NANNY BLOOMBERG ALERT: If You Sell a Gun to Your Son, ‘There’s Something Wrong in Your Family’

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.16.45 – If you sell a gun to your son, “there’s something wrong with your family,” says New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In a radio appearance on Friday, Bloomberg, a gun control activist and co-chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, praised the legislation that is now moving forward in the Senate.  The bill would require universal background checks for most sales of firearms, including those online and at gun shows.

“The only thing it would not cover is if you sold a gun to your son, for example,” Bloomberg told radio host John Gambling.

“Number one, I don’t know how we would ever enforce that if it were the law. So to make a big deal about that’s carved out, so what? It doesn’t change anything.”

“Number two, I would argue if you want to sell your gun to your son, maybe you have a problem in your family,” he said.  “Why don’t you just give—I don’t know if you should have a gun or not, but if you have a commercial transaction of $100 with your son, there’s something wrong in your family.

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  • TheyCallMeChilly

    I guess its morally wrong for family members to buy their children unnecessary things like health insurance, clothes, and school supplies too

  • retiringfed

    So I can sell a family member a car he/she might kill themselves or someone else with but if I sell a gun I have a problem in my family? I don’t even own a gun but the logic escapes me. Will this be the definition of mentally ill?

    • Thomas Sharp

      Yes, it will.
      If you are a liberal like Bloomberg, you are mentally ill.

  • Jason L.

    this guy is beyond stupid in multiple ways.

  • Chris Cole

    Typical Lib…..utterly incapable of understanding the principle that you are much more likely to take care of and be responsible for something for which you PAID, versus that which is simply given to you. (I also echo the car aspect brought up already — “Jeepers Nanny McFool, what about that?”)

    They’re just used to giving stuff away anyway, so that concept is totally lost on them — as well as on those who are the recipients of Lib Largess as a whole, re: how well all the “free” housing etc is usually taken care of in the typical inner city.

  • Don Bahn

    I would not SELL my guns to my son, I WOULD JUST GIVE Them TO HIM!!!!

  • Eidolon

    Manchin-Toomey background checks plan requires list of all
    US citizens with mental health issues and a new Czar?

    “The Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection
    Act is designed to prevent convicted criminals and mentally ill individuals
    from obtaining guns, while maintaining Americans’ constitutional right to bear
    arms.”The issue now is more about mentally ill people
    committing mass murder, criminals do not obey laws.

    There is one common element in most all the Newtown type
    tragic shootings and that is the commonality of mind altering psychotropic
    medications! We are poisoning our children with worthless/senseless mild
    altering medications.

    Background checks require a registration
    to check against. The Gov’t is now going to compile a list containing the names
    of all people with a possible mental health issue. All doctors, psychiatrist
    and therapists will provide the names of their patients. The list will be vetted by our newly appointed “Crazy Czar” or “Czar of Crazy” depending on who BO appoints and the thousands of agents he will hire to validate your craziness. Ever experience a
    little road rage, anger management issues, anxiety, ADD or maybe a little
    depression and you ask your doc for a RX? Oops, your name goes on the list

    Starting to sound a lot like Adolph land! WelKome to AmeriKa!

    DOJ says background checks depend on requiring a federal gun registry!

    Congress, in the spirit of democracy has voted to NOT exempt themselves from this law as they have for all the others we must obey. However, there is a rider stating that if they make the list it is not cause for their removal from office and that they are still free to raise more millions for reelection. Halleluiah!!!! God bless America

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste” It’s not about gun control it’s about passing
    more laws and instituting policies that take away people’s freedom!
    If you make the No Gun list you are automatically put on the NO Fly list.

  • billyoblivion

    If you sell a gun to your child there IS something wrong with you.

    You’re supposed to GIVE them the guns.

  • HollyW

    According to a report this morning, during the taping of his appearance on the Maury Povich Show, Bloomberg said women who refuse to breastfeed their babies in NYC hospitals could face jail time.

  • Sarah417

    We didn’t SELL a gun to our son. We GAVE it to him. That’s what good fathers do for their sons.

  • TheyCallMeChilly

    I would also like to point out that he is a billionaire…..of course he just gives things to his kids and doesnt make them earn them….what would be the point? The only exception to that coming from him would probably be if his child wanted something that cost in the 100’s of millions

  • Terry C

    If you listen to Bloomberg, theres something wrong with your ears or there soon will be. Feel sorory for the people of New York City, having to put up with him. But not too much–he was their choice.

  • conservative

    We are not all rich. I can not afford to give away guns at the current cost, so I sell them to my son so I can buy something else. Fail to see the problem.

  • marineh2ominer

    I agree , I have GIVEN some of my sons several guns as they were growing up . Selling to your own kids something so relevant to teaching responsibilities is a necessity unless they have problems that you are aware of that prohibits it . With seven kids I have some of in both categories . No one has gotten in trouble with a gun yet .

  • stonemike

    SIMPLE QUESTION; What is wrong with the folks who bought , sold and conceal the fully AUTOMATIC WEAPONS that surround the “midget” bloomberg? This megalomaniac , just as thousands of the PROGRESSIVE HIERARCHY consider themselves royalty and plan on culling the world population at their whim!

  • Joseph Rene DuPont

    I recently heard multimillionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, on the John Gambling show ,questioning the character of any father who would SELL and not GIVE a gun to his son or daughter.

    How dare he, with all of his armed guards insinuate that any “good” father would give the gun to his child and not sell it to them? This was a Thurston Howell III (Gilligan’s Island) moment. Perhaps the father needed the money and son offered to buy it to keep it in the family? Perhaps the father wanted to instill the concept of if you don’t pay for it you won’t take good care of it? What ever the reason, for the amount of money Bloomberg has spent to take away our 2nd Amendment rights he could have fed hundreds of thousands of allegedly starving kids through Feeding America!

  • freedomringsforall

    What a jack arss.

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