• Bill English

    That is so disgusting. I wonder what would have happened if it was the other way around.

    • http://twitter.com/avengingannie meli o’bryan

      @Bill. I’m sure you can imagine what would have happened!

    • darkwingdave

      Easy..Michael Richards..

  • iconoclast

    And there goes his comic career. But maybe he will have a new one as a jihadist or Nation of Islam fanatic.

    • Douglas Morris

      Nah, he’ll be a Hollywood hero in a week. Look at Jamie Foxx a HUGE Racist getting millions for his “performance” I can see where he may be talented, but I personally never cared for him. His recent sharing of his racial attitude “every thing I do is about race” maybe shows me why?

      • John Beam

        You’re right Doug. Guys like Foxx and Chris Rock can say any ugly thing that they want aimed at other races with impunity, and they become and remain in the limelight. This guy’s attitude is fast becoming the majority attitude towards Whites and other races, and it’s why they have no respect for anyone (themselves included). Inevitably, the Black population in this country is going to be a solid block of criminals, and our government and media are supporting this justification of Black irresponsibility and immorality.

        • rivahmitch

          Perhaps. However, consider what happens to minorities (and blacks are a small one) in all0out race wars. Most (on all sides) realize that, while a possibility, this is not a desirable outcome.

    • UnCL3

      this is all resume enhancing stuff for liberals…

    • Doc

      He can always get a gig at the Apollo

  • Douglas Morris


  • smash44

    This is why I am such an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood. The abortionists must have killed millions of black babies before they could become Welfare and Food Stamp recipients.

    • John Beam

      I am totally in disagreement with you, but I can see how you can arrive at your conclusion. Attitudes and behavior of the vast majority of Black folks (especially since the advent of Obama) is seriously effecting my color blindness.

    • newyorker

      i agree, etc

  • Stacy White

    people are people!!! Black, White, brown, purple, green!!! YOU are a butt!!!!

    • Mikey

      Bull$hit,ni66ers don’t qualify as human,are you doing one?

      • eight11

        Ok Mikey … Your comment is definitely a Liberal plant. America is on to the tactics of the left! Barack may not have written the book on Race and Class Warfare, but he refined it to an art form.

  • grinner

    I’ve seen his stand-up performance in the past and it doesn’t take long to see his hatred for the white race. Seriously, unless you agree with him, he is not funny at all. Racists just aren’t funny.

  • jsalazar202

    Who is he? What is he? Who moved the rock?

    • Mister007

      Please do not down grade the life under rocks, they are much better than this thing..

  • newyorker

    lets send him back to where ever this f..k came from

    • Marlin208

      Better yet, let’s abort him

    • iamsurrounded

      I guess that would be Africa as he calls himself African American…

      • beebee

        He needs to just drop the “American” part and call himself African, then buy a ticket back to his “homeland”…..and take his blood kin “o” back with him………

        • Tag

          Nah, the ‘n’ word fits this dude, as a matter of a fact that would be a compliment – duh!

      • newyorker



        • iamsurrounded

          I got your meaning. I get very upset by these hyphenated Americans who seem to hate our country so much. The door is always open for them to leave and actually, we AMERICANS would prefer it if they did. This country was founded by white folks – that’s why we are here. Perhaps they are just jealous that their people didn’t create the greatest country ever – not sure what motivates their hatred except possibly self-hatred.

          • newyorker

            i agree with your thoughts and comments. on this site you’ll be surrounded by real fellow Americans. They are all, jealous of our country but that’s their problem. our goal is to see that America stays true and strong. May we all accomplish this fact. America and it’s people is the greatest country on the face of this planet.

      • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

        I am proud of my linage, but I do not put in front of me being an American!

  • Barbaree

    He will not be invited back to the club “anytime soon”!!!!!!???? How about NEVER!!!!!!!! He looks like obama playing the devil in The Bible. Racism has reached epidemic proportions since obama got into office.

    • Carline D. Long Jr.

      The Divider in Chief has done well hasnt he?

    • Dawn Garland

      it’s reverse racisim, and the obama administration is the one leading the way.

      • Whitney

        Why reverse racism? Is racism only racism when whites do it? The very term reverse racism is racist!

        • beebee

          Ask any black person, according to them, it appears only whites are capable of being racists.

          • Noni77

            They have fabricated the scenario of “only those in power can be racist”, apparently in their delusional minds, hatred of another race by people not “in power” somehow doesn’t qualify. To be a Liberal takes quite a huge amount of delusion and intellectual dishonesty.

          • John Spencer

            Well, Obama is in power and heaven knows, he is about as big a racist as they get, short of outwardly promoting violence against whites.

          • Steve Thomas

            Not yet anyway.

          • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

            What has America become????

            Has America become the land of special interest and home of the
            double standard? Let’s see: If we lie to the Congress, it’s a felony
            and if Congress lies to us it’s just politics. If we dislike a black person,
            we’re a racist and if a black dislikes whites, it’s their 1st Amendment
            right. The government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and
            they do almost nothing for the victims. In public schools you can teach
            that homosexuality and lesbianism is ok, but you better not use the
            word God in the process. You can murder a child in the mothers womb,
            but it’s wrong to execute a mass murderer. We don’t burn books in
            America, we now rewrite them. We got rid of the communist & socialist
            threat by renaming them progressives. If you protest against Obama’s
            policies you’re a terrorist, but if you burn an American flag or George
            Bush in effigy, it’s your 1st Amendment right.

            You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not
            put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas. In America,
            criminals are now called sick people. The government takes money
            from those who work hard & gives it to those who are lazy. Parenting
            has been replaced with Ritalin & video games. The land of opportunity
            is now the land of hand outs.

            And how do we handle a major crisis today? The Government
            appoints a committee to determine who’s at fault, then threatens
            them, passes a law, raises our taxes, then tells us the problem is
            solved so they can get back to their reelection campaign.

          • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

            Well thought out jarhead, all good and truthful facts, that will sure mess up a liberal Nazi’s mind, oops, forgot they sold that for a cell phone, food stamps and the other hand outs. Semper Fi Friend:

          • panors77

            Raymond’s no jarhead. He doesn’t go around bragging that he single handedly won the battle of Okinawa twice like my stepdad did. HE was a REAL “jarhead”,heh. Raymond is a Marine…in the true spirit of the title.

          • Deborah G

            Amen Brother we took God out of our classrooms and resplaced it with Transgender and gay sensitivity and let Planned Parenthood murder babies while the a-hole liberals talk down the greatest Military in the world. Boston is primarily Liberals ………

          • REID

            I have to take exception with “rehabilitating criminals ” what we do is merely warehouse people many of which don’t belong in prison in the first place then after they are released they become members of a permanent under class that they can never rise above . So we are setting up the basis for an uprising such as Spartacus lead against the Romans . Why we continue to emulate the Roman Empire is beyond me. We act as if we are bound and determined to Follow the Romans to Hell.

          • Amanda C Owens

            Amen, and AMEN Raymond. Semper Fi!

          • frawgeyz

            God Bless you sir.

          • 7papa7

            We need more Marines like you. You bring honor and integrity to the uniform. Semper Fi and may the Lord richly bless you as you follow Him.

          • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

            Thank you.

          • $139615

            Soddom and Gommorah

          • Noni77

            Ruth Graham once said, “If God doesn’t ‘judge’ America, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorhah.

          • frawgeyz

            I am white and I am not in power! This is ridiculous,
            Considering what percentage of the population are comprised of blacks? Blacks have more TV personalities on shows, news, et al! Blacks have as much or perhaps more ability to seek forms of higher edu. Before someone says that there are more blacks in prison than any other race and it is unfair? Well you tell me what you think they are there for.

          • beelp

            And in many cases a lot of education, especially among white, Liberal eletists.

          • J. Brown

            More education is required, Asians have a strong racial component. More when we can have a conversation without hatred. O.K.?

          • http://www.facebook.com/sam.wicksjr.5 Sam Wicks Jr

            Is that like the pot calling the kettle black? No racial pun intended..

          • HCUA

            Make one if you want, before the 1st Amendment disappears.

          • Robert Anderson Sr

            Yup , just ask the DICTATOR Obama !!

        • Barbaree

          I’ve always hated that term — “reverse racism”. It’s RACISM, PERIOD! It’s not “reverse” anything.

        • anoymous

          why don’t people understand that this is the way they take down societies, the people running this cyop called government doesn’t give a rats ass about what color you are your all just useful idiots/slaves being used against each other to bring the whole thing down and then the trains roll in with the schackles and giutines along with the chemtrails viruses etc etc etc to take care of the masses once and for all, watch the movies they are putting out the populations are all dead in these movies or are used to kill each other for their entertainment everything in these movie’s includes a one world power or the all seeing eye and a complete police state, all for your own good bacuse you are too stupid to take care of yourselves.

          this shill called a comedian is just another pore sole that thinks he has been put down by the white man, unfortunately we have all been put down by gov.

          • jack

            With the amount of black celebrities that have made simular statements, why don’t all whites just quit supporting them by going to their movies or performances. let’s see how far they get with only blacks supporting them. I didn’t mention the whites that are wanna be blacks, although why would you want to be black is beyond me

        • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

          (Can’t Afford It)

          Barack and Michelle was shopping at the supermarket when
          Barack picked up a 12 pack of beer and put it in the cart.

          “What do you think you’re doing?” asked Michelle.”They’re on sale for $10 for 12 cans,” Barack explained.”Put them back,” Michelle demanded. “We can’t afford it.”

          A few aisles later, Michelle picked up a $20 jar of face cream
          and put it in the cart. “What do you think you’re doing?” asked
          Barack indignantly.

          “It’s my face cream,” Michelle said. “It makes me look beautiful.”

          Barack said: “So do 12 cans of beer and they’re half the price!”

          • http://www.facebook.com/keenan.e.lee Keenan Eugene Lee

            Only 12?

          • http://www.facebook.com/sam.wicksjr.5 Sam Wicks Jr

            And a fifth of whiskey!

          • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

            Nothing could help, I’d have to go back to drinking just to be in the same room with her. LOL

          • jack

            I am sorry to say that a mere 12 pack wouldn’t do it for me, maybe the 12 pack & a quart of whiskey, just may turn her into good enough

        • Dennis

          So is the notion of so-called “hate crime”. Why isn’t it just crime. Murder and beatings were never crimes of love but hate so why now do we have classifications like this. All crime is disrespect for others.

        • FrankA

          Good observation

        • Leann

          exactly when you say reverse racism it sounds as if it gives some justification to their racism……..it doesnt racism is racism…PERIOD THE DEFINITION OF RACISM DOES NOT SPECIFY A COLOR…..I HATE THE TERM REVERSE RACISM

      • Steve Thomas

        You need to look up “racism” and “prejudice” in a dictionary! There is NO SUCH THING as “reverse racism”! A racist is a racist. It does not matter what race he is or what race he is picking on. In other words, Just because he black, does not make him less guilty than anyone else. I am tired of being the only group condemned for racism. Throw the black SOB out…permanently!!!!

        • jwoop66

          thank you. It is an annoying term; reverse racism. Think, people.

      • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

        Yes he is.

        • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

          Semper Fi Friend, what I wonder about, is which side are people being racist against, his white side or his black side? his so called religion of peace or the pretend one he used to get elected? His homosexual side or his normal side? The guy only lies when his lips a moving and he never stops telling people how great he is. Always Faithful Friend:

          • jack

            He identifies himself as black so I guess the white part of him is overridden by the black side

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phil-Bronner/100001112435407 Phil Bronner

        It’s not “reverse” racism….it’s racism..pure and simple….racism is racism….

      • Jeff P

        “reverse racism”?? that makes it sound like only african americans can be discriminated against! it just racism and it has NO place at any time for any reason. we are all humans on the same planet… we need to learn to share it!!!

    • MarxistTwilightZone

      I think Racism has always been there, only now with the cocky one in the white house it’s Unleashed.

      • NoFoolaMe

        You got that right…Who was that wise gentleman who stated “GIVE THEM AN INCH, and THEY WILL TAKE A MILE” How true

        • http://www.facebook.com/susieq47mi Linda Eighmey Rigley

          I believe it was Ben Franklin.

    • Patti1947

      What a scum bag……. I would NEVER hire that comedian under any circumstances. You are right that he does look like Obama and the guy who plays the devil in the bible.I bet if you really knew what Obama thought of white people, you would vomit – or maybe you wouldn’t…Personally I wouldn’t be surprised because he has invited racism between people since taking office. Instead of bringing people together he is trying to tear us apart. Another calculated plan by Obama and his administration.

      • jack

        Divide & conquer, & his strategy is working so far

    • frawgeyz

      WOW! That is who I thought it was at first Barbaree!

    • 7papa7

      This racist pig will probably end up in the obama administration or in DOJ working for the racist holder.

  • akoby

    If a white comedian said this it would be all over the mainstream media. But just like the Gosnell trial, this goes against the lefts agenda so they don’t report it. Even if they did, people like Chris Matthews would be making excuses for him and still blaming white people. Obama did not unify this country. Ever since he jumped to conclusions when the Cambridge police tried to do their job and got flak from Obama because they were dealing with a black Harvard professor, the race divide has gotten worse. The signal Obama sent to the country was that it is OK to dump on whites for no reason. Then add to the mix, Holders refusal to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, and when pressed, he responded that this was nothing compared to what “his people” had to endure. (Of course, Holder forgot that he is AG for all the US citizens, not just “his people.”

    • paintinc56

      His people, racist, uneducated, low class, violent, lazy & irresponsible, he should be proud!
      Can you imagine if an Irish AG or an Italian president referred to “their people”, ignoring the rest of the races living in this country? You want suffering look at the Jews, no race on earth even comes close. These pampered, lazy blacks haven’t seen a day of work or racism in 75 years.

      • gutterfalcon

        Also if you can remember…obama made a public call to black people to all come out, get together, and all vote for him. What if a White man made such a statement to call all white people to band together and vote against a black man ?

        • tobeornot

          what we need to remember is to never vote for any black person no matter what office they are running for period! We gave them their chance and they blew it with the race card. Don’t forget, we still out number them in population. We must pass it along for generations to come about what happens when blacks get in power. One black person in a room is welcome, but bring in one more and then they act like a tribe.

          • Deborah G

            I would vote for Dr Carson in a NY minute.

        • TeaParty Patriot (TTP)

          the chief affirmative action racist also said vote and get your revenge

        • TBJWebmaster

          I’ve been saying all along that Obama might be our first black president, but that he will do so much harm that it will be a long time before there is another one. A pity because there are a couple of possible contenders for that in the wings who would be streets better than “The Great Divider.”

          • tmunson15

            john… he’s not black…he’s bi- racial…although he can legally claim to be black…. but never fear… by the time 51% of this country wakes up and discovers the ruin he’s done to the u s a …. I have no doubt the libs will accuse his “white” half for the devastation

          • pikemaster1

            Yep like maybe “BUCKWHEAT” ??

      • Mat

        Dude, I know many blacks that are very smart, hard working, middle/ upper class and not racist. Your stereo type of blacks is ignorant and racist. Hey there are plenty of non blacks on welfare by the way.

        • Noni77

          Yes but, they in essence condone this stereotype by NOT speaking out against blatant black racism.

        • tobeornot

          Yes, there is exceptions. But the majority of the black race is violent and don’t want to work. They want fast money and do not care where it comes from. They are smart enough to actually get payed for doing nothing. if you really watch them closely you will see that they just keep one hand moving to make them look like their working and , if you observe closely, they cannot do two things at the same time. They have to stop and do one task at a time.

          • Zoo

            I know plenty of people of all races that meet that description, so try again.

          • pikemaster1

            you must know a lot of negros

        • wayne74467

          Mat, if the are “very smart, hard working, middle/upper class and not racist”, why did the vote for the black Obama?

          • http://www.facebook.com/susieq47mi Linda Eighmey Rigley

            Wayne, many blacks did not vote for Obama. Also, many Hispanics did not vote for him. It seems to be there was rampant voter fraud going on in order to keep Obama in office.

          • frawgeyz

            As I understand it only 99% voted for him.

          • pikemaster1

            140% in some places !

          • frawgeyz

            OH! Yes you are correct.

          • Tag

            Being smart doesn’t mean they have any common sense – which, obviously they don’t have!

        • anoymous

          this guys says it right don’t buy the lie, its just part of their, the banksters to bring us down!

        • Deborah G

          Those you speak of aren’t Blacks they are Americans

        • pikemaster1

          Most of them are Mexicans !

    • Dawn Garland

      holder is as racist as they get, he isn’t for everyone..he’s a JERK

      • figmo

        holder’s racism was made abundantly clear in his doing nothing about the racist black panther goons standing in front of a voting place with clubs chasing away white voters and chanting about how they hate white people and white people including white babies should be killed. when i saw this on tv, i thought i was seeing a rerun of “planet of the apes”. jesse jackson, al sharpton and other white hating black racists all showed up at the whitehouse to advocate for the goons. no doubt, they all had a nice fried chicken dinner to celebrate once again sticking it to whitey. apparently this “legal giant” who wouldn’t recognize our constitution if it bit him, decided that the voting rights act only applies to protect blacks. he probably wouldn’t make the cut at a public defender’s office.

    • Brooklynresident

      And Mexicans. At least the drug dealers.

  • Deb

    Boston is 99.9% Democrat. Wonder why he hates white leftists so much. Come to think of it, leftist Americans were the only Americans the bombers ever came into contact with, too, and for some reason they hated Americans. Are leftists just that nasty?

    • Mat

      Are you argueing mitigating circumstances that leftist ideology is a cause to violence. Remember hate is hate. Be it racism or ideological difference.

      • Deb

        Nope, not arguing that. My comment was delivered tongue-in-cheek. Nothing excuses what these bombers did. I agree with you — hate is hate. It does seem, however, that leftists could take a look at why these men would feel so “alienated” (favorite excuse-term for terrorists used by leftists) in a progressive town full of cars with “COEXIST” bumper stickers.

      • anoymous

        leftists don’t succeed except with lies and violence why don’t the leftist state their plan and then we vote on it and i mean the real plan not the one they push in the media. Total control of the population total control over all business total control over how many people are born and we just abort the rest and if we get to many by chance well then we just take the little tot to the local terminator oops i mean dr. people wake up in thought of total freedom of God and any all powerful being leaves the all powerful government and they have not been very benevilent over the past century only 260,000,000 mudered as young or adult but that doesn’t include abortion in this country alone it adds up 53,000,000 since 1973, in china for instance they estimate 300,000,000 abortions and the list goes on for the LEFTIST is this who you trust.

    • Noni77

      The Leftist world view… is what is portayed in the movies and music we export for the most part, which others call degenerate. Well, duh.

  • UnCL3

    Well, then, Slappy…I’m cool with sending your happy little a$$ back to Africa (or ChiCongo).

  • Peter Combs

    I can hear performance cancellations pouring into his I Phone…from Massachusetts.

    • eight11

      Na white Liberals love this crap!

  • Leeboy

    Ni66ers are absolutely useless,I don’t know why God created them,maybe to be a thorn in the side of the productive races of the world.

    • eight11

      Anothe comment planted by a Liberal … don’t you Left Wing Nuts ever get tired of playing these games on the internet. Liberals game is to divide and conquer!

  • Leeboy

    Don’t buy his cd’s,don’t watch him on tv or the pc and don’t go to see him,he’ll go away eventually.

  • Leeboy

    Remember what happened to richard pryor and bernie mac? karma can get you in all kind of ways,it doesn’t take violence for someone to die.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Mr. Mooney, I believe that the only city in AmeriKa, MORE LIBERAL THAN BOSTON, IS SODOM FRANCISCO.
    Your gentle Muslim brothers around the world, celebrated as well. They weren’t too interested what color we were, though.

    [Khuwater ‘Asifa]
    By Allah, even if no one is killed in these explosions, the fear that entered the hearts of the millions of Americans who watched the marathon live on television is enough.

    Allah knows best, it is a perfectly planned series of explosions targeting certain cities in America! It might be the start of big coming operations, Allah permitting.. I ask Allah that Qaedat al-Jihad is the one responsible…
    [al-Zubeir al-Maqhur]
    Every drop of American blood that falls is part of the retaliation for the torturedMuslims all over the world…We ask the Almighty to make these explosions one of them. 


    • Light_V_Dark

      This poor woman doesn’t appear to be PASSING.

  • Mister007

    He is as stupid as he is ugly, I can’t even guess why anyone would even sit and listen to this nut.. I would check to see if he is related to Obama.

  • Willi Wonka

    I’m pissed.



    • beebee

      There’s definitely a better word for it than “comedy”………

      • Brooklynresident

        Trash talk. Toss him in the Can.

  • Trappedincalifornia

    It’s open season on whites, conservatives and anybody who won’t go along with the Progressives. Fight the power!

  • atmorefaye

    Send this black trash out of America or better yet send him to prison with Obama and his trash with the death sentence we don’t need any more of Chicago Gangsters like Obama and Holder plus staying alive after the killings they have caused and if this black wants to join them by his stupid comments get rid of him too

  • barto

    Black = Racism like Enemy = Islamist Muslims

  • Charles Calhoun

    I thought black people cannot be racist. Sure.

    • Dawn Garland

      they are the worst–it’s just ignored…

  • Grayzel

    Very sad indeed but it was handled in the correct manner. If we as a people just turn our backs when black bigots rap out or make these kind of statements we deserve what we get.

  • Marlin208

    Now you know full well it is ok for a black man to be racist. How many before this guy have done the very same thing.
    As a white person you can not even say the word, Chicago because that is racist but it is just fine to spout off this kind of crap because you are black.
    And do not think for a moment that there aren’t lots more that think this way.

  • Chicago Zephyr

    What an incredibly stupid thing to say. Okay, Mr. Mooney, how did an 8-year old “get what he deserved?” We are all trying to go forward as a nation…in what way(s) did you think that this advances us as a country? Sadly, you had a stage to work from…what a waste. And what a narrow, deeply poisoned mind you have.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Racist jerk… and a horses a-s too. This clown is quite a package!

  • VirgoVince

    Isn’t that ovomit’s brother, they look a lot alike, both ugly and definitely think alike, both racists??

  • robinswebnest

    mmmmm kind of looks like obama has a brother by another mother…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-L-Sparks/683232718 Steven L Sparks

    Who cares?

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    Comedian? That was pretty funny alright. Well, I hope he gets hit by a train. Oh, wait, just kidding.

  • sgtshel

    Why doesn’t he take his little racist rountine to Boston! He’d see his a$$ sitting on top of a pressure cooker real quick!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    First, this azzwhole is either African or he’s American…there is no such thing as african-american unless you’re a complicit weasel and an enemy of this Republic.

    Second: this fellow is not funny, therefore he’s no comedian but simply an idiot. I am thankful, however, that he has a job…evidently.

  • paintinc56

    As the head of the black panthers said as he was threatening “white” voters in 2008, “it is OUR TIME NOW crackers”, he was a poll worker last election. The elitist media, Hollywood, our schools & government decided that gays, blacks, illegals & mu slims can do anything they want. Black on “white” VIO LENCE has skyrocketed since ObaMAO & his equally RACIST Attorney General Holder have been in office & the media has covered every bit of it up including Fox News. NO ONE DARES point out black RACISM, INTIMIDATION & VIOL ENCE. Of course it is fine to call black conservatives racists, slaves, ni gg ers & Uncle Toms because if you go off the liberal plantation you aren’t a REAL black person.
    As long as “white” people allow this revolting racism & viol ence to continue, these low class, uneducated, racist Ps O S will continue the carnage they are wreaking on America.

  • jdbixii

    Well, he obviously looks in the mirror and is prejudiced enough to live with himself. If entertainers were not such whores for the almighty dollar and had some intellectual honesty, they would leave the country and go to a society that holds the same beliefs they do. These people are no better than the people they accuse of hypocrisy.

    • Marlin208

      If I looked into the mirror everyday and saw that I would want to hurl.

  • c69101

    This punk needs his ass whipped!

  • tmunson15

    wonder if he would think it’s “cool” if black Bostonians were getting lynched?

  • Dawn Garland

    too bad he wasnt in the right spot at the right time-we have no need for people who are that racist!

  • paintinc56

    Blacks only make up 16% of the population & 80% of them are sitting on welfare so THEY are not the ones making these racist Ps O S millionaires, WE ARE. Every light skinned race that supports Jamie Foxx, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Kanye West, hell, name a famous black person, has no one to blame but themselves for the out of control RACISM & VIOLENCE coming out of the “black community”. Without whitey’s support they would have no careers.

    • $39132868

      OMG. One person who actually semi-gets it. Whites don’t owe Blacks, or any member of any other Race, one single thnig. Whites are being systematically, deliberately exterminated. Do you CARE?

  • Reelman1946

    The real hurt here is so many media will not report this or even mildly condemn it…as well as TV shows that do political commentary a lot…the media filter has crippled a nation and been a disgrace for well over a decade…when truth is not the objective, of what value is a press?

  • Darius the Mede

    Amazing, isn’t it, that if racial comments were made by a caucasian toward a black, the media would have a fit, but when a black hurls racial slurs toward whites, no one says very much. Could be a double standard!!

  • Pat C

    I support this man’s right to be hateful and bigoted. The thought police and boycotters are killing this country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

      You are right. And they are called Liberals. Unless of course you don’t say the things with which they are in agreement.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

    Comedians beneath are angry, filled with hate and detest any and all who do not fit within their pot of stew. Like an angry and hateful songwriter who puts their hate to verse, comedians put their hate to punchline. And the ignorant give them standing ovations simply because they cannot see through the guise.

  • Jason

    Just another racist liberal idiot who happens to be black. These people are a dime a dozen

  • slickzip

    Shove a bomb up that a- – holes butt and make a phone call to him from the next room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hh

    Notice the stylish hoodie that all black gang bangers wear….this guy is not helping the black race one bit. no wonder we cringe when we see a black person on the street..they let this trash exist yet take men like Cain and Carson and make them into vile idiots….he needs to take his racist BS and go to Kenya with the other one.


    Some blacks are every bit as racist as some whites. Deal with it accordingly. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing as it also tends to bring forth the ignorance of some individuals.

    • greg

      Blacks on the whole are much more racist than any White. It’s black first no matter what against any other race.

  • dandeman

    “African-American” comedian Paul Mooney??? – how can you put this tag on someone so angry at America. He lashes out at what America was 200 years ago and still won’t let it go. Europe and Africa had slaves a lot longer than the U.S. so why not spew on them as well. Paul Mooney has no shackles on his legs and I’m sure he’s never picked cotton or tobacco in his whole life as an American citizen. He’s free to voice his opinion, free to go anywhere in the world, free to make a better career choice and free to say whatever he wants about people. However, his anger and revenge against white people only creates more division and for me -leaves no doubt that I would not support his income requirements by listening to his junk – BTW – my right as an American citizen to boycott this jerk.

    I recommend taking out the dash and removing the word American from the definition of this person. He’s a embarrassment to anyone who calls themselves American. What a sad little person Mr. Mooney has become.

    • Noni77

      The Muslims were the original slave traders who began kidnapping Africans in 700ad … ONE THOUSAND years before Europeans started to engage in slave trade – from the Muslims. Yet these wingnuts want to name their kids Abdullah, Mohammed, etc., because “John or Steve” are “slave names”. What idiots.

      • vincent

        And the north African Muslim rulers sent out their ships to kidnap and enslave inhabitants of the European coastlines, too. Between the 14th century and 18th century, tens of thousands of men, women and children were abducted from coastal villages in southern Europe, and *possibly* even modern day France and the British Isles. They were sold to North African Muslims as slaves, where many died under the brutal treatment. You will not read about this in the NY Times or any modern pubic school text! The historian that pointed this out was attacked by the microcephalics in the British universities…

  • The Old Man

    He is wearing the traditional dress of a black militant….. Black Hoodie !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598149295 Joanne Long

    Well good luck to you, Paul Mooney, as I see a dim future for you now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Langlois/1131832935 Donald Langlois

    If people began using the word brown rather than black and white there just might be one ill healed with the body of men. There is not now, nor any time in the past that even a moment as short as the exhale of a breath saw a white man and a black man. A supposed naked white man can easily be seen in the midst of a snow covered field. And a naked black man can easily be seen in against the background within a coal mine.

    • USNbubblehead

      You a Cav scout pilot?



  • caskinner

    Why would anyone want to go listen to someone so mentally ill and full of hate? I hope he is blacklisted and NEVER is booked again.

  • Scarface13

    Just another stupid and “edgy” reggin!

  • Onteo

    African American ??? I still use negro until they change united negro fund to African American fund.

  • BobM001

    I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for him in my area. They if he comes I’ll throw a glass of tomato juice in his face so it looks like he’s “covered with the blood of all those white people”. Followed by “See a$$hole, same color as YOURS!”

  • johnanaguski

    Cowboys and black comedians would that not be interesting.

    • BigUgly666

      Not for long anyway.

  • bob novak

    Anyone that has a hyphen before American, is not an American in my book. ie African-American, Hispanic-American, etc. If they’re American that’s all they should want to be recognized as. As for this moron, he’s not worth the time of day.

  • USNbubblehead

    Must be Janeane Gerofalo’s future husband.

  • Brian P.

    Im actually surprised the club did anything at all. Aren’t we told black people can’t be racist? According to Sharpton, Jackson, and the entire Democrat gang on the Congressional Black Caucus that’s true.
    This could be a turnning point. Someone actually stood up to a black racist.

  • RightStuff

    This poor soul doesn’t realize it, but he is just adding credence to my belief that Herrnstein and Murray are absolutely correct. The leftists in this country have been nurturing this kind of insanity and plain stupidity for over 150 years. The leftists (read: Democrats) have a vested interst in keeping the blacks in bondage to their ignorance of the truth.

    • $39132868

      No. The leftists have worked assiuously to keep YOU from the truth. Are oyu White? If enough Whites WAKE UP in time, they may act in their own interests, and decide that they want to exist.

  • OrlandoRican

    Thanks Mr. President. And thanks all you who voted to elect him.

  • Arthur Ittus

    He looks like a black ckskr to me!!!!!!!!!

  • KingofThings

    What a a piece of work. Looks like O’s twit sister.

  • Jack in Texas

    How is it that so many Black people have come to the point that they appear to be more proud of being Black than being Human Beings! All people are what they are by the “Grace of God”, none of us were ever allowed to “pick what we would be, where we were born, who our parents would be”! But, we do get to chose what we will “Be” in character, morals, civility, and being “human beings”! We have most surely a “divided Nation” and racism is nearly overwhelming our so called “civil society”. What a sad and mean person this man must be!

    • $39132868

      Stop whinh about “racism”. “Racism” – the preference for your own kind, is NORMAL and HEALTHy. It’s par for the course. It’s lunatics like you, that DENY REALITY, that are causing all the destruction.
      The White Race is being systematically genocided – and you are mewling about “divisions”. Wake UP.

  • raccman

    And he’s called a “comedian” because ???

    • BigUgly666

      … because it is so funny that he even considers himself to be “human”?

  • Jeannie

    Deport at once back to Africa ! I will pay his one way ticket !

  • Cheryl

    He’s a racist, just like so many blacks.

  • Bo_Kassa

    He is an African-American? Then send him back to his African home!!!Anyone who uses the term African-American, Mexican-American, Cuban-American etc. Is not an American!!!! They are a racist pig who has never simulated into or accepted the American society as their own, If those racist folks are so proud of their UN-American heritage then let them go back to wherever they “claim” they are from, most of those people have no idea on where in Africa, Mexico or Cuba that they came from but yet they claim that heritage.

    • agbjr

      Excerpt from President Theodore Roosevelt, Remarks about Immigration, 1907:

      ” … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.”

  • armydadtexas

    This was a loud mouthed BLACK RACIST PIECE of HUMAN EXCREMENT. Question is, where is Jesse Jackson and the other jive, hype hypocrite, Al Sharpton to condemn the foul mouthed BLACK RACIST piece of crap? Oh, that is correct, they agree with him. More leftist hypocracy EXPOSED.

  • Noni77

    No wonder Ham and his descendants were cursed… A curse lasts as long as the people keep renewing the reason for it.

  • David McElroy

    Where are the black leaders condemning this very unfunny racist’s hateful rant? Why has Obama not spoken against Mooney’s murderously anti-white prejudice, seeing he has weighed in from the White House to speak to anti-black prejudice in the Trevon Martin case? Where is the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Bill Cosby taking this hateful jackass to task? Mooney’s racism is not tolerable, advocating murder of whites!

  • agbjr

    A true racist sonofabitch jerk! If he had been white saying this about blacks it would be all over the liberal media right now and likely have caused a race-riot. Of course Obama will likely invite Mooney to the White House.

  • ChicagoThunder1


  • Fred_K

    I do not know who he is, and hope it stays that way. He will probably be hired by ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN for specials. I will not see him there either. His name should go down in obscurity.

  • $39132868

    White People. YOU are being systematically, deliberately genocided. YES. It’s true. Check out global population numbers, sometime. If you care to face the truth. The VAST majority of non-Whites may not be as hateful or malicious as this particular Negro – but they aren’t going to HELP you. Out Group Altruism is somethng WHITE People do. (Just like others things, like Rule of Law). This guy IS your future. He’s NORMAL. Drop the canard about “bigotry” – that’s a shaming technique created for YOU, and you alone, to get you to willingly agree to your own dispossession and extermination. “Racism” is NORMAL. Healthy, normal, and sane. You people who still cling to the de-legitimized Enlightenement delusion of “Univeral Brotherhood ” are the nut jobs. That’s all about YOUR vanity. Every-one else knoows it’s a scam.You’ve been conned. Your own people are being systematically exterminated. Do you CARE?

    • vincent

      Whites around the world have declining birth rates. From England to Germany to Spain to Greece to Russia to America, third world immigrants are often having anywhere from 5 to 8 kids, and with the Western welfare system funding the parasites, what do you expect?!

      Look at the droopy, inert metrosexual males in the cities and suburbs! They can tell you who won DWTS, AI or the baseball scores. They can tell you the story lines to most of the shows on HBO. They send their kids to pubic schools for 8 hrs/day for 12 yrs. They get their news from CNN, MSNBC, ABC and Geraldo.
      But, they are clueless about the growing militarized police state, the Fed, the unconstitutional military interventions, Agenda 21, the H1B visa scam, the national gun registration database, the transfer of their own money to illegal immigrants and wealthy Obama donors, the devaluation of our currency, the Arab Winter, the global warming scam that will cost trillions of dollars and cause millions to die. But they will keep on recycling, eat low fat food and always obey the government. And their churches will misquote Romans 13 to make sure they do not step out of line.

      • $39132868

        I know. I’m glad that you do. I don’t understand WHY Whites care about EVERYTHING and EVERY-ONE except each other.

  • edro3111

    If this had been a white comedian saying the same thing about black citizens, he never would have made it out of the club alive.

  • craigmayberry

    Racist ponk

  • Brooklynresident

    Looks like grampa is off his meds. Give him some butterscotch, wrap him in a snuggie, and put him on his rocker on the front porch. Since his Alzheimer’s kicked in, seems he tends to wander of a lot…

  • dave9000

    They just keep pushing the envelope. One day very soon they will push it too far and there will be serious consequences that will affect every American. Why do some blacks and some whites hold on to ideology that should have been put to rest 100 years ago. I thought electing a half black half white President was supposed to unite the whole world and yet there is more racial division today than at any time since the Civil War. Will we have to go through that again to bring civility back? Why can’t people just be Americans instead of hyphenated Americans? Don’t we have enough common enemies to deal with. Stop with the selective outrage and phantoms of past abuses to promote racial hatred among people who never were slaves and people who never owned them. No one alive today was part of that blight, let those who were suffer for their actions, let those who were not live in peace.

    • Talluluh

      Well said dave9000! My sentiments also.

    • BigUgly666

      Because “equality” is never “equal” until some stop demanding more because of what was.

  • GeoInSD

    And that guy deserves never to get another audience.

    Not that this matters to the relevance of his point, but one of the Boston bombing victims is a Chinese national.

  • Johnny Walker

    Ahhh, yes. Tribalism at its finest. Nothin’ new here… This attitude is so common and open now that it begs the question, why celebrate Martin Luther King Day anymore? These unabashed racist fools practice the exact opposite of all that MLK, Jr. stood for. Would these people like to return to the days of Jim Crow? WTG, Barry!

    • $39132868

      Michael King was a BLACK SUPREMACIST, and a Communist, who WANTED special priviliges for his Race.

  • Barry W. Millwood

    This is not so unusual in some parts of the lack community. Take Cynthia McKinney, I’ve heard her say similar sentiment overe years when it related to big mean USA or a majority non-black group attacked. It is of course directed to conservatives whenever they are within 10 miles of the tragedy.

  • Luckyme52

    Just another piece of black S–T who wants to be in the limelight.. RACISM at it’s low level looks like he’s related to “O”

  • noweareman

    What’s his next gig-The White House?

  • martinscot

    When are we going to stop giving a forum for these race pimps like this freak, holder, obama, etc????

  • Phinneus

    Interestingly no blacks were injured in the terrorist bombings, as few if any blacks, other than the Kenyan runners, were in attendance. Fewer blacks yet participated in any of the memorial events in and around Boston during the last ten days. Only the ‘mandatory’ appearances of ‘official blackdom’ made any token appearances. Boston and environs has a large minority population that seem to not consider themselves part of the ‘community’. This has been unspoken, but has to have been noticed by many in the media.

  • Michael

    Just another stupid Negro making light of a catastrophic event. Too bad a couple of his bros could not have been decorating that sidewalk with those humans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    Hate speech and racism at its highest.

  • Tony

    And the white’s are the racists? Talk about a paradigm shift. Paul Mooney…you are a racist ahole. I hold no animosity toward any color or ethnic group. You were born who you were and had no control over your birth. But your environment and your heart made you who you are and I do hold animosity against racist aholes like yourself. So has our black president given his black brothers and sisters courage to speak what has been in their heart all this time? Obama has divided this country and set back race relations more in my 55 years on this planet then I can ever recall since MLK murder.

  • tidalpool

    he looks just like Trayvon Martins grandfather must have looked, if he was Satan.

  • BigUgly666

    Of course my comment was removed …. for calling him what he truly is …. and what he is has nothing to do with color or race, but with attitude.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.berrian.3 David Berrian

    Bet he voted for the muslim in chief.

  • Ralph

    I guess if you are black, you can say things like this and not be branded as a “Bigot”? If a white person were to say the same thing, except change “black” to “white” you would have had every black leader up in arms as well as having it covered by every news outlet with the faux outrage. Where is the outrage from the White community leaders? Oh, wait, we don’t have any because it would bee deemed “racists”.

  • suziqueMN

    All the work done by Martin Luther King and his followers of every ethnic background have been totally annihilated by that person in our White House and his spouse who HATES whites. We can be soooo proud.

    • agbjr

      Absolutely correct! Rev. Dr. King had his faults but racism was definitely NOT in his blood. His legacy has been so bastardized by these so-called ‘black leaders’ to make King’s true beliefs and good deeds totally unrecognizable.

    • $39132868

      WRONG. Michael King was BLACK SUPREMACIST, and a Communist, who WANTED special priviliges for his Race.

  • downs1

    Some so-called comedians actually think their brand of sick, hate-filled, immoral “humor” is funny! They are actually quite pathetic and must pander to people who have similar sick personalities in order to support their own sickness. Mr. Mooney probably also believes that only Whites are racist! It is quite amazing how many actors, comedians, musicians and athletes have rather sick personalities. Almost as many as liberal politicians!

  • SmithWinston6478

    Mooney is why some black folks get thought of as the N-word. These days ‘black in America’ is more a reference to attitude and culture than appearance. It’s the chip-on-the-shoulder, ‘the-world-owes-me-a-living’ mindset engrained in much of black youth by the ilk of eric holder, jesse jackson, al sharpton, and van jones; ‘Da man be keepin you down’, ‘Somebody did terrible things 200+ years ago, so give us money!’

    Ignoring the state of contemporary black culture in America is a shameless betrayal and mindless disrespect for those poor souls who were indeed captured by their OWN people in Africa, sold into slavery, and suffered immeasurably during that horrible era far from their homeland.

    That mentality is particularly conspicuous to Americans who arrived after 1865, and know it was Republican President Abraham Lincoln who had the courage to end that brutal madness, and was assassinated by southern Democrat sympathizer and slave holder John Wilkes Booth. Democrats from the south consequently started the KKK during the ‘Reconstruction’.

    Johnson’s ‘War on Poverty’ cost American taxpayers 11 Trillion dollars since the ‘60s, but has changed NOTHING about the black’s victimization mind-set. They still vote to remain beholden to the big house.

  • Mary

    For years, since 1965, cultural communists have been trashing white people under the guise of political correction. For many years white folks stood silent afraid to speak out lest they be called racist. I’m finally beginning to see white folks speak up on the media blogs instead of staying silent and writing the truth about how they feel. We still have a long way to go before whites throw off the chains of political correction but more white folks should have stood up and walked out of that auditoriam instead of sitting there and staying silent. Only when whites start opening their mouths like the other races will things change for the better.

  • CommiMarko

    Paul Mooney could headline a White House Comedy Night for the Obama’s … For swag the White House could hand out bags with Crack, 8balls, speedballs, crystalmeth, heroin, Old English, Mad Dog 20, boot kits, abortion coupons, Obama Fone’s and Food Stamps

  • spyderdalton

    What a disgusting puke…

  • Red55bird

    Again another black man who’s hatred for white people only showed he is a Bigot, now they didn’t say how many of the twenty people were white that left his show, but as a human person be you black white brown, or yellow I would have gotten up and left this garbage standing all alone on Stage. It’s this type of racial hatred why men like Al Shapton and Jesse Jackson keep spreading to African Black people who used the race card in there agenda.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Just another typical black racist that think all white people should die and all their stuff given to blacks.

    I’ll pay for half the airfare back to Africa.

    And when the ‘half fare’ ends, they can boot him off the plane at 30,000 feet.

  • petsnpeopletoo

    Racist, Racist oh my……….Personally I didn’t even think about race when this happened. I was more concerned about HUMAN life………I never heard of the commedian and after seeing it’s outlook of society glad I haven’t….

  • sandman

    Is this for real? he looks like obalmer at holloween, going as a muslim wife with a burka on!

  • sandman

    and of all the folks maimed and injured there, not one of them is black? what would this fool say to them?

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    I got news for this coon. Blacks were among the injured. What I saw was my people badly hurt and three dead. Their color doesn’t matter to me. We have scum like you in our country that should not be here. You suck up all that’s available, and then you trash the rest. None other than a maggot that would support the fraud and his traitors. Any decent black person would not listen to scum like this coon. Up you think this is funny, you are a complete moron aside from thinking the fraud is doing anything to help your sorry a##.

  • 820 REDHORSE

    I’m pretty sure he voted fer obummer!! Just another useless idiot, who needs to be taken to the wood shed!! Wonder what would’ve happened if a white guy said something like that?? the fan is on and the sheeyat is in route, stand prepared my friends!

    • $39132868

      95% of Blacks did vore for OBummer

  • gonaes

    Where did this black racist SOB get get the Irish surname, Mooney.? I can feel my Irish ancestors mumbling at the thought. And Mr. Mooney, beware of an irate Irish leprechaun he might mix up your jokes and leave you speechless on stage.

    • dumbasswhitey

      most irish people have “negro blood” in them. that is why your women are all ugly in the face and have fat butts.

  • horseridingplains

    I am so sorry our country has come to this–it will be bumers legacy–that and treason.
    As to this jerk- don’t go to his shows, don’t buy his CD’s-write on other social medial tht he is reverse discriminating

  • vincent

    And white liberals in these clubs will guffaw as loud as anyone when these illiterate racists go off on their vile rants against whites; listen to Chris Rock’s earlier routines. The fact that the entire audience did not walk out is an indicator of the type of civil unrest and lawlessness that we have on our hands. The bigots in the minority communities say pretty nasty things about whites behind closed doors, and we just got a peek into it! This type of hatred filters down to the flash mobs and the street thugs.
    And Boston is the cesspool of liberal insanity and socialist tyranny–gun control, affirmative action, liberal welfare and social services, tolerance for turd-world radicalism, ad nauseum. How many of the progressive intellectuals will re-examine their suicidal policies and beliefs? Never mind, liberalism is a mental disorder!

  • whitepeopleburninhell

    I hate white people too. Who doesn’t. White people are the biggest hypocrites.

    • dumbasswhiteguy


    • pic-aninny keeper

      Then why don’t ;YOU go back to n’gr town where you belong!!!

  • HongryHawg

    He’ll soon be hosting some narcissistic awards ceremony in Hollywood, if he’s not invited to the Black House first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/terry.adams.7902 Terry Adams

    Ok and if someone pops him that’s ok too. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. the racists,politicans ect. should remember that.

  • Doc

    When the world goes to hell, who do you think will take the brunt of frustration delved out by those who start shooting?

  • muf69

    This not comedy. This is HATE speech., Not sure why charges aren’t filed against him? Maybe because the president and the head of the DOJ agree with him or maybe they favor a hostle takeover of the US by islamist. If the so called leadership of America won’t set the example of morality and obeying the law then we are will.

  • Al Chemist

    No matter what race he is, he sure got whopped a few times with the ugly-stick.

  • my.hairy.mole@gmail.com

    Quit supporting these types of people (hollyweird is full of them)!!! Only about 20 “left and demanded their money back”. How many people were in the audience…21??? Let’s look at the thinnest Presidential resume on record, obummer’s, on page 2, under Experience: “community organizer.” Race relations are worse now than in the 60’s & 70’s. I know, I was there! Can’t blame Bush for this problem, Skippy!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lester.green1 Lester Green

    In what other country could this man succeed in life, my guess is none. It is truly sad that the race baiters in this country, the Jacksons and Sharptons continue to promote their drivel and keep this alive.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Interesting. Coincidentally, I am cool with black comedians getting bombed.

  • George

    What is the P.C. crap of ‘african American” – this guy is a negro, pure and simple. They might not like it because they don’t even like each other so they deny who and what they are but they can’t hide their skin color! Just one look and you know ‘negro’ is there! Where I came from this guy would be picking his teeth up from the floor along with his butt and taken to the nearest tree where he would be given a choice of either shut up or get out, peferable ‘get out’. He is a perfect example of why blacks, negro’s, are the most hated race on this planet – take a good look at this loser – he is just asking for it and sooner or later some one will give it to him – I hope!!!! Uppity, that’s it, he’s just an ignorant, uppity negro – get back in yo place, boy!!!

    • jj

      gd damn ape.

  • Martha

    Since ovomit is in office blacks think they can do whatever they want to do without any side affects for the general public at all. Not true, This piece of ugly garbage will learn one day that his egotistical, arrogant, attitude will only get him a world of hurt – he just hasn’t met the right person yet, but he will. It’s in the cards. He thinks he is something special – he’s just an ugly, stupid, and ignorant individual.

  • Jim P.

    Sorry,I’m not racist.I dislike everybody equally.Only in the case of Obummer do I hate.

  • Phil Miller

    You select the tree, I’ll bring a rope.

  • libsuk

    Seems all these idiots are either grabbing their privates or hating on white people. These things are not even human they are animals and the sooner we all understand that the better off we will all be.

  • bobby1122

    He’s a real credit to his race.!! probably going out next with his posse to play “Knockout King”– that’s when a mob of coward blacks attack a single person and the scum who knocks the victim out gets points. The Police and media are trying to keep this quiet, but there are over 400 reported instances.

    • Buford

      Standard tactic for those with no opposable thumbs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.a.silver Bruce A Silver

    I believe his statements make him a domestic terrorist and he should be treated accordingly.

  • The Big Easy

    If mo-bummmer had a son,he would look like this guy————-What a puke————–

  • zbobby5

    And I should have black guilt? Fagedaboudit.

  • willhen50

    It is really hard not being a racist when jerks like this represent the race.
    If the liberals denounce this “comedian” then there is proof that it is not about race, if they support him then there will never be equality. I also would like them to denounce Obama as well as a demi-despot instead of a black president, because he doesn’t act as a black man or a president.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

    “African-American comedian?”

    He looks like an emaciated Darth Vader.

  • Dianna Zerbe

    he’s an evil hurtful man! wanting to destroy everything he comes in contact with.

  • David B. Finlayson

    Liberal blacks do not see themselves as being racist. They believe they have the right to hate people for the color of their skin, and righteous to vote for someone solely by the color of skin. They proclaim MLK, JR to be their hero, but do not grasp the true meaning his dream.

  • http://thedoctorwhocurescancer.com/ TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    That guy is a real laugh riot. /sarcasm

  • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

    He needs to remember, we are ALL in this together, like it or not!

  • Cory Hicks

    Two terms here are irritating, one is African American. Unless you were born in Africa and moved to america with duel citizenship (yes I know Africa is a continent not a country) you are either American or not. Skin color has nothing to do with citizenship!
    Secondly, Reverse Racism, a term used in the comments. You can not be a reverse racist. You are racist or you are not. As far as a comedy routine goes, you can say what you wish, (first ammendment) but you can also walk out and demand a refund. That is what America is all about, personal choice and freedoms, but you have to live with your choices, ask the “Ditsy Twits” (dixy chicks) they said what they wanted, and it cost them their careers.

  • Scott Wilson

    If he’d been white saying that about blacks, we’d be hearing details of it for about three years on every Democrat-controlled propaganda machine in existence.

  • Cincitiger

    What did the audience do? DId they just sit there and take his racist insults? I would have either walked out or demanded that the club remove this swine.

  • Donald Durdan

    Another needless negro that needs to shut his pie hole

  • Buford

    So what is his muslim name and how much welfare are we paying him?

  • Ballistic45

    Blacks are far more Racist and get away with it on a daily basis.. Black on White crime is far greater than White on Black crime, yet you hardly EVER hear about it being labelled HATE CRIME… Racist jargon is used by Blacks openly without consequence from the “Politically Correct” Crowd. I am a Racist, I was NOT born a Racist, I have learned to be a Racist late in Life, Ni@@ers have taught me well… In my view, not all African Americans are Ni@@ers… Only those who blame everyone else for their plight in life, failing to take responsibility for their own sabotaging behaviors. Those Ni@@er’s who have dishonored their own ancestors who fought and died to be free, who have chosen to remain on the Liberal sponsored Government Plantation whining and demanding more and more free support from Masta, who sell their loyalty for a bowl of Fatback and Grits.. Yeah I’m a Racist and remain so until a real open discussion about Racism is allowed… I’m tired of the Victimized Ni@@er finger pointing while eating, sleeping, breeding at the expense of Taxpayers.. Who Demonize those Black American Patriots who refuse to lower themselves to Plantation Life, who rise up and take advantage of the American dream, people like Dr. Ben Carson and a whole list of Americans that happen to be Black who take responsibility for themselves and the choices they make… Until Ni@@ers can discuss their own sabotaging behaviors and the Shameless blaming of others, I will remain a RACIST !!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.linscott.3 Robert Linscott

      Well Stated!!

  • Bischon

    John you think the man in the WH hasn’t provoked racism + jesse & sharpton & the whole lot of them??? Oh my gosh there are muslims in the WH NOW in homeland security (joke in itself!) president is a muslim-muslims hate us when did you know our GREAT USA ever being bombed or murderers of this sort being on the prowl before??? Unless we stand up to these no nothings-evil hate mongers & show them who is in charge as we always have because it’s apparent that they cannot run a country let alone their own families!!!! They steal-cheat-kill-rape…they’re EVIL people period dot…OUR GOD…forgives-slow to anger-loves-heals-promises…HE is the same yesterday (2000yrs.ago!)today&tomorrow-HE never lies-HE never makes us do anything as evil as kill our own or has us be into perverted sex of any kind HE is a loving kind GOD…remember no matter what’s going on right now & the people that think they’re in charge ‘NOT!’ JESUS IS IN CHARGE & HE IS ALIVE & HE IS COMING BACK SOON!!! So the evil that’s in the world right now HE knows about…&..soon ALL OF THEM WHO THINK THAT THEY’RE GETTING AWAY WITH THIS VIOLENCE WILL BE BROUGHT BEFORE HIM because when HE comes back EVERY KNEE WILL BOW & EVERY TOUNGUE CONFESS THAT JESUS IS LORD!!!!

  • smogdew

    Just another Plantation Mentality (and butt ugly at that) spewing antipathy at whomever had a problem w/blacks. In the 1700s (in Europe where everyone enslaved them), and in Africa where black owners either enslaved or sold them, and in the 1800s where whites enslaved them (black slave owners exited then, too).
    Too bad they are too ignorant to realize just about every ethnicity in the world has been enslaved at one time or another. Not my fault – nobody’s fault but your ignorant selves – might want to read black history sometime, you jerk.

  • Bischon

    Al Sharpton & Chris Rock& now this guy whats his name are among the saddest people because that’s
    all they have they’re really nothing except that they’re black!!! I
    feel sorry for black people for the fact that so many of them are angry
    they’re black…I didn’t make them black the GOD that they worship made
    them black the GOD that they ALL go to church and raise their hands and
    scream and shout too HE is the one who made them black don’t pick on me
    because am white!!! I didn’t make myself white GOD THE FATHER MADE ME
    WHITE..so…if you;’re angry with anyone be angry with GOD THE
    FATHER!!! You people better get a grip otherwise you’re going to all
    kill each other because your angry about being black…you are all
    killing each other and all you want to do is beat us up or rob us or
    trick us just because you are black!!!! Why not use that energy for
    good instead of cheating and stealing and killing do something worth
    while with it learn something how about being a father to your children instead of being cool & jive talking & being late & spending your food stamp money on drugs & booze..start a business build something stop
    wasting my time & your time..filling jails…going to court fighting your
    own people because they’re light skinned…come on you read the Bible
    you all have lived long enough to know that this doesn’t
    work…communism isn’t the answer…hate crimes aren’t…yeah there are
    some white people who don’t like blacks but look at what you people have
    done to support that!!! Hey there is always going to be someone who
    doesn’t like you or me it is what it is get a grip…

  • James Maxwell

    Wonder how he would have felt if it happened in Shyster town and it was all Black

    people who got hurt or killed? Color does not matter when Americans are attacked
    by cowardly murdering bottom feeding trolls. We all bleed red. But perhaps
    this individual need to take his show to Terran or one of the other muslim terrorist

    pig sties. See how well they receive him there.

  • reason1984

    Obama has made it cool to be a racist.

  • JCWS1

    Paul Mooney can come to Texas and there are millions of citizens just begging to show him a good time. His hatred of anything white is legendary in every appearance he makes. Where would that hate filled low-life be were it not for America ? Buck naked in Africa with a spear and looking for a meal, similar to many of his brothers here in America with their lips securely locked on the White Mans Gov’t Teet. Pathetic Paul Mooney is just one more example of a failed Affirmative Action which was infected on our society by a slippery tongued democrat.

  • Mr Richard Allan David

    So glad that race relations have improved so much under the new POTUS


    This a$$hole has no class or talent and I wonder who in the first place would waste their time and $ to go see him? He does have the right to say these racist remarks, and people have the right to shun him.

  • TheOsprey

    I’m not sure how many remember the show, “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Maher, back in late 2001, but he did something similar. Paraphrasing, he said we could tell we were beginning to heal from 9-11 when we could tell a joke about it. The following week, he told a joke about it and shortly thereafter, the network announced the cancellation of his show. Thankfully, Levity Live just did the same thing to Paul Mooney. History repeating itself and some people don’t learn.

  • 9Spoon9

    Shoot this jackwad at close range with a WATER CANNON…maybe the volume and pressure will wash away the evil, racist ideas in his mind!

  • BrassRing

    Well, I’d be okay with stompin’ a mud puddle in his chest too.

  • Dennis

    I find it a bit ironic that the posting policy states there is “…no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, etc…” when this story is about nothing else but violence and racism and hatred and disrespect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/all.beastman All Beastman

    What a dumb ass motherfucker, as a comedian and hispanic, I feel Paul Mooney should be banned from doing comedy every where in the U.S. Hey, Dickhead Paul Mooney, start looking for a new line of work, Shitiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Higginbotham/100000261072379 Bob Higginbotham

    This clown (definitely not comedian) seems to be as much a racist as the DOJ. When a black person denigrates a white person most liberals, black and white, think it is cool. When a white person disagrees with the policies of a black president he is a racist. What is wrong with this picture?

    • DocJimmy

      (Q): What is wrong with this picture? (A): Everything, Mr. Higginbotham; virtually everything. It is the type of arrogant stupidity coming from the Liberal progressive Left and practiced by entitlement worshipers too lazy to be self reliant, regardless of race creed or color. It is the type of stupid that can not be fixed by or with words alone.

  • ATLDave

    A racist is one who belives that one group of people is superior to another. A bigot is one who hates and is intolerant of another simply because they believe they are inherantly inferior because of color skin, intelligence, race, etc. This jerk is clearly a BIGOT and lives with hate in his heart. He is a pariah to the human race and should be treated with contempt.

  • GK

    I think you got this one wrong. Mooney was on the radio explaining that what he said was taken out of context and the tweet in reference is untrue. I heard him say from his own mouth that thinking he would say something like this is absurd. He has an ongoing beef with the security at the club and they are trying to smear him. The people that left the club were there only to see the opening act and the rest of the people in attendance cheared when they left because they were heckling.

  • GK

    He was actually saying that America got what it deserved (not whites) because we didn’t do more to stamp out muslim extremism years ago.

  • Deborah G

    And we think Obama hasn’t created this racism why?

    • stonemike

      Islamobama has set in motion the type of racial, ethnic, and economic jealousy that insures sectarian violence that will resemble Lebanon in the 70s and 80s!

  • dc

    this guy epitomizes the definition of the n-word

  • fordlord

    At least this time it wasn’t the N@@@@@s doing the bombing!

  • Robert Moulds

    Paul Moony looks like a terrorist in Timbuktu Mali being hounded by the french and he even sounds like a terrorist. Paul does not realize that other people besides white died or were injured that day. A Chinese student died in the explosion are you cool with that willing to offend a billion Chinese and what of the injured Africans what do you say about that. If you want to be a bigot fine but if you lose your career don’t complain you did to yourself.

    • stonemike

      What CAREER , I’ve never heard of him, and hopefully will never hear of him again!

  • Deepizzaguy

    Does this so called comedian know that revenge never heals the wounds? I would never hire him to perform at a club with that racist attitude. He makes the late Richard Pryor look like the late Bob Hope by comparison.

  • Robert Anderson Sr

    He looks like Obama’s son ? Then they ask WHY RACISUM is going on ? It is POS like this that love to keep it going !!

    • stonemike

      Progressives and so-called minorities are asking for it, and they’re gonna GET IT sooner or later!

  • Robert

    Obviously a terrorist acomplice.

  • Madland

    You can call him a lot of names….American is not one of them.

    • stonemike

      So well put!

  • ScottyB

    Just another jackass…

  • Charles Comer

    Not worth my time taking to heart, but worthy of a response. Why is it that anyone with a microphone and a paid audience is held to any American standard? I look at the audience and ask why you’re paying for this idiot’s mortgage. There are idiots everywhere so don’t put them on a soap box to begin with. How sorry are you to need entertainment so badly to put yourself in a position to have to listen to this crap?!? Buyer beware. Leave this scumbag in the gulley where he belongs.

  • Kathy W

    Chris Matthews says that you have to be white to be a racist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phil-Bronner/100001112435407 Phil Bronner

    Gee, wonder what the black left would say if a white comedian said that the inner city murders in Chicago were OK with him, as long as no white people were killed? Yeah…..that’s what I thought!!!

  • stonemike

    Yeah, well Im very proud to be the off spring of affluent, moneyed whites who bought , sold and were actually able to put black slaves to work ! And Im ashamed to be allowing our unamerican federal govt to extort money that I earned to take care of the”useless’ , child abandoning black community of America today! Im sick of political correctness , I owe black bums and thieves NOTHING!

  • Hudmar

    You can thank our president for causing this divisiveness.

  • Doug

    What is he going to do about the growing hispanic population? They don’t like him either. Why don’t he go visit South Central L.A. to see what the mexicans is doing to his people, but he is probably too scare to do that.

  • Crowds Gather

    The black guy who stars in Django, a movie I refuse to see now, said that he enjoyed his role because he got to kill all the white people. Frankly, after teaching in Detroit for many years, I can confirm that these two are expressing the feelings of the majority of the black community. They undoubtedly think it’s really funny that whites think they are comedians and funny when they say these things. This guy wrote for Richard Pryor and Pryor was saying this stuff. Don’t give them roles and forums in the first place!!

  • liberty49

    I’d say his career is in the toilet!

  • evilwickedmean&nasty

    I would like to invite him to Fairview, Alabama for an “attitude adjustment”.

  • HCUA

    That dude looks like some evil-doer right out of the 14th century. He is too ugly to be a comedian. he looks more like a commodian, you know, full of crap.

  • BOE

    Blacks are evil,sorry, lazy people. God made the devil (blacks) black so we could at least see what is in front of us.

    • Tag

      Escept at night – they fade!!! When the open their mouth you can see them because of the ‘gold’ grills and when they open their eyes – unfortunately, the eyeballs are yellow! Ever notice? Pukesville!!

  • Mooney Hater

    Too bad he wasn’t sitting on the first pressure cooker that was detinated!

  • jimzandensky

    Another “never watch” for my list.
    It’s getting long over this last year; the extra spending money is nice too!

  • FrankA

    Another black radical taking the lead from our communist radical president. This is communism in America under the Dems (progressive commy party). remember that when the mid-term elections come around. God help America.

  • sean murry

    He looks like obummer the devil i never heard anything like that againstwhite people he better keep his mouth shut or someone will give him a good ass kicking.

  • frawgeyz

    So then why is this person not considered a “person of interest”?
    The people should destroy his career! Those who seek after him are also questionable persons.

  • FRENCHIE1369


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

    With this guy’s attitude, I recommend that he go live in a country with only black people, He would feel much more at home in a place like Colon, Panama (birthplace of Juan Williams). I guarantee that they only have black people there.

  • http://facebook.com/metalchick007 Lisa Renee’ Jones

    Wonder when he will get his invitation to the White House?

  • oat21

    What a scumbag, I can’t believe he represents the thoughts of the Black American community. Well, his career should really take off after those low life comments and sentiments.

  • Puckmeister1

    Idiocy abounds and there is plenty to go round. Wonder how he feels if his son/daughter/parents get hurt the same way. Then they are innocent victims and the whites are the intended target of indiscriminate chaos? You just can’t fix stupid

  • trueright

    I really wonder what would happen, and what would be said, if a caucasian said the exact opposite. Does anyone think that it might “reach the media news”???

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    May I remind the “Jive Clive” that the lyric’s of that old Mississippi John Hurt song works both ways: “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom … Pow, Pow, Pow, Pow … “

  • $139615

    He’s NO commedian. If you notice, since Obama has been in office, the thinly veiled hate is now thick as fog

  • actual conundrum

    What a racist waste of space. Dead white people makes him happy? If anyone gives this freak a job ever, they are insane. He is muslim terrorist material full of hate looking for a venue to vent it. Psycho’s are their recruits. This guy is a perfect useful idiot for them Percolated in Obama’s racist white hating new culture of today. Makes him a perfect candidate to fill these latest muslim terrorist bomber’s now empty slot. I’m sure there were just as many black limbs on the street as white. This guy is sick.

  • joespenthouse

    One thing for sure, he has to be related to hussein ovomit,because they obviously came from the same mold,and one thing for sure once the Kenyan fraud is impeached or removed from office he sure as hell will never be called back or even remembered.
    ” V “

  • Mogambo

    I am perfectly “OK’ with negro’s killing negro’s – that cleans up the area for awhile – yep, I’m cool with nigs killing other nigs – haven’t ever figured out just what purpose they serve anyway – things would be Soooooooo much better with them GONE and obliterated for EVER!! When you put two together they start breeding like sewer rats again!

  • bjreg3

    what a racist POS this moron is…..typical though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    this is what Obama wants as he has 93% of the backs behind him as they Just vote on color and brother

  • WASP

    Just another spoiled, entitled, stupid American black, unassimilated after all these years. Too bad the back to Africa movement wasn’t more successful. Imagine what it would be like if they had to jump through the same hoops to gain entry into the US as everyone else in the world (except Mexicans). What a wonderful world it would be.

  • johnnyu

    give this guy a suicide belt than let him go do a show for obama and the hollywood crew that believes in the same crap

  • Jane18

    Have you ever noticed at all the big fancy crosses some of the black “singers” comedians, and others wear? How about all that going to church and praying? Yet, these same people are so hate-filled it is unbelievable. That’s what you call “HYPOCRITE”!!

  • Leadman

    If I as a white male said such a thing about blacks
    the cops would have already been here.The double
    standard has only gotten worse.

  • MrD

    The president has empowered people like this idiot,Jamie Fox and Chris Rock who now because the key term to stop any opposition is Racist.That word silences anyone that tries to speak out against these clowns while the black panthers, Holder’s people, can threaten on national TV to kill white people even their babies and stand at voting places and intimidate voters,while another votes six times and nothing is done.This is the reparations that they feel they deserve regardless of the fact that blacks also owned slaves,their brothers.Valerie Jarrett is running the white house while Obama and Michelle party hardy on our tax dollars,and supports the killing of black babies by the thousands.They even hate their own people when it comes to greed,

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government,a/g holdup or obama,we the people,demand paul mooney,be charged with racist hate crime,and racial injustice,we want him arrested for advocating racist hate crimes,

  • shatto

    His ancestors survived the most horrendous treatment, the embodiment of ‘survival of the fittest’ yet,
    in his mind he is still a slave; too cowardly to continue their success or leave and immigrate to Africa.

  • $18476877

    Didn’t Boston send men and boys to war, to free enslaved black folks? Didn’t these citizen soldiers die by the tens of thousands to purchase freedom for an un-greatful a$$s like this funny man? Keeping hate alive is job one for countless black comedians.

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    wtf is this guy legally here. get his asse out of here

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