• Nick Santos

    yet we “cannot jump to conclusions” about the boston attacks? yeah, no reason at all to jump to these WILD and CRAZY conclusions

    • msueh

      yup, cuz it was “right wing extremists,” right? sure… stupid libturd reporters

  • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

    They can simply blame an anti-Mohammed video and be done with it, no further investigation necessary

    • Strangerinmyownland

      What difference does it make? What difference does it make?

  • MalikTous

    Let’s just give this jihadist a necktie party and dump the remains in the Gulf. Al-qaeda must die.

    • crusader2010

      Before that, feed him bacon, and pork chops heated by burning Korans.

      • LilyDarcey

        Hey good idea. Season the bacon and pork chops with Koran ashes.

        • LARA


      • turfbarn80

        Drive him to pork fest in a car driven by a woman with an uncovered face.

    • strangerinmyownland

      Smeared in bacon fat.

    • polmutant

      throw the pigskinned wrapped body on mecca.

    • 7papa7

      Absolutely, death to Al Qadea and all those who follow them. Include Hamas and all the other pigs terrorists.

  • polmutant

    alert alert, mentally ill, lunatic americans call commie pink kenyan antichrist anti american muslim the “commander in chief” . take their guns, ammo, jobs and give the weapons to other like minded muslims and illegals.

  • Bronson

    Have we not learned the lesson yet? Why are we inviting this scum to our country in the First Place? Isn’t it time to begin exporting these vermin back from whence they came?

    • http://www.facebook.com/paladin211 Jeffrey C Keene Sr

      S.T.A.B.!! (Send Them All Back!!)

    • polmutant

      barry don’t like how you talk about his kind.

      • catman

        He even hires the scum

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          Yep , Check out how many are in the White House ?

          • Downlowclub

            Soetoro’s most trust adviser is Valerie Jarrett who is Iranian born. She is the one who promised “payback” after Barry’s ballot stuffing fraudulent win. What do you expect???

          • Phishhed444

            Exactly; Ship ‘em out from whence they came?!!? You don’t hear much about THAT in the media, do ya’? Barry is SO TRANSPARENT, isn’t he/it?

      • Dawn Garland


    • polmutant

      too poor to pay attention the sheoples are off to slaughter, crying out day and night “take our wool, eat our children, only leave us grass to eat”.. “we are men, american men, can someone give a food stamp to feed us? shelter us? subsidize us? we bow before our god barry and the district of communists, we are the sheoples of their pasture. they will save us and honor us. we are only american men. baah bahh bahh.
      so what can such learn? pay for 1unconstitutional tax for 1unconstitutional policy, pay for them all. you got what you paid for. what is the lesson? give up your guns and be numbered for your own slaughter.

    • William Tracey

      Threats don’t mean anything. No foul, no penalty, even if they committed a felony, they would get a free pass from “Big Sis” and Obama. After all we can’t be stepping on the toes of the chosen few and insult “The Chosen One”, “Our Savior.”

    • sovereigntyofone

      Okay, so we deport them. Then they just come back in, over our border, only this time they get ” entitlements “. If only we knew how many people that hate this country and wish to do it harm comes across our borders, none of us would be able to sleep at nights.

  • johnbbbb

    We know wht this piece of scum looks like now. Where is our swat or seal team to find him and put one between his eyes. These people are our enemy.

    • polmutant

      looks like barry to me.

  • tom

    If this is Islam who in their right mind would want anything to do with it. Only psychopaths would seriously observe such a religion of murder. It’s about time reasonable Muslims take action to no just distance themselves but to loudly and convincingly condemn such teachings.

    • rsartain

      The problem is that the “moderate” muslims are not exempt from the hatred and terror from their rabid brothers. They are more afraid to speak up than any of us.

      • tom

        So was Martin Luther and all the others when they went against the religious orthodoxy of his day. Islam needs a reformation like as occurred in Christianity. Christianity was a sick and perverted as is the current radical Islam but people of courage and conviction stood up. Now some courageous people of the Islam faith must do the same thing or the radical Islamists will set the world on fire.

        • mtman2

          The only reformation that is ordained by God to work, is Christs propitiation + the gift of His Holy Spirit. ” Real Christians” went under ground for centuries or were tortured +/or killed; from Roman rule until the German Princes wisked Martin Luther to safety to Wartburg Castle after he nailed the “95 theses at Wittenburg[1517]”, + would NOT recant the charges of rampant Papal corruption. He stated that man is Justified by Faith + NOT works as the Apostle Paul had written, but ‘the people’ were kept from scripture by the Catholic Church until Luther.translated the Bible from latin to German for the world to read[Guttenburg helped].Then came the Enlightenment period…Mohamed was a thief + Islam is his cult to exact “tribute” from Jewish+Christian peoples under threat of violence or ‘holy’-war, there’ll be NO Islamic ‘reformation’ or they like the Catholic Church did[but-worse] , will kill any threat to total rule + monopoly.THE TRUE CHURCH was built on Christ + the revelation “given” to Peter = that YOU are The Christ, the Son of the Living God”; -NOT- Simon/Peter, the mere man. ‘The Catholic Church’- was never ‘the Christian Church’ + is THE mistake seems most make{intentionally-or-on purpose} = it was a politically expedient political manipulation + control of multiple nations + rulers, very profitable at the spiritual+monetary cost/loss to the common people. READ -“FOXES BOOK of MARTYRS”- 33-AD til now! The Pope, Bishops, Priests, Nuns + all must be personally “saved” as Jesus explained to Nicodemus[Jewish-high-priest}. Traditions+religions of man are all ‘of man’ + cannot of themselves carry any true spiritual weight in the Light of Holiness as we cannot attain that of our own sinful righteousness but need a Righteous Savior[Jesus] + Mediator[Holy-Spirit] to enter into the family of God the Father. Muslim heritage goes back to Ishmael, the semi-illegitimate son of the father of our faith, Abraham.

          • tom

            I love it when people seem to know what is and is not ordained by God. It is that very attitude that will get us all killed.

          • mtman2

            “Well” just because U don’t know what your talking about doesn’t give U place or pause to rail against those that do. Try doing something useful til U do know something relevant to OUR circumstance as Americans. YOU obvious by UR misunderstanding of history shouldn’t speak until U do years of homework, like many of us have,. Children always think they know something special too-AKA Obama. OUR enemies aren’t playin’!! Know something before talking + U won’t be considered childish + irrelevant. OUR FOUNDERS DID KNOW, this country is a gift to you, don’t waste it or nock it. Make a difference for good, not whining about things you don’t understand…

          • tom

            Actually you first comment was nothing about history…it was theology. You talk about history. My response, if you look at history, i 100% correct. Religion nut jobs, whether their religion is Islam, Christianity, atheistic humanism, Marxism, Fascism, etc. kill their opposition once they gain power and they believe their is no one else to hold them accountable since they are doing their killing for some greater purpose or that it is ordained by God. Don’t be a condescending twerp. We are done. Don’t respond to this.

          • JOHN

            Show me a Christian who ever talked murder/The two are directly opposite.Only muuuhammed ever sent killers after his enemies.Jesus died for us instead of sending murderers Seeee the difference Virginia?

          • mtman2

            “Well” Tom, you brought it up + are in the dark about that subject so mine was a brief history on the subject -you brought up- in error. Guess you like to write history as you make it up however many of us here know differently. You have a lot to learn all the way around on any subject. OUR Founding was based on the true relevance of scripture not manmade religion. Again learn more before you judge or speak about things you have not fully + honestly digested. So is it Immaculate generation -or- spontaneous Conception Tom? Who changed the world for good + did the most good?…+ where did all that come from?

          • tom

            The people I find to be more insulting, rude and condescending are true believers of religion, any religion whether it be Christianity, Islam, Marxism, Evolution, etc. The bible and any other book held to be sacred by any of the religions have authority only because you give it authority. I have found time and time again that people choose a particular church more for psychological reasons than anything else. Their particular church gives them certainty so they don’t have to rub two brain cells together and actually think for themselves. Most churches are good a preaching to congregations about believe, doctrine and morals but to actually transform someone into a better person a really rare. Usually the turn someone into someone who think they now know it all as they look down their noses at others with a combination of pity and contempt.

        • panors77

          Sooooo….please show me in scripture where Jesus orders Christians to go out and conquer the earth through war.

        • rsartain

          Like most half-educated liberals you are unable to distinguish the difference between “Christianity” and the “Holy Roman Catholic Church” and it is that which keeps you making the same ignorant blunders in your philosophy. Hearing you describe “Christianity” is like listening to a first-grader explain the form and function of the atom. Someone told you it was very small and could kill people and that’s as far as your education has gone. “The Church”, as defined by “the body of Christ” was in existence prior to and remained in existence during the reign of terror produced by the Catholic church. As such they, the true Christians, were martyred for speaking out against the Roman Church. But rest assured they were in existence before and remain in existence to date. For instance the Baptist faith existed from the very beginning from “John the Baptist” and on thru all of the subsequent history of the church. As such they were never a member of the Protestant movement because they ALWAYS held the truths that the Protestant Movement newly came to understand. The true “Church” never joined in any but the first Crusade and that was because Islam under Saladin was trying to wipe out the Christians and Jews in the Holy Lands in a bloody pogrom. Thereafter all subsequent crusades were carried out by Popes of the Catholic Church to increase the gold in their coffers and not sanctioned by “The Church” as the body of Christ. The only “reformation” that needs to take place is the individual reformation of the soul thru Christ. I know that sounds terribly pedagogic and very parochial to you but there is no other way to reconcile the difference between the barbarian cultures that cling to totalitarianism in all its forms and the true nature of Christianity which is the foundation of all liberty, freedom and individual responsibility and the cornerstone of all property rights in America. If you are a statist, communist, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Shintoist, socialist, or any other totalitarian, your religion is the government and you must get rid of Christianity and its influence before taking the property and rights of others. Be careful that you don’t become one of the “functional idiots” of those groups and bring about your own destruction in an unreasonable hatred for all things Christian. We are the only thing standing between you and the insatiable hunger of a greedy and bloated Federal Government.

          • tom

            First, I’m not a liberal. I am a Libertarian. I also have a Ph.D. and am a certified minister. Apparently God is too busy and disinterested to be bothered to set the record straight about who’s a Christian or not. We, all being born into a ready made world, are left to sort things out all the while having a thousand things coming at us all at once. And what, God expects us to get it right or we are tortured forever in hell? Additionally, the arrogance, hatred, and absolute certainty of one’s beliefs evidenced by the Islamic extremists, Marxists and evolutionary atheistic humanists is equaled only by people such as yourself. And it is those noted in the previous sentence (including people like you) who will set this world on fire because of your absolute certainty and with no room for the possibility you might be wrong and you much rid the world of those who disagree with you.

            I would suggest that you go to YouTube and view the series, The Crusade by Terry Jones. The crusaders where a barbarian gang of thugs, thieve and murderers.

          • rsartain

            For internet access and a buck anybody can be a “certified minister”. For your information God did set us straight on what it takes to be a Christian. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me. If you don’t come thru a belief in the finished and finishing work of Christ you can’t be Christian. No matter how many good deeds you do or how many dollars you donate or much you read/study the Bible you are not a Christian until you recognize your natural instinct to sin and then recognize you need to change that nature and then rely upon Him to do it for you. And, by-the-way that statement “your absolute certainty and with no room for the possibility you might be wrong and you much rid the world of those who disagree with you.” You put words in my mouth that I did not say. It is not my place to rid the world of anyone except murderers nor does any Christian believe that way. Only totalitarians, liberals and socialists believe that way, hence the move to blame white Anglo-Saxon Protestant/Christian males for everything that happens so you can place us in the same category as Al Quaida and take our guns, liberty, religious freedom, private property and retirement funds. Et Tu, Brute?

          • tom

            I am did not put words into your mouth but I am reflecting the tenor, the tone of what you and others have said in this string of comments. I am merely taking your, and the others, certainty of what is the true and only way to it’s logical conclusion. It is such certainty that leads to totalitarianism. The thing is you need Islam…and atheists and socialists. If they weren’t there to express their views how would you know what you believe? Indeed, when Islamic nut jobs and environmental wackos and the like commit acts of terrorism it is morally and ethically wrong. These individuals need to be locked up and kept away from polite society since they don’t know how to play the games of yes and no, right and wrong, good and bad, etc. You and I actually agree on much. As I said I am a Libertarian and a deep believer in the U.S. Constitution as originally intended. My only beef with you and the others is expressing Christianity and with some they are ready to commit their own version of total war against others. I have not read as much hate, venom and bitterness from any group of people as I have from my first comment on this article. Given that each have claimed Christianity as the source of their morality it makes me wonder. Either they believe God isn’t really there (atheistic Christians) and will not hold them accountable while they use Christianity as a way of looking down their noses at others enabling them to feel superior to the rest. Or they believe God is so ineffective, so impotent that he either can’t or won’t hold them accountable in which case why trust such a God can sustain our life after death. Or the believe God agrees with them in which case what is the difference between the God worshiped by many of those who have responded to my original comment and that of Islamic extremists.

      • Anita

        They all believe that infidels should be converted or killed. Not all of them are capable of actually carrying out the killings, but they firmly believe in all of this. These sorry sobs look us in the face and try to act so sorry. When they go home behind closed doors they laugh their a$$es off at us. Don’t be fooled.

        • rsartain

          You’re right. That’s the other side of it. Islam is not a religion of peace. It was formed by a man who had been rejected by Judaism and Christianity for his despotic and perverted sexual behavior so, in spite of the fact he could neither read not write, he started his own religion using an ancient Sumerian god called “Ala” who was the god of revenge.

    • http://www.facebook.com/edwin.thomas.142 Edwin Thomas

      Like Obama.

    • ABBE

      Reasonable Muslim is an oxymoron

      • tom

        I think reasonable, that is to say, modern Muslims (Muslims who live and like the 21st century as contrasted with the 9th century radical Islamists) do exist but their fear over rides their reasonableness. The problem is, their fear will bring about the very things they fear.

    • phillyg

      I have come to believe there are no reasonable Muslims. The koran and shura require them to lie to infidels and/or conquer them. Islam is as much a political movement as it is a religion and it should get no recognition as such in the US.

      • tom

        Look at some of the requirement of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. If we did what the Bible tells us to do we’d be as bad as the Islamists. Afterall, the Crusaders got their justification to commit mass murder from its pages and from those who would presume to interpret it to an illiterate populations. Christians and Jews have grown out of the commands to commit murder of entire populations, perhaps is Islam has its reformation they can get out of the mode too.

        • polmutant

          reformation of islam? destroy it and it’s followers. problem solved. crusades were started in defense of infatada. the muslim wanna be humans will never quite make the goal. as for the bible, God is immutable never changing. if “jews/Christians” would have been obedient, there would be no muslims, baby murderers, homo’s. just because the human spirit is partial to sin does not mean it is condoned by God.

          • tom

            We could talk all day about what ifs and if onlys. But since we have Islam reformation is the only practical solution aside from your idea of committing your only bit of mass murder.

          • polmutant

            kill 1 you are a murderer, kill 10 you are mass murderer, kill 1000 and you are a king. reform them with fire.

          • tom

            That’s very Taliban of you.

          • polmutant

            it is Nordic.

          • tom

            Nordic Taliban

          • polmutant

            what do you call the baby murderers {abortionists}, and the loss of life by the disease bearing homo’s? and why do you support them?

          • tom

            I’m not supporting any of this. I am merely pointing out that just as the Taliban, al-Qaeda, etc. are rock solid, absolutely sure of their stance so it is also true with so many others who hold to religious beliefs. Whether that belief is Islam, Christianity, the religion of Communism/Socialist/Progressivism, etc. The people who have such rigid view are going to be the ones who blow us all up.

          • polmutant

            there is no such thing as seperation of church and state. a man cannot serve 2masters, he will love one and hate the other. also a double minded man accomplishes nothing. what God made straight, no man can make crooked, what God made crooked no man can make straight. It is impossible to not have a supporting position. life is cruel.

          • tom

            Actually government is religion in action. Whether the culture and those running the government Christianity, Islam, atheistic humanist, or whatever, they work that into how they govern. So there is not 2 masters involved. It’s all on with government being the expression of the religious assumptions of the culture.

          • polmutant

            so you understand the mystery of babalon and the antichrist? the mark of the beast. to be on the hand, or head; with the hand work is done, with the head is thought alignment. it is not the chip but the self program that condems, there is 1major flaw with your theory, if government “legalizes” unnatural policy, or things against nature. then you have a split. homosexuality and abortion are 2prime factors, taxation is another. so one that observes natural law cannot abide by social law. with the case of abortion when ideology of certain aspects is murdered in the womb, and 2nd ideology is imported; this changes what the interpretation of man’s law is. natural law is consistant and permanent, man’s law is fickle.
            when I say natural law, I of course mean God’s law. as in creator.

          • tom

            I read comments about such things and wonder what can you or I do about it. What do you do? I don’t care if a homosexual does what they do so long as they keep it to themselves. I believe abortion is infanticide but is seems people who are against it merely want big government to do what they want it to do just as those who want abortion want big government to do their bidding. The moral decay is a sight to behold, is terribly sad to see because of the consequences to the individuals involved and to society as a whole. But it is a matter of winning people heart and minds through gentle persuasion and prayer rather than pointing accusatory fingers threatening them with hell. After all, we all have our own share of irreducible rascality, our own tendencies to be selfish, self centered, to be mean and thoughtless, etc. If we can’t see the evil in ourselves and tend to that first we are just going to strike out at others who be believe are not living up to our ideas of right all the while we are not really living up to it ourselves in our heart and soul.

          • polmutant

            resistance or compliance are the 2choices. from my perspective if one wants to murder their children, or be a homo it is their business, however when governement orders that i must be complicit in such activity the line is drawn. I will not stand before Christ Jesus with excuses for funding that which i know is wrong.
            such people that engage in these activites are written about in Roman’s. it is also written not toss the pearl before swine. they have been given up to their own vain lusts and imaginations. what heart and mind is there to win?
            every person was given the seed of knowledge of eternity. there is no person that can save another. the primary function of the individual seeking salvation is to work out his/her own salvation. through obedience to God. there is much to say about the difference between religion and relationship of salvation between creature and creator. consider this John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that WHOMSOEVER believeth in him shall have everlasting life. Christ came to take back what was lost. what was lost? creation was lost to sin, mankind is only a part of creation. Christ would have gone to the cross even if no man would accept salvation. Christ did not die for mankind specifically. when Christ redemmed creation he also opened the door for redepmtion to mankind,
            Now having the life i live and seeing the decline of USA since the early 1990’s I have made provisions that in the case of obama care i will not have baby murder blood on my hands, or be complicit in the activity, same with the complicit nature of homosexuality, I will not fund it. I do not know how to help you but every man must work out his own salvation.
            may God bless you and keep you, may no weapon formed against you prosper.

          • KevinT

            Well said!

          • tom

            Our society and government is such that no matter what you do you are in some way supporting illegal, immoral activities. Much of the money in your wallet probably has cocaine residue on it, for instance. If God can’t figure out that your choice is pay your taxes which may fund abortions yet all the while trying to change the hearts and minds of those who support abortion then God is as confused as people. Why would he hold paying your taxes against you no matter what our stupid government does with it. My greatest desire is for government to be so small that it leave me alone and let me make my own decisions thank you. I think that’s best. How do people grow in their spiritual life if government is going to tell them what to do, how to do it. How does someone learn to be generous with their excess if government takes money from them and gives it to the poor, poor which the policies of that government probably created.

          • polmutant

            when 1 accepts Christ as Saviour that one becomes an eternal citizen of heaven. This citizenship sets Christ as commander in chief. there are 2types of sin; 1 is commission, when it is known it is wrong to do but done anyways. 2nd is ommision that is when it is right to do but not done. The bible is full of examples of individuals that chose eternal correctness over temporal acceptance. Christians were killed in the arena, murdered for speaking of Christ, persecuted for nothing more than offering an alternative to the death dance of satan.
            Life is best described of as choice. by the choices made others may see what the individuals character is. This is why the USA constitution is so beautiful a writing, It is of divine inspiration. It proclaimed individual liberty, nothing as corporate liberty. why is altering it dangerous? example, one who claims to be christian by default declares God sustains him, that same one by natural law could/would not take welfare. why? because by default that one would be a liar. as the welfare is his sustainance and not God. this same rule apllies to fiat money printing. money is not wealth, it is a byproduct of wealth. creating money is not the same as creating wealth.
            Faith/prayer without works is dead. why pray and work for cause/issue if no work is applied to reach the desired outcome? the statement why would God hold it against an individual who prayed for a small governemnt that would leave him alone? it is because of all things satan desires to make God unheard. to cloud the earth with regulation that the simpleness of responsiblility to the Creator is deminished. that all responsibility would be to satan. This is the issue, it is not “what would Jesus do”, But what would Jesus not do.
            did Jesus and many others pay the ultimate price for not bowing to the demands of satan?

          • panors77

            I agree with much of what you’re saying, especially the gentle persuasion and prayer part, but also understand we are being attacked by islam and we are not hindered to self defense but indeed encouraged to self defense if need be by Jesus himself. Also Jesus talked himself about hell…..a lot. It’s not that we who believe in him need to point fingers, but also calling sin a sin is something we are commissioned to do.

          • panors77

            Ok…with that in mind….I’ll take Judeo Christian morals and principles over islam and communism any day of the week. Both are “johnny come lately” ideas. Both are rotten.

          • panors77

            Difference is with Judeo Christianity….were not out attacking and killing people, nor do we have such orders to do so. Jesus says to “spread the Gospel to every creature”……no where does he say if they resist slaughter them into submission….like muhamaad did over 600 years later.

        • KevinT

          Where in the New Testament does it say to murder entire populations if people? If we all followed the teachings of Jesus the world would be a much different place. His teachings are the opposite of Mohamed.

          • tom

            The Inquisition and the Crusades. These people used the Bible (including the New Testament) as they understood it as justification for their mass murders.

          • KevinT

            That was done by so-called religious leaders who could tell the illiterate masses whatever they wanted them to believe. Nowhere in the Bible, old or New Testament, does it say to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with you. That is taught, however, in the Koran.

          • tom

            Come on. Israel when the went into “the Promised Land” were commanded to murder hordes of people, entire nations. Wars are largely over religion. Whether the religion is Christianity, Islam, Communism, Fascism, or whatever. As I said in an earlier email to someone else. Government is religion in action. While Jesus Christ as a result of his mystical experience taught love, tolerance, etc. Christianity, the religion, immediately place him on a pedestal and promptly ignored what he taught which is evidence by the Crusades and the Inquisition, the Westboro Baptist Church, and whenever Christians who behave no better than atheists. Many Christians seem to thing that there really is no God who will hold to account or that he is too weak and ineffective to do so or that he agrees with some of the nastiest, heartless, soulless acts and speaking and thoughts imaginable.. But we are stuck with the Christianity we have at least until or unless God decides to take the time to bring order to his own house first.

          • panors77

            You’re way off here. When Israel went to the promised land they were ecapees from Egypt. So…you think the Philistines, or the Baalists who sacrificed babies on a burning metal idol were “ok” and should’ve been left alone? God didn’t think so. Talk about post birth abortion. Any peoples that Israel had to defend itself with were usually involved in very evil practices according to GOD, and again realize Israel was under theocracy then. If you even unworthily touched the Ark of the Covenant you died…whether you now want to beleive it was a big golden battery or not.

          • tom

            It’s amazing to me how people today are still willing to kill or approve of killing today over something that happens hundreds or thousands of years ago or because words written in a book they deem holy. It would seem that reincarnation is true and that the earth is where the souls of the criminally insane reside.

          • panors77

            Catholic church was the inquisition, which is different from the Crusades. They started off defending themselves against the maurading islamic moors, then they got power hungry which is what unfortunately happens when you mix church and state, with high church clergy in bed with monarchs. The Crusades were a defense against islam. If they hadn’t done anything and not fought them on the battlefield, most of Europe would be muslim today. Alas they DID lose Jerusalem to Saladin and thank GOD that at least Saladin came to his senses and gave Christianity their due by leaving Christian sites in Israel alone.

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          The Crusades were launched to fight off the Muslims who were out to kill Christians and take their lands.

          • tom

            I would suggest that you visit YouTube and watch the entire series The Crusade by Terry Jones.

          • panors77

            So you deny that the islamic moors were trying to conquer Europe?

        • panors77

          There was a difference per the OT, as they were under a theocracy. They were ordered to attack their foes who were also out to destroy them plus according to GOD were involved in all sorts of henus sin. Then centuries later because of their idolatry the jews were scattered and thrown out of their homeland. They were humbled, put their noses to the grindstone working their butts off despite bigtime persecution, all the way up to Hitler in WWII. This is way different than islam that calls for the killing of the infidel and the “convert or die” mantra. The crusades were a defense against the mauading islamic moors who were attacking and trying to conquer Europe. We are again in the middle of a “crusades” deal where once again islam raises it’s ugly head trying to conquer the world. Speaking of Hitler….who do you think sided with Germany for “racial purity” in two world wars? The Muslims, starting with the Turkish muslims in the battle of Galipoli.

        • figmo

          they may have gotten their justification there but their motivation was a product of english inheritance laws. when a man died, all his property passed to the oldest son. any other sons were left without so they joined the crusades in the hope of acquiring loot.so you can see, giving your people a big lie to justify invading another country is not new.

  • VirgoVince

    This is EXACTLY why WE must rid ourselves of these 3rd world garbage invaders, BEFORE they make us 3rd world garbage!!!!
    NONE of them should be allowed to reside in OUR country, anywhere!!!!!

    • felix1999

      They need to go back to their caves and take their mummies posing as woman with them. They are barbaric!

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        Obama imports them at the rate of about 80,000 per year on taxpayer money!

    • Lee Baldwin

      mid term elections take place within about a year. Make sure you VOTE for candidates that do not invite or subject themselves and us to muslimes. Go READ the Koran and learn what it says so you know what the ideals of the muslimes are. I would say any and all democrats should not enjoy our votes ever again. THEY are the sell-outs of American values and freedom. Those same democrats want to disarm, “We the People” so they can have their way with our taxes. Can you imagine what it will be like when “We the People” of the United States of America are not allowed to protect ourselves and are also over run with muslimes that are sworn to kill infidels?

      • panors77

        I hope you’re right about “mid term elections”. Right now….I just don’t see it happening. I think we’ve seen our last “election” if you want to call the last two presidential ones that. Problem with the dem party is it’s been ifiltrated with communists. Idiologs that hate GOD and want to change the USA into the USTA(Untied Socialist Territories of Amerika)

    • polmutant

      you mean barry your leader and the district of communists are not to your liking?

  • Berzrkr50

    I’d like to stick one up this guys arse… What a pig.

    • polmutant

      friends of barry like it that way, why do you want to reward it?

  • agbjr

    And the Obama administration continues to regard Saudis as “trusted travelers” and gives the utmost courtesy by not searching for whatever is hidden under a Burqa.

    • felix1999

      Yes, agbr … I saw that too. Germany and the UK don’t have the “trusted traveler” status. It is MUSLIMS that were the ones that MURDERED nearly 3,000 people! It was hard to comprehend.

  • Sarah Conner

    mohammed the pediphile…was 60 years old and MARRIED a 6 year old little girl named Aiesha…raped her when she was 9…and this is the driving force behind al-queerda ? yeah…that explains alot about the current occupier of the dark house…no respect intended…

    • polmutant

      sounds like most american poiticians. now i wonder why they are so partial to the illegal kenyan?? sucky sucky?

  • felix1999

    These are the SAME kind of bombs used in their turd world country – Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc. Earlier they reported they were investigating a Saudi National. There is NO mystery here. The “religion of peace” strikes again. Obama is biding his time for a cover story. He will defend HIS friends – terrorists.

  • LilyDarcey

    Ah Islam. It is the cult of mass sociopathic psychosis of astronomical proportions, and pandemic like a deadly virus, which ravages the brains of those who embrace it. It is the one religion in the world, that refuses to coexist with anything outside of itself. Winston Churchill said that Islam is as detrimental to humans, as rabies is to a dog. Once a dog is in the throws of rabies, there is nothing that can be done except to destroy the animal, as there is no cure. All these Islamic terrorist are suffering from mind ravaging hydrophobia (Islam), and all should be destroyed, including every single terrorist in Gitmo. There remains should be used as fodder for sharks or swine.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    This wannabe camel jockey’s like the crap you scrape off your boots after walking through a barnyard. He and his allah skank can go eff themselves.

  • regulus30

    i RECOMMEND WE KILL EVERY RADICAL JIHADIST WE CAN GET OUR SIGHTS ON ; IN AMERICA [OOPS THAT WOULD BE OBAMA], excuse me, I hear someone knocking and yelling you Christian, surrender you are a terrorist. the world of dork is here. LOCK AND LOAD , let’s do some bounty hunting.

    • polmutant

      nobody will pay for allah pig farts.

  • regulus30

    ten cents [10C] for every CAIR MEMBER THAT IS NEUTRALIZED.

    • panors77

      but……my ammo costs .28cents a round? Can’t I make a profit? heh.

  • Stinger

    I lkie what General “Black Jack” Pershing did. Fill gut with pork and aim in wrong direction

  • sean murry

    i heard it was a muslim student on a visa.

  • atmorefaye

    Obama is supportin the muslim brotherhood which are invoved with the jihadists so why is nothng being done about Obama giving our tax dollars to muslim brothrhood which iswhat he did causing the Libya raids killing Americans So now why ARE NOT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT OBAMA GIVING MONEY TO TERRORIST AS THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND JIHADISTS ARE A ND OBAMA IS SPORTING

    • polmutant

      it is called tribute. america LOST the war, americans are the slaves of barry. where have you been?

  • stan

    and after his torture and slow death….he will ascend to heaven where 72 Virginians will have their way with him

  • skspls

    Looks like Abu was dropped on his head when he was very young.

  • msbets

    All good ideas…………….but ovomit loves them!!!

  • LARA


  • LARA


  • Jack_Reacher

    The ultimate political correctness insult is that this stinking Islamic terrorist is still breathing.

  • ezekiel22

    I am amzed at these so called juhadists running around. They make a lot of noise so that someone sees them and then tell people to blow themselves up. They are still waliking around too afraid to follow their own advice. My guess is that they really don’t believe what they say or they don’t believe Islam. There is another word for it that just escapes me right now.

  • Military75

    …and our ‘leaders’ are more afraid of us & wanting to take our guns? What are we supposed to do…locate the bombs and mail them back to them? Uh oh, that would make me a terrorist since the bomb went off after I removed it from harming anyone but it killed a jihadist on the other end! Better yet, let’s give them to Obama and let him take care of them…I know the first place he could stick it!

  • 9Spoon9

    Only one sure way to put an end to the intrusive nature of these barbarians. Our leader-slip ain’t got the guts to do what needs to be done. EXPORT them ALL!

  • ABBE

    Let’s retaliate during their high unholy Rumadumdum

    • msueh

      bombs filled with pig guts?

  • marlin

    who is this dirtbag? Looks to me like an American traitor. What was his Christian name before he took that islamic scumbag name? There is a Hellfire missle with your name on it!!

    • polmutant

      you mean barry? a kenyan muslim.

  • Eugene

    The fact that Abu Musab al-Suri called for attacks at sporting events and someone carried them out should put him on the Government hit list and he should be assassinated with no exceptions.

    • polmutant

      al Suri is an obamaloid, he is not the enemy he is mouth piece of your commander in chief. besides Suri is not an american, drone strikes are for americans only.

  • Ed in Florida

    These are the same people the USA is supporting in places like Syria. These Islamic thugs are taught this behavior from birth. There is no Islamic following human that is trustworthy around non-Islamic people. The Quran makes it clear that a true follower must kill infidels where ever they are found and may use any means available in the murdering of the Infidel. In Islam the only guarantee that a Muslim will ever get to heaven is if they kill an Infidel. That is you and me and our children. This is the Islamic ideology and it has always been.

  • ABBE

    A pig in every mosque and minaret, no those are Muslims…just too hard to tell the difference!

  • smogdew

    I think Obama should be stripped of his CIC title and forbidden to have any nexus, whatsoever, with our Armed Forces – from the Joint Chiefs of Staff on down to the newest member to join (if indeed they are stil joining). This man allows all Islamics -everywhere, including our own country, to denigrate, desicrate Americans at will while it’s against the law to say anything ‘unkind about Islamics or Islam’. The worst is having military manuals rewritten to include our troops not ‘verbally upset’ Islamists (my paraphrasing) and taking any reference to God/Jesus from prayer/clothing etc.
    We all know how ‘gentle and sensitive’ Islamics are but he’s gone one toke over the line with his pretense these barbarians have any feelings for anyone (including him) – other than world domination (their flag on the White House and another on the Vatican). Now that he is visably going after Catholics and Christians and really laying everything on Conservatives, methinks I’ve had more than a bellyful of his crap. America is now on her knees, won’t anyone just start something? Anything? How cowardly can we be?

    • polmutant

      ever hear of sheoples? no men no women. only cowards, ever hear of oath of office? enemies forgein and domestic? the job lies with the USA military, however they are in fear as well. so we wait on violent upheaval from nature.

  • elmcqueen3

    I have been banned from Huff Post for using the word CommieCrat too many times in my comments…Apparently I violated their CommieCrat rules and reugulations over what can be posted and what can not!

    • Al Chemist

      Commiecrat is a perfectly good word, and very accurate as far as I can tell.

  • Take 2

    You are totally a blind non hearing “idiot” (grown up word) with a tube up your pie hole to believe Barry Husein Dunham AkA Obama or boa Barack. i.e. is not an actor puppet story teller or simply a rouge front man. Its either one ‘or’ the other folks.

  • David S. McQueen

    I hope all those who voted (and re-voted) for Obama understand how many people they killed by putting the anti-American racist/Marxist in office. The Obama regime has no legitimacy; it is just as rogue as NorKor and Iran. The only people who are worse than the fools who voted for Obama are the fools who let him stay in office.

  • mustang

    You all have it wrong. The M.O. of this administration is to talk with them, they make promises, we send them millions of US taxpayer dollars, they do nothing but train and plot, our President goes to two dozen fund raisers and then they strike. Then repeat the above steps. So what’s the problem???

  • myfordtruck

    I have refused to go to any big sporting event or anything else because of this. These creeps do not care for human life so I do not go to big gathers of people

  • Al Chemist

    Ah yes. More crap from Islamic nut-cases. Islam, the religion of peace.

    • panors77

      Yep…the same religion that sided with Germany in two world wars.

  • lokiswife

    Security experts were warning of this a long time ago – terrorists just come in on a student or vacation visa or walk across the border from Canada or Mexico, stock up on supplies and do their dirty work. Since TSA starting harassing air passengers, the Muslim loonies realized that they could do much more damage in crowded areas than they could on a plane. Watch for more to come…Thank you for your great work protecting Americans Janet Napolitano (sarcasm intended).

  • Centurion ‘

    This is new information? The story here is this self proclaimed terrorist isn’t in chains. We let everyone spit their filth. It’s in our schools,in our halls of Government and TV news.
    What the hell, freedom of speech is one thing but subversion is still frond upon by most Americans.

  • denoferth

    Karoleskis’ 1st axiom: A sufficiently fanatical religious belief is not only irrational but cannot be distinguished from insanity.

    Karoleski’s 2nd axiom: ” A sufficiently fanatical political belief is not only irrational but cannot be distinguished from insanity.

  • J. Brown

    Consider “soft targets” like Gun free zones schools as fair game. Turn about can be fair play, but the escalation of violence will be a heafty price. Perhaps we can out think them initially and avoid some of the bloodshed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    I’m all for deporting them, starting with the islamist Nazi-in-chief back to Kenya. Also his spoiled rotten mochelle, would also save us a lot of money and clean up Michigan.

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    Why hasn’t the GREAT taken this guy out with a Drone strike ? He has done it to others !

  • bill45colt

    Hey Great idea!! He is invited to our next deer season and hunt next fall!!!

  • Fred Turner

    Remember: No racial profiling!! Don’t be looking for muslim males between 18-45. (If we have a choice between surviving and killing all jihadists, I would like to know what it is)

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Add Abu Musab al-Suri to the cruise missile hit list. The US Military should use psychological tactics against the Islamics. Every Islamic terrorist killed should be filmed being covered in pig’s blood and having a chunk of pork shoved down their throats prior to being buried in an unknown grave. I believe that would disuade many of the enemy from taking up arms against Americans. For the Islamics who go into a rage, they’ll be easier to kill because they’ll be easier to spot.

  • re06tired

    This loon needs to be Droned….. Not given preferential at our Airports…..

  • TexasLady

    Obummer invites all of these animals to our white house. Muslims are his people.

  • MalikTous

    OK, let’s attack al-qaeda during all our sporting events. Immediately after our National Anthem, we should hang an effigy of an al-qaeda member – or a provable member prisoner for real. All provable jihadists (al-qaeda, al-aqsa, al-shaabab, hezbollah, hamas, islamic-jihad, taliban, muslim brotherhood, and other mujadeen) should be considered live targets and should be shot on sight anywhere and anytime. To support this we must abolish all gun control and kick the sympathiser-in-chief back out of the Whitehouse and exile him to Kenya ‘for his own protection’.

  • panors77

    Is this dumbass in OUR country?

  • Phishhed444

    I would TRASH one of their “parties” as I would have to be TRANSPARENT dealing with the “music” at the bongo expedition? I’m trying to be more like Red Foreman these days….sorta a (little more) modern version of Archie Bunker!

  • ewljr

    You should not call him a lunatic…he sounds like the average American Democratic politician to me…..

  • URKiddinMee

    Thank goodness and Obozo that this simply cannot happen! Everyone KNOWS that our borders are SECURE!

  • gvhparkridge

    Excuse me but I remember some jerk running for president said “When I’m president the entire world will love America, I’ll talk to all our enemies and remove all problems.”

  • Dawn Garland

    get rid of this scum–lock up the borders! send all vermin back to their holes!

  • $12994363

    OK, but then we target Medinah and Mecca at the top of the hajj when Muslims are concentrated so heavily. A few fuel-bombs on each site will suffice, I think. The preferred method woud be to nuke both of them since then they’d be unuseable for centuries (if the right [wrong?] device were used. Might want to set a slew of explosives around the base of the Temple Mount as well. (NOT any of the Old Walls from Solomon’s temple.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.a.silver Bruce A Silver

    Well I guess he should be our next target with a drone.

  • jb80538

    Who would have thought that? Large numbers of people in a confined area.

  • mogul264

    In response, I believe we should include napalm in OUR attacks on Al-Qaeda! Burn, baby, BURN!

  • dHb

    More ridiculous hearsay religious nonsense that plagues all mankind in the world with its unreasonable superstition and fear based claims this time from the Quran but just as often from the Bible.

  • Robert

    For every islamic terrorist attack in this country 7 mosques should be destroyed. Starting with the Cordova insult in New York.

  • TPS12

    Hum free cell phones or use the money to deport jihadists and illegals?

  • WASP

    Another drone target? I guess the Kenyan only kills Rags that are American Citizens. Of course in the cases of muzzies, Messicans, and most socialists from the Union of European Socialist Republics, Us citizenship doesn’t make them Americans.

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