MAN STUFF: Top 5 Surfing Wipe-Outs for 2012

All five nominees for the XXL Wipeout Award are presented for your review. Featuring: Joao De Macedo at Mavericks; Tom Dosland at Jaws; Axi Muiain at Nazaré; and Brett Burcher and Chris Shanahan at The Right in Western Australia. A category in the 2013 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards presented by Pacifico, coming May 3. For more info see the event website at

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  • Adam

    thats crazy!!!! looks like it hurt just a bit

  • Robert S Moulds

    Loved it can hardy wait till lake Ontario warms up so I can hit wave blown by a strong wind. Too bad Kingston lacks sandy beaches but what do you get with slobs anyway I can avoid rocks while surfing in black swim suit with ribbing and a halter or maybe the pink one. Unlike the ocean they are no sharks in the great lakes just ice flows in the winter and sea lampreys hitching a ride hopefully.

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