• melindaB.

    FAUX news is owned by a bunch of jews – they control everything! Thats the only reason they do well in ratings!!

    • Andy Trimble

      racist much?

    • John Douglas

      WOW! Where do reptiles like you come from?

      • andrewjerome

        You just showed us who does watch MSNBC. Racist fools such as yourself.

    • Light_V_Dark

      Satanic_@§₩H0L3$, who hate Jews and ####ers are just a tad more evil than Leftists and Jihadists, you friggin SERPENT!

    • $12994363

      So, do your suck too?

    • egalicki

      Well if it is run by a bunch of JOOS how come the Jews still have such hatred spewed towards and about them? If they were in control you would think they would limit that stuff, wouldn’t you?

    • LARA


    • TexasJester

      Got 3 questions:
      What’s your point?

      Got news for ya skippy – Jews own a lot of businesses – as do Christians, pagans, atheists, Buddhists, even Muslims. Businesses are owned by whites, blacks, Asians, Mexicans, and etc. Businesses are owned by straight people, gays, lesbians, bis, transsexuals, and so forth.

      ANYONE with the drive can own a business – at least they USED TO be able to, until your idol, obucky, took charge..

  • Gray Eagle

    MSNBC should be boycotted for all the incorrect, biased, & radical liberal Obama ass kissing views that only express their own agendas & no-body else’s,,,,,

  • eli

    Rachel MADCOW needs to go!

  • Bill Board

    Both of MSNBS’ viewers switched channels.

  • darlingrats

    MSNBC has been on my no watch list for quite some time now. MAYBE if their ratings go deeper into the toilet they will change but i doubt it. MSNBC just needs to disappear. I dont even watch the Clinton News Network. I stick to Fox for breaking news, day to day news

    • Leeboy

      If nobody watches it,it has disappeared.

  • dad666

    Is madcow a man or a woman, I can’t tell from her pictures and she/He certainly isn’t very attractive or exceptionally intelligent.

    • TexasJester

      That’s madcow? I thought it was a file photo of a young Hasselhoff, from the Knight Rider days!!

    • WASP

      It’s an it. Radical Madcow, the raving lunatic bull dyke of MS-LSD. Fit company for the other sociopathic retards on libtard TV. They need to remember that one of their ilk ranted himself right off the air– Klaus Ubermann.

  • Shelley Crone

    It’s about time people starting growing brains. MSNBC is nothing BUT opinions.

  • craigmayberry

    Who’d want to get their hard news from a lesbian liberal with an agenda?

  • Hotnike

    I cannot DUMP MSNBC because I never watch it.

  • marineh2ominer

    NBC , ABC , CBS , and all media connected to them is ignored by ALL thinking Americans , they are tired of being uninformed or misinformed and even worse , the progressive indoctrination . CNN and FOX aren’t much better but we keep looking for the guy with the lantern looking for an honest face , I am not even going to try to spell his name .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-R-Carreiro-Sr/100000561837094 Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    This is starting to prove that American people are waking up and want to find out what really is happening and want the truth not fiction in the daily newscasts.MSNBC is going downhill and sliding fast.What do you expect with people on the news that are obviously one way in reporting and I don’t have to tell you which way.An opinion of a concerned citizen.

  • mikeinidaho

    Only the idiot sheeple would watch that gang of left-wing nutcases!

  • StargazerInSavannah

    Took MSBC, CNN & Shep Smith off the air in my house during Katrina.
    Waiting for their coverage of the Obama abortion before changing back

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