BUSTED: ObamaCare Navigators Caught On Tape Encouraging Lying On Applications

In a shocking video released on November 11, Project Veritas exposed Obamacare navigators in Dallas counseling applicants to lie on their applications in order to get lower premiums and higher subsidies.

The video showed Obamacare navigators telling a Project Veritas investigator to avoid reporting portions of his income to the IRS in order to avoid being audited and to remain eligible for HHS grants. Later, Obamacare navigators were shown telling a Project Veritas investigator to lie about being a not being a smoker in order to receive a lower premium, and one navigator even admitted to lying on her own application.

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  • Abby

    Busted or will it go ignored? I’m tired of congress not being able to pin anything on the crooks in the white house.

  • fliteking

    I have yet to see a Conservative urging someone to lie about their status, making arrangements for underage sex slaves to get entitlements or rigging the vote.

    Not even once.

    Be PROUD to be a Conservative and Be DETERMINED to get YOUR COUNTRY Back!

  • oldgoatee

    And this is a surprise why?

  • Dankster

    Why are we just letting this type of behavior to continue!?!?!??!? WTF! They are getting their reparations for sure, whether we like it or not!

    • sam

      I worked in pharmacy for years, you see a lot of BS happen. I had a woman step up to the counter, hand me her prescription and two insurance cards: one a medicaid card from Florida the other a medicaid card from Pennsylvania. I asked her which one was valid believing that maybe she had just moved. She told me to figure it out. While I put the information in the system for one card a tech was enter the info on the other. We found both cards were active. I called the local welfare office to see how they wanted to handle this. I thought they would have me stall her at the pharmacy until someone could get there to pick her up. That is not how this worked out. I was told it costs too much to INVESTIGATE fraud, just fill her prescription using the PA card since the transaction was occurring in PA. It costs too much? I had her and the evidence.

  • Tava2

    these people always seem to know how to work the system, why is that

    • sams

      Some people (black, white, red, yellow) have select learning behaviors. They were unable to learn a job, master life skills or absorb anything in school BUT they can sure become proficient on how to scam the system.

  • dave

    this is what happens when you have criminals working for a criminal. fraudsters and scam artists. these scam artists/fraudsters should get jail time. im sure black priviledge will keep them out of jail.

  • texas57

    no surprise here…..


    As I have said on many other Articles.
    LOCK & LOAD!!!!
    This will unfortunately be the only way to rid the REPUBLIC of the United States from the SCUM! we have seen on said videos above, I hate to say it, but it is the ONLY form of communication they will close their mouths and pay attention to!!!
    nuff said qapla’

  • reggiec

    Gee I guess someone made a mistake and hired Acorn. Just how corrupt can this administration be? Everyone they hire are liars, cheats and thieves.

  • Gary Blakey


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