• Chuck Palenti

    Love the Hammer

  • jeepdude911

    Pretty much spells it out.

  • Robert Moulds

    Charles Krauthammer is right radical Islam does cause terrorism. When exasperated by rising food prices in third world countries resulting from crop failures world wide or the exploitation of working people in those countries for cheap products. Bangladesh’s recent sweat shop collapse and Walmart of who Bill Clinton was a board of director role in being one the importers. So to the smug buy your cheap products but if you considered the conditions they work in and their inability to make ends meet then you’d understand.

    • Steve V

      Ur a freakin idiot! Their 3rd world cesspool countries are what they are because of their backward, Neanderthal ways! Islam is the very embodiment of evil! Their twisted, coward, wife beating, pedophile profit is evil! Islam is not compatible with our constitution. They all need to be deported!

    • TBJWebmaster

      Rubbish, the conditions in that country are caused by the fact that Islam has not moved forwards since the Koran was written. They are still living in the eighth century. Yes, manufacturers go there for a cheap workforce, but try asking the workforce if they would be better off if the manufacturers all left, which they would have to if they had to raise wages, increase prices in the store to match and lost business thereby..


    Krauthammer is exactly right except for his use of the term ‘radical’ together with ‘islam.’ Islam is islam, period! Using those two words in the same sentence is redundant!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Obama is a walking, talking (always talking) embarrassment to the nation.

  • Randy131

    A ‘LIAR’ is a liar, whether he be the scam-artist involved in your identity theft, tricking you into releasing facts to him to accomodate that theft, or the President of the United States, protecting his Muslim cohorts by refusing to admit to and tell the people of the UNited States the truth about who it is that is trying to kill them and is waging an Islamic War (Jihad) on them. Facts enhance common sense, despite the corruption of political correctness.

  • marineh2ominer

    Correct , ALL islamists are cold blooded murderers in their hearts , with their Koran , how could they not know it , and knowing it they would get out , except of course for the cowards .

  • mogul264

    Until ALL the OTHER American Muslims DENY the terrorists asylum and support, turn them into authorities, or even if they have SUSPICIONS, the rest of us will lump THEM in with the TERRORISTS ! This may not be PC, but it is TOO DAMN BAD! These sewer rats come to America, and avail themselves of our aid when they have no money, even to some becoming citizens sworn to defend and protect the U.S. (So much for the ‘sworn’ word of THESE Muslims!)

    The older brother decides to go to Muslim lands, learn terrorist ways and methods and come back to indoctrinate his little brother! Only THEN (?) they become ‘radicalized’ and ATTACK us? The ONLY person in the whole freaking family for whom I now have any respect, is the uncle, who denounced them! I assume he is Muslim, but that doesn’t matter. Not now!

    Right now, ALL the Muslims in the Boston mosque where these traitors met are GUILTY, so far as I care! AND, The REST of the American Muslims had better straighten out their situation, TOO, and NOW! Should ALL start volunteering ALL the information they know on even POSSIBLE terrorists and targets, I might relent, but the longer they take, the less likely that will happen! I only hope the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security finally get their act together and function as a unit to clean out the filthy scum infesting our homeland!

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