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John Kirkwood is a son of Issachar. He is a Zionist, gun-toting, cigar-smoking, incandescent light bulb-using, 3.2 gallon flushing, fur-wearing, Chinese (MSG) eating, bow-hunting, SUV driving, unhyphenated American man who loves his wife, isn't ashamed of his country and does not apologize for his Christianity. He Pastors Grace Gospel Fellowship Bensenville, where "we the people" seek to honor "In God we Trust." He hosts the Christian wake up call IN THE ARENA every Sunday at noon on AM 1160 and he co-hosts UnCommon Sense, the Christian Worldview with a double shot of espresso on UncommonShow.com. He is the proud homeschooling dad of Konnor, Karter and Payton and the "blessed from heaven above" husband of the Righteous and Rowdy Wendymae.

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  • jimbo124816

    Don’t send me any more of this again. It is a recording of a NAZI. You sick pig. Where do you find this VILE, EVIL stuff?

    Get some professional help before you are tempted to kill someone. You are insane, crazy, mentally defective, and just plain NUTS.

    For all you other people out there, ignore this sick NAZI who calls himself Croco Dile.

  • jimbo124816

    All of those people you quote are NAZI’s.

    • Croco Dile

      Right :-)

      We may murder with impunity, because the Holocaust museum is on our side. – Aro Shavit, Israeli writer

  • Steven

    Perhaps I should say he has OFFICIALLY been kicked out of public life in the United States.

  • interestedobserver2

    And, as we all know, Satan can quote scripture for his own ends. Thanks for playing, but get thee behind me.

    • Croco Dile

      Benjamin Freedman speech, given 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington D.C.

      What I intend to tell you tonight is something that you have never been able to learn from any other source………..

  • bull57

    I wish I could come up with those facts and talking points at a moments notice! So many people I could get to shut up or even turn a few away from the dark side!!!

  • rocinante2

    And his reply? (crickets…)

    I’ve never really understood anti-Semitism, or Holocaust denial. It must be deeply embedded in Western culture, though, because the Left is as guilty of it as the Right. Why else would a good Trotskyist like George Orwell feel the need to call out his fellow Leftists? (“Anti-semitism is the socialism of fools.”)

    The point is: Croco Dile, Gwynn Ap Nudd, and others like them *want* to believe the stuff they spout and, as a wise person once said, you can’t argue someone out of a belief that they didn’t arrive at logically in the first place.

    The real lesson is: don’t feed the trolls. It only annoys you, and the troll enjoys it.

    • interestedobserver2

      Roger that.

  • Cleaner

    Glenn Beck just read this article on today’s show!


  • Halou

    “Secondly, it was “people like me” that freed the slaves and fought the Klan, Christianity is the great liberator.”

    So who was living in the Southern States then? Scientologists?
    Christians freed the slaves from other Christians.

    • Bruce Vain

      Name one place in the world where any religion other than Christianity has ended slavery. I’ll hang up now and wait for your answer. Wilberforce in England, the Abolitionists in America. Duh, winning!

      • Lord Acton

        Great point! See AMISTAD! Christians that were involved in the slave trade or ownership did so contrary to Biblical teaching. It is the sole liberator of those in bondage. No government aside from a Christian influence or pressure, has ever done so.

        • Gwynn Ap Nudd

          Contrary to the New Testament you mean. Go to Newport, Rhode Island – that was the center for the Jewish slave traders who were a large part of the North Atlantic Slave Trade. The Temple is still there I believe.
          That otherwise great movie The Ten Commandments was a joke in this regard. The ancient Israelis were slavers and they continued with it for ages after. And yes, it was sad how we gave it up and then fell back into when it came to the Black Africans.

      • Halou

        “Wilberforce in England”
        Would that be the Christian England whose state religion had it’s own bishops occupying over two dozen seats in the houses of government and whose faith and pro-slavery speeches delayed abolition for decades, and remain recorded to this day in Hansard for public access? Or is it the other England you’re talking about? Whoops.
        Wilberforce and his movement was, for the longest time, the exception, not the rule.

        And again with American abolitionists. You completely failed to answer the question I asked. Be it from willed ignorance or something else. What religion dominated the Confederate States whose pro-slavery fervor inspired a war that killed over 600,000 people? They sure can’t have been christians, because the way you go on, it’s as though you think all christians are abolitionists, and all abolitionists are christians.

        On a side note. It was a pagan barbarian Emperor who first banned gladiator combat (and the use of slaves in association with said combat) in the Roman Empire. Their successor, a christian, re-legalized it, because the slaughter was ‘traditional’ and indicative of high civilization.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    some people think that they “win” if they chant “Godwin’s Law” (which is only a prediction, and not a real argument…for anything) .

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    Goering did have FABULOUS taste in fine art (tho he basically stole most of his fine art pieces).

    Goering certainly had style and flair to his amazing uniforms…tho some of us consider it bizarre for a military man to deck himself out like a large Christmas tree.

    But…he was a mass murderer…as a knowing part of the Nazi death machines.

    So…I will take the man of good character…who doesn’t have such taste and style…over Goering…any day.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    Eisenhower took films of the concentration camps (which held mainly Jews) and ofthe piles of corpses, the gas chambers, the ovens, etc. because he figured people later would try to deny the mass murders happened.

    the vast vast majority of Jews in the concentration camp were murdered. Cooperation of a few (which was not good, but surely fueled by desperation) does NOT negate the mass murders of the others.

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    Jews never do anything wrong. Wrong. Read the Old Testament. Read Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire – they were the Empire’s hit men against Christians. Google Solomon Morell – a war criminal Israel refused to extradite to Poland. And read Solzhenitsyn.
    You Christian Zionists are idolaters. Christ said to beware of these people yet you bow.

    • interestedobserver2

      Let’s face it, you’re way out there on the lunatic fringe with your Nazi buddies. You quote a Jew (Solzhenitsyn) who wrote to appease his Soviet jailors in the failed hope that they’d free him from the Gulag, and you claim the Jews were Rome’s hitmen, though oddly, I think it was the Romans who destroyed the temple — maybe you should read something besides Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion one of these days.

      • Gwynn Ap Nudd

        Yes the Jews had revolted and were on a rampage throughout the near East. They killed hundred of thousands of civilians in Egypt and Cypress. So they were dealt with even as Christ predicted. And when the Temple is rebuilt, who will sit in it? The Jewish Messiah – the false Christ. Read the Sciptures for your own sake if not God’s.

        • interestedobserver2

          Wow. Just wow. You really need to go find the attendants there and see if you can get your meds upped. You’ll be starting to drool next.

          • Gwynn Ap Nudd

            Take a course in Logic. That your point of view is popular does not prove it. That mine is unpopular does not disprove it. Didn’t Christ say something about the broad path that leads to destruction, Hmm?

          • interestedobserver2

            Oops, looks like your Thorazine wore off. Time to go in the nice little padded room now.

  • JamesFBarry

    You really don’t know history……..
    FYI It is the ‘End Time” of White bigoted men running America……

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqjjOrDq7ds Winston Blake

    Satan At The Wailing Wall
    Brother Nathanael


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    When the fairies are displeased with anybody, they are said to send their elves to pinch them. The ecclesiastics, when they are displeased with any civil state, make also their elves, that is, superstitious, enchanted subjects, to pinch their princes, by preaching sedition; or one prince, enchanted with promises, to pinch another.

    Thomas Hobbes. Leviathan, 1651.

  • lookinoutforu

    Yeah! Let bigots of other colors run the country for a “Change We Can Believe In”.
    How does that sound dingleBarry?

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