Barack Obama: Giving Our Military the Finger Since ’08

In my estimation, there has never been a Commander in Chief  in all of American history who has demonstrated such utter and blatant disdain for our military as Barack Hussein Obama. His hyper-condescension and gross disregard for our nation’s fighting forces (and their rich and time honored traditions) is beyond appalling.

Putting aside the fact that Obama has never used the word “victory” when discussing any US military operation –he has squandered the hard fought victory in Iraq by failing to negotiate an extension of the SOFA agreement with that nation’s government.

And, as a result – Iraq is now in abject chaos and may not survive.

This failure to act by our Commander in Chief dishonors those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of Mesopotamia.

And who can forget Obama’s election year bravado when he endlessly and very publicly spiked the ball by using bin Laden’s death as a political prop. And, by doing so – he jeopardized the lives of every member of SEAL Team Six.

By publicly discussing the clandestine operation (in an attempt to bolster his foreign policy credentials) – Obama encouraged our enemy to place a bounty on the head of each team member.


Sadly,  Obama’s disregard for our on our military doesn’t end with the aforementioned facts. He has gleefully used our armed forces as a social experiment in order to assuage his radical and mentally convoluted base.

By lifting the ban on gays serving openly and women being assigned to frontline combat units, Obama has profoundly weakened the structural integrity of our fighting forces. He has eviscerated combat readiness while gutting troop morale.

According to recent surveys – at least 25 to 30 percent of our current troops say they will not reenlist due to these bans being lifted. And the numbers are even higher among frontline combat units (75%). 

Manifestly, Obama takes great joy in flouting military rules and regulations (such as “homosexuality is not conducive to military lifestyle”) which has helped construct the most disciplined and moral military in world history.

(I won’t even mention the closing of the World War II Memorial, the illegal crackdown on Christians sharing their faith while in uniform and the new gender neutral Marine Corps cover.)

Allow me to end with this: In 2009 President Obama appointed deputy mayor of Los Angeles Afrik Alikhan to the position of Assistant Secretary of Policy at DHS. Just prior to his appointment, Alikhan praised Hezbollah as a “liberation movement.”

So, the Secretary of Policy for DHS believes an organization that slaughtered 241 US Marines in Beirut 30 years ago is a liberation movement?

Just Barack Obama giving our military the finger.      

About the author: Pete Parker

Pete Parker is a Navy veteran and former strength athlete who writes about the current issues of the day from a conservative perspective. Pete was also the host of “TUFFTalk” radio which dealt with national security-- and the threat Islam poses to Western Civilization. He is very passionate about preserving our great nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

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  • Tabitha


    • D C

      Are you really as stupid as you make yourself out to be?

      • oldgoatee

        Nope, stupider…

    • DCW16

      Actually Tabitha . . . the President is 1/2 white, 3/8 arab and 1/8 negro . . .

      But you are 100% Krazy . . .

      • REDRUM777

        That’s only 1/2 and 4/8ths?

        • DAY8293A

          Another left wing nut public school drop out. That does make one added together…

        • DCW16

          Do the math . . . makes 8/8th’s in my world !
          Of course the “New Math” today . . . it may be anything . . . or nothing . . . lol

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      “ARTHUR”….did you mean “author”?

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        I think she does. Apparently she ditched English class for ebonics.

    • johnanaguski

      Telling the truth does not make one a racist.

    • Mark Smith USArmy

      Arthur who? Did I miss something in the story?

    • Jeanne Ballard

      ARTHUR a name ? YOU MEAN AUTHOR the writer of an article? You need to get a spell check on your computer

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        No she doesn’t need spell checkers she NEEDS AN EDUCATION!!

        • Affirmative Actor

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      Who’s ARTHUR?

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        • Deborah G

          I saw that video and wondered why these people had the right to vote

          • Clint

            They don’t have walking around sense and certainly not voting sense.

          • Deborah G

            At the very least there should be a minimum IQ rule.

          • Clint

            Absolutely! That would eliminate much of the opposition liberal party’s voting pool, and they know that.

        • Deborah G

          Nah even Rosetta Stone would go bankrupt trying to figure Ebonics out

        • My N

          Well done! A woman of my own heart. Or rib. Whatever. Love the post!
          Who My N IS, YO!?

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        Dudley Moore…great flick

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        Better question is, who is PREDISENT. Bold for emphasis. I missed it on the first reading.

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    • Dawn Garland

      notice you are unintelligent! and you think everything is racists–I’ve seen you on several posts-you have nothing to add to anything but to throw our racist comments—guess what–YOU are the RACIST! get over yourself-grow up.

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      When you learn to spell & can present a real counter-point , come back and leave a comment. Until then Tabitha spend your time learning proper grammer & not embarrassing yourself.

      • Deborah G

        I think she’s a black 14 year old

        • Clint

          That means she voted for Obama in 08 and 12. ;<)

          • Deborah G

            Why not they sent my dead dog an absentee ballot from Move on. I;m sure my dead dog in Heaven voted better than she did

          • Clint

            Deborah, I was going to ask you if you are serious, but I decided that I am not surprised in the least.

          • Deborah G

            I kept the package from MOVEON and the ballot for quite a whhilke then turnd it over to the Board of Elections……………I live in a blue State guess it was deemed acceptable )-:

          • Pork Pie Fig

            Yes, about 75 times each year, for 150 total Obama votes!

        • Skrate

          14??? She could be another 21 year old 11th grader —like Traylavon Martin’s friend RACIAL JENTEAL.

      • Afro Schream

        She rubbing off on you though dawg. GRAMMAR is correct. And your use or lack of use of commas is rather whacky. Ya’ll might be related.

    • Deborah G

      tabitha> If there were an award for the absoultly dumbest misinformed racist moron I would be first in line to present it to you .

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      Which has exactly what to do with this article?

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      Arthur who ?????

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      I’m not white, I’m part Mongol!

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      Who’s Arthur? I thought the authors name was Pete, did I miss something?

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    • Skrate

      PREDISENT? Oh you mean Sgt. Schultz Obama? “I see noooo thing! I know noooooo THING! LOL! Like ya gal Hillary say: “What difference does it make?” By the way, ARTHUR is a person’s name. AUTHOR is the correct word for a writer. DAMN you are one stupid waste of good air.

      Obama is a incapable of delivering anything worthy to the nation, the people or the world. You have to admit it. He is totally inept and could not find his own ass if he was saggin his draws and you put his hands down his bloomers.

      I will give Obama credit for ONE thing. He has worked harder than anyone before him to prove Charles Darwin right. Darwin said that Negroes are intellectually inferior. I never believed that until 2008. Now no one doubts it. we see the proof everyday.

    • Skrate

      Dr. Ben Carson black. Herman Cain black.

  • Freedom

    Yes, she is that stupid. Cannot see anything beyond the promise of freebies for the deadbeats and uniformed. Just keep the free stuff flowing and you get their vote for life.

    • medivac

      I hope you mean uninformed and not uniformed !! Typo maybe ??

  • johnanaguski

    The amateur is just that an amateur.

    • Clint

      Yes, but a diabolical one.

    • Grandpa45

      I disagree, I don’t think he as an amateur in more than Hitler was an amateur. Obama knows exactly what he’s doing.

  • gwedem5995

    There was a time I would have been proud if any male in my family served. However, now I would totally discourage them. If they can’t be honored and protected back home, then they don’t deserve to possibly get hurt or killed defending what was once a great nation. But what would you expect from our first Muslim president.

    • rick0857

      I feel the same my second son announced to me that he was enlisting in the Army as a combat medic a truly high risk and dangerous job, had we had a different President I (being a former Army SSG) would have encouraged him. As it was it took me three weeks and countless news articles to talk him out of it.

  • AbleAmerican1

    We all know he’d NEVER pass any induction physical..but..Valerie Jarret would find a way to by pass it..then he’d be a DON’T ASK DON’T TELL advocate..& since he’s always leading from ‘BEHIND’ ( he likes that area ) to prevent any incidents of ‘friendly fire’..

    • Deborah G


    • REDRUM777

      His manta…Never leave your Buddy’s behind!

  • Jeanne Ballard

    Quietly the military ought to make it miserable to be a homosexual in the United Stated military …..ANY branch. Don’t give in to these sodomites !

    • rick0857

      I can tell you from experience that that is near impossible to do. Harassment of a fellow soldier is a crime punishable by the UCMJ and the penalties are very severe. I had a soldier so involved years ago in doing that very thing to a homo in the Army at the time. Even though I went to bat for the kid…no young man he was still punished. All I was able to do was mitigate that punishment to a lesser degree. Had I not intervened that soldier would have gotten a dishonorable discharge and lost all his pay and allowances for a year while he sat in a military jail.
      He ended up getting 2 weeks restriction, loss of pay for two weeks and extra duty for two weeks. He also refused to re-enlist, so the army lost what was, an otherwise outstanding soldier. He just didn’t like homo’s.

      • Phil LaDelphia

        Just ignore them. Don’t acknowledge their existence but just do it quietly. Just avoid them at all costs but just don’t harass them. You don’t have to include them in anything and give them the cold shoulder. No body can force you to associate or talk with them. Maybe they’ll take a hint but can’t prove anything!

  • Dawn Garland

    our military needs to buck up and show how the military is meant to be-not what wussy man wants it to be—he doesn’t care about America, so he doeasn’t want our military strong-he wants our military to bow to him and shoot us!

  • WilliamSpires

    Barack Hussein Obama doing the job that the communists failed at for over 70 years, destroy America. And it is about half way complete in under 8 years, thanks to the democrats, the idiotic press and the coward republicans who will not stand for any principle that will upset their status quo gravy train !!!

  • Driver_S

    Obama gives everyone the finger that’s not a radical Marxist extremist, a domestic terrorist, a Muslim Brotherhood/al Qaida supporter, member or terrorist. Anyone that doesn’t bow to his agendas to destroy the USA gets the finger from Obama.

    • ladyceo

      Have you checked out the 800 # for Obamacare??? Once again, he gives US the finger!

      • Deborah G

        it is 1-800 gofyourself

  • 63Marine

    Its time to cut the head off the snake!!!

  • Sarah Conner

    This is as exactly planned by jarret and the rag heads planted in the dark house…they want our military pussified…so that we are significantly weakened by the removal of their religion and surrounding our military branches with people they feel they cannot trust i.e.,the blue on green in Afghanistan…our men will not re-enlist and I don’t blame them [take a page from the murders in Benghazi,just to name one]If your ceo doesn’t have your back,why would you willingly put your life on the line for a traitor communist…personally…I believe our military will be needed at home,because WTSHF WE WILL BE READY…not IF,but WHEN…keep the powder dry…Time to play Cowboys and moosehammheads…

    • rick0857

      Sarah I can think of quite a few more we can throw in that pile with the moose-heads. But the censors won’t let me list them here.
      The more of your comments I read the more I like and respect you.

      • Sarah Conner

        What we need are more patriots spreading the same message…the communist are taking control with out a single shot fired,because we let the fox [obozo,jarrett and the moosehammheads in the dark house]while we were sleeping…never again…IT’S WAY PAST TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH…This is Our Country…the sand nigers have no place here…they are illegal aliens and should be treated as such…same goes for the wet backs that are demanding their civil rights…illegal means against the law…they have no standing in America…because they are illegal aliens…NO AMNESTY EVER…go back to your 3rd world cuntry…you are not welcome here…EVER

  • jaybird

    We can only hope that they will say “enough” and take him down like the Egyptian Army did with Morsi and the Brotherhood. Just need a few good men to lead the way, they can form a group and all go AWOL for the sake of our/their country. I am positive the American people will stand and support them.

    • fedupinky

      Yes we will! The sooner the better.

  • Deborah G

    He is absolutely the most appallingly un American President I have ever witnessed.

  • Bill T Smith

    Most of his photos he given the finger n its about time they wake up n see it

  • Marine101

    I had the misfourtune of having to assist security for Clinton while still an active duty colonel and he really hated us as well. My experience in 28 years was liberals as a rule had no love for any military personnel.

    • Clint

      That evaluation goes at least as far back as the early 60’s. I know because I served during that time.

    • rick0857

      Colonel I feel sorry for you. I too was detailed with Presidential security detail as a member of Delta.

      Of course Clinton magnified my disdain for democrats, but mine started under chickenshit carter. That’s where I developed my disgust with that party and those type people in general.


      this is really a Simple fix, Register to vote as a member of the
      American Veterans Party, WE vote for VETS only, and THAT is how we cull out the LIBERALS, as those worth remembering are NOT a liberal.
      after 4-6 years, most of the Govt. will be cleaned up!.
      LOCK & LOAD
      nuff said qapla’

  • dave

    Even worse, no body has done anything about it besides people like you.

  • e1313ruth

    Obama took away the guns, told soldiers not to fire on muslims, slandered Christianity in the military,is trying to abolish Christianity in the military, fired top generals for no real reason, wants the military to fire on the American people, caused homosexuals to be honored in the military, the list never stops… he has to go…

  • medivac

    obama and his cow moochelle both hate the military and all that serve since before he was put in office. He just doesn’t get it that he is supposed to be a public servant and not the king. I will spend the rest of my life laughing at him and her if he is impeached and tared, feathered, and rode out of town on a rail. Neither of them have an ounce of my respect because respect is an earned thing by my standards and he just can’t make my cut !!

    • rick0857

      Why should he start now? The POS has never had to EARN anything in his miserable disgusting useless life.

  • DAY8293A

    It’s obvious our marines can’t shoot straight anymore,,, how many 21 gun salutes have there been since ovomit has been in office, and not a single one has hit the target??

    • Clint

      That ain’t even funny. If you knew anything about the subject you wouldn’t allow yourself to type such an idiotic statement.

      • DAY8293A

        You are obviously an idiot left wing nut, as this was meant as joke … left wing nut….

      • Harry_Buskin

        That he can comment sensibly means that he CAN speak with knowledge about the subject. I can hit a paint can 4/5 times at 400 yards, with a single shot rifle, in 8 seconds. I do not hunt deer, I execute them.

        One deer, one shot.

        You, sir are no rifleman.

        • Clint

          Harry, what are you talking about? It has absolutely nothing to do with what I posted.. Do you, and the person who started this thread, not understand that the people giving the 21 gun salutes are using blanks. It is only for the noise produced, much like many of the posts on this subject. You are correct about one thing. I am not a rifleman. No shame for me. I served my country on the healing end, not the killing end, and for that I am in no way shamed. I have never seen a rifleman laying on a stretcher, mortally wounded, trying to empress me with his shooting skills. If he could speak at all, his words went something like this. Doc, tell my mother I love her, or they referred to their wife instead of the mother, but not once did ever hear one of them say to me; make sure everyone knows that I am a rifleman and can hit a paint can, 4/5 times, blah, blah. Number one, I don’t for a second believe those stats, but I will leave that to you and God to sort out. Good by.

          • Harry_Buskin

            I think I have the answer. The OP Day8293A talked about 21 gun salutes to start the thread, and then wondered how our guys missed. Obviously, as you said, they were using blanks. Hence my comment. You can’t hit the target if you’re shooting blanks. Yes, I was able to shoot as I described, now, maybe not now in that time frame because of severe arthritis.

            That said, I thank you for your service. You were probably Medical Corps, I’m guessing. One of my sons is a flag officer in the Army Medical Corps. Believe me, I am on your side. Sorry if I offended you.

          • Clint

            I was U.S. Navy Aerospace Medicine Corpsman. I’m not offended. I was very concerned about a Marine buddy from Colorado who served in the 60’s as I did. It was not my intention to offend either. Sorry if it came across that way. I don’t think there are any of us old geezers whose bodies would cooperate with our young thoughts. In our mind we are still in our prime, that is, until we try to get our body to do what our mind says.

    • rick0857

      Believe me if a Marine wanted to hit him he’d be damn sure shot! Remember the campus of Texas U

    • Harry_Buskin

      Could be different if they had ball and not blanks.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Antichrist-In-Chief. He will be begging for mercy when he kneels before Jesus.

    • Clint

      Mercy is available now but it won’t be at that judgment.

  • Guest

    “Buck O’fama”
    He is the biggest Bigot POS this Nation has ever dealt with.

  • AG Dot Com!

    It is far worse than that. The soldiers who served with me, now NCOs in their own right, report back to me regularly. They are telling horror stories about how the troops are now utterly demoralized and afraid to even leave the barracks anymore. The Army, under the socialistic and anti-military Obama administration, is now thoroughly saturated with “rights” groups who are pushing statistics that are 1) incredulously absurd (1 in 4 women sexually assaulted…) and 2) based on nearly unachievable standards unless you happen to be a certain Aramaic Jew with a mother named Mary who must not be named while you’re wearing a US military uniform or Mikey Weinstein’s head will explode.

    My personal favorite: under the new Army “sexual assault policy”, a male soldier (and only a male soldier) can now be tried by court martial for in effect “retroactive rape”.

    Let me spell it out for you: Private Jones meets a cute girl, “Becky Lottabottom” in the bar. They have a few drinks, they dance a bit, then she drags him off the dance floor, out the door, and off to the local Notel Motel to do what young adults will do. Yay, fun was had by all. Boys & girls have been doing it that way for millenia.

    Except, under the new Army reg, if Ms. Lottabottom wakes up and decides that even though she & Private Jones are adults, and she participated in the evening’s festivities, and hell, even paid half the tab… she can say “I wasn’t willing, and there was alcohol involved”. That’s it, that’s all she has to say. Bam. Retroactive rape.

    Private Jones will face at least a Brigade-level investigation, probably an Article 32 hearing, and a Court Martial, leaving him ruined, with a dishonorable discharge and all its “benefits”, and out on the street. No can defense.

    The program is called SHARP. Fitting, innit?

    • rick0857

      That makes my blood boil. Hearing that story and if those regs. are true (which I’m not doubting you) that tells me I did the right thing when I resigned my career after Slick BJ Billy said “I did not have sex with that women Miss Lewinsky” I knew the bastard had lied then and under his command I knew I could no longer trust him or his word.


    The most obvious putdown was marines holding umbrellas. This guy hates the corps.


  • fdleupp

    When you look critically at Obama’s “time in office,” it is immediately obvious that, being he is not “one of us,” his mission is to totally cripple the United States. Everything he has done is glaringly antithetical of American life. Emasculating the military is one of his prime objectives and he is accomplishing it with panache. A force that brought Japan, Germany and Italy to their knees, is now reduced to a homosexual laughing stock. He has replaced all of the commanders of reknown with homosexuals or homosexual advocates – severly crippling our military in accomplishing anything worthwhile. Can’t you see what he is doing????? He has no love for America – only hatred, and he is out to destroy everything we stand for. Born in Kenya, he has no respect for our flag. I think he actually wets his pants when he hears our National Anthem.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    History is replete with tin-pot dictators who, as a matter of practicality, had to bring the military to heel. Hitler did it by merging the SA with the regular army, purging the Junker class of officers, and eliminating Julius Streicher. Next, he installed Himmler and created the SS. Mussolini, Caeusescu, Stalin, Uncle Ho, and others did similarly. Obama has quietly followed the practice, trying to create a military loyal to him and not the Constitution. Will the US forces fire on Americans? You bet your sweet *ss they will, because they are even now being taught that the enemy is whoever their commander-in -chief says they are. Among the extremists are people who respect the founding fathers and want to reinstate the Constitution. Lock and load.

    • polmutant

      you are 100% Correct. the usa military has bowed before the illegal commie pink Kenyan, and are delighted to eat from it’s hand. they will be proud to cut down their mothers and fathers to receive a pat on the head. and too poor to pay attention the sheoples cry out day and night ” I am a proud American man, can someone give a food stamp to feed me? house me? hold my hand? take our wool, eat our children, only leave us grass to eat!”

  • Ray

    Where is it going to end!? I can barely stand to look at this communist criminal!

  • John Q Citizen

    The biggest problem is……..NO politician will say a word. This is one of many reasons Americans do NOT have faith in our elected officials. When they won’t say a word then just who will? Us? That won’t get us far now will it?!

    • oldtimer

      I agree with JQC 100%. We have politicians that are more interested in enriching themselves than representing those that voted them in.JQ

    • Shears_of_Atropos

      My friend, when Caligula took over the rule of Rome after the death of Tiberius, he gelded the Roman Senate. He even appointed his horse a Senator. with a vote. Does that tell you anything?

  • oldtimer

    Most military are loyal to the USA. Obama is not. So—–what do you expect from a Muslim Marxist Puppet?

  • artarlo1

    AND they come back for more

  • Andrew Linn

    Obama is picking up where Bill Clinton left off in advancing the socialist agenda.

  • FrankC

    He is replacing the officer and enlisted ranks with people loyal to him, not to the Constitution. It will not be much longer and he will be able to tell them to fire on American citizens and they will do it. A decade ago if anyone said that, they would have been called a fool. Watch in the fall of 2014, when he provokes something that allows him to declare martial law. He will suspend the 2014 elections and declare himself maximum ruler for life.

  • Sam

    Obama is a low life loser. He worships himself. I bet he would use his wife and kids to shield himself from a bullet.

  • bet1125

    This is the “CIC” that referred to a medical aid serviceman as a “CORPSEman” 4 times. This is the “CIC” that told Romney in the 2nd debate “we have ships that go underwater- they’re called submarines”.
    When I was still able to stomach looking at this fraud, I noticed on more than one occasion his expression upon exiting Marine One and receiving a salute from the marine at the bottom of the steps. He would offer up a half-hearted limp wristed salute in return; with a look on his mug that reminds me of how I look when the dentist tells me to take a seat.

    • fedupinky

      Just once I would love to see that Marine b-t-h slap him into next week.

      • bet1125

        With the marine strapped into a straightjacket to almost make it a fair fight…

  • Phil LaDelphia

    He’s a fricken radical muslim for God’s sake. He’ll keep giving the finger as long as we let him!!

  • yaki534

    I truely feel sorry for the genuine heroes that Obama has given military decorations. It is just too bad they weren’t given their medal that they have truly earned by a real US president.

    • fedupinky

      So true.

  • Albert Maslar

    All you have to do to know Obama hates the Military is the insulting perfunctory salute to the Honor Guard as he deplanes.

  • gideonrockwell

    Obama’s attitude towards the military should come as no surprise and should have been expected. Both he and his wife have apparently had sympathies for Mid-Eastern Muslim Radicals since their college and university days. These sympathies have continued to this day. If you look at his own personal associations radicalism appears to run in his blood. Therefore it is only natural to his character that he would have an adverse relationship with those he feels would be a threat to his radical friends, i.e. the military. This punk wannabe tin horn dictator is not a true American and is the greatest embarrassment in history to the office he holds.

  • fedupinky

    What is so disgusting about this is that Obama is probably a first rate coward and he is in charge of some of the bravest and most honorable men and women on the planet. He also doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “Honor”

  • Ron

    You got to remember that the Kool-Aid drinking obomanites and liberals still love this anti-America, muslim POS. Wake up Congress!

  • USPatriotOne

    There is only one name for this POS….TRAITOR….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tom cook

    Time to give little faggy barry the finger….the trigger finger

  • Don Sr.

    when we were young someone would have asked us if that sign was our age or our IQ
    I have met those who certainly return the favor though…it’s not always one sided.

  • Lorraine E

    I do not believe that the United States of American will exit by 2016. We have an appointed president who gives money and military supplies to his muslim brotherhood, a.k.a. al Qaeda, and appoints his muslim brotherhood, a.k.a. al Qaeda, to top level positions. My country is dying every where I look and after less than five years I honestly believe that it won’t be possible to save our Republic.

  • badman400

    I think I speak for over half of this nation when I give the finger right back to him. I never thought I’d live to see the day we would have a punk for president.

  • mar5t1n

    Its not nice or wise in my opinion to give the finger to someone who knows well how to use a weapon.

  • Deborah G

    Never happen the ACLU would be out in Marxist rare form

  • Niko

    Seal Team 6 takes out BinLaden…..or did they ? Then several months 22 members of Seal Team 6 perish in a single chopper. Hummmmm…… interesting. Obama is WORSE than Wild Bill Clinton….. if that’s possible. Military ?? Wait for my book……
    “WE WERE SOLDIERS ONCE…….and STUPID”….. for believing in our Governments promise of health care for the “COMBAT WOUNDED” ….they LIED. The VA is a National Disgrace……. Veterans deserve BETTER !!
    7th Cavalry

  • Rustytruck

    Well I can only think of one good thing about Obama being in office twice, he’s done now and we can remove all the bullshit he did while he was here. That is if we don’t allow Clinton to get back in and finish screwing us over. She’s just a s bad as Obama but she IS a natural born so we can’t dis-allow her on that issue. But we can for all the other crap she did, like all the bodies they left in their wake getting to the WhiteHouse. The list is huge and with the other ones in Bengazi maybe America will wake up and tell the Democrats to go home because we will not support that liberal garbage anymore.

  • RobertFallin

    At last, we agree. He also gave it to the Secret Service; and, come November 1, when the Food Stamp cuts come, he will have given it to everyone who voted for him. I can hardly wait, until Obama calls upon his “Praetorian Guard.” Remember what happened to Caligula?

  • ProudGGDOfAConfederateSoldier

    I have a hard time thinking of him as human. IMO he is a demonic creature from the bowels of Hell.

  • ginred


  • IHateLibs

    TRAITORS are HUNG or SHOT. Are they Not ???

    • Kimber1911


  • Dorothy Ann

    I have to say the Clinton’s were not much better in their contempt for the military. It made me sick seeing them on Normandy Beach “honoring” our WWII vets. Actually, every day Clinton spent in office was agony. Obama is no different.

  • FSHNT21

    Just so long as those same military members give HIM the finger when he orders them to fire on US Citizens when he declares martial law….

  • ZZMike

    Not only that, but he recently said “my Army” in a speech.

    There’s another related item: A recernt West Point study identifies “Christians, conservatives and anyone not “future oriented” (a.k.a. liberal) are potential terrorists…”

    One question: is the Ft Hood shooter a Christian?

    We should keep a close watch on how the military vote is handled during the next few elections. Last time, there were reports of bags of ballots going astray, and of other ballots going uncounted because they came in ” after the deadline”.

    • anarchyst

      Most states routinely ignore absentee ballots from military service members. It’s a democrat thing, you know . . .
      “uncle” joe stalin said it best. It matters NOT who casts the ballots, it matters most who COUNTS the ballots.
      Voter fraud and disenfranchisement of military voters is commonplace.

  • barb patton

    Barry aka barack aka ovomit aka bongo aka the liar in chief aka snake oil salesman is a liar and a turd. One day when he wipes the cr@p out of his brown eyes he will see that he is hated, loathed and detested by WE THE PEOPLE and most of all our Military forces.

  • deseartu

    I can’t believe he is still here leading our country? JFK got assassinated for what? Labor Union drama? Nixon’s Watergate scandal looks like a little white lie compared to all of the lies he has done to the American People yet we idiots just turn the other cheek,,, So everyone can keep complaining, blah blah blah, until I see he is out of office for treason or for other reasons, then quit complaining and do something!

  • redwolf6911

    Yep, actions speak louder than words.

  • AJP

    I think a Bird Craped on a Rock and the Sun Hatched the DEVIL named BARRY SOETORO.

  • eeagles nest

    My friend’s grandson has been paying for his FOOD for the last two and one half months. That is besides most of his transfer to home and his next base, plus uniforms and laundry. transfer from airport to base, They would not even get him to the bus station to come home. Brings me to tears

  • standtallall

    Obama is the worst joke ever played on the USA.

  • stephanie wilson

    this just makes me miss bush even more. he loves our heroes

  • sirwiley

    They won’t let me shake his hand!

  • bobby1122

    AS in the Shake spear play ” Who will bring in the head of this traitor??” King Henry the 8th?

  • karpenter

    Hillarity Is No Better Than Oblahma On Any Level
    Carried Through Life, Ghost Written
    HillaryCare, OblahmaCare, Benghazi
    Equally Incompetent At ALL Levels

    Expect ‘FOUR MORE YEARS’
    She Hasn’t Learned A Thing Since She Turned Her Back On Goldwater

  • karpenter

    Hillarity Is No Better Than Oblahma
    HillaryCare, OblahmaCare, Bengahazi
    Carried Through Life, Ghost Written
    Equally Incompetent At All Levels
    Expect ‘FOUR MORE YEARS !!’

  • centermass1

    He needs to be arrested, tried and publicly executed for treason.

  • carltjohnson

    From the days of Wallis, we have been taunting opposing armies with our Bow Fingers extended and in full view showing they were still intact, in spite of the battle.
    Unbeknownst to Obama, he’s never had a Bow finger, His middle finger, has only been used in a proctological manner . Makes one want to vomit knowing where that finger has been and now he is openly smelling it!?!

  • kkc003

    Read the book “disinformation” by pacepa, the russians and muslims and commys have infiltrated to create hate, to weaken america and to create world dominance. For decades.

    Its not about black and white, but the blacks have been used by the dems from the beginning, the dems refused to let them vote, the dems created more poverty and dems now use them in hate churches (rev wright) its theology aka liberation propoganda at its finest- how has that allowed blacks to grow and prosper?. Just think about it- no black educated successful leader is ever praised- not one? Why is that?

    Then you have the attack on christians – its because faith based people are the hardest to break! So best to attAck them at all angles so the take over will be easy.

    Then you cut jobs, create division, move jobs overseas, promise free stuff to divide even more- then you start taking it away (reduce food dtamps), (charge high premium for obama care), increase food prices- blame others for this along the way but you created the debt and lack of funds (laughing all the way at how easy), utility rates skyrocket- obama promised that and then you have riots created by the people so the leaders of the regime dont even have to get their hands dirty. Then you enfore martial law and the real horor begins. And the left thought they were protected, but they were used! All dictators have used this method. Its badically work on individial selfish needs and promise the world then take away. Hitler did it, castro did it and so forth. But this is the last nation of freedom- when its lost the world will be in horror. Because voting and ignorance does have painful consequences!

    Solution: vote out all dems who voted for obama care. Demand obamacare be shut down- call your congressmen. Demand more real full time US jobs to US people,no to immigration untill welfare iscut in half., no regulations on Us drilling and usa is 100 % self sufficient in oil/gas, demand a border fence this is nationsl security not mexicsn debate, demand teachersr teach math/english/us history etc and teachers get fired and imprisoned for sex w students, no more professors personsl views, be kind to each person – no more division and hate amongst neighbors, keep your guns, keep tour ability for free speach regardless of views….
    And pray for our nation, we must balance budget or our nation falls

  • Wayne

    It is high time that we started our own civilian military……..that would be called a constitutional militia. The recently fired (read purged) and retired members of the officer ranks should start a top down effort in each State. I don’t think they will have a shortage of volunteers, hell at 63 I would sign up (it’s not a good idea to piss-off some of us cranky old bastards)

    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      The Civilian Militia already exists. See the Militia Act. ALL able-bodied men aged 18-40 are in it and authorized to own “Military” level weapons. I will be volunteering also. I am 62 and it isn’t a good idea to piss us old Americans off.

  • f8crusader

    look how many Gerals and Admirals he has basically fired////probably for disagreeing with him. Uniform changes, allowing queers to be open. I like the old way, don’t tell, don’t ask. Chanmging the use of God in some of ther swearing in.That is just a few.The last dumb chanes were made by Zoomy in the 70’s..They were turned around , but pale to what this idiot is doing

    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      Many Generals and Admirals are being asked that if they were given an order to fire upon fellow Americans if they would follow it. If they say “No” they are being relieved.

      • f8crusader

        In which case all military should say no, to firing on any populice, unless they are in fear for there lives. This who;e nonsence is absolutely dispicable. I am ex-Nay, Captain, amd, I guess I would have been fired.


    FIRE !.
    That is the only ‘gun control’ we need in this REPUBLIC!
    nuff said qapla’

    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      Usurpation of the Presidency during time of war is a capital offense. Under UCMJ Section 906,Article 106,that act makes Obama a SPY. If Convicted,Obama should be shot to death by a military firing squad or hung by the neck until dead. This would be an act of societal self-defense and show the world that the Usurpation of OUR Presidency and OUR sovereign nation will NOT be tolerated.

  • marcus johannes

    Comrade Chairman Obama ,The Illegal Alien Communist from Kenya AKA Barry ( The Muslim Rat ) Soetoro must be Impeached and Removed from Office ,Hello & Greetings to the NSA and DHS

    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      Obama can be arrested on a simple arrest warrant and tried in the USDC in DC. Obama is NOT the sitting President since he is a usurper by fraud. Obama is a common criminal. Impeachment is NOT the appropriate course of action since Obama has never been and is not now, the President of the United States of America.

  • Chief47

    This ahole has went from Commander-In-Chief to Traitor-in-Chief! I served faithfully in the military for 27 years, but I absolutely would not serve for one minute under this cowardly, lying, Islamic anti-Christ.

    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      Hi Chief, Obama has never BEEN the CIC since he has never BEEN the legally elected President. See: “There is NO ‘President’ Obama” by, me.

      • Chief47

        You are exactly right. He was not even eligible to run because he was not a native-born citizen. I had no more respect for Clinton that I do for Obama. When I retired from the military, Clinton was President and I refused to accept the retirement certificate signed by him or to have his name mentioned in my retirement ceremony.

  • Michael Skok

    Please WND, I’d rather if you use a cartoon of B.O. instead of an actual picture. Pictures of Obama make me SICK!!

  • JimC1955

    Much to our disgrace as a nation we must claim him as our President – he has done more to single-handedly destroy our country and way of life than anyone in recent memory. I will celebrate the day he leaves the office and I only pray that he has not so thoroughly sullied the position that someday it may again be held by a worthy occupant that can reverse the harm done. The only good thing that may come out of all this is that the nation gets a good look at Progressivism and realizes that is not the direction we should follow. Pray for our country and the wise selection of future leaders.

    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      This nation MUST NOT “claim him as our President”. That is what we MUST not do. Obama has broken the Law. He has usurped the Presidency during a time of war. Obama is a fraud,usurper,spy and traitor. What we MUST also do is arrest the bastard and throw him in the Brig at Leavenworth to await Court-Martial under the provision of Section 906, Article 106 of the UCMJ.

  • Mort Leith

    This Kenyan needs to be hung for TREASON on the WH steps

    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      Obama currently stands accused of Espionage,treason fraud and usurpation of the Presidency during a time of war Obama does face the death penalty,if convicted.

  • Dr. Robert C. Laity

    Pete, Obama is a Muslim Supremacist who has usurped the Presidency during a time of war. That makes Obama a spy under UCMJ 906.106. Obama has never BEEN the bona-fide POTUS/CIC. “There is NO ‘President’ Obama”:

  • sgtbigdawg

    Since our military became an all volunteer force they have at times especially during the Iraq war getting soldiers to re-enlist was getting tough but now it is even harder. I look to the days when they will have a serious problem getting enough people to enlist and choose the military as a career. I am 59 years old and my generation of males were either choosing the military or LE as their choice for a career but that is not the case with today’s generation of young males. I applaud the fact that they are allowing those Veterans with serious wounds and injuries to remain on active duty and even return to the combat arenas. In 1983 when they forced me to retire medically I had tried every avenue to include a now retired General getting me a position as an instructor at Ft Sam Houston for the 91B10 course which is the Basic Medical Specialist which in turn becomes a Combat Medical Specialist once you have served in combat. I am blessed to have all my limbs but have had 9 major surgeries to keep me on my feet along with meds. Now a soldier is given the choice of remaining on active duty whereas myself was forced to medically retire as they deemed me to be no longer able to perform my duties in a combat environment. In the next 3-5 years there is going to be a serious shortage of all military personnel but especially in the combat related MOS’s such as 11B which is an infantryman. For someone who is 18-20 years old the military is a great choice for a career as after 20 years you can retire and then work as a civilian employee of the same branch as you where in. I have a couple of friends that have done this. One was a tanker who after 25 years retired and two weeks later he started working at Ft Knox as a civilian tank instructor of which he has now retired a second time. I do believe the government is going to realize the mistake being made but it will be to late unless it is addressed immediately.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Hang the God hating Bastard!

  • Concerned

    I can’t wait for the day to see this treasonous, lying piece of crap gets what he really deserves!

  • Harvey817

    He has started purging our military leaders and cut the funding for our defense capabilities in order to promote his mudslime brotherhood ways. TREASON!!!!!

  • Nobummer

    He disgusts me! I pray that our Heavenly Father will save us from this evil form of a person!!!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    As a former Sailor of twenty years I agree that Obammy is an INSULT to all those who have given their life for this Nation or those who just served and NEVER faced death. Obammy is an INSULT to anyone who loves America and should be in prison since he has proven time and again he is a TRAITOR and TERRORIST. He backs every TERROR GROUP in the world and is trying to get one in power throughout the Entire Middle East and Northern Africa that TERROR GROUP being the Muslim Brotherhood which Obammy supported against his own law in Libya, Egypt and lately Syria. Obammy protected Hasan who was a TRAITOR and TERROIST in shooting and KILLING of 13 of OUR soldiers his fellow service members. Obammy has done everything he can to DISHONOR every person who has or is serving I for one get sick every time I see him go near the tomb of the unknown Soldier or any other Veteran site in this World. Obammy is not now nor will he ever be nor was he ever worthy of the Title that goes with the office he is infesting and has infested since 20 Jan.2009. The title of Commander in Chief is also a title he will never deserve no matter what he does or how long he is in office which he should never have been elected to. Obammy has better pray to the real GOD not himself whom he thinks(if that is what a BRAINLESS IDIOT does)is better than GOD that Dems either regain the House and keep the Senate or at least keep the Senate because he will go to jail if he looses both and America elects enough people who have had it with this MASSIVE PILE of FECAL MATTER and his constant and consistent LIES.

    • stephanie wilson

      God bless you for your service, mate. thank you for that.

  • stephanie wilson

    no s**t !!! no wonder most of our military think george w bush was MUCH BETTER than this loser!

  • Jim Whitehead

    Wouldn’t you love to know the number of fingers the Americans give him every day? Tnere are many,many millions, not counting the rest of the world. I’ve called him names I’ve never used in my life!

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    Yes he has.

  • Clint

    I must admit, I have been tempted to use those and a bunch of names that haven’t been invented yet.

  • rick0857

    You too eh? Listen I’ve had to buy three new TV’s since that POS scumbag Ayatollah Barack “Jim Jones” MAObama took office. Now I turn the set off or mute the sound whenever he appears…TV’s are expensive man!

  • USAForever48

    My husband has learned to tune me out whenever BHO appears on the TV. Can’t stand to look at him or listen to his lying mouth. I’m not normally one for big-time swearing, but . . . . there are times.

  • Deborah G

    me too I have never seen a moire UN AMErican President in my life. Remeber Reagan? ALways in every speech a uniter and spoke of the greatness of America………Obama’s line? :just a little bit more” Or Wasn’t me! It’s Bush’
    s fault,,,,,,,,,Blame the Republicans and last but not least “IF I had a son he’d look just like Treyvon” WTF?

  • Clint

    HaHa. Next time buy them by the dozen. I hear they are cheaper in bulk. ;<)

  • IHateLibs

    Rick ?? I have NEVER , SEEN or Listened to him WITHOUT hittin the MUTE or Previous channel button . And I NEVER WILL. The More I See , the More I HATE THIS FRAUD ILLEGAL MUZZY TRAITOR

  • IHateLibs

    I HAVE thought about Shootin my TV Several times

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    George Bush, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to hell.

    While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth.

    Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes him a check.

    Next Queen Elizabeth calls England and talks for 30 minutes. When she is finished the devil informs her that the cost is 6 million dollars, so she writes him a check.

    Finally George Bush gets his turn and talks for 4 hours. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is $5.00.

    When Putin hears this he goes ballistic and asks the devil why Bush got to call the USA so cheaply. The devil smiles and replies, “Since Obama took over, the whole country has gone to hell, so it’s a local call.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Might want to consider investing in a punching bag and putting O’s face on it instead… TV’s ARE expensive, and HE sure isn’t worth that! Just a thought… :-)

  • Deborah G

    No no no! listen to OBAMA Healthcare is as easy as buying a TV on Amazon……………………………………Lie number 60445

  • Deborah G

    I found out I knew wrods I never knew I knew LOL

  • USAForever48

    You and me both, Deborah!!!!! LOL LOL (I can’t help it. BHO infuriates me like no one has EVER infuriated me in all my 65 years on this planet! No one!!!)

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    Obama the muslim is someone who is easy to hate.

  • 4evrMoi

    I do the same!!! ANY TIME HIS EVIL FACE APPEARS on TV, I immediately change the station or turn it off!! My skin crawls with disgust for the term ANYONE uses referring to this fraud as POTUS!!! Yahweh/God, forgive me, but I find myself WANTING TO HEAR the same “news” the nation heard when JFK was assassinated!!

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    Does anyone know how to
    cancel a bid on E-Bay?

    I put in a $7 bid for a “Mickey Mouse Outfit”, and
    now it seems I’m only nineteen minutes away from owning Obama’s entire Cabinet.

  • rick0857

    I think you forgot several thousand zero’s in that number you posted.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    A little girl asked her father, ‘do all fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time”?
    The father replied, ‘No, some begin with – If I am elected.’

  • stephanie wilson

    lmao!!!!! hahahahahaha!

  • rick0857

    Marine you are a genius! Do you mind if I borrow that joke?

  • bobby1122

    God bless you and the Real Marines. Here is what a Pentagon stooge is

  • centermass1

    Now thats funny right there.

  • jeepdude911

    Funny, with a little bit of “wow, that hits close to home”.

  • michael

    Please edit the joke….Clinton, QEII, and Vlad….
    other than that, great joke


    I told this to my wife, and she al


    my wife near fell out of her chair laughing!.
    Raymond, I am a member of the American Veterans Party,
    And I am asking you to run for President so the votes will be the hardest to play FRAUD with,
    WE always vote for a VET for every office, just because they are a VET, and WE can count on them to get the job done.!
    HORAHHH !!!!

  • sandraleesmith46


  • Clint

    Ain’t (I know it’s not proper, I’m a redneck) that the truth. Sea stories and fairytales, I think I’ve heard them all Marine. God bless and Semper Fi.

  • Clint

    Raymond, on a personal note. I know an old Marine who could really use our prayers just now. When you pray just remember him, because the Lord knows which Marine it is. Thanks, Doc.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    If possible please share this with the person you mentioned.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    I will pray.

  • rick0857

    As will I. And I’m not a Marine.

  • Clint

    Thank you Raymond. Like myself, the Marine is a Christian Minister.

  • Clint

    Thanks Brother.

  • rick0857

    Marine you should consider a career in comedy!! Very funny.

  • Deborah G

    I;m sorry I have only listened to him a few times lol…. I actually work so that was what I counted

  • Clint

    That is one of the many great things about the Lord, the door is open to anyone, from centurions to Sadducees and Pharisees. He even takes sinners like me. Thanks very much citizen. Anyone who knows the Lord Jesus is a brother of mine. Thanks again..

  • bobby1122

    Valerie Jarrett’s father in law 1979 plan to use Saudi oil money to put Muslim in the White House. Jarrett is Obama’s main advisor now-

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.


  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    :-) :-)

  • Bill Hildebrand

    marines my ass,there are other branchs of service also..they don’t believe their own press releases as they know they do a good job! 1st air cav..rvn ’69

  • sandraleesmith46

    And we thank- you for your service too, sir.

  • sandraleesmith46

    As a vet AND a resident of AZ for the past 33years, and observing McCain’s track record all that time, I can assure you the only “job” he’s gotten done is the hurt of AZ and US citizens, starting with the vets!

  • rick0857

    John McCain is a VET…unfortunately. I do thank him for his service, but, he has since, turned into a pseudo communist after working along side Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy.

  • FormerLadyLaw

    Me too! Me too! :))

  • rick0857

    Gotcha!! ;)

  • rick0857

    Well I’d do that but with all the letters I write to Congress and the SPITE HOUSE when the Secret Service kicks my door down they might just consider that a THREAT to the President.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Considering the levels of paranoia, that’s likely true. It was a thought…

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