Obama’s Executive Action On Climate Change Moving Foward At Record Speed At The EPA

President Obama has a chance to craft a second-term legacy on climate change even as the rest of his agenda runs aground in Congress.

Gun control legislation is dead; immigration reform is on life support; and reaching a fiscal deal with Republicans appears to be a long shot.

To make matters worse, what was supposed to be his signature first-term achievement — ObamaCare — is suffering from a disastrous rollout.

But there’s one thing that’s going right for Obama: Executive action on climate change is moving full-speed ahead at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“He may be able to do more through climate change [rules] because the EPA has the authority,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) told The Hill on Thursday.

The most far-reaching piece of Obama’s climate plan is carbon emission standards for the nation’s fleet of existing power plants, by far the largest single source of industrial carbon emissions. The EPA is also writing standards for new plants.

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  • Marge

    Ruling by fiat. Unbelievable.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      That’s been his pattern since day one. Read alinsky’s books for an idea of “o”boy’s management style.

      • jzandensky

        Non management stlye – he just lets the gemlins run rough shod. Val’s the boss, assclown is the foster kid, sucking his thumb.

        • Daniel F. Melton

          I’ve seen rumors about that. Explains “o”boy’s dependence on a teleprompter.

  • DOC


    • Daniel F. Melton

      Don’t forget everybody else involved in this thugocricy.

    • DOOM161

      Won’t happen. Republicans love him. That’s why they vilify anyone that takes action against his policies

      • Mario

        THIS conservative Republican doesn’t love that half-breed, half-wit SOB, and I’d like the opportunity to tell him to his lying face!

  • Kelly

    get ready for them to lock your thermostat in your home…it’s next.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      That’s the ‘smart meter’ thing they’re trying to ram down our throats.

  • DOOM161

    These “scientists” claim that humans cause extreme weather and mild weather. Drought and floods. Hot and cold. If humans cause every weather phenomenon ever, what will throwing money at the supposed problem accomplish?

  • CJMcRat

    I can not wait for this to happen. People have lost their jobs, their homes, their health insurance and the morality level of society has nose dived into the dirt. We warned people that this was coming. Heck, Obozo warned people that this is what he would do. I personally have lost my job and my retirement. The only thing that I have left to look forward to is standing in the street and screaming at the top of my lungs, I was right. Bring on the restrictions. Your house heat will be set at 50 degrees at night and 65 degrees in the day. And just like health care, these temperatures will not apply to the President and those he exempts. Energy will cost a fortune. Your food will be limited to only what Moochel deems as healthy. We will be like cattle trudging to work daily in our part time jobs to try to get enough cash to pay the rent and our taxes. Pensions will be gone. Retirement will be a dream achieved only by the very rich, the politicians and those who have become a burden to their families. Health care like the government school system will drop from the best in the world to mediocre at best. The poor and the elderly will die off and the worlds population problem will go away.

  • jzandensky

    Plan on your light bill competing with oidontcare for for the “sticker shock” award.
    Unless we stop this assclown

  • leewacker

    The EPA has the mental skills of a gnat!
    For that matter, even the gnat is a genius next to the EPA and the fools who work for it! The EPA is responsible for a lot of our grief across the country–they won’t let people do necessary work on their own land, will designate property as whatever is in their little minds of a certain day, and, in general, make trouble for all of us!
    Climate change is only a term!
    A catch-all for things that man cannot understand, and no amount of “executive orders,” “climate directives” or anything else will redirect the storms, hurricanes or whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us!
    “Climate change” itself has been around ever since the universe was formed, and especially since our own blue marble was formed—it happens every few thousand years, and nothing any man can do will stop it!

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