“My husband did NOT kill JFK”: Oswald’s Widow is Convinced He Was Not the Assassin

Fifty years after her husband became one of the most reviled men in American history Marina Porter has revealed she is convinced Lee Harvey Oswald was not responsible for killing President John F Kennedy.

Half a century after a gunshot rang out and rendered her a widow with two young children to care for, the now 72-year-old has seen in public, stepping out to shop in Walmart.

Since her husband – a Soviet defector – was named the man responsible for assassinating JFK, Russian-born Marina has lived a quiet life behind closed doors, hiding away from suspicious eyes.

Gripped by fear and facing accusations from those who believe she was a co-conspirator in a KGB plot, the grandmother has lived in Rockwall, Texas since the mid-1970s with her second husband Kenneth Porter and three children.

But as the 50th anniversary of the tragedy approaches the now 72-year-old has emerged from her inconspicuous life.

Mrs Porter, is said to be struggling through a life blighted by illness, made worse by the impending 50th anniversary and the inevitable media frenzy which will ensue.

Immediately after the assassination the then mother-of-two told the Warren Commission investigating the assassination that she thought her 24-year-old husband was guilty of shooting the president.

But as the 50th anniversary looms, sources have revealed, the mother-of-three has, after reading 40,000 books and conspiracy theories about the shooting, she has changed her mind.

She now believes, along with the majority of American citizens, that a more complex cover up led to the shooting of the beloved president.

Close friend and documentary film maker Keya Morgan, said she now believes her husband was set up to take the fall for conspirators in the CIA and Mafia.

The 72-year-old is said to be convinced her phones are still tapped by the Secret Service and lives in fear of being targeted and killed by spooks herself.

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  • Abby

    I believe the widow.

    • edro3111

      Count me in too. We can’t believe anything we’re fed by the government!

  • Mary Jane Haley

    i believe that the government is very sneaky..

    • IHateLibs


  • Chuck Weaver

    Actually I always thought it was Lady Bird Johnson’s doings.

    • IHateLibs

      LBJ’S Ladybird Owned a Munitions Factory and was and Wouldve made Billions with keeping NAM going. And JFK was gonna STOP it . He was pulling OUR troops out. Now LBJ and Ladybug couldn’t have that , now could they . Besides LBJ was Desperate to be Prez. And JFK DETESTED LBJ

  • IHateLibs

    She is Right. With me being a life long shooter , reloader and Hunter, the Vid that show the Kill shot to JFK’S HEAD , Came from the FRONT … NOT from LHO gun. Our very own GUBMENT offed JFK

    • BTeboe

      Oswald was a scapegoat. Look how quickly they found him. Really? This is the closest our nation has come to a coup. Ruby (mafia) was paid to take out Oswald, so he could not talk. Definitely a set up. The History Channel did an outstanding job of bringing all of this to light until the Johnson family had a fit and made them pull it. I wish I had bought the film before it was pulled.

  • Ricky

    LBJ his Vice President was the man being investigated by Attorney General Robert Kennedy for all kinds of corruption, he was also going after the Mafia who his father paid to get his brother elected. Lee Oswald was a pawn I don’t even believe he was one of the shooters. LBJ had the most to gain with the elimination of JFK

  • Sgt Snuffy

    Come on guys post my comment or are you afraid of people who are long dead.

  • Sgt Snuffy

    Wrote a comment earlier but they won’t post it to much info I guess.

  • Sgt Snuffy

    Totally agree with the wife, Oswald was a diversion for the real killers.


    I saw on TV a film that was taken by a women. She was so upset she put the camera away and did not use it again. She found it again during a move and realized she had undeveloped film of the shooting and from across the street. This film clearly showed two shots fired from the grassy knoll. I saw the film aired only once and then it disappeared. Why? If I hadn’t seen it myself I would say more propaganda. The president was going to do something that made a lot of people mad. His death was the result. Our government I fear has not been a republic for many years. Who is running the country?

  • FrankC

    I was only 10 years old at that time, so what I know about this comes from reading and such several years later. I do however believe there is much more to this than has been proclaimed as the truth. I do not think Oswald was a good enough shot to have pulled this off at that distance with that rifle. You have to reacquire the target after each shot with that type of rifle and the time frame is tight. I have also always felt the LBJ was involved in this at some level.

  • Tom Harlander

    Johnson wanted to be President, and there was talk at the time that he was going to be replaced on the ticket by Bobby. Ambition is dangerous in a politician.

  • ron

    Ok, you got me. I was the third or fourth gunman on the grassy knoll.


    I believe she has reason to be a paranoid, I still think because the government will not give up the Kennedy file on this investigation(?) that Oswald was not the only one involved in this shooting. Just once I would like to see this political espionage become fully exposed and put a end to the conspiracy one way or other…..not going to happen in my life time.

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