CLASSLESS: Michelle Obama Photo-Bombs Miami Heat

The Miami Heat recently visited the White House to honor their most recent NBA Championship. While there, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh helped First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative by recreating popular internet memes.

  • perfectlyaged

    Scrub that piece of lack of dignity by the First ??? Lady (???)…..

  • AR154U

    More of the same,… pathetic !

  • Brian_R_Allen

    I’ve always loathed the term “first ‘lady'” but the boorish bloody bogans that have

  • Scott Snoopy

    yes sir sasquatch aka the first occupant sure does the country proud; she is proof you can take the girl out of the hood, sent um to an Ivy League University—but you can’t take the hood thug mentality out of the girl.

  • Christine Ferrara Fernez

    SHE IS WHO SHE IS!!!!!!

    • monacall

      Yep that old saying “ya can’t make silk purse out of sow’s ear”!

  • KittyAmerica

    You go girl. I just Luv Mrs. Yomama’s Big Lips always protruding just like that big black backside

  • Mario

    I was ‘hoping’ for ‘change’ – so I watched this video – sure enough – no ‘Hope’ and no ‘change’. She is still just as fugly and moronic as she ever was! So much for ‘hope’ and ‘change’.

  • Dominic De Falco

    She is a Bomb all right, a gas bomb and the sight of her burns my eyes!

  • AG Dot Com!

    America’s “First Wookie” – utterly classless ghetto-mannered hag.

  • Sam

    How’s posing with a female gorilla going to promote Miami Heat?

  • monacall

    She’s a pig.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Worst ‘lady’ for sure.

    • Acecannon

      Why do you call her/it a “lady”?
      That is a slap in the face to all the real ladies out there.
      MO is a classless pig, monkey, leach, ape, etc.

  • sargeant rock

    Africa is missing one of their monkeys

    • C

      I guess hell is missing you

      • sargeant rock

        Your right it is….

        • jmortensen

          JESUS Saves ..Try it you’ll like it !

          • Me

            Wow this was cute, they gave plenty of monkeys but Africa is missing 2

          • sargeant rock

            You missed my point…. I am saved

    • Gabrielle Alyse

      Per usual, the most racist comment it’s the most up votes. Sickening.

      • Ricky Bristol

        the obamas are racists, so who cares?

        • Gabrielle Alyse

          Who cares about racism because the President is allegedly racist? Your logic is nonsensical per usual.

  • Matt de Rojas

    This is clearly a parody of the “videobombing” that HEAT players sometimes do to the Fox Sports/Sun Sports courtside reporter Jason Jackson. And honestly, it’s not very good at all.

    My hometown basketball team should not be subject to such shenanigans. Ugh… :P

  • rightsmite

    Moochelle is the Queen of the south Chicago Ghetto. At least Obana could have picked someone with a little class. It’s bad enough he’s the so called president but that the nation has to be embarrassed by this uncouth piece of trash adds insult to injury.

    • jmortensen

      She may be off her Meds !

      • rightsmite

        She does have a bizarre look on her face. I hope she’s on Prozac and she goes “postal” while in the White House.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      He didn’t pick Michelle, that choice was made by Wright as a beard for the “down low” members in Wright’s “church”.

      • SiRobertson


  • mac12sam12

    No class all a$$.

  • mexxet

    Sasquatch sighting!

  • Impala58

    What a bunch of scum in the White House (the peoples house). They will have to fumigate when they leave. She looks like a capuchin. Notice there are no white players. Whitey is losing it.

  • jmortensen

    An Apple a day keeps the doctor away .. so does obamacare .. but the apple tastes better ..

  • rockcut

    Time to switch the hate to Michelle. Never ending assualt that will not stop until he leaves office. This is childish story but typical for this site.

    • Gabrielle Alyse

      Right! This is so childish and it’s obvious this recording was meant to be humorous. Some of these people need to loosen their turtlenecks, lol.

      • Ricky Bristol

        You wouldn’t say that if you didn’t look like her/his twin sister.

        • Gabrielle Alyse

          I don’t find it funny because I’m black. I find it funny because I have a sense of humor.

          • Ricky Bristol

            It’s very difficult to find humor in pigs whose purpose is to ruin our country and treat themselves like royalty at our expense.

          • Gabrielle Alyse

            That’s your opinion. I found it funny.

          • Ricky Bristol

            you obviously don’t have a clue or care about what these sorry communist liars are doing to our country. No, those of us who do care don’t find anything about them funny, just sickening.

    • Guest

      Had you been paying attention, you’d know we’ve despised her from the start. Just another nanny-state nitwit in my book. “All this for a damned flag”, “first time in my life I’ve been proud of my country”, and you support this leech?

      • rockcut

        Out of context comment “first time…. and the other comment is myth.

        • Guest

          Oh right, my bad. I forgot to check with ‘Rocky Snopes” to validate what has been public knowledge since it happened. Of course, you were there right? So you know EXACTLY what she said, and the context in which it was given! Your myopic existence must be doubly tough when you can’t trust what your eye sees.

          • rockcut

            I stand by what I said. I do not accept the twist you put on these events and the conclusions you reach.

          • Guest

            I suppose not. No more than I accept any of the drivel that spews forth from your addled mind.

          • rockcut

            My mind is clear as a bell and I will push back every time against what is pushed from your side of the road.

          • Guest

            Good for you, but you really should seek a second opinion on that clarity issue.

  • James

    Well when you elect trash you get people that act like trash no matter where they are.

    • Ricky Bristol

      I don’t know how she keeps her big bottom lip from getting hung up everywhere.

  • bbf

    I don’t think think that ad will change the eating habits of anyone..but it was a very silly way. I actually had a laugh.

  • Audrey Russo

    Classless, abhoring excuse for a First Lady.

    • dave

      Shave your arm pits.

  • dandeman

    Look, I’m no fan of the Obama’s but let’s get a grip here. This is just waaaaay to petty and too personal for me. So she’s doing a commercial, I’m sure some Director thought it would be catchy and cute. DON’T TAKE AWAY FROM THE REAL THINGS THAT MATTER! The headline should read something like ” Mrs. Obama takes time out from worrying about our national economic meltdown to have some fun for herself.”

  • bull57

    She is as trashy as any ghetto mama out there. Yes, she represents the hood just fine, disgusting!

  • Pete Bruno

    Due to the tacky classlessness of the first family, for the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of my country!

  • Socrates

    This from the countries first porch monkey mama who has Hanoi Jane as a role model.
    God help us.

  • Gabrielle Alyse

    Lol, lighten up, people! It was supposed to be funny and I found it to be just that.

    • Ricky Bristol

      Get used to it. Most everyone on the planet hates these two degenerate frauds.

  • Ricky Bristol

    Moochie’s got more masculinity than the others there. Icky.

  • Anita Hale

    Just showing the latest poll. Only 32% like obama and his policies. People are definitely waking up to what we’ve known for almost 6 years.

    • Gabrielle Alyse

      That’s actually false if you’re referring to the Presidential approval rating as of this week… it’s between at 40-43%.

      • Anita Hale

        I’m sitting here watching TV and they just showed exactly what I said it did. So, YES, it is true and is the most current I’ve seen. Whether you like it or not, his approval is falling like a huge rock. Even some liberals are saying he should be impeached and imprisoned.

        • Gabrielle Alyse

          Click the links, take a look at the polls yourself. I’m not making this up, lol.
          If you’re seeing it on the news, there must be a link to such a claim. Can you provide one or share the station you’re watching?

  • deseartu

    No wonder he was all over that hot Dutchess blond a few months ago! His white half finally realized how stuck he is!

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