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John Kerry: Pathetic Aging Hipsters and the Warmongers They Became

In the movie Austin Powers, Dr. Evil makes a statement that is perfect for this time and place, “There’s nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster.” They exist in our colleges, our high schools, government and even in our families. The kids who wore bell bottoms and railed at LBJ and Nixon, who rioted at the Chicago 1968 convention and danced naked at Woodstock are in their 60’s now. Strangely enough one of their leaders from that heady time of acid trips, peace signs and Jane Fonda’s riding North Korean anti-air craft artillery is our Secretary of State. Yes life’s journey is strange and stranger for some than others.

I’d like to ask John Kerry when he decided to put away his torn blue jeans, his faded military jacket, the peace sign necklace and beads and stop pretending to be the benevolent hippy he claimed to be when he was young. And I would like to ask that because that young, seemingly idealistic John Kerry would have no clue who is the botoxed, face lifted, designer clothing wearing member of the establishment he became. A cynic might ask would he?

Ever wonder about these ideologues? Even the radical leftists who looked like something caught in a drain forty years ago, who are now part of Anna Wintour’s circle of the highly fashionable? Are they poseurs? I am inclined, after years of unwanted familiarity with this breed of human, to conclude that they are frauds.

You can tell they are frauds just through the last ten years of history. If George W. Bush was inclined to take out Saddam Hussein over very obvious national security risks, these aging hipsters lost their minds. Bashar al Assad poses no security threat to the United States and is, in fact, holding down the truly dangerous Islamists in his own country – and these same peacenik hipsters suddenly sound trumpets like Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. One would think, if one was truly a peaceful person and believed all of the tired clichés like “Make Love Not War” and the fatigued chants like “Hey Hey LBJ how many kids have you killed today”, that they’d be consistently against war. Apparently they are not. And people wonder why the word phony gets tossed at them.

John Kerry was never a sellout. The plastic faced, aging hipster has always been what he is. People like him never grow and never evolve. How? They’re narcissists and Washington, DC is the fly strip for narcissistic humanity – and John Kerry, former senator, congressman and anti-American peace protestor, is one of the biggest narcissists in DC. He always has been to.

Recently, he told peace protestors who interrupted Senate hearings twice that he once felt the way they did. No, he did not. He never did. He used the movement to gain notoriety and a name and propelled himself to the House and then the Senate. If he truly had believed in the garbage he spewed when he tossed his fake medals over the White House fence, he wouldn’t be sitting at the helm of Foggy Bottom like a king toad on a rock.

So one could say most of the leftist radicals of the 60’s were hypocrites. Many were knowingly hypocrites. John Kerry is merely the biggest example of their hypocrisy. They became successful, bought BMWs, big houses, had large jobs. Heck, one I knew worked for the Federal Reserve Bank. They were phonies and they still are. The fact anyone would take some aging radical seriously anymore is beyond me. I can’t.

And what about the Gandalf the Grey of these aging hipsters, Bill Ayers? Ayers is a phony who lives in a big house in Chicago. If he truly had believed in his mission to destroy the US he wouldn’t be abusing the world like he does with his house, car and lifestyle. If you believe it, live it. But don’t try and sell the rest of us on some grand notion about peace or what-have-you and then turn around and become what you said you hated. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the aging hipsters are now the establishment. How’s that for a 180?

All of this only makes it easier to oppose any intervention in Syria. This has nothing to do with Iran. Iran is a scapegoat unless Obama and Kerry want to start World War Three and, honestly, it could. One would think that the two smartest men ever ever ever would understand the ramifications of what they are about to do. But alas, the attention span of a leftist only goes as far as what he or she can gain personally. None of this has to do with our national security. And despite the Obama-supporting AIPAC running to support Syrian intervention, I don’t see how this helps Israel either. There’s something to be said about the status quo with Syria and how it benefits Israel. All this does is make for a widening mess.

I also hate to break it to aging hipster John Kerry, but Bashar al Assad is keeping the lid on the real enemy here and that’s the Islamists. Apparently, a secular Pan Arab nationalist like Assad is awful but an Allahu Ackbar screaming nut throwing grenades into a Syrian Christian church is an ally to the former “Flower Children”. Fascinating. Weird, but fascinating.

This is what it’s come to. The generation that grew up in the 60’s proves once again how completely disconnected from reality they are. And all of us who came later are at the mercy of their whims. They never believed the garbage they spewed. It was all based on attacking an establishment that they wanted to control. Now these pot smoking, acid tripping types, who hated the military and our projected power all over the globe, want to use that military to start a war.
Secretary Kerry, the man you were wouldn’t understand this; and yet, because you are the ultimate phony, I think he’d understand perfectly.

Stephanie Janiczek

Stephanie Janiczek is a former Capitol Hill Staff Assistant, Schedule C Appointee and Leadership Institute alum. Military Wife, Hunter, Horse enthusiast, dog owner, writer and feminist kryptonite.