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Taleeb Starkes is the author of a controversial book that confronts the subculture within the BLACK community titled, “THE UN-CIVIL WAR: BLACKS vs NI**ERS.” Find Taleeb on Twitter.

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  • nmgene

    Very well said. I have many black friends who are hard working family men. We have many Blacks in our government who are good honest people. As you said we whites out number the blacks 3 or 4 to one. Obumer is pushing this race war along with sharpton and jackson. They dont understand that if it happens they will lose. The Republican Party passed all of the civil rights laws and freed the slaves. The damocrats all voted against these laws. The leftie liberals have always been racist. Martin Luther King and many of his family were Republicans. But today every one claims the Republicans are racist, never have been never will be!!!!!!!!!

    • Croco Dile

      Those who highjacked America intend to destroy it with a revolution, which will in actuality be their counter-revolution against the American Revolution. We don’t need to destroy our government, our industry, our agriculture or our society. On the contrary, we need to purge our government, our industry, our agriculture and our society of the enemy who have usurped our country and led us on a path to our ultimate demise and their total control.
      We don’t need a revolution and we don’t need to destroy ourselves. We need to fight a war on the enemy that is destroying us – the Money Changers, the Globalists.
      We don’t need an audit of the Federal Reserve, we should eliminate it and all their taxes by regulating loan capital and the money supply. We don’t need or want a monetary system based on Gold, which is a trap. Instead we need and should desire a monetary system based on the productive capacity of American labor and American natural resources, which are abundant and highly competitive internationally, but even were they not, could still sustain an autarkic system in America. The Gold Standard is meant to take away our sovereignty and render us slaves to International Bankers who will then control our national money supply and create an international Monetary System based on the fraud of Gold in reserve.
      We don’t need or want a new revolution in America. We don’t need or want to wage war on ourselves. We need and must declare a war on the enemy who has usurped America, a war on the hostile, aggressive and parasitic enemy who is in control of OUR Money since over 100 years now – The Globalists !

      Money is the KEY here !
      Everyone should learn WHAT Money IS !
      It influences YOUR life !

      “Patriotic” websites which are not giving this most important knowledge are NOT on our side !

      ClashDaily is NOT giving this essential information about Money.
      Think about it….

      • DrSique

        Well said!!!

        “Banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies.”
        -Thomas Jefferson

      • Strangerinastangeland

        Right on.

    • DrSique

      Perhaps he believes the white liberal pansies will fight on his team. Nyuk Nyuk

    • reggiec

      The Democrat Party has perpetrated one of the greatest hoaxes ever on the American people by basically rewriting history and getting away with it as far as civil rights is concerned. Modern education has made it worse in that the Liberal controlled education system has failed to correct this hoax.

      We were warned about this:

      Thomas Jefferson stated, “If a
      nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects
      what never was and never will be.”

    • scot sims

      You’re misrepresenting the facts regarding Civil Rights Laws using grade school tactics. I’d go further but this whole stunt is a tired meme.

  • imjsbnme2

    Not a “race” war…. just black on white violence approved and encouraged by POTUS, and several left-wing liberal “leaders”. I agree with nmgene completely. I have friends and fellow vets that happen to be black that I would not hesitate to put my life on the line for.

  • localnet

    I like this guy! Funny too, I use his same saying often, sadly to often, the black and N word one… I get called a racist at times, but I live in Realville… Trust me, Realville can be pretty rough, I grew up in Detroit, heard the gunfire and saw the fires of the riots… Four years in the military, when skin color was worth more than knowledge of your field. I have experienced LBJ’s “Great Society” first hand in my travels through every state in our nation… It ain’t pretty out there, and sometimes you just have to call it like it is.

    Not in favor of, nor think we are headed towards a race war, but if they want to go there, they will not stand a chance.

    Sad state of affairs we have here, not the country I was raised in.

    • blobclark

      I am waiting for and hoping for the race war. Chance to repair the damage done to the values of the European founders.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    “Despite my admiration, I disagree with their assessment that the continued Black-on-White violence indicates a present or future race war.”
    The Law Abiding, sleeping White Giant, while slow to arouse, is gearing up for a major smack down of not just the Black community, but ALL persons, racial groups, modern day Zombies, etc. who are attempting to subvert our constitution and lead our country into the immoral abyss of Socialism…we can only take so much before our ire is released.
    Since we have the absolutely WORST president in the history of America, a self-admittedly RACIST Attorney General and race relations at their worst since the 60s’, the rule of law will have to be temporarily suspended while we correct America’s course…
    Gird your loins, Re-fit, Re-train and Gun Up…for the day of reckoning is at hand…

    • IHateLibs

      And the SOONER the BETTER

    • blobclark

      I simply can not wait for the chance to go hunting for racoons.

  • Sgt Snuffy

    I wish Col. West would run for President, even if he didn’t win I’d still vote for the man. We need more men and women with the same mind set and patriotism as Col. West to lead our nation back from the brink. Ok Progressive bottom dwellers your turn to bash me and Col. West. Bring it on dick weeds.

    • gunnyjeep

      another I would vote for is Dr Ben Carson

      • OldNorthState

        I suspect Carson is a fine and likeable gentleman, myself… but I’m not certain of all of his personal philosophies, nor of his understanding of all aspects of our culture and heritage. He’s made comments about gun ownership, for instance (something to the effect of, “It depends on what part of the country…. fewer guns are needed in the North than in the rural areas..”, roughly paraphrased) that didn’t seem to indicate a solid footing in accurate Constitutional interpretation. While I respect the man, I don’t want to see any more milquetoast “conservatives” in any level of governance. We’re in REAL trouble, here, today, and drastic circumstance calls for drastic measures.

        • lee

          This mucking foron, occupying the white house does not have a clue about anything, he just does what George Schwartz(Soros) Nazi collaborator, tells him to do! Dr. Carlson has more integrity in his little finger.

      • Sgt Snuffy

        He is a great and brilliant surgeon, but he is just to gentle a soul to run for the office of President, “Secretary of HHS”, oh yeah. We need a Hard Charging but Fair and Patriotic American to hold the office of the Greatest Nation on Earth. Just like Col. West.

  • anarchyst

    I would have no hesitation about voting for Col. West . . .
    That being said, I fear that the o’bama and his machinations have “poisoned the well”, even for an eminently truly qualified candidate as Col. West. There will be many whites who will not vote for “another black man” after seeing the destruction that the “communist-in-chief” has wrought on our country.
    Yes, Col. West is completely opposite of our present “occupant” in the White House and would make a fine President.

    • DrSique

      You may well be right. It happened in liberal NYC after David Dinkins. As for Mr. Starkes, I just finished his book and highly recommend it. It is courageous, insightful and raw. I do disagree with his assessment on a possible race war, however. Any social chaos will divide Americans along racial lines, rather than political. There will be no uniforms to designate who is on one side or the other.

  • Sam

    There’s no race war going on. It’s just the communists working to divide people. It it isn’t race, then it’s something else they use to cause chaos and division. I refuse to believe that other races are out to get me. Except for the Muslims and communists who are ruining this country, I don’t worry about races bringing down the country.

  • AJP

    Most of the trouble today was brought on in1957 by JFK.

    • lee

      No, it began with the assignation of Abraham Lincoln. For he was trying to devise a way to repatriate the blacks. Thanks to John Wilkes Booth that never occurred. Then the worst escalation was due to Lyndon Baines Jackal!

      • lee

        That’s assassination!

  • Juan_Freeman

    You had me until your closing line.

  • IHateLibs

    Gawd , I HOPE SO

  • Coffee49

    If a race war includes white trash than it may be possible, but i do not differentiate between any race color or creed, they all make good targets when acting like disrespectful animals

  • reggiec

    It is my personal belief that most black “victimhood” is firmly based upon the success of we terrible white Christians in stable families. This success is the product of not just the stable family but the concepts that those families subscribe to, every day of their lives. When a portion of society believes in Marriage and the family, along with independence of thought, self reliance and the basic principles of Christianity; they are going to be more successful in every instance than those who do not subscribe to those ideas.
    Those ideas that promote success are available to every race and ethnicity. All they have to do is adopt them!! The guilt in the failure to adopt these positive principles, lies totally within the leaders and churches in failing communities that subscribe to the ideology of “victimhood” instead of personal responsibility.

    • scot sims

      The 50% divorce rate blows a hole in your narrative.
      Try to stay close to the truth.

      • reggiec

        First of all people have to get married before they can divorce. That is not the case in many parts of minority communities. Secondly your 50% statistic is incorrect.
        From the CDC:

        Provisional number of marriages and marriage rate: United States, 2000-2011YearMarriagesPopulationRate per 1,000 total population,
        Divorce rates have been declining for years.
        In 2000 the divorce rate per 1000 people was 8.2
        In 2011 the divorce rate per 1000 people was 6.8
        Maybe you should learn to do a little research before you Accuse someone of inaccuracy.
        But then maybe you are a paid Obama troll he hired from Craig’s list. We all know how he has been blatantly lying to America. Could we expect any less from a paid troll making minimum wage?

        • scot sims

          The marriage rate in America in 2000 per 1000: 8.2
          The divorce rate in America in 2000 per 1000: 4.0

          The marriage rate in America in 2011 per 1000: 6.8
          The divorce rate in America in 2011 per 1000: 3.6

          The lifetime divorce rate is 40 – 50%.

          The divorce rate in America -1st marriage – lifetime rate: 40 – 50%

          There is difference between black and white divorce rates, but not as great as you imply. Whites may have a lower divorce rate, the number of whites is massively higher than blacks.

          The truth and correct interpretation of data pretty much blows a big hole in your racist morally offensive comment. I repeat: Try to stay close to the truth. Your opinion isn’t.

          • scot sims

            Forgot to add: look up the number of whites cohabiting without marriage. Another hole blown in your comment.

          • Phishhed444

            The point is; more whites actually marry. Blacks just pump out kids for entitlement numbers. It’s really a differencein society’s that can’t be comparatively measured. Once we’re all browned-down…it won’t matter, huh? Troll.

          • scot sims

            Just like reggiec you really don’t understand what you’re talking about.

            I’d like to be there when your your son or daughter walks in with a black spouse. Will steam come out of your ears as it does in cartoons.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Three percent of the population is committing fifty percent of the crime in this country. These individuals are easily identifiable, and if we weren’t more concerned with “political correctness” than with profiling to stop crime, they could be removed from society. Thereby alleviating any cause for a “race war”.

    • garysvent

      Why else do you think political correctness was invented?

  • Toastertreat

    In the last paragraph he says “there is and will not be a race war.” What does this mean?

  • scot sims

    FBI Statistics:

    Hate Crimes:

    59% committed by whites

    20.9% committed by blacks

    10.8% unknown


      We all know that is BULL$HIT! You have seen the number of black-on-white attacks that the DOJ refuses to call a hate crime. You can’t trust any numbers coming out of this administration. Remember they said on 10/01 the OBAMACARE SITE crashed because they had over 4 Million Visitors??? But only SIX people were interested enough to sign up so they claimed for a week they “didn’t know” how many signed up??? Remember??? Okay then!

      • scot sims

        You should take a Xanax and lie down. Getting this het up at your age can’t be good.
        Am I supposed to trust you?

    • Phishhed444

      Whatever your numbers are sheeit. Try having a black on white crime considered a hate crime? Aint happening. Your source is crap, the numbers are crap.

      • scot sims

        Have a problem with the figures? Go argue with the FBI. Where do you get your “facts” & “statistics”? WND or do you just hear about it on the interweb?
        Let’s see some proof for your claims. Otherwise go back to the shallow end with the rest of the low information crowd.

        • Phishhed444

          Gee, some TOOL who believesgov’t stats? What a maroon.Anyway,there’s a whole gen of young sharpshooters out there desensitized to killing zombies?!!? I’d say your sub-80 IQ melon looks infected? POW.

          • scot sims

            It seems all of your friends on another thread accepted the Harvard facts. Of course the info given about the poll was heavily edited, but yes they accepted Harvard’s poll as true.
            Who, what do you believe? Glenn? Hannity? Rush? WND?
            Tell me- I need a good laugh.

  • Azsteve53

    The race hustlers want open racial hatred and warfare. This author makes the classic mistake of viewing the race hustlers through their propaganda view, not the reality that all of us live with every day.

    Tribalism and all of its ills are the goal of the race hustlers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rwittauer Richard Wittauer

    We need a brave man of honor, and trust in the office of the President.

  • My Round Cheeks

    Equally emerging are the number of people on both sides of the racial divide who are FED UP with this waste of time focus on skin color. Too many lives are at stake, and thousands are lost each year while politicians “lead” people into conflict that is neither justified nor reasonable.

    It all starts with the lie that only blacks were slaves and only whites were slave owners. By now, millions have learned the fallacies of these “truths” and that in fact slavery of Black Christian Africans (ALL slaves were Baptized in the name of Christ before being shipped to the Colonies. Enslaving baptized people was ILLEGAL until around 1640**. This was not an act of religious indoctrination but one of financial protection, as the European traders believed God would protect the slaves and get them to shore alive and well.

    Contrast that to how some have lied and said slave owners threw blacks into the ocean and delighted to watch as sharks ate them. WHY would anyone invest in slaves and them throw them to the sharks. YES, slaves AND crew that became terminally ill or injured or died onboard were “buried at sea…” But to state that wholesale murder was committed is shear foolishness.

    **In 1640, a black indentured servant, John Casor, motioned that he be allowed to serve out his term under a nearby plantation owner, who was white. The reason Casor gave was that his original master was too cruel to work for. That man, a black free man from Angola, would not have it. He filed a counter suit demanding that John Casor be classified as his property for life. Antonio (Anthony Johnson) won the case and Casor was retained, and was named SLAVE for LIFE!
    That is how SLAVERY of blacks in the U,S, Colonies was begun.

    • Start Something

      These are NOT the slaves you have been lied to about.


    Barry and the boys are creating dependence and money distribution among the blacks and minorities in order to keep wedges in place and make voting blocks watertight, it the same old DNC method of doing biz only this is done with more of our own tax money as the new and improved version of anything that preceded this entitlement scam before….OPM is great until you finally run out…

  • Wes

    Remember when Shorty, an WWII vet, was brutally and randomly killed some months ago by a couple of black teenage thugs and the black community rose up and demanded justice for Shorty? …Me neither.

  • RatedBestComment

    People are learning what it is like to live under real Negroes!

    Hollywood lied about them, yes, they are just like us , see? They live in white picket fences and farm.

    Demoncraps lied about them, racist? Nahh, no ones racist here, we just hate whites that’s all.

    The MSM media lies about them. Black on white crimes? Nahh, just a couple of hooligans wearing black hoodies to match their skin, no big deal!

    Negroes don’t jive, nooo, they just misspeak, so what, huh?

    They all believed… until a REEL negro came along. Barry Staylolo.

  • interestedobserver2

    If Blacks decide they want a race war, they will be cutting their own throats. Hopefully some of the more intelligent among them will begin to ponder what it means to be American more than what it means to be part of the grievance industry. In the meantime, if Whites will just start shooting back, I suspect a lot of interracial violence will dissipate. Most of the people committing these crimes are simply thugs, and none of them have ever demonstrated an ounce of the physical courage Col West has or the moral courage Dr. Sowell has.

  • marcus johannes

    I also like Allen West , Months ago I was asked to pick a dream ticket , I picked Rand Paul and Allen West , I had a very simple motive for picking Rand Paul as President ,Because he has the experience on the political side and Allen West would make an excellent Vice President or even Seretary of Defense for that matter ,We need more Veterans in office

  • LTsiao

    Thank you Mr. Starkes. You stated what I feared to state becasue I would be seen as a horrible racist. I believe all men and women are created equal in the eyes of God. Skin is, well, only skin deep. What matters, in truth, is the condition of the soul, the outlook on the world and how one treats others.
    Thank you for your perspective, I respect what you had to say.

  • John Q Citizen

    I agree with Sgt Snuffy 100%. And, you “Progressive bottom dwellers and RINO’s”…….”Bite Me”

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