Deadly Capitol Mayhem: Why Did Miriam Carey Travel From Connecticut to D.C.?

Wild speculation abounds regarding today’s bizarre and fatal encounter today between various federal police agencies and a 34-year-old dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut, who beginning at 2:14 p.m. was first involved in some kind of confrontation at one of the White House gates.

With her infant daughter inside her black Infiniti luxury sports coupe, the driver, an attractive, pleasant-looking (based on her Facebook photos published by various news outlets, and a photo found on her employer’s website) African-American woman by the name of Miriam Carey, ran down a U.S. Secret Service officer with the car as she abruptly turned the car around after pulling up to the gate, then crashed away from the scene, jeopardizing the lives of numerous responding police and others as she raced at high speed toward Capitol Hill.

Even though police opened fire on her when she again crashed away from being momentarily boxed in by police as she neared The Hill, Carey eventually made it as far as the Hart senate office building adjacent to the Capitol, where her vehicle finally came to a stop by some concrete barricades after police opened fire a second time, killing her.

Fortunately, it is being reported by major news outlets that Carey’s daughter, estimated at between one and two years old, is okay.  Conflicting reports are pouring in as to whether the child was injured in the melee or not, however all reports concur in saying that she is now safe and in protective custody, having been extricated from the car and carried away by police.

Much of the insane, violent chase was captured on video by a nearby TV crew, and was broadcast across news networks soon after the whole incident came to a close.

Like a scene out of a Hollywood action movie, part of the drama unfolded on camera–replete with police in vehicles and on foot closing in around the suspect’s briefly motionless car near the Capitol, seeming to trap her.  Carey then suddenly crashed into a police cruiser in reverse, then gunned her coupe toward, then away from, the numerous officers who had drawn and pointed their weapons at her as they surrounded her car on foot, ordering her to desist and surrender.  She defied them and almost ran officers over as she sped off, followed immediately by an audible barrage of police gunfire.

Whether any of those officers who had surrounded Carey’s car were able to see that there was a small child inside the car is, at this point, still an open question.  If so, controversy is heaped on to what would otherwise be considered a clear-cut, justified use of deadly force situation.

A car can itself be considered a deadly weapon, and when an officer’s or anyone else’s life is threatened by someone behind the wheel, stopping the driver with gunfire, if realistically possible, is warranted.  However, if attempting to do so causes a greater risk to the lives of innocents, reasonable officers should make that much more attempt to otherwise simply evade the threat, while minimizing the likelihood of grave harm to bystanders, hostages, and so on.
Secret Service and Capitol Police chiefs and spokespeople are being fairly tight-lipped about details of the incident, despite a couple of very short press conferences having been held this afternoon and evening.  They set a somewhat understandably defensive tone, saying that their officers acted properly, given the unknown exact motives of the suspect, and the unknown extent of the threat posed by the rapidly unfolding situation at a time of heightened political tension in D.C. over the government shutdown deadlock, and lingering conditions related to terrorism threats and recent mass-shootings.So in the absence of reliable and specific information, the speculations spin wildly on internet forums, while more serious theories emerge from bits and pieces of information trickling in from Carey’s home state.What was Miriam Carey doing in Washington, D.C., anyway?  Why did she come all the hundreds of miles from Connecticut?

Ordinary tourists don’t normally drive their cars up to the heavily fortified and staffed White House security gates, with small children inside, and then suddenly get into confrontations with the Secret Service, crashing over barriers and careening away as they bounce an officer off their car’s hood and onto the pavement, as witnesses are reported (by the Washington Post) to have described the scene.  Witnesses are also reported to have described the guard who challenged Carey to be highly agitated and loud in his exhortations and warnings as she failed to stop or heed him:  “The Secret Service guy was having a cow,” a man named B. J. Campbell said, “yelling at her and banging on the car.”

The New York Daily News obtained a statement from Carey’s former employer, Dentist Brian Evans, who said that Carey “fell down some stairs and had a pretty significant head injury” during the two years she worked for him.  Otherwise, Evans said, despite some media reports of Carey having mental issues, when he let her go from her job last year, “it was nothing related to any mental problems that we were in tune to.”  Evans said that “there was never insubordination per se or anything like that, but she tended to go against the grain a bit.”  It was revealed by Evans that Carey discovered she was pregnant while hospitalized after her head injury, and that she “seemed happy.”Some of the theories being batted around on internet forums are outlandishly eerie.  People have remarked that today, Oct. 3rd 2013, is the twentieth anniversary of the infamous “Blackhawk Down” military misadventure involving U.S. forces in Mogadishu, Somalia, and that the Miriam Carey is rumored to be of Somali descent.  Simultaneously, it has been noted that not too long ago Carey lived in Brooklyn, New York, the same place Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis was born and raised–and that they were both 34 years old.Other sketchy theories have to do with the confrontation at the White House gate, and whether–in the utter lack of any other compelling information to go on–the incident stemmed from some kind of domestic/paternity issue concerning Carey and a Secret Service officer, or some distress and derangement on the part of Carey regarding federal benefits, the government shutdown, and/or the botched, pricey, partial-birth mis-launch of Obamacare, and so on.

Never ones to miss an opportunity to grotesquely pounce on a crisis, at least two democrats in the House of Representatives (one of them the notorious Sheila Jackson Lee) have sought to exploit the incident in debate on the House floor, saying that it was directly the result of the opposing party’s stand regarding funding of Obamacare, and the ongoing deadlock over government operations.

I expect that we’ll know more about Miriam Carey in short order, and why she drove herself to her untimely end in the heart of our Capitol.  Until we do, things remain very tense here, for reasons beyond her mysterious, deadly road rage.

About the author: Donald Joy

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.

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  • Zundfolge

    Pretty black lady drives her infant child to ram the gates of the White House … Any chance that ole Barry was steppin’ out on Michelle? Maybe a “love child” thing here?

    I’m just spitballin’ here and frankly suspect if Barry were to step out on Michelle it would be with someone named Maurie before Miriam (rumor has it he has a penchant for older white men) but who knows.

    • $2687464

      Reggie Love would not like that.

      • Zundfolge

        georgewaring for the win!

    • SandyLester

      Oh, that explains John McCain

      • Skip

        From a Republican, you finally got one right.

        • SandyLester

          One of the things I find interesting about a liberal is that they assume I am a Republican.

          • mary

            Well one thing they can be sure of is: I AM DAMN SURE NOT A CARD CARRYING LIBERAL DEMONCRAT!!!!!!

          • noweareman

            I’m NOT a Republican-I’m a CONSERVATIVE!
            (Every day there seems to be a widening gap between the two)

          • Julyette J

            I have been a Republican since I “grew up” after the devastating, disillusion of voting for Jimmy Carter and I will never be a liberal. I read a letter posted somewhere the other day where the writer said he was now an
            Independent Conservative. I think that covers me.

          • American

            I say never assume! See the first three letters of word??? nakes an ass out U & me.Hence ass u me

      • Ricarrdo estavans

        McCain is a RINO DEMAR. Funny how you disparage McCain. He does suck only because he constantly votes with the liberal dumbocraps.

        • SandyLester

          He sucks because he is today the way he has always been a collaborator.

          • RLM357

            EVEN IN NAM !!!!!!!!!!

          • Kamaut Longbabilon

            McCain did WHAT in Vietnam? – I am interested to know, as CIA demanded AUSSIE TROOPS to cease WINNING a BATTLE against North Vietnamese Regulars, or we would be FIRED UPON by U.S. Forces! – Very shortly after THAT incident, AUSTRALIA PULLED OUT ALL THEIR TROOPS… a silent protest against a once-true ALLY! – Ever since, USA has become a $$$-spinning war machine to waste ammo so that the war-materiel corporations can make profits killing “enemy” who previously never existed, and killing their own men as well. But at least the Corporations came away with FAT WALLETS: Now doesn’t that sound WORTH the losses of brothers, sons, fathers and husbands? – “They died so that profiteers may live” should have been an epitaph on the memorials! – Sorry about that cobbers, but I am a totally disillusioned old Army veteran, but in OZ, I can say that freely… unlike in USA where Viet Vets report being sanctioned for their opinions! (Even Russia is now more tolerant)..

          • SandyLester

            McCain is a collaborator always has been always will be.

          • SandyLester


          • UnCL3

            a real quisling

        • RLM357

          Isn’t that a prerequisit?

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          McCain is the prototype RINO.

          • Julyette J

            He is so proud of being a maverick and reaching across the aisle. He is totally clueless about what the people in this country really want. I wish he would just go over to the dark side and change that “R” after his name to a “D” and then maybe he would reach across the aisle to the Republicans and help them for a change. (light bulb) Do you suppose it’s actually the democrats who elect him because they know he will help them more than the republicans???

          • chamuiel

            Better yet would be if Mclame retired.

        • chamuiel

          well, they say obama does prefer older white men.

          • Julyette J

            Oh, God! I just lost my breakfast with that image!

      • History Has Past

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        • SandyLester

          I have NOT been lied to, I have ONE Messiah and it sure is NOT the damned obama.

      • Honorary

        His real name is john McLame . But now he was known as Mcbamagirl. He was wearing his bikini and joined ‘gay bathhouse’ with ovomit and Rahm Emmanuel. Mcbamagirl just shaked his arse with the tune of I support Syria war rah..rah..obamacare..rah..rah..debt ceiling rah..rah…Muslime brotherhood rah…rah…

    • DurkaDurka

      Obama’s gay. It’s as much his as it is Hillary’s.

      • Ricarrdo estavans

        Imagine if Hillary was vice president. Two homosexuals running this country.

        • IHateLibs


        • Yoikes

          LOL! Who would have thought that Joey Biden is the most powerful heterosexual in Washington!? At LEAST he appears to be! That’s about the best thing I can say about him.

          • History Has Past

            You should have EMPHASIZED “appears” not “least”…..

        • History Has Past

          Well, furst off, best BELIEVE Hillary IS running this country, because Obama sho can’t handle it —and, with Biden in the # 2 spot, we might have already done been get got!!!!

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            What kind of psychotropic medication is she on or just came off of? Even crazy people have to know that could have been a suicide car-bomb and she was NOT going to get close to either the Capitol or the WhiteHouse.
            We still don’t know the Medication situation with the last 4-5 mass killers other than that they were on something. I wonder how much $$$$ is being spent for silence.

          • WASP

            The murdering b@$!@&^$ in Big Pharma have lots of bribe money to spread around–most of it in Dysfunction Junction.

          • genann59

            Most of the people who have committed mass murders have been on antidepressants, sometimes along with antipsychotics. I think the antidepressants are the dangerous drugs, the literature handed out with most of them even warn they are not safe with teens and young adults and can lead to suicide or homicidal behavior. Most of the mass murderers have been in exactly those age brackets and taking antidepressant medicine. On the other hand, antipsychotic meds work well when given to people who are actually psychotic. The problem with those people is when they quit taking those medicines and relapse into an active psychosis. That is apparently what happened to this woman.

          • genann59

            She had been hospitalized twice in last year for psychotic disorders but was not taking her anti-psychotic medicine. I have known people who do fine when taking the anti-psychotic meds, get to feeling they are cured, quit taking the medicine, and relapse into psychotic condition. That was apparently what happened to this woman. She was, according to her mother and other people who knew her, very delusional about her being a prophet and that Obama was controlling her mind telepathically and that she needed to talk to him. As much as I dislike Obama, it is the secret service member’s job to protect him from loonies who might want to kill him, and they did their job correctly. After she ran down the secret service agent, they only knew she was willing to harm or kill people and they did not know much more.

          • Mrs. Patriot

            I call for universal background checks for drivers!!

        • chamuiel

          No wonder ole Bill was messing around with Monica.

          Using hind site, who can blame him?

      • john

        …yes, i do think it’s hillary’s…..

    • Ricarrdo estavans

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        • mary

          My Rottweiler is prettier than Moochell and has much nicer hair. (no bangs either)

          • RLM357

            I think somebody had It in for Barak.

          • WASP

            Probably more intelligent, and has a better temperament, too. And, you probably don’t have to keep your dog on a leash 24/7 so it doesn’t bite anyone.

        • History Has Past

          Michelle? Formerly Micheal Robinson, AA bodybuilder and 1985 Olympic Hopeful?

        • WASP

          She’s prettier than Whacko, too. But so is my dog. It’s a Chinese crested–you know the kind that wins “World’s Ugliest Dog” contests so often.

    • $14832922

      Only if it had been the baby’s father driving the car.

    • Jackie

      Exactly my first thought. Why head for the WH with a baby in tow otherwise.

      He could be bi in his old age. Just to kinky things up a bit.

    • metro143

      Didn’t Barry have a Connecticut Social Security number? Just saying.

      • Michael Geer

        Oooo – that’s a good one ..

      • History Has Past

        Yes, from a dead white man who passed in the 1800’s or something…

        • American

          You are correct also!!! “WOW” what a tangle web we weave from the Obama camp!!!!!

        • chamuiel

          and obama has never been in conn. as a child.

      • American

        You are correct I heard the same!!

        • WASP

          If our spineless, clueless weasels in congress would just look, they could find dozens of reasons to impeach the Kenyan, if you CAN impeach an illegal alien fraud who wasn’t eligible to be president in the first place. Otherwise, we need to indict and try him in court. I suggest Texas. Then we can raffle off the right to hang him, and use the money to try the rest of his fascist administration–and his NWO owner-handlers.

    • bobby1122

      Obama – Chicago gay bath house member of ” MAN’S COUNTRY” gay bath house since his state senate days.

      • RLM357

        Is that the true meaning of the Ebonic phrase ” SUCK-KAH” ! ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

    • noweareman

      So that’s why he picked Biden!

      • RLM357

        I remember when Sen. Joe BIDEN was publically ‘sanctioned’ for Plagiarizing a Speach ‘verbatum’, from a successful U.K. politico. Now the Press covered that up. He had claim full authorship of it but was proven WRONG! Biden perjured himself back than before the House. ~Rick Magee, FL “MOLON LABE” *See y’all in das kamps!

    • History Has Past

      You Hush yo mouff!!! You know Obama is 100% totally faithful to Ms. Pelsoi, Miss Clinton, and Miss Feinstein. Now rumor has it that he did get all sheik freaky one time and hit Janet Napoltano, but he didn’t like it because she was mo’ man than him! (But then, so are the Teletubbies….)

      • chamuiel

        what about reggie love? that is his main squeeze, or is it mccain?

    • RLM357

      I’d be ROTFLMAO if I hadn’t thought the same thing! Good one!

    • LeSellers

      C’mon, there, Zundfolge, that just plain Down Low, and you know it.

      Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • gavinwca

      If he was stepping out on Michelle it would possibly been with Michael not Miriam.

  • Linda Tew

    She found out OC wasn’t free

    • Donald Joy

      She was making over $100k according to a friend, licensed in NY and CT as dental hygienist, owned her condo and the Infiniti…something does not add up…I’m thinking paternity of her daughter may be the key to this caper…

      • rabrooks

        Nope! GTA5!

        • Donald Joy


          • rabrooks

            That’s “Grand Theft Auto 5″.

          • Donald Joy

            ah, thnx

      • n blanchette

        Dental hygienist don’t make that kind of money as far as I know. And I thought she was out of work. There’s a hell of a real story here but we may never find out. If Obama had a daughter she would look like… well you know where I’m going with this.

        • sam

          Full-time hygienists make about $60,000/year; dental assistants make about $30,000/year. I’m not sure which profession was hers. I’ve seen her occupation listed differently in all of the articles I’ve read.

          • garysvent

            She probably tried to enlist in Obamacare and discovered her monthly payment equalled her salary.

          • History Has Past

            It depends on which corner she was plying her oral profession, doesn’t it? A poor girl can make much more in some communie than in others.

        • Donald Joy

          Dental hygienists do make that kind of money in certain areas.

        • History Has Past

          She may have been returning a defective Obama phone for real. Specially if she was on food stamps, got sosh security…

          I am sorry –I love this song and you should too:

          White people, if you are not singing this at work, school and play each day, you should be!

          They may stifle our ability to pray in public, take our guns, and our Pledge of Allegiance, but they will never take away our love of singing the Obama Phone Song.

          White people, gather your number together and do en mass flash mob dance numbers while signing this. And DO NOT do it in safe, white-only areas. GET OUT in the HOOD and the PROJECTS and make it count. And while you are at it, KEEP OBAMA IN PRESIDENT, YOU KNOW.

      • WHTEHEAT304

        Just wait until Mochelle finds out the facts… Who is the sperm donor…

        • Guest

          @ whiteheat
          Could the kid have been Moochell’s?….we know it’s
          Not Bath house Barry’s!..

      • History Has Past

        Trust nothing you hear from third party sources in these matters. Nothing the media gives you will be true.

      • chamuiel

        what about paternity of the child she just had? not the one that was in the car.

        • Donald Joy

          Not sure where you’re getting the idea that she had more than one child.

  • Jennifer

    I’ll bet someone on Capitol Hill is her ‘secret’ baby daddy and he forgot to send her payments. Does the baby have Eric Holder’s features? Get that baby’s DNA!

    • Daune Brown

      capital hill? first stop white house idk maybe had to be of importance to her to risk all

      • WHTEHEAT304

        i agree with ypou duane, the poor lady had a reason for being there.. But they had her killed on orders, I am sure.. dead woman cannot talk.

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          They had to assume she was a suicide car-bomber; they already knew she was nuts.

    • sam

      Once the baby signs up for Obamacare we’ll have the DNA.

      • History Has Past

        Wrong. NSA had it six months ago.

    • History Has Past

      Or Bill Clinton???

  • Michael Geer

    There must be a misunderstanding. A Black Woman cannot be wrong. It’s in the Constitution or something. I blame Bush.

    • Retarius

      Wait for it: “The DC police and secret service acted stupidly. I’ll have a beer summit with the baby”


      “If I had another wife, she would look like Miriam Casey”

      • WASP

        In a New Dork minute. THAT would be a trade up for any jungle bunny like Borat. Miriam looks like a babe. She would have been too good for that loser. MOOchele is more his type–a fellow disbarred lawyer and communist. That mating was made in heaven–muzzie heaven. Jeez, do you think Moochele is one of those 72 virgins raghead terrorists get when they are killed? Making THAT known would do more to stop jihad than anything could.

        • UnCL3

          “Jeez, do you think Moochele is one of those 72 virgins raghead
          terrorists get when they are killed? Making THAT known would do more to
          stop jihad than anything could.”
          …and contribute to Muslim E.D.

          • Julyette J

            Good one!

          • chamuiel

            If she is, that ought to stop the raghead bombers real quick.

        • chamuiel

          Actually, that mating was made in Reverend wrights church between obama and Moochelle.

          wright ran the down low club. He found wives (women who normally couldn’t find mates for themselves) and gays like obama who wanted to pretend he was straight (down low in the blacks vernacular)..

          • Honorary

            The DNA proved that Malaria and Chachacha done by Maury: Rev Wright, you’re the father.

          • chamuiel

            Please show proof, idiot!

            If you don’t believe me, look it up on the internet. There is all kind of articles about how obama in chicago used to frequent thew gay bath houses.

            Reggie Love is one of the gay people he brought with him to Washington, D.C.

            If you cannot see obama is gay, then you are i denial.

            Whi is Malaria and Chacaha? Are they your daughters that you rented to the obama’s?

          • Karll

            Hmmm, that actually answers a lot of questions. Moochelle is definitely in a political sham marriage with a homosexual.

        • Ole SC

          Where in the world would you find 72 virgins? If Allah had 72 virgins, he would keep them for himself in hell where he resides!!

    • lara

      they have alreaded started giving he excuses..ugh.was she a radical black muslim???

      • Anerican

        Still no reason for killing her!!!

        • Old Kute

          No, the reason for killing her was her actions of total disregard for the lives of the officers and for her deliberate assault on officers with a 2 ton missile, commonly called an automobile. Who knew what she had in that vehicle? who knew what her intent was? No one. All they knew was that she had demonstrated the willingness to kill by her previous actions and, according to reports, she was doing the same thing again, using her vehicle as a weapon. THAT IS WHY SHE WAS SHOT. It had nothing to do with race, religion, or any thing else.

          • Julyette J

            I agree with you, but you wait for it. “Never let a tragedy go to waste.” The idiots in the media and the Democrat Party will use it for everything to stop the government shutdown to gun control. One of our idiots (Texas) is Sheila Jackson Leigh – a black version of Nancy Pelosi.

          • paulie

            Shooting unarmed civilians is perfectly fine with you? That’s real constitutional of you. Moreover, why didn’t ANY of these officers even think to shoot out her tires instead of her?

          • garysvent

            In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last 13 years, FYI there’s been a rash of car bombs lately. Worldwide. This ‘incident’ happened near the White House. Now, while no reasonable cop is going to get blown up for this president, he might try to save himself by pulling a trigger.

            If you look like you might be a terrorist, you get treated like one until they prove you’re okay — unless, of course, you’re in line to board an airplane; then they search your perfectly innocent underwear while allowing two swarthy-skinned individuals with names like Mohammed and Achmed aboard carrying a Howitzer.

            “There’s no reason for it; it’s just our policy.”

          • chamuiel

            Ban all cars, uh missiles.

            I am sure, old kute you will agree with that.

            The only one doing any shooting that day were the idiot police. They could have just backed off and waited until she ran out of steam.

            But, I guess that is too easy for you, right?

      • genann59

        No, she was a well-educated black woman who happened to suffer from a psychotic disorder, was not taking her medicine, thought she was a prophet and felt Obama was controlling her mind telepathically, ie insane, her actions had far more to do with mental illness than any radical political philosophy. And I do feel the police handled it properly, people seem to forget they did not know she was unarmed until after she was dead. They were not aware she had mental problems until after she was dead. She could have been out to kill or harm political leaders or people in vicinity of government buildings. The police did not know.

    • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.


  • Wonderer

    My heart aches for that little one. She has lost her entire world, her mother, and will probably never know why, because of our lame stream media.

    Those of you who are inclined to do so, please say a prayer for her tonight. She surely needs them.

    I am also praying for the officers, who had only seconds to decide what to do, and I fear for the second-guessing that will be going on.

    Such a sad tragedy.

    • Thomas J.Stratford

      On the positive side the child won’t be raised by a lunatic.

      • sickofthis

        The child will never have another mother…what proof do you have that this child was not being raised well? A break with reality can happen in the best of people. Let’s stop judging her till we know the entire story, ok?

        • Ricarrdo estavans

          Trying to ram a barricade and driving dangerously with a child in the car probably could be somewhat interpreted as not being raised well.

          • taliesin319

            Since she had a history of severe head injury she could have been affected by a subdural hematoma that can slowly seep blood over a long period and then cause pressure that can lead to rash behavior. The treatment is to do a procedure to remove it since it can increase cerebral pressure and kill the patient.

          • Ricarrdo estavans

            Too late for that procedure.

          • History Has Past

            No-I think one can always remove the head.

          • History Has Past

            Not if you is from the hood, and you is a hood rat and you is stickin it to the Man! LOL!

        • History Has Past

          What proof? She attacked the Capitol like an Muslim terrorist. She ran over a Police Officer. I guess in your Pro-Obama prism any black can do not wrong, especially if they are attacking authority, to wit, the white man.

          • WASP

            YOU are just another useless paranoid schizophrenic. And they put HER on psychotropic meds? God, does every pathological lowlife in the world show up on Yeehaw? Let’s get on with the shooting war so we can cull this herd of objectionable humanity.

        • chamuiel

          we are not going to ever know the entire story.

          get real.

      • TxPatrick

        The obamas can afford another child………..

      • garysvent

        You never know. The way things are going these days, she might get adopted by a gay couple. Jumping from frying pan to fire.

    • Kram

      By any remote chance, is there a FATHER involved in this family?

      • Ricarrdo estavans


      • TxPatrick

        “FATHER” is racist the PC term is “Baby Daddy”……….. :-)

        • sam

          Father is a term used to indicate involvement with the child. Baby Daddy is a term to indicate it was only a sperm donation.

          • TxPatrick

            “Involvement”, father hiding his drug stash in Baby`s diapers…

          • chamuiel

            then, can we say she was a sperm receptacle?

      • John MasterGuns Lewis

        Did you mean to ask if there was a sperm donor involved in this family?

      • History Has Past

        Perhaps you were unaware that this is a black woman and child.

    • undunder

      What a kind post! That little girls has lost a lot.

    • WHTEHEAT304

      I now wonder what our DOJ will say about this murder, yes I said murder. Someone wanted to be sure she did not talk.

    • Huffer

      Your last sentence says a lot…somewhat like Zimmerman’s situation,eh? People sitting behind desks and thinking real life is like the scripted action on TV are a bane to our judicial system.
      The officer’s actions could also be dragged into court if they proved useful to a government agenda!
      Let’s see how this unfolds and hope the truth will be known and not a bunch of BS by the mainstream media.

    • History Has Past

      Stop fearing black people and the violence they threaten.

      • chamuiel

        just ignore it huh?

  • Servo1969

    She sure doesn’t seem to be hesitant in her driving.

    • WHTEHEAT304

      She would have been great in NASCAR

      • Karl Dulaff

        I love how she lost the pursuing cops by driving in a circle.

  • fliteking

    We won’t hear much more about this case . . . it does not fit the MSM profile, not beneficial to the anti-gun crowd in Washington and elsewhere, most of America won’t even learn that the perp is a black female.

    • WHTEHEAT304

      Cars should be banned. cars kill.. Wonder why they had to shoot the poor lady.. They could have shot out her tires.. MAybe obumma ordered it as he didnt want his love child.. NAAAAAAAh, TNAT ISN’T IT .BARRY DOESNT DO FEMALES..

      • History Has Past

        No –that IS it. Just like he had Aaron killed at the shipyard shooting hoax.

        • RLM357

          How about the Organist (No Pun Intended) at the Rev. Wright’s (false front) Church? ( Wright was{?} a fomer muslim ) He { the Murdered Organist} knew B.O. from the Down Low Club and was talking. ~Rick Magee, FL “MOLON LABE”

  • rabrooks

    Rumored she was playing “Grand Theft Auto 5″ since it came out!

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    Already the family is making excuses such as the old post partum depression canard.

    • sickofthis

      Classic male response to a REAL illness only suffered by women.

  • Angel Nova

    Allah Akbar… she could be a victim of Islam, that ideology that screws people’s minds. She is from Somalia and that country is 99% Muslim.

    • History Has Past

      So it’s not GTA she be play but a screwy version of BLACK HAWK DOWN?

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Obama Cops gun them down armed or not!

    • farrightextreme

      That’s getting to be the method of police everywhere.

      • LibertysSon

        You know a car is considered a deadly weapon when driven at people recklessly.

        • WHTEHEAT304

          They could have shot out her tires…She was wanted dead from higher up and was ordered to shut her up. dead men/woman tell no tales.. To many conspiracys going on created by the criminals in our government.

          • LibertysSon

            Maybe they should do a DNA test on the Baby. Maybe it’s BHO’s outside girlfriend.

          • History Has Past


            Shoot out the tires. Shoot them in the arm or leg.

            These are comments that are offered by those who are dumbed down by the movies and TV shows offered by the enemy.

            When someone has just attempted murder by vehicle on one officer, the others can’t be expected to stand around and hope shooting the tires will work.

            HERE IS WHY IT IS AN IDIOTIC COMMENT: Have you ever seen REAL police pursuits in which all four tires are shredded by STOP STICKS and yet the criminal continues to race down the highway or surface streets on sparking rims?

            If not, then you have not the information needed to comment on the subject. Stop playing into the idiocy of the liberal left. STOP HATING THE POLICE. When the SHTF, most police will be with us.

        • garysvent

          Soon everyone will have to walk to school and work, because everywhere will have to be a “car-free zone”. Boys drawing hot rods on their notebooks will be suspended until Jesus returns, and a kid with a model car will be kidnapped by Eric Holder and sent to Gitmo.

          • LibertysSon

            Good comment! Very witty and funny too!

        • History Has Past

          Don’t confuse the COP haters, they are unwitting dupes of the very enemy we are here to berate. Hating COPS is an OBAMA move, and screw Mick Jagger, they have moves like Obama!

        • chamuiel

          what is drivenn?

      • Ricarrdo estavans

        Welcome to the American POLICE STATE. Fascism is alive and thriving in America. There are more militaristic police departments than ever. Even the California state library system has a swat team. Imagine getting gunned down and brutalized for a late return of Dr. Seuese “Green Eggs and Ham”.

    • theo980

      I understand according to the MSM that she was driving an AR-15!

      • History Has Past

        Nice! And Nancy Pelosi confirmed it had a 30 round mag?

      • chamuiel

        an ar-15 infinity.

  • Steve

    Was it really necessary to execute her? How often do car chases end by shooting the unarmed driver? Can they not shoot the tires or stop the car from moving?

    • WHTEHEAT304

      I agree with you, Think they wanted her dead.. They silenced her

    • History Has Past

      Yes. To run down an officer is considered a request for a meeting with Jesus (Christ, Fernandez, the yard guy). Police haters make note, you forfeit all mercy when you F Up! Solution: Comply and Obey! Do Not F UP!

      However, if you choose to do otherwise, Jesus can take a meeting 24/7.

  • Doc

    Another unarmed victim murdered by trigger happy cops. They could have just as easily shot out her tires. Where is the CBC on this one? Asleep as usual. Where is Jackson? Where are all the other racist pigs who purport to “lead” their “people”? The silence is deafening. Silence Is Consent!

    • 2War Abn Vet

      What isn’t generally realized is that most police officers are poor shots. They seldom get into firefights and are infrequently trained on the range. In an urban environment they’re as likely to hit a bystander as the person they’re targeting. Also they often indiscriminately unload everything they have, and with high capacity magazines we’re seeing 15-18 shots per cop.

    • WHTEHEAT304

      They couldnt shoot out the tires as they didn’ have practice in doing this with OJ’s car. or many bank robbers, rapists and murderers cars either.. Mayb e they wanted her mouth sealed..

    • History Has Past

      You are making idiotic comments. What are you, a total dupe for Obama?

      • Doc

        My one and only response to you is this. You have no idea who I am. You make assumptions based on your ignorance. Your a moronic troll trying to stir trouble. Sit in the corner and drink your koolade.

  • futurelife

    She was most likely very worred about how she was going to pay for insurance and keep her car and her apartment. obamacare has been now shown to be very expensive to what use to have. He is bucking for a take over of America with ithis, him and Hilary and the other muslims that have taken over this government, calling themselves Democrats. Time to fight back, not sure if this young lady did it right, but she did fight.

    • terrie

      Yes and may she rest in God’s peace.

      • History Has Past

        There can be no peace when you attempt to kill the police. Hell’s Gates are the only thing she will be in, as walks through them to the tune of the Obama Phone Song:

    • History Has Past

      NO WAY!!! How can you SAY THAT? Black people need no worry about such things, remember, THAT is why they voted for Obama, twice. HE alone was going to end their struggle, pay their bills, shower them with freebies, including FREE HIV and STD testing!

      And PLEASE don’t axe me why he hasn’t done any of those things. It takes TIME. He’s only been in office 5 years. He has given minority a phone. Don’t discount that as proof he plans to do more.

      Ahhhhh yeah……..

      • chamuiel

        axe you?

        you think someone has it in for you?

  • Mi2tall

    If Obama had a daughter, would she look like Miriam Carey?

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Its Bush’s fault

  • AlphaFactor

    The woman who led authorities on a chase from the White House to the Capitol before she was killed by police may have thought that President Barack Obama was stalking her, law enforcement sources told NBC News.

    • $14832922

      My God!!!!!
      The liberal media Obama spin-doctors are in overdrive, aren’t they!

    • jeepdude911

      He could be stalking all of us.

    • FrankC

      The report does not say how much time she spends at golf courses. If she is a golfer it could be possible he was stalking her, otherwise I doubt it. When would he find the time to stalk someone who does not golf?

      • History Has Past

        You forget VACATION TIME! Yeah!

    • History Has Past

      She was hearing voices in the walls: “Obama is on yo s*it, run, Miriam, RUN!”

  • ronald54321

    Ban cars.

    • eaglesnest


    • WHTEHEAT304

      Ban cars, save our country by banning government thieves. Americas enemys in disguise; POLITICIANs

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    This story will go away very soon. It does not fit the liberal narrative. The Navy yard shooting is not talked about by the liberal skum media anymore. If either was a white male with conservative values these stories would be played out for the next 20 years or more. There would be anniversaries every year till kingdom come.

    • WHTEHEAT304

      Or a “white hispanic.. funny how the white house colors all people. Thank god that their are no racists in our government. After all a black leader and his crew cannot be racists as they are not lilly white.

      • taliesin319

        Our girlish laddie is 50 % white – 36 % arabic and 14 % black.
        Latching on to the black wagon enabled him to translate his skills as a con man. If that black part was missing, the only thing he would have been in Chicago was a communist muslim dude with a white communist parent. He would not have been a jihadi cause you need a pair of them to blow yourself and others up. Barry has a fear of getting his hands dirty and has no stomach for wet work. Might have done well as an Avon Lady.

        • WHTEHEAT304

          He couldnt be a muslime bomber, if he made bombs the way he shoots baskets , he would have blown only himself up. The only thing that works for him is his lying mouth..

          • RLM357

            Two Muslim mothers showing each other Photos. Sne says “Here is my son Muhajabe. He was 13 when he bacame a martyr for Islam and here my daughter she was only 12 when she became a martyr ! The other mother says, ” They Blow up so fast nowadays!”
            My newist product is an Explosive Prayer Rug. It’s going over with a bang in the Mid East.

          • Ricarrdo estavans

            This is the best joke I have heard. Great LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOl

        • chamuiel

          Hmmm! Yeah, I can see obama throwing a Avon party.

      • RLM357

        OBAMA is a MULATTO! Blanko Trash Madre’ et Kenyan Revolutionare’ communista padre’.

    • RLM357

      Just like today’s RIZZO TRAIL (remember, Obama’s good fiend from Chicago? The one that bought them their House and extra Land.) it too will, by design, fade away. RIZZO will get little or no time and the WH will paint this D.C. fiasco with the paint of invisibilty so that it too will be covered by Falsehoods of her background. ~Rick Magee, L “MOLON LABE”.

      • 2abner

        very convenient smokescreen, this DC happening, to not have as much interest in covering the trial. Good point. it looks like the enemy of our creation is working extra hard to have things his way..

      • Ricarrdo estavans

        I believe the name is Tony Rezko. He “loaned the obamster $200,000.00 to buy a nice home in a Caucasian neighbor “hood”. Good old tony the loan shark is in jail now.

  • mort_f

    Justifiable homicide? Hardly. A few well-placed shots would have quickly disbled that ‘assault’ weapon. Crashing over (concrete) barriers, and then being able to race away (undamaged)? A helluva car.

  • IHateLibs

    Guess she Couldn’t get her OSAMBOcare

    • WHTEHEAT304

      Dont acts racist as the crap bigots on the dark side.. That is what our current gubment wants. Racial strife keeps the foolish sheeple voting they way they want..

  • Skip

    If the car is a deadly weapon why did they have to shoot her if they have her boxed in as the photo shows,she can not move the car anymore if she was armed with a weapon then it is another story,looks like to me, snap a cap and make the kill,yea for the cops side, trigger happy jerks , if no weapon then she is boxed in no more threat. Murder one it looks like to me.

    • $14832922

      She had no weapon!

    • History Has Past

      You are not qualified to make that call, so why do it? Do the police argue about when you change yo dirty draws?

  • krell51

    I agree, in the future we will know a great deal about this woman, but I seriously doubt much of it will be the truth, after the government spins the story and then the MSM spins that. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • bluealiendevil

    Maybe if they would have used those things that puncture the tires, there would be some info here. Big, wild speculation article printed here. How about the fact she was driving in an unknown city, made a wrong turn, comes upon barricades, and then suddenly all these cops jump out at her with guns drawn, I saw the video and how they surrounded her, she looked like she had already put the car into reverse when they jumped out at her, she is scared and hits the gas not knowing an officer is behind her, takes off and then they are shooting at her. It was not a long chase like they said. Many witnesses around the whole area, car turns corner like they said and you hear more gunfire and then loud crash.
    Now the only shots fired were from the police, no way to puncture tires or run her car from the side? Just shoot an unarmed person to death.
    Now they are trying to tie her to the Navy Yard shooter? Come on media, knock the bullshit off already and find the truth about this lady. Do your job! Her happy smiling face does not reflect a person with mental illness. Who said she was depressed? Why is this the given excuse? She better be cause there is a big lawsuit waiting to happen and man, the crap will fly! I hope it does.

    • $14832922

      Ah …. someone else who had really considered the possibilities!
      Thank you!

  • wandamurline

    As a permitted gun carrier, we are taught to only use enough force to stop the perpetrator….once this lady’s car left the scene, the incident had stopped. I know I am going to get a lot of grief from people on here, but as far as I am concerned, once she started off in her car, the police should not have been shooting at her car….that would be like chasing a perpetrator into the street and shooting him in the back…same thing. Not to mention that they were shooting into the back of the car where the baby was strapped in…they could have killed the baby. I believe an investigation into who was shooting at the car leaving the scene and proper punishment should be delivered.

  • monacall

    she was pissed off at congress because they are trying to shut down obozocare? she wanted the “free” insurance for her and her baby…..and go to the clients in her “infinity” her 80-90 thousand dollar vehicle…..yep that’s the picture…..she was running out of welfare money and gas…..

  • KatyO

    Is there some reason why they couldn’t have shot out the tires instead of the driver? Are they such poor shots that they couldn’t?

    • History Has Past

      Let me explain it again in simple terms. I am not implying you are an idiot or a moron, you are just ignorant, maybe it is a culture thing.

      Shooting at a moving vehicle is not only difficult, but it exposes the police and public to unnecessary risk from ricochets. Disabling tires, even all four tires, may not stop a committed criminal from continuing to roll and attempting to murder police or pedestrians with the vehicle. If you are unaware of this, you should not be posting here because you question is excessively ignorant.

  • Gaines Bruce

    I suspect that we will never know the real truth. What was said to her, why officer drew guns on here and likely scared the living daylights out of her. But they are brave men, yes indeed.

  • 40Helen60

    They could have shot her tires out. By their actions, they put an innocent baby’s life in danger. Guess they would have been proud had the baby been killed? There were many ways to have stopped Ms. Carey’s car, but no! shoot first ask questions later.
    Now no one will know why she did what she did, but does anyone really care?
    All this can be blamed on Dictator Obama. He’s laughing that he has succeeded in destroying America, while he plays golf. When is Congress going to do their job?
    They’re so scared when BO says jump, they jump and kiss his feet.

    • $14832922

      Maybe she was murdered because the first SS officer went overboard causing the woman to panic. Now we’ll never know because the only one who knew what really happened is dead …… just like so many others who can never tell their side of things.

  • Find True Hope

    MORE mind control programming to the people! We, the NWO Police State, will shoot on you whether you are holding a child, etc., you just better not try to resist!’ These are very intentional incidents that the devil uses to further his agenda through the people that let him. The spiritual warfare and evils in our World are turned up because we are at the end. The demonic portals are opening up and we will continue to see these evil people get more and more ruthless, the general public and the police! Wait and see what happens when they unleash their ‘big’ event..!

    I pray for all of you that you will know the Lord Jesus, so that you may escape all this for now and eternity. Those of us who have repented and are now in Christ know that we will suffer, but we have hope that covers our fears of these last days! If you don’t know what I mean you can look to Gods word for hope as Jesus came to give up Himself for all of mankind if they will just receive the free gift He offered through His blood at the cross. Anyway, there is no hope in this Administration or the next, our Hope for now and eternity is and can only be found in Christ! God never said this life would be easy, rather He said the opposite because of the fall of man /the pride of man/, but He gave us life in Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God! Jesus will come back to get us except this time He comes as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the conquering King! Many blessings, Cindy

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Where’s Al Sharpton after this “racist” police action?

  • regulus30


  • TxPatrick

    One unarmed lady and child. What would happen if it was obama`s muslum brotherhood buddies with weapons? Unbelievable……. :-(

  • Randy131

    While this incident was taking place, the liberal gun confiscators where on twitter, blaming the shootings that were being reported on NRA 2nd Amendment kooks that were the cause of all gun related deaths in the USA, not knowing that all the gun fire was coming from the law enforcement personnel only, and none from the perpetrator of this incident, who herself was a black liberal Democrat and also in favor of infringing on the 2nd Amendment right of the American people. This shows the true nature of the liberal gun confiscators being completed ignorant and uninformed of the facts that all the mass murders the last 20 years, especially the last four incidents of mass murders, were all insane liberal Democrats, and some of them being black. These statistics prove that liberal Democrats should not be allowed to own or carry a weapon, according to their own standards. It was so comical when these facts were reported, and we haven’t heard a peep out of the liberal gun confiscators since the truth was reported.

  • Whackajig

    I suspect that due to the fact that she is black, that she feared the govt shutdown might delay her food stamps.

    • Bruce Stroh

      Whereas there is a disproportionally large amount of blacks receiving Welfare and SNAP, and whom have absolutely no desire to change that fact, this particular young American lady was gainfully employed and had been for several years. But the fact that you’re a retard and can only look at pictures to come with such an idiotic statement proves you’re no better than the freebie recipients!
      For the record: I’m a white guy. Get your head out of your ass!

  • DefendConstitution

    The message is crystal clear; All SUV’s and children between the age of one and two MUST be immediately and permanently banned. The left probably should also look at all dentists, they must have had some negative influence on this young woman. I never realized bho had three daughters.


      he does but michele doesnt know about it just yet

  • sandman

    Now we all know why they need all the millions of rounds the feds have bought!

  • davej

    Perhaps she was trying to teach the child at an early age what a bunch of Fascist would do if she protested the govt. Nothing builds hatred for govt better than watching a bunch of thugs murder you parents.

  • $14832922

    How about …. she made a wrong turn, ended up at the barricade with a SS officer screaming at her, threatening her, pointing his weapon at her …. she is terrified because she has her daughter in the car and panics ….. police and SS officers go ballistic, chasing her around and shooting at her.

    Does that seem like one possible scenario?????
    It’s a lot more likely than half of the things being suggested.

  • spartacus

    execution ! plan and simple

  • Archangel

    Where is Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson?

  • theo980

    I guess if you’re gonna have road rage and you’re on gubbermint subsidies a Lexus is the way to go! It’s being reported that she is an African American. Which country in Africa is she from and is she an American citizen.

  • altweasel

    I guess that little pop up with the woman and child at the target range was broken the day they received their training. This was obviously a threat to national security and any of the officers that reacted with deadly force would want the same if this was one of their family members. Let us all give thanks to these highly trained professionals for making the world a better place. I’m sure they are all reassuring themselves that they did the right thing, unless they escaped any kind of psychological profile during the recruitment process… those brave individuals already know they got the bad guy.

  • Chet

    At one point five officers had weapons drawn and pointed at her as her vehicle was temporarily wedged. Seems one could have easily shot the tire(s) at such close range and the car would have been immediately stopped. It appears the woman plainly freaked-out after being under extreme stess to begin with and just lost it. And it’s reported no weapon was found in her vehicle… Surely, this could have been avoided.

  • Jayjay1963

    When the shooting was first reported, I’ll wager that the MSM had a bunch of “white Tea Party gun nut” stories all teed up and ready to go.
    Can you imagine their disappointment??

    • David Stovall

      It is not over. Plenty of time to write juicy stories about guns , etc. Besides she didn’t do anything the car did it and we must confiscate the cars.

  • m141934a

    More likely Obama stepped out with the father of her child.

  • Phaenius

    Conspiratorially speaking, to have a woman with child in a
    hyped up vehicle behave erratically in a secure area might indeed be a
    precursor, to an attack gauged to probe the commitment of security to timely
    neutralize a potential danger. The next
    event with the same setup might have a car with a woman and child AND A BOMB,
    were the capital security reluctant to fire on such a vehicle. Of course, in times of uncertainty, this is a
    possible interpretation knowing the will and tenacity of an enemy bent on
    destroying America, hopefully with impunity.

  • eaglesnest

    Somali descent? Let go from her job? Driving a luxury Ininiti. Deadly force? (to shut her up permanently?) How many of these false flags do we need before the truth comes out? Would she have the deer in the headlights look like all the others? Does shooting out her tires seem like a good option? Or execution better? Yes she committed a criminal act. Possibly potential terrorist act (oops, sorry Obama, I know I should not say that out loud) but can’t they stop someone without killing them?

  • Avi

    Did anyone suggest that someone remote-controlled her car and that she was a victim?

  • sovereigntyofone

    One thing is for certain, Miriam Carey WAS NOT a Obama supporter.
    I have to be honest here, I am very surprised that we don’t have more incidents like this one with the way this country is headed and the ” communist dictator ” running it.
    People are reaching the ” boiling point ” and just plain fed up.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • smash44

      Not an obama supporter? A single Mom from uber-liberal Stamford, Connecticut? Yeah, sure. She probably voted for him 10 times.

  • Phil1985

    MONARCH programming. The Powers That Be needed a distraction. A drone was activated, only this time the weapon of choice was a car, not an AR-15. She was sacrificed so pols could run to the microphones and act indignant.

  • Jim McGlocklin

    There should be a hate crime investigation started a unarmed black woman was gunned down in her car while looking at the white house and surrounding sites. Probally a white cop shot her. Where is Eric Holder, where are the other black liberals, better take the guns from the cops they don’t need to protect themselves, just blow there whistle and tell her to stop before she runs over them with her car.

    • smash44

      Most of the security detail that protects the White House are black, as are the majority of park guards, Capitol Police, etc.

  • Oldchopper

    This entire story has no facts but one. A Democrat, Sheila Jackson knew by osmosis exactly why it all happened! She went straight to this governments playbook, made up her version of the truth and lied (as usual). And once again someone died.

    • History Has Past

      Shelia Jackson is funny as hell though. Dumb and Dumber has got nuthin on ole girl. She will lick a frozen flag pole with the best of em! She still do nightly strip shows for the homeless fellas downtown. It cleaned up the homeless problem cuz all the fellas went and got jobs after that first gawdawful show! My mind’s eye bleeds thinking about it!!!

  • Pablo45

    The author mentions “reasonable officers”. REASONABLE OFFICERS do not exist in this country anymore.

    • David Stovall

      The first guard at the gate , witness says he went beserk , pounding on the car, let us see if that gets covered up. Was he the daddy.?

  • Whatzrname

    Will obama call a press conf. to call for greater car control? Seriously, I pray for that child, and I pray she won’t have horrible memories of what seems to be suicide by her mother- that’s why suicide is so tragic, they’re only thinking of themselves, not the ones left behind.

  • LeszX

    It is one thing to shoot at the car – or even at the driver – to stop her from using the car as a weapon, but – at least according to Fox News – when the car finally stopped at its final point, the driver got out of the car (at this point unarmed) and was then assassinated in a volley by the police. On the face of it, the Capitol Police displayed cowardice and incompetence.

    • David Stovall

      I have not heard that version anywhere.

  • James

    Well the dam police in Washington don’t give a dam for anything except protecting the candy ass of the elected officials. As far as the elected officials think, it is
    perfectly OK for the Police to do anything because the elected officials are
    worth so much more than anyone else. I say let ban guns in the hand of the DC Police and the Secret Service. If we cannot use them to protect ourselves, why should they?

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    It is a shame that this young, single mother is dead, but the mystery is yet to be solved.
    Seems that too many vulnerable people are involved in these incidents–coincidence?

  • alleycat22

    Move along folks, nothing to talk about here!! No gun, no Tea Party folks, no white male. Move along.. BTW If they shoot the tires this thing ends there and she lives and gets help! Swat Team mentality has invaded this country! She went from bad driver to dead!

  • Way to go Miriam!

    I’ll tell you why Miriam drove to the White House. She’s the first American with the balls to do what half of America has wanted to do for the last 6 years, and that is to drive up to the White House and jerk a knot in oBUMer’s butt. This should be a wake up call for oBUMer, since he obviously still thinks he’ll be a martyr if someone takes him out. The truth is the martyr will be the one who accomplishes the task of putting him out of America’s misery.

  • muf69

    Maybe nothing to do with politics, maybe something to do with parenting?

  • dogface

    You notice that they just dropped her. One report said she was unarmed. These cops today are just looking for an excuse to kill someone. She surly wasn’t much of a threat. Sick basterds must work for a demoncrat.

  • Mr Infidel

    She was frustrated that she “couldn’t get no free heath care from that website”. The NRA will get blamed for this, too, I’m sure.

  • Frank Vincent

    It can all be explained away by the mental incapacity of a woman with some serious mental problem. What cannot be explained is the exaltation of congress that was exhibited by our so called leaders when they heard that the person responsible was shot and killed by police. It seems that it would have been more appropriated it they had offered a prayer of condolence and with sympathy. Maybe consideration for more help to the mental health of the nation.

    • smash44

      You think so, huh? Would they have prayed if it had been a white male?

  • admiral1

    Isn’t there any way we blame this on a White, Republican, Tea Party, Gun Lovin’ male?

  • Researcher

    Both this and the Navy Yard shooting sound like Subliminal Distraction mental events. NOT MENTAL ILLNESS, explained in first semester psychology under peripheral vision reflexes, everyone aware of the problem believes it is a harmless temporary episode of psychotic-like confusion that remits without treatment. That happens because the episode in offices is discovered when bizarre behavior begins at work. The exposure is stopped and the episode quickly remits. The cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision for a concentrating knowledge worker to prevent it in offices by 1968.

    Home computer users, students, or video game players can easily create the “special circumstances” for Subliminal Distraction almost anywhere. No one will notice the declining mental state. Although computer use is the likely source of exposure today it was discovered and solved long before they existed.

    It happens when your brain experiences a massive number of subliminal failed attempts to execute the vision startle reflex. In the entire history of man on planet Earth it was discovered just ONE TIME in 1964.

    When it happened to my wife she heard voices and had depressive crying episodes about impossible situations she hallucinated.

    BTW how did a dental hygienist afford a luxury car?

    • smash44

      That’s my question also. She had an apartment that cost over $1000 a month, if not more. She drives around in an Infiniti and she was a single unemployed Mom? Some things just don’t add up, like her financial status.

  • nmgene

    The idiot Police had the car stopped 3 times but they couldnt shoot out the tires or the engine???? The truth will never come out because she was Black. It will be another cover up!!!!!!!!!!!

    • smash44

      You’re right. The real truth will never come out because she is black and the uber-liberal Main Stream Media will never, ever deem a black person responsible for their actions. Never. They will definitely wait until they find some reason to blame white people. Just wait. The black racist sow congress-beast from Texas has already proclaimed it was the government shutdown that caused her to act like a crazy woman.

  • sargeant rock

    I personally don’t give a crap if Obozo is a faggot or not. He is a Muslim so he probably likes little boys…
    But it is truly tragic when a young woman endangers, not only her life but the life of that innocent child, to make a clear point that the American people are fed up with those useless bas… in our government screwing the American people, taking away our rights, nullifying our Constitution and forcing socialism down our throats. When I was growing up, George Orwell’s 1984 was great fiction.. Well guess what, HELLO REAL WORLD…
    Where are the patriots? Where is the million man march on Washington demanding the removal of these communists and Muslim bas… that are systematically destroying our nation? It took thousands of bikers to shut down the Muslim cowards march. WE THE PEOPLE CAN DO IT.. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE POWER, WE THE PEOPLE DO. And until WE THE PEOPLE realize that and stop “blogging” and gripping from our arm chairs in front of our computers and come together shoulder to shoulder and take a stand against these demi-gods and remove them from their thrones NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE…
    I don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or otherwise.. If they are not fulfilling their obligations and commitments that they were elected to do and going against the will of the people for their own political agendas they are not fit to be in office and need to be removed, If they are violating the Constitution and curtailing our Bill of Rights, they need to be removed. If they are promoting socialism and forcing it upon the people, they need to be removed. If they are criminalizing Christianity in favor of another religion, promoting immorality and the murder of unborn children, they need to be removed… They are nothing more than the servants of Satan and will bring about the destruction of this nation….

    • Tagdogs

      google Congressional Members who are members of the communist party and you’ll find about 80 of them listed.

  • Doris C

    I think we will never know the truth. They are never going to say that she was lost, or scared by the loudmouth cop. Its all going to come down to her “mental state”. The truth will never come out.They are in Wask. DC after all and the truth is not in that area.


    The demoCRAPS will be trying to ban automatic cars in America and the United Nations will want them banned world wide. It would be just like them and it will be Boxer, Feinstein or Pelosi to lead the charge and when you think about it automobile’s kill more Americans than guns. Where is oBOZO on this issue and where is his Executive Order banning automatic cars or all cars FORIGN and Domestic.

  • brabbie2002

    Where is Jackson on this one as I am absolutely positive one of the cops that shot her was white! So it has to be racist (?)! Will Sharpton hold the white guy totally responsible so we can have more black on white beatings? You all know the whole demonically act of “Never let a good crisis go to waste”! Too bad everyone knows that pos in the White House with his filthy feet up on the furniture is a gay communist muslim!

    • Tagdogs

      Don’t muslims stone to death those that are gay?

  • gordon

    enough of this crap if it only saves one life we need to outlaw infinity cars these are deadly weapons we need to eliminate them now

    • tim edens

      At the very least we need to limit the number of tires to two. No scarey hood ornaments. The worst part is I bet it was a fully automatic drive.

      • gordon

        our congress needs to start legistlation now to get this approved saving one life is worth it why are these fully automatic killer cars allowed to be imported here

        • tim edens

          I think the UN should look into this too. Maybe kerry could sign the UN bill and let them control what we can import. Obviously we can trust them to do whats best for us.

  • Gail

    Instead of killing her with their guns….they could have shot out the tires of her car! This is an over action of police! We do not know what led this woman to put herself and her small child in jeopardy, but we do know now that we will never find out why she did this because again the over reach of the police! I noticed in this article that the writer was using the political correct term of calling her an African American, she was a Black American (unless she was born in Africa and came to this country to become a citizen). I am a white American, because my families came from Europe..does not make me a a Euro-American! We need to stop putting people in this country by catergories…this is another way to divide us!

  • John Jennings

    Here’s some wild Internet speculation for you:
    Miriam Carey had some unknown, but perfectly legitimate, routine business in DC. She made a perfectly legitimate, routine wrong turn [easy to do if unfamiliar with DC, given one-way streets and security-imposed roadblocks] and found herself at a dead end approaching the steel street barriers in front of the WH gates.
    Perhaps on medications that muddled her situational awareness, she got too close, found herself surrounded by screaming minions pointing guns, and PANICKED. She failed to get the car in reverse before hitting the gas, rammed the barrier, finally got the car in gear and tried to flee.
    She ‘almost ran officers over’ because she was terrified, and because they – acting precisely as trained – had made themselves difficult to avoid, surrounding her car brandishing guns at point blank range. She fled up the nearest major thoroughfare, but didn’t make it very far before being gunned down by other well-trained minions outside the Capitol, who also were acting precisely in accordance with SOP.
    Maybe, just maybe this had nothing to do with sex, Somalia, the shutdown or the Navy Yard shooting.
    Welcome to the Security State, where paranoid overreaction is not just SOP, but the supreme virtue.

    • smash44

      You are undoubtedly an idiot. Would you post the same drivel if she was a white male? Wah! Wah! Whine! She panicked; she was terrified, more inane excuses. I have no idea what your idea of sane is, but when federal agents and uniformed DC cops are pointing firearms at me – I stop. Plus she had her daughter in the car.

      • John Jennings

        Yes, like you, I too stop for jackbooted thugs. But no – if she’d been a white male, the whole affair would’ve seemed even more sinister to me, given this regime’s all but declared race policies.
        Moreover I don’t even [usually] call complete strangers insulting names, even when we disagree, online or in person.
        Yet despite the even keel I’m [usually] able to maintain in such circumstances, I make allowances – ‘excuses’ – for people I suspect may simply be less fortunate than I. That includes not just over- or under-medicated single black moms, but fellow right-wing, presumably white guys with online anger management issues.
        Welcome to the Security State, whose critics are branded ‘idiots’ & insinuated to be less than sane by its cheerleaders …

    • Donald Joy

      Good try, but her behavior on video indicates aggression and very deliberate intent. The entire thing played out over the course of over a mile between the WH and the Hart senate bldg. on Capitol Hill, with multiple stages of her acting in a way that shows hostile intent, not panic. Looks like she was on a mission.

      • John Jennings

        Another reason why I detest the Security State, and its promoters in the mass media: They’ve encouraged a proliferation of self-appointed mind-readers … as if the jackbooted cyberthugs reading our email weren’t annoying enough.

        • Donald Joy

          Research how the Millenium Bomber was caught and stopped, then tell me the female customs officer was wrong to “mind read.”

          • John Jennings

            There’s no useful comparison. On the one hand, a cop acted on a sound hunch and apprehended a terrorist smuggling explosives through an int’l port of entry. On the other, minions of the Security State gunned down a woman guilty of erratic driving … and a blogger claims he can divine her motivation, post facto, post mortem, from watching a brief video of part of the incident.

          • Donald Joy

            Perhaps you have not been charged with protecting that exact location, or other key terror targets, etc., as I have, and have never had the job of having to discern intent to the extent necessary with minimal information. I was telling a friend that I would not want to be one of the cops who shot Carey. P.S. you do not give someone acting as she did the benefit of the doubt at the WH and Capitol.

          • Donald Joy

            Perhaps you’ver never been charged with protective work in that exact location, or of other top terror targets, as I have, and do not understand the nature of it, nor that making decisions based on immediate discernment of an actor’s intent, often with minimal information, is the very job itself. In case you didn’t realize, people who act in the way that Carey did (far more, and more potentially grave, than mere “erratic driving” as you naively put it) do not get the benefit of the doubt in the mileu of the WH and Capitol. Nonetheless, I would not want to be one of the cops who shot her.

    • botexan

      Those over paid, inept, cops will get medals for their futile attempt to stop a vehicle correctly!!!!!!

  • mary

    Hells bells…I just figured she was ticked off at Oblahblah because he didn’t pay her mortgage and her electric bill… they all thought he would!!!!!

  • del

    Probably voted for the skunk 15 times and now saw he was just a skunk in disguise screwing the country big time

  • Tony Boyd

    Maybe she signed up for Obamacare and found out it wasn’t free.

  • Tagdogs

    What the hell kind of article is this idiot writing. How do you “crashed away” from the scene? If she crashed into the fence at the White House, why is there no damage to the front of her car and why didn’t the air bags go off? Is there more to this story than what we are hearing from the MSM? Also, why when they had the car stopped didn’t they shoot out the tires so she couldn’t, “crashed away” from the scene? They had time to pull their guns and yell at her, but not time to shoot the tires of the car. Either many of our police forces have poor marksmanship training or they are just trigger happy. Damn wait til Jesse and Al file suit for shooting an unarmed black woman.

    • Donald Joy

      For one thing, The Washington Post reported eyewitnesses saying that the secret service officer at the WH gate had lowered a retaining barrier in front of her car when she had turned around and tried to drive off, which she crashed through (and she also bounced the officer onto the hood of her car, then onto the pavement). Furthermore, on the video you can clearly see her crashing into the police vehicle in reverse as she evades the police trying to box her in, then speeds away. So you were saying?

      • Tagdogs

        You ever try using proper English?

        • Donald Joy

          Example of where I failed to do so?

          • Tagdogs

            My comment was in reference to your support for the comment “crashed away”, not in your own use of proper English. Article should have said she crashed through barricades, etc. to get away, (not she “crashed away from the scene”).

  • darkcyder

    why didn’t they just shoot the tires out? Not clear on why they had to kill her…

    • Marlin208

      They didn’t want her talking

  • Snowman8wa

    This woman went off the deep end just as last month’s shooter at D.C.’s Navy Yard; regardless of who they were it is obvious that their actions were driven by THIS ADMINISTRATION’S POLICIES and their effects on Americans. Americans are getting tired of being used as political pawns and they are fighting back, in these cases poorly.

    But it also shows what D.C. is capable of in the event of an attack against the District. Our Government has built itself a nice little CITIDEL to reside in as it destroys the Country. Built by Geniuses, occupied by IDIOTS………………

    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  • History Has Past

    First the black attack on Obama’s DC Ship Yard and now the Capitol itself?
    Black folks are going nuts over Obama again, but this time its because they are fed up with his ignoring them politically and killing them; both in the womb through his Planned Parenthoods, and in the hoods with his black on black crime tolerance.

    Sistah girl had it up to her horse-tail weave with Obama. She fickin to give the butha a piece of her mind!

    Look OUT!

  • zbobby5

    Leave it to scumbag Jackson Lee to try and use this incident for political purposes.

  • smash44

    Quick. Somebody name the DC Navy Yard shooter. Can’t remember his name can you although it only happened a few weeks ago. The uber-liberal cancerous white Main Stream Media gave that just enough coverage as they had to stay somewhat credible, then it’s gone. But they dwelled on every other mass hooting for weeks, months, even years. Hmm, how come? Because he didn’t fit their little “white” box filled with hatred for white males, that’s why. Plus they couldn’t immediately and erroneously speculate that he was a Tea Party member, or an NRA member, or a conservative. So then, oh well, no news. No white shooter. Move along kiddies, nothing to see here.

  • Lee

    How “manly” to shoot an unarmed woman and possibly her child. Did any cop determine if she was armed? Did anyone try talking with her instead of yelling and banging on car roof? I was always “pro cop” and one of my sons was a policeman, but that was a few years ago when cops didn’t fire on unarmed civilians. For shame on the DC police force.

  • Dulceb

    It seems odd to me that this woman would drive all that way (with her child) to get herself killed. I suspect another conspiracy that parallels the ordinary man who went crazy and shot the Arkansas head of the DNc and Clinton’s BFF. He was shot in the melee as well.
    Did any of the cops think to shoot the tires out of the car? I saw about 8 cops with weapons drawn around the car. I would have shot out the tires first.
    Something is afoot here.

  • Casmige

    The Poliz Authorities way Over-reacted.

    Welcome, err…I mean: “Bienvenidos a SomaliAmerika”!

    Poliz no longer adopt the humble public servant adage of “To Protect
    & to Serve” They are now of the Mind-set “To Police, Intimate,
    Threaten, & Enforce”.

    Thing is, The lady is reported to have been in the throes of Postpartum Depression.

    Perhaps one other thing not considered is that she might have also
    been in the throes of a Diabetic Shock as an after-effect or under-lying
    issue stemming from Gestational diabetes.

    I’ve encountered ladies on the road-way who are under the influence
    of a diabetic shock (Low Blood Sugar) driving erratically & imposing
    a danger to themselves as well as others.

    When eventually stopped & approached they are clearly confused,
    do not respond to even simple pleadings (Like unlock your car door),
    become aggressive & combative & could not realise that the
    people around their car were there to help them.

    “Mental status changes are among the first symptoms of low blood sugar.
    Some diabetics experience mental changes with blood sugar that is
    minimally low, while others can experience much lower levels before
    having symptoms. Mental changes can include confusion, memory loss and
    combative or aggressive behavior. These changes can happen quickly and
    worsen if low blood sugar is not quickly treated.”.

    Clearly the Poliz over-reacted due to a perceived “Contempt of Cop”
    issue…an issue & mind-set that is causing a huge rift between the
    public & the supposed Public Servants.

    It’s clearly demon-strated that their mind-set is one of “US VERSUS THEM” which is what inculcated communism brings about.

    Poliz forget their standing with respect to the people who actually & in verity employ them: WE THE PEOPLE.

    They, like the Politicians & other elected or deputised
    authorities think themselves to be “In Charge” & having more rights
    & prerogatives over the People than they circumspectly &
    actually have.

    Their Side-Arm is a prime example: Where else other than from “WE THE
    PEOPLE” do they derive their “right” to carry, open carry conceal carry
    or other-wise arm themselves with a weapon??

    Most Poliz when asked this, will cite the City/State/Gov’t as
    granting them the authority & right but they never quite finish the
    math equation to the ultimate conclusion: “WE THE PEOPLE” do not cede or
    give up our rights (We actually cannot, they come from & are given
    to us under prime authority of the CREATOR), we merely authorise them to
    act in our stead.

    Much like Children are forever the off-spring of their parents, they
    can never supersede the rights & authority of the ones who created
    them without utter hubris & tyrannical satanic sinister adoption.

    Gov’t was/is also thusly & perpetually constituted or “birthed” by WE THE PEOPLE.

    But they have devolved from a healthy circumspect servitude attitude
    to one of over-bearing & crushing authority hubrisly based upon
    their mental illness of thinking they are the ascendancy & superior
    agent in the relationship.

    They are not. This scenario is nothing less starkly illustrated than
    by the human agent telling G*D what to do, when to do it, how to do it
    and then wresting the keys of the kingdom from him and locking him away
    for some perceived indiscretion.

    Who here would even THINK to endeavour to act with such insanity??!!!!!

    But the Poliz & the “Officials” think nothing of doing the same.

    The thing is, Matthew 25:40-45, comes into focus with regards to not
    only “THEM” but how we each treat each other in every semblance of
    issues , discourse & interaction.

    Judgment does not come swiftly so they & we act with utter
    narcissistic contemptuousness….but all things will be rightly judged.

    If this was properly preached & taught from the pulpits, I’m
    wondering how people & public servants would commensurately act??.

    In each matter of Life Small or large, each of us are weighed in the
    balances of eternity the recourse that shall be meted out as our

    I may well also be in that long line of the lost….but I certainly
    hope I am sufficiently back enough in the line to see with satisfaction
    the evil tyrants get their due.

    I can only say with the saints:
    Rev 6:10 “And they cried with a
    loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge
    and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?”

  • David J Chmielowski

    Nah,you guys are all wrong . She was going to present obummer with a paternity suit .She had an appointment with the staff of Maury Povich . LOL

    • Phishhed444

      I’d believe that over most of the lies we’ll hear?

  • golfcrackerjack

    Being a dental hygienist can drive one crazy.

    • RLM357

      owwwwwwwwwwwww…………. I like your wit.

    • Phishhed444

      Im almost dead but I held out…I NEVER FLOSSED EVEN AMIDST ALL THE PRESSURE TO DO SO! Dumb hygenists!

  • RLM357

    I heard a newscaster (Talking head) state on live TV, that he was told “that she wanted to see Obama to show him his child”! There was never any mention of the father being a SS Agent and I suspect that is BS. Hmmm, isn’t Connecticutt the State where one of the SS Numbers that Obama uses was issued in the 1800’s ? VELY INTERESTING…. Why didn’t they shoot out the Tires? They had plenty of opportunity to do that! Otherwise knowing how Law Enforcement reacts from personal experiance, and the dangers of cross-firing, THEY ALL did there job well. Blame this on the Reasonable Terrorist Alert that is necessary today. The CoIncidences do provoke a Hypnotiic Action Theory. Remember Shiran Shiran from the RFK Assasination? They implied that back then as a possible Defense. He has always denied his guilt. Now they claim there were TWO Shooters back then in the kitchen. ~Rick Magee, FL “MOLON LABE”

  • isis5551

    Whatever the mysterious circumstances for her death, to which I am sure we will never know the truth, may she R.I.P. and her baby truly be alive and well. And, might I add, congress, you put on a great show for giving the DC police a stand up ovation. Ad sarcasm! So very heroic for 100’s of cops to take out (kill) one possibly innocent victim. Just as in the Naval Base shootings, it looked as though you were waiting for more people to be killed before you wanted to make a move. Sick! But hey, now we can blame it on cars being lethal weapons and try to take those away from all Americans too. Nothing despicable about this government! HA!

    • John Jennings

      We are very much on the same wavelength. But I think it’s worthwhile to stress that the cops were doing EXACTLY what they were trained & expected to do – exactly what I would have done, if I’d been in their shoes.

      • botexan

        they were “trained” to box a suspect in which they failed to do, if they had this would have ended with no one hurt—–this was mass panic by the cops!!!

  • gibbygoo56

    Was she a Somalia muslim?

  • Ronald Lohan

    I cannot wait for CNN to claim it is…….wait for it… AR_15 Infiniti!!!!

    • LeSellers

      That is Piers Morgan’s routine.

      Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • Jane18

    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee….you are an idiot! You people are never ones to waste any opportunity to jump on one of your idiot ideas, are you? Everytime I hear of people(especially democrats) spouting more of the same garbage and getting away with it, I think of Psalm 2. Trust me Rep. Lee, you and all those that talk and do as you, are going to answer for it. And believe this, GOD is not going to listen to how important you and the others think you “were”……………………………….

  • dufus

    I don’t hear an outcry today for car control! Since it can be used as a deadly weapon where is Obama, Feinstein, Boxer, Kerry, and the ignoramouses calling for car control!

  • conservative

    Probably became enraged when denied access to her lord and master obama.

  • anarchyst

    It is possible that this woman had a heart attack or some other debilitating condition, leading to her erratic behavior.

    With today’s cops, it’s “shoot first and ask questions later” (if they are able to hit their target). . .
    Of course, we will never know the TRUTH . . .

  • anarchyst

    You can bet that the cops were training with new “desensitization” targets that are available from one company. These “desensitization targets” display images of children (6-year old children), pregnant women, senior citizens, and other non-threatening images.
    These targets are manufactured for police departments in order to “make it easier” for cops to shoot unsuspecting citizens.

    Note the increase in federal and state agencies that employ their own SWAT teams, MRAP (armored) vehicles and “ninja-dressed” personnel..
    Police ARE NOT your “friend”. You are more likely to be injured during an encounter with “law enforcement” than you are with another ordinary citizen . . .
    As to law enforcement firearms proficiency, most cops are notoriously poor shots. A 12-year-old child can shoot better than most cops. A good example of law enforcement’s poor firearms proficiency is that of the recent Empire State Building shooting where a man with a small knife was “shot at” by a number of officers. All of their shots missed the intended “target”. A number of innocent bystanders were hurt,

  • Hawkeye72

    If these cowardly cops had not killed her I’m sure we would have found out the truth. There’s a lot more to this. I keep seeing Obama’s ugly mug pop up for some reason. And no, I’m not a conspiracy buff but I remember Vince Foster and others.

  • catnip24

    i wasn’t there and i doubt anyone making comments here were either. it’s easy to second guess and make negative judgements against the police. this woman tried to kill several policemen with her car, which she made into a deadly weapon. i’ve been in similar incidents where i had to face all sorts of weapons including a car. it’s a split second decision. when someone’s trying to kill me it’s either them or me, and it’s not going to be me.

    could the police have done something different. i don’t know. but what they did was justified whether you like it or not.

  • Mike Won

    It’s the paternity test of the child to be prevented.

    The poor little Obumma girls don’t want another seester!

  • Furious

    She thought it was a drive thru to get her free Obamaphone.

  • Doc Holliday

    I heard that she was a latent Democrat. That in itself makes her sound pretty shaky.

  • Lynx Eye

    Joy is behind the times. I gather from what I’ve read out and about the this woman had delusions that Obama was stalking her. Which may have been right, in a way, if the NSA taps were monitoring HER electronic communications. In any case, part of her delusions was that the kid was Obama’s, and she was coming to demand child support and that the child be recognized, which could explain why she brought the kid in the first place. Hard to tell. Who knows if we will ever know what the whole was about. The government press briefings, after all, should be referred by the sobriquets “Stonewalling” and “Prevaricating.”

    • Donald Joy

      This was written ahead of (it was actually posted very late on Oct. 3, not on Oct. 4) the report saying she thought Obama was stalking her. Otherwise, I included much commentary on various speculations, reports of mental illness…

  • George

    If this were a Border Patrol shooting of an illegal, or a Military shooting of an Afgan, under the same circumstances,
    the shooter(s) would probably be detained for prosecution and TheOne would probably be making phone calls to apologize.

  • Kamaut Longbabilon

    She was trying to get close to her lover, as he was cutting her out, and his love-child was the bargaining chip. Remember Monica Lewinsky? – At least Clinton gave us all a good LAUGH at his feeble excuses… “I did not have sex with Monika, she just gave me a head job” Hohohohoho! said santa….

  • johnnywood

    When Sheila Jackson Lee speaks, you should write the statement down on a piece of paper then wad it up any throw it in a trash can because that is about what it is worth. What a buffoon she is.

    • Mark Robn

      Johnnywood, I do agree, with one small exception: why even waste the paper and the ink it would take to write it down?

      • johnnywood

        Good point:)

  • American

    What ever the reason the young mother had… What may I ask is they’re reason for killing her?????? Thank God the baby was not hurt!! so very tragic!!!

  • Marta Ramos McGraw

    Why do we always look for excuses for the scum in society?

    • Dan Wild

      Whoa, chill out, not all law enforcement officers are scum.

  • Dan Wild

    While driving in D.C., vehicle brake failure may lead to death by law enforcement. If you have a flat tire, you may receive only non-lethal wounds.

  • kanwi

    Is this another ‘Martin Trayvon’ incident? Why shoot to kill the driver when the car is exiting away from the scene? What is wrong with taking out the car tyres? If that didn’t work the car would not have got too far anyway before the driver would have to have got out. Clearly excessive use of force to me. Next Obama’s Police will be wanting bazookas and mortars to back up their machine guns eh!

  • UnCL3

    F_/c|K you, Shiela Jacka$$ Lee.

  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

    She was repressed and confused, no real plan at all. She was showing that she has been psychologically manipulated and brainwashed, and this was the action that she or someone else hoping for. Her action was sub-consciencely adapting and she was trying to get to some root of her “problem” and/or some help for it. And then there’s the islamic communist private police force of the islamic communist puppet. Kill first, WTH.

  • Michael Barrett

    Maybe she is a spurned lover of Obama….maybe the child is his. You say that is crazy. Hey, look who we are talking about here. He locks out 92 year old vets from open air memorials for spite. Is anything beyond this guy? I don’t think so. Riddle me this…how does a 34 year old hygienist from conn with2 kids afford a lexis sports car? Forget doctoring, go for the real money, be an oral hygienist.

    • Donald Joy

      Not sure where you got the idea that she had more than one child.

      • Michael Barrett

        Read somewhere she had two..the youngest with her in the car

  • DUSTOFFdoc45th

    Brother Al, Rev Jesse, Eric, Black Panthers, etal…..Rise UP..Rise UP I say. here’s another 8 minutes of camera time for you….This poor young black girl was killed, killed I say by the nasty ole police…..RISE UP

  • larrygrant876

    It has been my understanding that she heard Obama talking to her. If that is true I can understand why she choose the hari kari method to end it all. I doubt even a full blown exorcism by a catholic priest could get that demon to leave.

  • Old Kute

    Those who are coming up with all the way-out and off-the-wall speculations are doing this nation a great disservice. I am a believer in a world wide conspiracy to control the economies and therefore the governments of the world. Unfortunately, those who write all this stuff – which, by the way, you can find in the stock pens, at a rodeo, after the bull riding contests – make us, who are basing our conclusions on provable evidence, look like idiots. Those who refuse to believe in our theories will group all of us into the same mold (Either you agree with us or you are one of those fools is their basic thesis – Either/or fallacy). By lumping us all together, anyone who might see the evidence of the conspiracy will not accept it because, if they do, they will be labeled as a kook and an idiot. (This is a basic tactic taught in Psychological Operations training in the military and throughout the world)

    The situation is simple. The lady hit a secret service agent with her “luxury car” while appearing to evade efforts go stop her. She then, when cornered, used her vehicle as a missile to ram through other officers who were trying to arrest .her when she was boxed in at the Capital Building. There she showed that the lives of the officers meant nothing to her. Again, when she tried to crash another police line, she was shot and killed. Matter defused! Her motive is not know. Her state of mind is not known. There is no way one can determine this until ALL the evidence is in. For those who want to speculate; Do it to yourself and not on the web as if it were fact.

  • Barbara Frost

    Clearly a case of RACISM, nothing in her diaper bag but some diapers, ice tea, and some skittles. WHERE are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on this matter?

  • Julyette J

    Maybe she had tried to sign up for insurance at the exchange and found out how badly ObamaCare screwed her. She was going to go directly to the horses mouth to complain. (should I have used the other end of the horse?)

  • Doris

    She recently vacationed in the Bahamas? She drives a luxury car? She has no job. She’s very pretty. She has a love child? She claimed she was being stalked by the White House? Do we have another Clinton-Edwards-Kennedy-Jackson, Jr., etc. working there?

  • Rlrork

    My guess is, and I bet I’m right, Obama was the father of that baby and her refused to acknowledge it and blew her off. She told him she was coming there and when she did he had her killed. Plausible??

  • Noni77

    I guess you have missed exposés on the fact that “cause stalking” or “gang stalking” is on the rise in the US as well as other Western nations. Some private groups “for fun”, and other groups do actually have a government component. Some of these vigilante groups are being set up, organized, choreographed by government entities and are practicing on random people as well as whistleblowers. Communist China used them, the Soviet Union used them to force compliance and severely punish dissent. The Feds are hiring psychologists in droves at agencies you would never figure needed them… Its to attack and destroy whistleblowers as “mental”, discredit them, and as you have seen here, provide a universally acceptable license to kill them. Something more is going on here than meets the eye.

  • Barbara Frost

    Another unarmed black with skittles and ice tea…oh, and a baby on board.

  • Mrs. Patriot

    Time to ban cars.

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