Income Inequality, Much? Michelle O’s ‘Income Unequal’ 50th B-day Party

Barack Obama is gearing up to pummel America into submission with the issue of income inequality. Meanwhile, daughters Sasha and Malia Obama are being raised in an insulated, highbrow environment brimming with wealth, luxury, celebrity and exclusivity. After all, for Mom’s birthday, what lower- or middle-class American kid gets to hear Beyoncé sing “All the Single Ladies” in the East “Living” Room of their home?

That’s what happened at Michelle Obama’s “Sips & Snacks & Dancing & Dessert” birthday bash. Among the privileged few invited to celebrate Michelle’s half-century celebration were close friends Jay and Bey (combined net worth upwards of $800 million) and two-year-old little munchkin/future heiress Blue Ivy.

Fresh off a month’s $4 million+ vacation, Mrs. Obama showed up at the gathering wearing a festive red jumpsuit whose designer price tag likely rivals a small down payment on a modest home somewhere in middle America.

Partaking of the “Snack and Sips” hors d’oeuvres and flowing champagne, in what People Magazine called a “glittery crowd of 500…chock-full of celebrities,” were the likes of pauper/charity case Joe Biden (net worth $500K), Attorney General Eric Holder (net worth $5.7 million), Bill and Ms. Hillary (combined net worth $100 million) and race hustler Rev. Al Sharpton (net worth $5 million).

When not hugging Smokey Robinson (net worth $100 million), Hillary Clinton spent her time charming Democratic Party donors. As for Bill Clinton, he chatted up singer/actress Jennifer Hudson (net worth $15 million).

To usher in new levels of hip-hop-cricy, DJ Cassidy was on hand, a hip-hop DJ to the stars who spins tunes for $100K a night. Stevie Wonder (net worth $110 million) joined DJ Cassidy onstage to serenade “My Cherie Amour” Michelle with a medley of her favorite songs.

Also feting the wife of the defender of America’s bourgeoisie, the woman who is said to have “danced into the morning hours,” were singers Ledisi (net worth $3 million) and Janelle Monáe (net worth $4 million); Samuel L. ‘F-Bomb’ Jackson (net worth $150 million); low-baller Mary J. Blige (net worth $5 million); Angela Bassett (net worth $20 million); and billionaire Oprah Winfrey’s BFF Gayle King (net worth $20 million).

Amazingly, those on the long list of African-American partygoers have somehow managed, along with the president and first lady, to prosper in America despite the constant barrage of racism aimed in their direction.

Ashley Judd, who, per mom Naomi, is “not as smart as she acts” (net worth $22 million) was there, as was former Olympic figure skater and current State Department senior adviser and token Asian Michelle Kwan (net worth $8 million). Tennis great and Putin’s Olympic LGBT stick-in-the-craw Billie Jean King (net worth $15 million) dropped by, as did perky TV chef Rachel “EVOO” Ray (net worth $60 million) and “Fire and Rain” singer James Taylor (net worth $60 million).

A dancing House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi (net worth $100 million) spent the evening in hot pursuit of Sir Paul McCartney (net worth $800 million), who was tearing up the dance floor with new wife Nancy Shevell. John Legend (net worth $15 million) ushered in the very special “piece of the pie” birthday cake, playing, in honor of the birthday girl, one traditional and one “jazzier” rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

From the sports world, HIV/AIDs survivor and Obamacare promoter Earvin “Magic” Johnson (net worth $500 million) was there, as was former hardwood dribbler Alonzo Mourning (net worth $90 million), sportscaster and Valerie Jarrett (net worth $3.3 – $13 million) love interest Ahmad Rashad (net worth $8 million) and retired football player Emmitt Smith (net worth $26 million).

Also caught up in the revelry were a handful of millionaires and billionaires from the evil world of corporate technology and business.

Forget Beyoncé singing “Drunk in Love”- for the group that attended this birthday get-together, “Drunk with Fame & Power” is more like it.

All in all, the net worth of those attending the birthday party of the wife of the man so anxious to address the plight of America’s income inequality, if tallied together, could have put a nice dent in the national debt.

Completing the sentimental nature of the whole affair and taking a break from addressing the all-encompassing and unfair dilemma of salary disparity in America, Barack Obama gave a touching toast to the woman he left in Hawaii for a couple of weeks to stew in her own resentment and bitterness.

No one knows for sure whether taxpayers picked up the tab on this shindig like they did for the flight home from Hawaii. Either way, it was reported that the first lady, a woman who frowns far more than she smiles, was “enthralled” and that “[y]ou could tell she had a lot of fun.”

So there you have it; that was Michelle Obama’s birthday party. And for all the preaching about fairness and equality the Obamas do, if given the choice Barack and Michelle will always choose to rub elbows with celebrities, well-heeled politicians, and corporate billionaires whose income status is unequal at best to 99.44% of the rest of America.

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About the author: Jeannie DeAngelis

Jeannie DeAngelis, born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island, is a wife, mother and grandmother to three grandsons. She has written for politically-themed articles for conservative websites like American Thinker and Breitbart, emphasizing current events as well as the full range of liberal hypocrisy in politics and Hollywood, and pro-life issues. Jeannie publishes a blog at

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  • teriobrien

    Jeannie, as you’ve heard me say a thousand times if you’ve heard me say it once, remember that Barack, Michelle, Valerie, Eric Holder and the rest of this bunch figure reparations have to start somewhere, so why not with them?

  • bob_seifert

    Imelda Marcos had NOTHING on Michele Obama .. the moocher has taken self-indulgence to a whole new level.

  • Dick

    Perhaps we should start the income inequality push with the president. His pay could be based on the average income of the social security recipient. He should receive that as his monthly pay. He should also have to pay for electricity, heat, water bills. Pay for the upkeep of the house and lawn and pay for any vacations (one week per year for the first two weeks of his tenure and two weeks max for his term as pres.) Don’t forget to include that he must pay for his own health insurance. I would like to see him struggle each month like the rest of us must to stay alive.

  • Sharon

    If Mooooochelle turned 50 this year, why was there a 50th birthday party for her in 2013?

  • Fred_K

    Again the hypocrisy of the left sticks out like a sore thumb. Join the Convention of States ( The sooner the convention takes place, the sooner we get some sanity in government.

  • mac12sam12

    Obama talking about income inequality and he’s the cause. 85 billion a month pumped into Wall Street and 92 million no longer in the workforce. Does that have something to do with it?

  • Wilks

    The ObamaNazi and loser wife are the most hypocritical Anti-American people on earth. What a disgrace to Americans and society.

  • lizaz

    So much for the phony “income inequality”, huh??? I wonder how much of the taxpayers’ money they spent on themselves and the rest of the uber rich, sucking up to each other. See and be seen….that’s what their life is all about!!! The rest of us peons can just remain at their feet….they’ll tell us what to do and expect us to do it!!! I think it may be time to take conservative control of the Senate, increase control in the House and bring this daily multi-million dollar party which has been in progress since January 2009, to a screeching halt!!! NOV 2014….remember to vote conservative in all your local, state and national elections…..we must remove RINOs, liberals and long-term incumbents who have forgotten why they were HIRED!!! They’re rich now, anyway, on our backs, so they’ll be fine!!

  • Jim T

    Was Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt there? She has got to be worth a few bucks.

    • Arrgh2112

      From the guest list, it looks like they already had the non-pigmented quota filled.

  • Jim T

    I like this… ” The Defender of America’s Bourgeoisie.” Great title.

  • bobk90

    Moo-Moo & Barack will be Hanging from the Gallows, like the Mussolini’s, before all’s said and done!!!

  • jjk

    Did taxpayers fund this bash or did obama reach into his own pocket for the celebration.

    • Arrgh2112

      Why would he start now?

    • jmortensen

      Ha ! do you really think
      “We the People” are off the hook for this bash

    • muslimmustgo

      It never comes from their pockets,this is what they view and use the American taxpayer for! They feel they are entitled to use as much taxpayer funds as necessary for their benefit,after all they have such a hard job governing the American citizen! Our govt has never had and shown so much blatant contempt for the American taxpayer as this administration does! The current struggle of the American taxpayer isn’t happenstance,it’s by this administrations design!! Count on it!

  • Panors77

    This whole “income inequality” stinky mantra. If that’s not a cry for communism I don’t know what is.

  • Shelly in PA

    Clooney? Hello?


    What a disgusting vile piece of camel dung!! Surprised that the wookie has a celebration like this in her “prison” Wake up people, their commie ways are taking serious roots and need to be extracted. MOLON LABE!!! nsa dhs gfy

  • Co2

    Jane Fonda wasn’t there, was she? And she’s quoted by MO as her ‘hero’. All this secrecy, extravagance, Hanoi Jane stuff is meant to stir up the American Proletariat to stop further investigation of Bengazi, lost insurance, lost jobs, lost wages, lost homes. And of course, don’t forget the Divorce rumors. I guess this was MO’s buy off price for at least a few more years.

    • Barrustio

      Why shouldn’t she be her hero….they both equally hate America

      • Co2

        Of course. But that wasn’t my point.

        • Barrustio

          Your point was well taken I was just pointing out the obvious

  • Thepops

    What about lost hope. You forgot to mention lost hope….

    • muslimmustgo

      Lost hope is what the alinsky perpetrators want,so when everything crashes the dictator rides in to save the day!

  • re06tired

    Did Mooch get her mule and 40 acres, reparations as well??

    • muslimmustgo

      Yes it did,and a million times over that!

  • muslimmustgo

    This is what communism is in a nutshell! This dictator and cronies will always live in utter wealth at the slaves expense, just look at the dictators of the past to see how their citizens that opposed their royal lifestyle while struggling to exist were murdered en mass communism was not devised for the equality aspects for the mass’es but for the perpetuity of absolute wealth and control for those at the top!!

  • muslimmustgo

    Well now,all of this money would make them a big part of the 1%,no! The 1% that obama demonizes at every spew (speech) he makes! Yes,typical alinsky tactics! Too bad the idolaters and the uninformed can’t see this,we might be able to regain our republic!

    • re06tired

      These Crumbum Alinskyites need to be thrown out with the garbage, methinks the Mussolini solution will work well.

  • bamareallysucks

    Compared with other leaders of most civilized countries, these two (like the Jed Clampets) could make a movie called “obamas go to Washington” These classless parasites are an embarrassment to our country. My pappy always said “son, there’s just no way you can polish a turd_ in this case turds.

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