So, Who’s Worried? Barack Obama’s Alfred E. Neuman Presidency

Last Thursday, right before getting out of Dodge, Barack Obama did a cringe-inducing press conference in which he appeared in over his head, rambling, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, endlessly repeating the scripted comfort lines that his handlers hoped would prevent an on-air meltdown.

To hear him talk, under his wise stewardship, the economy has rebounded miraculously, Obamacare is a smashing success, and his foreign policy has enhanced America’s standing in the world. Any resemblance between his talking points and reality was not coincidental. It was non-existent.

Then, he jetted off to the his luxury Hawaiian vacation where, the Regime PR team proudly announced that, just like one of the little people, he enrolled in Obamacare through the Washington, D.C. exchange. Well, not exactly just like you, Bitter Clinger. He enrolled, by sending one of his minions to do an in-person sign up in his absence, no doubt while he was doing something important like getting in another round of golf.

You don’t think he was going to waste his precious time actually trying to participate in this ridiculous racket, do you? Of course not, especially since his sign up was strictly symbolic. He and his family are exempted from the chaotic mess that his arrogant attempt to “remake” the health care system created. Their every need, including state of the art health care, is provided by the taxpayers.

Still, like state-controlled media in North Korea or any banana republic, the cheerleaders in the American Lame Stream Media celebrated the pointless, symbolic gesture, and reported breathlessly on the dramatic improvements to the dysfunctional government website. They have yet to report on which Social Security number he used during his “historic,” albeit senseless, sign up.

I would wager dollars to doughnuts that no one, not even Sec. of Health and Human Services, Kathleen “Nurse Ratched” Sebelius herself, can decipher the current requirements of the law after the dozens of on-the-fly “amendments” to Obama’s “signature achievement” made with a wave of his mighty hand. Not to worry. At this point, what difference does it make? Or shall we say, as Barack clearly does as he relaxes in his tropical paradise, “what me worry?”

Apparently, his handlers have convinced our Alfred E. Newman chief executive that come 2014 everything will be all right, at least for him. As he enjoys the surf and sun, and repeats more obvious lies about the economy and his collapsing health care scheme, the American people are living the hideous reality of what his policies have wrought. But what, him worry? Keep repeating those lines, Barry. “Millions are signing up for Obamacare.” “Unemployment is at the lowest percentage in years.” Are the American people as delusional as our Dear Reader? The answer will come in November. 

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  • Gilly

    I wish I could get in a time warp and come out when Obama is not president and a man of character has actually been elected to lead this country back to greatness.

    • gunnyjeep

      I would actually like to time warp to when his records are unsealed.

    • MARYANN33

      I join you in that wish…I have been holding my breath for that for far too long…A man of Character would be such a blessing…The Muslim maffia running the country is not working….Do any Americans remember Character traits…..all of them as in honesty, integrity etc.

      • Croco Dile

        Muslim maffia running the country ???
        Muslims are controlling the Money supply of the United States ?
        Please name those !

        • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

          July 10, 2013, a report from the Libya’s top-ranking security official, written only four days after the attack and based on confessions extracted from captured attackers, names someone Obama has repeatedly supported, defended, and financed …. someone who Obama himself put in power …. Egypt’s president Morsi and the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

          The report, hand-delivered to Libya’s president, concludes that the attack on our consulate was orchestrated by Morsi and other high-ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood …. the same Islamic Brotherhood to which Obama has given billions of dollars in weapons and munitions …. the same Brotherhood whose members have been appointed by Obama to high-ranking positions within our government, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies …. which is proof of Obama’s betrayal of his oath of office; proof of his giving “aid and comfort to an enemy” of the United States of America; and thus proof of his TREASON.

          This is why the Obama administration has been “stonewalling” Congress. This is why the Justice Department cancelled the FBI follow-up investigation into the Benghazi attack. This is why Obama and Hillary lied to Congress and the American people …. because the Obama administration has been supporting Islamic terrorism all along, and the Muslim Brotherhood is just the tip of the iceberg that includes the “infiltration” of our highest levels of government.

          Believe it! Check out how many Muslims have been appointed by Obama to high-ranking cabinet and administrative positions within our government, law enforcement (Justice Department), and intelligence agencies like the FBI, NSA, DEA, DIA, NIA, and of course the CIA. In fact, his Chief White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is an Iranian-born Muslim, new National Security Adviser Susan Rice is a Muslim convert, as is CIA Director John Brennan, and of course Secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood is also a devout Muslim.

          Want more? Okay. Arif Alikhan is the Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Mohammed Elibiary is a Homeland Security Adviser, Rashad Hussein is the Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference, Salam al-Marayati is an Obama Adviser and the founder and current executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Imam (cleric) Mohamed Magid is Obama’s Sharia Czar and member of the Islamic Society of North America, and Eboo Patel is the Chairman of Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.
          Don’t forget Huma Abedin, Hillary’s lover and right hand in the State Department with access to the highest State secrets, who herself and her family are known to be well connected to the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood.

          Not only that, but since Obama took office in January 2009, he has welcomed more than 100,000 so-called “political refugees” into our country, most of whom are Islamists from Palestine (PLO), Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Somalia and now Syria. No background checks are performed prior to admission just as they were not done on Tsernayev family,the Chechen Boston bombers.
          Get the picture? We’ve been betrayed and infiltrated at the highest levels.
          Want to learn something new about the history of “Peaceful Muslims” ? Below is a good synopsis of Muslim “accomplishments” in the last 1400 years. Watch it only if you have time to spare and good strong stomach. It may come handy when somebody starts talking about crusades.
          Historical information helps to see both sides of the coin.
          Sadly Crusades did take place and happened for a reason.
          I had to stop the video at times to grasp numerous lists an dates.
          Check below.

          Any other questions Dile ? I hope this helps you open
          your eyes and ears to sources outside of MSNBC and
          Chris Matthews.

          • Croco Dile

            I did not check those things you are presenting, Waclaw, but they seem very plausible to me. So I wouldn’t be surprized all of this is true !
            Also I can see you did not understand my question above !
            I asked about those who are in control of the Money supply in the United States.
            Those who control Money also control the economy and political life of a country.
            So, who is controlling the Money in the US and, by it’s extent, the trade of the world ?

          • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

            I am aware of the political side of this issue more than the
            actual monetary manipulations behind it. They always go together, but I don’t know enough specific information to give you a definitive answer.As you could expect there is not much
            transparency and official information is quite likely

          • Croco Dile

            Yes, just look up the names and their faces to know if you can call them Muslims.

  • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

    He sent a minion to enroll him in person because, per the WH, his records don’t show up on most databases. Hmmmmm……

  • Get rid of the bum

    Perhaps the Great and Powerful Obama should be stripped of his “presidential” health care as soon as he comes out from behind the curtain and enters civilian life again. Let him havehis “bronze” plan and let him deal with the surly and self-important government employees who administer this abomination just like anone else.
    After all, he’s been living in public housing for the past 5 years and getting all his cash andgoodies courtesy of the u.s. taxpayer … so he’s almost a welfare king already.

    • DOOM161

      He should have been stripped of it on 1 October, when his signature (only) achievement took effect.

    • Frank W Brown

      His bronze plan application failed because the system couldn’t verify his identity!!!!!

    • taliesin319

      Better yet shove him in Leavenworth for high crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by him against the People of the United states and its Constitution.

  • Croco Dile

    To hear him [Obamao] talk, under his wise stewardship, the economy has rebounded miraculously, Obamacare is a smashing success, and his foreign policy has enhanced America’s standing in the world…..

    Teri, you have great sense of humor !
    Please continue !

  • Croco Dile

    The presidency of Obamao ended ……
    The Savior is gone…..

    • mike88

      If these people actually believe they need a savior, then they really are beyond Hope and are in dire need of an attitude and independent thought Change.

    • Rat Finkelberger

      These are not people mourning the ending of Obama, they are BEGGING him on bended knee to please GTFO of the White House and The USA!

      “For the love of Buddah and all things sacred, just go man, GO!”

      • Croco Dile

        This is possible :-)

  • DOOM161

    The (official) unemployment rate is at its lowest since Obama’s policies drove it up 3% almost immediately after he took office. The real unemployment rate is still much higher.

  • TexRancher

    The only success from Obama is the damage he’s done to this great country it’s economy and the best healthcare system in the world. He can’t even pass a background check (E-Verify rejected his SSN) yet the ObamaBots believe he’s succeeded in lying his way out of that even though Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse has proven otherwise and has the evidence to back that up!
    Even his unemployment numbers are a lie given that he chooses not to count all those AMERICANS actually out of work and have quit looking. Further, he counts those having part-time work are counted like they have full time work!
    Factor in all the ever increasing numbers on food stamps and the picture isn’t rosey like want’s us to think. Rather it’s down right BLOODY!

    Worse still are the real dirty games built into Obamacare like the provision for the government to go after the estates of people who have died to recover any costs spent on their behalf! That’s not insurance! That’s a shylock loan which proves the lie of Obamacare! It’s intended to redistribute the wealth, meaning anything your heirs might get will be redistributed from people who worked their whole lives to accumulate, to people who, in some cases never worked a job for generations, instead of them being handed down to your kids and grand kids to keep the jobs and companies going.

    Obama and his conspirators are working hard to bring communism to this country with the help of the UN’s Agenda 21. Look that one up then see if you can sleep at night. This, courtesy of the First Subversive president!

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Fool-In-Chief. Bozo-In-Chief. Pathetic-In-Chief. lDlOT-In-Chief. Simpleton-In-Chief. Antichrist-In-Chief. Inept-In-Chief.

    • Mobetta Jenkem

      Precisely! And he’s “Ichi-Ban” in all such categories!

      Whatta legacy…

      • Croco Dile

        That is why he was given the Presidency – to demoralize Americans some more !
        Don’t fall for it !
        Preserve your morale !
        A demoralized soldier can’t fight no more…..

    • Lee Baldwin

      antiliberalcryptonite, you missed, “LIAR-In-Chief” -jus sayin’
      GOD Bless America!

  • John H. Kohlenberg

    Obama is the golden calf we should should worship as our idol. Why not he breaths, so it must be a good thing. This is for the people who have never recognized God, and ever opened a bible.

  • mac12sam12

    Which one of his SS numbers did they use when signing up?

    • taliesin319

      The attempt to sign him up failed because they did not have access to the documents needed to do so.

  • Rat Finkelberger

    Why do people act shocked when we get MORE crap from the Obamanust? He is an eternal fountain of FAIL.

    Another commenter, antiliberalcryptonite, says it all below. Obama has no more business being President of the USA than my dog, Ripper. Obama is without credentials, without experience, without a clue! So HOW can he preside over anything but utter FAIL???


    Too bad he got to vacation just then…I could see in his speech that he was cracking…Just a little more pressure and he would have to remove his trembling self…


    I pray for a shark attack while he is in the ocean….Maybe sharks will not see that he is Teflon. If he return, God forbid, a lot more boos to his face should crack him up again…I would then like to see the full meltdown….

    • taliesin319

      For shame ! Its cruel to deliberately wish to poison animals, fish or fowl, by feeding them toxic wastes. If ever there was a toxic waste its our Dear, corrupt and totally inept Leader.

      • MARYANN33

        Maybe the sharks have the guts to do what no man will do……

  • Ben Ghazi

    If only we really had the original Alfred E. Neumann as a real life manifestation of the Hero of MAD Magazine as our current president rather than the inane bumbler that we now have festering in the White House. Even a moribund donkey would make a better president. But no one can deny that Soeterro-Obama is doing a wonderful job wrecking & destroying the Constitution of the United States of America from within. Soon there will be nothing left of it worth having. No one is better at destruction than he is..

    • jlbs

      Yep, he’s reaching his goals as planned.

  • tim edens

    We all need to lighten up on our dear comrade. He is doing exactly what he said he would do, bring change. In three short years he will be gone and anointed as president and emperor of the UN where he can bring change to the whole world.

    • Garx69

      That gives us three years and a day to finally stop supporting the UN.

      • tim edens

        Garx69 I like your attitude. Lol. I guess we can dream.

  • robocop33

    The American people are finally starting to wake up! Hard to believe that so many have remained blind to Obama’s lies and mistreatment in Office for five years now! If the media will only start telling the truth instead of sugarcoating everything then maybe we can get our Nation back. Rather much like spreading the word during the American Revolution!

    • Thomas Parker

      If you don’t like President Obama, you’re really not gonna like President Clinton.

      • robocop33

        Nope, I did not like Clinton and I do not believe that we will have another one either. She has been involved in too many scandals and illegal activities not to mention deaths that cannot be explained away. If the Republicans are aggressive this time around they could completely destroy her in the first weeks of her nomination.

  • Pauldog

    We got what the American voter wanted, a make over America he said it right up front. Now all the zombies that voted for him so be happy not sad…..enjoy your wonderful healthcare as you should.

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