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  • Ben

    Great column. This. is. not. America.

    • 7papa7

      Definitely NOT the one I grew up in. We have gone from America to amerika. These are the type of people that Joe McCarthy were going after and warning us against. They are asking for a revolutionary war and I am confident that their are enough Patriots that will oblige them. The mad Marxist has attacked the Constitution since day one and he will not stop until he gets the old USSR constitution implemented. We are now seeing why the second amendment is so important. It is to stop a tyrannical government.

      • retvet

        Seems McCarthy was right.

        • 7papa7

          He absolutely was. During his investigation well over 90% that he said were commies or had commie affiliations was accurate.

      • Jay

        We do need to orginize though and soon rather than later,but we may lack cohesiveness…or we can do in armies of ones.

  • WASP

    I have every intention of terrorizing the radical left and our nazi gummint when the time comes–and it’s coming.

    • Tea Party

      I’m with ya WASP

    • 7papa7

      Based on their definition of terrorist, I am one, I am proud of it and I will not renounce my Savior. With Christ on our side we will be victorious in the end.

      • Rosie46

        I totally agree with you 7papa7. This is just one more distraction by the traitors in our administration. And notice that a Saudi is a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. Go figure…..

        • 7papa7

          The Marxist in the white house will probably blame it on a video. I am so sick of this commie in the W.H. I am also sick to death of the spineless congress who refuses to impeach him.

          • Rosie46

            If Congress would stand up and demand proof of who he is and remove him for treason there would be some civil unrest, but maybe we could get our country back. At this rate I am not sure what will be left for my children and our grandchildren (though I have no grandchildren, which may be a blessing given where we are).

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          • 7papa7

            I have 7 children and 4 grandchildren and my heart bleeds for them seeing the direction our country is taking. That is why I am such a strong advocate of doing everything possible to take our country back. If it can be done through the ballot box great but if it needs to be done on the battlefield then so be it. I want my children and grand children to grow up in a free country and have at least what I had, actually more. If their is civil unrest because the congress did the right thing then so be it. My country is far more important than a little civil unrest.

          • Rosie46

            I too prefer the ballot box, but my question is will that be valid even in 2014 with all the fraud that we saw in 2012? They try to downplay the level of fraud, but with disenfranchising our military, the fraud, and illegals voting, I think it could have changed the results. I agree with you about our children, even though I do not have grandchildren yet, my brothers do and what will they face if we do not do all we can to save our freedoms. I see signs of people waking up to what this administration (and some before it have done), but I am not sure it is enough. This is the first time I have seen our citizens living in palpable fear of the government. So we keep standing for our Constitution and our God.

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          • 7papa7

            One of the hardest thing for Christians to do and remember is that we are responsible ONLY for doing what is right and NOT the outcome. If things don’t change through peaceful means they will change through violent means. I am a vet and I took an oath to defend America and the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. I just never expected it to be domestic. I have seen blood run freely and I don’t like it but my country is more important than what I want or like. America was conceived as a free country and I am obliged to keep it that way.

          • Rosie46

            My grandfather and uncle were/are veterans, and my nephew is currently serving in the AF. I thank God everyday for our loyal and brave military who have and will continue to defend America and our Constitution and it is upsetting to see our military treated the way this administration has treated them and the changes that have come. I am grateful that we have people like you standing for what is right and for your oaths. Have blessed day.

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          • 7papa7

            Those of us who served are very grateful to those who have picked up the cause of protecting America. It is a shame that this administration is totally destroying our great military and veterans. They are an abomination to America. They need to go and replaced with true Americans who believe in and follow our beloved Constitution. Thank you for your support for our vets. It is probably more difficult on family members than those in the military. I thank every spouse, parent, son, daughter etc who make it possible for the great service we get from our men and women in the military.

          • Rosie46

            The mutual support and respect between those in the military and those at home is what make this country what it is, and that is being destroyed under this administration. When the head of HS classifies veterans, Christians and those who support our Constitution as right-wing extremists and now terrorists, the message is one of hate and division — something this president has pursued with a vengeance since his election — race, gender, economics, religion, age, Constitutionalists, etc. That is what will destroy us from within. We have proceeded down the steps to take us communist from within until today we are very close. It will take grassroots efforts and prayer to turn us around.

            Joseph Farah, WND, has called for a national day of prayer and fasting for 9/11/13 — it should be sooner — to turn us back to God.

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          • 7papa7

            Their is no question how dangerous this administration. Usually you would define a terrorist as one who is against the government or wants to destroy etc. That is probably true with vets, Christians, Constitution lovers and America lovers. Those of us who support these things are a danger to an administration that is pushing communism/marxism and socialism. So this administration calling me a terrorist is a compliment.

          • Rosie46

            I just posted a comment on Godfather about the blame being placed on this bombing. This is one more example of the environment created by this administration. Instead of pulling together factions are rushing to blame. This on the heels of Napolitano’s new edict that Christians, Catholics, Jews, etc are now on the top of the terrorist list. She previously identified our veterans as right-wing extremists — more division within our country created by this administration who vowed for unity. We are being divided by race, religion, gender, pollitics, economics, military/not military, and this is deliberate. This all then goes to your comment that we are a danger to those who want to destroy our Constitution and the principles our country was founded on. All these recent incidents – shootings and now the bombing – are being further used to distract and divide and to further label opponents of the administration as terrorists and extremists. He cannot and will not win by labeling.

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          • 7papa7

            AMEN Rosie. This is the most divisive administration in the history of our country. This administration led by the hard core Marxist omoron is has been implementing Alinsky principles from his rules for radicals book since day one. He is a greater danger to America than Al Qaida or any other terrorist group.

          • mac7692

            congress is not spineless, they (for the most part), are on obamaz side. as the congressional sweet sixteen have shown, they will fall on their sword when needed, and other evil men can step up to take their place.
            Even the great Rand Paul is in question,,,,,,, he did vote for NDAA, etc… Step carefully, but don’t quit stepping.

          • JIM

            AFter falling on their Swords ,then then,if they are not borne of The Water and Spirit of God ,Judgement is going to be Awfully Bad for those people The Lake of Fire is Forever !!!!!YES FIRE AND BRIMSTONE ,White HOT !!!! For evryone that doesn’t believe in The Judgement and JESUS CHRIST ,the Bible say’s Study to Show Thyself Approve Unto God <YOU can take those wiords and look those words up in the King Jame version ,DO it Just to see if what I'm speaking of ,Then Go to SAlvation ,That's in the Back of the Bible under S ,any word that you may or have wonder about ,Go to the back of the Bible and it gives more than one reference for that word ,it explains everything and also say see this scripture or that ,I'm Praying that you will at leat be Curious about something ,Jesus Love you and I Emensley ,God Gave Jesus as a Savcrifice for our Sins ,Isn't that Great !! GOD LOVE US !!

          • Jim

            I WROTE this message but don’t have a clue as to what has happened here with this message ,Please for give these errors ,Thank you

          • 7papa7

            Caution is a must. Right now I can count those who I believe are on the side of freedom and liberty on my fingers. Senators like Cruz and Lee are great so far. We need more pro Americans like them.

      • MississippiRebel

        then I guess I am one as well, because NO ONE will ever make me denounce my Lord and Savior NO ONE

        • 7papa7

          Welcome aboard. We shall overcome with Christ.

          • Jim

            Just think when we die ,which everyone will ,We as Christians ,will live Eternally with our Lord and Savior ,Jesus Christ the Rightous !!!!Beautiful ,isn’t it !!!! When Jesus was crusified ,Jesus said it is FINISHED !!!jESUS WAS GIVEN pOWER BY HIS fATHER ,tIOO CONQUER DEATH ,HELL AND THE GRAVE and JESUS CHRIST ,arose on the Third DAY !! Awesome isn’t it !!!Death where is your Sting ,There is No Sting ,No reason to Worry about Death ,Because Jesus Conqured it destrored the Sting ,So Satan would not have any Strangle Hold on You or I,Brothers and Sisters Rejoice ,For Jesus Christ has Set You and I Free !!!!So if we die while laying down our lives for Christ ,There is Greatness in that Toward and For Jesus !! So Valaniant in Victory !!! The Devil is like a Roaring Lion ,Looking to see whom he may Devior !! We are not Afraid ,because we have Jesus on our side ,born of the water and spirit of God,The Holy Ghost ,Yey shall recieve Power after that the You have been filled with Gods Spirit ,the HOLY GHOST ,ref Jesus told his deciples to go into the upper room it was nearing FeastDay ,Jesus knew that he was soon to be Crusified ,But didn’t mention it to his deciples ,But told them to go to the Upper Roomand Pray untile they were endowed with pPower from on High ,they did thios ,as the Holy Ghost came in It was as A Ryushing Mighty Wind ,ANd they Spoke in Other Toungs as Fire asGod gave them utterance The devil Shake and Trimbles as the Name of Jesus is Applied to Him ,Saint’s of the most High God ,Rebuke SATAN in the Name Of Jesus Christ ,But make boubly sure that you are a Saint of God ,and Repented of any sins and then go to Church and get those sins Washed Away and Accepted Jesus Christ as YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR ,I’LL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN ONE OF THESE DAYS !! Awsome ,Forever Young with Jesus !!!!

          • 7papa7

            This is why the Christians will overcome and win. Those mealy mouth Christians are at the point where they will have to make the decision to get off the fence with Christ and follow Him or deny Him. I pray they do the right thing and follow Him, the repercussions are to great to turn from Him. God bless you Jim as you follow Him.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            The problem is that ALL the denominations have been infiltrated and neutralized, spiritually speaking. The Glory has literally gone out of them all since before ’81. So many who believe they have been saved and will be for eternity, in truth haven’t been, because it was under a lie to start with, and unless they/we ALL come out from among those who follow the lies, and stand fully with God, the end will not be pretty.

          • 7papa7

            Remember that God always has His loyal remnant. The number don’t have to be great they need to be committed. Following a denomination can be dangerous following the Bible literally in its context is always the right thing to do and you will be rewarded for doing so.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            I know; the written word and the Holy Spirit indwelling are the only reliable teachers these days.

          • 7papa7

            Stay with that and you will remain on the right track. Lord bless you

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Amen, and you as well.

          • LilyDarcey

            Sandra Lee Smith: There is so much divisiveness among all Christian faiths, each sect feels sure they have the true word or spin on God’s word, and many interpret his word differently. Where all Christians should look for commonalities in faith, they choose only to look at what makes the wide variety of Christian faiths different from each other, and then, because someone’s Christian faith does not jive with theirs, they accuse other Christians of believing in lies, and thus losing out on the chance of eternity with Christ in Heaven. This is a time, when all of Christianity should band together to take back our country, and to fight the satanic religion of Islam, and its quest to dominate the world (and Islam is satanic if you read the Koran), but because of what I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we are unwilling to unite.
            It is not for us to know the hearts of other Christian people/or people in general Sandra. Only God knows and will dole out justice as he sees fit when the time comes. He does not need us to appoint ourselves as his judge and executioner, as he is fully capable himself. Frankly, due to all the divisiveness among Christian faiths, I stay home and worship our savior there. I read the bible and do much praying. A building is not a church after all, The church is within our heart, and that church is Jesus Christ. Where ever three are gathered in his name, Jesus is in their midst. This means our own home and family bible study and praying is the church.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            I’m not “judging” based on my own understanding; back in ’81, the Spirit spoke to me, and told me “the glory has gone out”; now if you know what that means, you should understand my comment. Neither did I say any group was “right”, over others. BTW, I don’t need to read the Quran, although, I did the first time about 50 years ago, for a college course. And Allah is the moon god of Ur whom Abraham fled; at the urging of Yhwh, not Satan, but most assuredly a tool of his. No denomination is untainted, and throughout the Bible, we are instructed to come out from among the people who are not truly following the Word of God. So think very seriously before you talk about uniting.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Nope, not us; GOD will do the overcoming; we’re just along for the ride on this one. Our job is to HOLD FAST to the truth and to our Creator!

          • 7papa7

            If you do a study of miracles in the Bible you find that God doesn’t intervene until man has used up all his abilities. This is so God get the praise and glory.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            He even specifically told Moses that with respect to the Exodus, before he returned from Midian.

      • Mr Infidel

        Papa, does that make us “good terrorists” or “bad terrorists”?

        • 7papa7

          Depends on your perspective. The mad Marxist’s perspective is if you are a Constitution loving American loving, God loving patriot then obama labels that bad. If you bow at the alter of Marxism/communism and socialism then according to obama you the good guys. IMHO it is just the opposite.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Amen! Me too; I’m a white Christian veteran and a senior; ALL potential domestic terrorists, according to the new rules and definitions. But keep in mind, those guys use a really whacky dictionary!

        • 7papa7

          They make up definitions to forward their communist agenda. As you know freedom is the greatest enemy to communism. So those of us who believe in the Constitution and believe in what mad America great is a huge enemy to people like obama and his drones.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Go deeper; communism is just a tool too. Look at who the author is, and I don’t mean Karl Marx; he also was a tool used to claim it so Jews could be discredited by his action. What we’re seeing is much larger and older than communism as we’ve known it, and infinitely more evil in nature as well.

    • Shane

      The Left views conservative Christians as their enemy, and Obama is using the radical left wing group, the SPLC, for its information about who is a hate group. The SPLC routinely libels and slanders conservatives.

      • Estoban

        The SPLC is worse than the KKK in terms of being a ‘hate group’, but still ranks behind the gay KKK.

    • Jay

      Oh hell yeah!!! if that day ever comes I am coming after the radical left wherever they may be,academia,government or entertainment.

      • $15774159

        Locked and loaded baby. Don’t tread on me.


      AMEN Brother !!!
      Hallelujah !

    • Dennis

      Actually its our communist government.The nazis hated communism and were the only ones to fight against it in ww2.

  • John Kirkwood

    Brilliant! Love the list!

    • Tea Party

      then check out mine

  • sean murry

    Screw the left i have intention of terrorinzing them and also our commuinst goverment.

  • VirgoVince

    And the rest of the country’s sheople are either still asleep or shopping at the malls, too stupid to know, or care about, what’s going on around them!!!!

    • Hans

      No ! The majority of the population is on FOOD Stamp or Government assistance, because they are too lazy to work for a living. And the same majority enjoys their free OBAMA phones. What a shameful gang of UNAMERICANS we have sitting around on their sofas and watch ABC,CBS,MSNBC, and CNN !!!

      • Jay

        And Fox too…Fox will be on the left once Roger Ailes is gone,there s plenty leftist working there now,Ailes is the only thing that keeps them in check.

  • Gary77

    God’s word says that a time will come when people would call evil good and good evil. We are there folks. Thanks for the column.

    • Bandit

      It also says that men will revile you for my names sake. Well we are there folks we are being reviled because of the name we choose to take upon our selves, We chose to take the name of Christ upon ourselves and to spread His word, and now we have been called terrorist for it. Well you know that is the way the world wants it to be, We are of the world but not in the world.

      • Clyde Young

        I could be mistaken but did you mean to say, “that we are in the world but not of the world?” John 17:13-16.

        • Bandit

          I was trying to go from memory but that’s right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.choate.90 Brenda Choate

    I guess this makes me a terrorist, and if so, then I am proud of it. Our country has become so upside down that anyone can bear a label just because the government wants to label them. No rhyme, no reason, just a hint that we do not share their tyrannical agenda and you get a label..

    • beebee

      I just have to say it – keep this in mind, THE GOVERNMENT LIES!! They lie often and loudly. They still believe that old thing about “tell a lie often enough, and it becomes truth in the minds of the weak”! Well, I think most of us are not that weak minded to believe this lie of all lies!

  • flgraminator

    Well I finally get a title. Do you think I will now get some respect from my beloved country

    • Bandit

      You are not the only one that got that title I think we all did this time around, all thanks to the muzlime in chief ” the great DICTATOR”

  • gundog1911

    Guilty as charged your Honor! The old saying used to be if you were accused
    in court of being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you. I
    want to leave no doubt. I am a Born again, Right-wing, pro-life, pistol-packing,
    Constitution-loving, traditional-marriage supporting, iron-pumping, Southern
    Gospel Music loving Libtard’s worst nightmare. I hope I make the SPLC’s
    bed-wetting Leftist douche bags wet their Depends every time I drive my gas
    guzzling truck out of the driveway. If your not making a liberal soil their pants everyday we are not doing what God put us here for. Rage on Doug and see you at the Awaking 2013
    this weekend.

    • daniellesays

      Omg that was thee greatest post!!! I proudly stand behind you with my 9mm, and gas guzzling jeep!

      • http://www.facebook.com/veronica.copple Veronica Copple

        Mine is a .40. I am there too.

    • DenverKitty

      Gun, I stand beside you! and you just earned “Comment of the Day!” Gratz!!

    • Savvy

      If u really are a Christian most of the things said in your post shouldn’t have been said. Jesus instructed us to live in love not arrogance. The “libtards” only have more reason to hate us Christians when we take this approach. I feel your frustration and admire your wit, but please remember Jesus loved his enemies…that is the one and only way to guide others to the truth.

      • MississippiRebel

        Not to sound rude or anything, but how is that working out for you?, he also stated that ” he helps those who help themselves” and he wasn’t talking about thieves stealing, if anything is going to change in this country we the people have to make that change not put our faith into a man ( Obama ) who blatantly wants to destroy America , yes God said love thy neighbor and each other, but he also gave us free will, we created this mess now it is up to the people to fix it.

        • panors77

          Please show me where you think Jesus said that? Jesus DID say however for the disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a sword for self defense knowing that the sanhedrin and roman soldiers might be out looking for them.

          • MississippiRebel

            You do realize you just contradicted yourself right?, in one post you state Jesus loves his enemies, but in this post you quote Jesus tells his disciples to arm themselves.

      • http://www.facebook.com/veronica.copple Veronica Copple

        The only thing I would have written differently in his post is to not use the word douchebags. BUT that is his choice… doesn’t make him wrong. People have the mistaken idea that being Christian means being a pushover. Jesus got angry and he let them have it. It IS NOT WRONG TO BE ANGRY over the injustices. It is how we deal with them that makes it right or wrong. I love those that I don’t agree with but does not mean that they will take my God given rights from me or my family. News flash, they will hate us anyway. That doesn’t matter. all that matters is that we are approved in Gods eyes.

    • TexasJester

      I have an idea – let’s all go to our nearest airport wearing burkas (men too!) and carrying large Bibles! Sing Christian hymns while wearing the burkas! Recite the Lord’s Prayer in burkas! They won’t know WHAT to do!!

  • Al Chemist

    They can’t call a Muslim Terrorist a terrorist; he is a freedom fighter. I guess they have to call somebody a terrorist, so Christians it is! So, I guess it okay to shoot Christian Terrorists now.

    • Bandit

      And they will be gunning for the lot of us I guess.

      • beebee

        Yeah, but only after they take all our guns and ammo away. We can’t shoot back with no guns or ammo, the cowards!!

        • Bandit

          Ever hear of bows and arrows they are as deadly as a bullet at close range and they will never hear them coming so they are silent and deadly. look into getting a few bows compound are the best along with the crossbow both are good and great for hunting with as well as they are very quiet.

          • Al Chemist

            Right Bandit. Bows of all kinds are a good second choice. For very close range, Pistol Crossbows would be great. Most people don’t consider them a serious weapon, but they can be deadly. They are available on Amazon.com and other sites at a reasonable price, and there is no background check. I would suggest you modify the bolts with a different head.

          • Bandit

            I need to replace my compound bow either that or I need to get a good crossbow either one would be good.

          • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.l.herbert Brenda L. Herbert

            What we need is poison darts. Silent and very deadly.

          • Bandit

            Darts are good to use, you can even use the poison on the arrows that way even a minor injury will be bad.

        • http://www.facebook.com/shane.lechner Shane Lechner

          i guess you plan on letting them take yours??

  • Grayzel

    You didn’t do anything stupid but ‘bless your heart’.

  • Blthom

    Great list….stirs the emotions but could you quote and site what these departments said instead of just making a statement and then stirring the pot.

    • webdaddy

      Click “Department of Defense” and “Department of Homeland Security” at the beginning of the article and you’ll get more info.

  • Simon

    The Habitual Liar in Chief & Thief Marxist Incompetent Negro King of Asses Hussein and his Administration are attempting to “set up” Christains and Patriots for the fall when they start using unconstitutional tactics to enforce their agenda upon good law abiding Americans.When you have terrorist deciding who are the terrorists then the good will always be labeled as the bad guys…Simon


    Time is getting shorter to keep America the Nation of Freedoms. The Communists Muslims and Liberals are running in second gear as fast as possible to delete Christians as they are still the True Freedom Seekers.

    • Bandit

      What is going on was and is foretold many years ago. Back in the 60s when this country its back on God He took His hand from this country and now look what we have going, the only way to get back is to turn back to GOD and he will give us the protection of his grace.

    • Ripper10

      Read the book ” The Harbinger “. What an eye opener.

      • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.l.herbert Brenda L. Herbert

        I just read that book “The Harbinger”. It was amazing. Very fast read. But very very eye opening. Made me cling closer toGod.

  • teachermabentley

    This one is the rub: “If you believe Jesus is Lord and not the state – you might be a terrorist.”

    • old_salty_dawg99

      Why is this the rub?This statement tells the TRUTH.Obammy thinks he is better than GOD and those who know otherwise are terrorists.He and far to many in DC feel the same way.But GOD is the only one to say what is right not men like Obammy who has proven every time he opens his mouth that he knows NOTHING.GOD said these times would come and that would let us know the end is near.I for one am glad because it means we won’t have to much more time to wait on getting out of this world with it’s STUPIDITY and INSANITY.I say even so come quickly LORD JESUS.

    • Bandit

      “Hooray”!!! I guess I am a terrorist in the name of Christ….

      • DenverKitty

        Christ’s Terrorist…sounds good to me!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    If loving GOD makes me a terrorist then I will stay a terrorist till they pry the King James BIBLE and my GUN from my cold dead hands after they bury there dead because I won’t go easy.GOD said that times like this would come two thousand years and more ago so it PROVES the BIBLE to be TRUE. It also means that Christs return is getting closer and to that I say PRAISE GOD.

    • $39132868

      Amen! Rev 3:9

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.baker.14224 Bill Baker


  • Tea Party

    Pelosi, Reid and Feinstein are all jews. Yet Jews were added to the list. So is their a good jew and bad jew? These three jews are taking the guns and our rights away for a Socialist Party member and a know Muslim Brotherhood asso. and a foriegn born muslim. HMMM sounds like those jews that worked for Hitler. Something stinks here…

    • jeepdude911

      Pelosi CLAIMS to be Catholic, which is also on the list. Things that make you go hmmm…..

      • $39132868

        She’s not a Cathoic. She’s a Crypto. She takes her Marching Orders from The Southern Poverty Lies Center. Mark Potok.

        • jeepdude911

          No, she takes her marching orders from the Muslim extremist in chief.

          • $39132868

            No. She TAKES her ORDERS from the White HATING Christian HATING Jews of the SPCL. There’s a LONG history of interaction, Google “Israeli connections in DHS”. The money behind Obama is STRICTLY kosher, from start to finish. Want names? Shall we discuss the names of the chief gun grabbers? There’s distinct ethnic flaver.

          • jeepdude911

            Take your medication and lay down. You’re obviously delusional, or Muslim. Either is no good.

          • $39132868

            Every word I’ve written can be verified. Are you the BEST the JIDL offers? Go back to your old gig as fluffer, in your Uncle Schlomo’s brothel, n Tel Aviv.

          • jeepdude911

            And I can rebuke every point you make. Just like the troll known as “progressives rule” you feel this insatiable need to have the last word, no matter how wrong you are. Must be a lib thing.

          • $47467457

            Typical stupid reply..I got plenty of those stupid replies growing up and asking questions..you on the other hand was no doubt happy to not ask!!..just stay stupid why rock the boat right ..

          • jeepdude911

            And you would know what that is. Democrat, strike one, socialist, strike two, atheist, strike three, you’re out. America has no equal, because of God, guns and guts. Go live in Venezuela, where your ilk would get along just fine.

      • Tea Party

        she was raised a jew so how do you convert to Catholism she would be shunned from her family. besides she supports all jewish practices and still follows their traditions

        • $39132868

          Oh please. Like a “conversion” means a thing! Zionists took over the Catholic Curch re: Vatican II. The Rothschild’s “manage” (plunder) the Vatican’s finances, which are predictably in a mess. Bennie Ratzinger is a Jew (he FLED the Throne of St Peter due to the sex scandal inside the Vatican), and there is a strong indication that Pop John Paul II was a Jew as well. John 8:38-44.

      • beebee

        Many politicians in government (federal, state, county, city, etc.) are parading around and touting the lie, they are not who they pretend to be! Especially at election/re-election time. Look at what and how they do, instead of listening to the lies they spout. How often do you see the reports of how they actually vote on different agendas? Lindsey Graham and John McCain come to mind…

    • $39132868

      Napolitano is a Crypto. This “directives” were derived from the Soputhern Poverty Lies Center Websites. Mark Porok. Heidie Beriahcgun grab Jews have been working with Muslims for centuries. Study the Jews that aised and funded the “Moorish” African Muslim invasion of White Christian Spain, and in some cases, like Toledo, opened the city gates for the invaders. When good Christian Gothic King and Queen Ferdinand and Isabella FINALLY “took their country back” they found Jews crawling all over the African Moorish courts, serving as “advisors”. Somehow these unfortunate facts are left out of whining abut the Inquisition. By the way – read “Under Two Flags” by Heinz Weichardt. The truth about the “sufferink” of Jews, under big bad old Adolf.
      The gun grab is all about preventng the duped Goy from exacting righteous justice, now that the dollar is collapsing, due to the kosher ministrations of the Fedsky.

    • Kosenator

      At the Final War, islam style: Muslims, Jews and Christians fight and destroy all other religions and unbelievers. Then the muslims, in obedience to Mohammed, turn on the Jews and Christians and kill all who refuse to turn away from their faith and towards the Liar’s Oppression. Obama will tell them they are safe for now. Muslims are encouraged to lie to infidels in order to gain their trust and then eradicate them when they least expect it.

  • jeepdude911

    Is that powder still dry?

  • cabensg

    PBS helpful as usual in furthering the lefts agenda just aired a documentary about the Oklahoma bombing. Home grown terrorist ya know.

    Last month for the umpteenth time they had the civil right movement on with the dogs attacking and police using fire hoses. Omitted as usual was the fact that the Democrat organization, the KKK and Democrat politicians were the leading offenders in the brutality.

    • $39132868

      Errr…considering what’s happening in the USA – you’d better stop insulting the Klan. They tried to WARN every-one.

      • Kosenator

        Cairan… The 11-11-11 kills anything that is not a whitie. Why? Because why, that’s why. Ever wondered what colour Rahab of Jericho was?

        • $39132868

          ???? Tell me about Black crimes rates.

          • mac7692

            And what say you of the morality of the slaying of whites in south aftica? Or the attack whitey games going on in big us cities? We just should accept our fate? Whatsoever up with that?

  • Lorraine E

    It is amazing how the ungodly press repeats the lies coming from this government in unison, daily, frequently, and with authoritative voices until the sheeple believe their lies. Like the saying goes, ‘if you tell a lie often enough the people will believe it.’

    • DenverKitty

      Lorraine: George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

  • wandamurline

    If believing in our Lord, Jesus Christ, and living by his word and teachings makes me a terrorist, then I guess I fit the bill and am PROUD to be one. This administration is going to get what they deserve …. as God says, “vengence is mine, I will repay”….and when he takes his wrath on these imbecilic morons, they will regret the day that they ever made fun of him and his people.

    • Kosenator

      You remind me of a parable our Lord told concerning a king going away for a while. When He returned, he called for all those who refused to have Him as their King to be brought and killed in front of Him. Some wonder how a God of Love can do such a thing? Easy, to keep His people from being terrorised in the Afterlife He gets permanently rid of the true terrorists (who, by the way, have just added the Ninth Commandment to their list of “oppressive rules to get rid of”)

      • wandamurline

        Our God was never one of putting up with people who opposed his will…this is the reason that Jesus was sent as an ambassador (if you will) to keep God from destroying mankind because of his wickedness….Jesus is the one of love and kindness.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    And every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening I go to my terrorist cell meeting…I used to call it Church. I even photograph adults and children joining their terrorists cell groups, it’s called baptism.

    And my priest is a retried veteran so is my Bishop and he’s a gun collector as well. Oh the horrors.

  • Tea Party

    When it comes to gun control follow this logic and you will see why the Regime is after guns.

    Handguns protect you from robbers

    Shotguns protect you from burglars

    Assault rifles protect you from your government

    this why the push for the assault series.

    First he rose the price of gas, then he rose the price of electricity, next he rose the price of food, then he rose the unemployment rate, then he printed endless amounts of fiat currency, then he killed a Faux terriost (Libya leader Khaddafi).
    {Do your research as to why that was done. Same reason Bush killed Hussein in Iraq. Neither were terriosts or posed a threat to the US. Real reason was they both wanted to take OIL off of the US dollar and make it OIL for Gold only. The US does not have Gold. You insert your own math here.}

    Next he orders massive amounts of ammo to keep citizens from getting any and causing prices to spike, then he orders 2700 fully auto assault rifles, and 2700 armored vehicles for domestic use? WTF??? Then he stockpiles body armor and body bags then he orders FEMA camps built to hold thousands of people. The camps look like the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. again WTF?? If he was protecting the people why is their barbwire? Next he controls the alphabet news networks and literally steals an election he lost. Then he illegally gives weapons to the Mexican Cartel to shoot Americans and to Al KIDA–who the hell is he?lol to kill a Country leader. Next he puts an anti Israel supporter in Sec of State, then he allows Muslim Brotherhood members to hold offices in DHS and other top government offices. Then he raises taxes and reforms a healthcare program with a deadth panel and whew I’m getting tired. Anyway you see a pattern here. Oh and also is foriegn born Muslim and a Card carrying member of the Socialist party. Did you know his sucessor Hilary Dilary’s first job out of college was with the Communist party? HMM! I am starting to see a method to his madness. How about you?

  • nahum

    I read Jonah then Nahum , in sequence and in Jonah , the bottom line is that the Assyrians ( Assyrians now live in a small section of Iraq ) were terribly afraid of Gods power after Jonahs message to them. Thats not the end of it. They also new they had sinned before the true God, but that this true God loved them , and would forgive them if only they would accept Jonahs message of the coming Messiah. Fast forward a little over 100 years , and the Assyrians were as cruel to its own people, not to mention to other countries as ever, the Government was totally reprobate, and God was furious. God goes on to crush Nineveh, and their blood flowed. The lesson is this ; our Government(???) should be living in TERROR because their mentality is the same as the God mocking Assyrians. Increasingly, our President, and our representatives are hedonists, and I’m not the person they should fear. God said HE was The LORD of Hosts, and HE would take vengeance.Lately the CBS Eye has been winking at me(lol) , but God is not winking at the lies, cheating ways of them that rule, ..presently rule that is.. God says He puts up kings, and takes down kings.

  • victorbarney

    Just wanted to add: READ REVELATION 18:10 where it very CLEARLY defines the fate of Islam! Yes folks, the very FIRST THING that our “JEWISH” not Greek, HEBREW-inspired(Zeph. 3:9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6), AGAIN NOT GREEK INSPIRED Scriptures write! It either is or isn’t TRUE everyone! If you TRULY believe, try e-mail site: www:info@icyahweh.org; where everything said & done is scientifically deductively proven as COMMANDED(2 PETER 1:20)! Yes, folks! Time is indeed running out….

  • Mark Robn

    So, by Obama’s own admission – he’s a terrorist now? Didn’t Obama say he was a “christian” to get the votes he needed to become President, in 2008? Yes he did.
    – (No, wait – he said he was a Moslem. I wonder what all “57” states have to say about that, especially the 108% votes he got from Ohio in 2012? hahaha)

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ Dave the Barbarian

    Well Islam is the religion of peace but christians are terrorists. Makes sense the big “O” considers bitter clingers, bible and guns, as the ENEMY so this was an eventuality! MOLON LABE!

  • craigmayberry

    What you are seeing is the homosexual take over of the government and the military. To a homosexual who has suddenly become politically correct and therefore untouchable in the military there is presented an opportunity to assert their prejudices and hatred for all that is righteous and good. I guarantee you that non homosexual Christians in the military are now pariahs who will be denied promotions and hounded out of the service. This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. Remember the “Pink Swastika”? And don’t give me the crappola that you can be a homosexual and a Christian at the same time. Homosexuality is a visceral rejection of God’s order and setting ones self up as god. Homosexuality is one of the end results of the hatred of God. To a homosexual, I am a terrorist.

    • $47467457

      Please tell me ..how it is and was that all of the MAFIA were devout catholics and went to confession and lied and were forgiven,,etc,etc,and the church treated them as royalty. ?!!,,how is it that the vatican is known to have helped the Nazi..How dictator Benito Mussolini..who killed thousands of his own people who wouldn’t follow him..yet went to church and was forgiven his sins?..murder is ok but being homosexual is unforegiveable..etc etc etc..,,Please explain this to this “no doubt stupid) Atheist!!……The mafia ..or cosa nostra were catholic..there were american gangsters of other faiths ..but were not mafia!!..Bugsy Seagal was a jew who attended synagog ..Dillanger was protestant
      I won’t go into what science has found on homosexualness..why,how etc..I believe that war has been belabored here at crash daily

      • craigmayberry

        You really should find out what a “Christian” is. What you are talking about is religious group membership, which is a very much different thing. If you are a homosexual then you are going either one way or the other. Going toward homosexuality is moving in the direction of rejecting God’s plan and order. Going toward God is rejecting homosexuality and gravitating toward God’s plan and order. Remember Yahushua said “you are either for me or against me”. If you are against God then you are for Satan period. Changing your direction is called repentance. God will assist you in repentance.

        • $47467457

          Y’know I do believe I got that same type of answer as a young man asking questions..in other words!..no answer..I’m not homosexual but do think ..do have compassion and do know what they’re going through and those like you .just make it worse!!..
          You dis-engaged catholic from Christian..interesting little ploy!! Christianity is a faith..catholics protesent,lutherin episcopalean etc are the various religions that make the faith….Craig,,I was a historian for a good number of years and as one I did study various religions ..faiths etc..I could go on for hours but in this place ..that would be a total waste of time!!You’re stuck in a box and won’t get out and ask ..why? what? how?..when you can answer the question I asked..

  • Shane

    So everyone is a terrorist threat except for devout Muslims who support violent Jihad against the infidels!

    • lewonton

      Shane…. you got it in ONE…… Hurray!!! DHS reminds me of an old dog that rolls in filth, then prances around, thinking it smells good.

  • Jim

    Thanks for setting me straight; I thought the islamist were the one’s to fear!

  • Robert

    What happen to Islamic death cultist that fly airplanes into building they don’t count?
    The entire O-stupid administration needs to be thrown into the deepest darkest hole in gitmo and forgotten. Christians and people that have defended the constitution are NOT terrorist. All members of the ACLU are terrorist all atheist, funeral protesters, and democRATS should be considered terrorist threats.

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    What’s scary about it all is that obama is doing exactly what he said he would and that is, “fundamentally changing the United States Of America”, an already great nation before he started. Unfortunately, he is fundamentally changing it into something much less than it was. Even scarier are the limpwicks in Congress who, despite what they may say, are perfectly fine with it.

  • rockcut

    This article is utter stupidity !

  • The Old Man

    WOW, first the returning veterans are mentally ill and now the christians are terrorists.

    I wonder what’s next. We already know that all the generals have been removed from service that would not order their troops to shoot fellow americans. only those that agreed are still in service.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000136373551 Karen Willis

    So I am a terrorist now.If Obama as he and his family claim to be Christians why are they still in the White House? Why are those Christians in Congress still there? I got it they are not Christians and if they are time to impeach all of them.

  • Gary

    How about a class action suit by Evangelicals, Catholics, and Orthodox Jews against the DOD and DHS for defamation, libel, slander or all three?

  • paco12348

    Let’s face it! If you don’t knell every time the Black Jesus in the White House opens his mouth you are a terrorist. Wonder when they will remove the “White” from the White House? The Left absolutely cannot tolerate those believing in their God and their Constitution.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    I am a Christian – put me up against a wall and shoot me. I will die for Jesus Christ as He died for me. At the age of 72 I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. God forgive America

  • Randy G

    They forgot one.—” If you look for ‘Peace on Earth’ instead of killing people, your a terrorist!

  • TexasLady


  • Breeze13

    When I was growing up, I was an American. Then I was an infidel. NOW I’m a freedom loving terrorist? Working my way up in the world.

    • selahgreene

      You are so right, Breeze13. Here’s what our Lord said about what would happen to us in these days:
      “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.”
      Matt 10:22

      And you (and all of us here) are definitely working our way up in HIS world, as Jesus said.
      “Blessed are you when men hate you,
      And when they exclude you,
      And revile you, and cast out your name as evil,
      For the Son of Man’s sake.
      Rejoice in that day and leap for joy!
      For indeed your reward is great in heaven,
      For in like manner their fathers did to the prophets.”
      Luke 6:22-23.

      It won’t be long before we see Him.

  • Silky Wiley

    Remember, before the world hated you, they hated me. Jesus

  • Winston

    Whenever the media makes such a proclaimation that evangelical Christians are “terrorists” it means the exact opposite. It is the media and socialist dictator government which are the terrorists in America. It is a societal war of a radical leaderless government at war against We the People… at least REAL Americans.

  • oldtimer

    Keep in mind that DHS is headed up by Obama appointed Muslims. The Marxist Muslim Puppet (Obama) and his Muslim infiltrates are the ones trying to label Christians as terrorists. They need to be dealt with. Vote out all the Marxist Democrats.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    Jesus said if they hate you, they first hated Me. How true that has become. I am proud to know and Love my Jesus (Savior) Christ (Messiah), He died for me to have a relationship with Him and now I might die to live with Him forever. Rather be in heaven then on the Nazi plantation of the left wing cool-aid drinking brown shirt masters who worship at satans altar of distortions and un-natural acts from hell itself. We who are Born Again Believers win either way, so they can kill the body but, can’t kill the spirit and soul, and they lose and burn forever for their acts against God and His people both Jews and Gentiles. So the joke is on them but, they won’t be laughing for very long.

  • Ernie

    If you are an American president with
    no proof of eligibility, you are a terrorist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.townsend.92 Che Mort

    Remember when the Patriot act was being debated under GW and the conservatives all said, I have nothing to fear from this act, I havent done anyting wrong etc? Well little dumbschiwtzes you see the result of the warning you were given. They named it the Patriot act because patriots would be eventually outlawed. Republicans voted for secret courts, elimination of habeus corpus, etc. All of it attacked and destroyed the consitutiton and now…? Whine, whine whine.Any one who voted for these acts were terroists as they attacked the constitution!!! Domestic enemies!!!

    • Apolloone

      Wait not all Conservatives were for it I told a lot of people this so-called security bill would be a dangerous thing, it truly amazes me that we have so many people that supported this, whenever we give the government this kind of power you can bet it will be used against the law-abiding citizenry. The sad thing is this monster will continue to grow stronger and larger.

  • $15774159

    The liberal left succeeded in removing God from the public schools, and has an agenda to totally remove God, period. it will take a strong group of patriotic and devoted Americans, to show our numbers, and remove this plague, called left wing liberalism. We defeated,Hitler,Mussolini,Stalin, and Hirohito, we can defeat Obama, and his left wing liberal agenda. I remember a famous quote some years back. America will be destroyed from within, not by an invasion. Pretty accurate statement.

  • marineh2ominer

    YES ! I am obviously a terrorist just because I am a white male , not to mention a Christian , a patriot , a veteran , an American , an oathkeeper to the United States Constitution andDeclaration of Independence and most especially the ” Bill of Rights ” . On top of that , I absolutely DESPISE all liberal progressive communist fascists .

  • Sahtzie

    Gary- You are so right! Sometimes, I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode…that what is up is down and what is evil is good. I used to not study revalations because I couldn’t wrap my mind around it…not anymore. It’s not just evangelicals that are on the list, but, also Catholics. All Christians must come together! Praise be to our Savior, Jesus Christ…and, if this puts me on some kind of least, so be it (and shame on you who know better than to be a part of this!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jimwernersr Jim Werner Sr.

    I am with you WASP!!! Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

  • Guest

    They will renounce their god, Barack Obama, under severe and continuing threat.

  • Dave

    Obama’s Terrorist is the Christian USA’s Freedom Fighter. I am proud to be one.

  • polmutant

    really the commie pink kenyan antchrist don’t love me???

  • agbjr

    According to the Obama Department of (IN)Justice the Pope heads the world’s most extensive terrorist network. The Holder minions have already likened the Church to a cult.

  • karolh

    Amen, I guess I am a terrorist too. And yes, I believe we will have a civil war, but I honestly believe although it will be a hard battle, we will win. I think God will be with us and we can not loose

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    Actually you did not change at all but some idiot labeled you a terrorist to try to get you to be politically correct. Nice to see how low they will stoop to try to get you to conform.

  • Mr Infidel

    The administration and the MSM are crossing their fingers that some white guy is responsible for Boston. Even if it isn’t so, they’ll do everything in their power to make it look that way as long as possible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/F35FIGHTERMAN Bob Belcher

    The POLITICAL RIGHT Group is not so right . GOD make the law for man kind to live by and they were so perfect that OUR COUNTRY FOUNDER adopted them . THEY WORKED FOR 200 YEARS until low life criminals started running our COUNTRY. CHRISTIAN LIVE BY THEM LAWS BECAUSE THAT WHAT HE REQUIERS OF US WHO FOLLOW HIM. we all will only be here a short time than our spirits will live for ever some where .THER ARE ONLY TWO PLACES god home or satans home .

  • Ben Pincus

    You know what’s strange? You went to bed a Christian and woke up a terrorist. I went to bed with the pejorative label of “Ultra-Orthodox Jew” and I ALSO woke up a terrorist. The word “Ultra” implies “too much.” I submit that no one who practices any religion faithfully would self-identify by saying that they were “too religious.” All religious people serve G-d at the level they consider appropriate, right and good. If anything they might be concerned they are not doing enough. Would the media routinely refer to any other ethnic or religious group with such a negative label? Look how they go to great lengths to call criminals caught red-handed, “alleged perpetrators” and how they make tremendous effort not to offend Muslims by calling them by any other term that they would self-select. So now I’m not only too religious, but I am a danger to my country! For the record, I love my country. I even get all misty on Flag Day, and I was born on Constitution Day. How many liberals can even tell you what those date are? After all that, truly, I don’t sweat it, although I notice it. Living well is the best revenge. To me that means, getting right with G-d, treating all people with respect, getting married to a woman, keeping the relationship vibrant and healthy, and having lots and lots of children that I raise the same way (without regard to affordability). My biggest fear is that the conservatives and patriots spend too much time reacting to every little thing the other side says or does, but in the end just like the libs they marry late, get divorced too often and say they “can’t afford” more children.

  • dave

    The king BHO ciaims to be a christian

    • Karen Benoit

      He is no christian ,, he is a muslim he doesnt know how to be a christian. well he is nothing but a lair,, and we know what happens to lairs,, they cant tell the truth for lying,, and cant keep their stories straight and obama may think he is goin to win but we know that truth prevails , and there is no truth in obama,, every time his lips are moving he is lying,,, we cant believe any thing he says,, and i cant believe that some people truly believe what he says, i am pissed about all those people that voted for him,, they have put our lives on the line and they are so stupid cause he is goin to put the screws to them too, and all those that voted for him cause he is black ,, please they have no idea what they have done to this country, cause of their ignorant, and there are some ignorant people out there,

  • http://www.facebook.com/veronica.copple Veronica Copple

    I am a Christian and I am proud of it. I read this article and have clicked on the links. I think that the way this is written, it is designed to incite people to anger and stir up fear. If this is indeed true, then lose all the hype and report the piece the way it should be reported. At a time when the whole nation is grieving (yet again)why in God’s holy name would you write something with this tone to it? I believe in the bible and all the good things in it, however I would like to think that I also love my country and all that it stood for once upon a time.

  • Chaplain DDMcD

    TERRORIST and proud of it! Most of us have never been persecuted for our Faith (unless you are old enough to have been in the Holocaust) I stand proud to be one of His children. He WILL protect His children; but my life is His to do with as He pleases. If my life is taken…..it’s only a nano-second until I will be with Him for all eternity.
    Come on, ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS! We ARE marching on to war. However, we already know how the battle ends and who will be victorious. AMEN!

  • Joshua Theirs

    Sorry. I don’t believe any of this. I think you are at best exaggerating. Could I have a link to an official source?

  • David R. (Canada)

    The government isn’t really afraid of Christians commiting acts of terrorism; what they’re really concerned about is the same thing that all communists are afraid of: someone who isn’t afraid of them (the government).
    This is why all communist governments try to destroy Christianity.
    We Christians, obey God’s law before man’s law, always. And we are not afraid to do so.

  • OhioTony

    If you believe the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church and not a character in a movie about Greerwich Village, you might be a terrorist.

  • Harley Harrold

    I am NOT a Terrorist, I am a warrior for God and I will take up my Sword to protect my family, and my GOD given rights.

  • TeaTephi

    Evangelical Christians might well be a national security threat…since so many of them voted for Obozo!

  • Stan Parrish

    If you believe Christians are a threat you might be an idiot.

  • horseridingplains

    We have mussie in WH and top cabinet positions- there are claims by Egyptian clerics that Allah’s flag will fly over WH—
    Well, I guess I must be a terrorist because I do believe in Christ and Christian theology–and I denounce anything Muslim

  • Follower of Christ

    Matt 5:10 “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

  • johnnywoods

    Wow! That explains why I feel like blowing something up like all those “Evangelical Christians” who hijacked and flew those airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.No wait,… never mind :)

  • BillMM1

    “Let your Kingdom Come…” If that doesn’t terrorize left-wing liberals, then a little thing like a bombing in Boston means little to them.

  • Watzy Norman

    You could replace EVERY bible reference here with KORAN, and it would sTILL be the same kind of people. People that believe “their God” is the correct one. You people are freaking morons…You will never make any progress if you continue to believe that an almighty being is in control of your life. You are just another bunch of religious zealots…

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