• Gilly

    The police man is just keepin’ it real…ya know what I’m sayin’?

  • ThatGuy

    Another reason to see that police HATE blacks!

    • dan

      NO they hate punks! Like you. Obviously not enough a** whippings as a child!

    • Heidi B

      I’m sorry- did you even read this article? Do you know how to read? Or did you just see a picture of a white guy next to a black guy at the top and assume this was a race issue?

      • mb327705

        ThatGuy is obviously trolling

    • Alex

      I’m thinking ThatGuy is not as much of an idiot as you guys claim…


    • Kiara

      My dad is a police officer…and he’s black. You’re a moron.

    • blodi

      Where in this entire segment did someone address race???? You’re ridiculous.

      • Sam Smith

        Finally someone who speaks up about this! Why does everyone have to throw race into it, especially when it has to do with police?!

    • wiessej

      The chief doesn’t hate black. He hates STUPID. Kanye is more stupid than he is black.

    • Nick McCammon

      Well it now in the Kanye dueche department

    • master of sinanju

      Spoken like a true imbecile. Where did the chief say he disliked, let alone hated blacks?

  • Choclate Ice

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself!!! True dat!!!!

  • Patriot

    West needs to be put out of his misery! I will gladly opt for the position or donate the bullet!

  • fliteking

    Chief Chief Oliver he B our man, Chief Chief Oliver kicked Kanye in da can!

  • Muzturds

    Loser libtard just like Tom Mapother (Cruise), comparing his being away from his children to serving in Afghanistan.

  • Mike Butler

    Kanye is just a douche, plain and simple. He has shown it enough times.

  • Dwightmannn

    I would not ever even address this major star. I do not listen to his cRAP. He will be the first one to run, when someone pulls a gun. Dude better watch his head, as it may explode from all the BS he is thinking about himself. . .
    What a joke this cur is. . .

  • Kimye

    I think Tupac and Biggie would disagree

    • hauss

      that era of rap ended long ago. there are no true gangsters anymore, just posers and wanna-be’s. and if they are true they won’t get promoted unless they sell out…

    • Nick McCammon

      Those and biggie were gang related Kanye is to much of a dbag, to be in any gang.. Even the boy scouts it too rough for him

    • USNbubblehead

      Tupac Nomore?

  • getthelibsout

    hope one of the kardashian hoes reads it to kanye

  • Scott Jinks

    Kanye West is nothing but an ego-inflated POS!! Eat poop and die, Kanye!

  • metalove
  • Mili91

    I just got back from an 11 month deployment over seas and I can honestly say I lost all respect for Kanye

    • wiessej

      You had any respect for him in the first place?? Were you hiding under a rock when he crashed Taylor Swift’s video of the year award with his drunken rant about how Beyonce’s performance deserved it more? The guy is a friggin’ LUNATIC and makes Kim Kardashian look even STUPIDER than she is (not that she had four working brain cells anyway) for ever considering breeding with that derelict.

      • Troll

        * more stupid , stupider is not a word -_-

        • Troll Under Bridge

          Asterisk more stupid. Makes sense.

        • wiessej

          Hey, IDIOT!

          The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th ed.) gives the forms as “stupid” … “stupider” … “stupidest.”

          But this isn’t just in American English. H. W. Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage also gives the correct forms as “stupid” … “stupider” … “stupidest.”

          “Stupider” is a comparative adjective. “More stupid” and “stupider” are both acceptable. But, if you prefer to use two words and 11 characters (including the space between the words) rather than my 8 character version,more power to you.

          • Kevlar Linc

            Bravo! The word police are the same stronzi that populate MENSA. These malignant growths choose to invalidate a good comment with an imaginary technicality. Stupider is as stupider does – my mama always say…

          • wiessej

            Hey, dipshyte! You’re the one thinking YOU had a grasp of the American English language. How about you tuck your little ego weenie back in and pick on someone your own small size (intellectually), if you can find them.

          • Kevlar Linc

            Unfortunately my comment was in response to “troll’s” attempt to be an English teacher. As far as egos are concerned, it looks as if you have answered the “who has the troubled ego” question.

          • wiessej

            Poor baby…looks like Mommy didn’t give you a Bathroom Reader of insults for Christmas. Do the initials “GFY” mean anything to you? Move along now, little Johnny.

  • av21

    Im so pissed of ive was a part of OEF as a marine and seen horrors of no magnitude..so if kayne thinks he is in danger just like we are lets give him a taste of danger alil IDF would do the trick.

    • Nickademus420

      I’m pissed too, he’s ignorant. And so am I, what is IDF?

  • Nick McCammon

    That is three most awesome letter ever.. Kanye waste, I mean west is the biggest dueche ever… Ty Chief Oliver U go sir

  • Candy

    That is awesome! Kane West is a jackass. First for saying that he was the world’s best and most popular entertainer to this disgraceful set of comments about his rapping heroism. The only thing he had every fine that truly gained attention is marrying one of the Kardashian sisters, pathetic add that it’s in itself. Jackass.

  • John

    Just when you thought kanye couldnt be anymore of a d$ck than he already is , he surprises us all and even out does himself…..he is a douche and will always be one as long as people look and think of him as some sort of entertainer and self entitled jackass who thinks that he is so much more than a mere performer……F-you kanye !

  • KirbyCop

    Hey wait…..You know Kayne just might have a point. Considering that about 99% of the LOSERS who would pay to see him In “COMBAT” are packing some sort of weapon and are usually not opposed to letting rounds fly at innocent people, he just may be in danger on a nightly basis…….Just remember 1 thing about Kayne….He Loves Fish Sticks!

    • Check yo self

      99% of Kanye’s fans are nerds who don’t pack heat. Thugs aren’t banging Kanye West. He’s way over their heads. It’s mostly rich suburban kids.

  • Shadow_58

    Kanye West is more in danger from his wife’s “Big As*” than anything else.

  • LaQuika Johnson

    Kanye is my BABY DADDY!

  • USNbubblehead

    Chief Oliver, you really need to get in touch with your true feelings. Just let it out, man, don’t be shy.

    Maybe Kanye woke up one morning and thought he was ALLEN West. Fame is SOOOOOOOO confusing!

  • GrandmaAmerica

    Kanye my baby daddy too!!! OMG!!!

  • badman400

    How does Kanye West even survive? What kind of person would listen to, much less pay, for this pathetic lowlife’s music? How many times does this sad excuse have to prove how much of a loser he is to convince even the lowest form of human?

  • Don Juan

    Good for you Chief! Kanye’s music is a bunch of crap! How dare be compare himself to you guys, our real heroes!

  • Cheryl Anderson Jones

    You, sir, are one of my heroes! My son is in the military and served in Afghanistan as an Infantryman. I know he’d fall on the floor laughing at Kanye’s arrogance and he’d thank you for your letter. Thank you from me too!

  • pearlgirl54

    AWESOME…kanye is an idiot…..

  • axmickl

    I hope Kanye at least heard of the chief’s message. Next massage should address the goons that work for police chiefs all over the country. These public bullies all think they live such a dangerous life. They should have to actually work in a dangerous profession where they can’t just bully their way around. Sorry chief but your average cop sucks and doesn’t deserve the credit you are trying to give them.

    • cjeep85

      I always enjoy reading comments from people that lump all cops together. There are problems in every job out there. I will however agree that competent officers are getting harder to come by. You think its bad now just wait. You get what you pay for.

      • axmickl

        Its pretty easy to lump all cops together when most of them are career bullies who think their crap doesn’t stink. They were bullies all through school and when they finished there the found a job where they were paid to be a bully and wear a gun to enforce it. They couldn’t hold a position where real courage was required and the guys on the other side were better armed and outnumbered them.

  • Joseph Arechavala

    I really don’t know how this mere cop can compare himself to The Greatest Human Being In All The History Of Mankind.

  • eve

    I love this officer!! Kanye westbis a joke and needs to get his head out of his ass!!!

  • Zack a

    Great letter but in the military’s defense cops should not put themselves in the same category either. Donuts, unnecessary citations, frequent lunch breaks, misuse of sirens and police lights, just to name a few, do not put you in the same category of people who live in holes for months at a time and who are shot and killed very frequently. They also get paid a lot less than you too. And when come back from states and it’s all over, are rewarded with not as much as they deserve and definitely don’t receive the respect that cops miraculously earn. Talk about ignorant assessment…

    • Nathan Bowles

      Yada Yada

    • Cam

      Your idiotic view of police officers is totally off as well. With two parents who were both sheriffs deputies, I can assure you that the donuts and other things you posted are stupid rumors from people like you. Officers may not risk their lives everyday but they do risk their lives on occasion. I can’t stand people that criticize them but then praise them when they finally come to rescue their asses. Please don’t talk about stuff that you know nothing about. Thank you.

    • alan

      in your defense, you probably are just using examples of movie cops and movie military.

      • Rhodium

        I don’t know about doughnuts, but real cops can be involved in some real problematic behavior, depending on the person or the department they work for. I can sympathize with what this particular cop is saying about Kanye West’s idiotic comment, but to say that cops in general don’t participate in corruption, racial profiling, civil asset forfeiture, or choosing easy drug arrests while avoiding tedious murder and rape cases to boost their arrest numbers is ignorant. Even a lot of cops have come forward lately and said there’s a lot of pressure to serve “justice” in an unfair way.

        • Joe Miller

          “but to say that cops in general don’t participate in corruption, racial
          profiling, civil asset forfeiture, or choosing easy drug arrests while
          avoiding tedious murder and rape cases to boost their arrest numbers is

          Generalizing like that is ignorant. You spend too much time on the internet.

    • Julian

      Obviously a cop doesn’t get shot at or blown up by IED’s like the military on such a regular basis. Take his post for what it is. Kanye is a big mouth idiot that knows nothing of any kind of real danger

    • Jason White

      Wow Zack, you have issues, you think that’s all police do, come on, do any of your major shooting events say anything. Its not about who is more dangerous, its about an entertainer feeling god like. Do not forget that a lot of military serve as Police Officers, please try and make more educated comments in the future and not take things so personal that your warped mind misses the point :)

    • SFC, U.S. Army

      So the random police officers that are shot in the face conducting random traffic stops don’t deserve to be in the same category as our military? 8-12 hours patrols in our cities with the threat of facing an aggressor at any moment is different than what the military does in foreign countries? BTW, our troops do have R.O.E. (rules of engagement, since I can only assume that you’re ignorant to the terminology); however, law enforcement officers deal with the much stricter Constitutional Laws (not to mention media and American public) that they must abide by or be held accountable for their actions. You claim that this police officer is “ignorant”, yet I would be inclined to say that you should educate yourself on the military, law enforcement and the definition of the word ignorant prior to speaking out in public, as you have truly made yourself sound ignorant as to what law enforcement officers actually do to protect people like you.
      BTW, I am currently on active duty for over 13 years, am a Sergeant First Class in the Army, have served in combat, and hold numerous degrees, one of which is in Criminal Justice. We are given plenty of respect and are recognized more than enough when we return from deployments and for our service. Only the douchebags feel they “deserve” respect for their service or seek out the attention and recognition.

      • Paul

        Thank you for your service…..

        • shayna

          Thank you for serving. Officers protect our community and do so much good. It is sad to see some of the hateful posts on this thread. My Uncle Johnny was trying to protect a woman when a man shot him in the head. I feel that our officers and military men are not getting appreciated for their selfless work.

      • Constitutionalist

        Definitely proud of you for your service if you indeed served. I think you may be looking at the Constitution in the wrong way. It protects the rights of individuals from all forms of government…including and almost especially police officers. I do agree that they put their lives on the line, but that is the job. So please don’t fault Americans for not blindly supporting the police force…every one of us will eventually be let down by these “defenders” of the Constitution. It’s a tragic irony.

      • Able’s Page


    • Brewdog

      Zack, it appears that Kanye is not the only one spewing off about things that he has no knowledge of. One can assume that you have had a negative experience with Law Enforcement due to perhaps your attitude, or you BROKE the law, in either case you apparently aren’t aware of the percentage of LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers for the uninformed like you Zack), that were prior Military and therefore migrated to a…PARAMILITARY employer. Bravo for the donut reference, that one must have made your brain hurt. Just so you don’t continue to embarrass yourself, I’ll let you in on a secret, that stereotype has been so overplayed that most cops wouldn’t be caught dead in a donut shop in uniform or a squad car, (guess you’ve never tasted a donut,huh). As for the pay of cops, who ever told you that they make serious bankroll is playing you for a fool…never mind, that’s redundant. Now do we veterans, who also served in LE get your permission to put ourselves in the same category of those who lived in foxholes (or the sandbox). Who needs your permission or your directives, in fact if you ever do need a cop, I hope they are busy…at the donut shop!

  • Paul

    That is a great letter… Bravo to the Chief… we must give the military the respect and honor for what they do… Kanye is a joke as an entertainer… Zack for you information it was Kanya that brought cops into it,, And there are many of good police officers through out the country doing a great job too.. My father was military and a police officer and that dumb comment you and axmicki stated has no place in these comments.. you may not llike cops that your business or got arrested for doing something wrong.. but the comments were meant for the idiotic comments of a self proclaim star..

    • Rhodium

      Yeah, anyone who dislikes cops must have been arrested for doing something wrong, such as “loitering” (actually taking out the garbage) at their own job while being the wrong color. Or being stopped and frisked for being “a f****** mut” and looking behind him too many times, making him appear “suspicious”, as the police were following him.


      • Paul

        so again must throw the color into a conversation.. when will people grow up… way to throw a blanket over all cops.. ignorant

  • Zack a

    To all the parents who were officers, you were probably beat up as a child and naturally, you choose a profession that comes with power. Educators are more of a hero than cops

    • Cpl Swart

      Actually, they choose to be cops to lock up the world’s douche bags. Teachers tend to create narrow-minded zombies (at least in public schools).

      • DEDE

        Your response makes you sound like a complete idiot!

      • Rhodium

        No, they don’t. When I was young, I went to public and private school at different times, and was home-schooled briefly as well. Now that I’m finishing out a college degree and had to build on knowledge and skills I learned in high school, I wish I would have spent more time in the public school, not less. The public school teachers actually had to have more qualifications than the private school teachers. Homeschooling was such a joke. Not only did I not learn much (or leave my house much), but I could easily tell when students that transferred to one of my high schools had a history of being home-schooled. Teachers do not “tend to create narrow-minded zombies”. It just looks that way sometimes because kids don’t form a lot of their own opinions until they have been living on their own for a little while, and/or until they have done more independent learning in college, preferably both.

    • Noog

      Yet I had a teacher who abused me emotionally and some others physically because of her position. How about we use our heads and not succumb to emotions. There are good and bad people everywhere.

  • SarcasticLassy

    Hey guys, give Kanye some credit. It must take some serious guts for him to be himself everyday. The most dangerous part about Kanye is being Kanye.

  • Turnbull

    Theres obviously a bit of a scale that includes military and police officers.. but not rappers. Though, If they use their “powers” positively, they could stand up and say important and life changing things. Ya know, the odd artist with conscious lyrics. I guess this could lead to them maaaaaybe being assassinated, I suppose.

    • Able’s Page

      my point exactly

  • Bec

    Kanye West is an idiot! I dont know why anyone would listen to what he has to say.

  • Geoff

    That person (Kanye West) or what ever his name is needs to hire a person to listen to everything he is going to say and tell him if it would make him look like an idiot after

  • Gen-X

    That cops life is on the line everyday with his cholesterol levels being the way they are…. military is badass cops are bullies behind badges…. eating donuts on our tax dollars

  • Silky Mitts

    lmao welfare pig cop. your paycheck is stolen from hard working people.

    • Silky Mitts

      at least i can choose not to give shithead kanye my money

    • Ur mother

      Pig cop? WE PAY FOR THEIR SERVICES. If u were in danger theyd be the first there instead of fuckin running away u ignorant scum. Let me guess… I bet ur a pothead who calls a policemen a pig every chance they get? Fuckin lame ass

      • melissa

        Hey now don’t be blaming potheads for this guy being a jerk.

    • mark mark

      The guy works for a living dipshit and puts his life on the line to do so. He’s not a welfare recipient, you brain dead piece of crap.

      • Anti Tyranny

        They attack and intimidate the innocent. Brutalize and scare the public. Send people to jail for petty crimes, and are high on their false sense of authority. Police are less than useless in every situation besides an absolute crisis. Ignorance is bliss when t’is to be folly to be wise.

      • Silky Mitts

        paycheck from taxes? welfare.

      • Silky Mitts

        >>not a welfare recipient

        >>i’m forced to pay his wages through my taxes

        welfare pig

    • lolsilkymitts

      just, real quick. you call him a welfare pig cop, but he works for his money. welfare itself on the other hand is money stolen from hard working people…such as this cop. not sure what you’re getting at, but considering your ignorance on the topic i’ll assume you receive welfare.

      • Silky Mitts

        i don’t. but like welfare, this man’s pay comes from hard working people. WELFARE

    • sub

      stoopid…. let’s throw you in the ghetto and send all the cops home…..

    • Keith

      You went full retard on your comment here.
      Most cops are well trained, a lot of departments are requiring college education and they have to have sound judgement. They are there to protect the public, including you. There are some bad cops, because there are simply bad people in general, and cops are sometimes just the messenger working for someone else who makes bad policies. If you have a problem with a cop it’s because you can’t live within the rules within society or there is some bad person making policies that go against the population like protecting some greedy corporation.

      • Silky Mitts

        >>have a problem with a cop it’s because you can’t live within the rules within society

        cop’s paycheck comes from stealing from hard working people. can i steal for my paycheck? no. so who exactly is living outside the rules of society here? hmm…

        • Keith

          Seriously you are an idiot. We pay taxes for plenty of things to support our society. Should we just stop paying for the roads, bridges, sewer system and so on? They are stealing from our paychecks!!!! Without cops you’d probably be shot for being an idiot and voicing your opinion by now.

        • Keith

          People pay taxes for a lot of things to support our society. You are an idiot if you think things just happen in the world for free.

    • disqus_yaYfpHQmzZ

      People talk bad about police if they have been criminals

  • Daniel Fortuna

    The cop thinks hes and entertainer and the entertainer thinks he’s a cop

  • Abuelita de Batma….

    Now Kanye is sitting back and laughing at every single person that commented on this for actually taking the time to even think of him.

    • sub

      i don’t think of him, i think of the cop. well, i do think of kanye, but only when i’m watching my dog squat…..

    • chirag

      low key i was thinking the same thing! I’ve never seen so many people hate a person but keep up with his everyday doings!

  • Jay Mark

    What an idiot, Kan-a-worm West. How can someone listen to the garbage that comes out his mouth?

  • Smally Big

    When somebody puts a cap in his ass, then he can compare himself to War!

  • Able’s Page

    Operation Northwoods was a series of false flag proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962, but were rejected by the Kennedy administration.[2] The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit perceived acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere. These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro.[3] One part of Operation Northwoods was to “develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington”.
    Operation Northwoods proposals included hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government. It stated:
    The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.
    Several other proposals were included within Operation Northwoods, including real or simulated actions against various U.S. military and civilian targets. The plan was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer and sent to the Secretary of Defense. Although part of the U.S. government’s Cuban Project anti-communist initiative, Operation Northwoods was never officially accepted; it was authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but then rejected by President John F. Kennedy.
    According to currently released documentation, none of the operations became active under the auspices of the Operation Northwoods proposals.

    I respect our troops…but it’s time we STOP LOSING OUR OWN for POINTLESS WARS!!!

    I AM A RAPPER…the name is ABLE SIR…not to defend Kanye…but SPEAKING THE TRUTH IS A VERY DANGEROUS GAME TO PLAY WHEN IT COMES TO THE GOVERNMENT…THIS PAST WEDNESDAY THE WOMAN FROM HAWAII THAT WORKED IN THE RECORDS DEPT THAT BROUGHT OUT OBAMAS BIRTH CERTIFICATE DIED IN A PLANE CRASH…65-year-old Loretta Fuddy is the director of the Hawaii Department of Health who verified and released President Obama’s birth certificate.She died on Wednesday when a Honolulu-bound plane crashed into Hawaii water. The plane’s engine apparently failed.
    Oddly, Fuddy was the only person aboard the plane who died — the other seven passengers and pilot survived the crash.



    • Stevie


    • cam

      Man, any point you try to make is incredibly stupid…

      • Able’s Page

        aww Cam too much info for your tiny brain to comprehend…it’s ok to admit it if you don’t understand it..rather than try to put the person down with your oh so hurtful words…you’re a clown for even leaving a comment on this…your vag is showing

  • rotty022

    this is what i would tell him. kayne – entertainer. bozo – entertainer. stick to these analogies.

  • zac

    hahaha, i like it… a bit overly sarcastic, but if kanye wants to call himself the next nelson mandela, he’s got worse coming. if i had to sum him up in one word… douche.

    • zac

      btw, i’m a Marine… yeah, a boot, but a Marine regardless.

  • sub

    kanye west is a narcissistic blowhard, talented only in his ability to get millions of even more idiotic young people to follow and worship him. he isn’t worthy to clean the toilets in this chief’s station house. i don’t care if he’s rich, or famous, he’s still just a delusional little punk, with a great ability to fool dumb people.

  • Si

    I would love to read the response from this MORON rapper!

    • Keith

      Kanye is such a narcissist he would continue defending his insane statements, saying something like he twisted his ankle on stage one time.

  • Sharon Barse

    Chief Oliver well said

  • Able’s Page



    • Rhodium

      That’s too important a message to be in all-caps. It’s harder to read because all the letters are the same size.

      • Able’s Page

        sorry…but it is the TRUTH..and that’s what matters

        • Dave

          Quite different scenario yes this crap happens but don’t blame a whole workforce for what happened to your father. My apologies and all but not everyone is this way for instance your father wasn’t

          • crazy

            the volunteer firemen in my old town raped teens and taped it. by your logic, all firefighters are horrible rapists. got it.

      • ignorant

        its actually easier

    • Able’s Page


    • KSessums

      They are not all bad, your father wasn’t so you cannot assume this officer is. The ones that are corrupt wouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry that happened to your father and aware it is still happening but I have a cousin who is on the SVU and he is a good man who will fight for what is right. He was fired from a High school campus police because of what was going on and nothing being done and he spoke up and fought them. I have anger for many people groups but I don’t feel anger, for the rest of them in the same groups. What you said above says nothing of the point the officer was trying to say to West, who IS just a entertainer who claimed himself in equal danger as an Officer or Military officer AT WAR. I would hope you can see that. Your argument is for corruption itself and I too would argue how bad corruption is even in a small towns. Officers that get a God Complex and take it to that level, if that is what was stated in the officers letter. It was not but their are sites that could use your argument, we need your help there.

  • KSessums

    West is so arrogant that he will think it is a joke. Not a great role model for our kids but his words are they heard. They won’t see this, it’s a shame. Shame on you West, Mr. is too good to put in front of your name, West. Shame on you!

    • Peopletoday

      You need a actor to be a role model for a kid? How about you get off the internet and spend a couple extra minutes with your kid. Maybe you’ll be his role model then.

      • KSessums

        Your truly not reading what I wrote but some people can’t comprehend without a education. I do NOT think a actor, which he is more a singer by the way, should be a role model but the kids of today, do look at these jerks as such. How many Justin Beiber hair cuts do you think kids were sporting, now look at the ass. How many kids wear their pants to their knees because rappers do it and most of them have seen prison where this all started. Look at all the rock bands that do drugs and kids follow suit, cause its cool. These idiots care about nothing but themselves but the kids they pay for the music or pay to see a movie are going to be influenced by these twats. Maybe you need to get a job and stay off the computer until you know what your talking about!

  • Jeff Gerstenkorn

    I think the focus has been blurred! This is about some acting singer something that thinks he is like a Police officer or soldier in war. He is just over extended in his role as a actor/singer/comedian Kardashian. He is living in a bubble and hasn’t done anything to assist his fellow man and is to selfish too. I respect police for the job we ask them to do and the difficult people they are often confronted by. Just let Mr Kardashian goes about his life in his fog maybe some day he will learn to Serve and Protect the country not only himself!

  • Dan

    You can put lip stick on a pig and you still have a pig.. Getto trash with cash is still getto trash

    • anne

      This post is getto… im sure so are you!! Wirdo!!!

      • Devi

        Ghetto. You both fail at life.

        • T.j. Pfeifle

          …and you missed weirdo.

          • WHOCARES????

            How do you take down 10 Red Necks with one shot?….Bowling!!!!! (STRIIIIIKE)

    • ugh

      not surprising to see racism in the comments of the article

      • disqus_yaYfpHQmzZ

        He did not mention a skin color. Ghetto trash has many colors. Kanye is not trash because of his color, but his attitude.

  • Vic1992

    First of all yes Kanye is a completely idiot those of us with a brain can see this very clearly. As for the cop his point is valid but he did come off as somewhat full of himself. At the end of the day there are shitheads in every single occupation that exists, there are military men that come home and show video’s of there “kills” cause thats what they joined to do just like gangs have new recruits join to learn combat training but the other 85% of the military personnel are good men and woman who care more about there people then themselves and deserve all the respect in the world for having the courage to do what other won’t. Cops are a little different for the most part I’ve had pretty good experiences with them but I’m pretty sure its only cause I’m a girl or I can make them laugh but I think now a days especially with the younger cops the good and the bad are becoming a 50/50 split. Just recently I was arrested fought the charges and won. I was stopped at a stop sign in a remote place with my daughter in the car and they cop broke my tail light and said if I did him a favor or 2 he’d let me go and if I told anyone he’d have my daughter taken I spit in his face and shot him in the leg with the gun I keep in the glove box for protection. After being charged with assault with a deadly weapon on an officer I showed proof of what he did and the charges were dropped but wouldn’t you know it the DA decided the officers offense wasn’t all that horrible and punished him by suspending him from the force for 1 month but justice was sweet in the end some of his fellow officers beat him half to death. So you see there’s good and bad everywhere no matter where your are, who you are or who your with things can always turn out in the most unexpected way and if we want things to change in our country it has to start with us the younger generations putting our feet down and ending it weather that means baby steps or full out protests one way or another its up to us.

    • Stevie


    • Chase

      Man.. sounds like you had one crazy dream

    • LaToya Tarboro

      Ok…I find it very hard to believe (having a degree in criminal justice and working in that field) that you shot a cop for breaking your tail light and intimidating you and got off with nothing. So, I call bulls**t!

      • Vic1992

        call it what you like I had a witness see what he did and I recorded him with my phone telling me to prostitute myself to him so he would “let me off with a warning for being so naughty for him” I still have nightmares about it so go head call bull on me I really don’t care

        • cam

          I laughed pretty hard at this one.

  • ignorant ass cop

    sucks that this is all it takes to put a dent in someones career,
    1st someone twists the story
    2nd a bunch of morons can’t see the truth

    • bob

      Yer a dumbass.

      • Jj Holt

        Says the guy that can’t spell you’re. Dumbass

        • Ty TC Collins

          Lmfao. Took the words right outta my mouth.

    • Keith

      You obviously can’t see the truth and have a biased point of view.
      What story was twisted? Kanye West did say those things in an interview. He compared himself to being a police officer or going to war, saying he has to fight for everything.

    • Shelly

      Funny thing is….this is NOT the first time he has shown his true character, he proves over and over again that he is an arrogant human being craving attention. He lost ALL my respect when he disrepected another entertainer (Taylor Swift) on stage years ago.

    • Cam!

      You must be a special kind of stupid.

  • Nelly “not the rapper”


  • Whitey Ford

    Gay Fish?

  • Jason Jamar

    hahaha fuuuck kanye west period lol guys full of himself haha just ask dave chappelle hahaha

  • Jessica Greeno

    Well stated.

  • Debbie

    This guy is just stupid and if anyone believes that he is as valuable as military or police. He has always been to much stuck on himself which is not even worth the breath it takes or the time it takes to answer a letter for him. Media keeps him in the news. KEEP HIM OFF THE NEWS.

  • rona

    Amazing words from an amazing man. thank you for serving our country and telling Kanye that he is nobody and needs to shut the hell up. He is worthless and has nothing to add to society. Thank you sir for putting him straight.

  • marc114

    People can hate if they want but there’s some truth to what he’s saying. Bad folks go after rappers, pro athletes and other celebrities because they generally have a lot of cash and valuables on them. Many of these celebrities actually travel with bulletproof vests and bodyguards for that reason. Katt Williams discussed this on Howard Stern. The HUGE difference is, that they put others at risk to protect themselves, while police put themselves at risk to protect others

    • Guest

      You sir, area an idiot.

      • marc114

        Please read my post again…..You missed my point entirely

        • ParkiTTT

          I read your post 3 times, You’re still an idiot.

          • marc114

            obviously you did not. I didn’t say he was wasn’t misguided. You may have read it three times but, your reading comprehension skills are lacking

          • Garry

            Nah, they’re right. You are an idiot.

          • marc114

            yeah ok Mr Brain Surgeon…how about an argument rather than calling someone names. ?

          • john galt

            @ mark114

            Ignore the trolls . It is obvious who the idiots are here.
            You see by their lack of intelligent response who they really are.

          • disqus_7w6NyWKyn7

            John, very interesting PROFESSOR!

    • Lou Pazderski

      You sir, are an idiot.

      • marc114

        I don’t think you read my entire post. You missed the point entirely

    • Logicmonster84

      difference is he’s making millions upon millions and constantly has his own blackwater security force following around, so quit trying to put reason into why a spoiled brat compares himself to someone whose job is far more dangerous and makes not even a fraction of what he does, I agree with Lou. You';re an idiot.

      • marc114

        again…please read my last sentence again. Geez…

      • Steve O’Day

        so many idiots here. I can’t even deal.

    • James

      You are quite the moron.

      • marc114

        I see, and you must be a rocket scientist. Why don’t you re-read what I wrote…especially the last sentence.

      • Steve O’Day

        nah, I think you are.

    • ScissorFox

      Marc114, You are part of what’s wrong with America.

      • marc114

        Really? Why? Again and again…please read my last sentence….wow….

        • ScissorFox

          I have read it several times. Do you assume I am saying this to you for no reason? You are an imbecile, please stop posting.

          • marc114

            Of course you have no reason. If you had a reason you would state it.

            Stop posting? Why? because you said so?

          • ScissorFox

            Obviously you are too simple to understand. My reason IS your lack of common sense. You say Kanye has a point? That negates your whole argument, and you should feel bad about yourself sir.

          • marc114

            See, again it all comes down to reading comprehension. I didn’t say he had a point. I said there’s some truth there and then I made my own point.

          • ScissorFox

            So then I can draw the conclusion that you DON’T believe Kanye has a point. But yet, there is truth to his words? I think you are a bit more swayed by media and are prone to believe things a bit more easily. I will give you the benefit of the doubt though. The truth is, there really isn’t that much danger involved in Kanye’s line of work. With or without bodyguards. I think we all face about as much danger on our commute to work each morning than Kanye does on a daily basis.

          • Rosa

            I understand what you’re saying Marc but I think your first sentence is throwing people off a bit, that or they are taking it wrong on purpose so they can call someone names, childish really. I think the point is a selfish man comparing himself to a selfless man at least that is what I find so offensive about his statement

          • marc114

            Rosa, people love to be what I call “big shots behind the keyboard”. It’s always easy to call people names when we know we will never meet. I’m sorry people got so wrapped up in my simple statement

          • ScissorFox

            “Simple statement” being the keyword. You say we get wrapped up in your comment, perhaps. But you are so quick to retort each comment voicing their opinion of you. You seem pretty wrapped up as well.

            “The Big Shot Behind the Keyboard”

      • Steve O’Day

        I think YOU are.

        • ScissorFox

          Wow, that was a very well thought out comeback. Somebody call the burn unit!

          • Steve O’Day

            I think you’ll be mightily charred by then. I don’t think you understand marc said there is SOME truth to what Kanye said, not all of it. SOME. as in, parts of. At the end of the day however, I wish Kanye West and his untalented wife would just die.

          • ScissorFox

            That isn’t the issue here. Marc’s argument implies reason in Kanye’s defense. He is basically trying to justify Kanye’s statements about his job being dangerous. My job is exponentially more dangerous than his, and I’m just simply a parts inspector. You Steve, however, have redeemed my respect for your ending statement whereas Marc’s has not.

          • Steve O’Day

            yea, I don’t really understand his last sentence about Kanye putting others at risk to protect himself. the only thing I agree with is that his fame puts him at risk of being robbed, but he could then just easily buy back what was stolen I suppose, but that gives him no right to compare himself to a cop or soldier, so I suppose his statement shouldn’t be supported in the slightest.

          • ScissorFox

            He is trying to say that Kanye is putting his bodyguards at risk. Which is also a false statement because Kanye’s bodyguards knowingly chose that profession knowing the dangers involved. They are only putting themselves in danger.

          • Steve O’Day

            Ohhhhh. I get it now.

          • marc114

            Police and armed forces don’t chose that profession knowing the dangers? No one is forced into the army or police.

          • ScissorFox

            Wow!! Did that comment you just replied to just go right over your head?! ….Yep!

          • marc114

            You disagree? So, you think Police and armed forces are idiots? I think they are brave.You think they sign on not knowing the dangers? There isn’t a salary in the world that could convince me to be an NYC police officer. All props to them

          • ScissorFox

            Now where did I ever say such a foolish thing Marc114. Your statement just now has got to be the most forced attempt to discredit somebody I have ever seen. Pathetic.

          • marc114

            no where did I defend Kanye

          • ScissorFox

            Well, that is your opinion isn’t it.

    • LadyJane

      Dear marc114,
      I am not entirely sure why you even wrote this statement. Yes celebrities my wear vest to protect themselves and their assets and put others in danger to protect it from those whom are ignorant and miserable, unlike the police and military members who put on a vest to protect others then themselves. That is no excuse for a misguided celebrity to compare his work to the work and duties of those who serve the people like I once had done being a military police member. It is a position I and many others have been and do work for to protect and serve others, not or selves! So yes sir you are an idiot, just like many other misguided members of our country who obviously know nothing about serving others. For those who decide to become famous and care of no one but themselves I have no sympathy for if they choose to wear a vest.

      • ScissorFox

        LB is saying what most of us are saying Marc114. Perhaps in better words even. Well put LB.

      • marc114

        I wrote the post because it’s an interesting paradigm that I’m not sure most people are aware of. I wasn’t comparing his work to the work of armed forces or police.BTW – How do you know my experience about serving others? Correct answer….you don’t., If you read my post you would understand that I addressed the hypocrisy of his statement.

  • WyteHawkDown

    Sui Ent.!””” Perfectly put. That’s why I do what I do.

  • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

    While I dislike Kanye West and his attitude, this officer misses one crucial point: There is nothing noble about fighting against an opposition whose wrongdoings are only known to you by heresay. My opinion is that the vast majority of military soldiers are ignorant murderers and should be treated accordingly (although there are a few heroic exceptions).

    • Danno

      While I disagree with your point of most soldiers as I am a veteran myself having fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are only a few Ignorant Murderers in the military the rest are the best we can be. If you think otherwise why don’t you go join the military and see what it is all about before you throw judgement at us soldiers. I saw first hand what Iraqi Insurgents and the Taliban and Al qaida do to their own people let alone Americans. So you calling any soldier an ignorant Murderer is a shame on you.

      • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

        My Dad was a Vietnam Vet, and I work for the government. I’m also a fan of the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu spiritual book about a warrior, the message of which is to embrace the role in which you are currently in (e.g. if you are a warrior, be the best warrior you can be). Unfortunately, romanticizing your tribulations only makes you more likely to think with your emotions rather than your head. Shame on those who are so easily manipulated that simply hearing by word-of-mouth, or through a newspaper, they can be convinced to leave their friends and family at home to kill the friends and family of others overseas.

        • Garrett Shook

          Dude I just wrote a long ass essay making this dude look dumb and RT denied it.

          • Garrett Shook

            America has been in war 214 years out of 235 years. Voltaire said ” All murder is punished unless done to the sound of drums”. And lastly, read up on the military industrial complex. Read Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn.

          • Garrett Shook

            And who named al Qaida? George Bush. It didn’t exist before him.

          • Ty TC Collins

            Because its all a lie. They feed you bullshit to get you to stand behind them, as there are power in numbers. And we are foolish to believe it and stand up for the wrong doing.

          • Ty TC Collins

            Voltaire was a tool.

          • Garrett Shook

            Lel disprove his point plox?

          • Ty TC Collins

            The Bible does that. I need not comment for the facts are there if you choose to find them.

          • Garrett Shook

            The bible? Read Genesis 3:16. It’s sexist and dumb. Also, intelligent design is disproved by the galaxy Andromeda flying at us. Yeah, one day we’ll collide Intelligent design where?

          • Ty TC Collins

            &Im guessing you know why God made those things for women, correct?
            I will not throw what is sacred to a dog. If you throw mockery at my religion then our conversation is over.

          • Garrett Shook

            Why God did what for women? LOL your religion you own it now?

            Really quick off topic: Did you know the original transcripts of the bible say that God took Adams curvature and made Eve?
            90% of your religion still thinks that means a rib. lul lul lul lul lul.

          • Garrett Shook

            And please, do name 3 works by Voltaire.

          • Ty TC Collins

            Philosophers are as arrogant, if not more, than anyone. N a christian view, war is not only ignorant, but disgraceful. And not only these, but a sin. To murder, is to murder. Whether you feel it is justifiable or not, it is against God. Enough with that. And if you challenge me then I accept. 1.The Maid of Orleans. Epic poetry. 2. Age of Louis XIV. And 3. Customs and Spirit of The Nations.

        • Howie

          I highly doubt that you are who you say you are. You have acted on here in a highly unprofessional way and tooting your own horn about how great you supposedly are is the mark of a poser.

          • Ty TC Collins

            I completely agree with you howie. What an arrogant piece of work he is.

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            Virtually every other comment with a contrary opinion to mine contains an ad-hominem attack, while I have made none that I did not support with reasoning. And you’re going to call ‘me’ the unprofessional one?

          • Lon Keith

            You started this with an attack against the Officer who quite frankly has more integrity than you will probably ever have. This man risks his life daily for the citizens he serves. Do you not respect that?

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            You equate “attacking” with identifying a point of disagreement and then supporting it with reasons? And where did I ever make reference to the role of a police officer?

    • KraKKaerJack

      You are an IDIOT!!! Those soldiers are not murderous at all! They are doing their job!!! Do you at work get to pick and choose which tasks to do when you boss says to do them all??? Perhaps you should enlist in the service and try that! Why don’t you reply back with how that works out for you.

      • Garrett Shook

        If I get paid to kill someone I’m just doing a job? You’re ignorant. Do you even study politics? History?

        • Garrett Shook

          But wait; plot twist for your ignorant ass. The people who are getting paid for you ‘doing your job’ are the politicians who sent you their for ‘my freedom’. OMG shocking.

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            Do you have any idea what freedom means? If my ‘freedom’ is dependent on winning wars, then how is that freedom? Quit saying cliche things with implications you don’t understand.

          • Garrett Shook

            Freedom is the antithesis to oppression. Liberty,” in case
            you’ve forgotten, is a soul’s right to breathe. When
            it cannot take a long breath, laws are girded too

          • Garrett Shook

            I’ve read Beecher too.

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            This is wrong. Freedom is the antithesis of not-freedom. You make an unsound leap by asserting oppression is the antithesis of freedom.

        • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

          Among other disciplines, I have a particular interest in philosophy which is the mother of all disciplines (despite what Aristotle, a philosopher, might have you think about politics). I fit politics within a philosophical framework, not the other way around.

          • Garrett Shook

            I’ve read anything you have and more. Don’t even try.

          • Garrett Shook

            Just get over it. I’m a 22 year old that’s been smarter than you since the age of 16. A lot of people get mad about it. It’s work ethics though. I’ve read ANYTHING about politics that you have. ANYTHING.Tocqueville, Paine, Hobbes, Machiavelli, Marx, Gintis… Anything you’ve read i’ve read and then formed opinions are. Think outside the dodecahedron.

          • Lipton08

            You are quite the liberal. IQ. No hatred for you coming from this end. You have great diction but nothing fancy enough to cover up a miseducated POV. Scratch it up to that. Happy “holidays”. No, Merry Christmas… I bet that upsets you, too.

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            I’m not a liberal and I don’t vote because votes are basically worthless above the county or district level. I don’t need people to try to encapsulate the country’s problems into a false dichotomy for me.

      • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

        1) Depending on the IQ test, you statistically have between a .01%-.001% chance of scoring at or above my level, I have a post-graduate degree, I work two jobs — one for the government, and one for a global finance magazine. How do you define an idiot?

        2) If a soldier murders someone, then he is murderous. Do you really want to argue against that point?

        3) Why not get another job? I recently left a position in the psychiatric unit of a hospital because I couldn’t support the maltreatment of patients there.

        4) Why not do some of your own research and reading and realize how shockingly inaccurate most media reports are? You might reach a different conclusion about the actual reason the United States has been causing havoc in the Middle East for the past decade.

        5) I also think you missed the point that I would never choose to enlist in the military. Do something that conflicts with your own morality just to see what it’s like? That’s seriously your advice?

        • Garrett Shook

          I guarantee you that I’m much better educated than you.

          • Garrett Shook

            After all, I don’t work for a totalitarian government; and you do.

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            I work for the health department as a transition coordinator for a financial assistance program for mentally ill nursing home residents. Go ahead, attack my work and then show your mom and dad what you said.

          • Garrett Shook

            Hey, what the fucks up with the KKK in your name? Are you really some ignorant racist? I’ll crash your entire network and make sure everyone on it knows why. LOL @ some racist ass Marxist fagot trying to act smart.

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            Do you know what slander is, Garrett Shook?

          • Garrett Shook

            No. I don’t. Please enlighten me while I continue to call you an ignorant cat molester online. Cat molester.

          • Garrett Shook

            Of course I know what slander is.

          • Lon Keith

            Anyone who finds it necessary to brag about their IQ probably does not have much of one when it comes to life. Therefore sir, you are an ignorant “Dick”

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            Sorry, but I like having a self-esteem. It enables me to achieve the things I set out to do. If someone is going to call me an idiot out of the blue, I’m going to set them straight. I don’t allow myself to get walked on like others (which is why I’d make a pretty bad soldier).

          • Lon Keith

            Your postings would lead me to believe that you probably the only thing you have going for you is the fact that you are employed in two low level jobs for such a brilliant person. Take some time out from your ego and become a human being.

          • Garrett Shook

            For the record, I could walk into your pc and find out exactly what you do for a living. Careful with how you talk on the internet.

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            Yes, I would be careful dancing around subversive threats. But I have nothing to hide. By the way, I’m well versed in cryptography.

          • Garrett Shook

            Yeah, anyways my point here is that you’re an idiot and you’re naive. Those are two problems I’d fix.

        • mama bread

          I’m not who you are but you rock!!

        • Lipton08

          It’s no wonder our government is in shambles. You need help.

        • Crystal

          U r a jerk….u should be thanking those men and women u put down for allowing you that freedom…and schooling doesn’t make u any smarter than the next it just makes YOU an educated idiot

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            For Christ’s sake, freedom by definition cannot be contingent upon anything (e.g. like being subject to oppression or not). You can’t “allow” freedom, unless you want to talk about contextual freedom in which case you’re just butchering the word.

          • Mikey

            while I would agree freedom can not be contingent upon anything, lack of freedom only requires waiting for others to protect and defend your freedom… enjoy the freedom you have, but do not delude yourself into thinking you could “smart” your way out of death when a bullet came your way… or do you assume that all slaves in the history of the world have had excessively low IQ’s?

    • Melo

      BING! You beat me to it. While I wouldn’t necessarily blame the soldiers per se, I do fault the fact that they can’t see that we are merely in these other countries due to the greed of our leaders. “War is a business for the profit of corporations. These corporations control the government. The government buys arms from these corporations using taxes. These taxes are paid for by the people. These people send their sons and daughters to wars. Wars which gain access to markets and resources, resources that are more valued than the lives of civilians or soldiers. We are told to see the soldiers as heroes, when in actuality, they are just expendable tools of war.”Ironically enough, I believe that Hermann Goering, who was Hitler’s Reich-Marshall summed it up the best: “Naturally the common people don’t want war, that is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” –> Welcome to America

      • Dennis Webb

        keyboard hero melo, you would run away at the slightest hint of danger. move out of your parents house, get a job and contribute to society instead of being the bloody festering scab that you are.

        • Melo

          Yeah, because mindlessly following orders, regardless of what fact and reason reveal, and falling in line with what corrupt overseers tell us is making a real contribution to society (rolls eyes). You should just donate your brain as you clearly aren’t using it and would rather just go by what the biased media programs you to believe. There’s an old adage that goes “you can’t wake a man who is pretending to be asleep.” Me talking reason and rationale to someone who refuses to “wake up” and see what is right under their nose is pointless. My advice would be to take off your blindfold, step down from your patriotic soapbox, and go learn something.

    • Andy G

      Have you ever been to war?

    • Sparky

      You should think twice befor you opean your mouth. Have you served your country????Didn’t think so….You think military soldiers are ignorant???? I think you need to leave this country that the military soldiers have fought for , to proteck your freedom…..Wow…. I can’t go there…. Cam…. You made an awesome point… I served my country proud….SSG.A…..

      • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

        1) Yes, I’ve served my country, and arguably more than most any soldier. If you think “serving your country” can only be done through military duty, then please explain why.

        2) Nationalism is akin to racism as it reinforces a “self-vs.-other” paradigm which is the basis for all war/oppression.

        • get_a_job

          who uses a numbered list to make two points?

      • Melo

        Every leader in every country tells their troops and people that they are fighting for their “freedom”. But what if I told you that US soldiers are dying for oil corporations financial freedom, and not anyone else’s? Dick Chaney’s Halliburton (oil) made $39.5 BILLION on the Iraq war. We were supposedly in Iraq looking for so called “weapons of mass destruction”, yet we never found ONE. Hmmmm a little fishy don’t you think? War only happens when the moneyed classes think they will profit from it. And that’s why we’ve been at war for 214 out of 235 years. You guys are being more emotional and opinionated, because somebody said something contrary to what you were programmed to believe, rather than being rational and educated.

        • Young Correct

          Melo with the truth of the matter… wish I could +100000000

          • Melo

            Much appreciated. I’m happy to see that there are at least a small percentage of people that can put 2 & 2 together and realize our govt. is full of it. The govt. spends $600 billion dollars on war alone, while health, housing, and education each get less than $100 billion. I’d say there’s something wrong with that picture. Yet all these sheeple who are arguing in their favor still think the government has their best interest at heart.. sad sad sad. Perpetual ignorance is why our country/world is in the state that it’s in.

          • Dennis Webb

            frickin leave then dummy melo. you are the problem you stupid idiotic bastard

          • Melo

            Riiiight, because stating facts of what is essentially crime against humanity that you’re too dumb/naive to recognize and take into account makes ME the problem? Impeccable logic and rationale you have there. The fact that YOU are CHOOSING to turn a blind eye to what is happening right under your nose and would rather go about leading your menial life while the government fucks you, as so many “Americans” do, is what’s “the problem”. Please, do humanity a favor and don’t reproduce, you “idiotic bastard.”

    • BigR

      your a tool…….

      • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U


    • SSgt USAF

      Ok so you are saying that I went to fight for my country and risk my life to preserve your right to say what you want and not be put to death. Unless you have served you need to shut your mouth. The military soldiers you are talking about follow orders that put us in harms way and we could be killed to protect you. If I could chose who to protect, you would not be one of those people, but I don’t get to chose so I will just have to say that your IQ is not higher than mine. Support the troops that fight for your rights.

      • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

        I’m saying that you in no way were helping to preserve my right to say what I want. Whether someone wants to put me to death or not is ‘their’ right; I can’t control what someone else does or doesn’t do. Blindly following orders is stupid, and even more so if you’re putting yourself in harms way while doing so. There’s something called “risk assessment” and it can be pretty useful at times…

        • Steven Bowers

          Your IQ may be higher, but your lack of sensibility and ability to think before you speak is exponentially lesser. You are a moron of morons.

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            What indicates to you that I didn’t think before I spoke? Why am I a moron?

          • Casey F

            Your views, although incorrect via my opinion on the matter, do not negate your intelligence. Consistently asking an explanation on how people view you will be futile- for they will think you are wrong and you will think they are wrong. Neither side will be satiated by the coinciding responses. To make this abit easier to resolve and integrating a mental health ideology(you mentioned being part of the field during my brief skim off the posts)- be meticulous in your method to obtain a specific results.

            Just a suggestion, from a fellow 1%. :)

        • evenhigherIQ

          My risk assessment is that its a heck of a lot safer to have trained soldiers following orders of officers who know what they’re doing than to have none at all if another country decides to invade. No soldier blindly follows orders. They follow orders because they know that their mission being successful will positively impact our country no matter how big or small. You’re just ungrateful. And that’s fine. Soldiers protect this country every day for your right to do so. Luckily there aren’t many people as dumb as you are out there.

          • My_IQ_Higher_Than_U

            Let’s say I want to make my community safer. Let’s consider some options:
            1) Join a charity or volunteer my time
            2) Join a neighborhood watch program
            3) Do kind gestures for others, such as walking old ladies across the street
            4) Go to war in the Middle East.

            Which one of these doesn’t belong? The military must be the masters of the Butterfly Effect.

  • Jason moody

    I tink you’re a jackass for writing this completely unneeded letter.

    • Not a Dipshit

      If you “tink” it’s not a necessary letter than you’re the jackass.

      • Albrie

        *Then you’re the jackass.

    • Steve O’Day

      you’re a jackass for writing that completely unneeded comment.

  • BreeBree

    Lmaooo Kayne u are as ignorant as they come. Just like the time u disrespected a young female artist at the awards, and im sorry but if something happened to u heaven forbid, no one would remember u as a f***** hero. More like ass hole

  • Kat

    Kanye has been a jerk and always will be there is so much ignorance in his lyrics and need I say more his discrimination and prejudice is also in no way a help to today’s society. So he can keep making pornos with Kim, and we can go on living in a world where Kanye shouldn’t matter but more important things shall.

  • LB

    Kanye is an arrogant idiot

  • Andy G

    Hey Chief as a Servicemember, I thought what you said was pretty cool. Even though ol’ Kanye will think you’re just a “hater.” I mean, I’m not famous, but at least SOME people like me. Haha.

  • KraKKaerJack

    This is not the first time that Kanye has demonstrated his overwhelming ignorance as well as his over inflated ego.

  • sterl

    this is neither well written or funny. and i hate Kanye

    • Mikahl

      This has absolutely nothing to do with how it is written. It’s the content you moron. He’s a police officer not a journalist.

      • jimbob

        “This” should be capitalized, as it is the first word of the sentence. You should have said “neither well written NOR funny.” Your negative qualifiers must agree. “And” should also be capitalized, along with “I.” Last, please don’t forget that the sentence needs an end mark such as a period or exclamation mark. As I side note, I think it is perfectly well written – it’s called popular form discourse. It’s a letter to someone and it is written to convey the personality, emotion, and thoughts of the writer. I, along with several others in the room, found it funny. You, my friend, are a troll, commenting simply for the sake of being heard (read in this case). You probably are known for putting your nose in countless places it doesn’t belong, simply for attention. You probably felt worthless or rejected as a child, poor relationship with your dad, few friends, and tons of high-school drama. Sincerely, An English Teacher (Who can’t stand ignorance)

        • Too_Many_Idiots

          Why are you calling Mikahl a troll? He/she is on the same side of the discussion.

    • John

      It’s neither, nor. Not neither, or. “well written”? I hate Kanye too.

    • Gabrielle Alyse

      Agreed. It was a little cheesy.

      • Ryan

        Scott, ur a douchbag and so is kanye. The dudes music sucks ass the only reason he’s even there is because of jayz. The cop is right. Kanye thinks he’s above and beyond, but in reality he’s just a dumbass puppet.

        • Gabrielle Alyse

          My name isn’t Scott. Neither is the guy I was responding to.

  • mike

    kanye west is a god…..

    • Loucatch22

      You must be dyslexic….he’s a dog!

      • Notorious_bob

        come on, he’s a prophet because he made comments about george bush..lol(i wish the internet could capture sarcasm). kanye west is freakin brilliant…lol

        • Dennis Webb

          yes boob, i mean bob

      • mike

        Name 5 kanye west songs without a search engine

    • Otteroo

      let me finish that sentence for, a god dam idiot.

  • BigR

    hey kanye heres an idea why don’t you stick to slapping whores and drinking 40s and let our service men and women do their “actual” job without being compared to the obviously ignorant likes of you…..

  • Notorious_bob

    except that he’s a chief. his patrolmen(and women) are brave people standing in traffic and risking being shot to protect and serve. police chiefs brave podiums and press corps. just sayin….

    • Stradia

      Don’t be an idiot. I’m sure he paid his dues on he street and in other dangerous life threatening situations.

    • who_cares92

      because when you’re a police chief, you don’t ever have to start out as a cadet and work your way up, right? you’re a moron. just sayin…

      • Notorious_bob

        or he had lucky breaks and good contacts, we dont know.

        • blackfargo

          Troll or dumbass?

    • officer young

      Yea…. he join the force and went straight to chief. Ignorant! He earned chief by starting in the streets working a beat.

    • Terri Olsen

      you are a notorius a** you should work with Kayne – he wasn’t hired a chief he was hired as a patroleman and was promoted – something you probably don’t know anything about

    • landon

      How do you become a police chief? By serving your time as a patrolman dirst. Just sayin…

    • William

      That’s like saying officers in the military aren’t real soldiers. Someone has to lead. Ignorant statement man.

    • Scott McDonald

      thats dumb, id say most police chiefs if not all started out as patrol men. you jackass!

    • IKon Legacy Lawrence Davis

      They don’t just let a random stranger be chief so your comment is not needed with every job you have to start from the bottom so the chief put his time in

    • Jason Weisbecker

      That is not true at all. There are a lot of Police Chiefs that do field work. So know what your talking about. Your like a white Kanye… whack

    • Notorious Cocksucker

      Yo B O B… You’re a fucktard! Now go stroke Kanye’s micro machine and hopefully get blown up. Pardon the pun. WHAT!

      • Notorious_bob

        did my comment bother your little sad troll heart so much you had to create a fake faceless ID to troll me? wow, what’s it like to be home alone all night on a saturday?

    • Frank

      You’re a douche. Just sayin…..

    • Antne07

      He didn’t start out as a police chief. He had to work his way up to that. He started from the bottom and now he’s there.

      • ScissorFox


    • Brandon Nyte

      I’m sure he had to work his way up to that position.
      Even if he may not be on the streets working now, at some point, I’m sure he was braving the streets. They wouldn’t just elect some random person to run the police force. The man served is dues to become police chief, he has a right to address these matters.

    • Otteroo

      He didn’t get there by being a desk jockey and If he is patrolling, he is still putting his own life at risk. Even if he isn’t, that is not the point, Kanye thinks his job is as dangerous as the police or military. This Ree-diculous horses ass mo of a fo needs a cap in his ass to bring reality into focus a little better for him. What kind of fantasy world is this biotch living in?

    • bill

      well he had to work his way up to the position…he may be “braving” podiums, but im sure he started on the street and worked his way up. he has just as much right to say it as any cop

    • jim

      The Chief has paid his dues son

    • AngryLibertarian

      Yes, Notorious_boob, podiums and press are part of his job – like this letter. As Chief, he stands up and represents every officer in his department (just as his chief did for him when he was Patrol Officer Oliver, you know – in the past?). And I’d say he did a damn fine job here.

      • Notorious_bob

        i agree, when viewed as a representation of the other cops in his office, then it works.

  • Ricki

    Kanye wasn’t talking about his rapping career. He was talking about the part of his show/concert where he performs haning off the side of a cliff.

    • cool

      That still has absolutely no comparison to putting your life on the line the way people in the military do.

    • Jim McDowell

      It wouldn’t matter if Kanye was performing in a locked cage with a dozen rabid bears. Is his life on the line? Sure. But why is his life on the line? For no reason greater than self-glorification and increased wealth. His sacrifice isn’t a sacrifice, because its for noone greater than himself. Its not for the audience, the fans and their favor is a means to an end, fame and money.

      Why is a solider’s or police officer’s life on the line? Not for only glory, because what glory does a bullet bring beyond a day or two in a local paper? Not for money, since they aren’t making it. They’re doing it in service of the country and the individuals who call it home.

  • Ray

    What a dumbass Kayne West is. Enjoy being in the media a lot more since you took up with the spoiled brat that is Kim Kardashian. Two clueless fucks of reality for sure.

  • Mary Ann

    Well spoken Chief.

  • wanda

    That is the truth!!! God Bless !

  • Evelyn Chuter

    Chief YOU ROCK!!!!

  • Michael Rogers

    US law enforcement is useless, artists contribute to society more than any cop

    • Brandon W.

      That was the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard Michael.

      • Dartis Wright

        Not saying what that Kayne is right in the situation but have you faced inner city police officers? Those men/women are vicious. They will kill you and claim self defense.

    • Cindy B.

      I beat if someone robbed you or God forbid, killed one you you family members, you would be looking for/to the police!!

    • Josh

      Right. An entertained world is a safer world. Who needs law enforcement. Geez.

    • Drew Beckwith

      You, Sir, are an idiot!

    • The Big Dog

      OK next time you are robbed. assaulted, crashed into are the victim of any crime or simply lock your keys in your car call an artist and get them to help since they contribute more to society. See if you are safe with them protecting you.

    • ken

      You clearly paid no attention in school, nor have any idea how a society works…go sniff more paint

    • Jim McDowell

      Kanye is an entertainer, not an artist. An entertainer focuses on providing an outlet for emotion while him/herself gets paid doing it. An entertainer takes on a role that he/her may not actually personally believe or accept for the purpose of gaining recognition. An artist uses media to make a point, to offer criticism, and to spur POSITIVE change. He/she uses their talents to drive society forward, offering new ideas, new philosophies, deeper cultural awareness. An entertainer is entirely uncaring about change beyond their own and immediate situation.

      What exactly does Kanye support? Dropping out of school and selling drugs? Taking to the streets and gunning down people? if anyone actually listens to and/or acts on his words then he is ACTIVELY leading the moral decline and decay of ALL Americans.

      Is law enforcement perfect? No, but law enforcement, ideally is working to improve society by preventing and removing the ills that present the greatest threats to society’s growth. No one LIKES getting fines, getting arrested, going to prison, but the purpose of those punishments is, just that, they’re PUNISHMENTS, meant to dissuade criminal activity. Criminal activity hurts everyone, on every level. No one LIKES being punished, but if one abstains from criminal actions, then the odds of punishment are greatly lessened.

      So, to wrap on before this rant gets too extreme, by your argument, if someone murdered your mother, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, you, that you wouldn’t want a cop to get involved since dissuading criminal activity is a hindrance to cultural advancement.

    • JG

      You have got to be the dumbest person on this post.

    • Michael Cranny

      I think you might be legally retarded.

  • ort

    What flows out of kanye west is as noxious and poisonous as that which flows from the Fukushima Reactor. I’d rather live next to the reactor.

  • Lord T

    The problem is that police work isn’t very dangerous either. So, they are both fools.

    • Patrick Perez

      If you think that, then you’re either:
      1) Trying to troll by using the wrong kind of bait (because it makes you look stupid).

      2) You’re actually stupid.

      3) You have never been to America, nor have you read about crimes that happened in America.

      • chanti

        i think it may just be stupidity, and the chance to say something even though it’s complete gibberish, let him go he’s obviously challenged

        • Ken

          I agree, he has to be mentally challenged or sniffs a whole bunch of paint all day, every day

      • Nick Murray-Smith

        The military is certainly dangerous… and you can of course be harmed working as a police office but he’s right. There are quite a few professions that are more dangerous.


        • Patrick Perez

          Oh yeah, most certainly. The law enforcement profession is still dangerous in comparison to most jobs, but there are other jobs that put the workers in perilous situations more often than most law enforcers.

          Though the topic here is rappers vs cops, so it’s pretty straight forward.

    • seby512

      Lmao……your an IDIOT !!!!!!!did I say that out loud enough……., here one more time you’re an IDIOT!!!!

      • Jenkins

        You really told him! He’s probably going to rethink his life after that tongue lashing. What a verbal assault!

      • lawl wall


  • francis laroche

    if you rap really fast, without a chance to inhale, you could pass out and hit your head.

    haha I laughed so hard. X)

  • Lord T

    The thing is that police work isn’t very dangerous either, so they are both fools.

    • chanti

      he said police, and military. the whole article is about how kanye was comparing rapping to a dangerous line of work and the police officer addressing that. check yourself..

    • Scott

      You sir, are a moron.

    • Chris Turner

      i guess thats why police officers get killed in the line of duty, cause its not very dangerous.

      • Lord T

        It’s not. The facts are there; go Google them yourselves. Fishing is more frigging dangerous.

        • 5-O wife

          When one goes fishing is it in service of the people around them? Do you go fishing so that your neighbor can sleep better at night knowing you’re out there with your fishing pole?

          • blackfargo


          • Lord T

            That doesn’t happen, though. I know you are married to a cop, but for christ’s sake, a LEO’s job is not to protect me … or you … or anyone else. Stop romanticizing this BS and maybe idiots like Kanye will one day stop it, too.

          • 5-O wife

            Ok, I’ll tell him to stop arresting people for driving drunk or beating their wife, because that isn’t his job. Then maybe he’ll make it home when his shift is actually over.

          • lawl wall.

            He don’t come home on time cuz he busy fuckin’ that girl he saved. GG

          • 5-O wife

            That’s just fucked up, man. Shut the hell up.

          • bvfdff

            so what is the job of a police officer then? please enlighten us

          • James

            If they’re tryna eat dinner

          • 5-O wife

            Hahaha, touche!

        • bvfdff

          well do us all a favor and go fish your ass right off the pier…the less people we have like you the better off we all are

    • JJ

      This nigga is retarded! Lmao

    • 5-O wife

      The story I’m posting happened in Utah-Utah, not really a high crime state. The police officer was simply checking on a couple in a car on the side of the road, probably just wanted to make sure they were ok. http://www.ksl.com/?sid=26677416 Go ahead and tell Sgt. Johnson’s wife and kids that police work isn’t dangerous, I’m sure they’d agree wholeheartedly. I understand that being a police officer isn’t the MOST dangerous job, there are many things that are much more dangerous, but they literally never know when someone might pull a gun on them for no apparent reason; and they’re out there to protect morons like you. I say a little prayer every day as my husband puts on his bullet-proof vest that he’ll be ok. Just last night an officer was shot about 30 min from where I live, it’s scary dude!

      • Lord T

        “Protect” lol.

        The only thing a cop protects is the municipality. That isn’t even my interpretation on things; the Supreme Court agrees.

        • 5-O wife

          How so? Seriously, give me a link to what you’re talking about, and maybe I’ll understand what you mean.

          • Lord T


            And before I get mistaken, I have no issue with the police and/or the military. I do, however, have a HUGE issue with calling them – or even insinuating that they are – heroes. They are not.

          • 5-O wife

            Just because they don’t have a legal duty to protect doesn’t mean they don’t choose to. Why do you think they pick that career? Don’t get me wrong, some of them pick it for the power they gain from it, but that is a small percentage. I’m not saying they’re all heroes either, but if people think Kanye is, and won’t even consider a cop or soldier to be on the list, we, as a society have a huge problem.

          • kajsfhak

            To compare a Police officer to a soldier is wrong. Yes police put their life on the line everyday and I respect what they do but to compare this with a soldier who when entering a deployed location like Afghanistan is on high alert because of mortar rounds that hit all the time. As someone who has been to Baghdad and experienced the dangers I can say I rather be a police officer than a troop in a deployed location. Kanye is just and idiot and what really needs to happen is someone like a soldier needs to kick his ass. I don’t want people to take me the wrong way with this I believe a police officer has a tough job and this is a very risk job.

          • 5-O wife

            I actually completely agree with that whole sentiment. I definitely think soldiers are in more danger than almost anybody. You did lump them together yourself above, though, saying that neither should be called heroes. Anyone who voluntarily goes overseas to fight for the rights of people they don’t even know is a hero in my book!

          • 5-O wife

            sorry, Tom, I looked at the wrong post when replying to you. I agree completely.

  • Cilla

    I dont like police but damn can’t be mad at the man he spoke the truth & as they say to people that hate on the truth , – the truth hurts lmao good words i liked this it was true

  • tom

    All I can say that kaye West is one stupid person that thanks he is Jesus…he is just like Obama……who cares about them …I don’t care…..

    • Juan

      How is Kanye West like Obama? I’m actually very curious.

      • bvfdff

        theyre both a bunch of retards that think they are entitled to everything

        • Gabrielle Alyse


    • AntRodrigues

      Your a bigger fool than Kanye for throwing Obama in this.. your obsession with Obama is very sad and alarming.

  • tom

    Kanye’s life is on the line everyday, he is married to Kim K and involved with that family…..look at what happened to Bruce Jenner’s face……

    • mackin

      Cdfu good one lol

  • whougonnacall

    If you don’t like police, Next time something happens to you call someone else… The reason you don’t like cops is because you’re on the wrong side. Thank you to All police and military! I appreciate what you do!

    • Lord T

      The problem is we have to call the police because we can barely own guns and the insurance company won’t believe our side of the story without a police report.

      The cops are entrenched in this society like ticks. They are also about as useful. Call me back the day a cop STOPS a crime.

      • Guest

        To all the people saying police officers don’t deserve that kind of respect because the numbers show cops dying in the line of duty is rare. To me, it’s more about what they do on a day to day basis and who they come in contact with. Sure it depends on where you do your policing but these guys see the worst of society every single day. They deal with drug addicts, the mentally ill, and an overwhelming amount of domestic violence calls among other things. They have to deal with the worst our society has to offer every day. That would be taxing on a human being. I haven’t always had great experiences with the police, but I damn sure respect and honor what they do. Much more than an overrated rapper.

        • 5-O wife

          Thank you.

      • 5-O wife

        Give me your number and the next time my husband gets a domestic violence call and gets there before the dude kills his wife/girlfriend-or the wife/girlfriend gets a gun and kills him (might be self defense, but she still has to go the rest of her life knowing she shot someone)-I’d be more than happy to call you. He’s only been a cop 4 months and he already saved a lady’s life by getting there quickly and arresting the guy.

      • AntRodrigues

        You can barely own guns? Where is that the case? You can’t afford those guns and or pass the test, that is probably your issues.

      • ty

        Shut up scott

  • Juan

    People whining about Kanye is just as annoying as whatever he does nowadays. It has been happening for years. Just get over it, ignore it, and stop getting so butthurt about someone who isn’t going to listen to you anyway.

  • Mike Leitner

    fact is driving a cab or working a cash register in a gas station is
    more deadly than being a cop. do they act like everyone they meet is
    going to kill them like cops do? I hate West. someone ought to tell him
    not to worry. he’s not worth killing

  • swaggle

    Fuckin lame ass police officer preaching to kanye about being an attention whore. Why would this fool go out of his way to confront an entertainer. Talk about power trip. Cops love to personalize everything and they think they are above everyone. Guess what buddy you chose to become a police officer so don’t try to get praise for having to carry a weapon to your computer while you sit on fb trying to.catch kids selling pot.

    • Anthony Wildschut

      swaggle you are an idiot

    • bvfdff

      you sir, are a fucktard

    • AntRodrigues

      Your a fool as much as Kanye! The police Chief chose his position in life and your right….Just like you chose to be an ignorant fool!

    • GAce

      You won the dumbest comment of the day award! Good for you! When did he ask for praise? Kanye is beyond out of line comparing himself to anybody putting himself in harms way, and Chief Oliver was standing up for the people Kanye was trying to belittle by acting like he knows what they go through. You with your accusation of a power trip are almost as bad as the scum you are trying to defend. Good day sir.

    • Tori Campbell

      Well if nobody chooses to be a police officer, who’s going to protect you? Kanye is an idiot, all he does is write some words that rhyme and talk them in a quick manner. That’s not hard at all, dodging bullets is completely different, and is real danger. Standing on a stage is not danger.


      Swaggle…. this chief became an officer to protect our society well the good end of it… my question to you is how do you justify the fact that you have your freedom , would you speak the same words about our militants who fight a lot of them die have died become disabled? they chose to get involved to PROTECT our country … you should be THANKFUL we have our officers, our law enforcements our militants who protect, who stand in the line to risk their lives… every entertainer puts their lives at risk …. BUT HE CHOSEN THAT PATH HE WANTED TO BE AN ENTERTAINER for peoples entertainment. no one put a gun to his head and said you must be an entertainer. HE PUT HIS OWN LIFE AT RISK HE KNEW EXACTALLY WHAT HE WAS DOING… so show some respect for the people who help you gain your freedom protect you …IF KANYE FEELS SO AT RISK AND HIS LIFE IS AT DANGER. THEN HES A BIG BOY HE CAN GET OFF THE DAMN GRID FOR GODS SAKE.

  • chris

    much win. so truth.

  • Tom

    dont worry about kanye. he’s a genius on using words, not common sense.

  • dw

    Chief that was rude making Kanye have a self esteem rupture like you just did calling him out…No in all reality you sir called it with pin point accuracy. Kanye West could not last on a ride along on parking patrol. I admit I do not always agree with police for your statement I take back everything. its appalling how idiots like West feel like they are of the quality to claim a job being more dangerous and important than the military or police. I bet if Rodney king were still alive he would inform Kanye how the police are dead serious in their jobs..

  • tabes8585

    To all the people saying police officers don’t deserve that kind of respect because the numbers show cops dying in the line of duty is rare. To me, it’s more about what they do on a day to day basis and who they come in contact with. Sure it depends on where you do your policing but these guys see the worst of society every single day. They deal with drug addicts, the mentally ill, and an overwhelming amount of domestic violence calls among other things. They have to deal with the worst our society has to offer every day. That would be taxing on a human being. I haven’t always had great experiences with the police, but I damn sure respect and honor what they do.

  • Lauren

    This guy deserves a medal.

  • TrixieLala

    There isn’t anything that I don’t love about this post.
    If only we could harness EGO and use it as a sustainable war weapon; at least it will not pollute the water supply…

  • Josh

    KW is certainly a bit unstable but he’s no dummy. This is all part of his shtick and the media and general public are reacting just as intended. Sometimes stunts like this are so over the top people should just laugh and move on. But there’s always gonna be those who take the bait and give this stuff legs. Miley Cyrus and Justin beiber’s latest antics, for instance, are all well choreographed to create a buzz and designed to transform them from kid stars to adult stars. It’s so plainly obvious yet we all still react in shock when the media reports on the latest “scandal.” We complain but it’s really our own collective fault for falling for it every time.

  • Brigette Denise Insall

    wel said but kanye wont hes such a candyass and to lady like

  • Scott

    If you refer to Kanye as a “idiot”, you are the real idiot. The man has been the most influential person in hip hop music for years now and is recognized as a revolutionary producer in the industry. Calling him a idiot is most moronic statement you can make. If you read the rest of the story, you would know that he wasn’t just referring to performing but the danger of what he does within pop culture. The quote is taken out of context, one of the “dangers” he is referring to. He compared his work to law enforcement because he is trying to combat many aspects of pop culture and fashion, things like racism. And if you try to argue that there isn’t racism in pop culture and fashion, you are simply uneducated. Now comparing himself to a line of work that involves physical danger may not have been the best comparison, but he was just saying the principle of fighting against what’s wrong is similar. I am personally more concerned about my tax dollars paying this man to write a ignorant and useless letter disrespecting someone who he has never met. Not to mention he has NO idea what Kanye was actually talking about.

    • Tori Campbell

      Ignorance ^

    • Star

      shouldn’t have said his job is as dangerous as a police officers or a military personals.

    • Truth

      Kanye is completely full of himself, rude, tasteless, and an ass. Like you Scott, apparently.

      • Ander

        You just called Kanye tasteless and a man voicing his opinion (just like you are) a ass…holy cow what a moron hahaha

    • Nicole V

      The fact that you wrote “a idiot” many times throughout this post doesn’t really prove your point… No one is trying to say that racism doesn’t exist, but just that this moron needs to get a reality check as to the comparison he’s making between rappers and those who protect the lives of others every single day. Also, I’m pretty sure no one’s tax dollars went toward paying this officer to write this letter…

    • Jeffrey Meade

      Seriously? Kanye acts like a petulant 12 year old child on numerous occasions and its sad so many people still don’t see anything wrong with him or the way he acts.

    • Michael Dorame

      So Im assuming you’ve met kanye in person and two are just best friends right? Or are you just all on his dick?

    • jay

      yes he is a revolutionary in the hip hop world… still does not compare ANYWHERE NEAR to what the men and women do in the military and police services… and he probably didn’t write this while he was in uniform working. he probably wrote it at home. duh

    • eat me

      And you know exactly what kanye was talking about right?

    • Sean Gower

      Uneducated because you believe what you feel is right. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. And Kanye is not that great if he is a man join the military and see if he feels the same way. Racism get over it that’s everywhere

      • Scott

        Nothing but respect to armed forces and police, but what defines a man is not whether he is in military service. And saying “racism get over it that’s everywhere” is EXACTLY what the problem is.

    • Tanner Narkoff

      I agree. No one seems to understand that in a comparison of danger, a cop or soldier could easily say they have a more harmful job. A lot of people are thick minded and can’t seem to understand the point you’re saying.

    • Josh

      “Now comparing himself to a line of work that involves physical danger may not have been the best comparison, but he was just saying the principle of fighting against what’s wrong is similar.”

      Ok, playing devil’s advocate here. Even figuratively, how are they similar? Has he taken the baton on behalf of the countless other hip hop artists before him who’ve been destroyed because they dared speak out against an establishment rife with racism, etc.? (Note: sarcasm)

      Is he the first ever megastar black artist brave enough to do so?

      No and no.

      Anyone remember Public Enemy, NWA, etc.?

      Best I recall, most members of those hardcore groups made millions and managed to survive to middle age and counting without being taken out by the establishment. And PE was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.

      I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

      KW is a talented artist/entertainer with a penchant for bomb throwing and crazy antics. This whole thing is just plain silly showbiz shenanigans and should be treated as such – as I stated in my earlier post.

      • Scott

        Everything you said here is true. I’m not trying to say that his comparison is accurate, just trying to enlighten people as to what Kanye’s mission is and why he said it. It’s the ignorant comments from people who don’t know the first thing about him accept what they see on magazines covers or Access Hollywood that really grinds my gears. I just find it silly that people paint him as such a villian when his motives are actually admirable (but yes, sometimes a bit crazy and over the top). Thanks for a well thought out response and not “you and Kanye are gay” or something dumb like that. And coming from a hip hop critic, thanks for mentioning Public Enemy.

    • packrfan4

      Scott, do you live in Brimfield, OH? If not, quit complaining about how your tax dollars are spent because your tax dollars aren’t being used to subsidize the Brimfield, OF police force.

  • Robert Prevost

    Kanye, you wouldnt last ten minutes! Mean that bro, now if ur true, which i doubt, youll apologize to the real women n men who you who put their lives on the line for you n ur gang bangin crew.

    • Melo

      Seems you’re slightly misinformed. Not that I necessarily support his statement, but since when has Kanye ever rapped about anything having to do with gangs, violence, drugs, or anything of similar nature unless he was describing the conditions in which he was raised? Just curious. Let’s not feed into stereotypes, shall we?

  • Robert Prevost

    Wow just read a bunch of idiots comments. Hope anyone who wrote those things never need help

  • Joe

    Excellent points! Well said!

  • Sylvia Jackson House

    This person is not worthy of any comment, except for one just posted by a REAL MAN

  • Aaron Bellman

    Kanya is gay

  • Febby

    He’s just hallucinating !

  • Tanner Narkoff

    Rappers and music stars are in front of thousands of people who could easily conceal a weapon or gun. His music could potentially save people as well. In a way, yes he is like a cop. “In a way”. For the cop to write this shows he has a very low comprehension level.

    • THIS GUY

      you must be just as arrogant as kanye :(

      • Tanner Narkoff

        Nope, but thanks for asking! :)

        • Christina

          That didn’t look like a question but going off your other statements you obviously wouldn’t know the difference

    • Tony


    • AF

      This ignorant statement is obviously coming from a person who has never been shot at. Come with me on my next tour to Afghanistan and see if you still feel the same then Tanner.

      • Tanner Narkoff

        You obviously can’t place yourself in another persons’ shoes. He risks his life getting on stage just like a cop does. I said in a way and put quotes after it too so people would get the point. You rebounding a conversation with a point that does not make sense. I’m not comparing what career is more dangerous. I’m saying both have their equivalents.

        • AF

          There is no equivalent to be drawn between standing on a stage singing and spending a year in a combat zone where you are constantly under fire. Something as simple as driving a mile down the road can turn deadly by an IED. Do you want facts? 6,200 American Soldiers lost their lives and 50,000 more were injured fighting to protect your rights just since 2001. How many celebrities have given their lives for your freedoms? Including your freedom of speech – even if it is misguided.

        • Jenny Shelton

          Yea he put he’s stupid ass on risk when he was being a racist bastard to Taylor swift on stage

          • Tanner Narkoff

            Haha, right! That was rude and that’s not what a real man would do. Then again he probably did it to create a “media scandal”.

        • CptPhoenix

          Oh, so I guess we all risk our lives as well since we go outside everyday. We’re in front of people too, so we’re risking our lives as well. I guess I’m a cop or some other military personnel. Thank God for that since I was just about to start another job. I don’t want to get overloaded with all this work.

        • Mindy James

          How in all that is holy can you find ANY “equivalents” when comparing police and/or military to Kanye West? What are you smoking kid? I would want some but after reading your statements and replies I think I’ll bypass the chance as I would hate to appear as ignorant as you! WoW!

    • Steeven

      Weird, the music playing in my MRAP didn’t stop the IED from going off. So for the love of good…find a tall building and jump.

      • Tanner Narkoff

        That’s a rude comment that you technically shouldn’t say. And I said, “His music could potentially save people as well.” If you can not read, please do not leave a comment that’s not constructive.

        • Kris

          What does “technically shouldn’t say” even mean?! lol

          • Tanner Narkoff

            It’s the internet, you can say what you want within means due to freedom of speech, but at the same time it’s inappropriate.

        • kevin

          Hmm I guess my farts could “potentially save people” as well.

    • Sean Gower

      Your an idiot. They could have guns nobody knows in war they have big guns grenades idiot wow

      • Tanner Narkoff

        That sentence was constructed poorly, but I get what you mean. I never said one job is more dangerous than another, and being in war of course is more dangerous. I put quotes after the sentence saying “in a way”. That there is stated clear enough and explains itself.

        • ARealPerson

          Anyone who needs Kanye to get through there day needs a serious reality check. If anyone is categorizing what he does as a “public service” then they are warped. I’m confident that the world would be a better place if he would stop rapping. I would feel safer that way. One less enemy in the war for my African American son to grow up to be a productive member of society and not a real n****! One less music video out there for my daughter to look at and think that’s what she needs to be to be beautiful. But someone posted something about supporting him is a choice in America, and the fact that he makes more than a soldier would make in a lifetime of service says there are lots of people who love him, and that’s there right. But what little risk he takes solely for money and people with no self worth who find their way to live through the day in his lyrics should not be compared to people who serve their country by dying, losing limbs, seeing their fellow man die in protection of our rights. like the right to get on tv with 20 half naked women and rhyme about how awesome your house and car are.

    • gordonsoderberg

      Rappers are in front of thousands of people who want to see them. His music could potentially save someone it they got so sick of it that they leave the show before they kill themselves or him. I was a the 121212 concert and He SUCKED!

    • Sally

      Wow. Tanner I’m guessing you’re a 14 year old boy who’s only danger in life is missing curfew. Although I am glad you can use the word comprehension in a sentence, I think it’s misplaced. I’m not too sure how Kanye could possibly save lives unless bragging on yr money and saying yr own name repeatedly feeds a starving child everytime he says it is actually how it works then no. He doesn’t save lives or risk his life. Officers not only carry weapons and protect you, they are social workers, domestic referees, first aid responders, they bring babies into the world when necessary and would protect a holes like u from bullets. That’s how they differ. Grow up kid.

      • Tanner Narkoff

        You throw nothing but insults, and you don’t realize what he does. Music has just as much power as a gun. Sure, his lyrics aren’t influential, but some people need that music to keep their day going/get through the day. You made a long post, but it’s redundant because all you are doing back is making an insult and not comprehending what I wrote. Welcome to the internet :)

        • Sally

          Tanner love. I’ve listened to rap before hip hop. Then hip hop for longer than you have been alive. I’m not saying I don’t like his beats. I’m saying that his comparison is ridiculous and he doesn’t need u to stick up for him. I work with police officers everyday and see how they deal with ppl on a daily basis. I also have been introduced to the internet before. I’m assuming before u were born as well. I’m not insulting you. Just hoping you see the errors in yr thinking. Tool. Oops that was an insult. I apologize

        • Kren

          Tell that to John Lennon.

        • don

          Kanye’s music helped researchers find a cure for the zombie virus

      • Able’s Page

        protect us lmao…..you people are BLIND http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh1zornUVv8

    • Geno

      Umm don’t you get checked at the door?? Lmfao wow people are dumb kayne is a fool he just needs to stop and worry about his family!!

      • Tanner Narkoff

        You get checked by the door, but there are always a way for things to happen. Similar to a president getting shot. You can’t take in to consideration all the x variables.

    • Joe

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….YOU my friend are an idiot, please now leave the gene pool…dry off and go home…

      • Tanner Narkoff

        It is pretty snowy outside, so thanks! And leaving a gene pool is physically impossible. I dont think there is actually a pool that’s collectively made of genes. I heard of swimming pools but you know… gene pools.

    • nuttonbutton

      Yeah, he’s totally a cop in front of that security checked crowd, behind all those body guards. How could I ever doubt him?

    • Tanner Narkoff

      Let me reiterate this because most people can not read an internet post. His job is not nearly as dangerous, it only contains some elements that make it comparable. Of course being in a line of fire is a lot more dangerous, that is a no brainer. No argument to that. But his music empowers some people to make it to the next day, encourage them to set their goals higher, and enjoy music in a different style.
      Here is a quick lesson as well. When you make an internet post/reply, make it constructive. Yes I wrote the cop has a low comprehension level, but that is because his post came from nothing but redundancy and built up emotions. So please, read a post and read the whole thing before spamming the reply button.

      • Michael Cranny

        If someone were to shoot at Kanye they’d be doing society a favor.

    • Kendall Vasquez

      Tanner is a child. He is mere high school graduate who has yet to over come certain developmental milestones. Kanye West has made numerous ignorant statements throughout his career. He has yet to—and that is being optimistic—overcome his own developmental milestones, as has been demonstrated through his ridiculous and childish statements to get the media’s attention. Sure, Kanye West’s music must be inspiring to some. Sure, his music has “empower[ed] some people to make it to the next day,” but has he actually been shot at on stage? No. He is continuously surrounded by body guards and the said body guards are mainly to control paparazzi and over exuberant fans. To compare himself to those in the line of duty and those overseas risking their lives minute by minute is not the best simile to make. Assuming Kanye intended his statement to be a hyperbole, it still is one that should have no been said. From his actions, Kanye has proven to be impulsive with his diction. I am not sure that his vocation contains elements nearly as comparable to those in law enforcement and for a child to say that a well respected cop “has a very low comprehension level” is absurd. Of course the officer felt “built up emotions[!]” He risks his life daily. He has been shot at. Kanye does not fit into any one of those previously stated categories. Now Tanner, I have done as you suggested and “read the whole [post] before spamming the reply button.” I have even furthered your expectations and read every single comment you have left, yet I have not found one redeeming quality. Tanner, perhaps once you attend college you will expand and see the error in your diction. I encourage you to pay attention to the media surrounding Kanye and observe his actions and his choice of words. Perhaps you will understand the pattern that the other adults who have commented in opposition to you see. Do not fret, you shall one day further your maturity.

  • Maria King Larsen

    Great letter, I hope Kanye West reads it and realizes it’s time for him to get off his high horse

  • Kikaider

    Remember Kanye isn’t just gay, he is a gay fish.

  • truthyness

    who cares? he is who he is. he says stupid things. if that offends you; that sounds like something you need to work on

  • IgneousStone

    The only thing this article did was create more publicity for someone who does not need it. The great thing about this country is we have a choice to ignore and not buy entertainers music/literature/medias. Kanye is a flame like many who will die out in time. Yet, if we keep giving him this attention and hang on every word then we are sinking to his level. Therefore we have promoted him further. Chief Oliver’s point was made but at what benefit? Who cares what Kanye thinks?

    • colt

      Right? Honestly, Kanye doesn’t give two fucks about what the cop says because at the end, Kanye is still living lavishly.

  • obviousNED

    I think Kanye was right in what he said. His job is important as well. His music gets people through hard times. He’s a genius at his job and he has to deal with crazy people on the regular. Police can be just as dirty as Kenya, probably worse! Keep rocking Kenya! Shut up everyone else!!!!!! Suck it!!!!!

    • Christina

      I don’t know, I hear Kenya is pretty dirty

    • DEng

      You are a complete idiot, internet troll for even thinking that.

    • Tanner Narkoff

      See! You agree with me :D!

    • Heath Koenig

      Wait… I’m confused. Isn’t Kenya a country in the continent of Africa?? How did we get to talking about politics in a different country?? Oh! Wait! We’re not! We’re reading why you’re just as ignorant as your leader and obvious hero! What a douche bag… :- And we wonder why our country is in the shape it’s in. Smdh

    • stjimmyrulesx

      really hope you’re trolling. Or you’re one of those kids who live in the suburbs and listens to gangsta rap and think the police are harassing you when they smile as you walk by. Major difference between rappers and cops, rappers run a much better chance of not being shot on the way to work. Very few rappers are shot on stage trying to defend people, and they get paid millions to do it. Yes some cops are dirty, but aren’t alot of rap songs about murder, kidnapping, drug dealing etc.

  • youreabunchofmorons

    Reading most of your comments is giving me cancer. Morons.

  • Bill Assande


  • kidkboom

    So the officer was offended by the reference. I hope nobody is fooled into thinking that his willingness to take on a dangerous and low-paying job – in service of in-name-only moralities and edicts handed down by corrupt politicians to be enforced by him and his compatriots who are, from another view, the most wool-pulled suckers of the entire machine in that they willingly do the dirtiest part of the regime’s dirty work and refuse to ask critical-thinking questions – represents or should provide him with the reward of being in any way more important than Kanye, or the blogger who provided us this article, or the guy on the street holding a boxtop “will work..” sign.. because from another point of view, I can assure you, the officer is actively part of a force that is detrimental to some of our society’s most common goals, whereas at least Kanye,, in his doe-eyed stupidity, is doing no actual harm.

    • Flanker21

      Hey kidkboom when you’re done suckin Kanye’s dick and praising him, why don’t ya let him know his job still isn’t as dangerous as military and police force members.

      • kidkboom

        If you want to rank people by how dangerous their jobs are, you should be giving your respect to nuclear divers, or to the heads of third-world states or criminal organizations. The play he was making was not merely one of ‘danger equals status,’ it was one of ‘pre-purchased factory-form morality equal status.’ Which in my mind makes HIM and people with his mindset the “problem in the world today.” Three seconds of critical thought and this man wouldn’t have put paper to pen. No matter how dangerous his chosen line of work happens to be. Kanye may have bought dirty diamonds, but that’s a far cry from splitting up families, punishing sons, oppressing minorities and ensuring the rule of corrupt law in local neighborhoods. Which is more accurate than all that ‘laying their lives on the line to protect their communities against the dangers of the criminal element.’ Anybody who’s actually LIVED in a tough neighborhood can tell you, cops avoid the exact type of trouble they claim to protect us from. And just as often as not, they take palm grease and BECOME that type of trouble. On the other hands, singers sing. And when they’re handed mics sometimes they stupid, stupid things. But that doesn’t require a gun license, so, still no.

    • pandasrkool

      Stupidity is harmful. Apparently it has already affected you if you actually believe that shithead (aka Kanye) isn’t doing any harm.

      • kidkboom

        Comparatively – as I told Flanker just beneath your comment – Kanye is doing little harm. It’s one thing to work for a largely corrupt organization, but it’s another thing to try to convince the world to treat you a caste above others because you do. Kanye sings at the whim of the music/pop industry – he kills people’s paychecks, with bullets made of concert tickets and mp3 downloads and annoying advertising. Being a cop on the other hand means being ready and willing to, in a list of given situations (even assuming morally pristine intentions), kill your fellow man. So, you’ve heard my opinion, obviously you don’t share it. Maybe you’d care to say yours – I’m not the only one who’d like to know what it is you think Kanye has done that compares.

    • Able’s Page
      • kidkboom

        I know two people who have been framed for crimes they didn’t commit by the officers in Poughkeepsie – one who had items planted in their vehicle – this was proven in a court of law. Too bad I don’t have a YT video of that to share with you.

        • Able’s Page

          well how a corrupt queens judge 8 and a half minute conversation… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sxkdWw5ct0

        • Able’s Page

          The pic below was sent to my aunts phone the night of my father’s wake before the funeral at aprox 3:28 in the morning..prior to that a callback number was sent to my aunts phone at aprox 2;18 a.m. My father used to be a Detective for New London CT police dept..and investigated corrupt cops back in the late 80’s…they set him up with a bunch of cocaine(if you go to Able’s Page you can see the document as my cover photo) and the D.A. bailed him out for $20,000…hmmm…well long story short my father beat it all left pissed off people behind and had a brain tumor 2 years ago..well before you know it he moved bakc to N.L. which he vowed to never go back to again..and after these people got me out of the picture it took them a month to murder him..I have altered medical records..bank records..everything..no one would take my case…I was pushed to the point to investigate the “message” to my aunt and it led me to this guy..and I recorded it

  • kidkboom

    I’m sorry, but how long do you have to work as a cop to walk around holding the opinion that “the problem in the world today” has a whole hell of a lot to do with rich boys becoming pop rappers and then being arrogant? Does he think it’s any different than what happened to Frank Sinatra or Chet Baker? No, this is a pretty thinly-veiled attempt to attack somebody of celebrity status for having said a sentence with the name of this officer’s profession in it. I even read it twice, hoping for a glimmer of intellectual life-signs.. but there were none to be found.

    • Michael

      David Oliver was saying that Kanye West comparing his life to that of a Military Member or Police Officer because of his profession is not the same. Even though Kanye West life is out there because of what he does and some people out there despise him amd probably want to take his life. He is by far no comparison to law enforcement by defending the public or protecting others with his own life. That is what Law enforcement is suppose to do and the Military. Not everyone does that however when crap hits the fan Kanye west is just 1 person and is not any better then many who risk their lives. I am pretty sure more law enforcement members and Military Members died in the line of duty then actors making the american dream of wealth and fame. Service members die for the country not for fame or glory but to support those that support the country. And Officers of the law die in the line of duty when they try to do the right thing by acting as a shield to criminal activity to protect civilians. When Kanye west puts his life on the line for someone besides his fame and glory then his act will become of a selfless nature. That is what most Service members do and law enforcement even if some of them do the wrong thing when it comes down to it when they have to protect the people all that bad goes out that window because not the little bit they get paid for it is because there heart goes to the innocent and want to see the injustice served just dues.

  • PleaseKillMe

    I don’t like the idea of Police being compared to the Military. Statistically speaking, being a cop is a very safe job.

    • KDR

      safer than the military who is deployed in some countries, yes…but safe? I believe it’s still in the top 10 most dangerous. I know a cop who died in what was considered a “safe” city. There are other places where a cop can’t even go alone because of how big a target they are as someone hated by the criminals. But I digress. The comparison comes when you think of two professions where people are likely to be shot at and targeted, as well as two professions aimed at protecting others. Those are the major similarities. Most other “dangerous occupations” are dangerous due to the accidents that happen in the workplace, not an anticipated risk where you have “enemies” per se.

      • PleaseKillMe

        It’s not even close to the top 10. That’s not to say that it’s not a respectable position, and when they act properly and constitutionally, they deserve praise, but the comparisons to the military is silly. The vast majority of police work is to be a revenue collector for the state. However, we do take time to recognize fallen officers as we should, but I was just making my argument based on statistics.

    • dan

      Hi. I would have to agree with police not being compared to military….HOWEVER….as a member of the military, I respect a police officer’s job a lot more. They don’t know what the day to day can bring. They go to work every day not knowing what will or could happen….at least when I am on operation….I know what I can expect…well…lol….just saying, as a military member, I show a lot of respect for our law enforcement at home. That’s where it all starts…we’ll take care of the rest;)

      • Able’s Page
      • PleaseKillMe

        You just described every job in the history of the human race. No one knows what can happen. Thankfully, for Cops, they have very very safe jobs that they can hang on to.

    • colt

      Where do you live? In the rich suburbs where cops don’t do anything? Give me a break…

      • PleaseKillMe

        II have lived in all neighborhoods. Wealthy and poor. I am speaking from statistics. A cop’s job is not terribly dangerous. It’s just that simple.

      • PleaseKillMe

        No. It has always been a common misperception that a Cop’s job is dangerous. It simply isn’t no matter where they are at.

    • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

      Yeah because today, cops will just shoot your a$$ and ask questions later! Even if you are holding a stick of butter!
      Now they simply arrest you and let YOU deal with the consequences. Now
      your name is in the record books, and you have to pay all the fines and
      fees and lawyers to get yourself free. Even when the cops KNOW you are
      innocent. They don’t even have to DO their JOB anymore. They let YOU do
      it, at YOUR expense!

      • Erin

        What? I don’t get where people get this idea; probably had a run-in with a d-bag cop at some point, so therefore every cop is like that?

        • djulien

          Not every cop. But enough to make life miserable for thousands of citizens (mostly poor and minority). And there is no effective accountability for criminal cops or criminal soldiers for that matter. And this nation has not fought a just war since WWII. It’s all about money and power and domination by wealthy powerful people who don’t fight or have their kids fight….

        • Idiot

          it'[s because of the 2% that are corrupt. Let alone the other 98% who selflessly go out everyday to protect innocent people who don’t deserve them. Next time you (disqus_lcgocZ8O6h) have to call 911 for help remember your ignorant comments here. And if you put yourself into a situation where they just arrest now, ask later then odds are you were doing something wrong.

        • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

          Because it happens, a lot. Watch the news much?

        • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

          Wake UP! No, not every cop…but yeah it is becoming RAMPANT and out of control. That is like saying because there are a few “good” politicians that some how changes that MOST are not actually corrupt and doing more for special interests and to get kickbacks than to actually SERVE the public’s best interest.

      • kelly

        Sounds like you have put your self in situations that warrant the police presence.”Even if your holding a stick of butter?”Sounds like your part of the problem instead of being involved in the solution.Try to work on giving to this country like our brave military and police officers instead of taking.My Daddy died for you by the way.Enjoy your freedom while you got it…

        • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

          When did I ever say it was ME? Sounds like you don’t have a lot of common sense or the ability to think logically. It was tongue in cheek and based on all the news reports of all the cops who keep arresting, shooting, beating people up for NO crime whatsoever, no proof, no innocent until PROVEN guilty. Please tell me what “freedom” your daddy died for? Whose father, child, mother, sister, brother did he kill in the process? I am sure the gooberment tells you all those brown people “over there” are all trying to jump across the pond to kill us all and hijack all of our airplanes so let’s kill them before they get here.

          How many terrorists have the goons at the airports caught? Oh and if the NSA is doing such a fine job with the billions of dollars and countless time spent reading our emails and listening to our phone calls, how is it they miss all the actual so called “terrorists” until after they explode their crockpots into a crowd of runners, when they claim they already supposedly knew all about the family and their terrorist ties. But please by all means let’s keep believing for our “Safety” and “Freedom” we must go kill all the brown people and spy on all American Citizens, because it is working SOOO well.

  • Outspoken mother

    Two big thumbs up to you Chief Oliver! Kanye is stupid to ever compare himself to our men and women who work to protect us. Weather it be cops or military I give my upmost respect to them. To be a rapper very well may be hard but nothing compared to protectong others who could care less for you. Major kudos for anybody protecting others!

  • jAmie

    Okay well since were on soldiers why wen a cop dies there is this big announcement but wen a soldier dies there is not even so much a picture on the news wen the soldiers are the ones giving everybody a safe place and people a job anyone ever think bout this cops get such a Pat on the back try giving our soldiers a lil more pats on the back cause without them this world b a disaster and cops job would b uncontrollable

    • not an idiot

      and with out common sense no one would know what you are talking about with such terrible grammar.

    • leo801

      Please god, tell me YOU’RE not one of the soldiers you speak of.I sorta remember the men I served with being able to form a cognitive thought and an actual, legible paragraph.

    • Erin

      Every time a soldier dies or is injured that is from my state, all the local news stations spend quite a bit of time on it. I think the national news doesn’t want to talk about it because it isn’t happening here, and a lot of Americans have the mentality “out of sight, out of mind” and don’t want to know what is really happening overseas.

  • F0x

    Check yourself, before you wreck yourself….*drops mic*

  • Sandman006

    Kanye… How does my ass taste??? Mic drop….

  • Lisa_Catara

    Chief Oliver- Holy @%#! Kanye does NOT represent me, Sir. Nor does he represent my friends and colleagues in TV/film who are some of the most humble, selfless talented and compassionate souls Ive known. Of course, we are only the 95%. So you know, there are many retired and active military, SEALS and cops (as well as former convicts & gang members) who work in the TV/Film industry. So we all get to hear the reality of the challenges/dangers of those jobs and we appreciate their efforts. Not the same as rapping/performing at all. https://twitter.com/lisa_catara

  • Lelu

    #standingovation #hatsoff

  • xx_x

    a racist cop, my heavens who ever could have imagined it..

    • huhu

      you ignorant fool!!

    • NewPresidentNewProblems

      A racism cop out, who ever could have imagined it..

      • xx_x

        sorry, didn’t mean to troll or make assumptions, just reading these kinds of things, people get heated sometimes, you know. anyway, i apologize; now in all sincerity i hope this officer’s mother is hit by a fatal heart attack on the same day his kid gets hit by a car. cops are subhuman scum. god smiles on you all, have a blessed weekend.

      • xx_x

        and “our heroic military members” are murderers

    • Guest

      sorry, didn’t mean to troll or make assumptions, just reading these kinds of things, people get heated sometimes, you know. anyway, i apologize; now in all sincerity i hope this officer’s mother is hit by a fatal heart attack on the same day his kid gets hit by a car. cops are subhuman scum. god bless you all.

  • David Smith

    How did this become a discussion of Cops vs. Military? I’m sure regardless of whether you’re a police officer or in our military, your job is significantly more dangerous than being a rapper. That’s what the Chief was addressing.

  • Alex Nash

    At least he doesn’t harass, kill innocent foreign women and children, or set quotas on stop and frisk policies to racially profile and harass the least well-off members of our society inside an institutional framework. At least he doesn’t cover up rampant abuse of the opposite sex. Kanye might be an egotist, and ridiculous, but I feel like as far as problems go, the police and the military have a shitload more to answer for than Mr. West, however awful his music might be.

    • Glenn Colvin

      Well, in my mind…if you think that you can do any better, why don’t you join and serve. 4 or 20, your choice. I’m a 20 year Navy Vet, and I have much pride in my service. At no time did I EVER do anything that you mentioned above. Nor did any of the stellar sailors I served with, over again, a 20 year career. If you haven’t been there, done that, you have no right to criticize or judge. Oh wait, I’m sorry, as a result of our military protecting you and yours from “the bad guys”, whoever they may be, you DO have the right (freedom of speech) to complain. Well, maybe instead of criticizing, you should thank a vet. Just my point of view.

      • Guest

        Thank you for your service!

    • NewPresidentNewProblems

      Typical ignorance. Speaking up for a small percentage of people who actually behave this way.

    • erik

      I dont hear you complaining as you go to sleep in peace every night..yeah a percentage of military and police my be corrupted. But I dont see you sleeping in a fox hole fighting for not only your life but so you can live out yours in peace. Good thing we have super stars who do so much for us…oh wait….

    • Vero

      Are you an officer or in the military, I mean you are so educated in their daily lives you must be

    • Matt Rutsch

      Typical selfish civilian. I am currently serving in the USN. We serve our country on a daily basis in order for YOU to live a safe and comfortable life. Do you seriously think all members of the military harass and kill innocent foreign women and children? I certainly never have done such a thing. So for you to make such a statement just shows how ignorant of a person you really are. Being in the military means I am forced to make sacrifices for my country which directly impact my family. We do all this so that civilians like yourself can safely live your life. For you to appreciate Kanye West who has absolutely no positive effect on your life, over the men and women who are protecting you and your freedom shows how much of a selfish coward you really are. But regardless of how pathetic you are, we are here to protect YOU and make sure YOU live a cowardly life in peace. YOU are welcome!

      • Guest

        Thank you for your service!!

      • Able’s Page

        No disrespect…thanks for serving our country…but you say we’re free…the Constitution disintegrated this year…our own troops come home and see the reality of what they fought for we are supposed to be free but that’s not the case…here’s from your own…and if you really wanted to PROTECT US…why don’t you do what Egypt and Ukraine did and STEP UP to our REAL ENEMY…If I was you soldier I’d watch this video of your OWN SPEAKING…WAKE UP…again no disrespect BUT I WILL SPEAK THE TRUTH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh1zornUVv8

      • Able’s Page

        nevermind 3 false flags in the past year and a half…oh and then there’s always 9/11…i mean c’mon…find me a video of a plane hitting the pentagon…and then I’ll back who you fight for…but you aren’t gonna be the one keeping me safe when martial law goes down..nope you’ll prob be the one kicking in my door…TRUTH…again no disrespect

        • Matt Rutsch

          Amazing how people like you love to criticize and remain negative instead of actually trying to do something which could affect the country in a positive way. It is so easy for a person to sit at his computer all day searching information which could prove his/her theory of the government being fcked up. Why don’t you go to poor countries and help in any way you can instead of pricking your pimples by your computer everyday. Tell me this Able, how do you think you would live your life if the police force in our country would be completely removed? Or how powerful do you think our country would be compared to other nations if we had no military deployed abroad? Of course it is impossible for you to understand this because you were most likely spoon fed in everything by your parents all the way through college. Nevertheless, you are entitled to your opinion, and regardless of what your opinion may be, we are here to serve YOU so that YOU can live a life of peace sharpen your government conspiracy thoughts Able.

          • Able’s Page

            lol…brainwashed…I’ll pray for you..I am the poor btw…this is all I’ll leave you with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh1zornUVv8

          • Able’s Page

            and as far as mommy and daddy…my daddy was murdered almost 2 years ago…I have all the evidence and nowhere to bring it cause there’s corruption involved…so thanks for my freedom here sir again no disrespect I took actions in my own hands even got threatened by a queens JUDGE…so I do do things my life is prob on the line…and no college but I am pretty smart and I recorded him to insure my “safety”..ha.. I’m trying to make a difference and it all starts here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sxkdWw5ct0

          • Able’s Page

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Tr3QChAy4Y and this is sunny sheu…So I do stand up for what’s RIGHT sir…I love when the truth is so disturbing that the people who fear it call it a “CONSPIRACY”… tell that to my father sir which was a Vietnam Vet and a Detective…R.I.P. ….and I will do whatever it takes to EXPOSE the TRUTH…sir

      • Able’s Page

        The pic below was sent to my aunts phone the night of my father’s wake before the funeral at aprox 3:28 in the morning..prior to that a callback number was sent to my aunts phone at aprox 2;18 a.m. My father used to be a Detective for New London CT police dept..and investigated corrupt cops back in the late 80’s…they set him up with a bunch of cocaine(if you go to Able’s Page you can see the document as my cover photo) and the D.A. bailed him out for $20,000…hmmm…well long story short my father beat it all left pissed off people behind and had a brain tumor 2 years ago..well before you know it he moved bakc to N.L. which he vowed to never go back to again..and after these people got me out of the picture it took them a month to murder him..I have altered medical records..bank records..everything..no one would take my case…I was pushed to the point to investigate the “message” to my aunt and it led me to this guy..and I recorded it

    • Razor

      11B here with two tours in Afghanistan running combat operations through the mountains and villages, first tour 2010, RC East based out of FOB Gardez , second 2012, RC South based out of FOB Frontenac . Unless you have been in a hostile situation and actually seen a soldier kill an innocent human being on purpose, you really should shut your mouth. In war innocent people die. When ignoring threats, innocent people die as proven on 9/11. Yes sometimes soldiers do lose themselves in what they are doing and I am not so arrogant as to believe that every bit of collateral damage was justified, but it does happen in a place where wolves are hunting wolves. It is a nasty business and when our Commander and Chief tells us we need to go stick our combat boots up the enemies ass we go do it regardless of how we may feel. We swore an oath to our country and that is something you should understand. In this fight some may lose their way because try as we might, what we are forced to do in hellish situations is not easy to remain unaffected by. Right now just sitting back and doing nothing does not work and going and fighting still causes casualties no one wishes to ever see happen, but it does none the less. We in the military will all be judged one day. But it should not be by those with no spine who sit on the sidelines doing nothing but spouting off at the mouth. Your insight as to what goes on in the military and the police is tragic, as at most those involved in such activities are but a small fraction of forces that otherwise do great things, or shoulder the weight of a nation that may not fully understand them or know what they endure, taking them for granted. Truly I am sorry for you. Sincerely,
      a grunt who has actually been to war. Disgusting.

      • David Jones

        Well said.

      • lucas

        Well said. It’s easy to sit and criticize in a nice SAFE home while sitting behind a keyboard. I have never been in the military, but iahve friends and family who have. And I appreciate their service. And to you as well. Thank you for what you do.

      • Matt Rutsch

        Great post. Could not have said this any better.


      INDIFFERENCE! First of all- it doesn’t matter if you are a police officer, serve in the military or a celebrity…danger for all these occupations are REAL! A person CHOOSES whether they want to become a police officer, serve in the military or to become a celebrity (which most don’t make it to this status). Point being people are judging without knowing what its like in all these areas of work. As far as being a police officer- I would not want this job- yes, its dangerous and its one of those jobs where you may ask yourself if you are a police officer, will I becoming home tonight? However, I live in a small town and not much happens…the danger lessens. As far as serving in the military, again another occupation where if you are active duty, you may be asking the same question, will I becoming home tonight? That being said- it doesn’t mean that just because you are a celebrity danger doesn’t exist. There may be a reason why celebrities have bodyguards- (and if they don’t they may want to consider-packing a gun). Built a fort as a residence to keep crazy people out and not to mention the good ole paps! Come on people- to you really think being a celebrity means all glamour and bling…if you do you may want to open your minds just a little more and think- I mean really think of all the factors in someone’s occupation before judging anyone! As far as the Chief in Ohio- I challenge you to reverse the roles! Let Kanye do your job for a day and let the Chief become a celebrity- something tells me the Chief might just change his mind -just a little. I mean come on- if John Lennon and Rebecca Shaffer were still here maybe you should ask them how being a celebrity can be a major occupational hazard!

      • aol

        Really???? Kanye will never last as a police offer, let alone in the service. Kanya has an easy life, His songs and mouth cause him danger of being shot! It’s the money & what power all celebrities think they have when they speak. They are nothing near our service men & women, & police officers. Kanya West wouldn’t work for paddy income, now that he has the taste of money, fans. If he didn’t have his fans Kanye would be a nothing. He’d be just like us, or on the streets.

  • Alex Nash
  • Janine

    Being a rapper is not an obligation. Kanye is getting worst. Same with Kim K.

  • ogtrice

    Kanye don’t listen to the police officer. We thank you for your service!

    • Ziggyzag

      Another dumb ass

  • Kyle1300

    Kanye was painfully foolish for his ignorant comparison, there is certainly no doubt about that. However, this police officer nauseates me just about as much. This man, with his “fan base”, is outright attacking a person for attention, only because Kayne had a mistake in judgement during an interview. I highly doubt this officer wrote the letter for any other reason than to stroke his own ego and to get public approval. Many of us would get caught saying ignorant things occasionally if we were in that much spotlight. Kanye saying something horribly stupid does not make it acceptable for a police officer to publicly berate him in that manner. An officer of the law should show more maturity and just shake his head when these things happen,

    • Guest

      Wow. Seriously. You’re as dumb as Kanye West is. That officer was 100% right and made a true point. Please, do us all a favor and just don’t say anything as your opinion seems to be as ignorant as Kanye West’s disreputable comment. -__-

      • Kyle1300

        I completely agree with the officer. He made a great point. However, I’m pretty sure anyone who heard Kanye’s statement would be able to see his stupidity on their own. This officer’s letter only served to repeat what most of us probably already thought; therefore, the only logical reason he wrote this letter was to roast him for his mistake. It’s basically a cheapshot at an easy target. A person who is given the level of authority that a policeman carries should be above that needless assault of fellow human being, whether it be a celebrity or a everyday person.

    • NewPresidentNewProblems

      Kyle1300, just as ignorant as Kanye.

    • dmac

      damn straight

    • shannon attwood

      Yes, it does make it acceptable. Many of us are tired of the entertainment culture over rating themselves. Mr. West is a public figure and it is perfectly appropriate to criticize whatever he says or does. Thank you Chief Oliver.

    • m.

      kanye doesn’t make “mistakes”. When he opens his mouth…well, there is no word for it. …kanye publicly berates himself.. Enough said.

      • xTRoyx

        Exactly, so there is no actual need for this officer’s letter. So why write it? To get a pat on the back from his internet followers and more attention for himself.

        • David Jones

          Isnt that what kanya did?

          • xTRoyx

            Definitely. But he is not a police officer. Is he?

    • gnut

      How often does Kanye say something stupid u effing idiot.

      • Kyle1300

        Kanye says something stupid practically every day. Everybody knows he is an idiot. That’s HIS problem though. The officer is not going to change Kanye with this letter, and he doesn’t want to. If he wanted that, he could write it privately. He wrote it in a way that everyone could see his verbal sparring and be impressed with his eloquent and intelligent chastising of another. He wrote this letter to make people continue to notice him. That’s ‘okay’ if you are a comedian, a blogger, etc… But he is a police officer.

        • Amber

          He’s also just a person just like the rest of us. You don’t have to be a comedian or blogger to voice or interject your opinion about something (just like you and I are interjecting ours on here now) who better to say something about Kanye’s comparison than someone who lives this everday. And yes I know Kanye will never read the letter, and that even if he did it wouldn’t change anything. I don’t blame the cop for saying something; how would you feel if you put your life on the line for others (most who don’t appreciate you ) just to have someone compare putting on concerts and making albums to that. Lets see the possibility of being shot or killed while out on patrol and being a middle class citizen, or having paparazzi and wild, crazy fans in your personal space all the time and getting paid millions of dollars…hmmm Nowhere near the same thing. I personally know, and I think we all can relate, but I hate when people try to compare their job to mine or take away from what I do.

  • Another Officer

    Kyle……. your an idiot….. that is all. :)

    • blahblahblah

      You’re*… idiot.

  • blackjoe

    Kayne is a fuckin moron running down the people that made him rich! I use to listen to his music but ovr last few yrs I’ve lost a lot of respect for him

  • LouieTheTruth

    Kanye has it HARDER than a pussy cop. Cops deserve to get shot. Rappers like Tupac and Biggie had more to lose than officer dickhead over here. When this fat pussy copper dies, nobodys gonna remember him, but when kanye dies, the world will stop.

    • Ziggyzag

      You’re an Idiot

      • erik

        I hope someday your life depends on a cop and kanye gives you a call lmao he will save you.

  • Annoyed

    This officer is an effin idiot.. I’m tired of people comparing everything to military vets.. Oh they’re so heroic.. Oh they give us our freedom.. blahblahblah.. They’re pawns in a politicians illegal corrupt war which is solely based around financial gain.. We accept the fact that these individuals whom are signed up for these “Cabals” are granted the ability to take another human beings life because it’s in the name of their ALMIGHTY country.. Freedom isn’t free unless you’re forcing your political views down somebody else’s throat or killing off their population with weapons of mass destruction because they want money, power and control of the worlds resources they already have an overabundance of.. I’m pretty sure if we took half the money we spent on war and funded an ideal that actually gave back to the general population and progressed humanity in nature, we’d be much better off I assure you of this.. “Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through the force of arms.” – Ron Paul

    • MColuccio

      you’re a joke… The fact that you can say an American who serves our country is not heroic because they merely protect our freedom is actually unbelievable. Unless you yourself have served our country, which based on your ignorance and conjecture you likely have not, then you have no right to downplay what these courageous individuals do for us. Those people allow us to sit at our computers and voice our opinions without repercussion so you might want to think before you write something so ridiculous. I do think that we take advantage of war to gain resources and political advantage but that in no way, shape or form makes these individuals less heroic or honorable. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Amy

      What’s funny is our troops at this very moment are overseas away from their families serving this country and there u sit in front of your computer doing god knows what down grading them for the selfless work they are doing. You should be ashamed.

    • Guest

      Well don’t go calling the police when someone breaks in your house to come and save you since you seem to think that this police officer is an idiot and why should a police officer risk their life to save someone elses life that doesn’t appreciate it!

    • Guest

      You sir are a D bag. No class. Your comments are so ignorant that I’m not sure if your a troll or just a stupid moron. I’m inclined to believe the latter.

    • Todd Myers

      You can be “annoyed” all you want…

      • blahblahblah

        again… grammar. It’s the worst one too. Shall I elaborate on the explanation or do you know what you’ve (see what I did there) done?

    • Mallory

      Did you read the article idiot?!?!?!

    • Annoyed by Annoyed

      Hey “Annoyed”!!! Our country certainly isn’t perfect…with that being said. It’s the only country where YOU have the luxury (freedom) to sit and type your “EMO” comments from your mom’s basement. If you’re so fed up and unappreciative of this country, and the men and women that make sacrifices to afford you that freedom…..Please feel FREE to go be “Annoyed” living somewhere else! That is all.

      • AnnoyedPwnsYou

        Did you forget it’s because we’re in control of the federal reserve? You know what that is correct?

      • AnnoyedPwnsYou

        You know China lent us 20 billion and we turned around and gave it to the Philippines correct? We can’t pay China back and now Obama is handing them real estate in the U.S…

      • Annoyed by Annoyed by Annoyed

        the “only country” where you have the freedom to blah, blah, blah? please do yourself a favor and get a passport then go see the rest of the (much freer) world instead sitting at home and perpetuating the global stereotype of ignorant american.

        • haters say blah blah blah

          I have been to other countries “Guest”. The world is a rough place to live and survive…Even in the “much freer” ones. All I’m saying is that if you have so much content and dislike for this nation, nobody is forcing you to stay. Something tells me people like you would ALWAYS find something to complain and whine about anyway. So go live in a “much freer” place and then you’ll be allowed to hate all of us ignorant Americans. Blah Blah Blah

        • Able’s Page

          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh1zornUVv8 …you sound like the ignorant american…If you call this free…you are brainwashed

    • Zachary Hunt

      Westborough bassist church?? Trying to take away the respect of a soldier, your a disgrace. They don’t ask to go to war, so yofor realur right the politicians are to blame. Doesn’t mean you have the right to talk down on a soldier!!!

      • Zachary Hunt

        This is to the idiot who quoted Ron Paul at the end of his rant, tried to post it to his comment but it didn’t work

        • annoyed

          You have a problem with Ron Paul? Funny how Obama felt so threatened by him, he had him censored on live television… Ron Paul was the only true president that would have turned this country around… Now we’re stuck with Obama and all the destruction he’s causing to our country… Please go on about all that Obama has done for our country… It’s okay, I’ll wait…

      • annoyed

        Actually they do ask to go to war.. THEY SIGNED UP… If humanity stopped buying into this b.s. propaganda forged by corrupt politicians there wouldn’t be any wars to fight cause no one would care… If the media was non existent and everyone had to live their life based on real personal experience rather than buying into absurd fictitious war propaganda… would countries actually hate other countries for what they have? For what so called “freedoms” they had? I’m pretty sure they would be worrying about better their own situation rather than sticking their heads in someone else’s business.. Would other countries want to wage war on other countries because they themselves actually had a hatred for someone 12,000 miles away? Probably not…

        • Seriously?

          personal experience? with what government or social structure? are you an anarchist?

          • annoyed

            Personal experience as in living life without politics being rammed down my throat and being told I need to support the murdering of others because my country tells me too… Are you the anarchist?

        • sasquatch

          there is truth to what your saying.. but your preaching to the wrong crowd. save your energy… and figure out ways to put your insight where it’s useful.

          • annoyed

            helping the world become more energy efficient and pushing funds back into the economy isn’t useful? Please tell me how killing off a population of individuals who are just as brainwashed as our country but are much less funded is useful? I’ll wait…

          • sasquatch

            i stand corrected.. you seem to be part of the crowd it’s self.
            in other words, you have plenty of knowledge and foresight,
            but your methodology of persuasion is unsound.

          • annoyed

            That’s because people are too close minded / ignorant to believe anything other than what they’ve seen on the tv.. Funny how 90% of the media in the U.S. is controlled by 6 corporations…

          • sasquatch

            yes I know, and those can be traced back to two or there families who control not only the media, but the banks.
            one worlds government is in order, sooner or later.
            again, not arguing with your ideals. just challenging you to take a different approach.
            people won’t believe you unless they trust you… and they won’t trust you unless they believe you have their best interest in mind.

      • Derek Lopez

        Indeed he does b/c that’s what everybody does. From talking down what an entertainer does and what a soldier does, people talk them down either way. Both are pawns for someone else’s financial gain. But the thing is nobody forced them to be in the army or an entertainer. and to think someone is in the army solely for their country is a naive statement. But to say someone is uneducated b/c of his career is absolutely ridiculous. People need to get off those high horses they’re on and judge their own success.

    • WOW

      Annoyed-you obviously are very uneducated and have never been in the military. That’s ok though….myself and my family have fought for this wonderful country so that you can get on the Internet and say ignorant things. I hope for your sake you never have to loose a loved one to war or from some dumbass that decided to kill a cop for no reason. Oh and you can go f#@k yourself!

    • RLB2 camp phoenix

      I am currently deployed in Afghanistan. And to be honest, im proud of what I do. To have read ur comment about soldiers not being heroic and that us being out here has nothing to do with freedom, clearly u are misguided. Usually I will tell like it is, but it being the holidays and I dont want ignorant punks getting to me distracting me from defending your freedom to cowardly sit on a computer at home and bash at those who I’ve watch fallen in front of my eyes here in Afghanistan. I just hope u will do ur research and grow up a llittle. Any happy holidays to u all the way from camp phoenix

      • aol

        RLB2 camp phoenix—Very well said , Thank you Merry Christmas. Hope you all will be coming home soon :-)

    • Phirephreak

      Nice treehugger. hahahahaha

    • BAMM

      It has become such a social norm to automatically accept soldiers as respectful heroes. It is even more accepted that they are always fighting for freedom. Don’t misunderstand, I have high respect and appreciation for those who would willingly lay down their lives for mine, but don’t pretend just because you put on that uniform, those ranks, and load that rifle you are always fighting for a noble cause. In our country one of our many freedoms is the freedom to ironically enslave ourselves to our government and fight for their interests. So while your intentions may be in the right place, by enlisting in our military you hold up the ideals of our government, as corrupt or pure as they may be. And while you so nobly would fight for our freedom, this unfortunately isn’t Braveheart, you fight for whatever the men in the White House tell you to fight for…and that is not always something as blissful as freedom.

      The thing to realize before one joins a military force is, do the people staying or forcing your hand have the same morals as you? Are those morals justified?
      As Annoyed rightfully said, war is always and undeniably the wrong answer, sometimes the only option, but if people understood each other, there would be no need to force anything.

    • aol

      Annoyed– And just who is their boss, to make them go over and kill, do the things you are accusing them of , like murders! It is the presidents of each & every country around the world, that want control of something. So by your standards we should just get rid of the service period, and when we get bombed are YOU going to fight? or cry like a baby & run. Then turn around & complain cause you didn’t have someone save your life. Like the brave men & women in the service. You should be thank full, that their are others that would DIE for your ass. Paul Ryan was referring to all governments around the world! When he said– “Setting a good example is a far better way to spread the ideas then through the force of arms” Have a little more respect.

  • blahblahblah

    Why are all pro-war citizens so convinced that people fighting overseas are fighting for our freedom?? Last time I checked we won our freedom from Britain a couple hundred years ago. It’s a classic cliche that I see pop up from practically each one. Our current wars are overseas and in no way affect our freedom and in fact, in many ways hinder others. Just because we think we are “awesome ‘muricans” and that our way of life is better, does not mean that we should impose that way of life on others.

    • frost

      Well you might want to check again cause thoses people over there are fighting for that reason look how easy
      It was to get ahold of the plane’s so if we keep the fight in there back yard and not our then all of america has nothing to worrie about

    • Dave The American

      The people who are fighting overseas do not choose their wars. They enlisted in our military and took an oath to protect this nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Just because they are currently fighting in a conflict you think has nothing to do with our freedom, does not mean the next time they are called to fight won’t be in our backyard.
      That is the thing so many people do not think of when they start talking about our military. Being a soldier is a very different job than anything else in this world. If you are a police officer or firefighter you can just up and decide one day “I don’t like this any more I am going to quit”. But a soldier who makes that same decision must still serve out their enlistment term or they are guilty of a CRIME. For this reason soldiers deserve our utmost respect, Those who truly understand the consequences of their actions know when they sign those enlistment papers they are signing their life over for the entire length of that enlistment term. A person who volunteers to be in our armed forces knows they may be called upon to sacrifice their life for the good of their brothers and sisters. THIS is why Kanye West, nor any entertainer, should never compare themselves to a soldier.

      • aol

        Very well said Dave the American!! — You are correct in your whole comment.

    • most are dumb


  • Realreal

    Every single person taking Kanye’s side is most likely black. Sorry one of your porch monkey friends got called out on being a moron.

    • Kiyomi Milu

      Wow. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Go read a book, if your town hasn’t burned all the ones worth reading.

    • PFC Lincoln

      We should be best friends Realdeal :)

      • black person who hates kanye

        Apparently ALL black people are uneducated, ignorant imbeciles who compare rapping to police work/military service. Realdeal and PFC Lincoln, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were joking. But if not, shame on you. You disgrace every infantryman defending your sorry, bigoted asses.

  • Paul

    Kanye is a disgrace…good job

  • matt

    Ok ppl can chose to go over seas an rappers think there life is so hard I think ppl that our fighting wars an cops should get paid more than a rapper now thats bullshit

    • blahblahblah

      Grammar Nazi retires… it’s too much to handle. Although I sort of almost kinda agree.

    • aol

      mattSpoken like a true American! I believe the same way.

  • PFC Lincoln

    Unfortunately this officer was wrong to tell Kayne to join the military. He may take that as a challenge and try. Again I say TRY. I highly doubt he would be able to pass his ASVAB or MEPS. He’s too much of idiot. If by chance he did actually make it to BCT, the drill sergeants would tear him apart

    • Guest

      I doubt he could pass a simple drug test either. He is obviously on something lol!

    • Shannon Howard Garcia

      I would pay to watch him get reamed by a drill instructor. It would warm my heart!

      • Amanda Fujioka

        love to see my own uncle tear this dude apart. he’s a drill Sergent in the Army. love my uncle to pieces. Kanye has no idea what he’s pushing himself into.

        • aol

          My boys are drill S. In the Army also :-) , I would love to see Kanye , try to speak back to them if, Kanye did like what they say IN YOUR FACE! That would be a show in it’s self HAHAHA have a good day

  • Able’s Page

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh1zornUVv8 yea we’re FREE thanks to ya’ll

  • Annoyed
  • Annoyed
  • Annoyed
  • Kiyomi Milu

    Kanye is a victim of narcissistic rage, by his own doing, mind you. I don’t often side with cops (NYPD is notorious for hate crimes and bigoted service) but the use of satire was well played. And can people stop using race and ethnicity as justification for individual actions? It’s just neo nazi rhetoric and it’s boring, to say the least.

  • David Jones

    Anyone that is on here bashing this cop or siding with that stupid talantless moron deserve to to dropped of in Afghanistan and see how much they miss the stars and strips then, or you deserve to have some low life who has f’d his own life up shove a gun in you face for the money in your pocket or have your car stolen by a “thug/gangster”. Dont go crying about the state of out nation or how bad our country is, just call Kanye, im sure he qould be more then happy to help you. You uneducated, ungreatful, morons.

    • lrn2spl


      • truth

        Yeah to be fair Kanye actually does have quite a lot of true talent… He’s just annoying as all get out.

        • David Jones

          No. He has no talant.

          • autocorrect

            *talent. where were you educated sir?

          • David Jones

            Is that really all u have to say on the subject? Autocorrect? Really? Do you not know to capitalize the start of a sentence?

          • Michael

            “Where”… as in where did you learn proper grammar sir? If you’re goal was to come across sounding like a condescending, gloating prick congratulations!

    • lrn2spl

      It’s ungrateful* nerd lmao

      • David Jones

        I am sorry for my errors as im typing from my phone and am a little pissed that an “ENTERTAINER” compared him self to someone who probably could be shot and killed in the service of OUR nation.

      • Michael

        Do you feel superior now that you called out what someone probably accidentally types because they were pissed? Because EVERYONE appreciates you doing so oh so much. If we’re going to nit pick, “It’s ungrateful* nerd lmao” is pretty crappy grammar, so go ahead pot, call the kettle black

  • Bob Talon

    kanye is obviously not educated and cannot express his feelings in words. I don’t think that’s his meaning, but well said chief=]

    • jackjelvis

      Strange choice of career for someone who “cannot express his feelings in words”….

      • Phirephreak

        That is why he has writers. Probably not much was done himself.

        • jackjelvis

          Oh, I’m not arguing with the statement. Kanye clearly has the facade of arrogance that is manufactured to cover ignorance. I agree that he can’t express much of anything coherent in words, on or off stage. His celebrity status continues to astound me, because I find nothing remotely appealing about him.

    • Joe joe

      Bottom line a”chief of police ” should be worried about things in his area instead of trying to blast kanye.. And I’m
      Not a fan of a person that thinks he the black yeezus

  • nope

    Him and Tom Cruise should both do a tour of duty since they are both used to living so dangerously.

  • Greg Smart

    This is great!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    mr west needs to worry more about his family then the crap he calls his job now hes made more then enough money and has a baby to be a father to instead of being what we mothers call a dead beat father and touring the world for the crap he calls music.

  • David in Melbourne

    Kanye has again given us a glimpse of his self absorbed ass. Simply amazing. Chief Oliver has again shown his eloquent use of sarcasm and humor in dealing with said self absorbed ass. As you may have gleaned from the last three sentences, I am a much greater fan of Chief Oliver and the job that he performs each day, (than I am some self absorbed ass) as he and his fellow officers try to minimize the risk to his and other surrounding communities from crime through his law enforcement efforts and light hearted public education of the things that are happening in his community. These things are happening in all our communities. Please, I hope to see Kanye personally try to better the world that he also inhabits, with efforts to eradicate some of the crap that currently goes on around us. Sure Kanye, write some checks to some of the charities that help with the worlds problems, but take some time off of the exhaustive rollercoaster world of rapping and get involved. Get your hands dirty. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    • aol

      Join the service Kanye, be a man, get down and really see what life is about. Not just in the hood areas in America!, Instead of living high & mighty, eating, sleeping in a bed, doing * saying what you want. Come on Kanye Join the service. You put your foot in your mouth always. But yet compare the danger of being killed of your life, to an officer or the service men & women! How dare you ! If you get shot, it’s because of your songs, and your freely open mouth. Not because you are brave.

  • Matt Rutsch

    I can’t believe some of the comments here. People supporting Kanye West over the police/military? I wonder if I call 911 if Kanye West is gonna show up by my front door.

  • That one guy

    Hey annoyed your a disgrace to America you can go jump off a bridge now

    • Rod

      Because he isn’t a sheep with blinds over his eyes? …..land of the free, pfff.
      You’re also lousy excuse for an American, you make Americans look dumb with your poor grammar.

      • Really…

        And you make Americans look good with your blatantly rude jabs at random people?

        • David

          To be fair thats about as American as it gets

  • Emma

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family Chief Oliver. Thank you for you and your family protecting us everyday and praying for a safe return to all who are protecting our freedom.

  • (Spc) Tina m.Sampson

    Im officially a veteran after four years of service and one tour in iraq and now a disabled veteran gee thank u kanye for trying to wear my combat boots. 2/82airborn div. Ft. Bragg.Nc, HHC 3rd Sig Brigade 92g Ft.Hood ,Tx

    • Who cares!

      Signal really, LoL. Please do enlighten me how you became a “Disabled Veteran” in IRAQ doing a Signal job! Pretty dangerous keeping those MWR’s running! Bet you had a pretty good PT score the whole time too didn’t ya. Pog!

      • JDSachs

        Rude man, and uncalled for. I know an Air Force guy who worked on improving water sanitation for the Iraqis and got messed up by a mortar round. I also know a few other rear etchelon guys who hit IEDs. You know hajii shoots at anybody who wears a U.S. uniform if he can get a shot. That was plain disrespectful.

        • Rosalie Walker

          Thank you very much for your comment!! I served in the 1st Iraq war and never faced the obstacles that these soldiers faced. One does not need to be in the infantry to be placed in harms way in the manner that these soldiers face today. Excellent comment JD

      • chuck w

        It appears “Who Cares” is mentally disabled. Call Obama & get your check!

  • Dwaine Thomas

    Reading too many of these comments shows why Kanye fears for his life! I think you people MADE HIS CASE!!

    • Christopher Lemons

      Actually reading or watching what he said makes your statement ridiculous.

  • Phirephreak

    Dwaine, if the guy was not a no talent complete idiot, then these comments would not be made. The guy is a poor excuse for a human, let alone a entertainer.

  • Paul

    As a performer I’d like to point out that “non performers” have such a negative way of viewing the arts. As if they are beneath what you do. Some people are born with amazing voices and some people are born with extremely remarkable marksman skills but we are all on the same team and believe in the same core values that this country was founded on. I do not agree with what Yeezy is claiming in any way, shape, or form. Kanye tends to be extremely disrespectful and ignorant. That being said he is also a special kind of genius. When I step on stage I expect to be in a safe environment lol I have loads of family and friends who proudly serve in the United States military and I have the utmost respect for each of them! God Bless America and our troops!

    • Phirephreak

      I don’t believe any of this is knocking the arts. Stupidity cannot be mistaken, and Kanye proves this on a regular basis. Unfortunately I must disagree with you in that this guy is no kind of genius. I would say at most he has an average IQ. I do thank your family and friends that have served, both past and present, as they are the one helping to provide that safe environment that you commented about..

      • Christopher Lemons

        Kanye is nothing more than a wannabe Jay-z, another hack who believe all the hype about themselves.

    • Michael DeHart

      To even put “kanye” and “the arts” in the same paragraph is already absurd. I love music, love the arts, and even love hip hop. I’ve NEVER considered any of the mass-produced, lyrics-about-nothing, BS that kanye does to be “art” of any kind.

      • You are a joke

        Lyrics about nothing? You clearly have never listened to Kanye through the years. He is music has more lyrical substance than 99% of other rappers. You are joke,

    • chuck w

      Kanye is a special kind of stupid!

  • Buck

    This guy is a dick !!! Heads up F.O.P members on the next car stop on this guy !!! I see lots of equipment summonses in is future !!

  • Nae Haga

    Kanye should be thankful that he gets to go home after his job is done, unfortunately my Brother-in-law, Sgt. Kenneth Nichols Jr., who did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, will never get to return home safely to his wife and children, family, or friends! He was KIA Dec. 1, 2009 in Afghanistan. He will not see his children grow up and gradute high school, walk his daughters down the aisle to get married, or meet his grandchildren. I think Kanye should count his blessings and be thankful instead of trying to compare his job to a Hero’s job. He will NEVER truly know the sacrifices these men and women make on a daily basis so that he can get on that stage to perform.

  • David Jones
  • allen

    Wow, the only thing I can say for those who believes we don’t need the military or they are not our source for freedom. For those who are talking about corrupt politicians and government, for those who voted the liberals and President Obama are the ones who threatening and corrupting our freedom and rights. What power does the military have? What gives them a power to do what you are folks are saying? Nothing, you are just pulling gas out of your buttholes and blame everything else besides the ones who are responsible. Military supports that freedom from our enemy, our rights are from the people in it’s own home. Obama, Verizon scandal to spy on the people. A threat ad a violation of the constitutio, trying to eliminate our gun rights. 2nd Amandment, also a violation to the constitution. Obamacare, to be force to registered or pay penalty fines, get arrest and jail time. A violation of the constitution. Obama, supported terrorist by singing a waiver which stood against the constitution and sign to position of IMPEACHMENT. I do not want to hear whose being butthurt by wat, the fact is, you voted for the polutician s in the office and it’s your fault as nobody else.

    • Jonnie

      So I could’ve swore conservatives and Republicans were for the war……I mean that’s how it all started with Bush. And how are soldiers fighting for Americans freedom? Soldiers are being sent out, but our borders aren’t being pursued…. No disrespect intended this is a real question.

      • Findlay

        I mean if you really go back into history we could blame it on presidents well before Bush’s tenure as president. All politicians are corrupt, it just comes down to picking the lesser of two evils; regardless, playing the blame game isn’t going to get us anywhere. Making this about politics is stupid, he said what he said, whether or not he meant something or not his words are being interpreted the way the are. Jonnie, let me ask you this, if Kanye is smart enough to speak metaphorically, don’t you believe that he knew that people would take his words the way they are? Even that is a crime in and of itself, if you think about it in a sense that he’s using the military and police as press coverage. Also another food for thought, Obama also made many promises against this war, and Guantanamo, none of which were fulfilled, so in closing politics suck, the only way to get rid of it is by changing it as a People. “We the people…”

  • Jamie

    I think I love you, Chief. You and I could be friend.

  • Jonnie

    Well one thing that officers and soldiers don’t have over famous entertainers is influence over a mass amount of people. Kanye’s name is known around the world and that means many people are watching and listening to what he is saying. I don’t really listen to his music like that, but my guess is that when he said he was at war he was figuratively speaking of how he feels when he expresses views he has about the government and the way this country is. He may feel like he is at war with people that are in power that basically run the military. His comments were obviously misinterpreted and soldiers and officers should not get offended over metaphors. . I do respect all the soldiers though, not so much police officers though because apparently stereo-typically a black man is more dangerous than the rest of the population. So instead of feeling safe I feel uncomfortable around Police.

    • David Jones
      • Jonnie

        I watched it and still feel the same way. TMZ’s bias doesn’t sway me to think he was not speaking metaphorically.

    • Christopher Lemons

      But if you actually heard what he said in context he was not speaking in metaphor about voicing his opinion, he was talking about falling off a stage…

      • Jonnie


    • BLAH


      • Jonnie

        He is racist. At least he’s up front about it. But that still is irrelevant to my comment lol

        • David Jones

          He has a song named black skin head

        • Are You Thinking?

          “The KKK are racist but at least they’re upfront about it.” Wow.

          • aol

            That they are, they don’t hide anything about being racist. The KKK.

      • You are dumb

        You my friend, are incredibly dumb. Kanye has spent his career combatting racism instilled into pop culture,

        • chuck w

          Combating racism? Kanye is a Jesse Jackson clone!

    • Chad

      I don’t think Kanye is intelligent enough to think so abstractly.

    • Reaper

      OK he might have been speaking in metaphor however it doesn’t change the fact that he compared himself to actual men and women of service and as such he may of had a worse letter made the cop just like all of us are practicing our freedom of speech and personally I agree more with the officer than a rich African american who paid for his music to be produced in the first place

    • chuck w

      The biggest danger to a young black man is another young black man. Statistics & facts don’t live in Kanye’s “Bizzaro” world!

    • Stephen Norman

      He used the world “literally”. So, if you’re right, then Kanye is an idiot either way. Literally means literally and cannot be repurposed to mean figuratively.

  • Michael Stephen Crumby

    i know, the boy is gonna ruin his life one of these days if he keeps following the devil , god bless kanye west

    • uh duh

      Are you seriously saying he’s “following the devil” or was that sarcasm? Can never tell if someone is being a religious weirdo

    • aol

      Boy , you called him a boy. I got accused of being racist for that. lol . He does do some of the devils work , like other colors do in their songs!

  • dean

    west is clown..he aint hood …he fool..

    • Bozo

      He is NOT a clown, don’t insult us clowns like that….he is a fool if he thinks that his job is compared to Military or police officers….

  • Just saying

    Brand new respect for the police

  • Michael DeHart

    I love this man (NOT Kanye, the officer!)

  • Sarah Pretty Dynasty


    • Tone345


  • Detruth87

    Gotta give it to him, he hit it on the head. Kanye West was always a little ‘special’ persay, but he went stupid with the Military thing lol. This police officer has gained my respect.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    the only thing this open letter achieves is being funny and entertaining. it’s not like kanye west is going to read this and be surprised that his career really doesn’t compare to that of someone working in the military or as a police officer. obviously his remarks can be inturpreted as ignorant (which, they are), but you couldn’t have written this hoping he would read it and learn something.

    like, seriously… i have to believe that you realize, kanye west doesn’t genuinely think his life compares to that of a brave and heroic man or woman serving in the militarily. i mean, yes, his comments are clearly ignorant and kind of stupid, but this “open letter” kind of just seems like a petty way to express your moral superiority.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      in the end though, yes, maybe he should word things differently… but i can’t tell if that’s what you were getting at

    • chuck w

      The chief was not acting on being morally superior he was just pointing out the obvious, that some celebrities are so out of touch with reality that their heads are so big, their tiny little brains are oxygen deprived!

    • j

      Kanye is probably 100% serious about comparing himself to police or military. He think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He once even compared himself to God. So I believe him to be 110% serious about this.

  • butrflyksz

    Kanye West is a joke. He proves this every single time he opens his mouth. He is disrespectful to our law enforcement and mostly or military. The only way to pay this racist back is if the government to reopen the Draft and Kanye’s name to be on the top of the list. He wouldn’t make it through basic. Now because of the fact that he is a rapper, he probably does know what it’s like to be shot at.

  • Tone367

    Where is the dislike button?

  • Jay

    My hope is all he ment was being in the spot light puts his family at risk?

    • chuck w

      How? If clueless celebrities don’t want the attention, then shut-up & stay inside your gated mansion w/your armed security gaurds, period!

    • http://www.tnypxl.com/ Arik Jones

      Only reasonable comment here. You’re brave.

  • Blythe Bast-Hill

    Kanye’s Response to Officer Oliver:

  • Boom209

    If you like Kanye or not. He deserves respect for being able to achieve a level of greatness that he has. The man raps and due to him being able to communicate to his audience in such a way and make more money then most can dream of. He should not be seen as anything less then one of the greatest artist of his time. Simple if you don’t like him then don’t listen to him. He has reached a level of fame by being who he is and is an inspiration for young rappers/entrepreneurs.

    • Boom209

      Like many artist along the way the lyrics are that just lyrics. There is much more problems out there then trying to bash on a great rapper. Such as outsourcing jobs, high taxes which drive competitive business out of states, people losing there homes due to scumbags that placed them with horrible mortgages. Odds are he won’t care what an article says or even a comment not on his defense but one simply pointing out that an official should be using a federal page to degrade someone

      • chuck w

        Kanye chewing on shoe leather degraded himself by opening his pie-hole. What an a-hole!

    • Lol nope

      I would say I see him as much less than “one of the greatest artists of our time.” You’re right when you say he’s a damn good lyricist but the fact that he’s let that go to his head and make stupid comments in order to gain popularity takes away from his credibility as an artist. He looks like more of clown in a popularity contest than a musical artist as this article suggests

    • GoCopperGo

      Did Kanye pay you for that d*ck ride, or are you handing them out for free?

    • chuck w

      Greatness? Kanye, Kim, & North need to just fade away into the atmosphere where his greatness can be viewed by the entire planet from afar!

    • Cher Tushiah

      Respect is EARNED, not a divine right.

  • Lawrence Yang

    big ****s in your *ss are bad for your healff! #madflava #667 #commentnumber #fightthedevil

  • Lawrence Yang

    I think he was referring to dangerous paparazzi tactics or crazy Selena like fans. but officer still owned West

  • Gail

    So a black male compares himself (not even in a disrespectful way) to law enforcement and gets a letter from a police CHIEF saying “check yourself before you wreck yourself”. Am I the only one who sees this response as extremely problematic? The comparison by Kanye was not accurate, but in no way did it deserve a THREAT FROM LAW ENFORCEMENT. I hope this police chief gets punished for his stupid, ignorant, and racist letter. It’s one thing to offer a educated contradiction to Kanye’s comments, but it’s another to threaten him for no reason at all. It’s amazing to see all the support for this man’s malicious response to a performer who merely compared himself to law enforcement and didn’t intend to disrespect them in any way. If anything, this letter just supports Kanye’s comments because it showcases how much a black male is under attack from law enforcement. This is coming from a white masters student in racial and ethnic studies. Please, think about this situation big picture and notice the EXTREME problems with the police chief’s response.

    • Anon

      Really??? That is probably the dumbest thing I have ever read. Sorry, but there was nothing racist about the comment he made. And it was hardly a threat. Get off your high horse, people like you are what’s wrong with this world today. If he had said that to a WHITE person, I guarantee you would have kept your big mouth shut.

      • Phil

        “check yourself before you wreck yourself” isn’t a threat? I don’t 100% agree with Gail but you have to see where she is coming from. Very valid statement.

        • anon

          as you said.. its a rap lyric. and even if otherwise, I don’t blame him for being rude or threatening (let’s be real, what on earth could he possibly do to Kanye…) My husband is in the Military, along with 3 of my family members. I find it offensive and believe me i would have had MUCH worse things to say to him.. I think it was more diplomatic than he needed to be.

          • anon

            Also, I read it more as a precautionary statement as opposed to a direct threat… Maybe that’s just me though

          • John

            There is no place for law enforcement to be threatening anyone, regardless of skin color. Doesn’t matter if it is a rap lyric, it is still threatening. Very immature by both parties involved here, Kanye and police chief.

          • Cher Tushiah

            There WAS NO THREAT.

            All that statement means is stop saying ignorant things before you end up looking foolish.

            That’s what check yourself before you wreck yourself means.

            Get it straight.

        • Cher Tushiah

          “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” translates to, stop saying ignorant and stupid things, before you make a fool of youself.

          There was NO threat, implied or otherwise.

    • RichZ

      he wasn’t threatening anyone. check yourself before you wreck yourself is a rap lyric. dumb dumb

      • phil

        So if it’s in a rap (not even Kanye’s) it isn’t threatening? dumb dumb

        • Cher Tushiah

          No. Not threatening.

          Precautionary, as in, please think before you speak, lest you end up looking foolish.

          Point taken?

    • Mark Garrett

      Gail, you without a doubt are also part of the problem with this country. this letter is in no way a threat or racist. you let your own ignorance slip when you said what your degree path is. i hope your parents arent the ones paying for it. total waste of money, turning you and others into complete fools. this is coming from a veteran who actually works for a living.

      • Phil

        So studying the extreme racism in society is being a “fool”? No sir, you are fool. Racism is still a huge problem globally and I respect anyone who is on the path help fix this global nightmare. Being a veteran (which i completely respect) adds no validity to your statement.

        • Ereos

          It’s racist to assume someone who is white making a comment to someone whose black is being racist. No one is fixing any problem. Not only white people can be racist, people of all races can be racist, a fact that many people forget.

          • Cher Tushiah


          • Danny

            I’m tired of people thinking because I’m white that I’m racist. I have black friends that I hang out with everyday.

            I never owned any slaves. My dad never owned any slaves. My grandfather never owned any slaves. My great grandfather never owned any slaves. My great great grandfather never owned any slaves. My great great great grandfather never owned any slaves.

        • Cher Tushiah

          Except that there was absolutely NOTHING RACIST about either the Chief’s OR Kanyes statement.

          It was a commenter who brought up the race issue. Race plays NO role in this whatsoever.

          Tom Cruise and Mark Wahlberg received similar flack for making equally stupid remarks.

          Stop making this about race, when all it is about is enormous egos and ignorance.

        • Cher Tushiah

          Except that this entire scenario has ZERO to do with racism.

    • Cher Tushiah

      Why on EARTH was that racist??? Lol. He could have just as well written that same letter with Tom Cruise ‘ s name on it, who said something equally as stupid as Kanye West did. There’s nothing racist about this letter. Get over yourself. You find THIS to be an outrage? I find it disgusting that ANY entertainers of any color, would compare what THEY do to going to war.

      When Kanye is done for the night, he goes home to his family, eats a hot meal, craps on his $180,000 golden toilet (yes, true) and gets into his nice warm bed, with his wife and child.

      A deployed soldier, if not wounded or killed during the day, goes to his mess hall, eats whatever is rationed to him, sleeps in a metal bunk in a barrack or tent, and if he’s really lucky, might get to see his family again in a year or two…If he’s not killed first.

      Yes, EXACTLY like going to war.

      Shut up.

      • anon

        AMEN. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • Aaron

          I didn’t notice anyone mention that the line “check yourself before you wreck yourself” is lyrics from the rap group “Public Enemy.” The song itself is about not being a bad influence in society. It was written when gangster rap started getting popular with groups such as, Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony.

          Just figured I’d let people know what he was referencing in his post.

          • Gail

            Aaron, great point. PE was an amazing group. -Gail

      • Gail

        Never once did I say his comparison is accurate, though being a public figure combatting racism is historically incredibly dangerous. If you are going to argue, at lease argue the points I am making. “check yourself before you wreck yourself” is clearly a threat. Do I think it is because he is black? Yes, I do. But that is my opinion and I have zero proof I am right, nor do you. Regardless of color, the threat by law enforcement is completely out of line and childish.

        • anon

          Dumb, dumb, dumb. If this was a letter to Tom Cruise, I guarantee nothing would have been said about the racism aspect of this. Who the hell cares if he is black or not?! He is IGNORANT, and rude for comparing anything that he does to what our armed forces do. People get so caught up in these minute details, it is honestly so pathetic. not EVERYTHING revolves around skin color, he is an ignorant person- white OR black.

        • haters say blah blah blah

          Wow I never knew that Ice Cube was threatening all his listeners when he sang those lyrics! Thank you for bringing that to my attention!
          That Masters Degree is serving you well!

    • chuck w

      As the son of a WWII vet, nephew to a vet & retired police officer, & 1st cousin of a retired ATF agent, Kanye is a self absorbed DICK who has a posse of armed bodyguards to protect his butt from all those terrorists who attend his shows. What a joke..hahaha!

      • John

        A self absorbed dick? Though he has dedicated his role in pop culture and fashion to combatting racism? Lol ignorance, ignorance, ignorance.

        • Anon

          HE IS RACIST!!!! I don’t wanna hear how he’s combating racism, thats a load of bullshit. Sorry. You can’t combat racism, with racism.

          • John

            You know nothing about Kanye, clearly.

          • anon

            Ohhhh sorry I don’t waste my precious time studying the lives of people who mean absolutely nothing to this world. Maybe you should look past your rose colored glasses for him, and see him for who he truly is. I suppose you’re one of those people who also doesn’t see Obama and his wife as being racist, as well??

          • Felix

            Lol @ bringing Obama in this. I’m neutral here when it comes to Kanye because I don’t know much about him, but please y’all, rebuttal with some well thought out, educated arguments. What Gail is saying is a valid statement. If you disagree, take all aspects of her argument and deconstruct them. Insults do nothing besides showcase your own stupidity. And knowing more about Kanye is in no way a degrading factor to someone, just merely means they like and study rap music. Love – Mr. Felix

          • anon

            I’m pretty sure studying his ideals on racism has nothing to do with gail’s argument whatsoever…. So, moot point. Everyone has been commenting on what was said. The fact is- he is ignorant, he compared himself to military personnel. The chief- not racist, but giving a warning as to what his stupidity can cause.

          • Felix

            The point is police chiefs should not be giving “warnings”!!! Doesn’t matter if you are black, white, red, blue, or purple. Law enforcement can not say “check yourself before you wreck yourself” END OF STORY. Threatening someone for freedom of speech? Not acceptable. Police chief should be the bigger man.

          • CONFUSED

            Wow. FELIX. I am thinking you really have a problem. Not that I don’t as well, but at no time in my life have I ever seen a red blue or purple human being. Now that was funny to say the least. Now. I really enjoy reading your statement. You saying that Law Enforcement cannot say “….”, “Let me tell you sumtin!” They, like you, can say anything they want to. It is up to you to know the law. Ignorance is no excuse. The police chiefs statement in no way , thought of, intended, nor accepted by any one as a THREAT.
            As for Kayne,,, Who are you to tell one man to leave another alone? If two man are in an argument over this in a local bar, are you going to walk up to them and put yourself in harms way, telling them that they are not going about this legally and that they cant threaten each other like that? OMG FOR REAL…
            NOTHING in the Officers BLOG was racist, threatening or even construed as one.
            EDUCATION is your friend, I can only, SUGGEST, that you find some.

          • aol

            I see Obama as a racist , more then his wife. Obama has divided this country with his racist.

        • Ereos

          Fighting FOR the BLACK man against the WHITE man….he’s not combating racism, he’s just being racist himself. Mandela combated racism and other HUMAN rights injustices. Now let us talk about ignorance shall we?

          • AnonIsRetarded

            This Anon guy literally does not know one thing about Kanye West. Very funny watching him try to argue. Educated people, please continue to argue it is quite entertaining.

        • Cher Tushiah

          I agree Kanye is not racist, but comparing your cushy multi million dollar career to those actively in combat?

          THAT, my friend, is ignorance.

      • aol

        Cause Kanye is a coward!

    • Nick Bozzi

      I agree with Mark, it is people like you who are a major part of the problem in this country. There is nothing in the chiefs statement that referenced race. However, you decide that simply because Kanye is black and the chief is white is must be racist. In your studies, is it not racist to assume racism based solely on ones skin color, because that’s what you did in your statement. Additionally, how dare you claim his comparison is not disrespectful! He compares climbing a stage prop to going to war! I challenge you to find a Soldier, any Soldier who has been deployed and tell them that comparison was not disrespectful. I recall not very long ago it was reported Tom Cruise made similar remarks. I wonder you considered Mark Wahlberg’s comments racist?

      • phil

        He actually was talking about the danger of being a figure who combats racism in pop culture and fashion, not “climbing stage props”. No what you are talking about before arguing.

        • Ereos

          First of all that would be *know; so educate yourself before you post. Secondly, Kanye never once mentioned racism, he only called himself a raper who is comparable to a soldier or police officer. None of this has to do with the colour of skin.

          • phil

            “rapper and *color if we are getting into spelling. But he really was talking about the dangers of being a public figure combatting racism within pop culture and fashion. The quote was taken out of context. Accurate comparison? No. You just can’t say he has not mentioned racism because many of his songs actually point it out in ways people would not normally see it.

          • Ereos

            *Rapper, secondly I’m Canadian, we spell colour like the rest of the English speaking world, with a “u”. He doesn’t combat racism, he just goes around saying how the white man hates the black man and the black man shouldn’t take it and how white man should stop hating black man so he can make more money. I don’t see how him rapping on stage can compare to serving ones country and dying for your freedoms……which ever context, it’s wrong. He’s a racist and a bigot, he’s only looking after his own ass out there.

          • Phil

            You literally know nothing about Kanye and his role in Hip Hop and fashion. He is in no way racist. So silly

        • Cher Tushiah

          Ummmmm…no.“I’m just giving of my body on the stage and putting my life at risk, literally.….and I think about it. I think about my family and I’m like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.”

      • Cher Tushiah

        True talk. Well said.

    • aol

      When he said check your self, before you wreck your self. Means- Kanya thinks his life of singing rap & being a star is worst then the men & women in the service! Kanye life isn’t important what so ever!! . Kanye does not work hard. He soaks up money from his fans to support his life style. If he thinks his life in in danger, HE HAS MADE IT THAT WAY FOR HIM SELF! You are a problem Gail, like so many blacks are today,& their followers of other colors cause they are fans.

    • Vinny

      You must be in love with Kanye or an 8 year or both. Your rhetoric is asinine and the reason there is still racism in the world. I’m not a racist, I hate all equally because all races are stupid. Mine included which is American. Sorry but my ancestors weren’t here during slavery and all that, so don’t blame all people for the misjustice done to the African Americans way back when. Today it’s their own fault how there life works out. Work hard and have dreams or be a punk and continue the stereotype. It’s their choice.

    • Eric

      Gail, really? Could you sound any more ignorant and completely void of common sense right now? I’m guessing you are one of those people that just have a hatred for anything law enforcement related. First of all, the officers letter was funny yet still making a point. Second, the officer clearly went out of his way to NOT be racist or threatening in his letter. Hope you get your money back for that’s master’s degree in racial and ethnic studies because it sure as hell didn’t do you any good. Common sense REALLY isn’t common anymore these days.

    • Buck41

      I am in law enforcement and the fact this guy compared his life to mine does offend me. I have been shot at, I have had people of various races resist arrest and try to attack my partner and myself. I don’t drive a lexus nor do I have millions of dollars, I didn’t become a cop for the money. I did it to make a difference. When you need help I’m the guy you call. I’ll be there when your husband beats you. Call me when your girlfriend is harassing you. The things I’ve seen would cause most people to break down and cry. Kanye West could possibly do my job, I dont know the make up of the man. But he doesn’t and to compare his life as an entertainer to someone who is grateful to come home every night is ludicrous. And for you, Gail, to see any racism or threat in the chief’s open letter is ridiculous.

    • weig

      Gail I’m sorry. You are a fckn idiot. HE DIDN’T THREATEN HIM. get it thru your thick skull

  • Cher Tushiah

    Yes, this letter is out of line and terribly racist!

    Give me a break.

    He could have just as well written that same letter with Tom Cruise ‘ s name on it, who said something equally as stupid as Kanye West did. There’s nothing racist about this letter. Get over yourself. You find THIS to be an outrage? I find it disgusting that ANY entertainers of any color, would compare what THEY do to going to war.

    When Kanye is done for the night, he goes home to his family, eats a hot meal, caps on his $180,000 golden toilet (yes, true) and gets into his nice warm bed, with his wife and child.

    A deployed soldier, if not wounded or killed during the day, goes to his mess hall, eats whatever is rationed to him, sleeps in a metal bunk in a barrack or tent, and if he’s really lucky, might get to see his family again in a year or two…If he’s not killed first.

    Yes, EXACTLY like going to war.

    Shut up.

    • rose

      I agree 100% with you on this!!

    • Gail

      Did i say his comparison was accurate? No, I didn’t. I’m just saying that the a threat from a police chief for a mere comparison is completely out of line, regardless of color.

      • Ereos

        He never once threatened him, you should re-read the letter.

      • Cher Tushiah

        Where did the cop threaten him, Gail? YOU said the letter was racist. Change the name to ANY celebrity, of ANY race.

        You said he compared himself in a non disrespectful way? The entire COMPARISON is blatantly disrespectful!

        Check yourself before you wreck yourself is merely a way of stating bring yourself back to reality, before you say something even MORE stupid than you just did. Did the Chief say, check yourself before I wreck you??? Because THAT would be a threat. He did NO such thing.

        Pulling the race card, Gail? Really?

        People like you are part of the race relation problem with this country, looking for discrimination where there is NONE. You have a MASTERS in racial studies? I doubt it or you’d realize there was nothing racially motivated about this statement. My black brother in law is a Marine who was highly offended by the comparison. Mainly because it’s absurd.

        STUPID comes in EVERY color, Dear.

        • Ereos

          Preach it Sister! People tend to forget that people of every race can be racist, not only white people! Not every remark towards a person of colour is racist!!! All he said was being an ENTERTAINER(not black, not a black entertainer, just any old famous entertainer) is not like being on the front lines of prime prevention and military service.

        • Gail

          Oh know doubt racism and stupidity comes in every color. The racism accusation was just my opinion of the situation because I believe the backlash was partially driven by it. Am I right? Nobody knows accept police chief. Are you right? Nobody knows accept police chief? The threat is what really got me going, just so out of line for a officer to be even giving the most subtle threat to any citizen for voicing their views.

          • aol

            You are a racist your self there Gail! Kanye is a racist, in his songs & life. The police officer did no threat a all , only by you that call everything racist anymore. By any whites. Kanye can die for all I care, he is a bad example to the American kids , black, white, brown etc.

        • Maria Licht

          I agree with Cher..Gail, SHUT UP!

    • hddb

      What makes it racist is that HE DIDNT write the letter to Tom Cruise… He felt the NEED for some reason he was COMPELLED to tell Kanye about himself, but Tom Cruise… eh…
      This is indicative of our justice system towards black and brown men.
      A judge just gave a rich white kid a pass for killing four people. .. The same judge had passed down numerous harsh sentences to black kids… i e of which was life without the possibility of parole. For an armed robbery that went wrong… The black didn’t have a gun, nor pull the trigger… but at age 14 he was sentenced to life w/o parole.
      I’m not naive, this makes a lot of people on here happy just because many of you ARE racists… (covertly) but my point is made… To this police chief… it seems indicative of his mode of operations. He wrote multiple paragraphs but not once mentions Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks by name… nope just Kanye… yea, it’s just criticism. .. but that’s all he can do… If he could do more. .. He probably would.

  • Y.P.

    As a police chief provoked by Kanye West’s insensitive remark, sarcasm was the most appropriate tool to “shoot back” I guess. This police officer didn’t threaten him at all and unlike Kanye he made his intent for the message clear “What I do not get is you EVER comparing what you do for a living to our heroic military members, who are always in harm’s way…” So before going raved, Check yourself, before you wreck yourself, give a thought how pompous and disrespectful it sounds: wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something

  • monko

    i seriously hate this kanye west guy

  • http://www.tnypxl.com/ Arik Jones

    I don’t see how Kanye is losing here. Bad publicity beads off this guy like water on grease. He lives to make people react. He’s arrogant and has a big mouth and he knows this about himself and I find it hilarious that you all rally around this very old, very common fact.

    • Cher Tushiah

      This is true.

  • kira nikita

    “I see dead brains!”
    The “check yourself before… and so on!” is just as sarcastic as the rest of the letter, which i find not only funny but most definitely accurate! he uses a rap song phrase, coz he’s addressing a rapper, there for he’s “taking this pompous ass for a ride”, much like what i just did… opening my statement with a slightly modified movie phrase to fit the atmosphere of this debate, regarding those who see a threat at every corner, simply because they see it so and not being their fault, since society surrounding them dictate it so! Sad really!

  • Adam

    Screw Kanye. He’s about as racist as they come anyways. Just goes to show his lack of intelligence. Its mind blowing knowing there are numerous millionaires who lack intelligence and respect. Just like when Taylor Swift won the award on the music awards and kanye came on stage saying Beyonce should have won this and that. Sit down and shut up Kanye come work in the coal mine for a day. Racist dick

    • Cher Tushiah

      I don’t believe Kanye is racist.

      Ignorant and foolish with an over inflated ego, clearly…but not racist.

      Because, you know…Kim Kardashian.

      Generally, racists don’t propose and have children with other races.

      • aol

        Oh yes they do, they are still racist even if they marry another color. & Kim is nothing but trash any ways. She don’t care who she sleeps with. or what color she sleeps with.

        • fjdh

          Your cover is blown… so she’s trash because “she doesn’t care what color she sleep with”? Did I get that right?

        • ILoveMenAndYouCare

          Yea, judging a women by solely her sexual habits/preferences thus makes you a sexist, fucktard.

  • Joe Sills
  • Cher Tushiah

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself, is NOT a threat, people.

    It is a precautionary warning to think before you speak, lest you end up looking like an ignorant fool.

    All you people screaming “Oh my god, that WHITE police chief just threatened a poor, oppressed black man! HE’S RACIST, Y’ALL” sound incredibly foolish.

    Equally as foolish as calling Kanye racist. He’s engaged and has a child with a white woman, so clearly, that’s not the issue, either.

    This is not a case of racism.
    This is not a white cop threatening a black man.

    This is nothing more than a human being pointing out to another human being that comparing your multi million dollar cushy career is not remotely the same as getting up every morning to go to war.

    It was a ludicrous statement that received a well deserved dose of sarcasm in return. Nothing more.

    Let’s keep the racial overtones out of this. Tom Cruise and Mark Wahlberg both said something equally as stupid and received similar backlash from veterans and active servicemen of every color as well.

    What Kanye West said was ignorant and stupid. Plain and simple.

    • Gail

      You know what, I agree with what you are saying besides the “check yourself before you wreck yourself” is not a threat. I jumped to race conclusion because of the staggering statistics that point to racial biases in our judicial system. Like the fact that the average sentence for a black male with a ounce of weed is longer than the average white male’s sentence with a ounce of cocaine (in California). I have more of a issue with the misinterpreting of Kanye’s comments than I do the race card, though I personally do think it played a factor in the Chief’s blacklash. I just feel that the Chief should not be spending his time writing letters with even the slightest threatening tone. -Gail

      • aol

        But did you ever think , of the black mans record vs the white mans record, before the judges rule their punishment? No you don’t, there Gail? Why cause this officer is right, in what he told Kanye in his letter? I feel that Kanye needs to vanish off this earth, or become a real man, instead od a Bunkie black boy. He causes problems.

        • rowe

          “Black boy”… your cover is blown… anything you said is irrelevant. .. you’re just a racist looking for a reason.

      • Smh

        You guys are idiots. Black ppl on top lol please. I’m not even white and I laugh at that comment. The president is black OMG hand of applause.thats 43-1 just 42 more to go guys to even the score. Please. Research. What’s the majority ethnicity crowding our prison systems. Ignorant ppl. I’m not racist by no means I just hate ghetto pieces of sht that live their life trying to put a front on what they have and excuses for why they live broke on child support and plenty of convictions. Oh cause we’re oppressed, not the same kind of opportunity for us. Please slavery ended years ago, how long are you going to ride the race card? Please maybe quit wasting your time drinking and smoking listening to rap music thinking it’s the life to live by and stay in school and focus on a brighter tomorrow. You live in poverty and fall into the stereotypes because you choose to make all the wrong decisions in your life, only person to blame is yourself. The mayor of San Antonio came to this country as a child with nothing living poor but kept his head in the books and his ambition to the sky and now he runs the city. No excuse, put down the 40 ‘ and drugs, and quit trying to get “Turn’t up” BYE FELICIA!

      • Rumstinger

        your an idiot there Gail maybe you should “check yourself before you wreck yourself”, not only was his letter NOT threatening at all, he was doing what every god given American is allowed to do and express himself in a very intelligent and humorous way not once was there any tone of threat there was however some scolding and outrage that someone as Disillusion as Mr. West could even compare the millions he makes by allowing dissresect of our armed forces and police officers by even comparing what he does to them, and how the hell do you misinterpret him comparing his job to the military/police force and being in war?? How about you get his dick out your mouth long enough to realize that he is just an idiot preaching to the mass of idiots but hell why would i expect you to understand you join the mass on this form talking about “race” the gall of some people do us all a favor and polish your mouth out with a shotgun might make this world a little smarter there Gail….

    • dfears

      By the way the kardashians are not white. There from the somewhere in the middle east.

      • cakeandroses

        the kardashians are german, itialian, and half armenian, which is in EUROPE, which makes then WHITE lol.

      • Cher Tushiah

        Actually, you’re 100% WRONG.

        The Kardashian clan is Armenian, which borders the Caucasan Mountain range in EUROPE. Those from Armenia are actually the ORIGINAL Caucasian people, ergo, WHITE. My family hails from this area, so, sorry. You’re wrong.

        MIDDLE EASTERNERS are from Asia, like my husband, who is Israeli.

        Check yourself before you wreck yourself, would apply here completely.

    • Hazz90

      I love this and I’m black!!!

  • ms Biddle

    The REAL racists are the people who see threats where there are none, and racism whenever a white criticizes a black.

    • guesr

      Really? Those are the real racists? … i swear… White people sometimes… your ability to do NO wrong amazes me…
      Fyi: it will eventually come to bite you in the ass… hard.

      • Jason Neal

        Was it her comment or yours that generalized a group of people based on color?

      • Hypocracy

        “White people I swear” the amount of hypocracy in this post is above 9000(DBZ reference) it’s as simple as she said in pretty sure “we have freedom of speech” I mean no I’m positive we do because my brothers and sisters fight for them so instead of looking for fights online and hiding behind a keyboard while your little heart is pounding at 120 beats per minute because the certain rush of telling someone off without any sort of harm occurring to you is a new rush. Why don’t you just voice your opinion without the terms “racist,white superiority,n-gger

      • guest

        So, if my skin were darker, than the assumption you just made “White people sometimes… your ability to do NO wrong amazes me… ” would change? That right there, is the epitome of racism. Just because i’m a different color than yourself or anyone else, doesn’t mean I don’t accept responsibility for my actions.

    • James D. Godson

      What utter tosh.

  • Ben

    When isn’t he saying over the top ridiculous comments , he will always be remembered for these half witted ignorant remarks.

  • Damascus

    I think Cher is the cop lol… Defending hard!!

  • aol

    I am all for this officer, he has made no threat what so ever. Kanye you are all talk , a coward! Your songs are bad. Your just a N. You send the wrong message. Yes Mr. West join the service, but you won’t cause your a coward, & probably only knows how to fight in gangs ,which are NEVER FAIR fights what so ever. Lets see how brave and bad you really are. The reason why you guys get killed as rappers , is what crap you sing, to have the young believe in you & follow you. And you have a child, and you set the wrong messages to the world. If you do ever die, No love lost period.

    • ahumanwithfeelings

      You’re just a N what does that mean?

    • rowe

      And you’re not a racist? You called him a n-gger… but couldn’t spell it out for fear of you comment not being posted.
      The thing is about the world today this Obomaean new world is this: you’re just mad that black people are on top… or getting there. This has nothing to do with Kanye, or his comments, or Obama’s policies (as if you actually know anybody them) you’re just a racist who possibly didn’t realize you were a racist until hot white chicks stared going after black guys (we know that burns you up) or the president became black… ect. Ect..
      Just so YOU know… WE know.

      • Truth

        black people are on top? seriosly? last time i went to the grocery store 5 african americans were infront of me all paying with their access cards. If thats ahead, ill keep my dignity and stay behind

        • keight

          Ok, “truth”, maybe if you did your research, there’s actually more white people on public assistance than black folks. Maybe if you didn’t live in the hood, then there wouldn’t have been 5 African Americans in front of u paying with their food stamp cards. And in case you didn’t know, black people are on top. They are no longer the minority, us white people are. We have a black president, omg! Gtfoh with your ignorant comments. Its people like you that keep racism alive and kickin. Anybody familiar with ice cube? Its his song the cop is quoting in the end. Good God the people of this country continue to amaze me on how stupid they really are.

          • Human being

            I live in the city. And now a days everyone pays with assistance if they need it. Stop poking at each other. the problem isn’t who is using the assistance it’s why they need it. We are all on top. we are all HUMAN. We have to bond together if want to grow as an industry and planet. So stop. The 3 of you have made racist comments to other races. And it doesn’t matter what Kayne put in his songs, as part of social culture you are watched 24/7. He doesn’t fight a war, he doesn’t risk his life. There may be people who hate him but then we all have people who hate us. I want to see him fight for our country or slay some bad guys as a cop or maybe just fight to live on food stamps but at least he’ll get a taste for war. It’s not about race anymore, you can’t call that your war.

          • geargrinder70

            When you use just basic numbers you are correct since there are more whites that blacks, but in overall percentages of whites verse blacks you are dead wrong.

      • dustin

        Your spelling is extremely wonderful. Ignorance is flowing profusely.

        PRESIDENT BECAME BLACK-Was he not black prior to his presidency?
        ECT ECT. This should be Etc Etc

        ” it out for fear of you (YOUR)comment not being posted.”

        Your ignorance flows and truly highlights your own lack of education.

    • James D. Godson


    • EatIt

      He’s made some of the greatest album’s this generation has seen. Critically, that has been backed up numerous times–so maybe keep your novice and subjective musical opinions to yourself.

  • Shawn

    WTF? people trying to turn this into a racist discussion? just because you don’t like idiots doesn’t mean your a racist? or if it does i guess i’m racist against idiot’s? i hate Obama, but i hated Bush too! and i dislike all rap music including Eminem! he is as much of a jackass as Kanye is! what is racist is when people think whites owe them something special or that whites aren’t entitled to their own opinions. equal rights means the same rights for everyone and no special treatment for anyone!

  • Shawn

    and besides Kanye’s best work was on South Park!

    • TheOneUnderYourBedEatingToast

      hahahahahahahhahahaha thats so true

  • Donna Simmons

    Oh my goodness… people are soooo ignorant!
    I like to get up in the morning, drink my coffee and read articles on whats going on in this world, each morning. Its getting to the point where each article I read- someone is screaming “Racist!”
    I read this article and did not see anything about race. I was slightly tickled that this Police Chief went out of his way to write to a rapper, but nontheless did not read anything that screamed “racist!”
    I was offended by the rappers message that his job is compared to anyone in the military. I dont think theres a word to scream at him for those comments though. If there was I would be using it.
    It really does boil my blood, that anybody thats not black gets beat up, shot, raped or whatever if they use the “N” word, yet, you can go to the grocery store and hear the black race using that same word to greet each other. “What up my “N.”
    Its really hard to teach young ones not to use that word when we hear it from them all the time!
    Heres the skinny though. If you dont want others using that word- then stop using it yourself! If people believe that they are constantly being attacked due to their race- stop spreading the hatred YOURSELF!
    I never once in my life thought of myself as being racist. Well. yeah, I guess I am racist when it comes to an “Attitude” not a color. However- I find myself becoming more and more pulled toward that feeling when all I hear is “Youre a racist!” no matter what is said. If youre going to accuse people of that, eventually youre gonna get what youre asking for.
    Someone brought Obama into this- and I agree. His comments about race- are constantly going out and hes causing alot of hatred to be spread around due to his race… well, thats a funny statement within itself.. because Im not even certain what his race is! Calico maybe?
    Either way people, lighten up! I, myself cannot stand rap music. I cant even call it music, really. Woohoo you can ryhme some words and add some sort of sounds and wala youve got a song? Hardly. Its a bunch of garbage to me and I choose not to listen to it. However- nobody can say that rap music is strictly from blacks only. Theres several white rap singers out there so please. I have to read back through this article again to be sure but I dont think the Police Chiefs letter said anthing about a specific color anywhere in it.
    I actually think the race card has been beat up so bad its lost its flavor altogether. I think a new card should be played and it should be about ignorant people. Theyre everywhere!!!
    P.S. Its early, so if I didn’t spell some words right in here- I apologize upfront. All of you spelling Nazi’s can just calm down and leave it be. Thank you

  • Tom

    Here is the problem with racism, if a white calls out a black, it’s racism, if a black calls out a black it’s racism.
    I feel thw appropriate language would be, Kanye is completely disrespecting the arm forces, and the police with this comment.
    Someone, anyone in that field has the right to call him out.

  • dbone

    this is so sad that everything turned to racism… our country is screwed.

    • Mike

      That’s not racism you moron

      • Tomme D

        the double standard Curt1124 is talking about absolutely IS racism…so whos the moron here?

        • erinjanelle

          Mike replied to dbone, not Curt1124. Soooo… you are?

    • curt1124

      Racism? You moron. You’re suggesting that an ego-centric white person could announce his self-perceived greatness and be criticized yet a black rapper cannot be criticized for his megalomania. It’s people with a world view like yours who are screwing up our country.

  • Ken

    What agent is telling these people this BS? Several stars made such a STUPID comment in 2013 that “I am as important as those who serve” again I call BS on Mr. west, Tom Crusie and any other star who believes this. All I know is I am glad both those who serve and the entertainers chose and preform there jobs well. Thanks you to those in the service, police, fire and rescue. For the entertainers who think they are “all that” I think you just got stuck in a role, or in the world of make believe and I hope some day you can wake up and return to the real world.

  • LH

    I’m not sure where people came up with the racist thing or about anyone being on public assistance. This was about a police officer and other military heroes that risk their lives every day so all people can have their freedom. He is simply stating that this Jackass compares himself to those that are carrying heavy artillery and fighting for our country. Those of you who think this shows any racism, are bigger fools than Kanye!

  • Crystal

    This guy’s funny. This isn’t about race, it’s about a dopey delusional entertainer, who thinks he’s God like and is clearly clueless about anything in the world outside of his bubble of narcissism and Kartrashians.

  • truth123

    The bottom line is, whether your white, black, yellow or blue, to compare yourself to our armed forces is plain IGNORANCE!
    So Kanye on Christmas day enjoy your family, as i will be praying for mine overseas! !!

  • Chuckles

    Kanye can join the Air Force and come work for me. I’ll set him up with a nice safe job around our office area cleaning toilets and taking out the trash. He won’t even have to set foot in the work bays

  • KV

    From an Afr. American who is TIRED of Kanye’s self worship…thanks Chief! You wrecked him w/this!

  • realist speaking

    It’s ridiculous that any blog or news article you look at these days, everyone is talking about racism. Its no secret that yes racism Still exists to this day and forever will until people change the way they think about eachother. And just to clear something up, everyone seems to make racism between white and black people even though people of every single race can be and are racist towards people of every race, but one thing I truly dont understand is how people always try to pull the race card when someone of another race offends them in any way. Really people just need to grow up and stop trying to take everything bad that happens to them and turn it into a race issue. Because the same people who are doing that are the ones that are keeping racism alive by constantly bringing it up.

    • wigirl30

      My exact thoughts!!!!

    • MC

      What you said is very true. I believe racism is kept alive in people’s heads. I feel everybody in the U.S. has the same opportunities available to them. Life is hard for everybody and we all struggle to make ends meet. As Blacks and Whites, we need to unite and leave racism behind.

  • SilentNoMore

    You’re all slaves.
    So sit back B. What the F’s it going to be?
    Are you listening to me?
    It’s your dependence, robbing innocence.
    Is this really who you wanted to be?

  • Hill

    Haha!!! Tell him chief…Im a military officer…If u have never been apart of what u r rapping about, dont compare…Your analogy Suck…Boy he sure does like attention…

  • Over this ridiculousness

    Wow, all of you are ridiculous with the racism comments! I think the Chief had every right to call him out, I’m sorry but I will never agree that being a rapper or any other type of entertainer is anything like being a police officer or a service member!!!!!! I can say this bc I am in the military and I have been deployed. And while some entertainers may have some crazy stalkers, so do your every day average person. That does not make them any better or special. What we as people forget and the entertainers as we’ll forget, is that at the end of the day, they are still just like everyone else. They are exceptionally good at a job and there happens to be a demand for it at this time. They are still people, no matter the color. I’m really tired of hearing the racism card, 90% of the people that use it have no true meaning of it and do not know true prejudice bc they were not alive when anyone was still a slave, separate facilities or even separate schools.
    We as a Nation need to come together bc we are doing nothing but tearing ourselves apart with all this hatred. We have lost what our country was founded on, freedom and separation of church and state, and we don’t even say then pledge of allegiance anyone so we don’t offend someone….this is America, you came here to be free, that is part of who we are, what we fight for….our constitution and government…..so we can continue to enjoy all these freedoms we love sooooo much. Support one another, and stop hating over issues LONG ago

  • CK

    Eh, with all the hype I was expecting something so much better….instead I wasted my time. For a self proclaimed “internet sensation” with well under a million followers, I would’ve thought he would’ve been well versed and humorous. As far as Kanye West: EVERYONE knows he’s an idiot. He just needs to stop opening his mouth. I am dumbfounded with nearly everything that comes out of his mouth during interviews.

    • erinjanelle

      He is not a ‘self proclaimed’ internet sensation. That would mean he decided that on his own.

      The Huffington Post decided to bestow the moniker onto him.

  • Jaker

    Kanye is more valuable than your average corrupt pig cop.

    • Albert Cruz

      Kanye is a piece of trash fool.

    • Mike Souza

      You keep telling yourself that. If one day you get caught between a desperate man and a knife wanting to snag your wedding ring, maybe Kanye will swoop in save your sorry ass.

    • msmadness

      And just how many “average corrupt pig cops” do you know? I’m sure you big friends with Kanye.

      • Jaker

        Never met Kanye, but I see the corruption in my city all the time.

        • msmadness

          Then report it to the state. But a blanket smear of the hundreds of thousand of men and women who protect you is, well, just stupid. Next time you need a cop, call Kanye and see what you get.

  • Albert Cruz

    Good for the Chief and Kanye West must be sniffing Kim ‘ s panties too much to actually compare himself to our military soldiers and police officers.
    Kanye West once again proves what a douche bag he is.

  • Donna Simmons

    People who scream racist are racist themselves.
    Shame on you. This rapper is JUST a rapper.. nothing more nothing less. He is able to rap because he is free. His freedom comes with a price. That price is our military and police officers that make it where he can have choices. Take away his protection and he will not rap. Plain and simple.

  • wtfc

    Okay all u people saying about race blah blah blah. Your retards. Who cares about how many black people are on food stamps or how many whites are on it. Kanye is a retard who need to get his butt kicked a couple of times. Big deal he said it. Get over it. Damn if this is what people do with their times other then taking care of their families or working this world is heading straight to hell.

  • Michael Brewster

    Well said chief! Kanye apparently thinks he is the new jesus or Masia! Well kanye, u r neither and will never be anything. U r a ignorant black man who thinks everyone and all forma of life must bow to ir feet and listen to you. and for u to say u compare urself with the military. How dare u even speak in the same language. U r walking around on the very ground that they peotect for you while they give there lives for the very freedom u have.u r soft weak and a bigget! U should juat go away and live ur life in a fairy tale cause myself and others could careless about u and ur music and speaking and rants. Peace and love to those who sacrifice there lives for freedoms around the world!

    • Michael

      Please learn how to spell. I see you have kids. I hope you haven’t inherited your disregard for the very language you deem so holy.

      • Michael Brewster

        I apologise for spelling! I was in thought and forgot to spell check. I have friends I the military and come from a military family. I speak only the truth and sorry if it not what ppl wanna hear!

      • K

        You’re a douche. He was clearly in a train of thought and typing away. Wooow

      • tired of rude people

        Michael, I suppose you’re perfect? Just because someone’s spelling isn’t up to your standards doesn’t give you the right to pick on them. Grow up!

  • Anon Admin

    First, Kanye compares himself to God, and now he says he puts his life on the line like those in the military? Well if you want to be either of those things Mr. West, hang yourself from a cross and resurrect from the dead. Even better yet, go get yourself a uniform and go show our men and women overseas what it really means to put your life on the line. I’m sure they would be so great full to see what true sacrifice is.(Sarcasm if you couldn’t tell)

    • SoldierPlease

      Dude, Jesus is a fictional character and our military is used by rich old bastards who get young kids to protect their money. Kanye’s an idiot, but then, so are people who think Jesus was the son of God.

      • http://www.slaveryreport.com/ ConservativeLibertarianNavyVet

        You couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jesus is NOT a fictional character, and even if you don’t believe he’s the son of God, history has proven he in fact was a real person, both in christian, jewish, muslim, and roman scripts and many others that are in no way related.

        Furthermore, I’m a miltiary veteran, and I can tell you I always had a choice to obey or disobey an order. I don’t just do something because the big man tells me to, I’m a man, a human, a father, and a husband and I make my own decisions in life.

        How about you get off your soap box for a minute and do something with your life so that when your great great grandchildren look back they can say, “That was my grand dad, and he did this this and this and he was awesome!” because right now, you won’t even be a memory in history. Jesus got you beat there, think you can do better? Prove it.

        • SoldierPlease

          Never said I can or do better, but I also don’t hold myself to be a hero because of the career I’ve chosen. That was my point. Sorry you’ve chosen to support your family by putting yourself in harm’s way halfway around the globe. That was your decision.

          As far as Jesus, it sounds like you’re talking about the one that was “born” on December 25th? The Messiah? Born of a virgin? Yeah all those parts are made up. The philosopher, who probably did exist, was a staunch pacifist who would entirely disagree with every action the United States military has ever taken. Granted, he thought he was the chosen son of god, so he may have been a little delusional. Regardless, he, like every other fleshy human ever to walk the earth, is dead.

  • James Massa

    To much free time, not enough police work. Go workout if you got time to write KANYE…

    • Randy

      Seriously James? Ever imagine he could have written this up in 10 minutes at home after a nice dinner?

      Spread the love, not the hate.

      • Manda

        James, you are a delusional idiot! It probably took all of 5 minutes to write that. Kanye is a loser. Hes a no talent hack. Too bad you are too stupid to see that. Kanye contributes NOTHING to society compared to the people who keep us safe, except stupid rap lyrics. Oh and in case you didn’t know, Kanye isn’t one of the people keeping us safe.

    • haters say blah blah blah

      Must be a cop hater. Only a cop hater would have a negative comment about this topic and side with Kanye.
      James it’s not everyone else’s fault you failed the police test. Or did a cop yell at you that one time. Or maybe you’re just an anarchist or a criminal. Keep your cop hating comments to yourself in this matter.

    • K

      You deserve to be smacked in the face

  • Adam Bruno

    Unbelievable.. this hamster is outta control

  • Lord Layton

    I wouldn’t pyss in K.W.’s face if his moustache caught fire. RAP is 3/4’s of the word KRAP

    • 41progress41

      I agree KW is not worth a piss in the face…but learn to separate an artist from art. “rap is crap” is your opinion…and you’re entitled to it. But your comment shows a lack of critical thinking…and my guess is…your taste in music might be crap too. Just a whiter version of it…

      • Lord Layton

        I love Mo-Town. That was Real music! These ignorant rappers think they invented iambic pentameter. My guess is you are black and don’t KNOW the definition of music and probably walk around with your pants down around your knees like that is cool too. I don’t view music as critical. I enjoy music. Rappers going around killing each other ( the more the merrier) is critical to them, NOT ME!

  • Sean Alegria

    Waste of time? Out of control? Is nice to see both of you pricks support the service people that support your freedom!

    • Linda Stroud Chin

      You are sad sad sad…..to call this man who man the streets a prick!

  • lro

    Wow….love this letter from the officer. Hilarious, but an obvious point being made. Love it.

  • joltinjohn

    You sound like a dickweed Sean…. but other than that I am a veteran that would like to shove a M-16 or newer military weapon of choice up Wests and Cruise’s ass or any other person of celebrity that believes they are more important that what they are… that includes the likes of Oprah that also rubs your last nerve but then that is more about race baiting than referral to military….

    • Dan

      Who the hell is Sean?

      • Linda Stroud Chin

        Below…Sean Alegria!

    • Linda Stroud Chin

      Who is Sean….and if you are referring to David…you are misguided my friend!

      • Linda Stroud Chin

        I saw who Sean is….what a jerk….you are so right!

  • Kandi

    Haha I love it

  • Surviving Spouse

    Thank you for writing what many are thinking! West is a victim of his own success! I think it’s ridiculous that he compares himself to law enforcement or the military!

    Surviving Spouse

  • Bonnie DeMoss

    We need to stop using our hard earned dollars to feed the God complex of these celebrities. These addle brained drug addicted morons should not be American heroes. They have done nothing but play act while we are living real life. I lost an uncle in Vietnam. How dare he compare rapping on a stage to fighting in a war?

    • Glenn Vaughn

      Why do you even care? grow up he’s just a rapper

  • wade

    Bitch tell me how you not a hobbit again

    • hardfu

      Actually laughed at this.

  • Tilu

    I loved it. Kanye along with many other celebrity figures, think that they are some kind of God . I don’t respect him or his music, not one bit.

  • Linda Stroud Chin

    When is the last time an entertainer got shot on stage??????? He is so full of himself, Kim must be rubbing off on him….they are all so wrapped up in their world they fail to see the real world as it really is…She especially, what God gifted talent does she have, yes NON! AND she gets paid WHAT? Police, firefighters, military and yes, even teachers are on the frontline everyday…..and he does what?

    • Notorious_bob

      last time i can recall was a looooong time ago when the bassist for pantera got stabbed by a loony fan.

      • big short

        It was dimebag Darryl, guitarist for pantera, who got shot on stage, then his brother Vinny, the drummer, was held hostage until a police officer shot the killer, it wasn’t too long ago.

        • http://www.kevinhughesdesign.net Kevin Hughes

          Only about 10 years ago.. time flies, damn.

      • Hippi

        It was the guitarist from Damage Plan,formerly of

        Pantera and the guy came on stage and shot him point blank in the head.

      • getyourfactstraight

        Your name should be notorious_boob. Dimebag Darrell was the lead guitarist for Pantera, Damageplan and a few other bands. I wish people would think before they opened their mouths.

        • Glennjo

          How dare he call a guitarist a bassist, how offensive……….

        • Glennjo

          That last comment was covered in sarcasm. I’m letting you know, just so you do not think I agree with your very ignorant assessment of Notorius-Bob’s comment.

  • jb

    the cops right. but hes still a pig. end of story

    • Michael D. Batkiw

      wow bro youre so edgy i wish i could be as cool as you

  • mike

    He wouldn’t even make it through boot camp

    • Bonnie DeMoss

      I wish I could give this 1000 likes. So true.

    • EvaHP Procario

      He wouldnt even pass the Physical. lol

  • Imaor

    You are all voicing your very VERY important opinions, while trying to humiliate people you don’t know, and make yourselves stand out as better than each other via your ability to think critically… Isn’t this just the same as what Kanye gets paid to do? Just to music?

    • Bonnie DeMoss

      NO. I never compared anything I do to fighting in a war.

  • frank

    Hes a pussy…he raps???please…barely raps…..he’s a joke…..can’t stands this idiot…and his idiot attention needing wife….he sucks the big one…

  • Chris MacDonald

    Kanye is a jackass BUT- I’ll bet he’s never jailed anyone for a victimless vice. Not so for chief Oliver.

    • hardfu

      Because he’s not a cop… that was the entire point, jeez. Don’t you read? Haha

  • Jimmie

    either kanye is really stupid, or its his way of staying relevant. either way, he’s a joke. birds of a feather, kim kardashian, lol

  • Bill Obamabush

    Yeah Kanye is a tool, but all this about soldiers or police being heroes is a lot of feel-good rubbish. The military and police alike are full of meatheads who just want to shoot guns and kick @ss. The notion that a combination of testosterone and stupidity equals heroism is laughable. There are REAL heroes in all walks of life. Just because some knuckle-dragging mouth breather likes to live dangerously doesn’t make him a hero.

    • Eron Avery

      You really feel that way about our military? Bunch of stupid testosterone idiots? Well my good sir maybe you should be sent to the front lines with west. You will see the magority are humble and look at life a whole lot better than you. Second of all you try being shot at. Life over any second. You would act a little different after that. The military you see are the ones that go in to get away from home and hit up as many girls as possible. They aren’t doing it for our country real soldiers do it for our country. Thanks for your time

    • Cameron Calaway

      Thats the most misguided interpretation of our military iv ever read… That is nothing like any of our military, maybe a few here and there, but the military is a small group of only a few select that isn’t easy to join. I happen to be in the military, mabey not a combat position, or even that important, but i can say now the people i work with are some of the best and brightest. Those gun toting knuckle draggers you speak of usually dont get into the military, mabey army because of its low ASFAB score requirements but thats ONE military branch. Most of us only get to touch guns every now and then, the rest of us are busy making your life safe while you tarnish our name with your ignorance. We deploy often and usually for 4-6 months at a time were we DO see combat, tell me that a normal person that does a good deed is a hero and il agree. Tell me a military person devoting his life for his country is less then a hero and il give you five reasons to change your opinion.

      • MilitaryHeroes

        Now what branch are you in? Air Force? Yeah marines have the same asvab score as the army. Army deploys for 9 months not 4-6 so army is out there longer than you and I understand your point your trying to make, but army is one of the hardest branches. Physically and mentally.

    • Robby Patrick

      If that is all you think the Military does then you are the misguided
      one Bill. When the Hurricane hit Japan the U.S. Armed Forces were some
      of the first responder to provide relief. The same in Thailand when
      there were the massive floods there . The U.S. Navy was bringing and
      supplies and aid to the Thai people. So for you to say we are just a
      bunch of knuckle-dragging mouth breathers who like to live dangerously
      means who have no idea what service members do. There are more people
      in the Military who just want to help others than want to shoot guns and
      kick ass as you so eloquently put it. I guess the firemen who would go into a burning house to save you are nothing but knuckle-dragging mouth breathers who like to live dangerously. The police who would be the ones to save you if you were held hostage are the same. The 1% of Americans who decided to join the military so you can sit at home and talk about them the way you do are the same. Educate yourself before you start talking about that which you do not know.

      • Jessica

        The Philippines. You mean when the hurricane hit the Philippines. I assume you are talking about the very recent typhoon Haiyan. The US military and USAID provided a huge amount of assistance. The Japanese troops also happened to provide aid for the typhoon.

        Sorry; I am not attacking your argument, just pointing a pretty big geographical error!

      • koko

        and yet Katrina was a total disaster and bush called them ‘those ppl over there’ like they were from some far off land…ugh

    • mick

      I understand your point about real heroes in all walks of life. You could have made it without belittling the armed forces and the police. I have seen documentaries of the soldiers on the front lines having their best friends head blown off one day, receiving a dear john letter from their wife the next and they continue to do their job and go back out on patrols. My hat goes off to them!

    • Becca

      I am sorry but wtf? I was in the service and had no real want to shoot guns or kick @ss….I joined to defend my country. There are real heroes all over the world, in many professions, but the men and WOMEN serving our country in the military are HEROES. It is sad how misguided you are regarding military personnel. You might want to try and meet some of the men and women that are fighting to defend the freedoms you enjoy, who knows you might learn something.

    • lifeisgood

      As a military member who studied mechanical engineering at Cornell University, I must be stupid and love to shoot guns. That’s the reason I joined! ACTUALLY, believe it or not, many Americans genuinely believe in the greater good and want to serve to protect our country’s freedom. It’s somewhat comical to read your comment, as freedom of speech is one of the rights we strive to protect. So you’re welcome. I’ll go kick some @ss to save yours…so that you can write more posts like this.

    • Just Me

      You sir are incredibly misguided. The military is filled with our nations brightest minds. I mean, if it wasn’t how would they be able to set up a communications terminal that can speak from California to Korea and operate it correctly. I’d like to see you out perform “the knuckle-dragging meatheads” and set up your vast array of communications systems all while having to be completely aware of your surroundings for fear of being attacked.

      I’d like to see you deal with the high stresses of combat, and come home and take care of your family. I’d like you to see how you handle holding your brother-in-arms while he bleeds to death, knowing he’s leaving a wife and 2 children still on this planet. I’d like to see you have to deal with being separated from your family for months on end, not knowing if you’ll ever get see your child’s first time jumping off of a diving board, to see them smile on their birthday, to hold them when their heart hurts or to walk your daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

      I will give you one thing, hero’s come in all shapes sizes and places. Hero’s don’t only come out of the military, that’s a bit ignorant to assume that’s the truth. Rosa Parks never served a day in the service and neither did Dr. King, but to sell a service members sacrifice short is also incredibly ignorant.

      It’s the service member who gives you freedom of speech, not the press.
      It’s the service member who gives you the right to chase your dream, not the government.
      It’s the service member who grants you the right to sleep soundly at night, not your homes walls, or properties boundaries.
      It’s the service member who allows you to read this in English instead of Chinese.

      I hope you read what I’ve had to say and look at things a bit differently. Be thankful for what you have, because if it wasn’t for the troops, you wouldn’t have any of it.

    • any time you pos

      What the hell do you know about service members… as a seperated marine of eight years an infantryman with two combat deployments the men ive served with are nothing short of the bravest, selfless and honorable men ive haad the pleasure of knowing…. and to watch your brothers be sent home with missing limbs and bullet holes to do the job your cowardess ass couldnt handle is humbleing enough… try serving in the military in a combat environment and controlling a squad of guys getting shot at while trying to kill the enemy that brought so much hurt to this country and still coordinating indirect fires and casevacs to get your wounded buddies help. This is everything but knuckle dragging mouth breathers so how dare you disrespect their sacrifice and selflessness… your a sick excuse of an american and are not half a man of todays or the past military men woman and police Semper Fi Fox company 2nd bat 7th mar
      Any time you pos :)

  • TasteNoEvil

    you know i got to hand it to kayne when i lived in the 90s and listened to music some of which was rap, i prayed that god would speak to people through rap….maybe its not so far fetched
    of course i also prayed for a new drug, this was just before Eminem and extasy

  • John

    I like the idea of the letter and the letter itself. However, I fear West will take it as an indication he and what he says actually IS relevant…………

  • MonkeyFuzz84

    I completely agree with this officer what is the worst that can happen to him, he makes tons of money and all he has to d is sing where as the real heros barely get by….. see the problem here

  • Jonathan Toth from Hoth

    I’ve known too many crooked cops…and I’ve been to too many shows where
    people do stupid stuff, so I agree more with Kanye. He does put his
    life on the line every time he goes onstage. And hey, Brimfield Police,
    in case you didn’t notice the body count, the average American has more
    chance of being killed by COPS than the Taliban (and if you wanna go
    by race, it’s not the Taliban black people are worried about in the

    But it was interesting of you to shift blame on Kanye…that keeps Americans from noticing your brothers-in-arms kill more citizens than the Taliban.

    • Jan

      I didn’t read all your post Jonathan, mainly because you’re an idiot and,like this wonderful police officer pointed out applies to you as well “You Are Part of The problem”

    • Able’s Page

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sxkdWw5ct0 The pic below was sent to my aunts phone the night of my father’s wake before the funeral at aprox 3:28 in the morning..prior to that a callback number was sent to my aunts phone at aprox 2;18 a.m. My father used to be a Detective for New London CT police dept..and investigated corrupt cops back in the late 80’s…they set him up with a bunch of cocaine(if you go to Able’s Page you can see the document as my cover photo) and the D.A. bailed him out for $20,000…hmmm…well long story short my father beat it all left pissed off people behind and had a brain tumor 2 years ago..well before you know it he moved bakc to N.L. which he vowed to never go back to again..and after these people got me out of the picture it took them a month to murder him..I have altered medical records..bank records..everything..no one would take my case…I was pushed to the point to investigate the “message” to my aunt and it led me to this guy..and I recorded it

    • Jonathan Toth blows boyscouts.

      You’ve known too many crooked cops or you’ve watched too many YouTube compilation videos of the same cops abusing their power? You have to be the dumbest person(I hate to even give you that title of person but “stupidfuck” isn’t an English word) I’ve ever wasted my own time to read and comment on. Go watch some more mainstream news and hear all of the negative things that make the 10 o’ clock report instead of actually researching statistics of police officers and criminals and relevant things that cops do. You gave me a headache you complete and utter dipshit.

    • dsafdsa

      Amazingly ignorant specimen! If they want to survive the police they should do 2 things. 1) Not get involved with illegal activities, and if they get caught they should 2) comply and follow orders. If they say turn around, you turn around. If you’ve seen a couple episodes of COPS, people seem to have a problem following directions. It’s also a good idea to not be hostile; raising a gun or anything, that’s a sure way to add to any police body count. Though the count belongs to stupidity.. not the police.

  • Salvation on Earth

    Kanye preaches and sings about god and angels… Millions of dollars. Hot wife.

    Jealous Cop sits on his ass eating donuts posting on facebook thinking hes helping people.. Poor and hates Kanye. Hmmmm

    • whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaatttttt?!?

      Wow. Just found the only person more ignorant than Kanye.

    • fort hood grunt

      untill Kanye spends 18 months in the Pech River Valey in Afghanistan being shot at day in and day out he can leave the military out of this.

    • dumbFucksEverywhere

      Kanye is extremely full of himself and that’s what the cop was referring to. There’s no jealousy from the cop. He was just referring to the stupid comment Kanye made about being similar to cops and people in the military. You obviously lack common sense, but whatever, continue to suckle on the tits of your false prophets.

    • Brenda Holt Loza

      And compares himself to Nelson Mandela?! Such brilliance I tell you! Who cares about his millions..he is a Tool!

    • Tricia Moilanen

      It is sad that you believe that “cops” sit on their ass and eat donuts…bet you would be happy that they came to your rescue when you needed it. The Military…Police Force…Fire Department…Paramedics…just a few that put their well being at risk every day for perfect strangers…and get paid crap for doing it. Jealous you say…no just fed up! They should be receiving the big pay…not the entertainers…I don’t believe Kanye would come to your aid if you needed it…but if he thought he could rap about your unfortunate circumstance and make a buck…that he would do. I say bravo to this Police Officer for taking a stand!

  • Fixedwingpilot

    Bravo, bravo sir

  • Jan

    I Love! this officer lol and West is just dressed up trailer trash.His words prove that.

  • The BDC

    I also like the letter, but agree – why are we even talking about Kanye. He is meaningless in the world of music and if it wasnt for Auto-Tune, we would be watching him on LOCKUP, instead the AMAs. Hes a loser.

  • Terry Rae Downey

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself! haha love his final words!

  • EvaHP Procario

    Kanye West sucks Ass…. Im not a Cop lover either, but I will tell you, Kanye walks around here like his Shi- dont stink. So much so, that I won some tickets on the radio and decided i didnt even want to go support such a Cocky ass entertainer. You are Very Very far from even being close to any of the great rappers, yet you walk around like you should be worshipped? Your old Raps were ok when you were still humbled but Now, You sound like the rest of the Commercialized brain wash crap the media is putting out these days. Come to LA, South of the 10 fwy and show us how you adapt in a war zone. Your living a Fairytale Kanye Weenie, You suck fool, and your Girl is one of the biggest HoodRats out there, I thought you Rappers didnt love those Hoes?

  • Able’s Page

    wow..I posted true corruption and they took it down…funny read it on the other replys

  • Big bird

    Gotta love when cops compare themselves to our soldiers! Way out of line

  • Cheryl Brunet Long

    Absolutely brilliant!! I am speechless. Guess thats the outcome everyone is hoping for with Mr. West. Hugely distorted ego…and that, will be his ultimate downfall.

  • BajeBarra

    One typo, but otherwise gold

    • Idahola

      Two typo’s! But yes, it’s great.

  • jb80538

    Kanye’s ego is so big he has to go outside to turn around.

  • Yoshi

    And let’s not forget when he compared himself to Nelson Mandela and even went on to say how he was the NEXT Mandela…..but only better cuz of how big he is….how arrogant.

    • david

      You’re an idiot. That didn’t happen. The Daily Currant is a satirical news site, much like The Onion.

    • Zia Paul

      Too bad that that wasn’t real. Do people fact check anymore?

  • Darcy Lynne

    This is AWESOME!!!!! Thank you for bringing such ignorance to light. Thank you for your service and to all the men and woman who truly fight and protect us.

  • Stephen Patton

    Well said, officer.

  • doug

    All yall that saying some bout kanye are stupid because if you know what the man actually ment about what he was saying..Let me put it in stupid term for yall.He ment as he travel the world, having to leave his family behind and getting up on stage not knowing what can happen.Putting his life in jeopardy to perform for fans when he can get shot or the stage can have a bomb.because he dont know who out there wanna kill him.he didn’t mean it the way you a** holes thought he did..

    • SensibleCircle

      Yall worshippers be like “Nah mang, Kanye da best even though all dem people want to cap that guy. This is why he da best, he don’t care about no death. Only important thing be the fans. Righteous.”

      When really he’s just got his head too far up his ass.

    • david

      You’re so well spoken I can’t help but agree

    • airwinger

      Dude You Are What’s Wrong With The World

    • Julia

      You sure did take all the intelligence out of you’re comment ;)

    • CKML03

      Then, in my opinion, he should not have compared himself to that of an officer or military personnel. Maybe his life is in jeopardy, but he should have chosen a different comparison or maybe even said something completely different altogether. Just a simple question, but how to do you know the intent behind Kanye’s words? Based on the way he has been acting, he’s pretty arrogant and I wouldn’t doubt that he meant it in the way everyone is taking it. Either way, it isn’t about what we say, it’s about how we say it…

    • bt6785

      The average citizen that gets on the highway, leaving their family behind to go out and earn a living every day risks their life thru a traffic accident or road rage or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still that kind of danger or whatever Kanye may face is NOT even remotely similar to the inherent danger, risk and sacrifice of our soldiers or police officers. Kanye said what he meant and there is no misunderstanding. He is too full of himself and terribly misguided.

    • Jamie

      This is also why cops and sercurity, you know them people is soo much better then, are constanly paid to surround him and his likelihood of getting shoot on stage I would say is pretty slim since sercurity is at everu concert checking for weapons from everyone who enters the building. I bet our military would love to have that luxury. The only thing kanye talks about and gice so called “truth” about is himself.
      P.s. Please please for the sake of our future read a book or two.

    • Truth

      Trust me, nothing in “stupid term” can sound more stupid than you. Here’s a tip, when trying to defend a position on an argument, use cohearent sentences. That will help make you look somewhat intelligent.

  • SensibleCircle

    The last line should have said “Uh Huh Honey”

  • 21gunz

    Great stuff but if he reads it he is probably going to go on another insane rant about how is still a god smh

  • Angie Joya

    loved it!

  • damon ripley

    Kanye is standing up against big corporations and speaking truths and secrets about them which is dangerous and can get you killed. Kanye comes off a little nutty sometimes, but is on a mission of changing things by exposing things in the industry. I am worried about him mysteriously dying and I wouldn’t have the guts to talk about what he talks about. Kanye is rich but is ruffling feathers of powers that don’t want to be exposed and whenever you stand up with your life on the line, you are similar to other historic figures!

    • sub

      Kanye is part of a big corporation called the music industry. How are you so blind as not to see that? He’s making himself a hundred millionaire by speaking out against bilionaires.

    • http://chasesfreebies.com/ Chase

      The only thing he has exposed is that horrible voice he has. If you haven’t figured it out yet a breathing fart could get a record deal. Auto tune is the devil.

    • damon ripley is a retard

      you are literally too dumb for words man

  • damon ripley

    not to mention you put your life on the line every time you go to a rap concert especially in the bad ghetto areas.

    • http://chasesfreebies.com/ Chase

      Yes. I agree. I would much rather be fighting the Taliban in a foreign country than have to get paid a couple million to stand on a stage and talk really fast. Shew, thank you for your service, Kanye.

  • MilitaryGirl

    It really pisses me off that people keep saying the military and police force don’t do sh*t. The armed forces and police force do everything for every community. Everytime there is a flood, hurricane, earthquake, the military is first to respond. What does west do for his community? Nothing. We have people in the forces dying everyday. Rappers aren’t dying everyday, no there getting high, drinking or rapping. Some of you people are just down right stupid

    • SoldierPlease

      I happen to live in a city where the police abuse people on a particularly racist and regular basis. I don’t agree with the actions of our military. Firefighters I’ve got no beef with. But just being a cop or a soldier for a particular country doesn’t make you a hero. It makes you a person who offered to do a job and gets paid for it. Both of those jobs afford people a certain level of authority, authority which is very often abused. So, it really pisses me off that you think that doing your job makes you a hero by default. You may very well be a wonderful and moral person, but you signed up for the military or a police career just like I signed up for my job. America is a historically hypocritical country, don’t be so self-righteous about “defending” it.

      • http://www.slaveryreport.com/ ConservativeLibertarianNavyVet

        What the %$# do you know you sorry piece of trash?! Being a police officer doesn’t make you a hero? When you get out to give someone a traffic ticket because they were going 30 over the speed limit and they come out and start shooting at you and you blow their heads off, you don’t call that a hero? This person puts their life on the line for noneother than YOU, and this is the thanks they get? Soldiers aren’t heros? When they go to Afganistan or wherever they’re at they don’t have a choice to sit back and chill. They can’t say “I want a break”, they’re in over 100 POUNDS of heavey equipment just to protect them fighting at people they don’t even want to be fighting at, but it’s either shoot back or die, and your BEST FRIEND you’ve been on deployment with for seven months gets hit in the chest with an exploding round, you’re telling me that if you go out there and drag that guy back and save his life he isn’t a hero?

        What the heck is the matter with you? Take racism and SHOVE IT, no one gives a crap about racists, they’re worthless dogs, but people like you, you’re even lower. It really pisses me off that you couldn’t be a hero even if you tried to be one. I’ve fought two wars and watched my best friends get blown away left and right and all for what? Do you think I agree with WHY I’m there? No, I don’t, but I’m there and it’s either fight or die so I have to fight to survive, and I’ve got to protect my fellow soldiers. That guy over there laying face first in a pile of mud and his own blood is holding a picture of his little girl whom he’s never gotten to even hold yet, the other guy over there screaming blood-curdling cries while looking up praying for his wife who’s just been diagnosed with cancer and is now going to be a widow, and you’re telling me these men and women aren’t heroes? You’re worse than Kayne West, that’s for sure. What a sorry excuse for ahuman being.

        The only person you care about is you, so how can you ever say anything abou anyone else when you haven’t even checked yourself? You act like everyone in the world owes you something, kid, how about you get out there and EARN it like the rest of us? What have to got to show for your life? Nothing? That’s what I thought. What have YOU done to prove YOURSELF? Who are you going to answer to, some boss, or YOU? You talk about how none of these people are heros, well how about you get off your lazy bum and show us how it’s done, little hero!

        • SoldierPlease

          Dude, that was extremely aggressive. Show you how what’s done? Violence perpetuates violence. I’m not a violent person. The statistics show that American police officers have a relatively safe job. The problem is that every time a single one of them gets hurt or killed it’s headline news and tragedy (sometimes it is a tragedy). You are far more likely to be hurt or killed by a police officer in this country.

          I’m sorry I don’t agree with your hero complex, and I’m sorry you watched your friends die and get maimed. If there weren’t always wars to be fought, you wouldn’t have been there. And if you hadn’t signed up to be there, you wouldn’t have those terrible experiences. You don’t get my respect or sympathy for fighting crooked men’s wars. I would have to be a blind nationalist to give you that.

          If you save your friend by killing your enemy, you’re a hero to your friend and a terrorist to your enemy’s friends and family. And if this happens to occur on your enemy’s land that you’ve invaded…again, I’m hard pressed to find any sympathy for you. I only feel sorry that you either felt compelled or were tricked into fighting crooked men’s wars. And I’m sorry that you had to protect your friends during those needless conflicts.

        • SoldierPlease

          Also, I feel like I should address that absurd hypothetical situation you created about the cop getting his head blown off during a traffic stop. That rarely happens, despite Americans having a disgusting obsession with owning guns. There are far more anecdotes about cops blowing civilians’ heads off without just cause. So, no, that cop is not a hero for getting shot. He might have done something prior to that incident in his life that made him a hero. But on that day, he was just an unlucky guy with the wrong job.

          That’s what you don’t get. It’s not the danger that makes you a hero. It’s what you accomplish. And if you’ve spent a few years of your life in the desert shooting at an invisible enemy for corrupt politicians and rich men, and you’ve accomplished nothing (Afghanistan, anyone?), YOU ARE NOT A HERO. I’m sorry you convinced yourself that you were to get through that tough time you signed up to experience.

  • Soluchi

    That was a pathetic approach from the cop. Yes, cops and military officers face life threatening situations and so does Kanye(his might not be the exact same situations, but it’s still life threatening).

    Consider how many people dislike him after the Bush incident, the Taylor swift incident, the sway incident, because they think he’s too cocky, speaking about the reality of the music industry, and Racism/race.

    A lot of people don’t like Kanye. The fact he has to perform on stage with a bunch of random people watching him, increases his chances of death and being attacked.

    I think the nosy cop should have just minded his own business.

    • http://chasesfreebies.com/ Chase

      Yes, a lot of people do dislike him but I think you are giving him too much credit. I am pretty sure that no one cares enough about him to actually kill him. Especially since they would go to prison.

      Who would waste their entire life in prison just to pick off a mentally challenged rapper?

      • Soluchi

        You’d be surprised. A Racist, someone who doesn’t like kanye, the FEDS, people who think he’s saying too much. The list goes on. Tupac put out similar messages as that of Kanye. Where is he now?

      • Zia Paul

        How did John Lennon die again?

      • Glenn Vaughn

        mentally challenged? I guess you haven’t said anything stupid before…huh?

    • Dds

      You’re as ignorant as they come. How is being surrounded by body guards more dangerous than serving over seas or wearing a badge that may as well be a giant target?

      • Soluchi

        Surrounded by body guards? I’m guessing you’ve never been to a Kanye West concert.

    • Jamie

      And I think you are just as dumb as him if you really think this. It really makes me sick that we kive in a country where more respect is giving to an ignorant rapper then the men and woman who bravely put their life on the line to serve and protect us. I can’t remember the last time there was a major crisis happened and it was Kayne to the rescue. Being ignorant and cocky does not give you respect nd even comr close to putting you in the same catagory as a brave military service people. He could never do what these men and woman do an the daily. Also kanye is not soeaking truth about anything. He think he far greater then what he really is. He jad a couple good hit songs congrads so did kany other people this does not make him a god and does not earn him respect. In fact if you can not give rewoect to people who deserve it you do not deserve any regardless of what you do

      • Soluchi

        You need to learn to read and understand what you read. Go through my OP for a reiteration.

    • Glen

      No entertainer can ever compare what they do, to that of law enforcement and the military. To do so show a lack of respect for those who put their lives on the line to protect others. When has he ever done this?

      • Soluchi

        You need to learn to read and understand what you read. Go through my OP for a reiteration.

    • Chris2422

      You have a very skewed view of reality if you honestly think Kanye West is putting his life in danger. To compare that to what the military does or even the police is sickening and a slap in the face to the people who are out there protecting YOU and everyone else in this country. Think before you speak.

      • Soluchi

        You need to learn to read and understand what you read. Go through my OP for a reiteration

        • Chris2422

          I understand perfectly. I’m simply disagreeing with your opinion. Funny how that happens in life.

    • Leona

      Any danger he faces is brought on by his inability to shut his mouth. He’s reactionary and doesn’t think things through before he opens his mouth. Confidence is important to make it to his level of success. But come on, if he wasn’t a rapper, this world would keep on turning and nobody else’s life would suddenly be in peril. Take away police and the military and it’s a solid bet our lives would be drastically effected. I love music and enjoy movies but these people are entertainers. If I were in danger I would dial 911 not 1-800-fat-head.

      • Soluchi

        Same can be said for John Lennon and Tupac who died for what they believed. To me, that’s an honorable way to go out. Even though Kayne does run his mouth a lot, he stands for what believes in.

        • Leona

          They died as entertainers killed by warped people. It is not the same. And not an honorable way to go out. They spoke about injustice in the world, but that’s not why they died. Martin Luther King died for civil rights and many others. That’s honorable. It’s great to speak about about things you stand for, but comparing himself to people who risk their lives every day is silly. Maybe the next time somebody enters a school with an assault weapon we should call Kanye and let the police set that one out. Really people.

    • megan317

      i think Kanye should stop talking….;)

      • Soluchi


    • Shella Fronzaglio

      Sooooo, EVERYONE else is to blame because they don’t like someone that in your words is too cocky & tends to be rude? & it’s none of the cop’s business when he & those in his profession is insulted? Again that whole thing abut who has a right to their opinion…

  • Cait

    Kanye relies on body guards and police to protect him when he’s performing and moving about. SO no, he is not in a dangerous position like military etc. They rely on themselves. They can’t hide behind anyone. Also, noone is making Kanye perform. It isn’t particularly necessary. So he chooses to risk his life for what…. fame? While police officers and military choose to risk thier lives for the greater good.

  • Lou Bator

    Ha! Ha! Way to go, Chief! That Kandy West is a grade A douche. God bless all our military service members, and our civil service members who put their lives on the line every day. Thanks again, Chief Oliver. I hope that Kandy pays attention.

    • Glenn Vaughn

      I’m sure he cares about some random police officer. Ha! Ha!

  • John

    None of you know this man. You criticize him for “thinking he is something more than just an entertainer” but this sort of behavior of putting every word he says under the microscope puts him on a pedestal. I could write a letter to nearly every single ignorant comment posted here today. Kanye West isn’t perfect, but at least he doesn’t sit at home on the internet judging and criticizing people he doesn’t know out of context. And Chief Oliver, why are you wasting time writing a letter to a man who is not going to read it? Don’t you have some people to harass for smoking pot? or some Black teens to beat up? Thanks for your service to our country.

    • http://chasesfreebies.com/ Chase

      No, he goes up on stage at award shows to judge them.

    • Christie Campbell

      What you just said is the likely one of the most asinine things I have ever read. Really?! Black teens to beat up?! People like you are the reason this country is going to hell in a hand basket. the only ignorant comment is the one you just made…and Im sure you have more of where that came from.

      • John

        yeah.. my internet comments are hurting the economy. cop in my town was drinking and driving and shot a dude. wearing a badge doesn’t automatically make you a good person. in fact, power often corrupts. don’t i don’t know where you are from but police brutality is an every day reality for many people.

    • Soluchi

      Well said.

    • Jessica H.

      And your response held no criticism………Hello Pot, meet Kettle

    • jason larose

      hahaha your post is so hypocritical

    • Shella Fronzaglio

      I base my opinion based on his actions as well as what he says.& no, he may not sit on the internet being judgmental. I have no idea what he does on the internet. He does it in person. We’ve all seen it several times. I also just saw YOU do it – in your post. Are we not allowed our opinion of him because it doesn’t match yours? Funny, I thought one of the reasons our wonderful men & women in our military do what they do is so we ALL have the right to our opinions.

  • Daniel Downey

    Police are no longer agents of public security. The objective of the police forces are to maintain social order, at whatever cost necessary. Sometimes this means performing true public services, like stopping murderers and thieves, sometimes it means performing criminal acts, such as preventing protests and arresting whistle-blowers.

  • Larry

    Thanks Chief Oliver for your inciteful message Kanye is probably in danger of falling dead from Stupidity but the Brain dead Idiots who love him would follow him into a bar i’m sure

    • Zia Paul

      Huh? You do realize that most of Kanye’s fans disagree with Kanye about this, right?

  • Herp_le_Derper


    • Soluchi

      They taste good.

  • william jones

    i like how this cop threatens him at the end

  • holliwood

    In a way kanye is putting his life on the line for talking on true issues of higher powers in which society is afraid to tall on in public. People speaking on such issues are mysteriously missing, so keep that in mind. I serve in th U.S. military so i have much love for him.

    • iwalkmyownpath

      the only thing kanye speaks of is himself. Get educated, wake up, and stop being a sheep who thinks “im cool if i listen to kanye,future,wiz”

      • Zane Ullman

        This is just a plain lie and you should go back and do your homework. There are several tracks on every album that address social issues. You should wake up and stop being a sheep that chastises other people for enjoying something. They are allowed to like what they like, and your “walkmyownpath” commercial version of being hip and original is extremely played out. Enjoy your path from being a relevant snob to an irrelevant snob.

    • armybrah

      kanye get off the computer no ones ganna listen to you

  • bill

    being a cop aint even dangerous like if u aint a cop in some big city or dealing with gangs like the cops where i live in fairfield township ive seen em attack a person for just petty theft an the cops acted like they just killed someone cuz they don’t get ne action i fuckin hate cops

    • Jessica H.


    • megan317

      please learn how to speak properly. yikes.

    • niko tolentino

      I can tell by the way you speak that you didn’t go to school, so your credibility is crap and we don’t have to listen to you. Thanks for your worthless input though.

    • Shella Fronzaglio

      Bill, I get slang on social media, but in the real world, you do know that there is a d at the end of and, right? Just asking.

      Also, you have a right to your opinion (although you don’t seem to think anyone else has a right to their’s), but I’m just thinking that maybe you should do a little more research before spouting such a bold opinion. I agree with the ride-along idea…

  • bill

    sorry i jsut don’t think the cops or most of em really have a dangerous job half of em just spend there whole career just pulling over grandmas an teens smoking weed an maybe they get there every once in a while dope bust or something where they will then ruin the life of the person who is prolly just havin a bad time in ther life so they choose to get high an the cops then will take em to jail make them a felon prolly take there car an sell it to take the moeny for the cops an idk how that is right at all but the cops do wut ever they want they r modern day theives an they get away with it

    • callyouout

      You are down right retarded.

    • youthinkwhat?

      Do a ride-along for a week, then come back and tell us you’re of the same opinion.

    • Cynic

      Do you even English, bro?

  • Julia

    How can you compare a career which is not required and has no benefit to society with ones where people risk their lives to protect others? The only thing Kanye provides is entertainment and even that is debatable.

    • Zia Paul

      I’m entertained. But, entertainment does have benefit to society, which is a reason it has existed for centuries and continues to exist.

      • Chris

        Entertainment isn’t a necessity in life, the world could live without rap entertainment. The world cannot live without police officers/people who uphold the law. The difference between the two is almost the same as the difference between night and day.

        Kanye is a talented rapper, he has made amazing music and has been an inspiration to other rappers and people across the globe. With that said his job is about as dangerous as a mail-man and it is less beneficial to society. As of late and excluding any fake letters Kanye has just been making himself to look more and more like a fool. He talks without thinking or he says things that he knows will annoy people or cause a buzz on the internet/news.

        TLDR: Kanye is good, but his job isn’t dangerous. He should think a lot more before he speaks. The world could easily go on without his source of entertainment, but the world would collapse in a few days without police officers to uphold the law.

        • Bekah

          The world could in fact live without police officers…..

          • anonymous

            “He talks without thinking or he says things that he knows will annoy people or cause a buzz on the internet/news.”

            100% true; for example, He should even know by now that Jimmy Kimmel is a American comedian. Made a joke about him on the parody BBC interview and he went mad over twitter over a joke. Really it was just a joke, lol. again he doesn’t think before he acts.

        • Zia Paul

          I used to believe that entertainment wasn’t a necessity to life, but as I have looked to the past and the present, I realize that it is. But, we can agree to disagree on that. Do I think that rap is a necessity, not specifically, but entertainment in a broad sense is regardless of the form.

          I do agree that Kanye speaks without thinking and I do agree that his job is not nearly as dangerous as he believes. There is no dispute about that. But, all I said is that entertainment (in general) does have a benefit to society.

  • Zia Paul

    This is hilarious to me: supposedly everything Kanye does it to stay relevant? So, are you guys telling me that comparison himself to police officers is just to stay relevant??? Or that fake interview about Nelson Mandela that he never gave is just to stay relevant? Oh, but, but he was thinking it, right? Admit it, even if Kanye doesn’t give you reasons to hate him, you all will find reasons. I bet just the other day some of you were talking crap about police officers, but now you guys are their staunchest defenders. lol. Kanye doesn’t need media attention to stay relevant, he is just a target because he says out there things. He is a highly sought about producer for starters. And, whether you think he is talented or not, a successful rapper–HIGHLY successful rapper.

    He is a trend setter and has influenced quite a few popular rappers today–some of them that those who do enjoy rap like as well.

    Regarding police officers and those in the military, their jobs are more dangerous, but not all of them are heroes or are in employed by those places to protect people. I’ve met many people who said they joined the military as a last resort and to get money; some of them just wanted to shoot guns. Those who are know that are employed have said that there are those who do not care for the job at all besides the pay check and whatever benefits that comes with it. So, this automatic praise of officer and soldiers just because Kanye made the comparison is flat out bogus, especially when some of you were just mocking and ridiculing these same people.

    I do value those people putting their life on the line, but many officers can tell you that they quit the force not because of their lives being put into danger, but rather, office politics. That sometimes these departments care about politics than the citizens. Or how some of these heroes will go overseas and rape their fellow soldiers, citizens of that country, torture, etc and the military will overlook that. Yeah, there are some stand out guys in the military, but it’s not all of them.

    Kanye is not perfect and has a boatload of flaws, but you guys need to cool it down. Some of you always complain about what he does to stay relevant, but still click on those articles and comment. You guys do know that if you don’t click and comment on the article than traffic activity is low and doesn’t increase, which means that he won’t be written about, yet; you guys still click. I think this article even has over 900-1000 comments. Or how people talk about why aren’t more important things being spoken about and, when they are, those articles are ghost towns. lol.

    Kanye was right, you guys love to hate him.

    As for the letter, it was unnecessary. I don’t see why people feel the need to comment on EVERYTHING Kanye says. I understand that he feels insulted, but there was really no need to write the letter. Does he write letters to everyday people who constantly belittle his job? I bet he doesn’t. IS he writing this letter because he feels that his words could influence how Kanye’s fans feel about law enforcement–it doesn’t seem so. He has an issue with entertainers.

    • John

      Thank you

    • YourePathetic

      Not only do you choose to suck Kanye’s dick, but it appears that you’ll even jump through hoops to do so.

      • Zia Paul

        Really? I’m fellating Kanye right not? I don’t have to jump through hoops to do anything. But, I’ve notice that many people have mindless hate and says stupid crap to defend their opinions. I’ve actually spoken about the issue from both perspectives, which has highlighted the pros and cons of both sides. But, since I’ve not saying that I hate Kanye and he sucks, that means I’m sucking him off. That’s logic for you.

        • YourePathetic

          I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you’re saying. You’ll need to remove Kanye’s dick from your mouth a speak a little more clearly for me.

          • Glenn Vaughn


          • YourePathetic

            Well, at least we know that you can read. Do you know what those letters mean when combined, or would you like me to tutor you a little?

          • Zia Paul

            You’ve aptly named yourself.

          • YourePathetic

            I know I have. Are you aware, however, that you just admitted that you are pathetic?

          • Zia Paul

            I got the point of your name, but my comment was in reference to mental status.

    • anonymous

      We don’t hate him he just says stupid, idiotic comments. it’s a good thing he made that letter. He doesn’t know how it is like to be a police officer and to me as well. But i don’t go out there saying that my career is like being a police officer. Really and you don’t see why people comment on everything kanye says, read the first sentence and you’ll find your answer. I’m done with all this nonsense.

      • Zia Paul

        No, what I am saying is for people who always asks why there are articles always about him and complaining about the attention he gets, clicking/commenting on something because you hate the person still contributes to him being discussed. Don’t pay attention to people you hate/dislike and the media will stop focusing on them.

        • .

          That last sentence man. I internet fist bump you.

    • Shella Fronzaglio

      Well, many of you have said that Kanye is trying to get the word out there about what he feels are relevant issues. Maybe this officer felt he had a relevant issue. To comment on John Q Public saying something this moronic would get no attention, but to comment on KW saying it does get attention. Again, KW is allowed to have his opinion AND voice it. Others are not…

      • Zia Paul

        No, others are allowed to have their opinions. Here is my issue with what the officer is saying: all his frustrations is just summed up in entertainers not being more than entertainers. True, but he could have used his open letter to Kanye to better use i.e. to help educate parts of Kanye’s fan base who feel the same way.

        But, this comment assumes that I and others are not critical of what Kanye has said. I have said to friends of mine who are fans of Kanye as well that he shouldn’t have said certain things or that it was stupid of him to even make a comment. So, just because Kanye is allowed to have an opinion that he can voice, doesn’t mean that myself and others think that he is right or should have said it to begin with.

    • westsidebananacreampie

      So either you’re a troll attention whore, or a devote Kanye fan. Like a beiber fan, but with Kanye. So, which is it cus you’re just flaring up on this post.

  • bill

    kanye west is the biggest douchebag there is out there like all the stuff he does is the dumbest stuff u could do an the things he say an do an anyone that likes him for ne reason is dumb as them he is the worst rapper out there an i have no idea how this man has made a dollar in the rapping career i guess that just shows how really dumb some people are an wut can u say bout kim k she is gotta be the dumbest chick on this face of the earth she will do anythign for a dollar …if someone came an told her all u gota do is eat poop all day an u will get paid millions that dumb chick would do it or lick black dudes butts she would do it

    • JOhn

      thanks for your intelligent, insightful comment

    • Zia Paul

      Seriously. You need to go over your comment, but this is pure irony.

      How is Kanye the worst rapper out there? Please explain this. Let me explain to you why Kanye made millions of dollars: he started out producing tracks for well known rappers like Jay-Z, and then built a name from there. He put out College Drop Out, which talked about the many experiences he has faced as a black person in America and trying to break it into the music industry and so forth. Then he broaden his subject matter and changed his music production to go beyond the standard musical sound of rap. He is a great onstage performer and gives a heck of a show. That’s just a little bit of what he has done to make his millions. And he has done it better than most rappers.

      What is dumb is criticizing someones talent because you don’t like them based off of personal behavior and not professional merit.

      • BILL


        • bill

          an i wasn’t even really thinking when i typed that comment i hate kayne west so much an how he is soo bad at rapping an just everything bout him i couldnt think straight

        • Zia Paul

          Actually, I can sit here and tell you that because I have facts and you don’t. And I am not driven by emotion and you are.

      • Soluchi

        Well said.

      • hatesallnewwrappers

        Omg he has no talent in his body. He has a team of people pulling the strings for him. He is a douche and sucks at rapping

        • Zia Paul

          So, prove it. How does he suck? There are better rappers than Kanye, but Kanye is a talented rapper.

          • hahaha

            awe, how cute. Kanye’s own little bitch to hold kanye’s flag.

          • Zia Paul

            Ah, yes, that is the ONLY reason why someone would defend Kanye. Thanks for your wonderful contribution on the subject. Very enlightening.

    • Soluchi

      Correction: 2 Chainz is the worst rapper.

  • Memyself

    You people who are taking up for Kanye are just as stupid and simple minded as he is!! Douche bags!!

    • Zia Paul

      Again, the irony. lol

  • Rockeya McVay

    this police officer is hilarious lol, God bless you cheif Oliver and thank you for your services!

  • bill

    zia paul like r u inlove with kanye west lol i mean he is the worst rapper out there an with bush an how he said he doesn’t care bout black ppl i don’t think kayne west cares bout white ppl an they r the retards buyin his crap music

    • Soluchi

      True, It’s mostly white people who buy his music. Correction: 2 Chainz is the worst rapper.

    • Zia Paul

      I love his music and he entertains me, but most of these responses against him are emotional responses without perspective. I love rationality, which most of his detractors don’t have.

  • Pharaoh

    Both made idiotic statements. This is just as misguided a point of view as Kanye’s. Now I’m certainly no fan of Kanye but lets be real here, do you think when he makes a song calling out conflict diamonds it doesn’t place a target on his chest? Do you think when he calls out the President he isn’t putting himself in the firing line? Now his socially conscious acts may be few and far between but they do exist. What is more troubling is that this fool thinks all rappers are just entertainers. How many former officers have come out and said on record that the FBI were involved in silencing Tupac? How many have come out and said the FBI has divisions dedicated to silencing rappers who make a little to much noise on social injustice issues? MC’s have been murdered for speaking on the injustices in society that’s just a cold hard fact.

    Also please stop throwing around the “Hero” tag, your soldiers are not heroes they are soldiers and many have been responsible for the rape and murder of innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the world. You are a bullying nation and your armed forces are the stick you beat the weaker kids (nations) with.

    • Reptar

      Shut up faggot.

      • JMS

        Gonna have to agree with Reptar on this one

      • Pharaoh

        My aren’t you just the intellectual scholar, excellent rebuttal there champ, certainly worthy of debating even Socrates himself. I thus yield to your intellectual superiority…

        • YourePathetic

          You need to try a little harder if sounding intelligent is your goal. Your poor use of punctuation and overuse of the term “intellectual” is a clear indication of the fact that you are not very well educated.

          • Pharaoh

            I don’t need to try at anything chief. I wasn’t aware using a word twice constituted “overuse” but given I am a member of MENSA I’ll be sure to ask some of my other “not very well educated” peers their thoughts on this…

          • YourePathetic

            I doubt you can even count to the number you claim as your IQ point total, but I do appreciate the you’ll go as far as lying about being a MENSA member to impress people over the internet. You’re a real winner.

          • Let’sBeHonest

            Pharaoh I am sure my opinion may not mean much to you, however, I simply want to say that I myself understand exactly what point you are attempting to make. I am not a fan of Kanye myself, however, it does not change the fact that the points you make, in response to the officer’s comment, are a grim reality for many “performers”.
            I doubt you need to hear this from me, but the imbeciles that you have tried to explain this to will never understand. Your expertise need not be wasted on those who will never fully comprehend it.
            In short, there is one person who can say “I have your back on this one”.

        • Reptar

          2/10 for making me reply.

    • YourePathetic

      The only stick here is the one up your ass.

      • Pharaoh

        I could stoop to your childish intellectually challenged level and say something like “Better a stick up my ass than my own head like you” but really what’s the point…

      • Yourestupid

        pharaoh is right, if you actually look into the stuff our military are doing you would be shocked. I seen videos of the u.s army making fun of KIDS in iraq and bullying them by driving away with a bottle of water and these kids are chasing the car cause they are thirsty and probably hungry. And then you come on here and make an ignorant statement ignoring what he just said. Wow

        • YourePathetic

          I’m well aware of the things our servicemembers do. The fact that you’ll talk badly of ALL the people in the military because of the actions committed by a small fraction of them speaks volumes about you as a person.

          Go back to the hole you crawled out of, cretin.

          • Yourestupid

            oh im sorry you must be a veteran let me set this straight, alot of people in the military do go in with good intentions but they only do what they are ask without making their own judgements. When will they ever think that “maybe we shouldnt be going in and invading countrys like iraq and killing innocent people cause our government said so. Maybe just maybe theres another agenda going on. Oh yea thats right the government just wants to invade and take control of iraqs oil!” Why? cause are government or whoever runs the fucken circus, maybe illuminati, are greedy, evil, and powerful people. They lust for power and control and thats why today our country is so fucked up. They are the same founding fathers that came into the united states when it was inhabited by indians and they came in killed, rape and stole land from the indians. Sound familiar? oh yea the wars in iraq, they are still doing the samething! and they are just using us to gain control and power, we are just pawns in a chess game. What is your next move? Are you gonna be a policemen and enforce the laws on citizens that are made by our government?

          • YourePathetic

            The fact that you brought up the old “the government wants Iraq’s oil” conspiracy theory invalidates everything you say. It;s about time you take off the tinfoil hat and face reality.

            And it would be fairly impressive if I was a veteran at the age of 22. Sadly, I am not a member of the armed forces, nor have I ever been.

          • thisDrake

            Does anyone else find it funny that yourestupid and yourepathetic are having a troll battle?

          • aol

            They think that every where they are sent by our government ! You need to grow up dude. Maybe you ought to join if your not to scared! Then you would change your mind, & tone.

          • JohnDoe

            Nothing is black and white, but let me give you a low down on your military. What I mention is common knowledge in the international community but when you mention it to many patriotic loving Americans they become deaf and dumb.

            MI6 and the CIA overthrew the only democratic gov’t Iran ever had. The CIA publicly admitted these operations in 2013.


            Why? Because the democratic leader wanted to nationalize their oil industry. An oil industry that was dominated by BP at the time – BP who was stealing Iran’s resources. The British and Americans put a “puppet” dictator in power who jailed, tortured and murdered thousands of people. When this dictator was finally overthrown he was simply replaced with another dictator; when you are being tortured and murdered by “your” leader you are desperate for anyone to replace them. This new religious zealot did not represent American interests (oil) and so the U.S. starts funding a war from Iraq to try and force him out of power. Millions of people die and in the end Iraq loses the war. But who cares eh? After all it wasn’t Americans dying. All those weapons Iraq got they largely got from the U.S (including chemical weapons to a large extent). The U.S. go from supporting Saddam Hussein, no outcry from you when he gassed the Kurdish people, to condemning him for war crimes (yeah right). When it comes to U.S. foreign policy nothing has changed. We will talk well of your military when it actually does something worthy of respect. Did you watch that documentary about the rape of women in your military? Wow. By the way that is not common in many other military organizations across the world. That is just fucked up. And don’t forget about the lack of support veterans get after leaving your military.

          • Criers

            You need to go back and read a little bit more about other countries military including your own. Every county has had problems with rape, murder and hideous behavior by military personal. After all military does come from people, maybe if there was no evil in the general public there would be no evil in the military. Oh wait, if there was no evil in the general public there would be no need for military. Isn’t it just a vicious circle..

          • Criers

            Remember also the excessive support that some of the veterans get. I know some people who are considered disable because they messed up there knee playing cricket while they were in the military. I have worked at military hospitals where I have seen terminal leave people coming in just trying to reach that 30% disability mark. They get extra disability pay for something this stupid.

    • iwalkmyownpath

      HAHA NO there is no target on kanyes chest for having one line in his rap “song” about conflict diamonds, the president, or any other issue he feels compelled to address his worthless opinion on. And it is because of that reason, his opinions are worthless and 95 percent of what he says doesn’t make sense.

      • Pharaoh

        It only doesn’t make sense because you’re incapable of understanding it, clearly. Also he has an entire, multi-platinum selling song dedicated to the subject of conflict diamonds.

        • iwalkmyownpath

          incapable of understanding the great kanye aye? wow you need to stop trying so hard, you are beginning to reveal your ignorant stupidity.

          • Pharaoh

            The only person being revealed as either ignorant or stupid is yourself. You claimed “95% of what he says doesn’t make sense” What you mean is it doesn’t make sense to YOU. It makes perfect sense to me, I may not agree with him, but what he says does make sense. I at no point said Kanye was “Great” I’m not a fan of him. Also you mean “Ignorance not ignorant”

          • iwalkmyownpath

            And there it is, you have revealed your ignorant stupidity. “Ignorance stupidity”, as you suggest is grammatically incorrect. Go back to technical college dumb ass.

          • Pharaoh

            Actually it was a simple mis-read by were I thought you had typed “ignorant and stupidity” it’s a simple error I can admit to without feeling the need to resort to childish name calling like yourself…

          • Criers

            Guest….Think about is name calling any worse than belittling, like you are doing.

          • ?



            Nope. Kanye has no logic, like yourself. You ARE an idiot. lol Give up the internet.

    • you’re a jackass

      I can’t tell if you’re joking or not… I hope you are

    • Bilbo Baggins

      First, no rapper, who incidentally ARE nothing more than entertainers, puts himself in the line of fire for comments about Obama or “conflict diamonds” unless he were to start revealing mob secrets. And where is your hard evidence of organized government targeting of rappers? Do these so-called whistle blowers have memos or other signed documents to back up their claims? And as for your claims of rape and murder by the military, how many rappers glorify rape and murder in their recordings, let alone being convicted of rape and murder?

      • Pharaoh

        I have listened to rap for over 20 years I am yet to hear one glorify rape. That said are you actually trying to argue that rapping about rape is equal to actually raping an innocent civilian? Also are you in that same vein ignorantly trying to say its justifiable actually murdering innocent people because a minority of rappers have glorified murdering in some bs song? Really? Yes the whistle blowers have evidence and have presented evidence over the last 20 years, just research it, google’s your friend…

    • Dgriff

      You’re an idiot

    • JohnDoe

      I know I really feel for those soldiers in those air conditioned rooms in Las Vegas. Those drones putting their lives on the line every day for us, accidentally killing hundreds of innocent people to get that one bad guy, and inadvertently helping the other idiotic religious zealots with recruitment.

    • luck

      It is sad that people praise a entertainer like this. Go to war, then tell me if u agree with your stup*d statement Pharoah. When have u risked your life? What am i saying, u must be a rapper.

    • Jay

      Kanye West is just an ignorant fake. While in no doubt talented, at no point does he come close to putting his own life in danger. He raps about drugs, guns, gangs, and sex that negatively influences the youth of our country making millions and millions doing so. His lifestyle, his values, morals, beliefs, ideals and even physical appearance is a complete facade. So Mr. West, in closing, I challenge you to positively contribute to society in a more meaningful way. Refrain from taking for granted your freedoms, your wealth, and the ability to do what it is you do because of the men and women that you wrongly compare yourself with.

      To all of the Kanye West supporters in this discussion, who would you prefer coming to your residence when your life is in danger? I personally would want a police officer or member of our great military rather than Mr. West.

    • Criers

      Guest…If I read your post correctly you are not an American so you know nothing about how the people here in America really think or feel. If you really want to see ignorance go look in a mirror and it will be staring back at you! America is the nation that all other nations call for whenever they need help, so back off or never accept our help again. And, yes people in Afghanistan, Iraq, South America, Korea and Europe have all asked for our help at times.

    • ERROR

      Kanye is a arrogant douche who knows how to make music for our current generation. Period. You’re ignorantly being biased towards people that serve our country, or any country. Period. Rape and murder exists everywhere. Not just in the military. Do you know what’s going on in Darfur? Are you gonna tell me everyone in Darfur rapes and murders just cus some racist gang does? You’re labeling them as all killers and murderers. Although I do agree with your comment about the “hero” tag, at the end of the day these people are still putting their life on the line on for you whether you like it or not. You never asked for it and you can think what you want and choose not to believe it, but there and thousands of people who believe they are helping make the world a better place. Not everyone is corrupt and trust me, a lot of them want to and do think they are doing good. Judging from your comment I don’t think my comment will change your mind in anyway because let’s face it, humans are ignorant, arrogant, stubborn, stubborn, and selfish.

      and Kanye takes the cake..

  • Luke M

    Kayne has a severe over-blown self-appreciative tone and vibe. He’s taking a lot of undo credit and admiration toward his work when he believes it’s as viable and dangerous as the military and or police force. As if being poor, living in a high-crime neighborhood and around drugs and guns isn’t more dangerous than his life-style of a singer-song writer.

    Does he make a good sound statement through his music? Some songs, yes.

    Does he make a good sound statement by proclaiming his dutiful efforts need more than what others take them as? Absolutely not, he may have lost his mind by justifying himself as a greater entity than what he is (at least trying to).

    This is the only danger he has, is the perceived threat, and fear along with it due to his popularity and fame. He is only putting a target on himself.

    If I wanted to, I could pretend a bunch of Kayne Fanboys will track down my ISP and snuff my family with a twelve gauge shot-gun after raping my neighbors and burning down their houses for not putting an end to my reign of internet terror and destruction earlier. Does that make what I do dangerous?

  • Shella Fronzaglio

    Zia, I don’t need a reason to hate Kenye as I just don’t care enough about him to give him that kind of time & importance. While he has a right to his opinions, I just wish he didn’t feel the need to cram them down everyone else’s throat – like when he rudely takes a microphone from someone’s hand so he can continue to be rude verbally. I would be willing to bet that if anyone did that to him, he’d flip out & yet it’s ok for him to do it as the whole world is about him & his wants, needs & opinions. I think it’s a good thing that he is a rapper & not a football player as he’d NEVER find a helmet big enough. I am a fan of rap. I am not a fan of Kenye, nor of Taylor, but what he did was both rude & unacceptable
    His illusions of grandeur are also unacceptable. He is THE greatest thing on the planet & he will confront anyone that disagrees with him as he is the only one with the right to an opinion.

    Unfortunately, you are so completely biased on him that he can do no wrong in your eyes. You can tell by my avatar that I am a Steeler’s fan. Die hard. Through the good & the bad. I have also ALWAYS been a huge fan of Hines Ward. I do have to say that while I am still a fan, I lost a little respect for him when he didn’t make other arrangements (car service, etc) that night he went clubbing with friends & then decided to drive. Yes, he’s human (& entitled to make mistakes), & yes, I’m still a huge fan, & yes, he was still wrong. You like Kenye’s “music” & that’s great, but not everyone has to & we most certainly don’t have to think that he is god’s gift to the world like you & he thinks he is.

    • Zia Paul

      I agree, Kanye can be rude and obnoxious and he shouldn’t have done that to Taylor. I’ve never said that his actions were warranted, but I think that the point is being missed here. If you don’t like or care for Kanye, why are you (general) so focus on what he says and does? Kanye has pointed out his flaws (in general and) of grandeur, but those same illusions are why he is famous. It is the same reason he is arrogant because, if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have made it as a producer or a rapper.

      Unfortunately, people are very biased against him and those who defend him that all he can do is wrong in their minds. Yes, I did defend Kanye, but several times I stated that I did not agree with him and some of his actions. If you had read any of my other comments, you would have read that. I said, even in here, that I disagreed with his comparison to the police because their jobs are way more dangerous. Did you not read that? Does that not say that I believe he was wrong in feeling that way?

      Did i say that everyone had to like his music? No. You claimed that I said that. There is a difference between what I said and what you believe I said. But, I do disagree with people who already hate rap or Kanye and claiming his sucks because of one or both of those reasons. If you don’t like Kanye’s music, that is fine, whatever. But, if you are saying someone sucks because you don’t like them, then you need not to comment. The same goes for rap. The same goes for other artists and different forms of entertainment as well

      Did I say that Kanye was god’s gift to the world? Or that I think he is? No, I did not. You said that. But, he is a highly influential stable in rap music. He is not the best rapper ever, but he is versatile. Since you seem to be a “reasonable” person, why aren’t you addressing the other side of this conversation as well?

      It’s called having perspective. I don’t like many things and, guess what, I don’t click/comment on them. I don’t spend my time obsessing about them like many of the commentators here. Just like you that I am biased for him, people are biased against him.

      • Shella Fronzaglio

        Folks are NOT biased against him. Bias suggest liking or disliking someone without reason. He give folks a reason almost every time he opens his mouth. & you are right that liking/disliking the person & liking/disliking his “music” are 2 different things. I am allowed to dislike both. I would bet that if we handed each other our ipods, we would both have stuff on there that the other dislikes. Maybe you don’t realise it, but you come off as having the opinion that no matter what kind of a jerk he is that nobody is allowed to dislike his music because YOU think it’s brilliant.& I didn’t say you actually used the words god’s gift, but you have defended him so aggressively & talked about hos great his “music” is that again, it’s how you come off. The other side of the argument that you want me to address – well, there are several sides. I commented on the points that I disagree with. I don’t think he is talented on any planet & even if he was, that doesn’t give someone license to be a jerk!

        I’m off of here as I have a migraine & am having trouble reading the screen. I apologize for any typos, etc. Have a good night folks & safe & happy holidays!!

    • DZ

      he is an entertainer. PLAIN and simple

  • Reality

    Instead of trying to determined how the public feels about this ( the military, Police, or other entertainment people) lets take it at face value. I liked the statement. Forget all the other BS. All he is trying to say is the military and police are more prone to danger then entertainment. He is not saying the military is perfect or the police are angels. Nor is he saying there aren’t conspiracies. All this big comments that don’t refer to Kanye comparing his job (at face value) to the (people who serve Police and Military at face value). Please re read the clip and make it relevant to what is really about.

    • Wow

      So many typos. Still the best comment on this board. Well said!!

  • disqus_7Xs5zsTSGi

    Love it – well said – thank you!

  • ChillCop

    Good point, but I’ve grown tired of people suggesting that because they chose to make a living as a police officer or as part of the armed forces, they are automatically a hero of sorts. It’s a decision you made, and statistically, being a police officer is not all that dangerous of a job in America. There are hero cops and hero soldiers, and there a lot of useless and abusive people in both lines of work. Kanye compares himself to cops and soldiers because he knows Americans idolize them. We need to dial back the hero talk, and let’s not pretend anybody HAS to go to work in a bulletproof vest. You signed up to do a job.

    • Chis

      Yeah, I’m no hero. I just get it done.. And he is JUST an entertainer. Armed Forces should just pack up and get a different job, I’ll probably go teach. You got it all figured out, can’t believe it took this long for someone to cristallized such a simple solution!

    • L

      Very well said. The way he wrote his letter made it seem as though he felt police officers/members of the military, including himself, are better than Kanye because they are doing something seen as “heroic”. It just left a bad taste in my mouth even though I disagree with what Kanye said.

  • JAY


    Kanye West is just an ignorant fake. While in no doubt talented, at no point does he come close to putting his own life in danger. He raps about drugs, guns, gangs, and sex that negatively influences the youth of our country making millions and millions doing so. His lifestyle, his values, morals, beliefs, ideals and even physical appearance is a complete facade. So Mr. West, in closing, I challenge you to positively contribute to society in a more meaningful way. Refrain from taking for granted your freedoms, your wealth, and the ability to do what it is you do because of the men and women that you wrongly compare yourself with.

    To all of the Kanye West supporters in this discussion, who would you prefer coming to your residence when your life is in danger? I personally would want a police officer or member of our great military rather than Mr. West.

    • ChillCop

      I’m sorry but Kanye West could still make money in America if a bunch of kids didn’t get duped into fighting in the desert. Just because we live in a “free country” does not mean that our military is paramount to preserving that freedom. People who generate wealth for the United States also help preserve our freedoms and way of life by strengthening our economy. Kanye’s a tool, but you’re drinking the military-industrial kool-aid.

      • DZ

        ww1,ww2,korea,viet nam,iran,afganastan, many,many, other in between.The only reason you have the right to say the things you say is because of what EVERY military person has done in the past. weather you agree or not, our military is the reason that we have freedoms. If our freedoms are disappearing.It is because of people thinking that rich people have something to do with our freedom just because they spend the money they make.

        • Concerned Citizen

          Ask a Gay person in the south how ‘FREE’ America is and get back to me. Last time I checked, the only country invading people was the United States. At what point do the protectors become terrorists? Just because it’s not YOU who’s getting shot at daily? …. Wake up bud.

          • Joe

            Ask an Afghan Women how “FREE” she thinks American women are… Who are we invading?? If you mean the the Middle east last time I checked I was fighting along side of Polish, English, French, and Canadians.

    • ChillCop

      And “our great military” should be changed to “our greatly bloated military” I’m much more worried about cops and soldiers coming to my door than Kanye West.

    • Zia Paul

      Do you even listen to his music? Kanye raps about how guns, drugs, and gangs negatively impact the youth/black community. He has an organization that promotes creativity in youth. Also, you could say the same about most entertainers putting on facades. As addressed a few times in this article, most KW fans disagree with his life being in more danger than officers, including myself.

      • kanyesucksdick

        Kanye’s music has so much beautiful words and emotional background…..ohwow….*jizz*

      • crazy legz

        He found chief keef and made him popular.Have you heard his raps?They’re not too encouraging in regards to youth laying down guns and gang involvement. Kanye is Merely a self centered, selfish person, who focuses on what can benefit him.

        • Zia Paul

          Is Chief Keef Kanye? The poster specifically says that Kanye himself does these things, which is false. So once you can find evidence corroborating that Kanye does what he has been accuses of, your point is void.

  • JAY

    Kanye West is just an ignorant fake. While in no doubt talented, at no point does he come close to putting his own life in danger. He raps about drugs, guns, gangs, and sex that negatively influences the youth of our country making millions and millions doing so. His lifestyle, his values, morals, beliefs, ideals and even physical appearance is a complete facade. So Mr. West, in closing, I challenge you to positively contribute to society in a more meaningful way. Refrain from taking for granted your freedoms, your wealth, and the ability to do what it is you do because of the men and women that you wrongly compare yourself with.

    To all of the Kanye West supporters in this discussion, who would you prefer coming to your residence when your life is in danger? I personally would want a police officer or member of our great military rather than Mr. West.

  • NanaPam4

    AWESOME!!!! God bless you Chief Oliver for standing up to the ignorant fools who have NO CLUE what it’s like to put their lives on the line. Keep up the good work!!!

  • J


  • fuckthisstupidpage

    wow this was the most racist thing i’ve read all day

    • DevilDog4342

      Wow. You jumped right in huh? I think we all know who the racist is here. I’m a Marine and I’ve deployed. I’ve also been to a Kanye show. I’m pretty sure the Afghani mountains are on a whole different level of danger that Kanye’s, even with the fireballs. You sir are a race-baiter.

      • notafbi

        Sorry to put you on the spot here, but what do you think of this? Since you are a marine. Just curious man, no hate or anything.

    • Wendy Dahl

      Troll…you are a troll. Trying to race-bait people and stir a pot that has nothing in it. Some people are truly stupid and you are no exception.

    • Levi Ledbetter

      How is this racist? Lol. You go hang with kanye , dick rider..

    • Rebecca Mcdonald

      how was it racist? he told the truth do not see one racist word in here

    • sam

      You clearly don’t know the definition of racist you ignorant sh*t.

  • suckmydickkanye

    Kanye and kim. Both stupid. They definitely belong together.

  • MCPants

    At least he doesn’t kill people for a living unlike cops and soldiers. We’re supposed to respect these “heroes”? They are paid killers who suck up our taxes and give us nothing in return. F this cop.

    • DevilDog4342

      Enjoy that First Amendment courtesy of those paid killers. BTW, I built a school in Africa once, and didn’t even have to kill anyone that day. Gotta say it was a good day.

    • Katie Bossetti

      Except you know freedom and protection. I realize some of these people are corrupt, but the vast majority of them are risking their asses to protect you everyday. Do you know how well we’d do if violent criminals and sex offenders were just allowed to do whatever they wanted without interference? Or how well we’d do if we had no military protection from any country that desired to invade us? These people aren’t typically killing others as senseless murder, they’re doing it to protect us, while risking their lives and that does make them heroes.

    • dumbass

      Ur an idiot…

    • QuitBeingStupid

      Cops are paid to protect people. If you think the only thing a cop does in his day is shoot people you’re probably a little slow. If someone steals your car or shoots at you what are you going to do? You’re going to call the police for help. Quit being ignorant. ” Paid killers who suck up our taxes” They get shot at by gangbangers and killers and they still risk their lives to protect others.

    • Devin Dunn

      Wow. That is the most ignorant thing I’ve read all day. Why don’t you can call Kanye West when you have an emergency? I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to drop what he is doing to come to your rescue.

    • Jigermisker

      Don’t feed the troll, this extreme ignorance isn’t worth the time.

    • donteatthebaby

      As much as you might not want to admit it, the way the world works right now is that, in order for us to live safely, someone has to go out and get their hands dirty. My husband, my close friends, my neighbors, and my friends’ parents are all amazing people that put themselves in situations that civilians don’t want to, so that we can be safe. You don’t have to appreciate it, although that’s the least you could do for their sacrifice. Also, service members are paid less than minimum wage, so their salary is the least of of our tax worries. You could try being less pompous, and a tad more educated, but that’s just a suggestion.

    • Bob

      This guy must be a druggie why else would you say something soo stupid

    • Julia Montella

      That’s all they do? really? I know not everyone is okay with war, and there are corrupt people in every system, but how DARE you say that EVERY cop and soldier is a KILLER. Cops hunt and CATCH killers, for God’s sake! What really makes me sad is that if you were in trouble one day, and you told the cops who are doing their job and trying to help you how you feel about them, they would still try to do what they could, no matter how little you deserve it. get some common sense, and stop dehumanizing the people who are the reason our society is not in anarchy.

    • guest

      Where would your freedom be if it wasn’t for our soldiers our military men and women. And did you know our soldiers get paid less than minimum wage.

    • LOL

      Nope instead he gets Kim Kardashian pregnant and then writes a song about gold diggers lol

    • Gonavy


      Maybe if you actually had to do their job you might stop talking out your Butt! instead of sitting on it complaining.!

    • Shella Fronzaglio

      Yes, I bet you are of the type that rewarded the deserters by allowing them to come back to a country they refused to fight for & treated our soldiers like garbage. They do what we ask of them & then some!

  • Guest

    anybody that doesn’t support what this officer said about htis discussion “IS NOT A PATRIOT OF THIS COUNTRY” KANYE IS A WANNABE LOSER HE CAN’T EVEN BE LOSER RIGHT!!!

  • Chad Green

    anybody that doesn’t support what this officer said about htis discussion “IS NOT A PATRIOT OF THIS COUNTRY” KANYE IS A WANNABE LOSER HE CAN’T EVEN BE A LOSER RIGHT!!!

  • martha123

    LOL….Kanye has said he’s like God, no wait, he is MORE important than Obama AND his wife is better looking, no wait, he OWNS the confederate flag and he’s taking over the south and that whole $hit….no wait now he’s more important than the Pope…..no wait, now he risks his life just like active duty military or the police…good grief….he has claimed all of these things…what next? The boy is high on his own supply!…and he IS such a little boy…

    • umm…what

      Don’t forget he said is the MOST important person of our generation and the MOST influential.

      on a side note, I always read words that are in caps differently lol

  • John Doe

    This “cop” has the time to reply to a rappers comments? Shouldn’t you be out trying to save people? Point proven.

    • John Doe’s mother

      Forgot cops work 24/7 and don’t get breaks…moron

    • sam

      not every cop has the same job idiot

    • Colin

      you are an idiot

    • Bob

      Point proven? Are you dense? Ya, cops literally have zero downtime in their lives in our 24/7 crime ridden world. Sheesh, I don’t even know how they stay alive from starvation. You obviously know how to do this job better. Better go prove your point and get these lazy cops, who you may need to rely upon someday, schooled.

      • KWhasZEROvaluetosociety

        Well said Bob. Just another one of societies thugs apparently. I am sure Joe Doe holds down a CEO position on Uranus and actually works 24/7, without 10 minutes to himself other than to post his stupid comment. Maybe it was on his once a day little tikes 2 potty break.

    • Alexxthegreat

      Just an opinion on my part, but, they work 8 hour shifts…and then, as with the rest of us, they are off duty with family and friends.

      So..yeah…I’d say…just like you and I have time to reply to posters…

    • joe

      Did you ever think that maybe he wrote the letter on his day off or after work? They don’t work 24/7 this guy is an idiot why don’t you try doing there job

    • Michael Cranny

      Wow…today’s word of the day is Idiotic





      adjective: idiotic

      1. very stupid.

      Best example, your comment.

    • Shella Fronzaglio

      Yes, because cops are required to work 24/7 & have no free time ever. I mean, why aren’t YOU at work?

  • John Doe

    The government is apart of the problem. Why support and problem?

    • Mandelorian

      What a wonderfully phrased and thoughtful sentence. Bravo. Have you considered a career in writing greeting cards for the illiterate?

      • Deanna

        OMG! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! This reply was priceless! Thank you for putting laughter into my day … ha ha ha ha!

  • Katy Hoffman

    I cant atand most police. They are bullies and think their owns laws dont apply to them. Do I think they serve a purpose.. yes I do but I hate their attitude.
    Buuuut I agree with everything this cop said cause kanye west is a moron and for him to compare his career to the men and woman deffending our country is insulting period!!!!

  • Jim

    Who is buying his music and going to his concerts? Someone is keeping him in business.

    • KWhasZEROvaluetosociety

      Complete idiots and drones

    • Bee

      Well because no matter how much of a douche bag he is, he still makes good music well aside from bound 2 you.

  • Guest

    Im sure he ment risking his life as in how past rappers have been murdered during concerts, on the streets etc. Obivously not in the same way a police officer or military person does, but he still technically does. Everyone just likes to over exaggerate what he says.

    • KNITEpanda

      No, he definitely meant it that way. This is KWest we are talking about..

    • John

      LMAO are you really trying to defend what Kanye said? You sir are just as bad

    • proudmule

      Well in that way I risk my life every day by flying in planes, driving a car, walking down a street, walking down stairs, drinking water (hey, I could choke), and on and on. Yes Kanye has a good point. He has helped us realize that everything everyone does is life threatening.

  • Spike Bite

    PROTECT YOUR PET http://www.spikebite.com

  • Cory Loomis

    He can take Tom Cruise with him when he deploys.

    • Whatiswrongwithyoupeople?

      Except Tom Cruise never actually said what you think he said.

  • Tabitha


    • Jack Carey

      No. We hate Kanye because he a distasteful rapper that became famous for no apparent reason. Please listen to his new song “Bound 2″. Listen to the lyrics, watch the music video, and reevaluate your opinion. Please then honestly tell me that Kanye West is even close to being an equal to a police officer. Please tell me that all of us are being racist when I am almost certain most races believe he is as narcissistic as he really truly is.

      • Zach Lewis

        Yes bound 2 is a horrible song and the music video is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Yes Kanye West is a douche and has a shrouded, unrealistic view of himself. But, he is not a disaster rapper. He is one of the most talented music producers/rappers to ever take control of the mic. You can’t base an artist’s career of one song or even one album. Its understandable to hate Kanye for being a douchebag and for being narcissistic, but you simply cannot hate him for his music.

    • zoe

      No, just because he’s a douche bag.

    • deferg

      It never fails, when someone isn’t intelligent enough or runs out of legitimate arguments, tgey say you are a racists…Tabitha, you ignorant b@#$&, shut up and get a clue.

    • Rwollert

      This amuses me given Kanye’s blatant racism.

    • Terrance

      Its funny that you call people racist meanwhile making an extremely racist remark immediately following your statement about racism. not only that but im sure its quite obvious that kanye and you yourself are also racist & the people you are calling racist are making logical points about the situation and did not at all include any racial remarks. “The first person to point the finger is usually the guilty party” Your bringing race into this most likely because you are the racist!

    • Shella Fronzaglio

      Yep, if you can’t win an argument with logic, play the race card!

      • KWhasZEROvaluetosociety

        Isn’t that ALWAYS the go too. Just look at Oprah & Obama who continue to perpetuate that crap.

  • KWhasZEROvaluetosociety

    KW would you also take Dennis Rodman with you too. If you need help filling out all of your enlistment paperwork hit me up on twitter #KanyeWestisAnASSHOLE

  • proudmule

    I think ol’ Kanye and Kim just keep trying to top one another in a ‘who’s less intelligent’ contest. I say they stop and declare they tie for the win!

  • zoe

    I love what you said Chief Oliver. Thank you for your time and service.

  • What a douche

    Outlandish statements such as this from such non-contributing member of society brings two points to the front of my mind. First, what a fine example of our deteriorating educational system, secondly, such severe delusions of grandeur is diagnostic criteria for multiple mental disorders.

    • Idiots

      From a non contributing member of society? No one is insignificant in this world. Everyone has the right to make an impact on the world. Multiple mental disorders? You read one letter and diagnosed him? You must be some new kind of stupid. Learn to not be such an ass instead of trying to look smart on the internet. You’ll actually get somewhere in life that way.

    • Shella Fronzaglio

      It’s not clear if you are talking about Kanye or the officer…

  • Michael

    I agree with the letter 100% but the flow is horrible.

  • lahti

    One year at Bonnarroo Kanye’s ego got in the way that he made other performers to wait while he finished his set which started 2 hours late. Fans were chanting Kanye sucks at all the other shows.

    • Roxy

      and dogged on taylor swift when she won an award

    • kunz

      He was scheduled to play an earlier show at a smaller stage while Jack Johnson was on the big stage, he complained and got to play on the large stage after Pearl Jam and still ended up being 4 hours late for that slot. The sun was coming up half way through his show.

  • Julian Huey

    Yeah Chief Oliver, I know how continuously dangerous it gets being in the AirForce Band… “always being in harm’s way” that is. You seem very narrow-minded…. SIR ps. but i must mention that this judgement resulted from reading the letter above, as such with everyone else’s Judgements, even Chief Oliver’s letter was the result of a judgment he made after watching an interview, felt the urge to act on his feeling and so he wrote such letter. We are all so quick to jump to these assumptions/conclusions and act upon them before completely knowing for sure, assuming that we fully understand every word that was put forth before you. I guess I would just like to open some minds up and think a little more loosely, not being so concrete with your causations.

    • Michael Wheaton

      “not being so concrete with your causations.”? Really? I think you’re trying to speak English, but you’re “not being so concrete with your causations,” so I am not really sure.

    • Idiots

      You didn’t open up any minds, you just came in, basically said being in the Air Force isn’t dangerous, and simple made an ass of yourself. What Kanye said didnt have multiple ways of being taken, he just straight up said rapping is as dangerous as being a military man which is completel bullshit. Learn to actually think for yourself before putting down a comment.

    • Terrance

      EVERYONE makes judgements including yourself. He was simply sharing his opinion about the statement that was made. Im sure he takes the statement more seriously because he is and has family that is directly related to it. PEOPLE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIER WORDS. Everyone is NOT always RIGHT in what they say

    • Roxy

      and to go along with what they’ve said already, if your seriously going to defend what kanye said in ANY way id suggest keeping your comments to yourself. you truly risk looking like the biggest idiot ever.

    • GeorgewithaG

      You missed the point of his letter completely.

  • sue killip

    So true. Thanks for saying what most of us think.

    • D.Murka

      i agree

  • Tony

    Ah Americans. You really are thick cunts.

    • Ur a douche

      As Americans, we have options. We have fought to provide options to all. Just like we have provided u with the option to get the hell out of our country if u don’t like it. I’m betting we don’t even complain or try to stop u. Ur welcome. Need any help packing?

      • Tony

        *you, you’re.

        • Idiots

          Correcting someone’s grammar without applying any further response signals that you’ve given up and that he is completely right, which he is. We have the right to say what we want wherever we want. It’s because of that, that Americans are viewed as idiots. But if whatever country you’re from offered the same rights to its people, you’d realize rather quickly just how alike the people of the free world are. Oppression doesn’t make a country less stupid.

          • Sam Smerbeck

            I believe Tony’s response to correct douche’s grammar was all that was needed. Nothing else had to be written. Thanks.

          • hipkitch

            You do realize that most countries around the world have the freedom of thought and expression right? I’d guess Tony’s either from the UK or Australia… both of which are absolutely free from whatever sort of “oppression” you Americans seem to feel you have the exclusive patent on.

          • Idiots

            Incase you didn’t notice, you listed three free countries. There are over a hundred countries in the world and you can’t stand by and list that they have the same freedoms those three countries have. He could be German for all you know and there laws aren’t as free either. The earth itself is full of idiots where ever you go and that is the point I am making. It just shows more in the United States because we have the freedom To post even the most ignorant trash. Tom went ahead and called Americans thick cunts and that my friend is a fine example of an idiot expressing his opinion about a country based on some letter made by one American man.

        • Darkdancer

          Well done Tony…well done.

      • And you are naive.

        Options to all…. is total bullshit. You give the option to either agree with america or die. It seems to me that the americans have small dick syndrome, and they need to prove themselves by being a serious bully to other countries. Soon you will run out of money and your crappy economy will finally crumble around your very feet. Then all the people you bullied will watch as you weaken, and then we’ll walk in and kick you out. Not all americans are stupid, you just let the stupid ones run your government.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    A motherfuckin gayfish !

  • Dr.Feelgood

    I think Kanye should take Kim and pay for her to get plastic surgery like he did his mother… hmmm maybe he can get a buy one get one free deal and get some work done for himself too

  • Eva

    Well said Chief Oliver!!!!!

  • marc

    Kanye is an idiot. someone needs to beat his a**!!!!

  • Jordan Joseph

    The problem with this country and Pop culture is that, everyone is made to believe that for no reason at all, and when a person so chooses, they have a voice. Now this isn’t to say people don’t deserve to voice their opinions and converse. But it is to say that there are entirely way too many people who think what they say means something.

    Kanye West is an entertainer. Nothing less, nothing more. So if he speaks on anything other than what he does for a living, then those words should not be taken seriously. Don’t want to support him and his views? Fine. Don’t listen to his music, and keep it moving.

    This officer, though not overstepping or incorrect in his actions, really is wasting time and energy literally constructing a letter to backlash against an entertainer. Rather, I’d be more satisfied and prideful when these cops, military men and women and other specialized citizens, continue to ignore and do what they do.

    I also point fingers at both the writer of this article and the commentators. (including myself; though rarely do I do this)

    This country feeds off of confrontation and absurdity If you want to stop hearing these idiotic things spew from this man’s mouth, then stop ‘feeding the animals’. Concentrate and use that energy to discuss SERIOUS/SIGNIFICANT issues butchering this country’s economy, societal architecture and worldly impression.

    Peace and love dudes. Just food for thought.

    • RP

      Perhaps you should take you’re own advice.

      • rp


        • Chris Taylor

          oh hes just one of those…carry on :)

      • Jordan Joseph

        Hmm.. Look closely..

        “I also point fingers at both the writer of this article and the commentators. (including myself; though rarely do I do this)”

        Yep.. pretty sure I also included myself in the mix. So what exactly was your point in posting this?

    • WhateverMan

      He’s using his freedom of speech to make a stand for what’s right. The effect on Kanye directly isn’t the point, what’s important is that we all use our voices. If you admire inaction so much that you want to see more people ignoring these degenerate events then why didn’t you do just that? Idiot.

      • Jordan Joseph

        I like how you, among other people will eventually do, turn what I said into something negative. All you’re doing is proving what I’m saying by turning it into something else. Also, notice no names were thrown until you started. If you want to play that game, find another player.

        • Jacob

          WhateverMan also seems to be insinuating that what Kanye says is important, talking about the inaction and ignoring degenerate events. I think Jordan’s point was that these events mean nothing. If you don’t stop to listen to what Kanye has to say, the world still keeps spinning. It’s superfluous. Still, everybody’s gotta kill a little time every now and then. And Kanye does make for interesting cannon fodder.

    • D.Murka

      how is he wasting his time when millions of people have wanted someone to step up and tell kanye whats right. no voiced opinion is a waste of time

      • Jordan Joseph

        D. It’s a waste of time when it’s not doing anything significant. That’s what my point is. Writing a letter to Kayne? Who the F*** cares what Kanye says? You and I both know its bull, so it’s not important.

  • NObama2012

    My thoughts, exactly!

  • Bobbijo Cook


  • Heather Johnson

    nice good going chief david i think it was that was awesome way cool keep up the good work you do in what ever you do

  • MasterChocolate

    So wait… you decided to write a letter to addressing Kanye because he recognizes that his public presence while performing puts him at risk, like a soldier or cop is at risk while they too perform their jobs? What made you think that he believes the exact shape and form of risk is the same as those who serve? Yet, he’s the thick one? Get over yourself, sir.

    • D.Murka

      dick rider

      • MasterChocolate

        I can see you are indeed one, for this Police officer. Couldn’t address my original comment, or are your insults the only thing you have when faced with logic?

        • MasterChocolateIsARetardedTwat

          talk about reading what you want out of an article, he compared what he does to the work a soldier or officer does, which is ridiculous, he makes “music”, poor music, well…noise really. He has no idea what it would be like to be in a war situation, and if he thinks he is in “danger” on stage, that again just shows how highly he thinks of himself, like comparing himself to Nelson Mandela (which he also did). Who the hell would care enough to try to go after him? unless it’s about the dumbass things he says in interviews, and if that’s the case it’s his own dam fault

          • MasterChocolate

            Your name screams irony. I’m sorry to let you know that the Nelson Mandela thing was a satirical report by the Onion, a well-known satire website. You’ve proved your stupidity right there. I don’t need to address any of the other, equally farce statements you’ve made.

        • Kim

          The legitimacy of any claim you try to make is immediately outweighed by your horrible grammar.

    • Dominic Scarantino

      My god…. the form of risk is the same as those who serve? Maybe he thought that because it was Kanye who said it? I hope you never have kids you can influence, they would be a seriously sorry bunch

      • MasterChocolate

        Learn to read.

  • MasterChocolate

    “Your line of thinking is part of the problem in the world today….which include entertainers thinking they are something more than just entertainers”

    And this guy’s talking about being offensive? So entertainers cannot be role-models? Fathers? Mothers? Heroes? Stand up guy, this Police Chief.

    • Idiots

      Well would you want your son or daughter to looking up to Kanye? Don’t be narrow minded, if anything he meant not role models or gods. They aren’t suppose to be worshipped. Entertainers should really be just entertainers and not think of themselves as heroes or “gods” like Kanye seems to think of himself. Don’t go so far as to say they shouldn’t be fathers or mothers. That’s playing stupid

      • MasterChocolate

        He knows he is not a God, but he recognizes that he has influence. The fact of the matter is, entertainers don’t force people to worship them, fans just do it and see them as role models. This is all besides the point, however, as what we’re discussing is whether or not Kanye is right to assert that he’s at risk.

        Also, the author in the 1st paragraph throws in “[He’s] Humorous and insanely popular]”. Why even mention that? Some inflated ego? Why can’t cops just stay cops then, instead of trying to cause buzz with this open letter? Your username is appropriate.

        • Idiots

          I agree that he may have some ego but I think that was meant in a humorous way seeing as Kanye always talks about how amazing he is. And his influence is rather insignificant, the only thing he has influence over is how much hate he can get in one day. And to the cop thing, would this letter be as significant if it came from some man who isn’t in danger and just works some desk job? I don’t think so. the cop was addressing Kanye only because he was insulted that Kanye would even dare compare his risk on stage to that of being in the military.

        • C-Brizzo

          He knows hes not a god? What about album titled ‘Yeezus’ and the track on it titled ‘I Am A God’? lol

          • MasterChocolate

            I suppose the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” suggests the Beatles frequent yellow submarines, and every other book or song title, though meant as entertainment, should be taken literally – accurately depicting an artist’s view of him/herself. /s

          • C-Brizzo

            Ha alright. Declaring yourself a god and singing fancifully about a yellow submarine are completely equal. Why are you ridin’ Yeezy’s nuts so hard? I’m a fan of his music but damn!

  • Haterrr

    Go see what you gotta do Master Chocolate … Besides waiting for your check to come on the 1st of the month

    • MasterChocolate

      You, and the people up-voting you here lack any sense of critical thinking. You may continue in your ignorance though, and avoid addressing any of my very valid points, as many continue to do.

      • Jacob

        I’m of a similar mind as you Chocolate, though maybe not quite as apologetic for Kanye who really does abuse hyperbole to a fault.

  • Terry Johnson

    I personally think that no one should or try a speak for any soldiers, I was one and still cannot shack the feeling of being a soldier. I personally think that I have served for everyone an no one else should have to serve, but likely this want happen soldiers are needed. Correct me if I am wrong. I don’t think that any true soldier thinks that anyone should be force or have a commitment to serve, just because I served. I would do it again I guess that is because I am me. So everyone back off and life the life and freedom that has been given to you from those who has served. All we asked is to allow us the opportunity to try and regain our sanity.

    • Terry Johnson

      live the life and freedom that has been given to you from those who has served.

  • Kate

    Kanye West is absolutely disgusting. How dare he compare his career as a “rap star” to those actively defending our rights as citizens with their very lives. He has compared himself to truly remarkable people, and he is nothing but a prick with an over-sized ego. Whenever I read about the ludicrous statements that he’s made I always wonder if maybe it’s just an act to gain publicity. I sure hope so, because if it isn’t he is truly the most worthless person on earth.

    • bob koscheck

      The fat cop is disgusting for being a liability to citizens by being so big. He needs to get in a gym.

      • Dumas

        Bob do you even lift

        • bob koscheck


      • Jenn Sherman

        seriously bob…. multiple posts ? haha…. Lame.

        • bob koscheck

          Same to you, dyke.

          • Jenn Sherman

            lol.. even MORE lame ! ^

      • Nick Nitro

        Your mother doesn’t love you, bob.

        • bob koscheck

          But your mom does.

      • SBMiller

        You sir are disgusting.

        • bob koscheck

          Just hopped out of the shower and he is still a sad excuse for a cop.

      • d c c

        he could so easily kick your ass

        • bob koscheck

          Lol, he wishes I would let him chase me for a hundred yards and his own ass would be kicked.

    • Quentin

      What makes you think you have rights?

  • bob koscheck

    The pig cop should focus more on losing rather than being a liability by being so freaking fat and don’t even try to say that’s muscle.

    • david11084

      Sounds like you should write some lyrics for Kanye..

      • bob koscheck

        I wish.

    • Jenn Sherman

      jealous. this cop makes perfect sense ! To many losers in the world that think they’re beyond greatness, and better than every day REAL heros !!

      • bob koscheck

        He is no hero, just some fat pig.

    • Nick Nitro

      You’re just another problem in this world, bob.

      • bob koscheck

        I guess you are going to solve it. What is your address tough guy?

        • Nick Nitro

          I live under the sea. I am a narwhal, bob.
          I also live in the sky. I am a cloud, bob.
          Kill yourself, bob.

    • Joey Baker

      I bet your parents wish they had an abortion

      • bob koscheck

        Your parents probably tried too. Have you seen your face?

        • Joey Baker

          Everyday…this coming from someone hiding behind whatever the hell your pic is supposed to be. Don’t be scared, show your face to the world

    • Joe D

      your mom should have swallowed you

      • bob koscheck

        your mom swallowed me.

  • Joe Ascione

    Bob you’re an idiot. And Kim is a hobbit – that makes you golem …

  • Jacob

    Okay, yes what Kanye said was a little dumb. And yes Kanye tends to say dumb things a lot. Yes, he tries to posture as a great artist, he hypes his brand to the point of obscenity…but in that last point, he does marginally validate what he is saying. When he gets on the stage, it’s his job to create a kind of frenzy, one that would be potentially dangerous if there were lapses in his security. Does it equate to war or police work? Of course not. But he was just using a poor analogy to convey the downside of that amped popularity. I think, anyway–can’t find the full, in-context quote.

  • DC

    I was just thinking that Kanye West may be the biggest moron to walk the earth, but he’s not. Bob Koscheck is.



  • Donte

    Bitch how you not a hobbit again?

    • Hiayyys

      LMAO! Someone watches south park

  • ol’mate

    this guy sucks, kanye wests music does more good for the world then the US army, and police brutality

    • Joey Baker

      I bet your parents are so disappointed

    • geet

      you are literally retarded

    • mike

      your a special breed huh?

    • josh

      You sir, are an idiot. Kanye West’s music does no good for anyone. His ignorance (along with all his fans) is a big part of what’s wrong with our society now a days. Society would be a much better place without Kanye and all those alike and all those who like him. It absolutely disgusts me that people worship such ignorant people. The fact that people are even standing up for this clown is proof that we are a nation of idiots.

  • Lovett

    I totally agree with the Police Chief. Kanye needs to be put in his place as he runs his mouth quite often and most of his words are selfish me, me me. He is too full of himself.

    • Nick Nitro

      Bipolar much, ol’mate?

  • natk

    What a waste of a human being. My 18yr old son will be going into combat as a Navy Corpsman(medic, doc), to aid the wounded Marines, soon after he is 19. He wants to do this, chose this job and some idiot rapper DARES to compare himself?? So disgusted right now. I hope this article reaches Kanye! My child will be more of a man at 19 the he will ever be in his entire life.

    • Turkey

      Yet you his mother or father will never be on kanye’s level. It’s people like you that make any country need a military. You get so upset over something that you don’t even bother to understand. I am sure he is meaning that with all the threats and crazy people in this world (like you) he has to worry about be shot just as much as if he were an officer or military. Last i checked the people in afghan dont have to worry about people wanting to come over and kill them alone.

      • CptPokerface

        Oh please, no one cares enough to wanna shoot Kanye. The guy is talented sure, but his arrogance WILL be the end of him one of these days. He is an entertainer, pure and simple. For him to compare his career to that of someone who faces REAL danger on a daily basis is simply asinine.

        • SoldierPlease

          He voluntarily exposes himself to people who hate him on a regular basis, and thinks he is a hero for doing it….sounds like a US Soldier.

          • CptPokerface

            The main difference between the two is that Kanye makes FAR more than enough money to “entertain” them than that US soldier can ever dream to make. Plus the people who hate Kanye aren’t going to run up to him and slice his throat open with a machete.

            The US soldier has to deal with people who would kill themselves, women, children, and even other comrades with a single bomb strapped to their chest. So let’s not try to generalize here.

          • SoldierPlease

            Yes, let’s not generalize. A US Soldier is in harm’s way because he signed up to fight in whatever rich men’s crooked wars the United States gets involved in. He isn’t a hero for being in danger or helping out his friends who also signed up.

            Kanye West is irrelevant. I don’t pay hardly any attention to Kanye West. I pay attention to people who kill others and call themselves heroes. The comparison is only notable because both are delusional in their hero-complex.

          • CptPokerface

            Thing is, I don’t really believe most men and women who serve really refer to themselves as heroes. People at home, who could never have the courage to go the places they go to and do what they do see them as heroes.

            But yeah. Kanye may have a song I like a bit every now and then but these comments of his really make it harder to respect him as an artist.

          • SoldierPlease

            That’s fair. But I constantly hear them refer to one another as heroes. The way they do it seems assumptive to me. I worked for the Army (in an ROTC office) for a year. The hero-vibe was very heavy, from the recruiting literature and commercials to everyday conversations.