• http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

    Right on, Jack! Plus, your last name is my middle name (my mother’s maiden name). We’re probably related.

  • Abby

    It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine. We cannot excuse what God condemns. And I want to make sure God is fighting for me not against me. We, as conservatives cannot rubber stamp the homosexual life style. However, we do not have to hate those who are homosexuals but rather through God’s love hope they are set free from it. Most homosexuals, when you have a loving honest conversation with them would rather not be in the lifestyle but feel trapped by the lies that this is the way God made them.

    • victorbarney

      Abby, just wanted to caution you that “Hebrew,” not Greek, is the only spiritually set-apart language written at least 3 times(Zeph. 3;9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6) and not even the FALSE CATHOLIC(i.e. Universal) CHURCH HAD AUTHORITY IN THE DARK AGES TO CHANGE THAT FACT, which is WHY it remains written in all versions of scripture, leaving us without excuse to be deceived. Myself, I came across a Physics Instructor(pure science) that leads the ICY, which is found at: www:infor@icyahweh.org; that is based upon scientific scriptural FACTS, also as instructed in it(2 Peter 1:20)! Yes Abby, all scripture MUST be read through the process of scientific “DEDUCTION” and not by induction(i.e., we thinks that…) as also commanded in scripture for reading scripture! Were you aware of that written command in 2 Peter 1:20? Thus, all things new(Greek) must be found and proven in the OLD HEBREW COVENANT AS WRITTEN, but NEVER FOLLOWED BY OUR “CHARLATANS” as also actually written in it! No, “Jesus” added in the 1300’s(end of Dark ages, but I suppose NOT quite) is not correct & as Petrus Galatinus, the author even acknowledges himself, was to honor “ZEUS” because it ALWAYS was ROMAN TRADITION to HONOR the highest deities of all countries that that had defeated in war and Greece gave then “Zeus” to worship & enter “Jesus!” Ask any Hispanic named “Jesus” to tell you his name & he’ll be honest, “HAY-ZEUS!” WATCH…

  • http://www.nrk.no/ Birger Skruddusvingen

    “GOP Tells Church to Go to Hell (Sort of)”

    Then the Church ought to “return the favour”…

    • victorbarney

      Not even to mention that “DEATH” is the penalty for “sin” and “all” men “sin,” but also remember MARXISM(DENIAL of the spiritual world) is written to be the ONLY UNFORGIVABLE SIN in THIS world & the NEXT… OUCH! We’re sure fortunate that “Barak” also serves as our “scapegoat,” aren’t we? So, there you have it folks, what’s actually written in scripture and NOT what all the “charlatans” say is written, but is not! This is that generation folks of Revelation 11! Stay alert…

      • http://www.nrk.no/ Birger Skruddusvingen

        “remember MARXISM(DENIAL of the spiritual world) is written to be the ONLY UNFORGIVABLE SIN in THIS world & the NEXT… OUCH!”

        Where is that written?

        • victorbarney

          Read Mark 3:29, Luke 12:10, Matthew 12:32 all clearly stating that DENIAL of the spiritual world is the only sin never to be forgiven, either in this age or the next! You do know that Marxism DENIES ANY EXISTANCE of the spiritual world, right? p.s. WELCOME TO ADAM’S WORLD AND “BEFORE” the 1st MURDERER WAS EVEN CONCEIVED! Also note Hebrew, the only spiritually inspired language(Zeph. 3:9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6 with the last two examples saying the same thing in Greek! Note also: Hebrew also translates “Lord” as being “Baal,” whose worship totally is forbidden! Do you really figure that the Hebrew-inspired scripture can be messed with by man that could then give anybody an excuse for ignorance? First off, if not predetermined, man can not even comprehend what’s written and how to read it as directed in it and “no prophecy is of private interpretation,” also as written(2 Peter 1:20) ! Or how about that the “SABBATHS” were made FOREVER, not until changed by “Rome” to honor Greece! Yes, in like 1329ad Rome did so to worship “Zeus” given them by conquering Greece? It’s written history Birger, I just can’t make this stuff up! Believe me Birger, the whole world really has been deceived as written & what is being preached by just about everybody is just found about no where located in the scripture… It’s all LIES! I also could give you scientifically derived statements directly from scripture, almost 100% disproving all denominations that are bases upon Roman tradition, but NOT TRUTH…

          • JaundicedView

            I was under the impression that the only sin that can’t be forgiven is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit by denying Christ’s divinity and miracles on Earth, and rejecting the salvation provided by Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice on the Cross?

          • victorbarney

            In all due respect, the spirit gives us correct knowledge to read scripture as directed in it and UNDERSTAND IT! As written in 2 Peter 1:20, every verse of scripture ONLY must be read through the process of scientific deduction, there are no “impressions” made available to us! Blaspheme is denying that the Set-Apart Spirit even exists, as it appears that Obama, Marxism, our “women alone” actually have done, as well as, I’m sure, almost all men too. Luckily Obama also is our scriptural scapegoat, don’t you agree? For instance, Hebrew is the ONLY spiritually inspired language & it’s “Yahshua” meaning that “Yahweh means salvation” that is our Savior & High Priest because HEBREW, NOT Greek, is the only spiritually inspired language, also as written clearly(Zeph. 3:9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6)! p.s. If you except Rome’s version of giving glory to Greece’s “Zeus” everything that you applied to me, applies to you as I quoted above.

          • JaundicedView

            Uh, I didn’t understand a word of that. But then, I’m rather simplistic. “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved” seems like a pretty good starting point for a Christian.

          • victorbarney

            Read my response to Abby below, if that is not helpful, sorry.

      • RestrainedRealpolitik

        . . . says every person who has wrongly predicted — against Our Lord Jesus Christ’s express commandment — that the end of the world is upon us.

        • victorbarney

          Nothing personal met, but “Hebrew,” and Jerusalem, not Rome & Greece, are all that I read about in scripture! Also, it’s only centered in Jerusalem, not Rome or Greece!

  • Defend The Constitution

    While those who understand freedom recognize that democratic methods tend to be aligned with liberty, those obsessed with their own selfish interests realize that democratic methods are susceptible to hijacking.

  • Dave

    The GOP has not really been fighting against the left for decades now. I noticed this years ago. This became very apparent when they had control of Congress and the White House and our gov’t still continued to list portside. Every year we lose more freedom no matter which bunch is running the show.

    • victorbarney

      Again, remember Dave, the death wish! At least 74% of our population comes from “gatherer’s” and our single largest voting block are women and they too are “gatherer’s by their nurturing biology alone! Again, welcome to Adam’s world before the 1st MURDERER was even born! I’m just speaking truth…

    • zipper

      government is WAY too big, that’s why. no way for the puppets to control all the far-flung agencies and departments, even if they wanted to.
      you really think those clowns know what the CIA, NSA, or other secretive agency actually does?

    • RestrainedRealpolitik

      Just what “freedom” have you lost since the black man got elected? The right to speak? The right to worship? The right to petition your government?

      How about the right to speak nonsense without ridicule — Fooled you! That right is not in the Constitution. When you talk crazy, we get to laugh at you. You have no right not to be ridiculed.

  • Slarker

    I am so tired of the use of the “tent” example. When you are out camping, it doesn’t matter how big the tent is, it is the ground upon which you are placing your tent. It is Biblical. Do you build your house upon the rock, or do you build it upon sand.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    ”” Totalitarians (also known, euphemistically, as “liberals” and as “progressives”) have officially infiltrated, and are in the final stages of hijacking the party of Lincoln and Reagan to silence God-fearing social conservatives and the Tea Party while spitting on the Conservative Republican Platform ….

    Guess they and their homonazi wing got bored with doing that to the Catholic Church?

    • victorbarney

      Hello? Remember Teddy Roosevelt? He was a Republican too! Perhaps, a prophetic warning for the future? But then, he too was a Roosevelt, as FDR, wasn’t he? I’m just saying…

    • RestrainedRealpolitik

      You don’t sound silent to me. Just what rights have you lost since the black man got elected? The right to speak? The right to worship? The right to petition your government?

      How about the right to speak nonsense without ridicule — Fooled you! That right is not in the Constitution. When you talk crazy, we get to laugh at you. You have no right not to be ridiculed.

  • Graywolf12

    The heterophobes )queers) are one of the numerous splinter groups the progressives use to keep the people from looking at dirty tricks they are pulling elsewhere. They are masters of deceit that ill throw these groups under the buss when no longer needed.

    • RestrainedRealpolitik

      Yes, Progressives are going to throw Homosexuals under the bus by treating them as Americans with all the rights that Americans rightfully have. Progressives threw blacks under the bus, too, after they got blacks the right to ride the bus, vote, and organize.

  • ed28

    The church has to tell no one to go to Hell. We are all going to Hell until we choose not to.

    • victorbarney

      Yes & no ed28. There is a story in the 1st 5 books of the law in the Hebrew, not Greek, inspired scriptures about the two lambs needed for any “sacrifice.” One(1) lamb gets sacrificed & the other is set free, and is called the “scapegoat!” This actually represents the story about the individuals called out of this world in this present age by their Creator’s(Yahweh) son “Yahshua,” ((meaning in Hebrew(Only spiritually inspired scripture: Zeph. 3:9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6)) & everything New(Greek) must be found & proven in the Old “Hebrew” scriptures as even said so by Paul himself in Acts)), who then must be sacrificed for us to be saved just as written the only spiritually inspired scripture & their “scapegoat” also must be provided & then released into the desert. Folks, welcome to the self-confessed correct “Anti-Christ”(Marxist) put over us to become our scriptural “scapegoat,” as required by LAW! See, even the “women alone” who put over us Obama, Deuteronomy’s 17:15’s “forbidden foreigner” has a purpose for our forgiveness! I just can’t make this stuff up folks… Watch, especially September 24th this year, a Wednesday for more of Revelation’s secrets to be revealed…

      • RestrainedRealpolitik

        Oh, no, YOU can’t make this stuff up — Glenn Beck can, though, and YOU can parrot it as if it has meaning.

  • victorbarney

    How could it not? Wake-up folks! About 74% of our population comes from nurturing “gatherer’s,” so small wonder why our elite verbally enhanced sex voted “alone” to elect the only prophetic leader over Anglo-Saxons predicted in Deuteronomy 17:15 or “forbidden foreigner!” Actually, it the final act of the very 1st, 1st born blood covenant of DEATH made 6,000 years earlier! Yes! This covenant of DEATH was made by our first mother, her 1st born son & first-murderer Cain & Lucifer(Satan), the spiritual leader over(under) this earth unless you personally called out of it. However, 72,000 of each sex left alive after the prophetic two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 complete their witnessing against u.s., that’s 100% DEATH of all within the standard error of measurement! By the way, these two prophetic two-witnesses begin their witnessing against “we the people” for 3 1/2 years on a soon coming Annual Feast of Trumpets(war) and the next one occurs on September 24, 2014, could this be the start of “Jacob’s trouble,” which also was prophesied? That also would prove “women alone’s” voted fundamental transformation of government into a “Anti-Christ”(Marxist) government means DEATH, doesn’t it? p.s. Welcome to Adam’s world 6,000 years ago “men” because “YOU” too share equal punishment with her and that is DEATH! Fortunately, men, your “women alone” also voted for our prophetic “scapegoat!” That’s what the Hebrew-inspired old covenant story about one lamb being killed and another being set-free, or the “scapegoat,” is all about! Watch, at least the standard error of measurement people, that is…

    • RestrainedRealpolitik

      WOW! That is really nutty stuff.

      • victorbarney

        Educated guess? Are you an Obama mole working for our CIA, or now, our FBI?

        • zipper

          liberal plant reporting to some OTG agency is my guess

          • RestrainedRealpolitik

            You are not worth the time it would take to report you. Plus, you would beat the rap on an insanity plea.

        • RestrainedRealpolitik

          No, just a highly-educated, well-read Presbyterian. Sorry to disappoint your paranoid delusions.

  • http://www.jrmpublishing.com/ Jim Maginity

    This does not suprize me. WE as Christians are in war. The real war is the one going on between God Almighty and the god of this world. This is readily apparent to anyone who sees life through the true Gods eyes. From the perspective of Gods Rightly Divided Word. The light shines and exposes the deceit of the wicked one. How he gets away with the deceit is by using our own weaknesses against us. The desire to include everyone. Leaders who often fail to stand angainst the trick become victims of it. They allow the darkness in hopes that it will come to the light, it won’t ever happen because it is darkness. Let the true light shine and the darkness must leave. Take a stand for truth and let your light shine. Then the true power will be made mannifest.

  • regulus30

    make the progressives pay for their failures over the last 60 years;;; TEA PARTY EXPRESS 2014.

  • trugrits

    It is finally being realized there are not two parties but actually just one. That party is called the government.

  • regulus30

    TED CRUZ is the solution to DC; MICHELLE BACHMANN as VP

  • Melissa Mullins

    If a person is pro abortion and pro homosexual marriage, why would they want to be identified as Republican? Why not stick to the party that suits their beliefs?

    • Jack Gillies

      Well put!

      • zipper

        Jack, surprised at you! you wrote the article exposing what they are.

    • zipper

      for the same reason the head of CAIR in so. FL attempted to get on BREC.
      people really need to wake up!! turn off the TV!( and the other mind-numbing electronic crap)

  • Dick

    Please stop referring to these folks as “liberal progressives”. They are anything but progressive. Socialist ? Marxist ? Communist ? OK. If anything they are regressive to the days of Sodom and Gommorah.

    • voncile fullwood

      Yes! Sodom and Gomorrah,was living like the people are living today,when God destroyed it and it is worse today than it was then and God is sick of it and Obama being left to rule “The man of sin” wants a throne to sit on but one thing for sure he will never sit on that throne it belongs to Jesus,and people may follow him and his destination is hell so I guess they want to follow him into that pit of hell,and according to the Book of Revelation,America –which is the Eagle will be the first to go down and anyone that has doubts read what Ezekiel 38 & 39 tells you also Is.48 it names them,and the time is at hand God is not going to let this to continue to go on with all the corruption and evil and wickedness in the people and I do not believe “God will Bless America again”

      • RestrainedRealpolitik

        AS IF President Obama has EVER said ANYTHING to indicate that he would replace the Lord Jesus Christ! What a rich fantasy life you live! If you read all of the Bible literally, then you must picket Red Lobster for the food it serves, you must believe that it is acceptable to buy and sell your daughter and lots more ridiculous things. If you pick and choose what scripture you follow — and, YOU DO! — then you must admit that those who pick and choose differently from you are no worse and no better than you are.

    • RestrainedRealpolitik

      You do not have the education to differentiate between Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, and Communist. You do not understand that, in a free society as the US was intended, adults should not be persecuted for consensual sexual practices that do not involve children or animals or those who cannot consent. Your idea of freedom is warped if you think the government or the church should come into anyone’s bedroom at any time unless children or animals or those who cannot consent are involved.

  • petraone

    I really don’t understand these liberals and their push to make the USA,still the greatest nation on the planet, into something more like Russia or even China. Do they really think that their LGBT friends are going to fare better under that kind of regime? Putin has made it very clear that homosexuals and the like are not welcome there and the same goes for China and a host of other wonderful socialistic,communistic countries or governments throughout Europe,Middle East and Asia so pretty much everywhere. Are they blind and deaf?(we know they can speak) Are they intentionally running around with their fingers in their ears while they loudly humming “Kum By Yah”‘ so they can’t hear what’s going on for real? Can someone explain this?(all sarcasm and disrespect is intended)

    • RestrainedRealpolitik

      You are very confused to think that Liberals are “using” homosexuals to “push a certain socialistic,communistic agenda.” But you won’t find any clear-thinking, over-arching explanation for the “world conspiracy” on these sort of websites. (HINT: There is no conspiracy!).

      • liberalsRpigs

        I don’t comment that often, but
        when I do, I’m always drinking a Dos Equis!

        Viral Hepatitis

        Gay and bisexual men are at
        increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including Hepatitis A,
        B and C,…

        How is Hepatitis A spread?

        Hepatitis A is usually spread
        from contact with feces (or stool) of an infected person. In men who have sex
        with men, Hepatitis A usually is transmitted through oral-anal sexual contact…

        How is Hepatitis B spread?

        In men who have sex with men,
        Hepatitis B is often transmitted through unprotected anal sex or receptive oral
        sex (giving oral sex)…

        How is Hepatitis C spread?

        Hepatitis C can be spread through
        sexual contact. Scientists continue to see outbreaks of Hepatitis C among
        HIV-infected gay and bisexual men…

        Can viral hepatitis be prevented?

        Experts recommend that all gay
        and bisexual men be vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. There is no vaccine for
        Hepatitis C.

        THE BRAIN!

    • zipper

      people without ethics, morality, or the Christian concept of self-sacrifice, do not look past what satisfies their immediate needs and desires.
      the Democrats have perfected the strategy of manipulating the masses by this ploy. how many people don’t heed the warnings to prepare even though the approach of a hurricane is announced well in advance? “can’t happen to me.”

      ps- i would ignore the comment from “RestrainedRealpolitik;” think he is a liberal plant.

      • RestrainedRealpolitik

        ps – Zipper, if you cannot use facts to contradict what I post, then give up here and quit posting.

  • victoriadelacy

    You are absolutely correct. Even Sean Hannity has gotten so disgusted with our GOP failing utterly to deal with getting Obama-non-Care repealed that he has been on the verge of calling for the estabblishment of a new genuinely conservative party (maybe the already begun Constitution Party?) to take over and begin heading America back into a rightward direction. Political correctness/moral incorrectness is literally killing our culture and thus the nation. We do not want to go the way of Rome and end up seeing this great nation relegated to the ash heap of history within this generation but if nothing is done to sharply correct our direction, that appears to be the ultimate destination. The Republican party with which I have voted since my first ballot cast back in 1973 has an honorable life respecting party platform. That began with taking the necessary stand against abortion and euthanasia which is good, yet we need to include in that respect for traditional marriage since it is only through that means that the society continues. For a more basic expansion on that theme, check out the video at you tube by Lewis & Lewis entitled “Down on the Farm”. We do need to get back to basics that include respect for the way in which the Bible would have us to live – our founders were Christians (many of them preachers) – let us continue that divine plan for the nation that we may see it thrive througout the rest of this century. May God save America!

  • Kioga

    The GOP Leadership are NOT Leaders and all Should be Thrown out before the whole Party dissolves . Even the questionaires they sent out were not even worth answering and were nothing pertaining to what Americans have their thoughts fixed on. I give them this 2014 election to get it together or TP/I here I come and I bet I have plenty of silent majority company !

  • Sgt. York

    this is how a third party is born.seems as tho it is now needed more than ever to fend off the devils bergade moving on Americans for freedom

    • JaundicedView

      Actually, it’s “brigade” but otherwise I agree that a third party is not only necessary, but essential, to turn the country around. Even more important, though, is for people to turn back to God and serve Him rather than their base appetites. No amount of “reform” will fix things without that.

  • ManOfTheLog

    Liberal progressives are pushing as hard as they can to achieve a certain agenda. At this time, they are willingly using muslims, homosexuals (remember, musilms hate homosexuals) and every form of radical thinking group to achieve their goal. Once that goal is achieved, however, it will be interesting to see who remains. Obviously, the muslims will slaughter the homosexuals and the Christians. It’s the old adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The LPs will use whatever and whomever they can to get where they really want to go. After that, they will throw away or kill anyone or anything that doesn’t fit.

    • dangerouspatriot

      You forget the muslims also like young boys to sate their sexual desires too as well as young girls and women. As long as love isn’t in the equation they use young boys a lot, especially in Afghanistan.

      • zipper

        hey, you know those 72 “virgins” they’re promised…..guess what!

    • Bill Jones

      Why do we still call them “progressives”? It seems more and more like their agenda is to go backward and destroy all that is good and decent which civilization has spend millennia developing and perfecting.

      • zipper

        they call themselves “progressives.” they think their twisted utopian ideal is “progress” towards a fairer, more just, and better world.
        humans unnecessarily create all the problems in this world. it’s a shame, really.

    • RestrainedRealpolitik

      You are very confused to think that Progressives are “using” homosexuals and muslims to “push a certain agenda.” But you won’t find any clear-thinking, over-arching explanation for the “world conspiracy” on these sort of websites. (HINT: There is no conspiracy!).

      • zipper

        really? golly gee! i’d really like to hear your “clear-thinking” explanation of what’s been going on in the world, and specifically America, for the last 100 years. please, enlighten us.(HINT: NO BS)

        • RestrainedRealpolitik

          Tell me specifically what you want to know and I will help you out. Here is an example: Gay Americans hurt NO ONE. Treating Gay Americans like Americans hurts NO ONE. Gays will support those who treat them like human beings. Being Gay is not a choice anymore than being Heterosexual is a choice. People are what they are — and it is no one’s business what they are. Gay people do not ask for preferential treatment — they ask to be treated fairly. So, those who propose to treat them fairly are not “using” them. Those who propose to treat them fairly are “representing” them as they were elected to do.

          And just who is “using” Muslims? There is no Muslim lobby in the US. President Bush helped members of the bin Laden family leave the US after 9-11 — it was not this President. This President has authorized more drone strikes than Bush did. You have no idea what you are yammering about.

          • zipper

            i love your reply! i Will respond at length to your comments, but right now i’ve gotta run. if time permits, later tonight. or perhaps tomorrow.

          • liberalsRpigs

            Lies about Homosexuality

            LIE #1: Some people are born

            FACT: There is no
            conclusive scientific evidence for any genetic trait causing homosexuality,
            bisexuality, or transgendered desires.

            LIE #2: Homosexual activity is
            harmless, so no one should criticize it.

            FACT: The consequences of
            homosexual behavior are devastating. The rate of sexually transmitted diseases
            among homosexuals remains very high, despite a tolerant climate. Suicide
            attempts are much higher among homosexuals.

            LIE #3: No one chooses to be
            homosexual, so it must be inborn.

            FACT: While homosexual
            desire may feel very natural to some people, this does not mean it is inborn,
            positive or unchangeable. There is overwhelming evidence that homosexual desire
            arises from traumatic childhood experiences, such as sexual abuse.

            LIE #4: A homosexual can never
            change to become a heterosexual.

            FACT: Thousands of people
            have overcome homosexual desire. A network of ex-homosexual organizations and
            psychologists can help homosexuals overcome homosexual desire. Many
            ex-homosexuals go on to marry and have children.

            LIE #5: The Bible doesn’t condemn

            FACT: Scripture is very
            clear about homosexuality. Homosexuality is sin, but it is changeable.

    • zipper

      nailed it guy! the muzzy’s are ardent supporters of National Socialism(aka- Naziism). the agenda you are referring to is straight out of the socialist/communist playbook. they are utilizing the “useful idiots” to achieve their goal of destroying the USA from within by our own conventions & laws.

  • Paladin

    I am very Conservative in my views and while your heart may be in the right place, with all due respect, you need to learn how to write. Your article is terribly structured. You are hurting the cause.

  • blair152

    I refuse to participate in another selection. I’ll vote in 2014, 2018, 2022, and 2026. I refuse to vote in the general selections of 2016 and after. The Tea Party should form its own political party and we should bring back the Federalist Party. The Federalist Party’s
    mascot should be the bald eagle. Its motto: “Federalism and States’ rights.” Its platform:
    Federalism and States rights.

  • johnnywood

    We seem to have two flavors of the one political party, Democrap and Democrap-lite, a.k.a. The RINOcraps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson

    thats painting an entire party w/ a broad brush. very unfair

    • Sweet, Innocent, and Lovable

      Well if you look at the whole party, the shoe fits. Look at Kelly Ayotte in N.H. She is singing praises for obamas gun control. Look at John McCain rino all the way, Then old Gram from S.C. Don’t forget Bonner. Who ever told you life was fair lied to you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson

        you dont have to be a jerk about it!!

  • Kylene Gould

    I am going to say this and it is going to make everyone angry as usual….that must be my special gift. I am a conservative I am not a Rhino an Atheist or a Liberal…….I have tried repeatedly to be comfortable around the tea party kind of conservatives unfortunately they are mean to me….because I am a Jewish person and I refuse to convert….they cannot stop obsessively doing f-d up just outright mean stuff to me simply because of this issue. This behavior is the very thing that causes people to mistrust them and not want anything to do with them but they never want to look at what they are doing wrong. People are tired of being told what to do like children by the left and the right. On the far right in the women’s category you have the underwear police….on the left you have the food and everything else police. It has reached a point in this country that is out of control. Far right women made me (in the guise of something else) attend an underwear class because I was apparently not wearing the right underwear how they knew is frightening….then on the left the women are the same like a bunch of Nazi’s and hey here’s a fun fact both groups of bitter hateful obsessively controlling anti-Semitic women apparently wear the same exact underwear this is actually so true which makes it absolutely hilarious. This is the kind of stuff that causes you to lose all hope in human beings. And they will still not stop trying to control everyone down to their underwear.

    • RestrainedRealpolitik

      Ann Coulter wants you to be converted or to get the hell out of here.

      • Kylene Gould

        I do not care what she wants I am sick and tired of the Anti-Semitism….oh and I want to add… to those conservatives that get upset when the public calls them lunatics….if you are breaking and entering (literally) into some ones place and putting their underwear in a religious display to guilt them….YOU ARE A LUNATIC…..if you are snooping through their bank card info to see what kind of underwear and other items they are buying….YOU ARE A LUNATIC…maybe you need some government issue underwear to go with your orange jumpsuit.

    • zipper

      WOW! where do i start? what are you talking about, ms. gould???????
      underwear police, control issues, stealing credit card statements, anti-semitism…..just what T.P. are you referring to? certainly not the one i’ve been in for the last 3 years. i can’t decide if your rantings are that of a bratty juvenile, or a paranioic undergoing a psychotic break.
      oh, and before you shoot your mouth off and lump me in with your “bunch of nazi’s,” let me just say: i’m jewish.

      • Kylene Gould

        I do not believe you are jewish and Christians really did participate in these things and they also put on a play for me who’s star was a princess (supposedly me apparently) that was spoiled and possessed
        by the devil…..and in every instance they acted like this was necessary and they acted like it was perfectly okay they have also done MANY……..MANY other Anti-Semitic things with NO conscious about it ….it is amazing how you immediately get mad when I tell the truth about events that really happened to me. Christians have called me the devil because I am a Jew so often it is unreal those words just flow out of their mouths so naturally like its normal and this has been the case in three different cities and states. I was using sarcastic humor and real events that are not funny to possibly get them to look at their selves for a change….but I should have known better because regardless of what they do to other people they are too arrogant to ever look at their selves and when you are a Jew they always refer to you as the problem like Hitler.

        • zipper

          i asked you what Tea Party you were accusing of all these things. you did not answer.
          i don’t think you are talking about a Tea Party at all.

          • Kylene Gould

            Some from the one in Chicago!

          • zipper

            i’m surprised they even Have a TP in Chicago. anyway, if what you claim is actually true, these people are screwed-up and don’t belong in ANY TP. find another.

          • Kylene Gould

            I do not even belong to the Tea Party or want to belong to the Tea Party ……….also there were Christians on both sides responsible….in Topeka Kansas…….Independence Missouri and right here in Chicago that did these things in some instances things that were done in one place were done AGAIN in another place I lived you know so I will get the message and convert to Jesus or else!!!!!

  • blobclark

    As the church goes , so goes the R party. If the Repubs abandon social conservatives and our churches, then we shall abandon them and start anew.

  • Jim Horn

    The gay successes and abortion were in fact ushered in by knee-jerk so-called arch conservatives who mishandled those issues so badly (by offending the majority of voters) that abortion became the law of the land, and gay marriage is becoming the law of the land. Yea reap what ye sew.

    • Danita

      Hi, Jim. Danita here. Jack Gillies is my partner in Tea Party Fort Lauderdale. Glad to read your comment. Stay on the battlefield.

    • Indiana Conservative

      Jim,One big reason why these things are successful is because the church is more comfortable in it padded pews & hiding behind its stained glass windows.Here is a picture of 1 of them.It is Covenant Church of 211 Know Dr in West Lafayette,Indiana.It should be noted that it was 3 years ago that Black Satan said he would not defend DOMA.So 2 weeks later the late Charles Colson did a commentary on Youtube about it.In this he said that there is silence in many churches on this issue and CC is one of them.Now we have tried to bring DOMA to some leaders attention within CC bu sr pastor Dave Henderson & another leader named Robert Eyeman have very stupidly chosen to ignore that fact that Obummer is not defending DOMA.

  • E J Bender

    Great Job Mr. Gillies! I stand with you to defend the principles, indeed the moral values that made this country great. Excellent article!

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