MICHELLE OBAMA: The Funeral Frowning Wench

Michelle Obama is the scowling funeral attendee and Barack, whether he laughs or cries, just can’t please the woman.

For some reason the first lady either takes memorials so seriously that she glowers continuously throughout the service, or spending that much time sitting next to Barack Obama makes her perfectly-tweezed eyebrows furrow and her forehead elevens cry out for an emergency shot of Botox.

Unlike Bill Clinton, who cries only on camera at funerals, Mrs. Obama seems unaware that being on the world stage requires some acting skill. Even if the wife of a US president is bored, annoyed, or just plain pissed off at some blonde chick yukking it up with the old man, it’s best to learn how to pretend to be happy at public events.

If you think about it, the only time Michelle Obama beams is if she’s dancing with Ellen DeGeneres, front and center at a Beyoncé concert, making menu choices for chubby Americans, or if there is food involved.

The first funeral frown that was captured for posterity was at “Godmother” of the American civil rights movement Dorothy Height’s funeral. Her husband gave that eulogy, too. In essence, the gist of what Obama had to say about Dorothy was similar to what was conveyed at the 94,000-people strong funeral memorializing Nelson Mandela.

In Washington, DC, at 98-year-old Dorothy Height’s memorial, quite unlike himself, Obama had this to say about the deceased civil rights activist: “She never cared about who got the credit. What she cared about was the cause. The cause of justice, the cause of equality, the cause of opportunity, freedom’s cause.”

During that funeral, the president lost it. He cried so much it bordered on uncontrolled sobbing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytorUeuZj9o

Michelle, doing her best Ice Princess, shot Mr. Obama a very displeased look that was thought to be a non-verbal communiqué to pull himself together. Let’s put it this way: judging from the expression on the first lady’s face, Barry’s histrionics were not going over well.

Now, three years later the first couple is in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the president eulogized the late Nelson Mandela with moving words such as:

Mandela understood the ties that bind the human spirit. There is a word in South Africa- Ubuntu – that describes his greatest gift: his recognition that we are all bound together in ways that can be invisible to the eye; that there is a oneness to humanity; that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us.

Only this time, rather than open lamentation, Barack Obama found a way to both mourn and have one helluva time as he horsed around taking playful selfies with British Prime Minister David Cameron and some blonde Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Again, Michelle displayed the same type of non-verbal displeasure as she did when Obama was crying back in Washington, DC over Dorothy Height, which certainly sends the president a mixed message.

When it comes to funeral etiquette, as far as Michelle’s concerned, it looks like poor Barack is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

If he expresses sorrow by crying, Mrs. Obama shoots him an annoyed look. If he’s affable, smiling, and having a good time with attractive blondes who just happen to be world leaders, she also shoots him a look.

In this particular case, it looks as if Barry was given a time out and forced to switch seats so that Michelle could put some distance between hubby and Ms. Thorning-Schmidt, who got more than the cold shoulder from Michelle. The Danish prime minister got the cold back.

Not for nothing, as they say in New York, but could you imagine how awkward the plane ride back home was for G.W. and Laura? The Bushes were probably subjected to hearing a furious Michelle, who apparently can’t control her face or her feelings, read Barry the riot act for getting a little too chummy with the blonde Danish chick.

Anyway, it makes one wonder: with the look on Mrs. Obama’s face at Dorothy Height’s funeral, what if Thalia had been sitting on the other side of macho salsa dancer Barack Obama?

Image: Courtesy of: Screen Shot: Michelle Stares at Barack Obama Crying; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytorUeuZj9o

About the author: Jeannie DeAngelis

Jeannie DeAngelis, born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island, is a wife, mother and grandmother to three grandsons. She has written for politically-themed articles for conservative websites like American Thinker and Breitbart, emphasizing current events as well as the full range of liberal hypocrisy in politics and Hollywood, and pro-life issues. Jeannie publishes a blog at www.jeannie-ology.com.

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  • smart gramma

    It is my prediction that Michelle Obama will leave Barack when the luxury of the white house is gone. It has become more and more apparent that she detests the so called
    president….and who can blame her. She will take her mother and girls and leave him
    when he leaves the white house. She has her own career and as so many of us know
    the marriage was “arranged” anyway. He can go back to his “male” friends….something we have always known to be true. The marriage and children were
    all a put up job for politics.

    • gvette

      I agree, but I’ll go one more step. From something she said in an interview, I don’t think they are even married. Time will tell.

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        Your absolutely right about that. It is only a front, and a shuck and jive tactic they are so good at.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      She will leave him, and give Wright his faked children back. She doesn’t look like the motherly kind to me.

    • jaxtom

      Think she’ll marry Hillary? Bwahahahaha

  • JBKonya104

    Obama is still a Community Organizer….always wanting to be in the limelight! He’s so stuck on himself! He shouldn’t have a smartphone at all. No other President had one….or should have one…they can be broke into. He’s immature, inexperienced, rude, incompetent and totally narsacistic! He’s never has acted like a real Head of State. It’s totally embarrassing to have him as our President. How he’s lasted this long is beyond me.

    • James Maxwell

      Wonder what he was really trying to “organize”

    • Connie Pridemore

      I wish someone would hack into his phone & make everything on it public!!!!!!
      Come Hackers!!!!

      • Pablo Descartes

        …or Mossad?

    • homer1057

      This hits the nail right on the head! I couldn’t have said it any better! I am also totally embarrassed to have this man in the W.H.!!!! I am even disgusted to know he is in a position to represent US, when he is NOT one of US!! The man is PROUD beyond reason, and yet pride comes before a “FALL”!!

      • Rattlerjake

        He is NOT proud, he is ARROGANT!

        • Karll

          He is what psychologists diagnose as a “malignant narcissist”.

  • James Maxwell

    Moochie still got that “Hell Naw” look on her ghetto face.

  • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

    The great Jeannie DeAngelis strikes again!! Most uproarious! =)

  • anarchyst

    “Wookies” always have a mean look about them . . . :)

  • Admiral America

    She’s probably always disgusted around him because he’s the gay bathhouse Barry, and she has to play the part of his wife in public. However in private she’s probably not getting any action in the bedroom because he’s in the Lincoln bedroom with some male intern.

    • BobM001

      That’s OK, “Michelle” was born MICHAEL! From the Christwire dot com website.
      “Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964. He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute who was diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1998. He was a popular high school athlete and in 1982, he accepted a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers.

      After finishing a respectable rookie season with 88 tackles and 7.5 sacks, he suddenly dropped out of the school. Fellow teammates observed that Robinson could regularly be heard lamenting over how he is a “woman trapped inside a man’s body”, and on January 13th, 1983, he underwent sex reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. To hide the shame of his new identity, Michael left Oregon State to attend Princeton University under his new legal name, “Michelle Robinson”. Years later, he met Barry Obama Jr. a Kenyan immigrant who later became aware of “Michelle’s” true identity. They subsequently married and adopted two children.”

      • Admiral America

        That explains why she gives off such a manly vibe, and is built like a quarterback. She’s probably the man in the relationship while he’s the emotional bitch. Hence her scowls at him when he’s acting like a dork.

    • GUEST

      *REGGIE LOVE*….

  • BobM001

    She was pi$$ed because Barry was “having a little Danish” and not even a “bite” for MOOCHELLE aka FACCIA BRUTTA SCIFOSA!.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      I can understand why he would cozied up to the blonde. Just compare the two. Ugly and attractive gives you the answer. Can you imagine waking up to that hateful gorilla every morning. Ugh.

      • lara


      • GUEST

        DEAR *JOHN*:
        AFTER ALL–HE has HIS “PREDILECTIONS”–AND”MOOO-c-HELL-a” HAS “HIS”/”HERS”/”IT’s”…(?????)…..
        (***GOD*** ONLY knows….
        (OH, BUT, YOU ARE RIGHT–about THE “GORILLA” part…;-}

    • GUEST

      DEAR *Bob*:

      “Traduisez, s’il vous plait….”…;-}

      • BobM001

        “UGLY FACED B!TCH”

    • taliesin319

      Faccia de bow-wow !

  • axmickl

    She is looking at him with distain because even she can only take so much of his phony baloney.

    • lara


      • mac12sam12

        According to his high school classmate Mia Pope he didn’t date women. He did date though!

  • Barbara Winters

    She’s getting just as sick at the illegal fag as the people are.

  • Cheryl Lynn

    I saw them climbing off the plane hand in hand. Oh yeah…like that wasn’t staged pretending like they had done a little mile-high clubbing. When they get back to the bedroom in the White House, The Little Mrs. will have to don a blond wig and spik wit a Danish accent, ya, ya. When you are a beast like Michelle, you do whatcha gotta do.

    • Marlin208

      She doesn’t have the right equipment to turn him on

    • taliesin319

      It will take every whip and chain she has to put a fire in that laggard. when in doubt, call Reggie.

  • homer1057

    PHONY: FRAUD, plastic, made up role model! Who could possibly desire to emulate this example for any reason!

  • nodoor

    Im pretty sure he is Damned.

  • DrBobNM

    gee, and I thought Ubuntu was a flavor of linux. Good piece, but be careful the last time somebody dissed Michelle (Paula Deen) it didn’t end very well for them. BTW, Michelle knows full well that Barry is not into women. Rev Wright set them up as a power couple marriage of convenience.

    • astrojohn

      Good call…I wonder how many other readers know what you’re talking about…

      • Marlin208

        We do

  • Deborah G

    I[m pretty sure she’s a transgender

  • Mort Leith

    What do you expect from her ? /

    She’s married to aGAY guy, that surely is NOT the father of her two kids….
    and surely doesn’t lay the pipe on her like normal men would to their wives,, even if they ARE mean evil racist slouchingBiaches like MOOCHelle is…

    • lara


      • Marlin208

        Could be ACDC

        • Karll

          Turkey baster.

    • GUEST

      DEAR *Mort*:

      OR (YOU MEAN):
      ….IS *NOT* OUT, YET.
      (AS FAR AS *I* know).
      (I WOULD *LOOOVE* TO ASK HIM(!!!!)).

  • dank

    All a sham. This present administration(if you can call it that) has no class. This is considered our first lady? And we give them a 74 to jet around? Very sad indeed

    • lara


    • Eric Haulenbeek

      If there was one thing that George and Laura Bush had, it was class. They would never have shown this level of disrespect for anyone at all on the public stage. These two banana chasers have nothing at all going for them, either publicly or privately. It’s really pretty sad!

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    This is all a tempest in a teapot even if it does give a little more insight to the temperament of the First Lady and the relationship between her and the president. With the damage that he is doing to our nation, this is one thing that I can’t get too worked up about. I will be relieved when they both vacate the White House.

  • johnanaguski

    How would you like to be married to that b—ch?

    • Isschade

      OR vice versa. Stop and think about it… They have to live with each other… WE can turn him/her off… delete his/her ugly face but they have to wake up every morning looking at each other. LOL

      • GUEST

        DEAR *Isschade*:
        *EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :-{{{ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        I’ll bet the private life of these two inside the WH is a lot different then most of us would think it is.

    • GUEST

      DEAR *John*:

      OH, YOU MEAN, “THE FIRST ‘WOOKIE'”..;-}}}

    • ort

      How would you like to be married to that flaming mo? : )
      They are both repulsive.

  • perfectlyaged

    I don’t know if I were Obama if I could stand Moochelle or if I were Moochelle if I could stand Obama!!!!! They are both very undesirable!!!

  • FSHNT21

    Where the white wimmen at…?

    • GUEST

      DEAREST *FSHNT21*:

      “…I DON’t CARE *WHO* you are, now, THAT’s *FUNNEEEEE*…”…;-}}}
      (“LARRY, THE CABLE GUY”…;-}}}
      (I AM (ABSOLUTELY) “ROFLMAO”…;-}}}
      THAT WAS A *HOOT*…;-}}}}}

      • taliesin319

        May not take himself hostage but he never has had any trouble ” taking himself in hand. no sir, Barry can surely handle that.

    • Don

      Obamao needs to take himself hostage like Cleavon Little…

  • Trust no one

    What an embarrassing couple. Just two assclowns making a fool of themselves and our Country!

  • drut1948

    No way , moochelle is ripping off the american people and feeling good about it , so nasty looks at the ole man are just a little pass time for her , when obummer gets out of office where she isn’t as able to rip us off then you will see a change, barry will get his man and she will just be ugly

    • Tonto

      I wonder how long it will take after they get out of office before they both come out of the closet. That will be interesting.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        My guess is that they’ll be living their own separate lives, much like the Clintons do. I don’t see that marriage going anywhere at all!

        • Festerhawg

          They will stay together until both the girls are moved out then split. The only reason the Clintons are still together is because Hillary is thinking about running for President. If she doesn’t, look for the lawyers to get involved

      • Marlin208

        Are they going to ever get out of office?

      • drut1948

        they will be lauded as the first president ?? and first lady ?? to be gay in office , Our nation is going to hell and we sit and watch , we all can talk about what might be done but no one will make a move , the bikers and truckers are the closest thing to a move on washington ,
        next move would be to throw all the bums out bodily and take back our government by force , there is no one in there that deserves a vote from the real Americans , thank you tonto for responding

    • Enkininti

      That is so funny!

  • cornbread01

    She is a full blown avatar for Adolph Hitler’s evil racist soul! The very incarnation of Satan’s wife, with plenty of sheer hate for the entire Republic of the USA. It doesn’t matter to BHO, as he’s already sold his soul.

    • Festerhawg

      Eva Braun looked better and acted classier than Michelle

  • marcus johannes

    If anything Moochelle actually displayed genuine grief and mourning for a Fellow Communist -Nelson Mandela , Then it is hard to say or understand ,Because Socialists ,Communists and Fascists have a long History of stabbing each other in the back

  • Tom Corbett

    If that funeral was for a white leader, moochie either wouldn’t have been there, or if she was, she’s the one who would have been doing the “selfies”.

  • Cathy


  • darlingrats

    A black minister said AGES ago that they DO NOT love each other. that there is no love in their marriage.he showed numerous vids of the way she looks towards him, they were caught on a kiss cam once ,he went to kiss her,you can see he was repulsed, you can also see how she looked like it repulsed her. the minister flat said she does not love him and that he doesnt love her either since he’s gay.

    • Festerhawg

      It is just a show marriage like all the marriages that Rock Hudson was in

      • Marlin208

        Just like Bill and Hillary too

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Whatever physical attraction was meant to be, these two haven’t got it!

      • Marlin208

        She would have to be a man for that to happen.

  • Mary

    Maybe she is trying to teach the ghetto creep a little funeral etiquette , He certainly doe’s not have any. Yukking it up with ANYONE at a funeral is uncouth . If I were a Mandela relative I would be furious !

  • jaybird

    I have seen 2 more pics that are better than this one. Mooch has traded seats with POTUS and has her back turned to the PM and the other is she is really frowning a lot watching them take the picture. NO CLASS!!

  • Timur

    She was dreaming about Barrack being her first knockout.

    • Marlin208

      Now that is the only time I would watch that Ahole. A public beat down would be great fun to watch.

      • Me_in_Canada_eh

        That would be fun to watch. I could probably scalp tickets on it.

    • taliesin319

      She’d lose points. The point is to knock out the white folks. Best she can get with barri is half that,

  • ort

    Mooochelle is ticked because she is sick of her fake marriage to the belle of the ball at Man’s Country. Good. Hope she is miserable every moment of every waking hour. This is what you get when you sell your soul for money, which is exactly what she did.

    • Marlin208

      That and she is a single mother to boot. Wonder who really fathered those kids.

      • Timur

        Ellen Degeneres

      • ilpatriot58

        They are rented.

      • Bam

        Michael Lavaughn Robinson, chief wookie, donated squirmees to a surrogate at the zoo

      • ort

        I can’t shake the feeling that Mooochelle was a dude at one time.
        I don’t think she ever carried those kids. They look nothing like either of those racist clowns.

        • TexasJester

          I’m thinking Michelle is actually Michael NOW, in drag.

          • ort

            I’m thinking you’re right.

    • Bam

      He married the wookie for it’s big Johnson.

      • ort

        I’m starting to think so.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    The Obama’s were hardly ready for the world stage, and as yet they haven’t been able to master the art of their role as ‘public people’. When you’re “out there” with a hundred media outlets recording every possible part of your physical self and putting it on display for the world to see, you have to be someone you’re not… and these two still haven’t learned how to pull this one off! It’s all part of the game, and some people are better at this then others.

    • Kat

      They will never be able to pull it off. Once trash, always trash.

  • Marlin208

    If either of them was a class act it might help. No class trash.

  • Bill Scantlen

    With Obama crying, we found out one thing.
    Who’s your DADDY now, Barry?

  • bet1125

    The squatch is merely expressing her frustration at the decision to accept a life of monetary gain in exchange for living with a homosexual.

    • Me_in_Canada_eh

      Truth is stranger than fiction.

      • GUEST

        (“SCENES WE (ALL) WOULD HAVE *LOOOOVED* to see…;-}}}

    • Marlin208

      Just goes to prove that money can not buy happiness, as she found out.

  • Davis

    To bad they didn’t duke it out on the plane home. They would do America a huge favor if they took each other out .

    • Me_in_Canada_eh

      Wonder if she packs heat?

  • del

    2 ugly classless souls who sold their soul for the company store….yuck…time to fumigate them out of our white house

    • Pablo Descartes

      Definitelly change the matresses in barry’s room!

      • GUEST

        DEAREST *PABLO*:

        HOW ABOUT *BURNING* BOTH BEDS(???!!!!)….
        (ESPECIALLY, “BARRY”‘s(!!!))..:-{{{

  • ItalianScallion

    First Lady my foot.

  • Steve

    Obamas, Clintons, Biden, are typical for low class Democrats. Put em in a public setting, and they stick out like a cheap suit.

    • Howard A Milor Jr.

      Sad to say G. w. And Laura flew over with them bad scene there George you let them use you for publicity, you should have walked if you could not afford your own airfare and all in support of a socialist! Shame!!

      • Marlin208

        Oh hell no, I would jump in the plane too with these two apes going at it, it was a hoot on the way back.

      • Pablo Descartes

        Wonder how many times on that flght GW envisioned strangling the life out of barry? He must’ve been praying the serenity prayer the entire flight. Lol! I can see the s.s., “Mister President, please stop choking president barry!”

    • rwp24382

      A+ for that comment.

      • Butthead

        Huhh, Huhh, talk about low class. Huhh, Huhh.

        • rwp24382

          And your name is what? Huhh, huhh? Sounds like you have your head buried in it. Huhh, Huhh.

          • Butthead

            Huhh, huhh, Where’s Todd? Huhh, Huhh

          • rwp24382

            You must be the real Butthead. You absolutely make just as much sense.

  • informed

    Perhaps it is just her reflection on a man that she knows so well!

    • Abe

      The one she sees when she looks in a mirror?

  • DAY8293A

    The reason she is always so pissed off at these functions, is that she thinks everyone should be bowing at her feet and praising her! Why should she lower herself to praise such a light weight criminal terrorist as Mandella? She has stepped on the necks of more stupid white folk than Mandella ever did! She won’t be happy until she is crowned Empress Michelle. Then her crown will cover her wrinkled brow!

  • Gundog

    Where’s Tabby??? We miss your profound and illumining repartee. Oh that’s
    right today’s the day you get your leg hair cornrowed and your armpits braided.
    Hope your keeper brings you your keyboard soon. I’m sure you want to defend
    your idol, the First Gargoyle. You do have so much in common.

    • Marlin208

      I think she is at her spelling class or smoking crack in the parking lot

    • maxwedge

      “First Gargoyle”…Mountain Dew…through my nose….thanks for the chuckle!

  • Me_in_Canada_eh

    You can take the girl out of the slum but you can’t the the slum out of the girl.

    • defender3

      And I will add, “You can only make a pig out of a pig”s ear”.

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    She is a hardcore racist and thinks she is some kind of a queen.

    • Kat

      You are 100% correct. There are many stories regarding both of them and just how racist they are.

  • mexxet

    A miserable and pathetic Sasquatch we have in the oval office, we do. She’s fugly on the outside, fugly on the inside, and surrounded by fugly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.boswell.58 Karen Boswell

    I think MO must wear dog poo scented lipstick – that is the only reason I can come up with for her to always have that pained ” I smell dog poo” expression on her face…..

    • ilpatriot58

      Actually, she probably got a whiff of herself….all that hate oozing out of her pores.

  • monacall

    What a joke. No really!! I think this is to funny. If I were running for office especially the presidency I would have one (or all of them) of these pictures on my campaign. Look what a real democrat looks like….. look how a real democrat acts like in the “real world”. Would you want another democrat representing you….? pretty funny…..i think I will have some bill boards made up and plaster them all over………….

    • dnav

      It’s only a joke to those of us who think and care. Show these to a liberal and they are endeared by them, they are mesmerized and all google eyed over their progressive icons who can do no wrong. When Obetrayer comes right out and announces he is suspending voting laws, more than half the mainstream media will be right behind him making excuses for it and explaining why it is the right thing for our country at this time. We are doomed unless we organize, band together, prepare to defend ourselves, and rise up in force like the people of Iceland recently did when they forced their entire government to resign without one shot fired.

  • VeeDub57

    She be reperzentin merikuh foo’s.

    • Kat

      Too funny!!!

  • sovereigntyofone

    I am surprised she didn’t lean over and whisper in Barack’s ear ” all this for a damn body ” (Like she made the comment at the WTC memorial service she and Obama attended and was caught on camera saying ” all this for a damn flag ” ).
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • dnav

    Isn’t wench just the nice word for biatch?

  • Pablo Descartes

    It’s my sense that michelle was personally impacted by mandella’s death. I’d imagine that barry’s obviously staged tears and his funeral selfie truly offended and angered her. It must have been a long ride home, though I doubt anything but personal injury has much affect on a self-absorbed narcissist the likes of bathhouse barry. Perhaps there’s a future strategy in this…

  • Chris P

    Wow – bunch of haters here today. Can we make comments about YOUR fat gut and ugly faces? Criticising people for their looks is something most people grow out of after high school.

    • ilpatriot58

      Just giving them a dose of their (and yours too apparently) own medicine….as the saying goes, you can dish it out but you cant take it.

      • Chris P

        But you are supposed to be the “Oh so good” Christians that are supposed to set an example.

        • ort

          You first.

    • drut1948

      Chris if you were taken in by this freeloading family and soro’s puppet , then you should crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under and hide some more , I assume when God was handing out brains you thought he said trains and didn’t take one as with most liberals your just running on empty

      • Chris P

        There are no Gods. Sorry that your brain is dysfunctional and believes in magic beings.

        • spatcher

          You are in for one hell of a rude awakening bud!

          • Chris P

            Then you need to go back to school and learn how your brain works and how it stores information and is your personality. If you know somebody with Alzheimer’s who cannot even recognize their own kin you will realize how it would be impossible to recognize your fictional cast of characters when the contents of your brain had died.

          • spatcher

            tic toc tic toc my friend!

          • Chris P

            Wow – somebody did a real number on you. There are no Gods. How childish are you? Still believe in Santa too?

    • Starchy

      eat shirt!

      • Chris P

        You must be a barrel of laughs at a funeral. Do you go around telling people they are fat and their clothes don’t fit.

  • robert

    moochiee 10 lbs of shirt in a 5 lb bag

    • BD

      That’s a lot of shirt. About 5 cow plops worth.

      • TBanacek

        And with all the cow flatulence that accompanied it, the EPA is really PO’d.

    • 32eagle

      man she is vacuum packed !!! she must be a scrunchie


    They may not want to admit it even progressive socialists are not immortal. All of us must depart this world. I would have only one person shed a truly felt tear than all the hoopla and pomp that is put on so these people can get their faces on TV. Now they will have someone else to rewrite history about. How much money did it cost the taxpayers of this country.
    God bless America.

  • Mary

    He doesn’t like the girls according to Mia Marie Pope and many others and rumor has it Michelle is actually a dude that had reassignment surgery. This story is all over the internet you can find it. It’s even on You Tube and according to You Tube some famous folks are in on the secret.
    According to what I read Michelle is actually a dude named Michael. There’s actually a picture of her somewhere when she was a dude. I believe a football player. She changed over in the 1980’s. The kids are rumored to be adopted. You Tube has deleted all the comments on every single video concerning Michelle’s secret. Which makes you wonder why.
    If this story is true than everything about the first family is a lie and one of the biggest con jobs has taken place on the American people.

    • Glen Barrett

      LMAO Mary Love it

    • BobM001

      Likes his “ice cream on a stick” instead of “in a bowl”!

  • carsrus

    “empress michelle”……………………LET THEM EAT CAKE……..she was only thinking of the funeral festivities MUNCH, munch and munch MORE, all that good African cooking………………………….

  • luciteehee

    I’d LOVE to know what she REALLY feels about us! It is getting so “hot” in OUR White House it HAS to be saving a bundle in energy costs! We have given them BOTH a lifestyle they could NEVER have earned on their own! Yet we are STILL denigrated, shamed, blamed, and “the hands that FEED them” chewed all the way to our elbows! We have NEVER had a President who continually blames the other side for HIS bad decisions! Even after FIVE YEARS he still can,t memorize a fifteen minute speech without READING and RECITING someone elses words! He has never spoken straight to the camera and shared what was in his HEART to the American people who gave him so much for so little! He has “given” the power of our White House to those he KNOWS does not have our best interest in mind! They have an agenda that is RAPIDLY being fulfilled with HIS blessings and approval!
    Our Country is in deep trouble and there seems to be NO interest in Washington to CHANGE it! Like leaves in a rushing stream controlled by the current, the ONLY thing they accomplish is bumping into each OTHER! With dastardly results! I truly think BOTH of them are tired of America, tired of Conservatives not being more complacent, and the “other side” that he constantly viciously demeans, fighting for our freedom, democracy, Constitutional RIGHTS and to bring back these rights we have sadly taken for granted! The ones in charge of our Country do NOT deserve the POWER they have WRESTED from the hands of the American CITIZENS!! What breaks my HEART is, all this was accomplished by an unknown, unskilled, unvetted, and fraudulent stranger!

    • Glen Barrett

      I could not have said it any better luciteehee My thoughts exacatly Thanks

    • The_American_Way

      You are exactly right. While Barack Obama is a problem, he is only the tip of the iceberg. The members of Congress are every bit as much of a problem. Every action they take is done only after they consider what impact it might have on their re-election. There is very little honor in Congress and the career politicians (more than two terms) are the biggest problem of all.

      • RockyMtn1776

        Well said ! In my opinion, we have been sold out by BOTH political parties and for the same reasons.
        BOTH sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes !
        What are we going to do about this? Probably nothing ! We keep re-electing them knowing full well what they really are.

    • taliesin319

      Cast ye not pearls before swine as the saying goes. Our Whitehouse has become the Blighthouse and its inhabitants are straight out of Tennessee
      Williams by way of Charles Dickens. We get to munch popcorn and every
      night is movie night for the beleaguered inhabitants in the land of the once free and the home the depraved.



  • kimber1911

    I love this photo.. She is the quintessential “BOSS” she know his tears are fake.. just like the whole damn thing…

    • 32eagle

      she hates crocodiles and their tears

  • Bar0Ranch

    It’s really quite simple — She is a liberal, and liberals are always PO’ed about something. They are just never happy people.

  • USNbubblehead

    Par for the course for Mrs. 0. Remember that scowl she gave Carla Bruni at the 65th anniversary of D-Day? Of course, she may have been aiming at Sarah Brown, who knows. Even if her thoughts were not that strong (I’ve been incorrectly accused of casting looks when I’m concentrating on something with intensity), she should at least try to be conscious of keeping it off her face at public events.

    I normally don’t comment on whatever any first lady is doing, but in these cases she’s representing the rest of us. Put a smile on it MO, for our sakes at least.

  • cherokee_warrior

    So, the Black Witch is unhappy that her image is not in the photo? Big deal. But wait, if Obama continues to, in her mind, ignore or mis-treat her, perhaps she will become his
    ‘Delilah’ who was Samson’s downfall. Would that be something? She could ‘spill the beans’ and become the celeb?

    • Kat

      Won’t happen – he means nothing to her but a meal ticket.

    • dontdoitagain

      You guys have it all wrong. The racist woman Michelle is sitting next to a (gasp) white guy. That’s why she’s pissed. Look at the body language! (giggle) She’s trying to stay as far away from him as possible, even with her eyes. He looks to be doing likewise, for good reason I think.

  • sargeant rock

    Is THAT who she is.. all this time I thought she was the White House pet chimpanzee

    • Chardonite

      No,the pets are the daughters,and she is the Sheboon!

  • TexRanger

    The Black Witch should be happy her homosexual husband was only yucking it up with a beautiful blonde woman rather than being photographed with the hand of one of his Chicago bathhouse boyfriends up his pants leg!

    • Mary

      I constantly hear that Mr. Obama is dividing the country. Do you think that all of these comments helps everyone to come together. You can call Mrs. Obama a chimp or whatever pleases you, but she has more brains in one finger than all of the comments written here today. I hope that none of you call yourselves Christians. Or maybe you should call yourselves Christians because 90% are just fakes. I find it curious at how you call can become so hateful. By the way, have you seen the scrowl on the face of Mrs. Bush when a similar thing happened? Search the internet. It’s there.
      In spite of what Bush and Cheney did in the killing of so many of our military by the lies lies lies, I could never lash out with name calling or names that they may deserve. Try to be civil. If you don’t like something or someone, then do you part to change it. Your name calling won’t ever hurt the Obama’s. They’re much above such nonsense. Get educated and let that be your main job.

      • en4cer18

        keep drinkin the Kool Aid Mary.

      • dontdoitagain

        Hmmm. Is it civil to disparage Christians like you just did? How do you that Moochy has brains in her little finger? I’ve never heard of that, although I do “get” the disparaging comment of yours. No I haven’t seen the scowl on the face of Laura Bush. We aren’t being “hateful, we are being TRUTHFUL! Moochy herself ADMITS that she is filled with hate. Since when are you a psychic? You know somehow that name calling won’t hurt the O’s? Somehow you just “know” that they are above such nonsense when their whole lives have been involved with “nonsense” like calling people names? Really? Then why are you here objecting to it? Unfortunately for your man O he continued the wars, killing, drone strikes, etc. and escalated it in other places, so your point is moot.

      • American

        Take you’re silly self back to bed!!!!! Truth hurts huh

      • taliesin319

        Actually I’ve read her thesis and one would fail a junior in high school for an essay as whining and banal. The woman needs to learn that discipline of one’s body language and facial expressions in a public forum say a great deal in regard to your to your intelligence. If your husband is behaving like a callow boy in of all places a funeral you would do better to focus on the service and give the appearance of being very moved by the service. This pair was representing the People of the United States of America in a way that was disrespecting of Mr Mandela, his family and his nation, to say nothing of the people who sent them there to render the condolances of the American people.
        Breeding will and invariably does tell and it told a very sorry tale
        at that funeral.As for your rant in regard to Christians, my prayers are with you and with all who hate the followers of Christ. Christians have Christ’s word that they will be disliked and have no problem praying for those who do so. As to civil discourse ,calling 90 % of the people on this site fakes is hardly a step on the happy path to amity.

      • Jay Star

        All the brains in the world doesnt mean a thing if you have no soul! And I dont mean the music or the food! And how do you bring people together if your leader goes out of his way to drive them apart? Would you rather have name calling or blood in the streets. Be thankful its the name calling so far……

      • spatcher

        Mary Mary, quite contrary….the Obama’s need very little help dividing our country!

      • ort

        So, how much are they paying you to troll here?

      • Don

        Stop lying. You are name calling, but then claim not do such a thing. I thinks me smells a Troll………………………!

      • Chardonite

        Be aware that both of these COMMUNISTS have affirmative action adjusted IQ’s,and grades.Therefore we have a very low IQ person occupying the peoples house,and there Constitutionally illegitimately.

  • Al

    Michelle was just mad since she pushes healthy eating and he goes for a Danish.

    • futurelife

      LOL LOL that was funny Al

    • Rubygirl

      OMG, glad I wasn’t drinking when I read this I would have shorted out my keyboard!! I almost fell off the couch!! Now that is funny!!


    That’s the same look she gives when discussing anyone who is not black, muslim or a communist!!! Or, if she is hungry, sleepy, happy or still breathing!

    Isn’t that the same look Wookies give to their pilots? Or Yeti’s give to mountain climbers. I think we have finally found the elusive Sasquatch!!! Bingo!

    • dontdoitagain

      Missing link.

  • Kat

    Wookie doesn’t have any other look. She ALWAYS has that look on her face. She hates the world unless she’s spending OPM.

    • 32eagle

      in normal circumstances that would be “office of personnel management” but due to BORAX and Michelin Blimp-it means” the all you can steal buffet”

    • roscoe

      do yall remember when they first got in the white house they had to get a makeup artist to work on her eyebrowes to try and fix it so she wouldn’t look so mad.that is from years of frowning, she was mad cause she wasn’t white

    • Chardonite

      It is the Sheboon look!

  • SKinGN

    There is a word in Yiddish, “farbissene,” that could have Michelle Obama’s name next to it in the dictionary. It means someone who is embittered; whose mouth is perpetually turned down; who always looks as if she had been sucking on a lemon. It is usually a person who thinks that life has dealt with her unfairly. Someone whom you avoid at all costs.
    Yup! Michell Obama.

  • Dodged5

    She’s probably pissed because she is forced to be there when she would rather be on another lavish vacation in some exotic destination with her admiring entourage of friends at taxpayer expense.

    • dontdoitagain

      She probably wanted to go back to her “prison” the American people have forced her to live in.

      • American

        This is a woman who said she was never proud of her country!! Go figure!!!!!

        • Jay Star

          The feeling is mutual!

          • Don

            Which feeling is mutual? How you feel about moochelle or America?

    • Don

      Don’t worry…Christmas is coming and time for their annual pilgrimage, at our expense, to Hawaii.
      This year we’re have to send two “Air Force Ones” as Muchelle doesn’t want to be airborne with “hubby.”
      Guess the White House and Camp David are sub-standard for both of these clowns.
      What about your home town Barrack (Chicago in case you forgot) …know it’s absolutely balmy in December

  • john

    …moochelle, got this all wrong!! OVOMIT WAS NOT hitting on the hot blonde, but the guy next to her!!

    • The_American_Way

      The one that is really jealous is Obama’s boyfriend, Larry Sinclair.

      • American

        Everyone keeps alluding to Obama being gay where is the dAMN PROOF?? Where?

        • dave3200

          Try bending over in front of him (if you’re a guy). You’ll get proof.

        • TBanacek

          The word is while community organizing in Chicago he spent all of his free time at Chicago bath houses. Take it for what it’s worth.

          • Don

            Some said before moochelle suddenly came along that obammy the gay muzzie was not really to secretive with his life style and also went to the gay bars. Then to advance his political hopes rev. wright got obammy into the down low club to arrange a marriages for gay men. Where he was hooked up with the cow moochelle.

        • Somekindofpatriot

          Here You Go American,
          Mia Marie Pope Oust Obama – http://youtu.be/Uy2K5SIuK2E

          Obama Accused of Gay Sex, Drugs, and Murder – http://youtu.be/lPQxPWXb32I

          There’s plenty more if you just do the research

        • Jay Star

          You probably didnt get the memo! Its old news……

        • Don

          Even obammy’s rev. wright snitched him out as a gay in his downlow club. The proof is everywhere from former classmates to his travels as a teen with his gay friend/lover. Plus the gays with obammy ties who were all head shot. Plus when obammy was explaining at how he struggled with gays not being treated like straight people when he was younger and conflicted with his supposed Christian life. Hum…..? Why would he struggle with that? Gee what could it be? Cause he is gay! A gay muzzie!

        • ort

          So you are the ohomo zombie, the Never Never Land inhabitant who keeps down voting legitimate posts. I knew you’d “out” yourself sooner or later. LOL!

        • john

          …just take a look at obama and the chiago bath house, (males only), etc…how about his high school associates, declare he was GAY…..how about , pictures of obama and a male friend at a party. obama’s left hand, high up on his male friends thigh…etc,etc,…or…how he kissed hugo chevez directly on the LIPS……..good friends or fudge packers?

        • Chardonite

          Google Man Country for your proof?
          Are you a sodomite yourself?

  • Chief47

    Kinda funny! First time I was able to see a cow frown and cry at the same time. Won’t have to go to a farm or a zoo for a long time after seeing the cow’s performance. Glad the photographer had a wide angle lens on his camera for her back side image. Make me want to puke.

  • DOOM161

    I think she’s upset that the funerals take away from her vacation time. She should be in Hawaii right now.

    • Don

      And her food time to, see the videos of her at diner parties? Eats like a starved pig!

  • ERB

    Barry acted like a punk in middle school, not that Mandela deserved any respect, but this is what represents our country???? Yikes

  • Lee Sackett

    There is no person who is more of a Michelle Obama “dis-liker” than me. And I must admit, I was not there at the funeral, so I do not know IF it was conducive of a “celebration” or a time for solemn thoughts and memories of Mandela? I’ve been to funerals where people “celebrated!” However, we would celebrate the life of the departed and NOT that of our own desires or lust.
    There is no doubt in my mind that Barrack was not “celebrating for Mandela,” rather joking around with a Pretty White Blonde chick he thought more of than the departed, or his own wife! In this case, Michelle had every right to be utterly embarrassed by her husbands actions. He did NOT care about being respectful as his countries Presidential ambassador, nor was he respectful to his own wife.
    Michele, this time I will understand your obvious displeasure with your husbands’ disrespect of you and our country. Welcome to our “club!” :(


      The Daily Mail (British Paper). Said people were dancing and singing, etc. this wasn’t the actual funeral. That happens later. And also this event was four hours long!!! So if she could have been drinking her top shelf martinis and prancing around, she would have been happier. These events, and ones for the military just piss her off. Maybe she should go blonde. Talk about hot!!

      • Lee Sackett

        I just got through watching a Mexican News Report and video discussing this story. They have a TOTALLY different take than the Liberal Main Stream Media in America. They back up their video by expanding it to show NO OTHER INDIVIDUALS in the clip were being as distrustful and distasteful as Obama! ALL of them were, like Michelle, somber and attentive to the service.
        It also showed how Michelle whispered in Barrack’s ear and he left his seat. Then, she moved over to sit between him and the Dutch Prime Minister!
        One can ONLY imagine what went on aboard Air Force One on the way home? For the News Media was strictly prohibited from interrupting the President and First lady! In other words…. they were involved in a nasty and drawn out fight!

  • 32eagle

    we are also bound by pain that is invisible to Obama whom has an evil heart-great acting job sobbing-Michelle was not amused

  • fcsuszka

    I viewed the pictures with great interest. Here was the clown making happy during a solemn moment by posing with a “white blond woman”, laughing and carrying on like a typical what ever. LOL Was Michelle’s glares for any other reason? She was being upstaged by a rather pleasing looking woman. Not that Michelle is a busted trash can but… BWG How dare he pay more attention to someone other than her. It’s easy. I would. Come to think of it, would Berry find solace in the arms or someone else? If she or he were blond? HA!
    It just shows you how much couth Obama doesn’t have.

  • twiceshy

    All black women are jealous of pretty blondes. Especially when Barry was acting like Owen Wilson as a funeral crasher.

    • Gabrielle Alyse

      This has to be a joke.

  • ProudGGDOfAConfederateSoldier

    Moochelle hates everyone – most especially herself.

    • Chardonite

      Yep,typical self hate that all sodomites,and transvestites have

  • maddog2008

    She looks that way anytime she is within 50 yards of a white person.

  • JaniceSix

    Obama is the biggest FRAUD and PHONEY who ever walked this earth! He is truly disgusting.

  • Rob Price

    She’s just upset because the realization has finally hit home that all of her and “Barry’s” plans to take over America and re-make it into their own have recently been thwarted and the “TEA PARTY” has become a major source of problems for them!
    Really? The schooling and all the PRESIDENTIAL pomp is just not enough to appease this “woman”. of the White House. Better Barack than me!

  • Jay Star

    Neither one acts like a head of state couple should act as well as their cohorts at the funeral. Doesnt really matter he can always blame Bush.

    • tired

      Bush was right there and they were acting real buddy buddy!

  • Floyd

    Hand her a frying pan.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Right, her looks didn’t kill him

  • MN_in_CA

    too many drugs in BHO’s system seems to be the problem

  • luvzforplay

    I would love to see her at her old man’s soon !! Lord knows there is a lot of people preying for it , She might even attend in normal male clothing she could stop dressing in drag then !!

    • Don

      moochelle is a pretty manly looking! I wonder who those kids really belong to? rev. wright claims obammy is a catcher for the other team so they can’t be his/hers.

      • francoamerian

        I hear he travels the Hershey Highway more then we all know.

    • MARYANN33

      And she could get out or OUR house.

  • Sam

    I heard the obama’s marriage is on the rocks. May they be cursed for what they did to America.

    • Don

      Well after all obammy is a fairy sensitive girl!

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Wow, time to contact Rev Wright for a new wife and kids.

    • MARYANN33

      It was on the rocks before they were elected…Not a marriage at all.

  • USPatriotOne

    She just is mad that she had to come to a funnel and stop spending the American Tax payers money…!!! I bet if we could gain a surprise access to the WH and see all they have stolen from “We the People” they would not last 10 more minute in the WH…!!!

  • tuvals

    Frankly I don’t give a damn about Michell or her loser husband or whatever he is…

    • MARYANN33

      You should give a damn…He is killing America…and we are letting him…

      • tuvals

        Oh, I will vote in the elections but the complacency of the American voter is utterly pathetic and the morons in Congress who supposedly represent up don’t give a damn about any of us. All political opportunists who bobble their head to their political party. If Americans don’t wake up and get off their couches this country is going to continue down the path of socialism and class warfare.

        • MARYANN33

          I agree it is so bad. We need to force change…But how???

  • stonemike

    Haaaa, even ‘deranged equality fanatics” have to realize once in a while that ALL PEOPLE ARE NOT EQUAL”, the MOOCH had reality forced on her as she watched the “Kenyan” drool all over the great looking “white beauty’ ! Haaaaaaa! I love it!

    • sadnana

      But isn’t it common knowledge that he’s gay?

      • francoamerian

        Not too many people want to admit it. Just like they won’t admit he was born in Kenya Africa.

      • stonemike

        So, , if “the mooch” is a man, that figures!

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Obama better be careful. Michelle knows all about the knock out game. She could knock him out by just snapping him with her finger.

  • mydogpopo

    Get them all while they are over there………do it now!

    • MARYANN33

      The devil protects his own.

  • Ray

    After Obama went golfing with Tiger Woods, The First Lady quit being his side kick.. I wonder if Tiger was teaching more than golf and she found out he was doing a Billy Bop Clinton

  • davienne

    OMG !!! an angry wookie is a terrible thing to see….

    • Chardonite

      Yep,kind of like a black mind is a terrible thing to have!

  • Don Sr.

    If looks could kill…what do ya think? Is she playing a game or do you think she is really upset? It’s getting crowded at the feeding bowl.

    • carlcasino

      He’s lucky to not be in my town. The Black Ladies in this town would have kicked his scrawny ass and then laughed.

      • Rubygirl

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more of our Black “Ladies” would kick some butt with the young’uns? World and the US would be a much better place!!

        • carlcasino

          In my town the “Ladies” not only kick ass they have become what I refer to as arrogant bITCHES.

    • MARYANN33

      I think getting boos is too much for her in public…We need more to boo them…

  • garysvent

    The ash trays and lamps are flying at the White House again. Democrats — they just can’t control themselves.

    • queenrosa62

      you all need to be ashamed of yourselves for Dis respecting the president of the united states,ldersgate, MARYANN33, NOLIKEO, Karll,
      thecelt1,FAAQ2 ,John H. Kohlenberg,John H. Kohlenberg,golfcrackerjack your all Dumb BEGOTS, and can KISS the FIRST FAMILY BLACK ASSES,

      • garysvent

        This is your idea of respect? Kissing someone’s buttski? Is this what you do to get your stuff?

        It sure wasn’t listening in English class that brought you to your present state. Currently the First couple are separated.

  • me1952

    Well if my husband was acting like a silly schoolboy at such an occasion, I would be scowling too. What do you expect of Michelle when her husband is humiliating her in front of the entire world?
    Come on, all three of these heads of state acted like bored children in a church pew. They were an embarrassment to the countries they represented..
    I don’t think its too much to expect that our president conduct himself with decorum, whatever the occasion. Only the most classless clod publicly humiliates his wife in this manner, which explains it all.

    • sadnana

      I’m far from a fan of Obama, but I have to agree with you. Michelle had the right to be annoyed and disappointed with him. I also wonder if he was (self) medicated.

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        They are always medicated on cocaine daily. Morning, noon, and night

      • Jo Swafford

        it did look like the “choom gang”

      • MARYANN33

        Isn’t this serial doper always medicated with what her smokes and drinks and brews…????

    • bburg70

      Apparently it is too much to expect, to expect the Prez to conduct himself with decorum. Has he ever? Consider the source. The world is laughing at us, having been beguiled TWICE by this rank amateur.

      • MARYANN33

        That word is not in their vocabulary….His mama was out playing around and did not teach him anything good….Moosechelle pawed the Queen of England….enough said…..

    • MARYANN33

      They know no manners…Did anyone watch Huckabee yesterday and all the manners he learned as a kid.?..Well I learned them too. They were like laws to us…And we obeyed our manners…It was the polite thing to do…Now we are self seeking as a country—every man for him or her self.

  • chicachowchow

    he;s lucky he isnt my husb, I would have punched him out right there!

  • golfcrackerjack

    An amateur married to a punk.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      They are both men folks. Don’t be fooled. Our first man, not a first lady

      • MARYANN33

        Well they showed her photo when she was a man…

  • Lee

    Actually I think it is funny! Now if the Chimp would pull the Lorena Bobbit trick, I would ROTFLMAO!

  • standtallall

    Why would she be jealous …it was just girl talk!

  • Sci

    Why is anyone surprised about Michelle. She has never been happy – she said so herself – nothing will make this horrible selfish woman happy – she doesn’t have peace in her heart – doesn’t know The Lord.

    • MARYANN33

      Hates herself.

      • Sci

        The Bible says that we must love ourselves before we can love anyone else – Christians do that….. Merry Christmas

  • David

    Maybe Michelle will murder Obama in his sleep … naaa … we couldn’t be that lucky … but that sure would be a good Christmas Present to the USA … from Michelle.

    • PoorWhiteMan

      If she did that I would kiss her butt ugliness and recommend her for the Nobel Peace Prize.

      • MARYANN33

        It would make her an American heroine….

    • MARYANN33

      We had a shot at him with the lunatic next to him in Africa….So sad, and too bad.

    • DJH

      Indeed!! A happy new year it would be.

  • Deepizzaguy

    I remember a joke from a Sad Sack comic book that went like talking about his sergeant which could said of Michelle Obama “If he smiles, his face would crack.”

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      I like Red Fox’s remarks about his aunt. Fits all the blacks

  • Mys77

    What does Michelle have to smile about? She probably hasn’t been laid properly since her husband is gay, her husband is the laughing stock of the world, he plays golf more than he plays with her, and nobody in America or on the world stage respects or likes her. And no amount of make up, clothing, or airbrushing her head shots are going to make her more attractive,,,,yeah, the frown is her best look.

    • Troy Berkely

      So much for facial shots!

    • MARYANN33

      Poor gorillas…She looks like most of them and they are nice creatures but she is not.

      • Betty4440

        will you please quit insulting and making fun of the gorillas.

        • MARYANN33

          I am sorry. I do love gorillas..Hyena is a better word. But Michelle does look a lot like an unfortunately ugly gorilla..as does her mother…

          • Betty4440

            hahahahahhahahahaahhehehheehheehehhehe so funny

  • Robert Spittler

    O Dark Zero and the First Ho are text-book examples of how money and power can make the crack in your ass migrate all the way right to your skull and nowhere is it in more evidence than in America, the Land of the Sociopathic Financial Parasite.

    • Stan Parrish

      I know it is a disrespectful way to refer to the first lady, but that “First Ho” remark just caught me by surprise and cracked me up.

      • Chardonite

        Because Mobombo is not a Constitutionally legitimate President,neither he,or the Communist transvestite sheboon require any respect.

      • MARYANN33

        I also like first HO….Never been one like her in that House.

  • Robert Spittler

    What a pair to draw to…

  • Chardonite

    The Communist transvestite Sheboon is disgusting.

  • Sylvester Jones

    Looks like she’s thinking why didn’t I marry a straight man.

  • John H. Kohlenberg

    Instead of the noble peace prize award, I think Hollywood should give both an award for good acting. He sure can’t lead as a president. They are Hollywood’s favorite actors. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama moved the white house to San Francisco where all the queers live.

    • Patriot47

      Why would a dictator need to lead? His command is law.

    • MARYANN33

      Have you heard of West Hollywood???

  • Harvey Melton

    they were just keeping the world laughing at us is all. just harmless brainless fun and games no disrespect unintended, lol what a side show to otherwise a very boring time when they laid this old communist to rest. wow you would think there was royalty involved or something in which case Obama would given as a gift the fifty of his biggest lies ever on a mp3 player to the dignitary etc.so no despair, we as a country still have our stock, laughingstock that is.

  • FAAQ2

    That’s what happens when you invite gorillas to the party..

  • thecelt1

    This MooBama thing has got to be removed from the public sight and hearing! I’m tired and digusted hearing and seeing her doing her best to destroy the United States and people in general! Her mouth exceeds her brain in functioning properly! She is a total disaster happening in front of our eyes. Her disasterous operations are beyond the Fire Departments ability to quell (put out the fire from her mouth)!
    O.K. Congress, IMPEACH OBUCKETBRAIN NOW and that will clear the air of their STINKING mouthings!

    • MARYANN33

      Obucketbrain —I like it….I hate the devil, I hate evil, and I hate the Obamas and what they are doing illegally in the White House…and he is not even really black…The black race can rejoice that a real black man is not doing this carnage…He prefers men but women run his life?????

    • paulainsc

      Lovin the Obucketbrain!!! Good one.

  • Karll

    What nonsense. It’s a fake marriage for political purposes. She’s miserable because being in a faux marriage to a homosexual malignant narcissist is tougher than she thought when she signed up.


    I really don’t see why Mooch is pissed. She’s known all along he prefers males.
    But maybe he’s rethinking all that now;). Don’t be surprised if Mooch jets out early to Hawaii before the actual date of Dec. 20. And the only time you see Queen of Anger smiling and enjoying herself is if she’s in a designer gown, thinking she’s hot and hitting the sauce. These are typical expressions for her on any given day.


    Her eyebrown are shaved off and painted on….She glowers naturally…Have you take a look at her glowering mother living in our White House….Who else had their mother in law live in the family quarters with them….Forever our family quarters are tainted and probably haunted…

  • aldersgate

    It just dawned on me that Obama looks like Curious George!

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