mercedes standing in plain view and a hideously easy target right through cheering crowds just feet away from him. Superfly has to cower behind a bullet-proof bubble and be surrounded by an army of Sneakret Service types and he has done nothing since he has been in the White Brothel but try to grab our guns and otherwise sell us down the river to jewish bolshevism and Wall Street banksters like Buttface Benjamin Bernanke. So keep Hitler out of the discussion unless you know what in the Hell you are talking about and have a far better knowledge of history than 99.99% of people in America.

    • pikemaster1

      Right ! He follows Hitlers plans to the T ! Communist to the bone just exactly like Hitler You need to study your history young man ! Molon Labe

  • DrZarkov99

    For those who don’t think your law enforcement people will act as the Gestapo did, or that the military won’t fire on its own citizens, notice the office of the briefer. Doesn’t it sound just like the political officers that the old Soviet Union used to embed with every military and law enforcement unit? Those officers made sure every official order was followed, because they could at least kill any disagreeing member’s career, and in extreme cases, were authorized to kill a dissenter on the spot.

    I don’t envy the law enforcement and military personnel if this continues, as they will be under increasing pressure that will endanger them and their families if they choose to refuse to carry out unlawful or unconstitutional orders. We need to assure them they have our support, if they have courage. Otherwise, the people will become their enemy.

    • Al Chemist

      It has happened before, and not all that long ago. One example: the National Guard fired on Kent State Students. (I think there were seven killed. Not sure about this.) The students were being a “pain in the ass” but they did not deserve to be shot. Rubber bullets or tear gas should have been enough. Now the question is, will they fire on unarmed or “armed” citizens when the SHTF. I believe the answer is yes. Some of them will.

      • DrZarkov99

        The kids sent to quiet things at Kent State weren’t trained in how to deal with civil disturbances, and weren’t equipped with either tear gas or rubber bullets, so the tragic outcome was inevitable. Even the supposed professionals get it wrong (Ruby Ridge, Waco, e.g.) too often.

        The difference this time around is that it won’t be a single incident, and increasing government violence will only instigate a more aggressive response. Once this gets loose, I don’t think the government will be able to control it.

        • jpcec

          As long as God is on our side, you’re correct! The pols won’t have enough tall grass to hide behind.

        • eddyjames

          I was in the Marines at the time of Kent State. The general consensus at the time was those “kids” were communist agitators that got what they deserved. Wasn’t my opinion but that is what was being said among the grunts.

    • jpcec

      When law enforcers become law breakers, it’s time for citizens to act in favor of law and order…

  • Conservativesniper

    Joe Kluczynski and his mindless ilk are the reason the 2nd Amendment was written into the Bill of Rights. Are the people of Colorado such mindless cowards that they’ll submit to this idiocy? Do they have the courage to stand up to such brazen socialist proclamations?

  • kabulgeorge

    Klutz just another douchebag in the wagon. I’m getting tired of hauling all these slackers around. Time to nominate for a Darwin Award.

  • yaki534

    This guy along with the people that are inning this class are not friends of America, but they are Socialist shills. I admire policemen that refuse to enforce the new gun laws.


    Colorado is a terrible place to be if you are Christian. It’s shockimg what has happened in this once friendly state .Since the state uses State Police and Homeland Security like Nazi Brown Shirts to attack Christians. Stalin used similar tactics.

    reading all these stories is like a badv novel , but it’s here. Taking guns is a totalitarian move to disarm and that is what “the chosen one” is doing. The Progressives/Communists are destroying our country every day. Indoctrination,intimidation,fear are but a few of the techniques this evil regime uses. The Gestapo (Homeland Security) is now part of the regime’s force to punish and eventually place us in prison camps.

    • $39132868

      STOP SAYING NAZIS!!!! I happend TO know that CO police officers are flown to Israel, to indoctrinate them, into serving THIER needs. TONS of military and police are. The DHS is the Cheka. This is NOT being done by GERMANS. STOP LYING AND SLANDERING GERMANS!!!!!

      • jpcec

        No one is slandering Germans! The comparison to Nazi Germany is obvious if you take your head from your rectum, sir!

        • $39132868

          Drop dead.It is NOT. The APT comparison is to Bolshevik Russia. Take your mouth from Abe Foxman and Mark Rotok’s scrotum.

  • CharlieFromMass

    In my mind, anyway, the words of Rev. Martin Niemoller (I think I spelled that right) are ringing very true right now.

    While hard-wingers of any stripe- social, religious or political concern me, to single out these groups is a threat to the great majority of the center, and the great majority of the center doesn’t understand that taking out the wings that actually do work to protect their rights will destroy us all.

    We can “thank” W for DHS, and blame Obama for using it to its worst possible ends.

    The time is now to restore the Constitutionally-limited federal government and then start whittling down the states with too much central government. In most states, it really makes most sense to have about 75-80% (my estimate based on empirical observation) of the governance in this country should be done by the individual cities and towns.

    • DrZarkov99

      Just for the record, Dubya didn’t want the DHS, but rolled over too easily when the congresscritters got all hysterical about it. There was a lot he was right about, and got no credit for, and a lot he should have exercised his veto on, and didn’t. If I had a complaint about our former President, it would be that he should have been a lot more hard-nosed with Congress, instead of playing “nice”.

  • auhunter

    I guess that State Cop doesn’t know who has the ultimate authority in that County, and it’s not the State or DHS. No State Cop nor DHS can tell him how to do his job, nor can they tell him, what laws to enforce or direct him to “look out” for certain groups, if he deems it to be Unconstitutional, either State or Federal. The Sheriff and his Deputies are the Supreme Law Enforcement entity within his jurisdiction under the 10th Amendment, which has been upheld by the SCOTUS. Question? Go to “Authority of County Sheriff” on line. At lot of information that most people don’t know regarding this subject. Ex Deputy

  • Donnie J McDonald

    Kluczynski intimated that those who are not going along with the changes in America will need to be controlled by law enforcement. Kluczynski even later questioned some of the troopers present if they were willing and prepared to confiscate “illegal” weapons if ordered to.

    Read more: http://clashdaily.com/2013/04/gestapo-2013-colorado-state-police-and-homeland-security-target-christians/#ixzz2Q5DIb7SC
    Now we know why the DHS needs 1.6 billions rounds of hollow point ammunitions. They are coming after our guns we own. It looks they are going to throw out the 2nd amendment and they know this could lead to a civil war. This statement in a training course is a huge eye opener for those who claim they are not coming for our guns..

  • Peggy

    It would appear that the Party Boy and Homeland Security don’t trust us Christians and considers us a possibly dangerous threat. Gee whiz, I’m shocked! After all, he professes to be a Christian. Uh-huh, uh-huh…

  • Brooklynresident

    Maybe, just MAYBE, we’re upset because we have a marxist muslim who doesn’t believe in “governing,” but in “ruling” by means of fatwah. A man who sees all opposition as, not a different view, but outright “evil” in his view. Evil is defined as something that prevents his personal assumption of unquestioned Authority. Just as with the SS and Gestapo, many will join him to rise to a level not possible for them in a decent society. I fear, just a tad too many.

    I do not take myself very seriously, but I DO take Jesus VERY seriously. How I will gloat when this heathen has to bow his knee, and say, through his clenched teeth, “Jesus Christ its Lord.” For bow he will. But for now, he gets to be our Appointed Assyrian, for our chastisement.

  • TAM44

    obama is destroying America and the DEMONCRATS are all in to help this evil vile POS.

  • jpcec

    Kluczynski an analyst? He sounds like the brunt of any Polish joke that I’ve read or heard to me. Let me ask you Mr. Pollock…does your catholic upbringing teach you no more than to knuckle under to the likes of Obama? If so, good luck to you and yours! You’re going to need all the help you can get!

  • Louise & Michael young

    my guess is they will fire or retire etc… those who won’t go along w/ the plan and hire young brainwashed people to do the work… just like what they’ve done in the public schools. Reminds me of Nazi Germany when the older people said they didnt agree w/ Hitler, they were told it doesnt matter, your kids will.

    • $39132868

      You are being a total jerk. THIS is what Hitler and the NS warned against. Americans were duped. Why are al lthe major gun grabbers Jews?

  • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

    Christians be aware of whats going on! Forget who in attendance at church has the best car, clothes, job etc. and stand up for your faith! If not you may not have the freedom to be a Christian and serve the Lord. We were warned in the bible about this!

  • BloodOfTyrants

    You’re exactly right it means what you’re thinking it does.
    If you’re a patriot it’s time to get ready. Defending the Republic and the Constitution may be in our future. How humiliating for the Colorado State Patrol to have someone like Kluczynski aboard. They are good to be rid of him. He’ll likely cause more damage to our country working for Homeland Security.


    It’s information such as this with evidence to prove case and point that makes me believe it is time to term limit all elected officials and government appointees, no retirement. It is way past time we used a national sales tax to replace the progressive income tax, the need to stop tax discrimination and class warfare as a tool for the left is past due.
    I am also a firm believer that our politicians need to take and prove they can pass the same citizenship test given to applying immigrants and that these political candidates demonstrate a working knowledge of the US Constitution. The newer crop needs this more than ever since the PBS no longer teaches American History, Civics or traditional American values to the students that have to attend a government school, even the Pledge of Allegiance is now offensive to some of our academia… I find that all this is demeaning and disgusting and a brutal insult of our heritage…..all those in favor raise their right hand.

  • TimO

    Its time for an American Constitutional jihad against so called liberals

  • Linda Armstrong

    Charlie, You are absolutely right. We all just keep talking and they keeping coming at us with all this garbage to destroy our country. Let’s stand up and ALL of us spread the word and on a certain day we surround our Sheriff offices and demand that they be arrested for TREASON. We have to let them hear us and see us. God stands with us and we follow HIS word and I will not bow down to another. They are also saying our children belong to the state, they want our guns and we do nothing. TIME to go see our Sheriffs in droves and demand an arrest be made. ORGANIZE!!!! This is TREASON

    • $26222150

      Uh, it’s not the sheriffs who are committing treason; I hope you’re not suggesting we surround the sheriffs’ offices and demand the sheriffs be arrested!!

  • louie koucharis

    i am a christian,come get me

  • jaxtom

    Your governor just signed a “disarm the citizens” bill did he not? You’ll notice no mention of muslim, hispanic or ybm’s…

  • RaymondofCanada

    So they’ve found a name for their new enemy “Sovereign Christians” but they still cannot name Islam or jhadists as our enemy. That says a lot of where we are.

  • JCWS1

    I’ve got a feeling that a lot of people will be leaving Colorado in the near future.

  • 1Cardinal2

    Go to YouTube and type in — Can you guess who I am

  • RaymondofCanada

    “sovereign citizens have a right to their beliefs . . . he was clearly teaching that the groups he had listed should be watched by law enforcement and should be treated with caution because of their potential to assault law enforcement.” It doesn’t matter that this happens every day in almost every quarter except from soverign citizens (Christians). Who are the authorities afraid of? God?

  • PassTheWord

    I wonder how the attendees answered the confiscation question?

  • Greg

    Obama’s million man citizen army will consist of local, county, and state police and they will be the ones who will follow his marching orders.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HSJULSAVFJIJYR6PCTCUPMNXRA Take 2

    It is ridiculous how one can so easily see the third Reich influence developing before everyone’s own eyes.

  • panors77

    “Kluczynski explained why he believed these groups were dangerous saying they were angry over the election of a black president.”
    No…we’re angry over the placement of a COMMUNIST president who has no legitimate US birth certificate, SS#, or selective service card and who fraudulently got into office through voter fraud twice.

    • jpcec

      Pandors, I couldn’t have stated i better! What the hell is wrong with the rest of our countrymen?

  • Richard Diaz, Sr.

    All this letter does, is add to the insanity and threats to our fundamental freedoms that are slowly eroding and being taken away under the guise of national protection. When you have loons in power, this is what you get and who’s fault is it, ours, why, because we voted them into office so the nation is to blame for our stupidity.

    • jpcec

      BINGO! Now What?

  • Sarg.

    These idiots wonder why gun sales are way up.
    Just wait awhile U.N. troops ill be seen patroling
    our streets one day.

  • JMWinPR

    They’re obviously onto something. Everyone should BOTLF wascally, rapscallion Christians like, Nidal Hassan, Jared Lougher, Ted Kaczynsky, James Holmes, Adam Lanza. Since 51% of the population are women, next time a serial rapist is being hunted, I think 51% of POI’s should be women. Makes as much sense as TSA groping 75 year old black grandmothers.

    • jpcec

      Thank you sir! Someone aside from me does have a brain that actually works…

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    So now WE THE PEOPLE – who are conservative Christians are the terrorists????

    • Daisysue

      Yeah, don’t that bull dodo knock your socks off….First, all Christian men were wimps and we women narrow minded, stay at home prudes and now all of a sudden we are terrorist…What a twist…I can understand this present administration twisting things around because everything they say or do is a lie or twisting of the truth..
      But for the common everyday people to believe that we are Terrorist !!! It is unreal.. This is a wide awake live nightmare…

  • Dean

    What more is needed to open the eyes of the naysayers? If you need a boot on your throat to see reality, it’s coming!

    • jpcec

      Yes they do!

  • f8crusader

    I certainly will not go his way, so,,,,,to the highway he should go, but on his money…not ours…Have a nice trip

  • Taskmasterendgame

    What is wrong with the Colorado State Police ???
    They also took a Oath to Uphold the Constitution
    Enemies of the Constitution are also enemies of mine !
    (Member of Oathkeepers and the Constitutional Sheriffs Organization)

    • jpcec

      Who’s Constitution and according to whom, Obutthead?

  • http://www.facebook.com/gene.farley1 Eugene Farley

    It appears obvious that our government has lost it’s collective mind. Atheist, socialist have taken control of the government and appear poised to create their form of utopia on the backs of everyone who is not with them. Watch your backs and don’t take anyone’s word for anything. Especially don’t drink the koolaid or go willingly into the cattle cars.

  • Thor

    Well, I checked out that Sheriff office http://www.prowerscounty.net/ and they actually do have an under sheriff by that name. I try to check these things out as there is so much dis-information out there. This is probably true, yes there are people that stupid out there to actually believe what venom Kluczynski’ was actually spewing. One would hope the LEO’s in the room had the fortitude and moral base to recognize him for who he is.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    It’s appropriate that this meeting was held on April Fools Day.

  • jim_wright

    What do you really expect with the Muslim in the White House Infecting everything.

  • catnip24

    i was a policeman for over 32 years. if i’d been in this class i would have been asking a whole bunch of questions, especially when this idiot instructor said there were probably some sovereign citizens in the room. probably about 99% of them were. the policemen i know say they’re fed up with this gun control garbage and they will not be involved in taking people’s guns.

  • coastx

    Indigenous MERCenary Sedition Insurgency
    Recruits intractable population to usurp the status quo masked PLR
    Dated to 600 BC

    DOMESTIC Current

    fraud labeling


    Keynesian Economics

    AMERICA RESPONDS: people are talking about the moral and ethical issues of sedition and treason over a cup’o Joe at Starbucks.

  • QuisPercusit

    Zieg Hiel Herr Kluczynski. May the fleas of ten thousand Mexican chihuihuas infest your crotch for all eternity. May every gun owning citizen from coast to coast urinate on your grave right next to Joe Biden at the Wilmington Deleware landfill.



  • granny_forUSA

    Thank heaven we have some good police w/ love of country & family. Its seems the right to Choose is no longer ours, whether religious or our Constitutional rights.

  • Sir J

    We Do not Have Leaders Any more They Wish To RULE

  • AppraisHer

    To all Americans that thought law enforcement wouldn’t turn on fellow Americans when Barry gives the order, let me point out that there was an indoctrinator and approximately 20 in attendance, but only 1 brave officer spoke out. I wonder what % of our military will also “just follow orders”?

  • John

    Based on the nasty violent threats that appear here from gun owning Christians I would think they were right. Don’t know why you are surprised.

    • Scruffy

      Citizens refusing to let tyranny rise in our government a threat? Only to those who seek to strip us of inalienable rights. Our rights come from YHWH not government or the powerful.

  • bondjamesbond

    We have a lot of border and coastline to secure against UN landings.

  • redwolf6911

    Nothing surprises me about DHS. it is another rogue agency run amuck.

  • jeepdude911

    Fellow patriots (and/or Christians) it’s happening. Now is not the time to waffle.

  • 9Spoon9

    First off, the Briefer shouldn’t have played the race card. Skin tone does not a man make! Secondly Kluczynski seems to have painted himself into a corner with citizens that are wary, watchful, alert and well-informed in Colorado. He may need Goonberg’s posse of body guards. Folks remember who betrayed them even though we shouldn’t hold a grudge…I bet there’s more than you can count on you toes, fingers and 2 thumbs that will keep an eye out for Officer Kluczynski and or worse? Heaven help us one and all. The Admin, through DHS with the paring down of the US Military the demise of USBP activities, authority and their monstrous pay cuts coupled with mealy-mouthed elected officials afraid of their own shadows are quickly raising the temp on the pot to near boiling. When? When will Enuf B Enuf?



  • Simon

    Many good law biding citizens will not be so law abiding is Homeland Security decides to get unconstitutionaly and foolishly aggressive. But, I believe they stupidity want to attempt seizure of our guns putting Americans against Americans.

  • http://twitter.com/r1944gmailcom ron

    NOT ON TWITTER any more so cant tweet this so be sure to thank our last president for creating HLS who now targets us and thank him for dropping the ball on freedoms so oibama could get elected to tare this country apart.

  • Nomadd

    I think the Government is monitoring your comments. Trying to gain information on how much opposition they face. But the truth is none of us including our Government knows for sure how this will end. This is a task in which they have no experience. Its not like invading another country. They can’t use propaganda and tell lies from afar. This will take place here. Its going to be bad. I don’t even want to think about it.

  • Alexander Davidson

    I note that “Kluczynski” is a name of Polish origin. Most politicians I know who have Polish backgound are anarchists undercover, and that fits with what my Dad found on a dead Russian in Holland during WW2: Details of how to infiltrate and undermine a capitalist country, and destroy it from within. It described all the professions that can be used to produce such an internal destruction… some of them are teachers and politics. Use your common sense to understand all the implications herein! America is close to total destruction from Obama and Co, judging by these newsletters I read… and I have not heard any gunfire in defence of the once – great lifestyle of the USA’s freedoms! – Have the citizens given up already, to that radical Negroid Arab Muslim running the country illegally?

    • medivac

      Has it occurred to you that the government might be waiting for the first shot to go for martial law enforcement and legally confiscate as many weapons as possible ?? Let them pull the trigger first and then we level the playing field !!

  • Roddy

    Dirty Commie bastards!

  • figmo

    What can you expect from a muslim president pretending to be a christian? What I find amazing is that they don’t even attempt to conceal their plans anymore. It would appear that our muslim president plans to blame all our problems on the christians much the way Hitler blamed the jews for Germany’s problems. Creating a scapegoat has always been the way of a dictator to unify the population of a country. It is supprising that people in law enforcement would allow themselves to be used this way. Don’t be supprised if our law enforcement and our military is ordered to fire into crowds of civilians who gather to protest the coming bad times. I guess our would be dictator is emboldened by his propaganda bureau that calls itself our news media. There is no complete bungle up to and including murder that they won’t cover up for him either by ignoring it or by putting a rediculous spin on it.

    • $47467457

      I’ve researched this allegation of many from this site and find no proof of this..now I don’t like Obama, he lies!…can you please show proof of your beliefs..or is it simply conjecture on your part!!,,to further rile the masses!!..I would think there are many things against that man being our leader that are not lies!!,,stay w/ the honesty it’s far more credible!

  • $47467457

    There are roughly 246million christians in the new nited states!!..do you seriously believe christians are being targeted? the’re are 7,4 billion people on planet Earth..1.5 billion are christian..1.2B are muslim and about 1 B non-religious/agnostics/atheists the balance of population being Hindu’s ,and about 15 other religious groups!!…these btw are from the CIA book..It’s further broken down and shows that most muslims are from the area of Indonesia and are not hostile towards most anyone,,those of the Middle East have your fundamentalists..and are against those of the West,,mostly the UN and USA..and rightfully so..we were in their faces long ago!..not that I approve of their behavior ..I don’t approve of ours much either!!…if we could only just mind our own damn business!!..that’s all folks!

  • http://www.youarestupidif.com Nate Tanguay

    Lots of talk. Any Warriors? http://www.secondamendmentwarrior.com

  • John Beam

    We aren’t a “danger” to the country. We ARE the country. The GOVERNMENT is the clear and present danger to the survival of the United States as we knew it, and we are surrounded by “public servants” whose intent is to enslave us. They are enemies to our Constitution and traitors.


    Let’s see, I am a Christian, a constitutional conservative, a combat veteran, retired law enforcement. WOW I must be a super threat to D.C…..Now that makes me proud to be me.

    • freedomringsforall

      Love your handle; nobody
      really appreciate all your service to our country
      really appreciate your understanding of where you probably stand
      really appreciate your sharing
      and if the Sh-t hits the fan i am sure we all will appreciate your help

    • Apolloone

      Just one more characteristic added to the list you provided will make you the Ultimate Threat, if you are a Male and White, I already know the answer (Yes) You have to be placed on the Racist List. Well seriously things are starting to come together in a bad way for Christians just as Prophecy says Christians think it wont happen to us here it will get really bad it has started.

  • freedomringsforall

    Ah wow and i feel compelled to state again;
    Who wonders why they are taking our guns away?!

  • sic semper tyrannus

    Big Sis is the new milennial version of Heinrich Himmler. She has identifiied the biggest threat to Estados Unidos as the Tea Party, Evangelical Christians and the rest of the freedom loving troglodyte gun toting, Bible-thumping wacko birds(Thanks, John and Lindsey). There are a lot of people in Colorado that are traditional values types. We are traditional values, hunters and fisherman. The progressive agenda is not our cup of tea. We love our local law enforcment and we also elect them. The Obama administration has really encouraged lawlessness because they ignore laws that they don’t like. Hey Barry and Erik, there are a lot of laws that we don’t like. You may be owned by Soros and the rest of the progressives, but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s time to take back our country.

  • MrD

    Hitler came into power by promising that Germany would be great once again as he lulled the people into believing his words.His speeches were charismatic and the people worshiped him.This is exactly what is being replicated in the current leader of America.Dictators come to power in the spirit of the anti-Christ and is nothing more than a precursor of the final world dictator who will deceive the world in the same manner.

  • patriotgrandma


  • Gama Xul

    Communist country. Understand, we are already a socialist country brought on by polarization by the democratic model. The USA transformation is into a communist country. And yes, DHS is our Gestapo. Obama speaks very much from the Communist Manifesto. Read his book, it’s all there.

  • Leadman

    I don’t care that obama is black.I care that

    he is a liberal & a socialist.Both of which are

    bad for my country.

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