• Marge

    God’s love is amazing in that it makes the weak overcomers. She is an beautiful young lady who has a grip on God’s love for her that the world needs to understand. I wish her the best.

    • Dan Schneider

      God had nothing to do with anything. The goodness of nice people in her life deserve the credit. God has nothing to do with this. Give her family credit.

      • http://indefinitecrisis.wordpress.com/ Michael H

        She credits God, so, y’know, that’s a thing.

  • Carrie54

    she is awesome!

  • garyamusic .

    Her rewards await her in Heaven…………….What a strong woman.

  • Mo86

    I have watched some of her vids and she’s amazing! She is funny and sweet and strong. Once you see what sort of person she is, any physical aspect just disappears. She’s just a person. And let me tell you, “pretty” on the outside doesn’t always mean pretty on the inside. She may not meet Hollywood’s standards, but she’s beautiful and has inspired so many people. I wish her continued success!

    Take THAT, haters!

  • RATT

    She’s not that ugly. I’ve seen worse. Inside and out. Good girl keep fighting!

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    If people really want to see ugly, they should cast their gaze at what passes for Hitlery Klintoon’s SOUL…

    • joeygrindsgears

      oh wow so creative…way to bring in political opinion in to this

      • Mobetta Jenkem

        Welcome to the discussion, Hill!

  • Chicago Zephyr

    Good grief…who are these people who determine who’s ugly or not? This young lady has a syndrome…this is not overuse of botox or a display of cruel or crude behavior. I am delighted that she shows some level of humor and grace. As to the authors of the Youtube…you have a heart of darkness. Now THAT’s ugly.

  • Judah

    His name is beautiful.. Thank you so much for being brave and giving me hope in
    this lost world. My body is nothing more than ashes…..”He gives me beauty for
    ashes,..the oil of joy for mourning,..a garment of praise for a spirit of heavyness,.that we might be trees of rightiousness, a planting of the vine,..that he might be glorified. I think you are Beautiful.

  • DAY8293A

    The individual that posted that video of her, is the real ugly one. I hope he receives the punishment he deserves, in hell. I hope they discover a way to help her gain some weight so she can at least have a healthier , more comfortable life.


    My daddy always told me, “all the beauty in the world, is only
    a light switch away”-
    He 4got about the sun rising!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammie15

    The cruelty of people is mind blowing!. The person who felt compelled to post this video is ugly right down to the bone!. Ugliness isn’t always a person’s appearance!. He will pay for that one day. God Bless her for being strong and able to view this as a positive thing. She is beautiful!

  • BlueViolets

    One has to admit that seeing a young woman so very thin is a shock. But then listening to her, really listening to her, you come to know what an extraordinary woman she is. And I don’t think she’s ugly by any means. She’s no Liz Taylor but then the majority of women in the world aren’t either. As for the person who posted her picture as the ugliest person, he did us a favor. Had he not done that we may never have come to know such a lovely lady.

  • kauko

    Lizzie Velasquez u r a beautiful soul. an inspiration and a great credit to the human race. that bully and those who madesuch deragotory comment towards you, r brainless and very ugly too. for they have no compassion. u do.

  • Mario

    You go girl!


    beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who is to say they dont have an eye for what is beautiful. What do they think is beautiful? Big boobs? In a very short time they sag and cause back problems. suicide blond hair died by their own hands? Why do they die their roots black? Painted faces, always gets all over your shirt and coat. UGGG. Beauty only exists when it lasts, and is real and part of the person not an addon.


    • ME

      Hey now, all that stuff about beauty being in the eye of the beholder is great and all, but don’t you think you immediately went against that with the following sentences? Big boobs are beautiful, just like small boobs. As someone with a large chest, it’s pretty damn insulting for someone to immediately write me off as ugly because my breasts might sag a little more. Geez. And some people like dyed hair and makeup, so what? By trying to say there is no definition of beauty, you’ve defined it yourself. Just let people be.

      • GRAMPA

        As usual at my age I have a fault at being unclear. No insults were meant or directed at anyone. My only point was that beauty is always temporary. and beauty is only defined by the one who is viewing. I have a face that I need to sneak up on a glass of water to get a drink.
        I however was attracted and won over a girl almost a decade younger than myself with long natural red hair long enough for her to sit on. She wore no makeup, a plus for the women I grew up with used shovels to apply makeup. I do have a major fault, I say what I believe and I have found people value this for I will never say anything behind you back I wont say to your face. I have always been outspoken and straightforward, My opinions are however only my opinions, never meant to hurt. If I have I offer my apology.

    • Children Of Nephilim

      I got news for you, baby, big breasts and small breasts sag, also, men start getting saggy in the boobage region once they hit their 40’s, so what’s your point?

      Please educate yourself.

      • GRAMPA

        no education necessary I am experiencing it and my point was that we all get ugly. and cant put a point across ether.

        • Children Of Nephilim

          And this is my experience:

          My mother is a D-cup and is almost 50, has an average amount of sagging for a woman her age. My grandmother was an A-cup in her youth and a B-cup in her older years, and she has an average amount of sagging. I live in Japan and go to the hot springs often and see older women who look to be between a (US) A and B-cup. guess what? They also start to sag around their 30’s. I’ve been in the US military and had to take communal showers with the women there (15 people at a time), and guess what, average sagging for everyone of every cup size for the people who looked to be in their 30’s and older, yes some were worse than others, and some were a little “better” but it had nothing to do with size. My point is, it doesn’t matter what size you are, women start sagging when they hit their 30’s, 40’s or after they have children. I’d also like to point out, from what I see on the beach, men also start to get sagging man-titties once they hit their 40’s.

          yes we all get “ugly” as you say, but that doesn’t dismiss your idea that only big-breasted women get saggy. You’re sadly mistaken if you think you and your wife are going to remain perky for the rest of your lives.

          • GRAMPA

            You should see me in my seventies. and saggy ? not mistaken , sure. But still glad to be alive. and nature does provide for your eyes grow dim so you rely on your memory. by the time that fails you know it’s time to go.

  • stonemike

    Undoubtedly the author hasn’t taken a look at Nancy Pisslosi or Moooschell obammi!

  • Brian Alexander

    First off, she doesn’t look that bad – I’m fat, bald, and ugly – Deal with it. Second, I’ve met a lot of “Pretty” girls I wouldn’t give a second thought to, but a lot more “average” ladies who were really beautiful. Look at people as being a gift in your life: The treasure is inside the box, if the wrapping paper was important, you wouldn’t rip it off.

    • Jon

      So what you’re saying is… you should skin the people you treasure?

    • Jess

      Brian, you are awesome.

    • disqus_jbiEBRPY4F

      What I said to truthdareisay:Doubleplusgood on you!

  • johnwlooper

    This young lady is truly beautiful!

  • ellen

    I personally do not judge the looks of a person it’s the beauty with in.You are a beautiful person keep your head up and smile when people make fun of u think too your self they have a low self esteem and the use otherpeople as a tool for there happynesse

  • Tamara

    she is most definitely not the ugliest woman in the world. She really is truly beautiful, she has a beautiful soul. Beauty starts from within.

  • anonymous

    God bless this amazing young woman! Beauty is NOT the way a person looks. It is the way a person acts and presents themselves to the people around them. This woman is a true vision of beauty. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with her physically, either. So, she has a disorder that will not allow her to gain weight. That isn’t her fault. She has a lot going for her. I’m glad we all got to “know” Lizzie!

  • Rosco p Coltrain

    Well I really hope this woman has the oppertunity to read these posts, You miss are quite the opposite of ugly with a smile like that. Dont let those with the tainted mainstream idea of what beautifull is mis direct you. All you need is a smile and bright eyes and a posititive attitude, all of which you obviously have.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gabriellealyse Gabrielle Alyse

      Nicely put :)



    • Jeanne

      Ur an ass!

    • Jess

      I bet you do, too, @GREATEST EVER. People like you should have their internet privileges revoked.



        • Rem

          You’re ugly as a person. Use the time you’ve been writing stupid posts to find some therapists who can help you instead

          • GREATEST EVER


    • Cfoster21!

      If it wasn’t for the haters she wouldn’t be where she’s at today! So let em hate… Karma will get them but until then this beautiful woman will continue to move mountains!



    • Sam

      Its people like you that cause the problems in this world @disqus_guVJGTIXan:disqus
      you’re more like WORST EVER. She’s an incredible young woman who has achieved what she thought was impossible. She IS beautiful, inside and out. Your mainstream idea of “pretty” is screwed up and wrong. Go back to the hole you crawled out from, dirt bag






  • Andy

    Is it me or is this woman actually really beautiful? I mean she’s gorgeous, amazing personality, great legs and awesome ! She’s absolutely stunning <3

    • Strangerinastangeland

      She weighs 63 pounds.



  • Dejah Danger Thoris

    Thank you for being a voice for bullied people everywhere. Beauty is subjective, and the personality behind the face its where true beauty comes from, and true ugliness as well. You are beautiful!

  • Cheryl M

    Gee… at only 25, this young woman is smarter, brighter, more mature and on her way.. father than most 25 years these days. KUDOS!



      • Cheryl M

        Go away



  • Greg

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, Live & Let Live.
    People who comment with bad comments on these subjects are The Real Ugliest People in the World, Lizzie deserves better…

  • theresa roberts

    looks just like Jesus to me! very inspirational, and a great message!

  • King Fuvi

    She is more in tuned with herself and has a better outlook on life than many will ever achieve.



    • Blah

      It seem like you’re trying to be funny by posting rude comments, yet nobody liking your post. Yup you’re really immature …



        • Blah

          Well here the truth, nobody likes your COMMENTS OR YOU! It doesn’t matter how old you are. You’re still immature and I feel bad for your parent for giving birth to someone like you.

          • GREATEST EVER

            I don’t mind if no one likes my comments. I love the fact that no one has denied the remark i made about her being hideous. There is nothing immature about stating the TRUTH.

          • blah

            You’re parents should of wore a condom. Yep I said it. CONDOM! Yeah I may sound immature for saying that. but at least I’m being HONEST

          • The real truth

            Actually I am pretty sure that I denied your remark, but nice try.

          • The Voice of Reason

            Greatest Ever, are you trolling, or are you just stupid? 1) the word “hideous” is completely subjective, so you can’t say it as an absolute “truth” and by my opinion, and many other people’s opinions, she is not hideous 2) there are definitely times when it’s immature to tell “the truth,” if you went up to someone that lost their legs, and you told them “you don’t have your legs” would that not be immature? But I don’t know why I’m even reasoning with you, the only way for someone as heartless and foolish as yourself needs to get wisdom beaten into you.

          • GREATEST EVER

            2) Is it not the truth? Why reject the truth? The truth is all there is to distinguish right from wrong.

          • The Voice of Reason

            That’s really all you have to say? You really are stupid. You still didn’t respond to my first point. As for your response to my second point, your response is so asinine that you might as well have not written anything at all, you didn’t even offer a rebuttal. So since you missed it the first time, I’ll say it again, is it never immature to state the “truth”? If you said the things in real life that you said in the comments section, would people not think that you’re behaving like a child?

          • GREATEST EVER

            1) A lot of people here have said this perfectly. Her personality might be beautiful and wonderful, but her PHYSICAL LOOKS aren’t and people need to stop lying. It is one thing to compliment someone for something that is true and obvious. Being honest is good, being a liar is deplorable.

            2) I can’t see how stating the truth is immature. If i said the comments i am stating in real life, people might think i’m a jerk, ass, douche, BUT NOT A LIAR. I am perfectly happy with that.

          • Suck a dick

            He’s actually pretty bad ass. He seems like one of the few people that are fun to hangout with.

    • Morgan

      your horrible

    • Isabelle Luca Borg

      What the hell man?!?! She might not be a super model but you are UGLY ON THE INSIDE. Like proper rank man! Shame on you! you disgust me!


        She is the enemy of Viagra!

  • Bambino0815

    Greatest ever… you are lucky that you not sitting next to me or id beat the ugly out of you…if that was my daughter youd dissappear off this planet…what has she done to anyone for negative remarks…I served this country in the USMC for everyones freedom and you are one individual I would have taken it from…


      If that was your daughter, you’d know you would never be a grandfather…. LMAO

      • Bambino0815

        I dont know what the hell you laughing for…I hope we see you on CNN for harrassment of this poor girl…and then we all know who you would be…you probably a young immature idiot that does drugs and probably dropped out of school and live with your parents…


          Do you not see what i’m laughing at? Hahaha. How can stating the obvious be harassment?

          You lack brain cells, sir. How can you assume those things by me writing the BLATANT obvious truth?

          • The real truth

            Hey “Greatest Ever” how about you learn to appreciate true beauty. I am a regular teenage boy and I think that she is one of the most magnificent girls on the planet. So what if she looks different. The best people on the planet are the people who can use their differences to show off their best qualities.

          • GREATEST EVER

            Is she beautiful to you? No.

            Does she look different? Yes.

            Do people have to lie about her being beautiful? No.

          • The real truth

            Actually I do think that she is beautiful, in both looks and personality. She is a hero to many people struggling with their life. You obviously have some problems of your own so maybe if you were not such a jerk you could have learned something.

          • GREATEST EVER

            Ok. Be honest here. YOU REALLY THINK SHE IS BEAUTIFUL IN LOOKS? Could you look someone in the eye and say that without bursting out laughing? I didn’t think so. I’m solely referring to her looks, not personality or her superhero campaign for future candidates to the deformed Olympic games.

          • The real truth

            I have two things to say to that. First, I do think that she is beautiful. My parents have raised me to see beauty in everyone, but with her it wasn’t hard. Every time I looked at her in the video I was blown away by how amazing she looked. Second, I am Jewish so I do not believe in hell, but I hope there is one just for people (struggle to use that word for you) like you.

          • GREATEST EVER

            You must see some sort of beauty emanating from pity for her. She is a woman no one would date and should really think about becoming a nun. Born a virgin and dies a virgin.

          • The real truth

            Pity? No pity is for the weak, and let me tell you she is an incredibly strong person. truth is for the strong and i guess that is why you do not understand it.

          • GREATEST EVER

            If there was a strong enough wind, she would get blown away and never seen again.

          • The real truth

            You know after that I do not even think anyone can teach you to be a better person. I was trying to show you that you were wrong, but that is impossible. This is not because you are right, this is because you are so beyond wrong that you are beyond redemption. You are not worth the energy it is taking me to type this message.

      • Dylan Sammut

        She’s the one on Ted Talks and you’re not. I think that makes you the loser in this case.


          Lol. Poor me then. I’m missing out.

          • Dylan Sammut

            Than* It seems like you’re the one who lacks brain cells.

          • GREATEST EVER

            I can see you failed English class. “Than”. Check for mistakes next time and you won’t look like a moron.

          • Dylan Sammut

            No, “than” is correct. “Then” refers to time or place. You made a comparison which means you need “than.”

          • GREATEST EVER

            Haha. Go look it up. THAN

          • Dylan Sammut

            I don’t need to look it up. It’s simple grammar rules. But you are the Greatest Ever so you have nothing to worry about.

          • GREATEST EVER

            Because i made a comparison, right? Read it again, ditz.

          • Dylan Sammut

            Yes, you did actually. That is how your comment reads.

          • GREATEST EVER

            I didn’t make a comparison. You must be slow.

          • Dylan Sammut

            We can go back and forth on this all you want, but yes, you did. Incorrect English and poor spelling seem to be common in a lot of your comments. I’m not actually sure why you watch these videos if you never like them.

          • Me

            there was no comparison. your grammar lesson backfired. let it go

          • GREATEST EVER

            Thank you.

          • GunnerCafe

            Cuz he’s a pussy.

          • wut

            I’m not siding with anyone, but in this case “then” is used correctly. Than is used when comparing. “I’m poorer than you” would be correct. But “Poor me then” is the correct one in this case. Please don’t bash people, citing ignorance, when the ignorant one is you.

          • Mrs. bitch

            Punk bitch needs his ass beat to a bloody pulp. I’m sure you’ll be happy to look at your face when all your teeth are knocked out.

          • GREATEST EVER

            Don’t end up like Rihanna. It’s called women abuse, not men abuse.

          • ugly hoe

            Ugly bitch is an ugly bitch buy her a puppy and a porkchop necklace everyones happy

      • Mikee

        Your a joke… I think she is beautiful inside and out..


          You must have a very poor definition of beautiful….

      • “Greatest Ever” is truly UGLY

        To be completely honest with you, good sir, or maam, please show your face, coward. It would be amazing to see the truly ugly piece of scum that you most likely are. Please, do go crawl into the hole that you were born from. I am sure since you are such a terrible person that your family probably didn’t even want you, but you were already aware of that. And guess what, nobody here with a good heart or even head on their shoulders wants you either. So I ask this question, can you just go disappear from the earth? YOU ARE NOT NEEDED……..Oh yeah, and one more thing…this attention you so starve, which comes from degrading others, and making yourself feel better and “popular,” please do continue this. Its truly amazing how many great people are on this earth, and guess what? Some of those people are crazy. And, it will be hysterical when you are stomped. Please show us your face, coward, so we know when it is you who has been stomped. Thanks! :) Ugly, Coward.
        Sincerely- A far better human being than you (Scum Degrader)

    • danni

      Youre a disgusting person. Youre the one who should have been wiped off the planet.

  • David Petty

    Can someone please get the info of the person who posted that first video of her and post his info as the world’s most horrible living person? I would pay.

  • Proud Canadian

    Greatest ever what….biggot?….ignorant person?….bully?….poor excuse of a human being? All sound about right to me…..I don’t know whether you are male or female but it doesn’t even matter….the person in this video is more of a wonderful human being than you could EVER DREAM of being….I’m saying there is nothing hideous about this girl and plenty hideous about you greatest ever waste of skin….


      The world is filled with people, such as yourself, building up lies for people like her. What’s the point in faking your words? Honesty is what is best for someone as deformed as her.

      • Proud Canadian

        There is nothing fake about my words, you are ugly inside and THAT is the worst kind of ugly….

    • normy11

      A answer is “desperate for attention.” Ignore him and you will be hitting back at him much harder than any discussion where he is mentioned ever could.

  • Peacelove_11

    What a wonderful and inspirational story! Brightened my day!

  • Wilson13

    Greatest Ever has a very hideous soul.

  • “Greatest Ever?” Stomper

    You suck, “greatest ever.” And are the greatest ever at it. To be completely honest with you, good sir, or maam, please show your face, coward. It would be amazing to see the truly ugly piece of scum that you most likely are. Please, do go crawl into the hole that you were born from. I am sure since you are such a terrible person that your family probably didn’t even want you, but you were already aware of that. And guess what, nobody here with a good heart or even head on their shoulders wants you either. So I ask this question, can you just go disappear from the earth? YOU ARE NOT NEEDED……..Oh yeah, and one more thing…this attention you so starve, which comes from degrading others, and making yourself feel better and “popular,” please do continue this. Its truly amazing how many great people are on this earth, and guess what? Some of those people are crazy. And, it will be hysterical when you are stomped. Please show us your face, coward, so we know when it is you who has been stomped. Thanks! :) Ugly, Coward.
    Sincerely- A far better human being than you (Scum Degrader)


      Thank you for using my name as yours. I can see how much i have impacted you. Did my comments upset you? Awww. I am sorry if they did (Not really).

      Thank you for your kind words you used to describe me.



      • The real truth

        I got it! He is sooooooooo ugly that he cannot even understand beauty.

        • “Greatest Ever?” Stomper

          C’mon peacelove. We know his weiner deficiency is causing all of this. Not one girl wants him, so he thinks everyone is ugly. Jeese, too bad you will never lose you virginity. Maybe some on WOW will do it for you cyberly?

          • GREATEST EVER

            I’d be amused to see how you can relate my comments to weiner deficiency. Ran out of things to say? Keep trying. We all know that’s what her parents told her every time someone rejected her, lol.

          • “Greatest Ever?” Stomper

            Like I said, I just want you to show your face. She CLEARLY is not afraid to show hers. In fact, she is choosing to show hers, stair people like you in the face, and show that there are many different people. The truly funniest part, is that you choose to hide behind this shadow. No picture, no link to find you nothing. If you truly had the guts to express your beliefs you would also expose yourself. But you don’t. Can you prove me wrong? Show us you have some guts, since you can talk so much. Or, do you want to continue to hide behind your curtain? BTW, you are lucky that you most likely will never encounter me. Because then you could see what a crazy yet sane human being does for the good people in this world. Did you jump off your building yet? Ill know when you shutup and stop looking for attention that you did everybody, especially yourself, a great favor :) peace out “greatest ever.” I really do wish you look. Why? Cause you will be stomped sooner or later. It will be awesome!!!!

          • GREATEST EVER

            Sir, you have the same shadow i have. I could type that whole comment back to you.

            A lot of people talk, few people take action ;)

          • “Greatest Ever?” Stomper

            Im less of the hypocrite here, however. You began the comments, people are responding. You can’t deal with the heat, cause you are scared to show yourself. But I will make you a sincere deal. She us you and your face. Take a picture with a photo id and post it so we know its real. Let us see your beauty. When you do, Ill show you my face and even give you a facebook link to come check me out. I dare you. But you want. You are scared.

          • normy11

            You are playing into Greatest Ever’s hand. Obviously all this person wants to do is piss people off. Want to really get under Greatest Ever’s skin? Ignore him, completely, not even a mention.

          • The real truth

            Actually I have an amazing girlfriend who I care deeply about. I am also a freshman in high school, and I still think that “wiener” jokes are meant for five years olds, but nice try.

          • The real truth

            My bad i rad the comment wrong. My mistake.

          • The real truth

            wow and now a typo.

          • GREATEST EVER

            “Who i care deeply about” LMAO. You are just a kid. It’s past your bedtime. Tomorrow is another day that you get beat up for your lunch money.

          • The real truth

            Actually caring is part of human nature. So I guess you are not human, but we already knew that.

      • “Greatest Ever?” Stomper

        No, I am actually more so at this point laughing that you continue to write because of the attention you need. Did mommy or daddy not let you watch sesame street? Awwwww. Just curious, how old are you scum?

    • Lizzieisbeautiful

      I agree with “Greatest Ever?” Stomper, this person is a coward, otherwise he would show his face. I know he is afraid to face the negative comments people would make about his looks. I am a therapist and I believe this person came from home with no love and at least verbal and emotional abuse, possible physical or sexual abuse as well. He thrives on the attention from this because he he craves the attention he did not receive from his parents. I don’t really need to see his face, I already know he has an ugly soul.

  • “Greatest Ever?” Stomper

    Cmon man or lady, comment back one more time. We wanna hear from you. Im sure you have something so educated to say. Like 1+1=5. Talk you biggot!

  • Shield44

    Please. Stop giving “Greatest Ever” the attention he is seeking. Lizzie, I’m sure, doesn’t care. He is sick. Don’t respond to him anymore.


      Is the goblin’s name Lizzie?

      I actually never even saw her name, lol.

      • Nicki

        Lizzie is an amazing person inside and out. I feel sorry for you “greatest ever”. May God have Mercy on your soul.

  • “Greatest Ever?” Stomper

    This is my last comment for everybody and then im done wasting time on “Greatest Ever.” Or will he show his face and name so we can truly know him, since he is not a coward, right? It pretty funny how he thinks he can label “Ugly.” This ambiguous earth we live on, its pretty hysterical what people think is normal and what others think is not. Who is anybody to say what is right or wrong? Nobody. This clearly shows this persons lack of knowledge or worldliness for that matter. Pretty funny if you ask me. The good will always out weigh and stomp these people. Truth. Thats why these people, and people like you “greatest ever,” can try your best. bus hysterically, youll never win. Never. So keep trying, and wasting your life. You want succeed. Ps, Suck on your moms knob for me. I know its all you got “Greatest Ever.”

  • Love

    actually enjoying this “person”, spending his/her time on this forum, waiting to argue with people.

  • Joseph Y. Lee

    Lizzie, Let’s pray that the medical community finds a cure for you. I am not criticizing your appearance. You have a rational need to be healed physically. It is awesome that God can heal you on the inside, but every woman and man need to be healed from the physical as well. – Joseph

  • Blessedguy

    This idiot “greatest ever” isn’t it funny how she is getting the spot light and he isn’t? I heard this story on the radio and her name was mention several times never once did they mention who labeled her or posted the video. lol

    • David Moore

      What most people fail completely to understand is that in the English language, the pronouns “he, his, him” are used whenever the gender of the person cannot be determined by the author. Several people try, in vain, to substitute “she, hers, her” in lieu of the masculine, but that is not how English is structured. None of us know with any certainty the gender of the person who released the YouTube video. That said, what difference does that make? Lizzie is a beautiful human being and should not be insulted or degraded because of her genetic composition. It is truly sad that others lack the compassion to see her beauty, because they focus too often on their own vanity.

      • Dave

        Well stated post.

  • Vincent Scambone

    Somthing about this girl makes me think she listens to the heaviest metal music there is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabriellealyse Gabrielle Alyse

    She seems like a beautiful person inside AND out. God bless her.

    • Dave

      Damn! I’m about to have a heart attack! No “down” votes! This has got to be a first! ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/gabriellealyse Gabrielle Alyse

        Apparently you spoke too soon.

        • Dave

          Yeah, I see that. Some a’hole just had to be a killjoy.

          • http://www.facebook.com/gabriellealyse Gabrielle Alyse

            I know right? I was just about to start jumping for joy.

          • Dave

            On the bright side, the score is presently 7 to 1. That in and of itself is a small miracle.

          • http://www.facebook.com/gabriellealyse Gabrielle Alyse

            Definitely a record. *pats self on back*

          • Dave


  • He

    “Velasquez’s parents attempted to get the YouTube video taken off, but the unidentified figure who posted it professed he would never remove it.”



    If said poster is unidentified, then why is it a “he”. Hmmmmmm

    • Nick

      I know for a fact it is a male so why does it have to be a gender issue.

    • Nathan Yocum

      … because they talked to him? Are you that blind?

      • The real Truth

        There is no reason to start an argument. “Me” has made good points all night against that ass “Greatest Ever”

  • georgy

    People like “greatest ever” generally have a narcissistic personality disorder or go thru bouts of histrionics when they see something beautiful that disturbs them. Any engagement with these characters only fuels their excitement until they’re bored and then they move on to some other, usually miserable, activity. They lack the element that usually brings people together and are probably tormented by a lack of empathy along with a bitter loneliness which make them loathsome of others. People like this will never have any meaningful relationship with anyone. How at peace the lovely woman in the picture is , and people like “greatest ever” can never do anything to change that. :)


      You clearly know me, right?

      • The real truth

        No one wants to know you!


          It’s very ignorant to assume things about someone that you do not know.

          • Dave

            You should heed your own statement.

      • georgy

        Notice the use of sarcasm when the person chooses the word “clearly” to describe the way I know, as if to demonstrate that I got it all wrong. It seems odd that I used specific traits to identify the individual, yet it would be odd to everyone else if the individual refutes my claims (which didn’t happen) given his/her behavior on this thread. Note how I refuse to address the person directly, and only clicked the reply button to keep my comment from causing confusion. This avoids giving the person the desired attention while still addressing how to deal with people who hate others online.


          You are the one that wrote a whole post about me. Thank you.

      • Cdw

        I thought you were done talking? Grow up and get a life!

  • He

    Funny how everyone falls for the same old trickery used by the media all the time.


    HOW IS IT A GUY????


    • kim

      Take one second: Breathe. They said clearly that they SPOKE WITH HIM. They know it’s a man, because they had CONTACT WITH HIM. He stated clearly, which is to say, COMMUNICATED WITH THEM, that he would “never remove it”. THAT, my friend, is how they know that it’s a he.

    • Tuesday Wang

      How is this relevant? I believe the point of this story is more about inner beauty than anything.

      • Brad Bernier

        Yes! I agree with Tuesday!

    • Juno

      Dude, the answer is who cares?? An if that’s not the answer maybe Zoloft is?

    • Mark

      Really? THAT’S what you got out of this? Sad……..

  • what-a-bore

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  • PLG

    “Unidentified” in this story means that they didn’t disclose the guy’s name, not whether the person was unknown to them. Clearly they treated him with respect not deserved.

  • Juno

    It’s a little funny how worked up everyone gets at “Greatest Ever’s” comments! Anger and annoyance doesn’t change people like that. I dont think GE is a bad person, just someone who lacks a certain amount of empathy. GE, you could be right, she might very well choose to turn inside out the beauty and “ugliness” as would most of us but not because we prefer it that way but because the world outside us does. The decision to be the other way round would be an indictment on us rather than her. Is there really a point in shoving the truth of public shallow opinion in people’s faces or screens as the case might be just to get a rise? I’d imagine that you could have very well been the type of person in school that would motivate someone like her to choose transformation rather than embrace herself for the spirit that she is and has become. It takes all sorts I guess!


      It’s better for her. She will never have kids or a boyfriend/husband, unless they paid them to be. There should be a warning before that video. She isn’t ugly. She is HIDEOUS. You could scare a little kid to eat his vegetables by saying she would be coming over to visit.

  • Amy

    From where I’m standing, Lizzie is a deeply beautiful woman.

  • Anonymous

    If google had balls they would have removed that original video themselves.

    • Dave

      They don’t even need balls, just some class or common decency would do.

    • Jake

      I think the issue here is that her parents asked the uploader to take it off in which he replied he would never do so, so rather then asking Google to remove it Lizzie said “You know what let him leave it on there and I will show him he can not win” That’s what I got out of it anyway.

    • Dan Schneider

      Sounds like in the long run this was the best thing that could have happened for her.

  • Derek

    Man just gotta say “Greatest Ever” you think you are somebody who can criticize other peoples life when you are really a nobody. Yes only God can judge me. HE will tell me whats wrong in my life and what isn’t wrong in my life. You just need to pray to Him that He can help you change your way of thinking about everybody. See Lizzie is beautiful. In all actuality we are all beautiful because we were made in HIS image. So just leave Lizzie alone and continue with your own life. Lizzie if you are reading these comments just know that God and all of His Sons and Daughters love you including myself. May you take care and have a truly blessed life.

  • CaryS

    Best motivational speaker I’ve heard in a while on TedTv. I plan on showing this to my kids. What defines you? Great question. I feel blessed to have been able to watch this. I recommend anyone annoyed by the negative comments posted cast them aside and in Lizzie’s spirit and beauty let them be your fire to be the best you you can be. To acknowledge and try to open eyes of the closed minded is to waste precious energy. Kharma will intervene.

  • Zane Carmichael

    She sounds so sweet and charismatic, man I wish there was something I could do. :(

  • Jay

    I think that she is beautiful. If I was straight I’d be proud to have her as my wife.


      LMFAO!!!!!!! That comment made my day. Guess for once you are actually happy you are gay, eh?

      • Heesung 『희성』

        You’re a disgusting person


          Sayonara He Sung

  • Brad Bernier

    I love her and her personality and she inspires me to be a better person God Bless her..

  • Brad Bernier

    She is loved more and in more ways that any of those hateful people will ever experience combined!

  • bernard


    • Eric


  • mj

    omg her hair so pretty<33

  • Joe Jones

    There, but by the grace of God, go I.

  • Katie

    Such an inspiration! As someone who has been struggling with mental illness for a while, she really opened my eyes to a new perspective on life. True beauty inside and out! <3

  • djjj

    Everyones unique. Theres no such thing as normal so anyone who has a problem with that can burn in hell. Stay strong youre awesome!

  • Some guy

    Am I the only one who’s truly sick of this whole “bullying is bad” bullshit? In my youth, in my country, bullying wasn’t name calling. Calling out an obese person for his/her obesity wasn’t “bullying”, it’s a statement. Calling someone who is physically unattractive ugly is not bullying, it’s another statement. Whether he/she is “beautiful on the inside” is a different thing altogether.

    People are getting way too soft. The “bullies” from my youth were people who would cause grave physical harm to you in a sick, sadistic way. And yet no one cared. Parents called their kids vulgar things, which could today get their kids taken away. Teachers hit misbehaving students, instead of kissing their asses in order not to lose their jobs.

    Excuse my language, but stop being pussies, eh?

    • Emily Raya

      It IS bullying when people are telling her to kill herself and do the world a favor. She was a victim of unwarranted hate. Instead of calling everybody a pussy, why don’t you act with common decency and keep your comments to yourself. Didn’t your mother ever teach you, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? There is no excuse to ever disrespect another person. It is no business of yours if someone is fat or if you find them unattractive, it’s only your opinion.

      • Some guy

        I know of people who actually -did- something with themselves after being called out for their obesity, or their unattractive mannerisms. A friend of mine was called a (roughly translated) “gigantic whale” (it’s more vulgar in my language) for about 5 years. He didn’t cry, he didn’t cut himself, he didn’t go to the authorities to report “abuse”. He took action. He started exercising. He started eating healthy food, instead of greasy, disgusting flop all day. And he’s now a complete contrast to what he used to be. And many other people I know have done the same. So, even if it’s cruel and hurtful, it’s saying to that person that he should change his/her ways.

        • Luka

          And yes, I realize that this girl cannot do anything about herself, because of the illness she has. But I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about this new trend popping up which makes everyone oversensitive to everything.

          • Dave Reardon

            You are oversensitive to decency. And you just want attention.

          • Some guy AKA Luka

            You’ve got me all figured out mate! Nothing but a cry for attention!

        • Dave

          How in the hell is this young lady supposed to “change her ways”?

          • Some guy

            I realized my fluke after I posted it, and there seems to be no edit button, but see what “Luka” said.

          • Dave

            I understand where you are coming from over the “bullying” thing. However bringing up that subject in conjunction with this article was a poor choice. Whether or not one considers this to be bullying, it definitely shows lack of character on the part of the POS that posted the video slamming this young lady over a condition that she had/has no control over. None of us gets to pick our race, looks, sex, genes or DNA when we are born. Like one poster said earlier, “There, but by the grace of God, go I”.

        • Emily Raya

          Who says the person you criticize won’t go and kill themselves? I personally would not want it on my conscience. But then again, I think I must just be a nicer person than you. There are far better ways to motivate a person that to criticize.

          • Some guy

            The thing is (at least where I come from), you don’t commit suicide if someone calls you a rude name. I’m a fairly unattractive man, and have been called so for the last 40 years, but I didn’t slice my throat at the first person to call me ugly.

            It’s cowardly and plain stupid do end yourself because of someone’s name-calling

        • Kat

          She’s doing something with herself. She cannot change her genetic disorder. I was bullied for having a prosthetic leg. I can’t change that. Grow up.

          • Woody Woodrum

            No doubt Kat! What can she do about it, some people are sick in the head!

          • Katie808

            So as a child you were bullied? And you were 100% cool with it at the time? it didn’t bother you? As an adult I can see how you can brush it off, but if you were bullied as a kid, I highly doubt you were so rational. I call you on your bullshit. I bet it affected you and I bet you wished it away. Taking action against bullying is a GOOD new trend. Doesn’t matter where you are from or how you were raised.

          • Dave

            Is that reply meant for “Kat” or “Some guy”?

          • Some guy

            It didn’t bother me to the point where I bawl my eyes out and stick a knife in my veins. It was more of a “Aw damn, here comes Djura and his gang to kick me around a bit! It was a decent day, too!”

        • Larry Badden

          I get what your saying about oversensitivity, to an extent. With every issue there is in society taking one side vs. the other is probably going to “offend” the opposing argument to a degree. But going around telling people they are “gigantic whales” or slinging other insults- why is that trying to be justified? It shouldn’t be. People who are overweight, ugly, etc., know full and well that they are, why is it necessary to point it out? And I think it’s great that your friend used an insult it as motivation to get in shape and live healthier. But as, Emily said earlier, teenagers make irrational decisions, as are people with depression or other mental illnesses. They might not be able to rationalize situations and after hearing the insult multiple times may do something irrational. Just because you think they should be able to process things different doesn’t mean they should or constitutes them being “pussies”. There is no need to justify bullying, or pointing out other’s flaws which they are already well aware of. Maybe parents need to improve their parenting and teach their children better, eh?

          • Some guy

            I recognize defeat when it’s there. I’ve overlooked the teenage mind (which is growingly – is that a word? – oversensitive) and people with mental health issues, I’ll give you that.

        • Jennifer

          Okay but there is a difference between telling someone they’re a gigantic whale and having a serious conversation with them about their weight and how detrimental it is to their health. There is nothing wrong with having that discussion with people. But calling them a gigantic whale? I’m sorry – if you want to talk about honesty, I have yet to see or meet a human being who is actually the size of a whale, let alone a gigantic whale. There are ways to have those conversations that don’t involve being overtly harsh and cruel. THAT’S the difference, sir.

          • Jennifer

            Reading over all of your comments, I honestly don’t 100% disagree with your mentality. To an extent, it makes sense. I also realize that you never aimed your comments or argument at Lizzie or at any one person in particular. However, I just don’t see the benefit in overtly mean and dismissive about the fact that some people are hurt. Clearly, a lot of people don’t let the bullies get to them – Lizzie is highly successful. You say you were bullied, and you made it through and you’re still alive, which is a wonderful thing. But what about the kids who didn’t make it. Just because bullying used to be tougher for kids, does that make the hurt of some kids today any less important?

          • Some guy

            Do you expect 13 year old’s to have any sort of conversation that isn’t name-calling and shouting out their newly learned swear words?

          • Jennifer

            No, I never said that. Of course kids are going to do that – though I don’t think that every conversation a 13 year old has will be full of name calling and swear words. I’m well aware that the novelty that a new word (especially a swear word) or a situation can have on children. But I’ve seen more kindness in kids than I’ve seen hatred – especially when an adult figure pulls them aside and explains why it’s not okay. Or even better, when a peer does it. I’m not saying we have to cushion down life and make sure no child ever gets hurt or offended – that’s one of the ways we learn and develop. However, outright cruelty towards anyone isn’t something we should ignore just because we had it harder when we were kids. Or perpetuate. And yes, referring to an older post of yours, committing suicide because someone calls you ugly is not a good or productive thing at all… however, if someone had stepped in and said something, could it have stopped the knife, the razor, the gun, the noose? Could it have saved that life? I don’t know about you, but I would rather help someone who has reached that point than say “you’re a pussy.”

          • Some guy

            I wholeheartedly agree with you that kindness should be how we help others. But we’re human. No matter what you believe, the truth is we are selfish, and often vile creatures.

            To tell the truth though, I lived in a country suffering from heavy reforms, wars and oppression. So it’s understandable that our sense of humor, as kids, is much more violent and evil than those of kids born into privilege. Well, not privilege exactly, but you probably get my meaning.

            And I apologize to anyone who thinks my posts are inflammatory and harsh. It’s just the rambling of a 50 year old which remembers his youth as hiding in bomb shelters, hiding from the government, and hiding from your neighbors lest they tell the authorities there’s something not-so pro-government about you.

          • Jennifer

            I do get your meaning – and I greatly appreciate you telling your backstory, because we each have our own story to tell, which should always be taken into account. Your life story sounds a lot more difficult than mine, and you clearly have seen and experienced things that I will never experience in a lifetime. Granted, I’m only 21 years old, from the USA, definitely considered privileged by society, extremely grateful for that, and I have a lot of life ahead of me – a lot more to learn. But I could never imagine growing up living in bomb shelters and hiding from what is right outside your door. That’s a completely foreign concept for me, and I don’t know if I could have been as brave as you to have survived it. It’s unfortunate that, on top of that, you were bullied. I think you’re a lot stronger than people may perceive from your comments, and your position makes sense knowing a tidbit of your backstory. I just hope people take a minute to think before they lash out at you any further in these comments… everyone is entitled to their opinion and usually there is a reason for that opinion, so you don’t deserve to be targeted and attacked, Some guy. Thank you for shedding a little light on who you are, and I’m sorry that you got a lot of wrath in response to your perspective.

          • Some guy

            Pleasantly surprised to see someone who is actually quite pleasant and accepting in the internet! Kudos to you, you’re on a good path to success.

            PS: It was less me being brave as it was my wish to experience the death of the oppressors ruling my country. A very dark wish for a 13 year old, but the circumstances allowed it.

          • Jennifer

            A dark wish, but definitely dark times and circumstances to have lived in. I can only hope that your future has some more light. =)

          • Esther

            Jennifer you are a beautiful, intelligent, articulate young woman! The world needs more people with a heart like yours, don’t ever change!

          • Jennifer

            You are so kind! Thank you, Esther! I’ll do my best =)

      • Some guy

        And sorry, missed your first point there.

        And what? 20 people tell you to jump off a bridge because they don’t like your shoes, you’d do it? That’s what I mean by over sensitivity. Is it not easier to just ignore them, continue on with your life, instead of slicing at your wrists, or bawling your eyes out?

        • Emily Raya

          If you’ve ever studied any kind of psychology you would know that teenagers are far more irrational. It is not uncommon to take a permanent solution to a non-permanent issue. Again, it doesn’t matter what YOU would do, it only matters that it does actually happen. And until you have thousands of strangers telling you that you are worthless and ugly and to kill yourself you will never know how you would handle the situation. I will not bother speaking with you anymore because you clearly have no conscience or no grasp on what being a decent human being is.

          • Some guy

            No, I haven’t ever studied psychology, I’ve studied how to fly an aircraft.

            I used to have a blog, a while back, in which I received copious amounts of threats as well as other quite nasty things. Sometimes there were even phone calls. I wasn’t affected in the slightest, and these the threats were quite amusing to be honest!

    • MariKari

      It’s still hurtful

    • Woody Woodrum

      Really bro? When I was younger your right bullying was a physical beating but sometimes words hurt way more then any ass kicking you can get! This girl has a terrible condition and what can she do about it? Nothing, for people to pick on a lady like this is about as classless as you can get! What is wrong with you bro?

      • Some guy

        I don’t know where everyone’s getting that I’m aiming this at her directly.

        I have made not a single point against this unfortunate girl. She’s got a strong conscious and a strong mind despite her illness, and I recognize this and admire her for it.

        What I’m talking about, is the general trend in the last few years, where people are being over-the-top sensitive about being “bullied”

    • omg

      is it still considering bullying when people call you an idiot and in fact you are one?

      • Some Guy

        Nope, as I said, it’s a statement!

    • The guy

      I see where you are coming from, but it doesn’t change the fact that these kids that are being bullied nowadays can be just as hurt through words as they can through psychical harm.

    • http://liamlowenthal.deviantart.com/ Liam Eian James Lowenthal

      How’s that statement for you.

      • Some guy


    • Anonymous

      Your definition of ‘bullying’ in your youth, in your country was in fact physical abuse. Not sure where you are from, but that’s probably why you turned out to be so messed up.

    • Marissa

      It’s people like you who have kids that bully and just turn the other cheek. I grew up being bullied and it hurts. If you feel so negatively about bullying prevention, why did you even bother to open this article? It seems it was to be the bully that you are and continuously drag people down for such a positive story. You can continue to talk about “back in the day” and “my country”, but this isn’t then or there. This is here and now. If you don’t like it, leave. I have lost too many people to suicide because of bullying to sit here and have you stand on your soapbox and make fun of such a delicate subject. I don’t hope anything bad happens to you, because it probably already has or it is going to happen very soon. And unlike you, I’m not going to stoop down and call you names and try to hurt you. I just hope you can find it in you to have a heart and see there are CHILDREN out there who are hurting because of mean people and bullies.

  • Patrick

    to some guy. why don’t you post your real name you coward?

    • Luka

      Nice to meet you, Patrick!

    • Luka

      What, were you planning to find my facebook and call me a pussy? Man, please, anything but that!

      • Patrick

        no I m an adult, but if I ever saw you in person you’d be pissing your pants.
        so act as tough as you want people like you make me sick, it’s funny cause it’s people that act like you who are deformed

        • Luka

          You’re telling me to act as tough as I want, while threatening me over the internet? Good job, Patrick, good job.

  • Patrick

    no I m an adult, but if I ever saw you in person you’d be pissing your pants.
    so act as tough as you want people like you make me sick, it’s funny cause it’s people that act like you who are deformed.

  • Nnuckols

    Hey, “Some Guy”, I hope and pray this never happens to you, BUT, what if this were your child??? Think about that. No one deserves to be treated differently because of the way they are. Imagine if this were your child or sister or mother, would your opinion be the same????

    • Some guy

      My sister is mentally challenged, and is unable to do anything short of breathing, sitting and eating.
      As for my brother, he’s not mentally challenged, but he has another type of sickness (very rare, I can never remember the name) which makes his facial and skeletal features look very twisted and just plain bad. My opinion is unchanged, even though those closest to me also suffer from pure bad luck and genes.

  • Nnuckols

    I think someone has issues with themselves…..

  • Patrick

    one thing I think “some guy” aka Luka is missing is that bullying of his youth is 100000% percent different today. There is social media and it’s not just 2 kids on your block calling you ugly, it’s the entire world. I just hope that you can take the ugliness that is within you and turn it into a positive one day.

    • Paul

      Interesting that he’s the one who’s allowed to remain anonymous.

    • Some guy, AKA Luka

      Many of my friends as well as others who are quite the opposite like talking to me about their issues because of my, as you state it, “ugliness” inside. And while I’m no cherry on the outside either (pretty hideous, or so I’m told!), people respect honesty more than false morality and nicety.

  • Jennifer

    My brother was born with a rare syndrome in 1987, and it causes both a mental and physical disability. The doctors told my parents the same thing: he’ll never walk, talk, think, eat… they basically said he’d be a blob and be virtually useless. And they tried to get my parents to leave him at the hospital. Clearly, looking at how far he came, and how far this woman came, there were a lot of things at that point in time that doctors didn’t know. He’s 26 and doing just fine. This woman is 25 and is SO beautiful, inspiring, wise and wonderful. I’m so happy that she was able to share her story with the world. Thank you, Lizzie – you are beautiful. =)

    • Ryan

      I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder

      • Jennifer

        You’re absolutely right – some people are able to see and value the beauty within that permeates a person and shows on the outside. I suppose some people can’t do that.

        • Grandpa45

          I think anyone can see it, but unfortunately most choose not to.

  • jamiee

    All the comments back and forth to this guy or whatever his name is kinda defeats everything she said she walked away from.arguing with him doesnt make you any better.and the fact.your basically bullying him right back goes against everything she stands for.

    • km

      You’re an idiot.

  • Dan

    Amazing girl

  • anonymous

    Hey Lizzie. You seem pretty beautiful to me.

    Thanks. x

  • anonymous2

    this really made me cry

    • shayneo

      Why? She’s doing OK. She’s happy, so maybe you should be too.

  • Anon

    So, is it okay to bully the bully? Because it appears as if the majority of the internet has this kind of thinking, where it’s okay to wish vile, disgusting things happen to a bully just because he’s a bully. All the while preaching to stop the bullying and be nice to everyone.

    • Jason Steele

      Unfortunately, this is very much true, and it’s actually pretty evident even from some comments below.

    • Jennifer

      Not at all. Because “hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

      • Anon

        So why do so many people contradict themselves and everything they stand for while talking to these bullies? In most cases it’s seen how disgusting the people who are “anti-bullying” (who isn’t, really?) really are, being completely and utterly contradictory of their own antics, as well as being plain old hypocrites. Some of the threats these people write to those accused is even worse than the accused said themselves!

        • Jennifer

          I agree. People get emotionally amped up and heated and angry because it’s a sensitive topic. That’s human, though the threats aren’t excusable. For all we know, some of the people responding may have lost someone who was bullied, and this whole topic stirs up all sorts of emotions for them. Is it right to say nasty things and taunt and poke back and inadvertently perpetuate the problem by bullying the bully? Absolutely not. That’s just adding more wood to the fire. But I think some people forget that when they get lost in the shuffle. As for the people who genuinely think the bully needs to be bullied or harmed in any way… well… they’re the source of the problem.

          • Anon

            One of the rare moments where, on the internet, a comment isn’t bashful or reproachful to the OP. It’s unfortunate there’s less people like you on this Earth.

          • Jennifer

            I’m just doing my best… but thank you for such a nice compliment!! =)

          • Diana

            I’ve really enjoyed your end of the debate here, Jennifer. I appreciate your sensitivity and intuitiveness in communicating with others. I share your views on bullying and positivity versus negativity in the world.
            I think the world becomes a very lonely, dark place when you can’t trust other human beings and think that violence is the only answer to violence. I hope that people who think that way can try to step back and see the world and other people for all of it’s beauty and positive influence, because there is indeed much to be found if you only look for it ;) Even Dave is staring such a beautiful individual in the face and cannot see it! It’s people like you that make the world a place worth living in, so please, keep up your positivity and don’t ever let those negative people bring you down!

          • Dave

            Someday, reality will change your starry eyed point of view.

          • Dave

            Do you believe that barbarians respect diplomacy?

          • Jennifer

            Well, I think respect is something that needs to be taught. As is diplomacy. I also believe everyone can learn and be taught, so, long story short, I believe anyone can respect diplomacy. I can justify that further, but it’s 4:13AM where I am, and I’m told I talk too much, so I’ll leave that there. Maybe I’m too much of an optimist, or maybe I just have a different point of view.

          • Dave

            That point of view is one reason that this country is in deep sht. Bullies and barbarians only understand one thing, and that is a taste of their own medicine or fear of receiving it. This has been proven many times in the history of mankind.

          • Jennifer

            I responded to this, but it said it was awaiting moderation… and now it’s gone… so I’ll type a quick version… and I apologize if two versions of this suddenly appear…

            1. I go by the definition of a barbarian, which is one who lives in, is part of, or has a primitive society. To that definition, I repeat that I believe anyone can learn and be taught, keeping in mind that people can be taught in many different ways.

            2. If people only understand a fear of receiving their own medicine, then why not make that medicine kindness? I’m not talking about everyone in the whole world kumbayah put a bandaid on the world’s problems… I’m talking about bullying explicitly. Kindness seems a lot more medicinal to me than hatred and hurt.

            3. You can believe that my point of view is the reason for “this” country (assuming we’re talking about the same one) being in deep s***. And I can believe that you’re wrong. That’s the beauty of being individuals with our own opinions. However, notice that I’m not yelling at you, swearing at you, threatening you, attacking or condemning you… that’s the beauty of kindness.

          • Dave

            Your point of view didn’t work out so well for 6 million Jews, or Europe, or Russia not so many years ago. Read up on Romania’s history, pay particular attention to the part concerning Vlad Tepes. I didn’t say that “people only understand a fear of receiving their own medicine……”, those are your words. A bully does not dispense the medicine of kindness. While kindness may work for you, a bully will only take it as a sign of weakness. By the time that you are my age, I’m pretty sure that your point of view will change.

          • Jennifer

            Dave, I know a lot about those points in history, specifically the Holocaust. Though I can’t say I’ve read up much about Romania’s history, and I’ll have to do that. But I think you’re taking the topic to a much grander scale. Hitler wasn’t a bully, he was a murderer, a horrendous dictator, among many other things. He, and those like him, was a monster to a massive degree. This whole thing started as a discussion about bullies and bullying, people who don’t have that kind of power. Yes, Hitler was once a child, and maybe he was a bully as a child (I don’t know), but not all bullies become Hitlers. My opinion that I offered wasn’t in response to the conductors of mass genocides or the other despicable things that some people in the history of mankind have carried out.

            And you’re right – you didn’t say “people only understand a fear of receiving their own medicine…” but you did say that “Bullies and barbarians only understand one thing, and that is a taste of their own medicine or fear of receiving it.” So my point was to make the bullies medicine kindness. Clearly, a bully isn’t going to be kind, because if they were kind, they wouldn’t be a bully. A.K.A. teach, model, exude kindness. Tackle the problem of bullying before it even becomes a problem.

            Finally, and I say this with respect, I hope that when I’m older, my point of view does change… but I hope it’s for the better given where it currently is. From the short dialogue we’ve exchanged, your point of view seems a little too negative for me, though it would appear we may have been discussing from two different mindsets. Mind you, the comments I’ve given on this whole article stem from my beliefs on the core problem of bullying. I’m multi-faceted, and I have a lot of other beliefs about different things in this world, and not all of my beliefs are positive and sunshine and rainbows. But as a person and as a future teacher who will definitely be tackling the issue of bullying first hand with my students, I put a lot of stock in kindness.

          • Dave

            I disagree. Hitler was an ultimate bully. One definition of a bully is, “one habitually cruel to others weaker than himself”. Hitler definitely qualifies for this definition. You may take my point of view as negative, however like it or not, it is reality. Do your beliefs on this subject come from years of experience, or from a classroom? That is a question that you need to ponder for yourself.

          • Jennifer

            It comes from a personal interest in the topic and reading many different books, historical and literary, on the subject. It also comes from talking to family friends who have relatives that were involved on both sides. And that personal interest came from being introduced to the topic in a classroom. So I see no question to ponder.
            Perhaps you’re right — that definition does fit Hitler quite exactly. But this conversation was addressing children. Not adult bullies. One would hope that, by adulthood, a person grows out of becoming a bully. Clearly, that isn’t reality and that isn’t the case, and that’s a shame. But that doesn’t mean my believing kindness can make a difference is wrong. The reason why I find your opinion negative and have trouble agreeing with it is because there seems to be this underlying belief in it that people can’t change. You seem to have this predisposed negativity towards humans as a whole, and that’s just not the way I want to live my life. Maybe I’m reading you wrong, and if so, I apologize. But I would rather think the best of people as a whole (not the Hitlers and Vlads, etc.) rather than immediately dub all humans as innately evil and incapable of growing towards a more positive future.

          • Dave

            I would love to be around to hear your point of view 45 years from now. I trust very little that is taught in a classroom or from behind a pulpit. Both settings are agenda driven. By the way, I don’t view Vlad in the same light that I view Hitler. Vlad did what was necessary to deal with the muslim bullies of his day. Romania views him as a hero, as do I.

          • keaton

            You are all insensitive. It is not about who says this or who does that. It is about how you are as a person and how you judge yourself. If you are ok saying somebody is ugly then that is your decision and its your choice to live with that the rest of your life. Ugly is a harsh word, How would you like to be called the ugliest person in the world…I bet you wouldn’t..

          • Jennifer

            I don’t disagree with you… if you look at my other comments, I said everyone is entitled to their opinion. That doesn’t mean I agree with those opinions or in any way think it’s okay to call someone ugly, because I clearly didn’t say that. So if your comment was directed at me, keaton, based on your comment, I don’t think I can consider myself insensitive.

        • Boy

          Karma is a bitch, and it’s only fair the bullies can experience how it feels to be bullied so they could learn their lessons.

          • Jennifer

            An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

        • Haley

          I am not a big commenter on videos because it is filled with so many different forms of judgement. You really don’t have to write your opinion to know what you believe in or the person who you are… but when it is in writing you can’t deny it and it is written in front of you for you and yourself to see… ( a bully is a bully- a person who might judge, neglect, hurt someone on so many levels) I don’t believe in bulling and but i also don’t believe in pre-judgement. The people who bully are the ones who have to live with themselves and are the ones who have to sleep at night. Kids these days shouldn’t “hate” a bully but more so understand that these people jsut don’t understand the meaning of being truly happy…with that being said everyone has their own story do not judge to fast.. kill them with kindness and love #nameste my friends.

  • Yaly Kloepper

    Just be kind…you don’t have to justify it, you don’t have to excuse it, you don’t have to apologize for it….just be kind.

  • http://www.jtshockley.tk Justin

    This is my facorite Ted Talk. Thank you.

  • Zuza

    Lizzie, how I hear you speak, you are beautiful person…

  • Alek Mashec

    It is unbelievably satisfying to witness a bully get a taste of their own medicine. You all feel it when it happens. Hollywood has glamorized it and represented this sort of vengeance in countless movies. There is a reason our brain releases these endorphins when this happens. It is because nature wishes it to be.

  • Jean

    I would rather label Velasquez as a “Powerful” force because

    1.people who take the time will see the beautiful person that she is
    2.those who welcome her identity become better people for having known her
    3.challenges of others remind us that we are often blessed with many gifts that we take for granted
    4.It’s good to do stuff that helps others make it through another day

  • regina

    Amazingly speechless :’)

  • Lauren

    I think Marilyn Monroe is my ideal of a great body.

    • zoe


      • Lauren

        Uhm? No I’m just replying to the video when that girl ask what ideal body we would like to have.

        • Dan

          You can have that type of body.. Just eat a lot and get fat..

  • Cristina

    This whole non-sense on “don’t-bully-the-bully” is completely ridiculous. If the bully doesn’t want someone to be mean to them, they shouldn’t be mean to others. If you’re saying rude, crude, cruel things for the purpose of getting a reaction out of someone (which many bullies do) then they are getting exactly what they’re searching for. If you want kindness, give kindness.

  • doug_w

    I’ve seen women much uglier. Rosie O’Donnell and Roseanne Barr come to mind.

    • ZRob

      Good to see you’ve learned from all this, you moron.

      • doug_w

        Your point?

        • Matt Rutsch

          What he’s saying is that you’re being a bully also by saying someone else is uglier. Wow, you really are a moron.

          • doug_w

            They ARE way uglier than this lady.

          • Ashley

            why because they are fat?

          • doug_w

            Partly. It’s their personalities that are REALLY ugly. Lizzie, on the other hand, seems very likable.

          • alyssa

            Wow very rude. What if someone called you ugly and told you that your fat. You wouldn’t like it. That woman has a good heart it doesn’t matter what other people should thing of her. But they should have self respect and I hope she becomes an actor or something and becomes big. So that everyone reading this feels dumb for making fun of her. Your a very strong and willed person and your pretty no matter what some of these idiotic people say.

          • doug_w

            If someone called me fat I’d laugh because I’m not. O’Donnell and Barr are fat. Obesity is unattractive. So are their disgusting personalities. Lizzie seems to have a beautiful personality, even if she’s not physically beautiful. I would rather be around a nice person whose looks are not great than someone like Naomi Campbell, who has made millions on her looks alone, but who has been called very rude and condescending by photographers and others who have worked with her. O’Donnell and Barr are ugly inside and out.

  • Anon

    Shes really amazing

  • Al

    The strongest souls can turn someone’s cruel aggression into a positive, self affirming message from which MANY will benefit. Most would cower and be defeated. Incredible people turn the tables and make the ‘bully’ reevaluate their ignorance and perhaps be converted. At the very least, people struggling with their own issues will recognize a worthy role model.

  • db

    Bet she could suck a golf ball thru a garden hose

    • Benny

      I bet you could too….

    • Voice

      You’re an idiot.

    • jay

      Unoriginal. Do you always try to pass off movie lines as your own?

    • Every1sEqual

      WOW db!!!! You’re either ignorant and 12 (hopefully) or truly one of those people who just don’t get it. I feel sorry for you :(

  • tzyfit

    You are my hero!!!!!!!!!! Stand tall, never look back at all the negativity, and go as high up as you want yourself to be…. <3 <3 <3

  • Lindsay Erin

    I feel she is an inspiration to every person that has ever been bullied. Myself being one of them when I was younger. She shows you can overcome it. She truly is amazing.

  • Robert Gabriel

    she sounds like a very beautifull woman :)

  • PMDHerself

    Maybe this should be added to the anti-bullying programs in schools. My daughters are now 20 and 23 and I’m so glad they’re out of school -it can be one of the cruelest places. My older daughter got in trouble on several occasions for sticking up for someone being bullied – and that was by the administration !! I have two grandsons who are 3 and 4 and I dread the day they start school !!! This girl is awesome !!

  • ashley

    beautiful. I dont see a single ugly thing about this woman.


      You must be blind.

      • dyevid

        and you’re definitely not the “GREATEST EVER” if you think that she’s ugly.


          I’ll take that. Whenever you think your girlfriend/wife is ugly, just think that something like that walks around this planet.

          • dyevid

            I would never think that about someone. Especially because she’s so beautiful. She doesn’t even think of herself as ugly and I don’t either. Ugly and beauty are a social construct and it’s sad that you actually believe she’s ugly when what she looks like shouldn’t even concern you. Good luck finding someone on your standards. You’re going to need it.

          • GREATEST EVER

            Thank you. I do have quite high standards.

          • hmmm…

            I watched this last night for this first time, and popped back on again this morning to show my mom this video…and “greatest ever,” you were on here both times, in current conversation threads, posting ridiculous and oddly rude comments. I cannot decide if you are a lame, young teenager, an adult with a huge chip on your shoulder, or just someone who has an unfortunately (and clearly undeserved) large ego…but I think you need to find something else to do…other than trying to stir up trouble on here at the expense of someone else.

          • GREATEST EVER

            Run along momma’s boy.

  • Ba Coger


  • Mary Dwyer Kerr

    Lizzie, you are the MOST beautiful woman in the world, a role model for women and children everywhere. I am the mother of 4, 2 girls, 2 boys, one of whom has a rare visual disability. I have raised my children with the same principles and values that you and your parents have. I hope that you continue to motivate and inspire people around the world. Thank You, what a wonderful gift from God your are!

  • Gusta

    Indeed she is beautiful. :)

  • Jiayi

    Why are we calling this woman beautiful when she is not? People, let’s face it: by the standards of beauty, she can hardly be considered good-looking. For all you people saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, that’s bullshit and you know it.

    But she is resilient, optimistic, positive and compassionate. These are virtues that are far more important than beauty. These are virtues that should be recognised as good qualities in their own right, and not just because they contribute to “inner beauty” or whatever.

    Many people are saying her appearance doesn’t matter, that her inner beauty shines through and makes her far more beautiful than somebody with an ugly heart. Why are we judging someone’s worth based on the concept of beauty? External beauty and inner beauty — they are just two sides of the same coin and both place an unnecessary emphasis on the concept of beauty itself.

    What we should be saying is: “You aren’t beautiful, but you are so much more than that — you are resilient, optimistic, positive and compassionate.” What is true beauty anyway? It is just a package of amazing qualities, and it is time we start recognising these amazing qualities as their individual characteristic and giving people the right compliments.

    • trig

      100% Agree with this. Well said.

    • ZhongXian

      My exact sentiment. What’s the point of telling her she’s beautiful when she herself know she’s not? That’s not any different from calling someone who’s fat sexy. She’s a wonderful lady and we all know it.

      • ZhongXian

        In fact, we should not measure beauty by itself. There are much uglier people out there, if you know what i mean.

        • Jiayi

          Hi ZhongXian,

          Appreciate your message, but I would just like to point out that the words “ugly” and “beautiful” are being used far too liberally. People are vile, cruel, inhumane, but using the word “ugly” on them is once again buying into society’s weird fascination with the concept of beauty (and by converse, the concept of ugliness as well). Good day! :-)

      • nevie brooks

        oh ho now, it is quite different from calling someone who’s fat sexy. calling someone who’s fat thin, is one thing. but fat does not automatically not equal not sexy. get your opposites straight.

    • Séamus Bradd

      Beauty is by no means a measure of physical attractiveness though.

      • Jiayi

        what would you say is a measure of physical attractiveness then?
        isn’t physical attractiveness just a synonym for beauty?

        good day! :-)

        • william major

          sure we all want hot women but ive been very attracted to women who werent by any means beautiful or pretty but their personality and confidence in themselves really turned me on and i wanted to be with them .. it didnt bother me thet they weret beautiful .. attitude is hot

        • Séamus Bradd

          Physical attractiveness is its own measure. Beauty is semantically a rather ill-defined thing, hence the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Somebody may find someone beautiful for lots of different reasons – how they talk, their outlook on life, a particular set of shared experiences, how that person makes them feel, or even something more abstract and difficult to explain.

          • Jiayi

            I do see your point, but what I want to say is that beauty is overrated (and by beauty I refer to physical attractiveness, which was the main point in this article). Yes there are other things like how a person conducts himself etc.

          • Jiayi

            you are losing me here. there are many people who have called her ugly, and even some who have called her the “ugliest” person or whatever. the antonym of ugly is beautiful (since this is such a subjective topic I’m just going to go by the dictionary definitions). and I have explicitly said that she is not considered “good-looking” by many, which should make it obvious that I am talking about beauty in terms of physical attractiveness,

            and yes to an extent (possible a very large extent, who knows) beauty is defined by physical attractiveness but the main point of my comment is that converse (ie. physical attractiveness is defined by beauty to any extent) is not true.

    • Chantalle Draycott

      You know, most of my life, I didn’t consider myself to be attractive, but I knew I had a good heart and that was the point, isn’t it? But no. This makes me realize something very valid… perhaps for the first time in my life. Maybe this woman isn’t attractive by “society’s” standards, but I don’t find anything tremendously off-putting about her appearance. After hearing her philosophy and her attitude, she’s even MORE beautiful, and I mean physically beautiful, not just beautiful in a spiritual way. You need to get your mind right. Beauty, whether it be spiritual or physical is one of the truest and longest lived of human pursuits. She is so much more than beautiful, but she’s beautiful as well.

      • Jiayi

        hi chantalle, no need to tell me to “get your mind right”. we can agree to disagree on this.

        • Chantalle Draycott

          Then you’re remarkably shallow… Beauty physical or otherwise is not reserved for some elitist title, or for those who are unappreciative of real beauty. It’s not simply one quality that someone can have, beauty is an encompassing quality, that can be present in anything: mind, body, and soul.

          • Jiayi

            you could read through my comment in greater detail before jumping to conclusions and calling someone shallow. your hasty overgenearlisation makes you seem shallow. and yes it is an encompassing quality, as I have mentioned numerous times, but what it encompasses is far more than beauty itself. you are misunderstanding my whole point.

          • fliteking

            Yep. Indeed.

          • Chantalle Draycott

            I read your comment, several times. I understand what you’re trying to do. You’re attempting to amplify her positive qualities in an attempt to mask the fact that she’s not beautiful by societal standards.

            You said “…she is resilient, optimistic, positive and compassionate. These are virtues that are far more important than beauty…” and I couldn’t agree more with that statement, but you picked one hell of a line to open with?

            “Why are we calling this woman beautiful when she is not? People, let’s face it: by the standards of beauty, she can hardly be considered good-looking.”

            ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

            Do you believe that the word beauty describes something that enters through your eyes and pleases the genitals? Because the way you make it sound is something very close to revolting. Beauty by it’s very definition is not an object, not a set of rules, it is an experience. It’s subjective, yes, but it has little to do with the senses, and more to do with the mind. So… again, I insist that this woman is beautiful – She is an experience. Additionally, I stick with my previous comment. Yes, you are shallow.

            And you might want to think twice before you ask me if I’m capable of understanding your comments. I’m more than happy to take you to school on the subject of beauty.

          • Jiayi

            you can insist all you want, and I’ll do the same with my opinion. why say it’s subjective when you are just going to find a way to sneak your own definition of beauty into your sentence — “but it has little to do with the senses, and more to do with the mind”. yeah you might want to stop saying “yes but…”.

            I would ask you to think twice as well, but now I’m not even sure you can think.

          • Jodi G.

            Right on. There are tons of really ugly beautiful people. Far too many.

          • Jasmin Elisabeth Wanner

            No one is shallow for finding someone physically unattractive and STILL finding more than enough qualities in a person.

            Maybe your definition of beauty (“encompassing”) simply doesn’t match that of other people who see it simply as a visual thing and have other words for non-visual qualities. It’s all just semantics.

          • fliteking

            Another “Spot on” and deeply insightful post.

        • fliteking

          Jiayi takes the avenue of commons sense and truth, whereas Chantelle takes the “I must protect all women” approach.

          Velasquez herself is involved in public education based largely on her unique looks. Hmmm, I’d say Jiayi is pretty much “dialed in” on this topic. Great thoughts on the topic.

          • Chantalle Draycott

            I’m not trying to protect anyone. What I’m trying to do is speak from the perspective of beauty under a wider scope. So many people here have such a definitive and narrow view of beauty. Is everyone beautiful in their own way? Absolutely. Would I ever describe someone as physically ugly? Hell no. These words are so finite, and have a finite definition to so many people. Velasquez is unique looking, but with Jiayi cutting to the point by labelling her “not beautiful” he/she immediately lumps him/herself in with this cookie cutter mould of idealized standards of beauty. It’s not right, it’s shallow. Yes, Jiayi made comment that the speaker as many positive qualities. Haven’t you ever met someone you didn’t find super attractive at first? But… you get to know them, speak with them, understand them, and suddenly they’re beautiful, inside and out. This was the argument I was trying to make. I’m not attempting to protect anyone, but instead trying to open some eyes as to what beauty should be all about.

          • fliteking

            “I’m not trying to protect anyone.”

            Well, sure you are. On the upside you can believe what ever you like in America, it is not a crime and widely accepted by others as an option. Have a good week.

      • Shireen Stuart-Jones

        Chantelle you have a lot of people who are interested in the wonderful way you are too… Look me up in the phone book when you visit Australia….

  • Steele

    She has never been to the swamps of Louisiana lol… She ain’t got nothing compared to what’s down here

  • m

    There’s no point in calling her beautiful if she’s not. Beauty is just one quality, albeit an important one for many people. But I don’t think we should call her beautiful. Focus on her other attributes, cause she is clearly an awesome person. But not nearly attractive in any sense.

  • Truth

    Reading some of the comments on here are quite disturbing. Beauty isn’t just all about looks. I think she is beautiful and I’m sure many, many other people think she is, too. She has an enormous amount of self-respect and appreciation of life, has zero control over her condition, and has more inner beauty than the amount of inner and outer beauty combined of most “pretty” or “hot” women of today’s society. So for those of you out there that it applies too, don’t just perceive beauty as outward appearance because that is an outrageous and shallow mistake to make.

  • william major

    she lives her life with class and grace…

  • madeline

    Why do people think that she’s ugly? I think that she is very pretty. Her confidence makes up for the beauty that society thinks she lacks.

  • John Rustic

    Better looking than Kim Kardashian!

  • lel

    L4D2 spitter

  • Ericastackhouse

    To all the people sayin she isn’t beautiful based on what Hollywood defines as beautiful, I think that you are forgetting that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She is a beautiful woman on the inside and the out. You could learn something from her.

  • Alex

    Lizzie you are a beautiful person, inside and out. You are incredibly strong and funny, and don’t ever let people get you down.

  • truthdareisay

    This woman is not physically beautiful in the looks department, but dammit, she has qualities the most beautiful women lack. Looks come and go as everyone knows, but what one is made of, stays… why is that? because beauty is superficial, it can be flawed in a day. A strong character can never be broken or marred… This lady is one very special woman.

    • fliteking

      truthdareisayit NAILS IT ! Best and most insightful post on the page!

    • disqus_jbiEBRPY4F

      Doubleplusgood on you!

  • Pammy

    You inspire me thank you

  • Krista Meadows

    The title of this article should have read: “Lizzie Velasquez: God sees her true beauty.” No need to put the ugliest woman reference. Show some class in your journalism, sheesh.

    • Krista Meadows

      And also… Where did she say that about God? I think you narrow the field of how many people would be receptive to her message by your title in so many ways. Anyhoo… She’s awesome. Would love to hang out with her :-) What a strong, beautiful soul.

  • Kat

    A good speech can make you both laugh and cry. What a strong woman. I can’t imagine the hardships she must have faced, especially in our image obessed society. Truly inspirational. This proves you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    Beauty fades people.

  • David Henry

    Good for her! Beauty is within, our eyes can‘t see it as it exists on a different part of the rlectromagnetic spectrum which we all exist on.

    Lizzie, you have a beautiful soul.

  • rocky

    people have different tastes but for me having great taste I think she is so beautiful

  • Jim

    Hey I’d do her. :|

  • Guest

    this is beautiful. what a great story, I need to determine what defines me

  • Greg

    This girl is beautiful inside and out. Amazing and inspiring.

  • Ped Chiu

    For all those who watched the video, take a second and remind yourself of how she looked when you first ever saw her picture, isn’t she prettier? That’s what I thought!

  • Mike

    Who’s makes the decision that someone is beautiful or ugly? This girl is amazing in every way, I wish I could be as strong and beautiful as she is.

  • ianlogsdon

    They should’ve filed a takedown notice with Youtube, the person who posted the video would need a release from her for her likeness rights, if they don’t have it the video would be removed.

  • Stu

    The ‘unattractive’ are the most oppressed people there are

  • Haley =)

    This is Amazing !
    People need to realize beauty is unique, Every person is one of a kind! and Beauty lies within!

  • laura1196

    This person… yes, person, is the most beautiful person. Her personality is amazing, her joke are funny, and if you just look at her, it is not her syndrome that is her face and body, but it is this vibrant individual. She is beautiful, physically and mentally.

  • Guest

    I would Marry her!

  • jakobe

    15 Pictures That Will Make Your Heart Stop: Seriously, your stomach will drop. http://dailyentertainment.dailypix.me/15-pictures-that-will-make-your-heart-stop

  • Blair

    LOL ya… God loves her keep telling her self that

    • Jay

      Are you serious? Get off your high horse. Who do YOU think you are? Maybe you need to grow up a little and realize she is a much more beautiful and important person than you ever will be. I’m sorry for anyone who has to deal with you. You are miserable and pathetic and have clearly fallen into social standard

      • Zcrib

        Maybe Blair was LOLing at the fact that god isn’t real … not that this girl doesn’t deserve a fake coping mechanism. Also pretty ignorant of you to watch a 10 minute video on someone and feel you know enough about their personal worth to say that they are “more beatiful and important” than they can ever be, judging off one internet comment LOLing at the acknowledgement of the existing of a fairy tale entity that doens’t exist.

        • Jay

          And if she chooses to believe in God that is wonderful for her. If you choose to believe God is fairytale, then good for you too! She chose not to be hurtful when others were to her. That’s all I am “judging” while ‘Blair’ is being just as ignorant as the kids she grew up with. Bravo to you for advocating that.

    • Kenton Jones

      Asshat reply.

    • Jennifer

      Haha, you’re probably significantly uglier than her inside and out for comments like that.

  • regina

    she opened my eyes, showed me that beautiful is not only about appearance… two thumbs up for u girl!

  • Rachel

    Cried so hard. Thank you Lizzie I love you.

  • Roberto

    She took the high road, that’s remarkable. It is great to see a person that turns difficulties into opportunities. A million thumbs up for her.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Have you ever known leftists to take the high road?

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Her parents did a fantastic job rearing her. Must’ve been quite a family!

  • Kristen

    This girl is going to ignite a fire in so many people… can’t wait to see what she does next :]


      Did you mean that many people will self-ignite on fire when they see her?

  • Dover Pro


  • Agrace

    Such an amazing talk… Truly inspirational

  • Danya J. Okey

    The people who call her ugly are the one who are ugly!!
    I hope she keeps that positive attitude up and so many happy things happen to her!! :D

  • Fudge


  • Nicole

    This girl is truly amazing. She is perfect just the way she is. Totally inspired.

  • MICA


  • carrie

    I know what its like to not be able to gain weight…and I know what its like to be made fun of for it! I use to have hyperthyroidism and it resulted in the removal of my thyroid and thyroid glands. It made my eyes buggy looking, it made me look very unhealthy, and every medicine I took went right through me. I think its inspirational that she took a bad situation and turned it into an opportunity.. I wish I would have done that.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      It’s never too late Carrie. Everyday brings a new beginning somewhere.

  • Zcrib

    Good for her. Although there are some serious irony getting thrown out around here with all these people saying she is “beautiful” and calling others shallow when they have heard this girl talk for 10 minutes for a public presentation. That’s all it takes to know if someone is beautiful or not? That’s just as bad as the people who say she isn’t after looking at her for 10 seconds. I’m not going to call her beautiful because I don’t know if she is, but it’s impossible not be impressed by such a positive attitude.

  • skinnyasfuk

    I wonder if she would snap while having sex. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

    • James McNish

      I think you might have missed the point of the video.

      • skinnyasfuk

        Well she did want to have a family, so not entirely.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        “There are some fools one may answer, and others that should be ignored.” Proverbs 26: 4-5

  • Michael Kimsey

    A truly amazing woman.

  • JBKonya104

    Good for her! I really respect how she handled the situation. She’s a very brave lady. The man who gave her the label is a coward and a disgusting human being!

  • cclark5195

    You are a marvelous and beautiful woman and you are right, God does see your beauty.

  • Shagnasty1

    If one only admires physical beauty they are a fool. I believe Lizzy is more beautiful than Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton in every way including physically.


      Thanks for the laugh. Whenever i want to laugh, i’ll be sure to remember your comment. LMAO!

  • anarchyst

    …not “ugly”, just “unique”…

    • Sylvester Jones

      Apparently God’s chosen.

  • huey6367

    And there are other girls out there who do not suffer from this ailment but if told they are ugly would kill themselves or similar. This girl is a saint.

  • Numb3rTech

    She is really inspiring! She looks at life like everyone should. Everyone should be as blessed to be as strong as she is. May God keep blessing her with strength, health & the real beauty of being herself!

  • drthomasedavis

    Lizzie Daelin’ you obviously have a gorgeous soul. God has you in a special portion of His heart reserved for the most beautiful. Stay as beautiful as God made you.
    Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)
    326 F Nantucket Lane
    Monroe Twp, NJ 08831

  • MoDeVille

    Lizzie is awesome.

  • Tatiana


  • James Maxwell

    Beauty comes from within, I would sugges that the person who posted the vido
    must be a very unhappy and ugly person both inside and out. Lizzie has taken
    what GOD gave her and made the most out of it without whining and crying.
    perhaps the person who posted the video should look into the mirror and pray
    for forgiveness for they surely need it and will live a very sad unfulfilled life.

    • DrBobNM

      not to mention in the hereafter.

  • gbmpython

    God bless you! It’s too bad that people can not easily see the beauty of others’ souls. Yours we can tell shines brightly.

  • DrBobNM

    God does indeed, Lizzy! Such an inspiration.

  • TombstoneLizard

    I already liked her when I read the headline on this. God does indeed see our hearts, and for you atheists out there, I will simply say that bullying makes people into monsters, inside and out. I wish this young lady every blessing on Earth and in Heaven!

    • DrBobNM

      all bullies are atheists.

      • TombstoneLizard

        I know you’re going to catch flack any moment here for that statement, but I will say this: Anyone who purports to know God and Jesus, and acts sinfully and horribly, well, I don’t want to be in their shoes when it’s time for Judgement. There’s no excuse for evil, regardless of anyone’s belief-or not-in God. Which, with all the daily discoveries in science, aren’t they going to be shocked when they discover incontrovertible proof God DOES exist? :-) Atheists really crack me up.

        • Sylvester Jones

          Be careful there is none righteous, not one, if someone says he’s without sin he’s a liar and the truth is not in him. Jesus Christ paid for all our sins past, present and future.

        • kvindicator

          If god only sees the heart, and whether a person is truly good or not, why should it matter if that person believes in him or not?

      • Zcrib

        tell that to the people on the wrong end of the great crusades

        • DrBobNM

          the crusades were started to recapture the Holy Land from the muslims, the REAL bullies, even to this day. Shut your pie hole until you learn some history nimrod.

          • guest

            are you really this stupid the call muslims the REAL Bullies??? I think you should be the one to shut up. No one deserves to be called a bully because of their religion and what they chose to believe. If you can’t see that then why the hell are you here commenting under this video?

          • garysvent

            They weren’t called bullies because of what the believed; they were crusaded against because of what they DID. They tried to take over Europe, and they didn’t exactly ask nicely, they came with all the ludicrous barbarism they display even to this day.

            Europe naturally had some objections to this, and responded accordingly.

        • DrBobNM

          got me. Neither side were Atheists.

  • regulus30

    she looks fine to me;; how about janet napolitos, hillary clinton, nancy piglosi, barbara boxer;;they had to be finalists.

    • fliteking

      Ha! Nice job regulus30

    • Hilly

      The women you just mentioned are ugly on the outside, and especially ugly on the inside.

    • jebova2301

      Don’t leave out Dianne Feinswine

      • regulus30

        as well as valerie jarrett.

  • CowboyUp Mayer

    You are a BEAUTIFUL SOUL and possess and inner strength that is amazing !

  • Steve Barnett

    I’d rather have an ugly body and a beautiful soul. Bless this woman.

  • caskinner

    Beauty can be taken at any time. Beauty on the inside cannot. GOD loves her for who she is.

  • DrRGP

    Very, very poignant.

  • Sylvester Jones

    She’s 100% correct, God judges the heart, humanity judges outward appearances, which fades away.

  • DrBobNM

    she needs to counsel those kids who are thinking about suicide for essentially nothing.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Lizzie is far more beautiful than Hollyweird actresses and supermodels PUT TOGETHER. What a wonderful inspiration she is that God is using immensely.


      What a wonderful comment. Bless you.

      We should just blame the government. She was probably one of the experiments gone wrong.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gabriellealyse Gabrielle Alyse

      You can be supportive and compliment her without putting others down in the process, you know.

      • urbanvrwcmom

        It was Hollywood I was referring to. Where’s your beef at the way leftists put down Sarah Palin’s son? Was that not over the top?

        • http://www.facebook.com/gabriellealyse Gabrielle Alyse

          You compared her to people you more than likely don’t know much of anything about. Your comment would have been a nice one had you not done that.
          I’m not talking politics and don’t care enough for Sarah Palin to follow news surrounding her.

  • RobinHood69

    Beautiful I Wish the Best in All her Endeavors!

  • Zcrib

    When the atheists on this board jab at the “god” references, the Jesus freaks need to stop acting like they are somehow picking on this girl.

    • Jay Star

      They are picking on her beliefs, are they not?

    • Centurian2010

      Jesus freaks? Sounds like you have a problem with God and Christians as well, hence your post.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    What a remarkable woman. I could sit and listen to her for hours. What an inspiration, and what a beautiful woman she is!

  • Aurelio Cabrera

    God Bless You . You are more Beautiful than 99.99 per cent of so called Humans including me . I’m going to be a better one from now on . God Blesss you .

  • Christina Walkinshaw

    You’re amazing!!!! You just made all my arm hair stand up and now I have to put on a hoody. (That’s a compliment:)

  • Jabsdna

    This lady is unbelievably AWESOME !!!

  • Kathy W

    She is feminine, takes care of herself and has a lovely spirit. That’s beautiful. I’d rather see her than Miley Cyrus on my computer.

  • Conservative In Libtard Austin

    Actually Andrea Dworkin is the worlds fugliest woman….inside and out.

    Dworkin is one fugly nasty fat commie les bo rugm uncher

    • DS

      She’s dead

      • Conservative In Libtard Austin

        So. Doesn’t change anything.

  • willythegeek

    Don’t fret over it, Lizzie, God is not the only one that sees your inner beauty.

  • who cares

    Ignorance is bliss. How can SHE of all people say that life is like car and we’re the ones driving? If life can teach us anything, it’s that life is a bullet-train with no brakes and we’re strapped to the grill. We didn’t chose our species, sex, race or nationality. We didn’t pick our parents or our body. Unless we’re willing to give it all up on principal, we don’t chose how, when or where we go. We decide absolutely zero, all we can/should do in this life, is watch and learn.

    • Brad

      She’s saying that we choose and decide how to respond. Our decisions are our own.

  • Emily

    I’d rather be “ugly” like this woman and make a difference in this world, than “beautiful” and never amount to anything worthwhile. ;)

  • Gary Schnabel

    would like anonimus [sp] to find the person who posted her as ugly and see what they look like. anyone know them?

  • Tony

    Definitely one of the “cool kids”. God bless her.

  • Nicole

    I think some people are missing the point if they’re pointing out Democratic leaders as ugly.

  • Brad

    Please focus on the message she is trying to convey and quit being distracted about religion. Atheist or Christian… Who cares? She’s teaching us a life-long lesson.

  • Bob Martin

    She is fare from being ugly, in fact I think she is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever know. And Yes, God does see that as well.

  • Nathan Aponte

    God bless this beautiful woman

  • Dave Phelps

    I disagree, Hitlery Clinton is the uglist woman alive

    • gloria

      It’s a tie between Hillary, Butch Reno and Pelosi for ugliest on earth.

    • comedousedinmud

      Stop attacking women for their looks. You’re no better than the people attacking Lizzie Velasquez. You don’t agree with their politics, fine, but why does that make it acceptable for you to tear women down by calling them ugly, as if being beautiful is the most important thing in the world? Is it jealousy that there are women out there who are more intelligent and powerful than you, so you have to resort to childish name-calling? Grow up.

  • ek

    Beautiful, inspirational. Only you decide what’s going to define you. As for the viciousness, ugliness and evil that is out there… it has nothing to do with you, it only defines itself.

  • Mathematical certainty

    Lizzie, GOD has blessed you. You are an inspiration for millions of people worldwide, who have been: bullied, scorned, tormented, hated, dehumanized, because of their external appearance, and you overcame all of these obstacles. You have achieved a level above and beyond humanity. A plateau that most, in the human race, could never conceive.

  • Julia Lynn

    You’re gorgeous, inside and out. I’d love to be your friend in an instant!

  • Hans Struhar

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in my eyes you are gorgeous, the beauty within is what matters, people that make statements about you the way you look etc. are usually people that have insecurities about themselves as they think beauty is on the outside, not,…..

  • bobfrommosinee

    Miss. Velasquez, Not only God see your beauty, I can see it to, May You be blessed with many friends, and I would be grateful if you would consider me as one too.

  • gloria

    She is beautiful compared to Pelosi, Hillary, Boxer, M. Obama, Oprah and most other Democrat women who are pro-abortion and lesbian (or leaning). Now those are truly UGLY. Their very look deceives them.

    • medivac

      Bingo !!!

    • cori

      Being democrat does not make you ugly. Judging other people because they don’t believe the same thing you believe however, does make you ugly.

    • Skeeter

      I hate queero-sexuals and baby killers too yeehaw. If you gay than god gon send you straight to where all the fags go amen

    • Mark

      So it’s okay to call them ugly? Coming from a narrow minded bible thumper is ironic you’re judging other people when only god can judge. People like YOU are the ugly ones. I feel sorry for you

    • jojo

      Wow, that is so ugly of YOU! I agree with Cori – just because a person doesn’t share your views, does not make them ugly. Judging someone you don’t even know, based on what you have read about them – THAT is ugly.

    • Skeeter

      If you truly believe that then you’re a hateful ugly person who gets upset for some reason over someone else’s happiness. Gays, and abortions don’t bother anyone

    • comedousedinmud

      Your misogyny is what’s ugly, gloria, not those women you’ve cited. Just because you don’t agree with their beliefs does not mean it’s acceptable to call them ugly. You’re attacking women’s looks as a means of tearing them down, rather than attempting to open up intelligent discussions. When is the last time you’ve seen male politicians insulted for their looks in the same way that you’ve just insulted those women?

  • footprint20

    Most inspiring person

  • HERA

    You are not the ugliest woman in the world. I’ve seen uglier.
    Your definitely not pretty. “Oh don’t worry dear! your still beautiful! At least God thinks so!….”

    Well your not. Beauty is only one aspect of a human being. And you don’t have it. A lot of people don’t.

    But you have a great personality. So excellent work! Good job for not letting your physical body define you.

    And nobody cares what God thinks. Turns out, its all about what you think.

    • CR


    • jojo

      I’m not sure if you ‘re trying to be supportive, or trying to be a complete ass. If you are passing yourself off as a kind hearted, supportive person, go bury your head under your pillow “dear”. News flash – you failed.


        He wasn’t being supportive. He was being HONEST.

        • Britt

          Like he has a right to judge what beauty is? Please.

          • Jay

            I think we all have that right. And at least he didn’t lie about what he thinks beauty is, like 99% of these people.

          • GREATEST EVER

            It is clearly not that. Get real for a minute. She might have a wonderful personality and might be a great inspiration to all, but she IS NOT PRETTY/BEAUTIFUL. The truth is the truth. She is a woman with a deformity, while unfortunate, that makes her hideous.


      Thank you for your honesty. I can definitely respect you and aren’t a hypocrite.

  • medivac

    She has a beauty that isn’t cosmetic !!

  • CMH

    To refuse to take the video down – THAT’s true ugliness.

    • Onteo

      We should campaign YouTube to remove it.

  • Adhemarde

    I think Nancy Pelosi would give her a run for her money. In Pelosi’s case, ugly is more than skin deep.

    • comedousedinmud

      Let’s stop calling women ugly. I don’t care if you don’t agree with Pelosi’s politics, it doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for you to attack her looks. Never have I heard a male politician attacked based on his looks the way female politicians are, and yet you think you’re somehow better than the people calling Lizzie Velasquez ugly. Two sides of the same misogynistic coin.

      • micky

        The difference is they’re calling those politicians ugly on the inside, it’s just luck that they have more wrinkles than my 84 year old abuela.

  • stonemike

    Lizzie looks like a nice gal and she can take pride in knowing she is running far ahead of Moooschelll and Pisslosi!

  • goonflexgiccigampo

    i bet all those people who said all those horrible things about her are contemplating suicide….which they should.

    • M

      Please don’t say that. Every life is valuable, even those who condemn others. God loves Westboro Baptist Church as much as He loves Billy Graham, and He loves the people who hurt her as much as He loves her, even if that doesn’t make sense.
      Lizzie Velasquez is beautifully using her life to perpetuate this ideology. We just have to confuse them with our love for them.

  • Chad

    The irony is disgusting when the people on this board condemn what people have said to her.. Yet will call Hillary Clinton and others ugly. Are you that blind and ignorant? Anyone who makes fun of someone else’s looks is UGLY. But this narrow minded cousin bred bible thumpers will never understand. Only god can judge and I’m sure he is ashamed at you just as much as everyone else. I pity your hate and bigotry that you are so unhappy that you take it out on someone else. Just because someone else shares different views than you doesn’t make them a ugly person. This is america.. Seriously

    • David Conger

      I guess what you might be misunderstanding is that 1)Hillary became ugly, not born with it, and 2) she’s an ugly person with her shrillness. Nice attempt at compare these two women though.

      • Patrick Henry

        hillaries ugly goes to the bone.

        • comedousedinmud

          Interesting how I’ve never heard anyone attack a male politician’s looks.

          • David Conger

            is it really all that interesting? besides, if you haven’t heard, you haven’t been listening.

          • Patrick Henry

            John Kerry is just as ugly as Hillary Clinton. How about Rep Waxeman????? looks like the rat he is!!!!!

          • Onteo

            2 words. Newt Gingrich.

          • Dave

            You must not live in the USA.

      • Barbaree

        Exactly right! It was never meant physically, but ugly in her heart and soul.

        • David Conger

          Oh no! She’s unattractive and hasn’t been since the 70’s.

      • David Conger

        Aww, I wonder who gave me a down vote. :(

    • Clint

      “But this narrow minded cousin bred bible thumpers will never understand. Only god can judge” Yet you Chad use name calling in your post declaring that such language is disgusting. I agree that it is disgusting. The old adage, clean your own house before telling someone how to clean their house.

  • cornbread01

    Unfortunately she was cheated upon birth. However: this right here is what ugly, repugnant, repulsive, & disgusting is all about>

    • comedousedinmud

      How does this make you any better than the people who call Lizzie Velasquez ugly? You’re still calling a woman ugly, attacking her for her looks because you don’t agree with her politics. Real mature, buddy.

    • Guest

      Also, nice out-of-context quote.

    • comedousedinmud

      Also, that’s a really nice out-of-context quote you’ve got there.

    • Onteo

      I get it cornbread. Her politics, everything she stands for and her very soul is ugly. Forget he dopes that think you said Her looks are ugly.

      • cornbread01

        Hey, oneto, some of these folks (maybe trolls) are not even worth responding to. They couldn’t/wouldn’t figure it out if Jesus came down & ‘spalined it to them. I think the mods must’ve taken some of them off…………

  • leewacker

    So, where’s the problem? She looks fine to me, and, she is quite pretty. Those who can’t see it, are just blind!

  • AR154U

    Lizzie Velasquez is still hotter than Rosie O’Doughnut could ever be !

  • Dawn Gin

    It’s not so much about our appearance but our attitude toward it. What she is doing is so admirable, and she is beautiful.

  • stonemike

    I dont feel sorry for her, I respect and admire her! And I despise whoever went to the trouble of trying to embarrass and hurt her! I’ll bet money right now, it was someone on the left of the political scale!

    • Somji Nation

      You had a wonderful point up until you decided to throw in the blanket statement at the end. One way ticket to losing credibility.

      • stonemike

        Credibility from whom, someone on the left! The PC aggressors trying to destroy my nation! I post like I do everything, TO SUIT MYSELF, if you dont like it, dont read it! Prove the affiliation is wrong and I’ll admit my opinion was wrong, but only in this case!

        • Jones

          God you are pathetic.

          • crohnie

            What a wonderful way to turn an inspirational story around to make it about yourselves! Kudos on being be just as selfish as the man that posted the heart breaking story about a beautiful person!

          • stonemike

            Thank you , lefties sure dont like getting some of their own medicine!

    • Crystal

      What on earth would being “on the left of the political scale” have to do with intolerance, hatred, and cruelty???

      • stonemike

        Some of their basic tenets! Read obammis books and Rules for Radicals!

  • Sally Dillon

    I just can not stop myself from joining in . Lizzie is probably one of the strongest, most in-depth thinkers you will ever hear. She has taken lemons and made the best lemonade ever. God bless her now and always!!

  • Public_Citizen

    This is a truly beautiful, amazing, and accomplished young woman.
    Compare what she has done with her young life with what too may of her sex have done to tear down and oppress others, both women and men.
    Miss Velasquez has taken the best parts of herself and used them to make the world a better and nobler place. Can the same be said for Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, or others of their liberal/progressive cohort?
    This woman truly demonstrates by the way she has chosen to live her life that beauty doesn’t have to be just skin deep.
    The others mentioned demonstrate that ugly goes clear to the bone.

    • Kelsey

      Really? Did you have to turn this into a political thing? This woman is amazing. Just leave it at that and leave unwarranted opinions for other posts.

      • Public_Citizen

        In case you hadn’t noticed, this ~is~ a political forum.
        The ~fact~ that some of the ugliest -bone deep ugly- women in this country are liberal/progressives isn’t co-incidental.
        You can’t get as -bone deep ugly- as the above referenced women without a support system such as that represented by the hijackers of the Democrat Party.
        Deal With It.

  • Faye Constable

    Such an influential, strong, and intelligent individual – she’s put a lot of things into purspective for me.

  • JeffH

    Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You and god are right. The poster on the web is the ugly one in all this.

  • katietaylor

    What an awesome woman! This is the problem i have with the “real women have curves” crap. “Real” women look like this too. Real women are all shapes and sizes, whether 62 pounds and unable to gain weight or 400 and unable to lose weight. I don’t think most people could handle all of the bullying she receives. What a role model.

    • EHeassler_USNRet

      Real women don’t let themselves be defined by their physical characteristics. The Hollywood stereotypical “beautiful” woman is not the norm, yet so many of our women torture themselves trying to be size 4 when in fact their natural size might be anywhere from 14 to 18. It’s pathetic. I’ve known some beutiful women over time and no two of them are built the same or look alike. I wish this lady nothing but the best.

      • Zcrib

        medically, probably less than .001% of the female population has a size “naturally” from 14 to 18. most of this is due to a lack of diet and exercise. nothing to do with their personality obviously, but stop saying it’s natural for women to be that large. that just isn’t true.

        • EHeassler_USNRet

          I won’t argue with you since I didn’t research the numbers. My point however, is that not all women come packaged like movie stars and that their true source of self worth isn’t derived from their physically appearance. But now that my curiosity is piqued, if found the following statement in an article titled All About Fit by Cynthia Wells: “Also, this old data is out-of-sync with the way women have increased in size: in 1941 the average woman was 5′ 2″, 129 pounds. Today she is 5′ 4″ and weighs 144 lbs (wearing between a 12 and 14). I don’t think my intital SWAG was that far off. Here’s the link if you care to read it: http://fashion.about.com/cs/tipsadvice/a/allaboutfit.htm

          • Zcrib

            In the last 70 years, women haven’t biologically evolved to be 2 inches taller and 15lbs heavier. This increase isn’t “natural” at all. Women who are in shape are at the natural size. Our increased intake of carbs paired with a lack of exercise are the unnatural parts of the equation. 5’2″, 129 is a much more accurate estimate of the size of the average woman at good health. Obesity rates in this country are appalling. The problem is partly with this perception that it’s “OK”. Now there’s nothing wrong with being heavier, that’s a choice someone can make. But saying it’s “OK” is leading people to believe there aren’t adverse health consequences. There are VERY FEW women over 170lbs that are in any kind of “good health”. However, ask a lot of women in that range, and they won’t think of themselves as particularly unhealthy. The problem is actually greater for men, as men’s sexual and social status are less dependent on weight than a woman’s.

          • Zcrib

            Not trying to give you a hard time either, just a huge pet peeve of mine. Way too many people believe they are healthy when they are not. And also 5’4 144 wearing between a 12 and a 14? That’s some pretty baggy clothes.

  • Me

    I actually think she’s pretty in her own way.

  • Istvan Kadar

    amazing you are!

  • Conservative Tea Guy

    I’m sorry she had to go through that, but it made her a beautiful women., and that to me as a man, she is one of the sexiest women on the planet.

  • Paladin

    Good for her. Shows there’s hope for the world yet.

  • Henry Franqui

    Shes great…god bless her…

  • Truth

    You can’t call a donkey a horse, and neither can you call a turtle a snake… so shy would we call something unsightly to us all beautiful if all it does is make her weak. What should be happening is her acceptance of her ugliness and her denial of what others label her as. Shame on all of you who think calling her beautiful or sexy or cute will strengthen her.

    • SusanD

      Wow…what negativity and you call yourself TRUTH? Truth is understanding that as a human being we are all varied and beautiful, simply because we are a HUMAN BEING living on this planet. The last time I checked, we are called human BEINGS – not human DOINGS – so in the state of her being-ness of accepting what she looks like to others AND accepting internally how she FEELS about herself, this is STRENGTH…not weakness! She DOES deny the labels and that is what is beautiful. To some people, they may see beauty in her outward appearance and to others, they will not, but talking about labeling is simply a man-made concept born from the need to put “meanings” to things so we have a common language and that will NOT be the same for everyone! How sad that you feel this is “truth” as it shows me that you are potentially shallow in your ability to see human beings for Who They Are on the INSIDE instead of judging from the outside. AND you’re making a HUGE assumption that people will think like you do. Oh and as a therapist myself, I bear witness everyday to people’s strengths and “weaknesses” and they hardly EVER look the same! Go Lizzie for accepting ALL the beauty you are, even if “truth” here cannot!

    • Pati Beardsley

      How dare they? Well, how the hell do You know what will strengthen a person? I bet you aren’t considered “hot” by everyone on Earth. The point is, how Dare people call her the ugliest person on earth? What Right do you have to say that? Beauty is inside, not outside. Outside, we see cosmetics, fashion, hair styling…

    • A


  • trugrits

    Such a shame people feel it necessary to be mean to people. Like they say what goes around comes around. Oh what bad karma they weave.

  • Sven

    This girls is such an inspiration! KEEP GOING STRONG LIZZIE!!!

  • Yukon36

    She probably does not stand up to what the world thinks is beautiful. How do we know how beautiful her heart is and God only knows how beautiful her soul is.

  • herzombieheart

    Hello beautiful! I’d kill for her smile!

  • Tino

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We only project what we are internally unable to see or realize. God bless this woman for living her life w purpose. May she lead those who are too afraid to be themselves.

    • Donna Parris

      She is very beautiful to me i dont see anything wrong with her she has a beautiful mind and heart and she’s a very strong woman. For those ppl tht insulted her and was bullying should get on her level because she’s everywhere on tv and everything she’s popular i need to be her friend she knows all the celebrities….lol i wish her all the best you go girl♡♥

  • Zcrib

    All the Hilary and Nancy references while calling this girl an inspiration … Republican hypocrisy at its best. Democratic responses are equally stupid no doubt, but at least they are more creative.

  • Gerry Malone

    Gotta love any “on the street reporter” that has the knack to start a conversation with strangers from various walks of life,related to the gay/straight debate.I believe his mission was to do this with the hope of MAKING PEOPLE THINK. He had GREAT success with his mission in my opinion.That’s the kind of video on social media that truly deserves VIRAL status.

  • Bobcat

    How amazing she is!

  • keesha

    I cannot believe that anyone has the guts to annonce that “they think” someone is “ugly” in the first place. And hillary clinton wasnt born ugly she became ugly??? Really??? With everything going on in the world, people dying, wars being fought, illness, saddness, poverty, etc etc etc…. How the hell does ones opinion of anothers physical beauty become a hot topic? To me… Lizzie is just another woman. Not ugly, not abnormal. Just another woman. I, WE have no buisness judging her or any other person. Get a grip on reality here! There is no such thing as normal!

    • Ana Hummer

      Keesha, those were very awesome words. I agree 100%!

  • Arsy

    To everyone making a scene on the fact the youtube video wasnt taken down due to the fact it brought in a bad message. Ask your self what have you done to make a change in this world; If 2 people were fighting would you jump in and break the fight. If a person was racially harassing a person would you jump in and fend for the person. Even if he or she was part of a minority/muslim/african. Dont blame other’s for whats going on. Blame your self and do something about it.

  • Jessica Ellen Foody

    What a powerful message- to make sure that you define yourself, instead of letting the world define you! Truly beautiful inside and out.

    • Gregory W West

      Way to look at the total person the woman is Jessica. She chose to be a winner over being a victim of a bully and has made a life for herself instead of letting somebody’s comments make her feel sorry for herself. She has made herself into a role model.

  • Aaron Ly

    I personally don’t think she is even that ugly like all bias aside
    She’s full to the brim with confidence and I love a countenance like that
    I think she’s awesome

  • Izuma

    I think it’s a shame that you people are calling her sexy, beautiful, pretty, etc.
    face it we are all animals, in our species we use SIGHT to judge, it’s what gives us 80% of the information we process. When we see this woman we do not automatically think “she is beautiful”. It’s the truth we are programmed as human beings to like other humans who are healthy, fit and attractive. So stop trying to play the “Hero” card and stick up for this woman because you’re all fooling yourselves. Your first thoughts weren’t “Wow this woman is beautiful is that Pamela Anderson!?”. so think twice before you try to boost others confidence. Im not saying she is a bad person at all, she seems to be a good person in fact she gives people who are less fortunate in the DNA pool of looks a little bit of hope. But calling her beautiful and playing the Hero card, just stop.

    • Kelley

      Hey IZUMA Beauty is in the eye of the beholder you ass!!!!

    • Lynn

      Beautiful does not mean outward appearance, ONLY. She is beautiful because of her attitude and the way she helps other people.

    • Ana Hummer

      This woman IS beautiful! She is BEAUTIFUL is all ways that matter. And if you had any love or compassion in your heart you would see that. God doesn’t look at the outside, He looks at the inside, at a person’s HEART. It’s called INNER BEAUTY, which is something that you obviously do NOT have! SMH

    • Ashly Daugherty

      1. It’s absolutely absurd to think ALL of us think the way you do, because if fact we all do not.
      2. Pamela Anderson, really? You must have some really messed up “standards”.
      3. The most pleasing person to the eye can automatically turn into a ugly troll as soon as they open their mouth.
      4. Not everyone is attracted to the same thing, there are many chubby chasers, those who like small boobs, I think the term is BBW lovers and etc.

      So MAYBE, just MAYBE people will all grow up a little and realize not everyone looks like a photoshopped model.

    • Jessica

      It doesn’t matter if shes beautiful on the outside, what matters is what kind of person she is on the inside. She is a beautiful person because she helps others and that is what true beauty is all about.

    • MsBowes

      I do agree people use their eyes to see and sometimes first looks or judgement will make you look a second time,Those of us with the ability to use our mind and take a second and do not judge and would be nice to her without doing it out of sympathy.A beautiful soul will always be a beautiful soul,no matter what vessel carries it.Ugly are the people who use their eyes to judge a person without using your mind to think of what they are actually like to talk too,know or be friends with,or even try to put yourself in their shoes.We all have scars,baggage and opinions but it is how we carry it and handle it is what defines us not only to ourselves but to others.

    • joy

      Love is in the eyes of the beholder.

      PS I can only imagine how ugly you are.

    • Bradley

      I completely agree with this comment.
      I think everyone reading it is just taking it wrong…

      Honestly, saying YOUR BEAUTIFUL or YOUR SO SEXY is the same as if people said it to me.. I personally wouldn’t find it genuine and therefore, offensive.

      If you truly think someone is beautiful then say it, but if not, don’t just say it to make them feel better or to not be rude. Lying is in no way acceptable.

      Saying she is ugly, also is unacceptable, obviously because its rude.


      Lying is not saying something nice, try making a comment about positive.

      “Beautiful hair” or “gorgeous smile”

      It just sickens me to see so many people lying to make someone else feel good.

      Again, not saying anything negative about this, or any other person.

      I just think people take things to far and were overly sensitive to anything the media portrays as “ugly”

      Stick to the truth, be genuine, good looking or not.
      Im sure she would rather someone tell her she is doing a wonderful thing and has beautiful hair then someone say “YOUR GORGEOUS” in capitals while she thinks, “Thats such a nice lie… even though they’re lying..”

      Can’t wait for your, THIS IS SO STUPID YOUR THE UGLY ONE BLAH BLAH BLAH comments back :)

      • A

        maybe you need to figure out what “beautiful” means. no one here is lying. you’re just really bad at understanding :/

    • RoXas Saix

      You’d be right if the word ‘beauty’ only accounted for what we see with our eyes. But it can also mean what we feel, and most people would feel that she is beautiful because she has a beautiful soul.

      • bradley

        I really hope everyone else sees it that way… considering all of this disgusting society we live in is blind to anything that isn’t “normal”

  • God

    this one was a mistake

  • Luwanda Jenkins

    She needs a makeover

    • regulus30

      well why don’t you volunteer to do it??????oh wait , that may not be a good idea.

      • Kim

        I can’t believe some of the cruel comments on here what a shame

        • regulus30

          excuse me?

    • kelley

      she cant do anything about her looks whats your excuse you dumbass

    • Pati Beardsley

      She might not weigh enough for surgery to correct her teeth. As for a makeover? No.. Big Fat Walmart Shoppers need makeovers. People who haven’t been to a hair salon in 30 years need makeovers. People who think stretch pants will make them look skinny need makeovers.

    • regulus30

      if you do the make over she may look like maxine waters or sheila jackson lee;; God forbid.

    • Zack

      You need a make over miss piggy.

    • Kate

      oh my god shut up

    • Mel

      Could your name be any more black?

      • Luwanda Jenkins

        No need to get racist. All I was saying is maybe somebody like Oprah or Ellen or Steve Harvey could hook her up with a makeover and help her. Then should would have more confident in herself.

        • RoXas Saix

          If you really meant that, you should have explained it further. Just leaving it at ‘she needs a make-over’ made you sound very cruel and if you would have re-read what you said before you posted, I have no doubt you would have realized that and changed it.

          • Luwanda Jenkins

            Instead of shout at me why dont u send her a donation so she can finally fix herself. I’m the 1 trying 2 help her. Come correct or don’t come at all.

          • caskinner

            Geez I missed that part. When did she ask for your help?

          • Anna

            Nothing about her needs to be “fixed”. She’s not broken.

        • A

          you, are a disgrace to humanity.

        • caskinner

          She has a lot of confidence. Maybe a makeover would be beneficial to you.

  • angelwoman

    I think Lizzie is beautiful inside and out. it is not necessarily a “common” beauty but an uncommon one with a beautiful smile and an interesting demeanor.

  • Ivvvvv

    So now this woman is strong because of her different looks? Really people. Don’t try and play perfect. There’s alot of courageous people who go through terrible things and never get told how strong they are. When they are the ones who deserve it. Everyone’s been bullied at some point in their lives. Why is she the strongest? Don’t label.

    • Shaka Rx Zulu

      becaaause she travels and brings light to the subject? maybe.

    • RoXas Saix

      No one says she’s the strongest. We are just saying she is strong, because she is. Look, it’s very sad that not everyone who is strong is told that in their lifetime by thousands of people, but it’s only because they didn’t get out there and show the world just how strong they really are. If you want people to see your strength, show it off. However, if you only judge your strength by how others see you, you’re not strong at all. You’re just looking for attention.

  • Andrew

    Wow! I think Lizzie is really beautiful!!!

  • Stanley

    Holy mother of god. Step on it before it lays eggs.

    • Me

      You just showed how ugly you are.

      • Harry_Buskin

        Ugly goes not only to the bone, it goes to the soul.

        Stan, you are ugly.

    • No Name

      I am repulsed at the fact YOUR PARENTS procreated such filth and garbage the day you were born. You should burn in hell for such a disgusting comment.

    • Chris

      Listen this woman had the guts to stand up for herself despite all the hate and bullying, so sit on it if you have nothing nice to say about someone who’s willing to be proud of themselves

  • Hail

    By the gods, look at yourselves. Half of you are saying she’s ugly, half are saying “despite her appearance she is beautiful”
    Sod off. I have seen people a thousand times uglier, and they didn’t have a generic disorder and blindness in one eye. I mean physically ugly. This woman truly is gorgeous. Our society has deemed her ugly because she isn’t what we call normal, but look at her. She smiles, doesn’t hide, and isn’t ashamed. “Wear it like armour…” She is beautiful.

  • sara

    She is one of only 2 people with her genetic disorder, not 3. Please fix your right-up. This woman is beautiful and is an amazing motivational speaker. I love her <3

    • Shaka Rx Zulu

      please spell correctly before.trying.to.fix.their WRITE-ups..k? thanks

  • Collin Stephenson

    Her hair is beautiful.

  • Gregory W West

    Great for her to stand up for herself and not let a bully victimization of her hold her down or wreck her life. Now she’s a successful author and speaker. I think that’s awesome and I salute her for being a winner instead of a victim.

  • D Laurier Beaulieu

    i would date her.

    • Harry_Buskin

      AS would I, in a heartbeat!

  • sovereigntyofone

    Well, Lizzie you by far are NOT the ugliest woman. There are people walking around with million dollar smiles, plastic surgeon crated bodies and faces, and they are rotten to the core inside and would stab you in the back in an instant if they thought they could steal a nickel off you. Beauty is not just on the outside, beauty is what’s in ones heart and soul.
    Lizzie Valasquez God bless you, you beautiful person you.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Hilary

    Bless her heart, what a beautiful women!

  • RoXas Saix

    I wouldn’t really call her ugly even if we just went by physical appearances. Physical beauty is very subjective. How can anyone be ‘the ugliest woman’ when we all know that she’s not ugly to the entire population?

  • Anne

    homegirl has bangin’ hair

  • bradley

    Ugly is such an ugly word…

  • Bobby howard

    That is just horrible cause we are made in the image of the Almighty himself. She is a beautiful human being. People are just jealous because they want to be just like her.

  • “b”

    This was amazing…start to finish and baby girl, you rock! I think every year of school, the kids should be blindfolded for the day and told to interact with each other…at days end, they should reveal what they’ve liked about everyone they’ve interacted with and then been told to remove their blindfolds….lesson learned? “It’s what’s on the inside…” Bravo, baby girl, for your gift to us.

  • bradley

    great presentation, absolutely fantastic

  • smorr033

    Want to see the ugliest woman in the world? Stop by your local Walmart

    • LarryTX

      You think you are funny? You are a poor excuse for a human being.

      • smorr033

        No.. that would be the people at your local Walmart.

        • LarryTX

          You shouldn’t criticize your employer.

  • Marissa

    I can’t believe she has gone through as much as she has and is still able to speak proudly and calmly about this. In no way would I have the courage or integrity to do such a thing. I hope her dreams of starting a family come true, she truly deserves it more than most of the people on this planet.

  • J

    My girlfriend and her sister say they love your hair and your dress. Great speech!

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Go girl…show people what you’re made of, You have my respect, because when God takes away, he also gives in another manner. Blessings on you.

  • Annie Mae Patterson

    Good for her! Gives me faith that humanity isn’t all shallow a-holes, and that people still have souls! <3

  • Suzy

    So brave and beautiful.

  • Nina Vose

    I am disgusted by the cruel S.O.B. who “professed he would never remove” the youtube video. What on earth does it profit you to keep such mean-spirited garbage up? Especially when you are confronted with the hurt it’s caused. Now THAT is f*ckin ugly for you.

    • LarryTX

      Must be smorr044. It fits the description.

  • cole

    My problem is with YouTube. They will remove/block millions of videos,comments and posts daily because YouTube says it is in violation of their community guidelines and/or terms of service . So, before anyone reads this post and starts screaming “freedom of speech” for calling for YouTube to take down the original evil, cruel, hateful, slanderous video that started all this, YouTube can take down anything it wants. YouTube is not the government, and could remove this video anytime it wants, Take it down YouTube, I cannot understand why you have not!

    • logic

      I’m more shocked that you think governments cant censor anything!? You must be horrifically brainwashed to believe that.

      I agree its horrible whats happened to her but firstly:
      I’m pretty sure there are various ToS/guidelines currently available which could warrant the removal of the video – however it would just be replicated and duplicated potentially on other sites.
      Youtube for the most part does support freedom of speech but lawsuits are costly hence the frequent taking down of videos. Freedom of speech is great!… Unless the populace lacks basic morality – vile videos need a vile audience or at least an audience which craves shock. Condemn the person who makes the video and you have to condemn all 4 million viewers.

      • cole

        “I’m more shocked that you think governments cant censor anything!? You must be horrifically brainwashed to believe that.”

        except for the above sentence i agree with everything you said. I never said I thought the above, that would be absurd. I do believe that they can to a certain extent, censor what it need to to protect national security. That is not the same as believing i think the govt can’t censor anything…

  • Dave L.

    The guy that posted this on Youtube deserves inoperable colo-rectal cancer tomorrow !!

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Lizzie, you are NOT the world’s ugliest woman. The voters obviously never met my daughter in law. God grant you serenity and peace, in all your days. Beauty of the spirit never dies.

    • http://www.impeachobamacampaign.com/ Seeks_the_Truth

      Shears, that wasn’t very nice. You shouldn’t say that about your daughter in law. Everyone should know the world’s ugliest woman is my sister in law! She’s not only ugly on the surface, but deep in her soul, if she has one.

  • Nikki

    You are such a motivation! I think you are the most beautiful woman I know and you are the bravest for over coming such obstacles in your life. You are truly an inspiration to me to not let my apperance and negative things said about me define who i am as a person. Thank you for giving me the courage to be who i want to be.

  • ttfn98

    Great speaker and motivator. As you listen to her speak, you forget you are watching the “ugliest women”. I am sure those close to her don’t see her as strangers do and when strangers get to know her, ,they don’t see it either. Great woman

  • Cathy

    I think you are awesome Lizzie, you are a great lady. I hope that all your dreams come true.

  • Mario

    God Bless that beautiful soul!

  • 1000Eyes

    I call bullshit on her being the ugliest woman in the world. Her personality is beautiful and I’d much rather spend time with her than many other “pretty” women I know

  • bailey boyd

    i love you * you are amazing *

  • Shiva

    You are the best :) i like your voice :)

  • Cody Smith

    You are absolutely beautiful!!! keep fighting the good fight of faith. God bless you! !

  • Heath

    Would love to know who the ass hole is that created the video of her claiming her to be the ugliest woman, so I can create a video of this individual and call him “the ugliest person in the world.”

  • Chris

    They are just some stupid uneducated ignorant people in the world today

  • Nydja

    This was very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • joshuasweet

    beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, her mental beauty surpasses any physical limits placed there by other peoples standards.

  • Jess

    She is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Good on her for finding inner strength and bringing awareness to the issues she faced. An excellent role model.

  • AP

    An amazing woman who delivers an essential and critical message. Thank you.

  • jeffdirtwheller@yahoo.com

    Lizzie you are beautiful and seem to have a wonderful spirit. Im at a rather low point rite now
    and watching your stories really show me to make my own destiny no matter what others say God Bless you Lizzie hope that you continue to do your work, It is an amazing thing to have young people standing up for the good and showing others that its ok to do that to stand for someone thats not what the latest issue of people tend to portray as normal, not the cool kid or the rich handsome kid. Every one is beatiful and deserve all the greatest things in life like our creator intended.

  • Kiley Kay

    You are unbelievably inspiring. You go girl!

  • apallad1

    you are beyond stunning…. the world is truly a brighter place because of you.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    We are said to be created in the image of God. Few of us show it, and are confused by the body builders and the sex-bunnies, who like poisoned fruit, look and smell attractive but poison the body and soul. You are beautiful. Period.

    The glory of God shines in you and we are not distracted by “glamour”. Few know the demands you must meet even to survive, but, baby, let your light shine, for it is bright and glorious, and shames our pettiness.

    May God Bless You and Keep You Safe.

  • GMack

    You are so awesome! What a sweetheart you are! God created each of us for a unique destiny – and you’re rockin’ yours! I love it :)

  • Lauren A

    Keep going Lizzie, you are someone who was put on this earth for a reason. I am so glad that I happened across this video of you bc I am filled with inspiration and joy! God bless you and your next adventures!

  • Internetbridget

    You’re a gem.

  • Manuel Corazzari

    she is beautiful!

  • Ana Ledesma Rettberg

    You are the BEST, I’m from Argentine, I if I could, I want to have you as my friend! You have a lot of strength, it’s INCREDIBLE! Not because of how you are outside,if not of how you are INSIDE!

  • Willi Wonka

    She might be small on the outside…

  • Bill from Darlo


  • robocop33

    Lizzie is indeed a beautiful woman. Class and courage define this young lady above everything else.

  • Evan Pham

    The best revenge is massive success.

  • JETbiker

    You have the courage and wisdom to overcome your worst fears. You have the intelligence to teach others how to succeed despite adversities. May God Bless You…not many people in the world have the beauty of you!

  • pitch

    She’s not even that ugly in the first place

    • pitch

      She is pretty inside and out

    • suzeaa

      She very special — brave, interesting, strong, and COOL!

  • okihadit

    beauty is nothing if your not beautiful inside to. she’s beautiful inside and out. GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

  • Crystal


    You are such an amazing young woman. Super gorgeous too. It broke my heart to hear you were called terrible names and read horrible comments about yourself. To endure that at such a young age is unspeakable. No one, no matter how young or old should ever experience that type of bigotry and cruelty. Your parents have raised a smart, beautiful, strong woman who has such power and grace. Don’t EVER let anyone define you. YOU define YOURSELF! Love God first, yourself next and then family and friends. Always keep your head up and never forget how much you are influencing not only your community but the world over. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are POWERFUL. You are SPECIAL. You are LOVED. May God bless and keep you always in his loving arms!

  • Toni

    At first sight, I didn’t think she was ugly. I thought she looked different. Her looks made me curious, but not ugly. After hearing her speak, she really pretty. The odd thing is, I can she what she would look like with more weight on her and she looks ‘normal’ ( whatever that means).

  • Reb

    Lizzie is TRULY beautiful <3 <3 <3!!!!

  • Lummi

    If there were just ten more Lizzies, the world would an infinitely better place. She has power far beyond her 62 pounds. Her strength, attitude and positive spirit far outweighs the negatives that a whole herd of scum bums inflict on the world.

  • Tara

    She is not ugly at all!! As far as I am concerned the person that posted the youtube video is worlds ugliest person!! How cruel and insensitive. You go Lizzie. U are a truly beautiful person.

  • Jen

    She really is not the ugliest person in the world! I would actually love to see what that person looks like who posted that video of her. She has a beautiful soul which makes her the prettiest person in the world. I actually like the two different color eyes. I have always thought that was neat and wished mine were two did colors. If god can love her for the way she is then so can the rest of humanity. Stop being so shallow people!

    • Krystallene

      Hate to be an ass here but her “different colored” eye isn’t the kind of thing you would want. She has a beautiful outlook on life and is strong, but cataracts is not “neat”

  • Roxy

    Nicely side there is no one to judge anyone on how they look u are a beauty from inside and out and ur speech was just amazing made me cry on what you had gone throw from bulles in ur life it made u a better person that u are know keep on going what u have to done

  • Sharona Hurmuses

    You are an amazing and strong young lady.

  • Tracy L. K.

    Youtube should step up & have it removed. People should not be allowed to get away with that kind of behavior. It is unacceptable. Disgusting! Everyone is beautiful! God doesn’t look at your shell, he looks at your soul & your heart! There are more ugly humans than we even know, let alone the one’s that do mean, hurtful things. So sad. This young lady has more grace & beauty than most! Much prayers coming your way! ………..peace………..

  • Marcos Henrique Silva

    I don’t think she is ugly, she is just a real person trying to face the big challenges life brought to her, and I think she does that beautifully. Nobody knows what lies ahead. You may be disfigured in a accident; you may lose your face, but that doesn’t make you less human than anyone else. Evryone that suffers from a rare condition deserves to respected.

  • marygay chaples

    beauty is fleeting anyway and when it is gone you are left with what that person is really, some ,a lot in fact are more then ugly. take that person that refused to un post it. that person is to be pitied because he is self loathing and lashes out at others who can not defend themselves, HE WANT TO HURT SOMEONE, sad, mentally sick person. THREE CHEERS FOR HER, not only did she rise above him but the world had a look at some of the human feces on this planet. Maybe if he reached out to help someone he would find emotions he never knew he had.

  • Dan Rodbar

    You are AMAZING!! I thank you for inspiring me to be a better person by realizing inner beauty is more powerful than anything else~

  • Val

    This was the most wonderful speech, and you ARE BEAUTIFUL. There are a lot of idiots in the world, and I pray that they will realize how they make the world a terrible place. You truly are amazing.

  • Kristi

    I guess the original you tube video posted by the ignorant boy was taken down because I can’t find it. Maybe he started getting a taste of his own medicine.

    Lizzie, you are AMAZING! Keep on leaving the haters in your dust!

  • Brittany

    First sight, she has a lot that I’m envious of her. Her skin tone, color of her hair and her bright blue eyes make her very attractive. best revenge, making them haters see you smile. Best of luck to you Lizzie!

  • Jess

    Lizzie, you are truly an inspiration and God is using you in so many wonderful ways! You are beautiful inside and out and have a wonderful life ahead of you!

  • Cathy

    you are a beautiful strong person, God bless you for your attitude and your way of living….simply amazing!!! and for those who had negative things to say about you, they need to look in the mirror and see their ugliness…….you are a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent human being

  • Outlaw52

    I hate to tell the moron who labeled her he’s wrong, but, I’ve seen much uglier. In fact I don’t see her as ugly at all. Beauty is in the eye.

  • Koa

    Never change your outlook on life, you have a beautiful spirit and are a beautiful person. You have great parents who did it right, you truly are blessed in so many ways. Keep shining my dear and pray for the haters.

  • Moses

    I think what the moron did was a blessing in disguise that is going to make her famous as she has turn the negative to positive

  • Madhav

    You are a boss Lizzie!

  • Nena Lopez De Niz

    May I say, hearing your speech only shows how strong and beautiful you…. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO…..

  • Ashlyn

    I believe that Lizzie was given these unique qualities because she is strong enough to handle them. I am so amazed by her wisdom and grace.

  • Mel

    Brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful lady. God bless her.

  • Loserbaby

    I mean i commend her on her approach to the video and her strength her entire life. But for all you commenting, don’t lie and call her beautiful when clearly she is not. Her spirit is, not her physical looks.

    • Lamb


    • ThatOnePerson

      Clearly, you have a vision problem. Just because she doesnt look like all the celebrities and models, doesnt mean shes not beautiful on the outside. Shes beautiful both inside and out. Her physical looks and her spirit. She doesnt have to look like a model on the outside to be beautiful.

      • john

        you can’t possibly be serious… he’s the one with the vision problem? do you seriously believe that she’s physically beautiful on the outside? and celebrities and models!? you can put her next to any lady you pick off the street and there’s a good chance she’ll look worse. i bet you’re the same kind of person who thinks kids on losing teams should all be given participation prizes to make them feel “beautiful”

    • Jeff Peiffer

      I could not agree with you more. Double-speak is why we call children who require extra help as “special” rather than celebrating what really is special about them. It is as if applying the label “special” to a child absolves us from any sins related to how they are treated, ignored, or shunned. Same thing with this woman. It doesn’t do anyone any good to pretend the meaning of words are fluid; beautiful and ugly have meanings that are strongly rooted in physical appearance.

      This woman may be a wonderful person. She certainly is one who deserves respect. I believe both are true. She may have an inner personality that projects light to those around her. That is also probably true. But to say that she is beautiful is a way of covering up our own insecurities and doesn’t do her any favors. Rather than pretending reality doesn’t exist, we do people who are different much more good by accepting who they are, why they are different, and how that makes them who they are.

      I don’t say this to be cold hearted. My own daughter has Turrets and has facial ticks that she cannot control. She is also incredibly smart for a 7 year old. If I pretended that her ticks weren’t happening or that they were some blessing, she would think I was rejecting reality (and she’d be right). By ignoring her ticks, I would be setting her up for pain later in life because she will run into insensitive people who will point out she is different. She knows she’s different, and equally important, she knows *why* she is different. There’s no word play in the world that I can do which can change that for her.

      Instead, I prefer to embrace who she is and what makes her be her. She *is* different. That’s ok. We did not all come out of a cookie cutter factory. You are different. I am different. We just happen to be different in ways that are not readily apparent to most observers. My daughter is awesome because of her difference, not in spite of it. I believe this is true for this woman as well. To make my point, would you have even heard of this woman if she was simply plain looking? No? Then she too is awesome because of her difference; not in spite of it.

      • aria

        literally love you^. the key to this is admitting our differences and flaws but ACCEPTING them and turning them into something greater. we can’t make a problem go away by pretending it doesn’t exist but we can certainly see the good of it. every flaw has something good and beautiful that comes out of it.

    • Dave Stechschulte

      What you don’t understand is that beauty is more than physical appearance. Even then physical beauty is subjective. Have you ever been in the presence of someone who has such beauty of character, attitude, compassion…that you don’t even think about their physical appearance? They are simply beautiful people that are great to be around. BTW, I think she’s beautiful. I’d be glad to hang out with her.

      • sauiq

        i was madly in love with a guy for a very long time that was very very average looking (conventionally) but oh my god i didnt care his personally made him literally perfect that i didn’t even think about or look at more physically attractive men

    • J

      I believe it’s a matter of opinion and although I really don’t find her ugly (I’ve seen much worse), it is no ones business vocalizing their opinions about how other people look… about physical attributes they’re born with and cannot change. People in society today are so rude. There are so many more important things going on in the world.

  • TinyE

    At first glance, I see a well-groomed young woman with a brilliant smile. She may not fit our typical definition of “classic beauty,” but neither do many other women who some see as beautiful.

  • Kristina

    She is absolutely amazing and beautiful!!

  • always here

    Loserbaby…. she is beautiful. You see what you want n keep your opinion to yourself! Beauty is so much more than looks. It’s a whole package!!! The World needs more ppl like her!!!!

    • Loserbaby

      Yeah so you would date her right?

      • ThatOnePerson

        I would

        • Loserbaby


          • Loserbaby

            I think you’re a liar still though but whatever.

          • kickstart

            Loser says enough about you…

          • Winnerbaby

            I think you’re an insensitive individual with your own insecurities, but whatever.

      • Sheena

        We wouldn’t choose to date YOU. That’s 100% truth. Your soul is ugly and that’s the worst.

  • Bry

    God gives you only what you can handle, he knew her will would be strong and she would never give up. she is one of Gods Angels, different and unique and not taken lightly. :-) Bless her

    • guest

      religion is a fraud.

      • Cruz


  • Bailey

    She really isn’t ugly. She is actually quite pretty. It’s a shame that someone would say those things about her. They must be really jealous! If it wasn’t for the disease she would be absolutely gorgeous (in the worlds sense). Instead she shines that beauty by her actions.

    • aria

      guys please realize that some people are genuinely going to think lizzie is beautiful while others are going to think she’s ugly!!!! there’s no need to call other people out on their OPINIONS unless whatever they’re saying is unnecessarily demeaning and hurtful. fighting over your perception of her physical appearance is doing you any good and not everyone is going to agree with you. accept that and move onnnnnnnnnn

  • Sabrina H.

    You are so beautiful made in the image of God. Never give up educating people with your courage and integrity. So glad you never gave up.

    • guest

      oh please, religion is a bunch of hogwash

  • Nicole


    • Loserbaby

      You should quit pretending that she’s attractive, it’s not a good look.

      • kickstart

        Her beauty isn’t yours to judge.

      • Rosa

        It doesn’t matter if she’s attractive or not. A woman’s worth is not predicated on whether you, personally, consider her fuckable.

      • caskinner


      • Mocksoup

        Share your photo, Loserbaby. Do it. Now. For all of us to judge you. RIGHT NOW.

      • Kathy

        You should quit pretending you’re better than her. For someone who is clearly excessively concerned about appearance, this comment makes you look repulsive.

      • Roxanne Reindle

        “Just with the way you speak loserbaby, you can tell your uneducated! Your also just a miserable idiot! Keep your nasty ugly ass comments to your self you ignorant loser!

  • Mark John Misa

    “kill it, kill it with fire before it lays eggs” people use this “sentence” without realizing how much it would hurt others. i like lizzie she is very strong. thank you lizzie for the motivation, Hope more people will get to discover you.

  • Canuck

    Loserbaby – interesting name, that. Seems like you’ve lost the message. You’re right; her looks are not what a society would call “beautiful”, but who is judging solely based on physical beauty? I think the commentators who have called her “beautiful” weren’t referring to her body. Nor should they. Go take a look at a 90 year old person – are the physically the most attractive? NO! Are they beautiful? YES. Looks fade, and fast. Life is too short to obsess over societal beliefs on beauty. I hope one day you see beyond.

  • Gimballed

    I’m way uglier.

  • Brittany Kane

    She’s beautiful outside and inside. Inside is what matters, sadly many people who verbally bully and abuse this woman are ugly on the inside (and probably on the outside as well)

  • Dill

    “I mean i commend her on her approach to the video and her strength her entire life. But for all you commenting, don’t lie and call her beautiful when clearly she is not. Her spirit is, not her physical looks,” i agree with this statement.

    • Kathy

      Why do we even need to class people as physically beautiful or not? It is so irrelevant. Attraction is definitely more than just looks, so why do we compare attributes and then classify them as beautiful or not. Imagine if we talked about every guy as successful or not, based on their income. if you make over 200,000 a year youre successful, if not, sorry you don’t make the cut.If you make under 65,000 a year you’re very unsuccessful and that’s hwo we all look at you. Just an example.. Its exactly the same thing… its VERY irrelevant and not worth even mentioning because IT DOESNT determine the worth of a human. So I ask you, who cares how YOU measure her… If we all stopped comparing women and they stopped comparing themselves you’d have a planet full of angles giving their light to the world.

      “It’s never been true, not anywhere at any time, that the value of a soul, of a human spirit, is dependent on a number on a scale. We are unrepeatable beings of light and space and water who need these physical vehicles to get around. When we start defining ourselves by that which can be measured or weighed, something deep within us rebels.” ~Geneen Roth

      • aria

        oh my god yes. but while i DO think that physical looks ARE relevant, they are just ONE aspect of a whole package called beauty.

  • Mike

    I’d like to find whatever little pipsqueak loser who posted the video of her and kick their effin teeth in.

  • wesley

    Lets put it this was, men alwaya want a woman qith big eyes, big pretty smile, thin body and a heart of gold. What makes her any different from their standards. Shes beautiful and peoples judgements on her or anyone are due to their own nsecurities and jealousy. Love thy self for thy self. Not for the ones sourrounding you.

  • MicciE

    We have women starving themselves to be thin because they are told that is the standard of beauty. We shame women for every pound they gain. Yet here we have someone who can’t gain even one pound, and she is labelled ugly. You would think she would be the standard for physical beauty, the unattainable dream. Yet she is criticized for her appearance. Maybe the real ugly people are those who have no real depth and can not look past surface appearances.

  • Gimballed

    Nice rack.

  • anyone

    the problem of being labelled ugly or pretty goes beyond her story, it’s the urge to label women’s appearance in general, as if women are only things who should look pretty to have self worth and they are not viewed as complete humans without being ” pretty”… that’s why I carry all respect to Islam ( and other religions) that tells women to cover up their beauty because they should get respect no matter what and their worth is in o being a human not pretty or ugly. it gives them the freedom to show their beauty y to whom they wish only and not to be dictated by society how to look

    • aria

      hmmm…not necessarily. true that there is so much more that define a person other than physical appearance, but beauty can still certainly be one of them. lizzie herself emphasizes the importance of making the most of what you DO have, as she shows with her humor, determination, and strength, as well as her courage to accept the condition she has been born with and see it as a benefit, rather than a flaw. similarly, people should be able to make the most of what they have and have the right to show it off. and when we speak in terms of beauty here, i don’t mean go be a slut and dress provocatively, but if being physically attractive gives a person strength and confidence, then by all means, why should it be prohibited. everyone has their own pros and cons and everyone should have basically be able to flaunt what theyve got. /rant


    Anyone that has called that beautiful is a hypocrite.

  • Chewdogg

    She’s not the ugliest woman in the world. I’ve bangged uglier women than her.

  • fred

    She rules

  • R Dale Goodwin Coffin

    WOW. I just listened to this woman speak. The humor she has is just so amazing and she speaks so clearly. She truly is remarkable and deserves much praise. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder perhaps. But this woman outshines every beautiful woman or man in the world. Ugly? Not in a million years. She has not just an inner beauty, she has an outer beauty that shows up when she is so animated while speaking. She has definitely reached many of the goals she set for herself with a few still to come. But………………. she has reached one goal that perhaps she didnt realize she had. That goal is find that she can and has and will continue to have many people standing not behind her…………………….but beside her. Traveling with her and being there with her. Lizzie, I applaud you. You are a true leader among your peers and you have a long and fulfilling life to continue. *hugggggggsssssssssssssssssss* I adore you.

  • Cion-Daddy El Lirikologo

    Nobody ask to born that way so what can she do with her life ? Just live like everybody else ..everybody deal with they own problem

  • kingraven24

    Uggliest woman? No. There’s no denying she’s odd looking but then again a disease that prevents you from gaining weight will really drive that. There’s too many insensitive people that feel they need to speak out about this kind of stuff. Do us all a favor and shut up. If anyone takes a few moments to get to know you I’m sure they’ll find out something messed up about you and could share it with the world too.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Lizzie’s beauty is more than skin deep. It’s sad that nature has given her this curse which will burden her through life. She didn’t deserve what she got.

  • Jhonnyboy

    No girl is ugly on this planet. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

  • Noor Hana

    Some of the comments on here are disgusting show some compassion you may be better looking than her on the outside but inside your the one thats ugly

  • Brooke Hankey

    In all honesty, she’s very beautiful on the inside. It wasn’t her choice to look like this. For all you people telling her she’s ugly, you obviously can’t see the greatest beauty of all; inner beauty, and that shines throughout her appearance, making her beautiful.

  • brittany

    Omg Lizzie your an amazing woman. More people should be like you. Your an angel from god. Hope all ur dreams come true and god bless you. Anyone who has anything to say about you let god judge them on judgment day. I feel sorry for people who bully, makes you think wat happend to them as a child or how they were raised. Its sad we have people in this world that are so cruel. But I love this and ur great. U go girl!

  • djentleman

    I must say I disagree that she is “beautiful” on the outside anyways, the inside is what seems to matter though

  • aria


  • sparkle

    I think Lizzie is a very beautiful girl . I like how she never gives up on life and she knows beauty is in someones heart . I am only 9 years old and I know we all look different on the outside . I have had very pretty girls be mean to me . Thank you for your speech ,now I am going to try not to give up!

  • EddyM

    Whoa! Your mother gave birth to ya’ haters! Women are the only ones that can bare life on this planet any disprespect towards them- including this woman- is disrespecting to human life in itself

  • bobjohnson
  • Ashley

    @loserbaby ever heard the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” ? No one wants your negativity here. You’re way uglier on the inside than she could ever be on the outside.

  • Kel

    i personally don’t think anyone is ugly because everyone is attractive to someone else. Even the “ugliest woman in the world” (how shallow; those people will get their karma that’s coming to them). Lizzie is beautiful inside and out and she’s confident! Fantastic role model for young girls and people everywhere :) Way to keep your head up and positive shine on, Lizzie!

  • duosun

    U are awesome lizzie. ! You give people so much motivation when u talk about how u take it when people are stupid and bullying… :)

  • LJL

    Hahaha. Yes, she does have nice hair.

    But other than that…. If everyone else in the world had her attitude… Could you imagine all the problems that just wouldn’t exist?… Of course, more can be said about Lizzie and the greatness she exudes. But if you can’t see that from watching or just listening to her speak… Yoooouuu’ve got a lot to learn.

  • lokiswife

    Lizzie has more class and character than the thousands of so-called beautiful women who are empty shells with pretty faces.

  • Kristina

    Fantastic speech, she makes a wonderful motivational speaker. Bullies are awful and it’s great to see someone overcome the negativity and fulfill their dreams! :) Truly an inspiration to me, someone who was bullied in school as well. xx

  • laceyandrews

    she has BEAUTIFUL hair. jealous <3 x

    • Helen


  • Hannah N

    This speech was absolutely phenomenal. I started to tear up a little because it was to wonderful knowing that one person can reach out to so many around her. I actually was just writing an essay for a scholarship on how my leadership has helped others. I wrote that I hope to carry on my leadership skills so they can proceed down the line to others around me making my community a more positive place. You are proof that it is possible for one person to make such a big change! You keep going! You keep pursuing your goals; climb that ladder as far as you can because the world is benefitting slowly but surely from you! Props greatly!

  • charlotte

    I love this girl! She is incredibly cool and positive, and I simply cannot believe that there are horrible people telling her she shouldn’t have children or “lay eggs”…honestly I think she would be a fantastic parent, much better than the shallow closed-minded people bothering to insult a girl they don’t even know.

  • Charles

    Problem with our civilization is that people is supposed to always be, look and feel desirable; and this is wrong. We are not supposed to date or have intercourse with other than our wife/husband/bf/gf anyway right? So why do we constantly look for desire in others, especially when it stops us from seeing how good and important they could be to us. Have you looked at your family members expecting each one of them to look like they could make the cover of Vogue? Chances are that the most important persons in your life (parents, an aunt, a grand father…) are very average looking if not ugly, old, sick, scary. Do you love them less? No. More? Of course. Do you even see how they look to others? No. Do you need to desire them? Of course not. Then try to apply this family perception to the rest, exempt others from having to be desirable to you; they owe your eyes nothing.

  • Kaylyn Khader

    This girl is a wonderful role model for any girl or woman! Her strength and determination is so encouraging. I would love to meet her! Beautiful on the inside and the outside. People in this world are cruel and hateful, like she said she’s never done anything to anyone! Your awesome Lizzie!

    • IZ

      I’m missing the “on the outside” part.

      • Lauren Alexander

        Did you read the article? Your comment was unnecessary and served no purpose other than to further prove how shallow and cruel some people can be.

      • ken-G

        look at the damn mirror and u get the outside part…..

  • Amber

    Proud to be a fellow bobcat! Your message is wonderful and I think everyone who gets to hear it will be impacted!

  • lynnchee

    Society is brainwashed into believing what is beauty or ugliness. They tell us in commercials, magazines, movies, children’s toys – everywhere. If it doesn’t fit in this picture perfect system then it is abnormal and therefore unwanted or ugly. It’s sad that many can’t appreciate or have the patience to understand a person for who and what they are. It’s terrible that many ridicule and torment others because they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, there will always be those kinds of people.

  • Just Nor

    She’s pretty. Maybe not in the way “normal” people are but shes very pretty. She has lovely clear skin. Long, smooth, shiny hair. Her “normal” features are beautiful. So what if she has a few abnormalities. I have yet to see a perfect woman or man that exists. Even super models and actors have bad features. I’d love to have pretty skin or hair like that. It seems people are focused on her “bad” features. I’m not one for coddling people but no one deserves to be treated the way she was and many others are treated. Personally i think she looks better than I do!

  • aria

    um honestly, this isn’t bad at all.


    man, people really like to exaggerate and bring other people down. and even if it what you truly think (i won’t blame you because we can’t control our thoughts and beauty IS in the eye of the beholder), why say something so negative OUT LOUD??? it’s okay to think it and you shouldn’t necessarily feel guilty, but actually speaking out about something that cannot be changed or wanting to punish this girl bc of something so minute (aka kill herself) is absurd and idiotic.

  • aria

    ALSO there’s literally no point in arguing over whether she is pretty or not. pls calm down. beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, and naturally, some people will think she’s pretty while others won’t! and the same situation applies for any other ‘normal’ human being. perceiving this girl, or any girl for that matter, as ugly, isn’t necessarily something you should feel guilty about because you’re entitled to your own opinion, but by calling anyone out on it, making fun of them for it, or treating them differently because of it is ridiculous…in which case maybe YOU should kill YOURself. ok exaggeration but ya still

  • Zena Kanes

    I’m in love with her! So inspired by her confidence

  • Jodie Delaserna

    Lizzie, GOD LOVES YOU!

  • Megan Stevens

    you go girl!

  • clm

    “Man looks upon the outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart.” I Sam. 16:7. You go, girl!

  • yazeed radwan

    People who are calling this woman ugly are the most disgusting people I have had the displeasure of “knowing”. She has such a great personality that lights up any room that she’s in and also lights up the hearts of anyone who’s privileged to be in the same room as her, and if people can’t see that, then they are far more blind than she is. But if you can’t see this great human being for who she is, then at least be jealous of her amazing success that most of her haters will never achieve, and of course, that she is able to eat whatever she wants whenever she wants without gaining a single pound…yeah :p.

    • yazeed radwan

      Her personality is what makes her truly beautiful, and no amount of judgement on her physical appearance can ever change that.

  • rida1192

    She’s beautiful in every way. I would totally be friends with her. She represents strength, honesty and living life to the fullest. She deserves respect always. Go Lizzie!

  • hettti

    truly motivating. Lizzy is beautiful both inside and out. ‘Use that negativity to light your fire”

  • Seek Kathleen

    U r beautiful, yes u r! U shine thru with ur radiating faith in the creator n his plans for u. Applauding u, Lizzie!

  • Brendeezy


    You are not only a beautiful speaker, but a beautiful person inside and out. Your words inspire and your spirit shines through. Thank you for being an inspiration to the many of people you have never met!

  • TonyR

    Keep it up Lizzie! You just made my day and made me appreciate the way I am just a little more today:) Thank you and God bless you for your motivational speaking!

  • morgan

    Whomever posted the video stating that this woman is the ‘ Worlds Ugliest Woman’ is the one that is truly UGLY. So much hate lies within those that choose to be afraid of what they do not know instead of taking the opportunity to learn about their fears. An ugly heart far surpasses any physical defect!

  • Alexandra

    What an inspiration! Just goes to show that beauty is not what is on the outside – however cliche it may be, true beauty lies within. Keep doing what you’re doing, Lizzie!

  • Jason Kennell

    Good for her…people are so shallow it seems these days…I admire her courage, and strength…she sets an amazing example for others who may have self esteem issues.

  • Julie

    I love the confident you got in yourself lizzie! You are truly beautiful. Not only God can see it, but those of us who believe in you also know that you are a beautiful woman. Keep shining gorgeous!

  • BreakingHeart

    Whether she is pretty or not pretty should not even be discussed. if you had actually listens to her entire speech, it was leading you to not judging her at all. Whatever people are saying about you, you should not let that define who you are! everyone on this site has been trying to define her Toma weather saying she is pretty or she is ugly. She just wants to be treated normal. She seems like the type of person that doesn’t matter looks weather somebody is pretty or not pretty. She said herself until she went to school she thought she was just like everyone other kid. We’re not here to be judging people. Even saying a person is pretty is judging them because then they have to live up to the expectations of being pretty. I’m not trying to be mean because I really liked her speech, but I think so many of you completely missed the entire reasoning behind this post and this video of her. Especially the one person that is out there bullying her on this site right now.

  • lulu

    what part of the human population decided it would be OK to crown a “worlds ugliest person?”

    • brownmagic

      the same population that deemed it ok to name the world’s prettiest human…….

  • Smoshyfever123

    Smile Lizzie! God loves you! Stay strong! Back of haters!

  • Blake

    Marry me? You’re a true inspiration and you’re beautiful. Anyone who thinks differently go kill yourself.

    • KC

      How does telling anyone to kill themselves an appropriate response? You’re missing her point.

  • Frankie L

    that is awesome that you had the courage to do all of that…people in this world are ignorant and it’s nice to see someone who not only stands up for herself, but helps to give other people in the world the confidence to accept who they are.

  • Oliver Will

    Sometimes I’m still surprised by the needless cruelty people can exhibit towards each other. Unfortunately, modern society has created an environment of anonymity and distanced people from the lives of others outside of their own social circles to a degree that encourages people to view others without any attempt to empathize with them or to recognize their humanity. High population density, creating a scenario in which the likelihood of ever coming seeing any given stranger more than once, combined with the means to make public statements without ever revealing one’s identity has opened the door to a new form of ignorance. This new form of ignorance is characterized by a failure to attempt to understand or care about one’s impact on those around them. Ignorance of the humanity of others is a growing problem, and can affect anyone. The only way to combat this trend is to be aware of the influences that encourage us to behave in this manner, and to take action to remind one’s self of the consequences of acting without regard for the lives of those we may affect. We must also bear in mind the fact that at some point in every one of our lives, we will be impacted by others who are ignorant of our humanity. We need to recognize the fact that the ignorance of others will cause them to attack us. We need to forgive those who act out of ignorance, and recognize that every statement made out of ignorance and misplaced contempt serves only to discredit and bring shame to the the person making it. The key to repairing the collateral damage of societal advancement is to recognize that we have a responsibility to ourselves and those around us to act with respect and empathy towards those we come in contact with, even if we don’t have to see the result of doing otherwise.

  • Sandra

    You’re the definition of beautiful and strength. Just simply watching and hearing you speak and share your story with everyone really shows the world that you’re just like any other person. The way you portray yourself is honestly so inspiring and elegant. Thank you for being such an inspiration to thousands, if not millions, of people. Keep up the fantastic work <3

  • Lauren

    Can everybody just stop telling everybody to kill themselves? Seriously? If anyone ever reads this comment, please do not kill yourself, I.e. REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THIS PLANET FOREVER just because some soulless person on the internet told you to. Please. Value yourself more than that then to let someone that you have never and will never meet in your life tell you how to live or die. You owe it to yourself to see how far you make it in this life. Never give up on yourself, you might be amazed where you end up.

    • Hardy har

      If those people would remove themselves from the planet, they would die. So…

  • MareCadTITANIC

    Your SOUL is beautiful to me & that’s ALL that counts!!!

  • Ummmm

    The fact that she thinks she is the world’s most ugly woman is disgusting. How dare she

    • Hey

      She doesn’t think that.

    • G-Man

      You are an idiot. She does not think herself the worlds ugliest woman, some idiots that posted a video gave her that label. Why don’t you stop assuming and start listening, reading and watching. How dare YOU!!

    • Fuzzhead

      She didn’t say she thought she was. She said others told her that she was. Watch again and listen…..
      Thanks Lizzie!

  • Roxanne Reindle

    You are AWESOME Lizzie!!! You are a great person! You stay positive,don’t let anyone bring you down,and please stay. Strong and continue to do your dreams! Never for one moment think your ugly,your beautiful! What’s ugly is the negativity from all the ignorant comments and people! You inspire me and lots of people! Thank You Lizzie!!!

  • Brandon Based Sodmg Barros

    how tf……dat blind eye is tight…she jus skinniest in world….gain 50 punds TF EAT BITCH

  • nick ng

    the ones who actually labelled her are the ugliest.

  • Rick

    You know its horrible how people put someone down over a defect I don’t think she would have chosen to have what she has. Its not like it was because f something she did, she may not be attractive to todays standards but she sounds like shes a beautiful person on the inside.

  • Joanna Wojtowicz

    Lizzie, you have found your purpose in life: you inspire others and that is the most beautiful thing in the world. You are strong, pure and elegant. Be yourself! You are beautiful and don’t ever let any one tell you different! Most of the people are clueless about life and what it is about, you are a breath of fresh air! I want to thank you for having the courage to stand up for yourself! God made you special and unique. Cherish that. Much love, many blessings!

  • Charlie Victoria

    I’m attracted to her spirit, her soul

  • Tiff

    Lizzie, do the world a favor and keep going as a motivational speaker! You have such incredible strength, and it is very admirable. It is quite obvious that you make more of a positive impact on the world than those strangers telling you to kill yourself – it is so great that you knew how to be the bigger person and to rise, even when so many tried to put you down. I have definitely taken a lot from this speech, and I hope to be as strong and courageous as you!

  • Lu Tello

    The World’s Strongest Woman. How beautiful.

  • J Reyes

    You people are hilarious. Some of you are just as bad as those who mock others for the way they look. “Oh I’m so noble that I will call someone who clearly is isn’t pretty in the eyes of society, beautiful to make myself feel like I’ve made a difference”. Look she knows that she isn’t “pretty” and the fact that she can accept who she is as a person and not just a face is in its self respectable. So stop lying to people to make yourself feel better it’s just wrong. And to the guy that asked her will you marry me?; quit the act. (:

    • J Reyes Sucks Dicks

      Oh aren’t you just so edgy.

      Reddit is over there pussy.

      • J Reyes

        Why thank you.

        • dunkin gonuts


    • Lu

      What you have said is so elementary, a five year old already knew. You have to have some form of intelligence to understand inner beauty and strengh. I define you as ugly inside. You did not make a difference in the world with your comment.

      • J Reyes

        I know my comment wouldn’t, it’s just how I feel on the matter of people being fake. You didn’t like mine. And I don’t like others. The world goes ’round… my feelings aren’t hurt hopefully yours weren’t either (:

        • Lu

          You didn’t like my comment because it exposed a certain level of inmaturity on your part. It’s obvious that we are talking about her beautiful soul, her powerful mind and outstanding strengh. I am nothing standing next to her. She is the most powerful woman i have ever seen. The World’s Strongest Woman.

    • Jen

      Who are you to police other people’s standards of beauty? She’s beautiful.

    • j9


    • Pat

      You have the intellect of an eight-year-old. Very typical Average American commentary there. She’s changing the world and you’re sitting on the internet criticizing her? Go back to your Call of Duty, you slug.

      • http://skatingchiic.tumblr.com/ Sungel

        J Reyes isnt criticizing her. he’s criticizing “you people” who happen to be the commenters.

      • J Reyes

        ‘Merica! ! Ha

    • http://skatingchiic.tumblr.com/ Sungel

      tbh i agree with you more than the delusional “she’s pretty” or “her clothes are pretty” comments. those type of comments are being pretentious and self-righteous. its parallel to people who promote racism through racial fetishes.
      I agree with what Lizzie says, but when people comment that they see her physical “flaws” being beautiful, its promoting a harmful message that someone must be “beautiful” on the outside instead, regardless of the standard.

      • Ventnor

        You don’t know what words mean, do you?

    • john anderson

      j is right, what makes her beautiful is how she’s decided to respond to her defects, but you guys who say how “beautiful” she is really don’t mean it, and it’s actually selfish. would you bang her? bring her home to mom?update your relationship status on facebook? nope. just call it what it is, and quit being pc.

      • Vent or

        Guess what you prick, there are plenty of other disfigured or otherwise handicapped people in the world who would consider her a prize physically. You are very myopic if you think there aren’t men who would love to date her.

    • Who Cares who I am

      quit the act that makes it seem like you’re some intelligent person that is in a position to judge other people on what they say, you’re such a hypocrite. And so am I for responding in this way. But whatever at least i know it. No one would post here if they didn’t think that others would see it so don’t act like you or I is any different

      • J Reyes

        I’m not

  • Kevin House

    Beauty is not defined as what is on the outside, but who we are on the inside. To me, Lizzie is one of the most beautiful in the world with her attitude

  • Harish M

    You truly are a beautiful woman! Your confidence, your intelligence and your demeanour exudes beauty. And yeah, cute dress and nice hair! :-)

  • John Doe

    I know a lot of girls uglier than her, for one, Kim Kardashian!!!

  • fredrickson

    I’m so blazed right now and you people all care wayyyyy to much.


      This made me lol. Thank you sir.

  • John

    She doesn’t have to be physically attractive to be a valuable human being worthy of respect.

  • Chris

    Your so whack J reyes. no one is being fake (as you are implying) and if they are, then they are. but i guarantee you everyone on here isnt being fake. some people actually feel the way they do about her appearance inside/outside whatever. your just the type of ‘person’ to try and be the realist and be different..not conform to the bandwagon, just because you can. and that is why you are whack. you dont stand out cause of it. yeah youre being ‘real’…. no that isnt real. and i dont think shes even attractive. so im not on team yay go lizzie so pretty. im on team unbiased and can actually give the beauty she does have a chance. shes average in looks in my book. nothing more nothing less. if you dont agree. thats you. not everyone. there are billions of people in this world we call earth. im sure at least a milion or so are just as attractive as lizzie, if not much “worse” as people like you would say that are super-duper-duper-ficial. haha. and no. this isnt to one-up you or the people that are similar to you with their posts to “be that person” shes average in my book on the outside. a 10 out of 10 on the inside, in my book. good day mam/sir.

    • Shanna Roberts

      Bold words from someone too ashamed to show their face.

      • Chris

        what the heck does that even mean in regards to what I just said above? You honestly have me confused. I am not in the slightest bit insecure about the way I appear haha

      • Chris

        Hey Shanna Roberts. I edited my profile picture, just for you.

  • MontieR

    NANCY PELOSI, WASSEMAN SHULTZ, BARBRA BOXER. These are truly ugly NOT this bright young woman.

  • john

    With all due respect, we know she is not pretty. But she is beautiful, however. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. She is not physically beautiful, but has a beautiful personality, and is beautiful in that she accepts her syndrome and loves herself regardless. This is not hate, and I actually admire her.

  • J Reyes

    I agree. She isn’t bad. I’ve seen worse. This has gotten boring now. Goodnight all (:

    • Chris

      no you dont agree with john below..youre just saying that because you think hes on your pathetic ‘yall are being fake’ bandwagon. what he said actually had thought.. and was nicely put in a fashion that expressed his opinion. not a middle school essay with smiley faces. who raised you geez. fix the tunnel vision, or continue to think in the mindset of a teenager. either way no one wants uneducated individuals with no true mature opinion on here.

      • J Reyes

        Read my original comment. I never said she was ugly. I said she knows that by society standards she isn’t labeled pretty. If she was she wouldn’t be going around and talking about over coming bullying and such. Good god. And what’s wrong with smiley faces? You going to bash them because I like to use it? That seems unfair. :( now you made me use a sad face. “Would you bang her?” Is a nicely put fashion compared to me saying comments like “will you marry me?” Are phony?!?! You’re enjoying this aren’t you? am I making your night. What else would you care to discuss? I like dogs. Let me guess, you’re more a cat lover and I’m a savage beast for owning a pitbull? Hahaha (: (: (: smiley faces all around!!!

        • Chris

          oh my god. haha. you make valid points.. the smiley face remark was irrelevant and immature on my part. so thats on me. but you’re taking immature to a whole new level on the post above ^^ Lol. You have got to be bored or something. But anyway, to conclude this. You implied she is ugly pretty much by saying what you stated below. If you didn’t imply it then it sure as heck seemed that way. I suppose you like to argue though. Later J Reyes : ]

          • J Reyes

            I guess to you it may have. I’m a little bored the cold is preventing my slumber
            Later Chris. Cool pic Btw lol hopefully of girl didn’t make you feel you had to prove her wrong

          • Chris

            Nah she did. I felt the need to prove myself. For what, I’m not sure, because I still have no clue what her comment was referring to by what I said.

          • J Reyes

            She just wanted to see what you look like haha

  • skeleton_kandi

    She actually isn’t ugly. So what if she was born with a rare condition, she’s still beautiful!

    • sandraleesmith46

      No; the fool who posted that video so labeled was looking in the wrong neighborhood. Where he should have been looking for that role is the Capitol Building or SCOTUS, or possibly the WH. And the ugliness of which is speak isn’t necessarily outward either.

  • Danielle

    I’m actually jealous of her positivity. I could just imagine what’s she’s been through, what she had to deal with. Yet she seems to be the most positive person I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She inspires me to be the best me I can be lol

  • James

    I think she’s kinda hot lol

  • LCE

    You are truly amazing Lizzie! At the beginning of this video i just wanted to hug you, but as i listened to what you had to say i wished you would hug me! I am so happy you didn’t listen to those people because if you had killed yourself you wouldn’t be here helping so many people today. Please continue your motivational speaking, you are making this world a better place one speech at a time!

    • Jess

      I agree with you LCE me too I just wanted to hug her..she is truly an amazing girl.Long way to go God bless! her .Loads of love and blessings .

  • Bldr Republcn


    This woman has a maturity that is so far beyond what 99% of the world today is even capable of grasping.

    Her confidence is addicting, and very attractive. Her message is succinct, applicable, and contemporary.


  • Idiot Hillary

    I want her hips. I have the fattest ass on the planet.

  • Beleevr41

    I see her true beauty too! what an inspiration! She is so smart and full of life and confidence! It is a miracle! I will be ashamed to ever feel sorry for myself about anything after seeing this. Wow..just wow!

  • chris

    of course. we just have to go around and label women as ugly or pretty. good job.

    • J Reyes

      Men too

      • Ventnor

        Shut up, J Reyes. Men don’t deal with this like women do.

        • relax

          hey chill that’s not necessarily true, and i’m saying this as a woman. we objectify men just as much as they objectify us, we may just be less vicious about it.

        • J Reyes

          Not true. Men can’t really hide behind make up and push up bras. Although I have seen a man – girdle lol Btw I’m a woman (: hence all the smiley faces

        • Vincento

          it’s nothing to do with genders in this topic, you know.

  • jenipur

    Her confidence makes her beautiful. :)

  • Crevan

    Why isn’t this video titled Biggest Inspiration. You are awesome girl. Don’t stop being an inspiration, you’re gorgeous.

  • Rapgame Bobsaget

    id smash

  • Max

    She is wonderful! If there’s one person who deserves every bit of love and happiness, it’s you, Lizzie! May the guardian spirits be with you always!

  • Andrew M

    Simply phenomenal. One could only imagine what this world would be like if everyone had her mindset!

  • Chris

    Well, its been real. It’s been fun. But it hasn’t been real fun. Godspeed peeps.

    • madhatter


    • caskinner

      Scram idiot.

  • Kev Person

    She is just so full of life and so positive, the inspiration that comes out of her mouth is just so Amazing. We can all learn to stay motivated every day because of this young woman.
    Lizzie you rock!

  • Bill1966

    This young woman needs to run for office! She is a beautiful young woman so full of life that it should make people like Jackson and Sharpton crawl under a rock and never come out.

    • JT Clark

      Sounds like you have another issue since you bring up Jackson and Sharpton and no one else, as if they are the worse people who have some kind of power.

      • Sally

        Wow, just shut it! Sharpton and jackson both deserve whatever is said about them!

  • Mary

    She is the cutest thing ever and I love her! I went to texas state and remember seeing her around campus. My heart always went out to her. She is truly amazing!

  • August

    She’s incredible!! And i don’t see why anyone would call her the ugliest person… she’s beautiful in her own way. People who hate and talk badly about her are the ugly ones.

  • Billtron

    “Velasquez’s parents attempted to get the YouTube video taken off, but the unidentified figure who posted it professed he would never remove it.”

    Why do I want to punch this unidentified person in the face? Because he deserves it;)

    • Prophet

      Somebody please post the sick unidentified person’s address. Then we can all send a get well card.

      • Billtron

        Well said.

  • sandraleesmith46

    What a strong and special young lady! Her appearance she can’t help really; but her heart is pure gold! God DOES see her beauty, and will bless her in her efforts.

  • Eric

    She’s not even Ugly though.. There’s so many so called “pretty” people out there that got nothing on her… Look at her hair and skin… She’s beautiful

  • Chris Miller

    This is beauty personified.

  • Warren

    She is definitely a strong young girl indeed and kudos for her courage!

  • Mallorie

    I for one do not think she’s ugly at all. You see worse looking people at Wal-Mart. And, her inner beauty really shines through.

  • Shan

    ~You go girl!!! God bless you, keep it up!!! I wish I had half the motivation and outlook on life that you did and you know what…you are beautiful no matter what anyone tells you!!! Its people like you that keep this world running. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!~

  • Sarah Love

    Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.. What really matters is what you truly think of yourself and your personality..

  • Nerra

    her personality and spirit is beautiful.

  • Pat

    People who put those nasty comments under the 4 million Youtube video only defined themselves. How ugly inside one would have to be to say something so cruel? Lizzie, you are amazing and very wise! And so are your parents.

  • Brittany Gregg

    What a beauitful woman both inside and out. Very inspirational.

  • Tishy

    People do not have a right to judge if someone is pretty or ugly or what, because someone sexy to one person could be ugly to someone else and to be honest, your are just beautiful. P.S. Yes, you do have amazing hair.

    • Carolyn

      BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder ! The negative and superficial ones truly are ” blind as a bat ” !

  • Prophet

    I love this woman. She is inspiring. We need more people as strong, to remind us how in this society which puts so much emphasis on physical beauty, that our true worth has nothing to do with how we look. And that our true beauty comes from within. God bless her.

  • Jess

    She is an Angle with a message.God bless! her

    • Carolyn

      * ANGEL ! ( sp. ). However, she has to right ” angle ” in handling the negativity ! It is when I read stories like this , that I wish I could be like Jesus and heal the afflicted ones with a touch ( as well as heal my arthritis ) !

      • Jess

        Carolyn Thanku..for correcting tat ..yeah she is an ANGEL!!! you can still heal people with your words Carolyn .If you start being more positive in life and humble yourself a bit am sure your arthritis will be healed.Tkcr:)

        • Carolyn

          The word ” angel ” was misspelled by using the word ” angle “, so I brought it to that person’s attention by using (sp. ) !  Were you that person ?  Well it was ironic that the word ANGLE was mistakenly used, so it made me realize that her approach in handling the situation was the correct ” angle ” ! Using the wrong word incorrectly does cause confusing, as does not using punctuation. For example : Let’s eat grandma ! ( Hahaha ) ! )  But using punctuation makes more sense : Lets eat, grandma ! Yes the ” comma ” was needed.

          • Jess

            Well yeah… a Big!! typo error :D thanx! for correcting it Carolyn.Sorry for all the misunderstandings.God bless!:)

  • Jessica

    People who judge a person solely on their looks are the real ugly ones.

    • Carolyn

      Yes indeed !

  • Troy

    Beautiful message from a beautiful woman

  • sheryl

    Can i just say that i love and want her HAIR?! omg her hair is so gorgeous <3 she made me tear up and she is so inspiring.. we complain about little things but she looks on the positives instead.. so awesome :) the more you see her the more amazing and likeable she is <3 Thank you Velasquez

  • Ta Ma Ra

    You are beautiful to me. I look into your eyes and feel so much love. Thank you for finding your strength and offering the wisdom you have to the world. I beleive that you are a transformational, enigmatic woman with super powers still undiscovered. I wish you all the best. Many many blessings. And so much gratitude.

  • Anna Pham

    She’s very wonderful women i ever saw in my life , very beautiful , i love the way she talk to everone, thats i know i coundnt do ….wonderful !

  • Paula Guarcini Zipser

    Remarkable young woman…beautiful inside and out!

  • kayla

    She’s not beautiful. She knows that. She didn’t do this speech to receive lies saying “you are beautiful.” Before you all show up at my house with pitchforks, think: why do we solely rely on beauty? Why is beauty our measurement of potential? Her speech is against that and THAT is beautiful.

    • MayanFox

      This depends on your definition of beauty. While it can be defined as the components that give a person visual pleasure, it can also describe the qualities that attract the intellect.

      This woman can be beautiful in BOTH senses. She may not be aesthetically ‘beautiful’ to you, she may very well be to somebody else. As for her other non-visual assets? Well the way people are speaking of her on this forum she is obviously beautiful in that sense.

  • Hivort

    Im in love with her personality!

  • Blake

    EAT ‘EM UP! Much love from Texas State!

  • Mike

    Her heart is so pure i hope more people could be as nice and strong like her. She is very inspirational and that is what makes her beautiful.

  • Go die

    how can she be the ugliest woman? She is sick for gods sake, it’s not fair to call her ‘ugly’ by comparing her to healthy people. Idiots.

  • doge


    so beauty.

    such touching.

    much cry.


  • Priya Alag

    the post must be titled
    Ever best example of positivist, self motivation, optimist !!!!! way too go
    Lizzie Velasquez All da best

  • unoarmo

    Growing up with one hand he taught me not to listen to what others have to say. You are awesome and keep up the good work!!

  • Tiffany

    @Kayla: You don’t need to berate others for calling this wonderful and strong woman “beautiful”. You obviously don’t understand what they are saying. They are saying: when you have a heart of gold and your presence, your personality and your belief system shows that, you are truly beautiful inside and out. Next time , choose your words carefully before you go berating others because here you are making it sound like she isn’t beautiful, just her speech. And she is so much more beautiful than just her speech.

    • Carolyn

      Well, you sure told Kayla ! Thank you !

  • Lennox Rene Yram Gonzalez

    Labels mean nothing.

  • Anne

    deep respect

  • Kale Potter

    Lizzie; YOU, are one of the strongest girls on earth.

  • Elena

    How could you label someone “the ugliest”? Have you seen every person around the world? You may have the most beautiful face, but do you have the intelligence and talent to write a book? Have some humanity people!

    • Carolyn

      The person who posted her, and then refused to remove it from You Tube is the REAL UGLY one ! That face should be posted, and also put in the Guinesse Book of Records ! ( sp. )

  • Joanne Oliver

    Not ugly, striking, individual, and glowing with a beauty from within.

    • Carolyn

      Well put ! Thank you for your INTELLIGENT comment !

  • NIck

    This was beyond amazing. Lots of respect and love for you!

  • ivy

    Ugly needs to be labeled to the person who will refuse to degrade someone for their looks and will bully them socially. That’s ugly! God takes care.of things…And is pretty amazing how she has used the bad action of someone else not only.to make it better for herself, to b stronger but to help educate others about this rare disease. Now, That is call beauty…We should have more amazing people like Lizzy in this world!

    • Carolyn

      AMEN ! God does not like people like them, because they are the REAL ugly ones ! God don’t like UGLY !

      • Jess

        Whomshould we blame,we’re taught by society that our worth is found in the idols of our culture—technology, status, youth, sex, power, money, attractiveness, out beauty. If you base your self worth on the external world, you’ll never be capable of self-love. Feeling worthy requires you to see yourself with fresh eyes of self-awareness, and love.That Lazzie has and is sharing it with the world. Acceptance and love must come from within. I feel you have not accepted yourself Carolyn, how can u accept others it’s not possible.I really feel bad bout you Carolyn you seem disturbed totally.You need to sit and thinking over this seriously. The other options is better visit a psychiatrist! You don’t have to be different to be worthy.You beauty is in your true nature, a core of love and inner goodness.You are a beautiful light Lazzie…. You are love in human form. We can bury our magnificence, but it’s impossible to destroy. So your comments is already thrown into
        the trash Carolyn “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” Lizzie you are aRock star!! And I love you..:)))

        • Carolyn

          JESS . . .  It seems that your use of the word LAZZIE ( versus LASSIE ) says you are not American, therefore you misunderstood my comment ! I said that God does not like the ones who are calling this young lady ugly, and He does not like the person who posted her on You Tube and refuses to take it down ! That person and the others are the ones I was talking about when I used the word ” those ” !  I did not say ” her “. Do you understand me now ?  Yes, real beauty is from within ! Did you read my other comments ? !

          • Jess

            Carolyn..Am really sorry yeah that’s my mistake I thought the other way round. Thank you!! for your clarification.Sorry for being so harsh with words.The comment I made is definitely not for you, but for all those negative people in here ..Thank You!! God bless!! u Carolyn

          • Carolyn

            Thank you, and may God bless you also ! Have a blessed and healthy year.

          • Jess

            Thanx..!!! a lot dear Blessed year to u :))

  • Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi

    You are a supermodel of beauty for what matters!

    • Carolyn

      Yes, it is the INNER beauty that matters !

  • Conner

    She’s not ugly. She’s just old. She’s probably in her 40’s.

    • Nina

      She says in the video that she is turning 25 soon….

    • MayanFox

      40 is old?

      • Carolyn

        Haha, Conner does not know that ” 40 ” is the new ” 20 ” !

    • texas57

      Its past your bedtime little one………………………..

    • taylor

      she VERY obviously states in this video that shes almost 25.

  • Tom

    Damn bitch is thin! I could break her in half if I had sex with her.

    • Nicky Grimms

      Luckily you won’t have to worry about that since you’re gonna die a virgin.

      • Carolyn

        There is SOMEONE for everyone !

    • MayanFox

      I understand she prefers men.

      • Carolyn

        As she should !

    • caskinner

      You are a pathetic sicko. Go back to your sewer where you came from.

      • Carolyn

        I agree ! What a jerk he is !

    • Carolyn

      What a jerk you are ! Your comment is the first and so far the ONLY negative one ! You may end up with an offspring in worse condition ! God will get you !

      • texas57

        I cant decide if Tom was an idiot, 12 years old or a demoncrat, or all 3. That comment was TOTALLY uncalled for…….some people

        • Carolyn

          Tom ? Gee, did I reply to the wrong person ?  If I did, then I apologize !

          • texas57

            No you are good. tom made a hideous remark that has been removed. his comment was totally uncalled for.

          • Carolyn

            Thanks for the explanation !

  • Jeremy Tan

    Frankly speaking , she is NOT ugly. Dont worry Lizzie. Whoever that say anything bad about you , God knows best and will punish them . You , are beautiful !!

    • Kitsu

      God will not punish anyone. You seriously should stop wishing harm on others. Seriously doubt this woman would condone this.

  • Anna Molly

    She’s so cute, sweet and strong!!!

  • lulu

    this is so inspiring, you are beautiful you really do have nice hair!! i love how positive you stayed that is so truly amazing you are my role model!!

  • Darshana

    Awesome msg from a real Beautiful girl !!! Too good lizzzie …..

  • Ankit R Singh

    Lizzie you are the most beautiful girl on Earth with a brave heart. Iv seen your episode on discovery and I loved it. I feel who describe u ugly are them self the most ugly person in the universe. Ur going great. I LOVE YOU :) :)

    • Jess

      Absolutely… Ankit she is indeed the most Beautiful Girl….I just love almost everything bout her.”Awesome” seems a small word .Way to go God bless! u Lizzie:))


    Beauty are only skin deep. It’s the character that shapes a person. ;)

  • Hai

    Well done lizzie! You are inspiring, keep up the good work!

  • Tanya

    i am so inspired by this, lizzie you’re amazing and beautiful so stay strong! :)

  • Hengky Kurniawan

    she’s amazing..

  • radiant1withtuba

    Teenagers should see this in school. It is truly inspiring! Good for you Lizzie!

    • Carolyn

      I agree ! It should be a part of their curriculum, and other videos like it !

  • MayanFox

    This depends on your definition of beauty. While it can be defined as the components that give a person visual pleasure, it can also describe the qualities that attract the intellect.

    This woman can be beautiful in BOTH senses. She may not be aesthetically ‘beautiful’ to many, but she may very well be to somebody. As for her other non-visual assets? Well the way people are speaking of her on this forum she is obviously beautiful in that sense.

  • janine :)

    i know most of the people out there would want to become like her strong and positive never letting the bad stuff break her down you go lizzie you are an inspiration to all. :)

  • Khambrel

    Amazing!!..keep it up, you might change the world

  • Kimi

    WOW! This is so empowering. Such a positive message to the youth :)

    -Kimi of the Geeky Chiquitas

  • James

    She’s a beautiful person in more ways than the one superficial one we as a society perceive beauty to be

  • Aly

    A great reminder to not let anything stand in the way of your passion/calling. This was extremely motivational, and I thank you Lizzie for your encouraging words. Keep pushing forward and accomplishing your goals. You are beautiful, both inside and out.

  • Kate

    What a wonderful girl with so much to offer the world! She actually is striking and very beautiful. Who ever called her the ugliest person in the world must have meant the person in the mirror.

  • Don Ring

    Truly one of the most amazing people in the world so so blessed

  • Pavla G

    She is the strongest lady I’ve ever seen in my life !!!!! Amazing,beautifull

  • Justin Cheney

    It’s interesting because I don’t really see her as the ugliest woman. First off, she really isn’t that ugly. I mean she’s underweight which isn’t normal but I’ve seen other people like that. But the thing is is that her personality makes up for so much. Sense of humor, and a realist. It would be great to get to know her!

  • Kat

    who decides if a person is ugly or not? there are many people told to be beautiful but they are just ugly because they are not good inside! when I first saw a picture of Lizzie I thought that she has a beatiful smile…

  • anon

    The saddest thing is, she actually isn’t ugly. She’s just teeny tiny.

  • Al Walling

    I want to be friends with her! So-called ‘Pretty’ people all have issues Lizzie can annihilate with one spirited grin and joke! (Plus, need someone to guide me on my current hair state)

    Also, I was just thinking about this Sugababes song while watching the video: ‘People are all the same. We only get judged by what we do. Personality reflects name, so if I’m ugly then so are you.’

    Basically, whoever called her ugly are ugly themselves. I’d like to think I’m not, and she is farrrr from it herself.

  • Rinaldi Gotama

    OH PLEASE she’s not really ugly she’s just extremely thin — why do stupid people always have to be the loudest to speak?

  • sreynolds

    In my opinin, nancy pelosi, hillary, diane fienstein and the entire list of democrat women in the house and senate, ARE ALL UGLIER BY FAR, Like you’ve said, this lady isn;t ugly, just extrememly skinny…. those women named above are UGLY TO THE BONE..

  • Johanna25

    i just want to thank you. in ten minutes you just tought me things people dont get to learn in a life time!

  • Todd Ehling

    Lizzie you’re amazing and I’m glad you didn’t listen to those idiots when they said you should kill yourself. People can be mean and if I could get my hands on that person who put up that video I tell you he would take it down. Keep up the great work you’re a great inspiration to everyone.
    Take care

  • Angela Gosnell

    The way some people measure beauty is truly sad! She is the real definition of beautiful!

  • Ritz

    I’ve never posted on any discussion like this ever but the headline actually made me sick. You’re absolutely beautiful and such an inspiration to people everywhere and this reported YouTube video person is a horrible, heartless person. No one should EVER be labelled as “ugly” the person probably just has a very ugly heart, nothing to do with you. Stay strong.

  • Al Walling

    The person who uploaded that video on YouTube probably thinks Amanda Bynes is the bomb.

  • Delara AI

    I’m really proud of you and we all admire u Lizzie Velasquez

  • Elie Aoun

    Respect….. thank you!

  • Larry911

    Ugly? No. Different? Yes. Different is a positive. It’s what’s inside that counts. There are many so-called “beauties” who are (really) ugly as hell. The scumbag who refused to take down his post is an example of true ugliness!

  • Mak

    You are amazing Lizzie !! What an inspiration you are. Way to go girl

  • Dr. Robert C. Laity

    Lizzie is NOT “ugly”. BTW, ugliness is NOT defined by external appearances. There are people who could be rated 11 out of 10 in appearance who are the ugliest people on Earth. Lizzie is loved by God as is everyone else. Lizzie is a very optimistic and endearing soul who has beauty beyond many others. Lizzie is neither “Ugly” externally or internally. Lizzie is a person of high worth and I commend her for her strength.

    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      “ugliness is NOT defined by external appearances”
      Yes it is. :) So everything that comes after this sentence is not worth reading.

      • guest

        So it may be Dr. But what point are you trying to make? The whole point of this article is to not so much highlight on her physical appearance, but on other traits.

      • Victor Ducos

        She’s pretty. Just some Anadrol 50, Dianabol, Boldandole if she wants the weight.

      • Cindy Mello

        The first time you see someone, you may be right. However, once you get to know someone, by that I mean their heart and soul “who they ARE”, you don’t see pretty or ugly, you don’t see older or younger, you don’t see color…all you see is them, and that’s when you can truly determine if their a beautiful person or an ugly one. There are a lot of “beautiful of face and body” people in the world who are terrible, mean awful people and believe me, once you know them, you don’t see them as beautiful anymore.

  • Rae

    WOW! I was speechless for a couple of minutes. This video brought me to tears. Lizzie, thank you. You are so amazing!

  • Julia Dat

    Good grief, people. She’s obviously ugly, she’s also funny, intelligent, strong and inspirational, which is great. But she’s ugly: words have meanings.

    • Dr. Robert C. Laity

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • Dr. Robert C. Laity

    “You are so beautiful to me”-Joe Cocker

    • Janet Mclennan-Pommer

      Dr. Robert C. Laity ,…. Thank-you for this!!!

  • Ielle Metante

    Let’s remember that TRUE BEAUTY is not found in the size of waist or the symmetry of a face. It can’t be found in a compact, a tube, or a pair of designer jeans. It rest in the heart and shines forth from there. It is something that endures through time. ;)

    – Saving My First Kiss [ L i s a . V e l t h o u s e ]

  • Risvana

    an amazing and a beautiful woman! lizzie you are truly an inspiration to us all :)

  • Alexis

    Her hair is awesome :3

  • Zg


  • Nathan Ng

    True beauty is not from external look but it come deep from our heart.Lizzie, God bless u^ ^

  • Christine

    But she’s got beautiful eyes.

  • Karen M Agoado

    If it weren’t for the YouTube post None of US would have been touched, changed or known of Lizzie…. You Go Girl! Your an Angel sent to teach! Love YOU!

  • Charli

    Lizzie way to go. I believe you to be beautiful!!! Don’t let anyone get you down. Teach the world!!!

  • Cydney

    Lizzie, I am truly touched by your story. You are beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep reaching your goals!

  • ieva

    I dont understand how can someone be labeled most ugly the person that has done it is ugly beauty shines true any outside exterior. Anyhow Lizzie keep the smile up ;) you are amazing

  • Pooja Dhandhania

    Thanks lizzie! I love your hair and you made me feel good myself. Way to go! Wish you the best in life.

  • Andre Donaldson

    It is what is within that truly defines you and I believe that you are one of the most beautiful people here on earth. Ignorance and hatred is going to be here no matter what. Keep being the outstanding person that you are.

  • Samdrup Khymsar

    It touched me. Thank you so much lizzie. So inspiring and so positive. We love you so much :))

  • Rincin Mathew

    It is sure that Lizzie will be the angel in the heaven,what could not get from this earth,don’t think about it and worry about it..God will provide and make everything beautiful in heaven.

  • leisaw

    I’ve never seen a more beautiful spirit. Lizzie, God made you beautiful. You made the world see that truth.

  • Chubby Freen

    The ugliness is within whoever posted the video of this young lady…

  • Rebecca

    She is an amazing women, personality shines so much brighter than appearances…

  • swati

    I love you’re hair lizzie !

  • MizBev

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and Lizzie YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! People are so shallow!!!! God Bless You!!!

  • gladys nazario

    Your beautiful to me Lizzie…to hell with those people out there and there nasty comments those people are truly the ugly people not you

  • earlwatters

    lizzie you are one of the most beautiful persons in the world god bless

  • TFTC

    Would still bang.

  • Shaun Low

    She has a beautiful and strong personality. After all she’s been through and what a tough life she’s had, she had been enjoying her life.. possibly more than mine. I really think she is an amazing person inside and out. She is god’s special and unique creation. God bless her, Lizzie Velasquez. :)

    • JoeBlake


  • JoeBlake

    She’s Human,,unlike Kilary and Pelosi.

    • IHateLibs


      • Becky Potter

        Oh so elegantly worded.

  • Tony Barraza

    she never once mentions god. please stop that.

    • Cheryl Infield-Fowler

      She gets her strength from God. He does deserve the glory.

      • Kitsu

        No. -She- deserves the glory.

      • jake

        What?! She gets the strength from herself! Dont take that away from her and what she has accomplished by saying a man in the sky did it for her

      • Cheryl Infield-Fowler
      • Billtron

        That means God is cool with whoever posted that You Tube video of her. That makes no sense.

        I would rather praise her, she deserves it.

  • http://shareminator.blogspot.co.uk/ the_shareminator

    One of the most inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard Lizzie! Many will
    be able to relate to your experience of bullying to a degree but it is
    how you deal with your own personal experiences that define you. I wish
    people had that same positive outlook in life that you convey in your
    message. If you motivate just one person to turn their flaws into feats,
    pursue their goals and crucially explore who they are then you have
    made an impact to this world. I wish you all the luck in the future.

  • http://shareminator.blogspot.co.uk/ the_shareminator

    One of the most inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard Lizzie! Many will
    be able to relate to your experience of bullying to a degree but it is
    how you deal with your own personal experiences that define you. I wish
    people had that same positive outlook in life that you convey in your
    message. If you motivate just one person to turn their flaws into feats,
    pursue their goals and crucially explore who they are then you have
    made an impact to this world. I wish you all the luck in the future.

  • IHateLibs

    Girl just needs some MEAT on Dem BONES

    • pallen210

      Read the first sentence—

      Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three people on Earth born with an unusual genetic ailment that prevents her from gaining any weight

      Are you that stupid, that you can not comprehend (that means understand) a simple sentence in an article

      • Billtron

        Given his screen name, he’s into political sound bites. Fully reading things and understanding the subject matter just complicates things;)

        • Ryan

          Im conservative, dont group us in with this guy.

          • Billtron

            Right on brother;)

    • AlekSano

      Warning ! Idiot !

    • Becky Potter

      You can’t read, can you?

  • Rick

    Beautiful in every way possible


    You all are funny , but GREAT, uglyness only comes from the HEART!!!!

  • Wayne

    She is a lot prettier than Hillary.

    • Billtron


  • Carissa Siordia Vasile

    GOD is the one in control, Lizzie. Give thanks to Him, not yourself. God created your amazing spirit. All the Glory to Him!

    • Kitsu

      She created her own spirit. Not a deity.
      GOD is not in control, -she- is in control.

      • Cheryl Infield-Fowler

        She gets through this with help from her belief in God. See her testimony: http://www.godvine.com/Girl-Voted-the-Ugliest-on-the-Internet-fb-gv-3653.html

        • Kitsu

          She gets her strength from herself. Period. Doesn’t matter if you show me some half-baked link that I’m not going to click.

          • CherryAnn1000

            You obviously didn’t read the article.

      • naye

        I believe God makes everyone his own way, God has a plan for everyone! He knows what we can handle and what we cant, if she was brought to earth it was for a reason, she is a blessing:) & may God bless all of you!

    • Cogoyo

      God gave her a disease? not cool

      • Kitsu

        Apparently since Carissa said God is in control.

      • CherryAnn1000

        Ever heard of, gasp, sin? God allows many things to happen in our life for His own purposes; He never promised life would be easy. Sin is what afflicts us all, and we are often afflicted by the sin of others. Its’ what we do with it that counts.

    • natalie

      I think that comment is a little harsh, Carissa- sheesh! At the end of the day, she made the choice to be strong. I agree that God certainly showed His amazing grace by allowing her to feel this convicted in her faith and by using her message to educate others. But just because she doesn’t mention her faith doesn’t mean it’s not there. She wants to empower ALL women, not just those who share the same beliefs. I think that’s what God would want, no? And besides, I think she still deserves credit for picking herself up. God only helps those who want to help themselves. You go, girl!

    • mern86

      Why can’t we acknowledge that it is her AND the Lord in cooperation? She is doing beautiful amazing things with what the Lord has given her.
      Let’s praise Him for creating a beautiful woman (inside and out) and affirm her for LIVING THAT BEAUTY out in such a powerful way (through His grace). Affirming her in that way still gives God glory. Praising God for the good He has placed in her is an affirmation of her as well.

  • Kes

    You see yourself as beautiful! And that is all that matters! :)

  • Phua Hui Ling Zlyn

    You are really awesome and your parents are wonderful! Thanks for inspiring me. I hope to be able to get a copy of your book here in Asia. Beauty comes from within. I will live a life with positivity and convert all negativity to success!

  • pdoreika

    If you’re not proud of who you are it’s up to you to change who you are. Who cares how others see them? I watched this preview for some new, shallow, modeling show and this contestant was being critiqued by a judge who holds his hand out to cover her body and show just her face. He said “I look up here and I see yay” then he covers the other half of her and said “and down here I see boo.” And the shallow woman starts crying her eyes out and I’m thinking, how damned shallow can she be? Be proud of yourself so that when that judge looks at you and says he sees “boo” you know, in your heart, differently. You know the judge is wrong, and that’s all there is to it. You don’t have to BECOME ugly at the critique, but just KNOW he’s wrong. That’s enough.

  • Snizeguy from Germany

    I thought this was just “another motivational speech” by someone who’s had a tough time growing up. And actually from an objective point of view this speech was good, but in no exceptional in comparison to other motivational speeches I’ve heard and yet I was more than genuinly impressed by the impact she left on me. For some reason the words she said mattered more than others I’ve heard before. You’re just starting Lizzy – I wish you all the best and more for your life, you deserve it :)

  • jackie

    I’ve seen ugly. And this girl is not. She’s natural unlike skanks who are always insecure .

    • Jami

      I agree!!!!

  • http://www.sajigroup.com/blog Saji Ijiyemi

    You are a great inspiration. You have taught us how to take the stones that people throw at us and arrange them into a stepping stone. You are amazing! Thank you.

  • Kaitlin

    Lizzie you are so beautiful; your personality shines through so vibrantly that it truly makes you beautiful, inside and out! <3

  • Karugi Karanja

    Keep it up Lizzy the sky is the limit!

  • natalie

    This is amazing! The world needs more people like Lizzie :)

  • Donna

    How can anyone say this woman is ugly, Have you looked beyond, she has a beautiful heart, a lovely mind and an amazing personality. I was always taught NEVER to judge a book by its cover, you have to open the book and look at the pages, for its what is inside that makes the book beautiful to read. Keep up the fight Lizzy this is one lady who is behind you 100%. God Bless you. In God’s eyes you are the most Beautiful woman in the world.

  • Dekine
  • jtl

    Good for her and shame on those who are pathetic enough to try to put her down. The person who posted the YouTube video is truly “ugly”.

    • Phillip Wooding

      They put others down to feel better about themselves.

  • Matt

    Inspirational speech. I’m glad she’s managed to define herself beyond her appearance. That being said, I think lying about her appearance is as damaging in the long-term as bullying. She is not physically attractive and to pretend otherwise is to be dishonest and to take away from her incredible achievements. Her story isn’t about deceiving herself into thinking she is pretty (like so many are). It’s about her realizing that there is more to herself than just her body and the way others perceive it.

    This over-the-top-feminist blather about everyone being exactly the same in appearance, mental ability, etc. is simply counter-productive. Any time one of them gets going, the rest of the world just sees is an ugly woman screaming that she is as pretty as an attractive woman. Fact is, everyone is unique and that means some people will be smarter than others, some will be better writers, some will be nimbler, and some will be more attractive. If the quasi-feminist would spend less time trying to make everyone agree she is pretty and more time trying to convince everyone there is more to life than appearance, a lot more progress will be made. The feminist movement is one of the worthiest movements ever made. Don’t degrade it by obsessing over appearance like a teenager. This woman sure didn’t, be more like her.

    “Equal” does not mean “same”.

    • Phillip Wooding

      Equality = fairness, looks only get you so far, one particular woman had a great career on tv till her beauty was taken, now she has nothing to fall back on, that is not equality. In fact not all celebs are good looking, they made something of their selves through personality and skills. This woman has a condition, I have seen uglier people, so how can she be labeled as such?

    • Catherine Maio

      That’s nice and all, but I think you really have to consider what the word “beautiful” means to you. Seemed to me when you see any person be so open and truthful about who they are, who can stand before a crowd of people and not have an inch of self doubt, encouraging others, being positive… I don’t know, that seems to me like a beautiful woman. The entire time I watched the video I was focused on her words, obviously, but I was searching for flaws! I didn’t see any. When a person is beautiful, the things you thought were ugly before you saw that inner beauty fade and their face just fits them, they couldn’t look any other way. It’s the same way when you see an utterly handsome fellow (or beautiful woman) who has nothing going on upstairs. The things you thought were attractive are suddenly gone and you can’t imagine what you thought was so attractive in the first place. *shrug*

      • Matt

        I used the word “pretty” for a reason. Language is a powerful tool and to morph it to one’s own means can be evasive. In the same way that people will say, “God is everything”, or in this case, “pretty means to include the way a person is on the inside too.” So what? A carefully arranged garden isn’t pretty because it doesn’t have a personality? If you take a word, and change or warp the meaning then you will always be right.


        Tall is really not just about height, but about width too because when you see a tall building, it just isn’t as impressive when you realize it isn’t wide. Therefore tall also means wide.


        The word “pretty” very strictly applies to physical appearance. Beauty has a much broader meaning, so I avoided it. As for my use of “attractive” and “ugly”, I admit that they can have a broader meaning, but context clues and the excessive use of “pretty” should have hinted I meant attractive/ugly in physical terms.

        Obviously beauty can come from a multitude of places, outer appearance being only one.

        As for Phillip Wooding’s response, I’m not really sure what you are saying but I think I got the jist, correct me if I misunderstand. I never said that the world was fair so to convince me the world isn’t fair is unnecessary. I certainly never implied that she should be labeled as ugliest woman. Reread my comment, it consisted of a praise for her and a chide directed towards the people who tried to insist she was pretty.

        • Catherine Maio

          Yes I see your point and I should have clarified mine- beauty is from within, and when you get to know inner beauty, outer beauty seems to appear. The so called attractiveness- outer beauty, prettiness- is different. I am not lying when I say I think this woman is pretty- perhaps not in the classical sense, but she’s got great hair, skin, eyes and a killer smile. Aside for her being seriously underweight, I didn’t see any flaws in her. I realize she can not gain weight because of her illness, but if you put 50 pounds on her I bet she’d be a real stunner.

  • mike

    Don’t be ignorant.

  • Becky Potter

    You’re a jerk.

  • Lee h

    This is beautiful and brought me to tears. Honestly she’s not the ugliest person in the world and it’s sad she gets labeled this. She’s no where near the ugliest person, I think the Real Housewives of whereever should be nominated for that position.

    • Chris

      You’re so sweet. I also believe we should raise her up and instead bully and call other women, including the Real Housewives ugly. It’s what God would want.

  • Lindsay Doyle

    So inspiring. She is truly remarkable.

  • http://lifescoops.blogspot.com/ Shema George | LifeScoops

    You are beautiful , beautiful from within — Thats what that matters!!! All the best to you !! Keep going !!!

  • robertleo

    I remember the first time I saw the 12 years old Lizzie and at the time wondered how her life would turn out and now I know. It was great to see her again. If she could today be able to speak to young people at the various grade school levels, she might just be the one to help those that deal with bullying daily and also help those who bully students how important the goals Lizzie set for herself could apply to them.

  • ND

    You do realize the she has a rare genetic disorder that does not allow her to gain weight… Or are you trying to be “funny” and “snarky”?

  • colton

    You are a remarkable human being. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • nana


  • Linda Soriero Vardaman

    Lizzie, you are remarkable and beautiful. You did not have to make yourself better, we needed to make ourselves better. Don’t ever believe that you are not the most perfect human being that has a heart that is so big and your soul so beautiful. We need to stop judging people from the outside. We all have imperfections. But those who have imperfections of the heart and are cruel are the ones we should pity. You are my hero. Standing before a crowd of people, talking so eloquently you know who you are and we are so very glad to know you and learn from you kindness, bravery and gratitude. God makes no mistakes, cause he made you…

  • Justin

    why? Why post this?

    • KoRLumen

      Because the anonymity of the Internet allows people to enjoy being douchebags without any consequences.

    • Nicole

      He posted this because he wants to get some attention bc everyone else he knows has already realized that he’s not worth their time of day. Move along, John.

    • CherryAnn1000

      To John: So you’re the one who posted the video on You Tube. It figures.

    • John

      For the lulz

  • love

    You are a beautiful child of God (: and you are definitely a shining light in the darkness of this world. God has kept you alive for this very purpose of being a testimony- what it means to be beautiful.

  • Judy Larcom LeRoy

    Lizzie you are a amazingly brave young lady. Thank you for having the courage to share your story, you will be blessed in all areas of your life because you do. I think you are far more beautiful than most of us. God Bless

  • KoRLumen

    Why do people do this? Seriously, how messed up can you be to take a stab at ruining someone’s life on an international level?

    I feel that web etiquette should be a core subject in grade school.

    • Catherine Maio

      I am sure it will be in the not too far future…

  • wongkarwai

    I wish more humans were this beautiful.

  • Lyn

    I agree with Mike.. If you were LISTENING, Lizzie has a serious condition where she has to eat 5,000 – 6,000 calories a day, but can’t gain any weight. She can’t control it.

    The other woman has anorexia, which is a serious eating disorder… Which means that she’s sick and needs help/counseling, but probably doesn’t want it.

    Sometimes “eating something” isn’t as simple as you would think.

  • Nor

    Blessed are those who purify their souls, not their looks. Verily looks are just like “container” of the souls. Do we care about the wrapping paper or the gift ifself?

  • BETA_thetas16

    This made me cry. People can be so heartless and cruel, but you are the exception that gives me hope. Thank you for your strength and inspiration.

  • Sara

    I love how much personality she has :D She’s great!

  • dj

    lizzie you are a true Daugther of God. i admire you, aspire to be positive like you and know that you are a great example ! yes you have great hair…I am jealous !! keep up the good work ! do you have a book ?

  • Steve Leydiker

    “Labeled?” What does that even mean? Does she wear an “ugly” label? Is there some mystical label that we should all believe exists? I think it’s absolutely shameful to even entitle an article this way. There is nothing ugly about her. She may not look like someone who we equate with beauty, but that doesn’t mean she’s ugly, let alone “labeled the world’s ugliest woman.” I’ve seen ugly people, and I’m not talking about their looks. There is nothing ugly about her.

    • Twirly

      Yes. Thank you.

    • Grums

      I agree with the sentiment whole-heartedly, but it’s strange that you are attacking the the article title. They didn’t label her as such, but instead are referring to the youtube video that did. “Labeled” just means that she has been identified as such at some point in time.

      It is technically a great article title in that it draws a distinction between what some horrible people have said about her and what she is and embraces about herself.

    • Xalladus

      It is a great title because they lead with the most powerful language. Smart marketing.

  • CherryAnn1000

    What a beautiful young woman! People can be so cruel towards anyone who doesn’t measure up to “their” standard of beauty. Lizzie is a fabulous example of what is truly important in one’s life, and it isn’t physical beauty, but the beauty of the heart. It does make one wonder what kind of person would tape this, post it, and then refuse to remove it. They must have to look for all kinds of people to tear down to build themselves up. You go, Lizzie, and keep bearing witness through your beautiful life.

  • Sodbust

    What a wonderful person.. God Bless and go for it the best you can…

  • Shannon S

    The sheer fact that the person won’t identify themselves proves their lack of character and credibility . Why would one even lend an ear or any mind to such pure hatred and senseless cruelty? Be blessed Lizzie for rising above this idiot

  • Meira Marom

    Lizzie, you are one of the most beautiful people I have ever come across. Thank you for sharing what you are with the world. you are magic.

  • RWygant

    amazing woman. period.

  • Armand K

    This girl may not be a beauty but her confidence is attractive and sexy. I would prefer more women to have her attitude and approach to life and stop nagging. I hardly ever agree with feminists, but they have one thing right: there is more to a woman’s attractiveness than her looks.

  • Jeannie

    Honestly, I just read the article like 8 hrs ago. and I said to myself, I see a beautiful woman inside her… she may looked like that, but ONLY God knows how beautiful she is inside… God Bless Lizzie! Don’t mind those criticism. It’s better to be you than to be someone who you really not… :)

  • robin

    Well done! Applause! :)

  • Karan Sheth

    This reminded of http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity.html for some reason aka few of the best talks I’ve ever heard. You are so good!

  • Alexander B

    She’s awesome.

  • Danny Cooper

    wow!! amazingly brave woman. She deserves respect!!! :) brought tears to my eyes

  • Rori-y

    People are so immature. You are beautiful in your own way. I’ve seen people not be able to gain weight, it puts a drain on them. And you are taking your stand against bullying and trying to inspire other people. That’s beautiful in itself, including you. I’m an 18 year old mom of almost 3 and I can’t imagine what I’ddo if they were bullied.

  • Marie

    God bless , I only see beauty also , thanks for speaking , I am sharing this all around Facebook! You are such a true testimony of Gods love, beauty is an understatement here! You go beyond beauty!

  • sugarlandmom

    Ugliest woman in the world??? No, I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. My mama used to tell me, “Pretty is is pretty does.” Lizzie defines herself by “pretty does”.

  • Rarónica Inmorales

    I’m drawing you Lizzie… :)

  • aldeureaux

    Ditto to what Danny Cooper said. A very brave young woman. Very touching.

  • BallsackBludgeoner

    the one who posted the original “the ugliest woman” video is frying fries at mcdonalds as this comes up on TV for all we know. godspeed lizzie!

  • MicheSpade

    God, I love her already. She kept me listening astonished the whole video. Such a brave woman c:

  • Shaniece

    One of the first things I realized is that she has really nice hair : ) .. This woman is absolutely amazing. Your physical appearance does not define who you are, her personality is beautiful and when you see beyond her physical,you see her true beauty. God bless you Lizzie !

  • Don

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t think she is unattractive at all. Like Shaniece said, I first noticed her great hair. If this is the “ugliest” women on earth than the human race is pretty damn beautiful!

  • Patricia Purvis- Hill

    wow you are amazingly brave woman.. beautiful woman .how can people say do thing like that i hate that ….

  • WorldofHate

    It was a privilege going to Texas State with this woman. There are not many people in this world that would be such a great and inspirational speaker as her. Wish her the best of luck in the future!

  • Sona

    Lizzie, you are amazing.

  • Steven

    An amazing woman. A credit to her wonderful parents.

  • patti

    There is nothing about this woman that is ugly. Beautiful smile beautiful face beautiful hair. And I can almost bet you she has a awesome personality .your beautiful .

  • Talloola

    Maybe she should speak to that Miami Dolphin who was whining about being bullied!

  • patience ozuru

    So glad to have you as a sister in Christ (;

  • May May

    She has a beautiful personality and her hair is so alive and bouncy!

  • Azure Falcon

    It’s not your face that’s ugly, it’s your personality that’s ugly.


    What a beautiful woman.

  • USAForever48

    Lizzie most definitely is NOT ugly. She is a beautiful creation of God, the Father, and therefore, she is perfect. God made her as he saw her, beautiful in His eyes.

  • AlishaC

    She is beautiful. And her actions show her kind soul. Just as the person who posted the video and refusing to delete it, is showing his/her mean spirit. Way to turn something negative into a positive!

  • JesusC.777

    10 out of 10 would bang.

  • Disciple of Old

    Also, the person who made that video of her being the ugliest woman, have they NEVER seen crack addicts and druggies? Go google it dude. This woman is Miss America compared to them.

  • Toastertreat

    The label itself is ugly, not this woman.

  • citylinesmarty1

    that’s horrible that someone could be that insensitive to post her on YouTube. Couldn’t her parents get it blocked by court injunction or something like that. People who bully, esp. those with health-related ailments should be made to walk a mile in their shoes. How brave of her. She is beautiful, if not by the world’s standards.

  • suzie

    Who ever says she is ugly wat to go jump of a cliff no one is ugly it wats on the inside that counts not on the outside so the morons that think they can go around saying people r ugly wanna go look in the mirrow at the ugly heart and get a life everone is beutifuk in there own way

    • kilee

      Learn how to spell, you’re education is quite ugly.

      • CH

        Oh, the irony…

        • kilee

          It’s beautiful, is it not?

      • grammar_girl


      • rebecca

        You’re? Get your own stuff straight before you are an ass to someone else.

      • Olive


      • Django

        Hey spellbee, how much does your immaculate spelling earn you?

      • rick0857

        Typical elitist liberal you have bad grammar and spelling and yet you try to correct others.

        • PretenderNx01

          Rick0857, do you just call anyone you don’t like “liberal”?
          I didn’t see anything political, even if kilee was a douche. Douchebaggery exists on all sides.

          • kilee

            Hey I wasn’t being a douche, I was trying to bring a smile to someones face.

          • rick0857

            You’re right I should have just called him a DOUCHEBAG

        • kilee

          How did you decide I was a liberal in one sentence? Not even close to a liberal, would a liberal have the AR with the two 30 clips strapped together? I didn’t think so.

          • rick0857

            Yep you’re a lib they’re called magazines NOT CLIPS

        • jd

          You call someone an “Elitist” and then scold them on their spelling? Are you applying “irony” here or is this typical ignorance from you. Get the POINT out of what someone is trying to say and don’t demand perfection in how it’s being expressed.

          • rick0857

            IRONY he called her out on her spelling so…tit for tat

        • jd

          sorry – this just got me hot. Please disregard Rick. My apologies.

        • kilee

          It’s funny how the dumb asses like you actually thought I was serious hahaha.

      • jd

        Kilee, why are you trolling? Suzie, your point was clear.

        • kilee

          Because it’s so cold in MI right when I walked out my balls turned blue.

          • jd

            Distracting Clown – I’m done with you.

          • kilee

            I was being serious, are in the north at this point in time? It’s pretty cold.

      • chartutu

        kilee, YOUR education is quite ugly as well…. if you’re going to correct someone’s education, you’d better make sure you’re using the right form of the words…maybe YOU should learn how to spell!

    • Cate

      The whole point behind this video wasn’t “beauty”, it’s about not letting others perception of you deter you from your own goals. That being said, is it appropriate to tell someone to “go jump off a cliff” when just minutes ago, you were probably gasping in disgust that people were telling Lizzie to kill herself? You’re preaching that everyone’s worth is by what’s on the inside, yet you’re spreading hurtful words yourself? What does that say about you? It’s hypocrisy, and that is not a good look on anyone.

  • frank

    is there a way we can petition YouTube to remove the video?

  • Matthew Brammer

    I didn’t know it was a crime to voice an opinion that someone is physically unattractive. I understand being senselessly cruel is completely unwarranted, and I commend this woman for having the fortitude of character to withstand the abuse. I am also sure she is a great, great person. But it is not shameful for someone to say she is not attractive on a basic level. Furthermore, a LOT of people say that kind of nonsense (no, you really are beautiful, blah blah blah) simply to make someone feel better about themselves, when, in reality, you’re creating for them a false self-perception, which can further damage someone later on.. You all need to face the reality that 90% of people do not think she is physically attractive. They have the right to that opinion, and it is a widely held opinion. Does that make it “correct”? Perhaps, perhaps not. But that’s the beauty of subjectivity. It’s common sense. For someone to voice the opinion that she is “ugly” is not the same thing as “unwarranted hatred” or any other inflammatory nonsense you bleeding hearts use to incite ill will and a hatred of your own. A bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

    • yolans

      About time someone said this.

    • Lea

      They didn’t ‘voice an opinion’, they made a statement that appears to be a fact when it can’t actually being backed up with evidence. The person didn’t say ‘my opinion is…’, they said here is the world’s ugliest woman. Has this person measured this somehow? Have they met every woman in the world? If not they can’t make a public statement of fact like this, it is slander. Nothing bleeding heart about us objecting to that.

      • Matthew Brammer

        I wasn’t necessarily referring to the makers of the YT video. The statement was about the throngs of people, including many on this board, who are inciting hatred themselves and reverting to their own brand of namecalling, in the most hypocritical fashion, towards anyone who voices the opinion that she is “ugly” or anything else…and also trying equally as hard to force their opinion on others.

    • Tinwe

      I think creating a “false self-perception” that somebody is beautiful even tho they are not (and I’m not commenting on this lady here) is definitely a lot less harmless than doing it the other way around and ruining someone’s self esteem for life..How is that useless or constructive? It isn’t, it is just arrogant and mean. “YOu are ugly” “he is ugly” “she is ugly”…none of this is ever useful and never leads to anything good and it is never an objective truth..so what’s the point in saying it at all?! YOu talk about the beauty of subjectivity..what about the subjectivity of beauty?! WHy doesn’t everyone just decide who they find attractive and who not, instead of judging pointlessly who IS and ISN’T attractive..or beautiful..

      • Tinwe

        ehm, I meant a lot less harmfull, not harmless, sorry..I got overexcited,

      • Matthew Brammer

        The “subjectivity of beauty” goes both ways. This is all a two way street. Also it isn’t “arrogant or mean” to voice an opinion. This is the problem with society…the pendulum is starting to swing too far in the other direction. On one hand, we have severe problems with hatred, bullying, violence….but now, in order to combat that, we are starting to condemn anyone who says anything negative, ever. That’s just as bad, and doesn’t accomplish anything, either.

    • Azayki

      Have you ever heard “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” No, I don’t find EVERY person I meet attractive. And sometimes I think people choose really bad outfits. But, I don’t go around telling people these things because it’s NOT NICE. Focus on the positive things and your life will be more positive.

  • Asha Blue

    even the prettiest people seem ugly when their personalities suck, and the opposite is also true, when “ugly” people have beautiful personalities they shine

  • http://www.fitnessblondie.blogspot.com/ FitnessBlondie.blogspot.com

    Lizzie is not ugly at all. She has beautiful looks and even bigger beautiful soul and heart. What an absolute inspiration she is. God has blessed us with her!

  • A

    I think she is beautiful !

  • rick0857

    Here is the prime example of that old phrase “Beauty is only skin deep”!

  • TFM

    Would still bang.

  • RossPoldark

    When we stand before God, it is not our outer exterior, and what we look like that will matter. It is the soul; our merits and how we have treated others.

    • MidianGTX

      Shame people have to hold on to delusion to feel positive about themselves.

      • LovexTolerate

        It’s a shame you need to put down others’ beliefs. You give us Atheists and Agnostics a bad name when you put down others for what they believe. Nothing in RossPoldark’s comment suggested self-confidence is only achievable through “delusion.”

  • kbb

    who ever says she is ugly, surely haven’t checked himself well in the mirror in the morning. you are really bitches to judge others.

    • Doc C.

      Well said! :)

  • Missitaly

    Looks r not everything this women is truly powerful when she speaks … Very funny and entertaining in my opinion !!!! Ur awesome Lizzie keep doing what your doing truly inspirational :)

  • biddy

    Who ca. s what she looks like. She has more balls and brains plus directipn In life than the mindless numb sculls who sit encourages “opinions” to hide the fact that they have a servere lack of talent.

    I have observed one thing over the years. You hardly ever find successful people trying to tear someone down. they always encourage.

    Lizzie I have one word. Respect.

  • Doc C.

    The ugliest people are the ones that have to focus on someone that they think has problems as opposed to fixing their own. It is sad that there are so many people who feel the need to judge others when they really should be focusing on themselves. Obviously the people that are attacking others are really just hurt inside and have no common sense to realize it. Poor simple minds.


    Just remember that if it was your own child, you would love them unconditionally and always think they were beautiful. Obviously whoever had the time to sit there and make this terrible video calling this young girl “THE UGLIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD” one: has too Much time on their hands and two: needs to worry about themselves. Why doesn’t that person take a picture of themselves and let everyone rate them..SEE HOW YOU LIKE BEING JUDGING FOR YOUR EXTERIOR APPEARANCE YOU PEA-BRAINED INCONSIDERATE SORRY EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING.

  • diane young

    I don’t find her ugly at all! I think she’s amazing and beautiful! She has an amazing spirit and she’s right God does love her and God doesn’t make ugly! The person who put the video on YouTube is to be pitied!

  • Ashley Christine

    I personally think she’s beautiful!!! Inside AND out…you rock Lizzie!!!

  • wanda faye rigdon

    She is Amazing and Beautiful in her own way !

  • homebird

    i love her humor! She is great in seeing such a positive in the darkness of something that cannot be changed. No one’s perfect. How we live with it and resonate with our challenges is what truly matters. SHINE WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!

  • Cate

    I’m almost frustrated by the comments saying she’s. “beautiful”. That wasn’t the point she was trying to get across; Lizzie was trying to prove that what people say -good or bad- shouldn’t sway you from what YOU expect from yourself. Many people change their lives for others, instead of pursuing what they want out of their lives, and Lizzie was perfectly blunt when she said, “Don’t let others define you.”

    Her message focuses on showing off YOU; not the false sense of sympathy some of you are trying to prove to the world. If you want to congratulate this woman, and stand behind her, don’t back her on something so vain and “skin deep”. Celebrate her mind, her achievements, but don’t insult this video by saying, “She’s absolutely beautiful! And her hair is alive and bouncy! I can’t believe anyone would say she isn’t beautiful!” , because that goes COMPLETELY against what she’s trying to get us to see.

    • Azayki

      “Beautiful” doesn’t necessarily mean skin deep. As I’m sure most of us posting mean.

  • ayayc

    I now love her million more times than any of those high-self-esteemed so-called “beautiful” famous models. It is okay to be different. It is okay to not be as the others want you to be. Thank god love isn’t about beauty on the outside. It is about what you really are inside and how much you contribute in living. Do never feel alone, who says you’re ugly?

  • Rasmus Gregersen

    People should not judge her because of her outside. I find it terrible that the media is making it so important to be beautiful. It’s the inside that counts :) And she seems to have a great personality, thats what counts.

  • ST

    She’s smart, positive and funny, and that makes her a person I’d want to be friends with.

  • Jessica Akida Kennan

    I think she is adorable and I think people need to have a positive attitude like her. She is really beautiful person!

  • Pedro

    Gail Platts a lot worse!
    Seriously, she is.

  • Brooke

    I don’t know if you’ll get to see this…but I actually am commenting on something that really matters…not just physical appearances. I’m talking about real health. Just because you can’t gain weight doesn’t mean that junk food is healthy for you. Please please show yourself the love and respect that you deserve by eating quality, nourishing foods. What you put into your body does matter. It’s not just a weight issue, though I understand that has been the main focus for most of your life, unfortunately. Now is a great time to start educating yourself on how every single thing that we consume matters. You already know about surrounding yourself with positive people and positive energy…well, food is the same. We are building our cells out of the food we eat. Even though you are not “gaining weight”, your body is constantly renewing and replacing old or dead cells. If you want your organs, brain and immune system to function optimally you need to nourish yourself with the best possible foods available. Organic produce, high quality organic oils, free-range organic animal proteins, etc.
    I am a holistic nutritionist and have studied health and the effects of food on the body extensively and it’s a fact that food matters. Mainstream packaged foods and fast foods contain many toxins and create a state of dis-ease in the body. You mentioned in your Ted Talk that you get sick often…you can work on boosting your immune system if you choose to.
    Sending you blessings on your journey. You are doing good work in the world.

    • ST

      Brooke, I think Lizzie has had a lifetime of medical consultations, most likely including a nutritionist, and she probably knows better than you what she should and shouldn’t eat. This isn’t really the place for a health lecture from someone who doesn’t intimately know her medical situation.

      • Kathleen Cicelski

        Amen ST…..I guess they dont know how to read….It’s GENETIC!

        • Tracy Edwards

          She wasn’t saying she could eat better and gain weight. She was saying to eat better for her body and health. Eating right is not just about weight loss. Which is what she said in her post. Although I do agree with ST 100%.

    • Kathleen Cicelski

      Brooke, if you are a true “nutritionist, you should understand the word “genetic”……..I am sure this amazing woman has her diets and routines in place….When you post a web site at the end of your post, I believe you’re trolling…..And you didn’t READ the article….

    • Danielle

      People can eat junk food if they want to. It’s not going to kill them, only a certain amount which people would never be able to reach without getting sick and throwing up first. I’m pretty sure people would get the hint and stop eating that much after that happened. As long as you eat proper meals and are active ( a little or a lot ) you can eat what ever you want.

  • Jen12345

    You are beautiful inside and out! Nobody has the right to call somebody ugly! That is such a hateful thing to say and it can hurt someone so much. I don’t appreciate that we’re living in a society that is constantly telling us what beauty should look like. Let us decide for ourselves! Lizzie is an inspiration and in my eyes; very beautiful! ;)

  • Under Thecross

    My God! She has more beauty in her little frame than anyone I’ve seen. What a precious soul. I pray that she reaches her dreams and finds her true love and has children of her own. What an awesome mother she would be. People fear what they don’t know and make disgusting comments. It’s the dark side of our human nature but it takes a real ignorant and trashy person to post anything negative about this truly beautiful woman. Even with only a high school education, I could take an educated guess that she is 20 times more successful than the poster of any of the negative spew she has endured. May god bless her with a long life with prosperity.

  • http://www.danniwashington.com/ Danni Washington

    Lizzie! thank you so much for sharing your story. Keep shining your beautiful light into the world. You’ve deeply inspired me. MUCH LOVE xo

  • FormerLadyLaw

    Simply outstanding! One of the pieces of wisdom I gained from my mom, when kids
    would be mean to me, due to an eye disorder that forced me to wear a patch over
    one eye, was: kill ‘em with kindness. They soon decided I was an ok person after all.

  • Berman Chavda

    YOU are a special special woman! Amazing spirit and personality. Would love to meet you in person. When are you in UK

  • Mariafe Ferrolino

    you are really an inspiration!

  • Artchibald

    God bless this woman for her bravery, she is inspirational to us all without a doubt.

  • Atlantaguy79

    Do your thing! Outstanding inspiration!!!!

  • D

    Please do not reproduce though. I care less what you look like and more that you would pass on that genetic abnormality to another. To many bleeding hearts want to encourage people to pass on genetic mutations. Let her find true love but reproducing is a lack of compassion and a completely selfish act. She would put her sons or daughters at risk of a life like hers and that is not fair or kind. Life deals people a bad lot modern medicine keeps them alive this does not mean she should reproduce. No one should make fun of her or treat her poorly because of it however. Oh and on a complete side note the religious need to not hold a TEDx just because science doesn’t want to enter into the realm of religion.

    • CM

      Completely inappropriate comment. Eugenics (dictating who has the right to reproduce) lead to all of the Nazis horrible experiments and massacres. One would hope humanity has progressed and learned from these wrongs. As a geneticist who follows and diagnoses patients with rare disorders I find this stance completely appalling.

      • Jignya Patel

        agreed! She has every right to reproduce (yeah maybe physically she may not be able to carry the baby on her own, but she has other options that will allow her to reproduce AND IF SHE WANTS A child, SHE HAS EVERY RIGHT)…………people with medical complications have the right to live…..ask her if she’s grateful for the opportunity to LIVE? the answer would apply to her potential child as well.

    • Ariel

      Considering how rare her genetic condition is, it is near impossible for her to “pass it on”. Also, given how little we know, no one can conclude that it CAN be passed on. She would be a fantastic mom–absolutely no doubt–so she should absolutely raise kids if she wants to.

      • Lindsay C

        I agree she would be an amazing mother. Totally inappropriate comment from “D”. Thanks for the intelligent reply, CM.

    • Sly86

      Due to the rarity of her genetic abnormality, it is ridiculously unlikely. It’s probably carried by quite a few and only expresses itself in a minuscule amount of it’s carriers. It’s presence doesn’t mean that because hers was expressed she shouldn’t reproduce, I can’t even believe that you could insinuate such. People who carry downs syndrome, Parkinson’s, hell even Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome are very common and passable genetic illnesses. Based solely on your comment, you probably come from a very unintelligent, ignorant home. I think you missed the entire point of this speech, which was to show that what’s on the outside DOES NOT define you and that inner strength is more powerful than most can imagine. Apparently you view this purely as a genetic mistake and feel sorry for her but in truth, her life is richer and more fulfilling than most others, especially yours.

      I feel sorry for you. In a day and age like this one, your eyes and mind are so closed. Shame on you.

  • Claire

    Couldn’t help but cry a little. She is really a beautiful human being, and I wish everyone could have an attitude like her!

  • lesliebeverly

    it is just terrible how people “GET OFF” on other peoples disabilities, little do they know just how UGLY they really are on the inside as well as on the outside, Be BRAVE young LADY, GOD has a plan for you!


    Someone would get rich if they placed a bet on her not reproducing at all.

    • Kholoud

      If u dont reproduce urself, u’ll give the world a favour


        The world needs more people like me. More like i’d be doing the world a favor. Thank you to me.

        • qwertyqueen

          why would the world need someone like you? someone who puts people down most likely because you’re insecure about yourself. You obviously don’t realize how beautiful Lizzy actually is. Her speech is truly inspiring and she is using someone’s hurtful words in a positive way. Without people like Lizzy, we would not have a true perspective on disadvantages. She teaches people what living is about and looks aren’t everything. So, if you could kindly stop all of your negativity and accept Lizzy as she is. There is no reason for other hateful comments from you. Thank you. Lizzy, you are truly inspiring!

        • Jess

          Milk time Kid…….!!!!! :DLMAO

    • Azayki

      Really? Because I’m pretty certain there’s at least one guy out there who sees how beautiful she is.


        Blind people don’t count.

        • Jake

          She might not be conventionally attractive by hats all thanks to the brainwash of what we’ve grown up on: people looking exactly opposite of her. When you love, you’ll realize the inside take over the outside. That’s wisdom. I’d say she isn’t conventionally pretty but I don’t hate people, and who knows, I might fall for her.

  • kim bunchalastnames

    why couldn’t/can’t youtube purge the video? you would think it’s a violation of their terms of service. jeez.

    • Antonio Fernandes


  • Ellasmama

    I’ve seen ‘uglier’ people, but the girl with the genetic disorder is an ‘easy’ target, therefore that’s who the bullies chose to pick on. Beauty is in the eye if the beholder and everyone is beautiful to someone. It’s nice to read Lizzie sees herself as a beautiful person (I’m sure her parents see how precious and beautiful she is, too). Confidence is a strong factor of beauty.

  • Loulou

    Her hair is amazing! Wah :(

  • Doug

    What do you mean Ugly? I don’t see any Ugliness here. All I see is a beautiful heart with a bright mind!

  • NoRINO

    She is far better looking than Moochelle.

  • Aaron

    She is a beautiful person. Now, the person who posted this video..they are an ugly human being.

  • Kholoud

    Go Lizzie Go! Keep up the good spirit! Thank you for motivating me :)

  • zubumafoo

    She is lovely!

  • Muzz

    She’s unfortunate, but lovely in her own way.

    On a different note, I wish the media and educational system would stop confusing ill-mannered teasing/ridiculing with bullying. Bullying must include threats of violence.

    • Karen

      I’m afraid you’re mistaken about that.
      To suggest that bullying must include physical threats to qualify, is to suggest that emotional abuse is not as damaging as physical abuse and by extension that mental health is not as important as physical health.

      • Dan

        No but according to Oxford’s definition of the word bullying means: “use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.” No one was trying to get this girl to do something, nor were they using superior strength. You could perhaps try to argue that influence suggests other means such as emotional torment, but I feel that it still is a weak connection at best. Muzz is correct in saying that the media should consider what is occurring as harassment, or ridiculing rather than bullying, based upon it’s definition.

        • malaviKat

          Or perhaps we need to expand our definition of the term ‘bullying’?

          • Antonio Fernandes

            The word bullying, I guess like it or not, seems to have grown into the umbrella term for a movement to raise awareness about cruelty among students/young people. Probably for the better– though perhaps one could argue that bullying sounds sort of innocuous.. thoughts?

        • lemonlime

          Definition of bully in English

          Pronunciation: /ˈbʊli/
          Translate bully | into French | into German | into Italian | into Spanishnoun (plural bullies)
          a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker:he is a ranting, domineering bully

          influence can be used to mentally and emotionally harm and intimidate ppl its not just physical

        • Azayki

          No one was trying to get her to do anything? Did you not hear her when she said they told her to kill herself? And you are trying to argue that it isnt bullying?

  • Eren Doguoglu

    That was very touching. Haven’t listened to something that moved me so much in a long time

  • colleen

    whoever that man was who posted the video must be the ugliest male on earth and is no different than hitler… you do not make fun of people with disabilities.. it saddens me how people like that could exist..

    • Aaron

      lol I agree with you, but you really shouldn’t just assume it’s a man

      • Katrina

        It says right in the post

        “but the unidentified figure who posted it professed he would never remove it.”

        And you are so beautiful inside and out Lizzie. Thanks so much for sharing your story!!

        • Schibetta

          I wonder how they can say the poster is a male yet say he’s unidentified. Hmmm…

          • vh

            “he” is the chosen pronoun when you have an unidentified gender

          • Schibetta

            I know lol. Sarcasm my friend. My comment was for people who didn’t know what you just said and assume a male posted the video of this woman because of the chosen pronoun.

            Hats off to Lizzie.

      • C.Ryne

        A woman wouldn’t post something like this, you didn’t know that??

    • Nurdan

      i would “thank” that guy who put the 1st video abt her, so it touched her heart and woke the braveness in herself. Sometimes we need “a slap on our face to wake up and understand the things deeper”. I had that kind of experience in my life which made me stronger though i cried when it happened to me 1st. Soo, i totally would like to thank that guy, in result we are listening this amazingly brave woman and encourages thousands of people now…

  • Hailes

    She is not ugly, the many parts of human beings are

  • Kei

    How is she ugly? She is so beautiful! I have never heard someone speak that beautifully and honestly in so long! She is a fun person and I hope she can help change this world :D

  • Xalladus


    You did an excellent job with your speech, it was very interesting to listen to throughout. I just couldn’t get over the feeling that it was still missing something. You started by explaining who you are and what you have, then you brought it inwards, to a personal look at how it affected you growing up and then we get to the climax, where you had the youtube video posted and you cried your eyes out. Finally you decided to no longer be victimized and use the adversity to help propel yourself if the direction that you wanted to go. What left me feeling empty was that you never really explained how or why. Somewhat arbitrarily, it seems, you decided that you would have a purpose and direction, but where did all of that come from? What changed? I have my ideas of what it was, but it would be so much more satisfying to hear to you say it. That little bit of information articulated correctly would have made your speech go from interesting to enlightening for me.

    Take it or leave it,


    • Daniel Burnett

      My guess? She was just sick of feeling the way she did, had had enough, and so she decided to change her outlook. Emotional strength s a rare commodity, but she clearly is one of the lucky ones who has it.

  • kelly

    You have inspired me so much just by watching this. I have never thought about what defines me and who I am. Thank you so much Lizzy. Keep going and fighting and keep your head up we are all beautiful no matter what people say and I am so proud of how you got through all this and how you still no matter what kept your head up and never let anyone put you down!!!!!! Keep it up !!!!!

    • jake

      From the time you think she can inspire you , you already label her as ugly .
      If you really think shes normal just like others why give different treatment to her ? Cant just treat her like any other billion person in this world ?

      • Katielou

        What is inspirational is that she found herself on the internet with a label is that she is the ugliest woman alive and instead of crying and hiding she chose to put herself out there and educate people on bullying which she faced the worst kind and she did it with class.

      • ExJAG

        Surely, jake, you’re not really that obtuse.

      • Kira

        Because she’s been told all her life that she isn’t normal and that she’s “ugly” – so watching her prove those people wrong in the face of adversity means she deserves some props. Kudos to Lizzie – keep on fighting you beautiful lady!

  • Jon

    God Bless you Lizzie!

  • Liz Luu

    You are by far the most beautiful, brave, inspirational woman I ever had the pleasure of learning about in my entire life.

  • Heather

    She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen and heard. God Bless you Lizzie.


    I find it funny that the only people calling her beautiful are fellow women. FEMINISTS UNITE!

    • Nick

      Dude, you make guys look like dicks. Please stop.


        You should look though. Look at the comments that call her “beautiful”. It’s only women saying that.

        • Nick

          …..sigh. Never mind.

        • deckogecko

          I think you are confused… I think you mean to say that she is not conventionally good looking. Which of course is entirely subjective and even agreed ideals of ‘good looking’ vary between cultures and societies. But ‘good looking’ is very different from Beautiful,, which is something that is universally recognized.

          The people commenting that she is beautiful are absolutely right,, the fact that it’s predominantly women is no surprise given the fact that women generally have a better ability at recognizing ‘beauty’ while too many of men miss beauty in favour of their personal flavour of ‘good looking’.

          In any case,, your general lack of compassion makes you seem,,, well Ugly…. and I don’t mean the ‘I don’t wanna shag you’ kind of ugly, I mean the real kind of ugly,, like the guy who posted the youtube video….

          • GREATEST EVER

            The guy who posted the video probably thought the same thing. Boy, this woman is hideous in looks. Even if it is wrong to say that, it is VERY TRUE. If the guy posted the video and she was just average, then i could agree on the backlash, but come on, she makes me cringe just by seeing her.

          • Jackass

            ‘Beauty’ is B.S. my brother. I hope the people in your life are a little more charitable to you if your face is ever disfigured by a freak accident.

          • Lauren B

            She is definitely not the most ugly woman in the world. That is just beyond terrible someone would say something so awful about another person. I think she is fantastic!

        • ExJAG

          How many nearly identical comments are you going to leave on this topic?

        • Master of Unlocking

          Have you ever asked yourself why you’ve been spending so much of your precious time posting on this article? What does that indicate?

          You’ve said your piece; now run along.

        • Guest

          May you never be so harshly spoken about, regardless how “very true” it is. May God forgive your own unenlightened soul.

          • GREATEST EVER

            The truth hurts.

          • Jess

            Yes the TRUTH is you are a DOG and that too MAD one:D lol .No one really is interested to what you say in here..so step back.:Dlol

        • Jess

          Am a guy and I love the way she looks ..she is “BEAUTIFUL” Love you Lizzie.she can be a beautiful Sister, wife,Mother and a friend. She is so complete .One word she is just “perfect:love you sweetheart.:)God is guiding you dear keep moving dunt stop.<3

          • GREATEST EVER

            Sister- Yes
            Wife- LMAO
            Mother- God forbid
            Friend- Yes

          • Jess

            Every DOG has a day….so i’ll let you bark!! TOMMY…:D:D ha ha ha ha ha ha LMAO

    • Nolan Speed

      I find your lack of compassion and understanding laughable. I hope one day you will escape the darkness that is your own ass, because it’s surrounding your head.


        Facts are facts, sir. The comments support my assertion. If you do not agree with me, please do take a look for yourself and you’ll see my only crime was to enlighten the ignorant.

        • ExJAG

          Har-de-har-har, “greatest ever,” I am reporting in from male land.
          I know your kind. Your “enlighten[ing] the ignorant” is everyone else’s “man, you should see this idiot I met at the party.”
          male former US naval officer

          • GREATEST EVER

            First off, I would like to thank you for your service to the country.

            Perhaps my choice of words didn’t please you. I was simply trying to point out a fact, which is blatantly true, that you can find by reading the comments here.

    • Meggles3890


    • David L Bradford Jr.


    • Leah

      All that shows is that the women who read this article are a bit more enlightened than our male counterparts. I don’t think it’s a feminist thing. It’s a compassionate human thing, she’s a beautiful person and that’s coming from someone who isn’t much of a feminist


        More like she is one of yours and “Us girls need to stick together”.

        • meggles3890

          And you and your posse of ignorant internet trolls need to stick together too. Let me guess, you are a lonely human being in need of attention. Internet dating websites may be more of your forte. I would suggest you stick to that instead of being a contrary, bored tool.

          • GREATEST EVER

            Did i upset your feminist soul? I’m sure you know your way around dating websites… “meggles”…Lmao.

    • Zenrei

      Women finding her beautiful and inspiring has nothing to do with being feminist. She just spoke about fears, doubts and emotions that many people experience, both men and women (women just tend be more open about it). Very real experiences that people have everyday when subjected to the pressure of opinions of “small minds” and the judgment of the truly insecure people that live in superficial worlds… Therefore, women that can relate will find her inspiring… her tenacity is amazing as well as the choice she made to have a positive disposition. It’s refreshing… and that IS beautiful!
      For the guy that finds the comments to be “feminist”… seems like there might be something else “getting your panties in a bunch”… go “bitch” about something else … pity you for your arrogance and for being such a sad little soul… hope you find a better way to deal with your issues than trying to tarnish a commentary…


        I am not arrogant. Only women can relate to her “beauty”. Why? Because women are often shamed for being fat, too skinny and other variety of things dealing with physique. She has a strong will and spirit, but leave it at that. Don’t overdo it by saying she is beautiful.

        • Jess

          Whom should we blame,we’re taught by society that our worth is found in the idols of our culture—technology, status, youth, sex, power, money,attractiveness, outer beauty. If you base your self worth on the external world, you’ll never be capable of self-love. Feeling worthy requires you
          to see yourself with fresh eyes of self-awareness, and love.That Lazzie has and is sharing it with the world. Acceptance and love must come from within. I
          feel you have not accepted yourself Greatest, how can u accept others it’s not possible.You need to
          sit and thinking over this seriously. The other options is better visit a psychiatrist! You don’t have to be different to be beautiful. Your beauty is in your true nature, a core of love and inner goodness.You are a beautiful light Lazzie…. You are love in human form. We can bury our magnificence,
          but it’s impossible to destroy. So your comments is already thrown into the trash Greatest “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” She is beautiful in and out. Lizzie you are a Rock star!! And I love you..:)))

          • GREATEST EVER

            Lol, you are a woman. You would stick up for her obviously. Congrats to her for accepting herself. She truly is the world’s most hideous thing though. One thing doesn’t change another. That definition of beautiful definitely fits someone like her. Sometimes it’s better for some people to keep believing a lie.

          • Jess

            LOL :D No let me tell you I love the confidence you’v got buddy (wish too see your Ugly face) Is your name “Greatest” wow..its time you change it to “worst-ever” ha ha ha am a Man..and I stick to what I have said above.Also mean each word..go and read it once more.You see more then words..(even gender omg)LMAO You definitely need a psychiatrist!!! man.:D:D

          • GREATEST EVER

            Well. I only saw women sticking up for that thing.

            If you are a man and are sticking up for her, you are either

            1) Gay
            2) A feminist trapped in a man’s body

            You should hide your face for calling that thing beautiful. I can see how low your standards are.

          • Jess

            U only
            saw woman..?? Really plz go and count the comments that has been posted in
            here, so many guys who have accepted her as a beautiful person both in and out,
            Now it’s time you need glasses. By now I know you are Blind in & out coz if
            you really had sight you wouldn’t call a human being like you a “THING” you
            need to open up a bit more I guess .So your comments hardly matters now to
            anyone here. And lemme tell you am not a “Gay” am very much straight
            and a Man:)).Well I think you really have wrong way of judging people. But you’v
            made one thing clear by now everyone knows hare .how low your standard is. And
            so you keep on saying things can’t change the truth and reality, I know it’s
            getting hard on you:DSo go on an on I’ve open the drain so that your comments
            pass through them easily..I can only pray that GOD sends better souls here on earth.
            Greatest well I dunt want you to hide your face, coz people should see how much
            evil we live with, for light is more attractive when the darkness surrounds it.
            So Angel like Lizzie are the light, that make are life sooooo… beautiful and peaceful.:)))
            I really feel sorry for your family & friends, donno how your parents
            tackle you. want to know are you a man trapped in a woman’s body ?,coz you’ve
            got so much angry & hatred towards accepting a person specially (Woman).So
            your comments goes back to the trash!!!! :D LOL You have this disorder called
            (ASD) well if you got confused it’s called “Attention seeking disorder “ You should
            have been banned here by now ,donno why still your fighting your lost battle,
            well I guess every DOG have a day and I’ll let you bark! Am sorry but I think
            you should visit a psychiatrist!!! As soon as possible dude..:) and start
            living like a “”MAN”” if that’s possible ever :D would be Great Great

          • GREATEST EVER

            Maybe you need to learn how to type in English. Your English will only get you far in 7/11.

          • Jess

            Yeah coz English is not my “Mother tongue” so I dunt really a have to worry that much.My message is clear….But you a have to learn a looooooot!! in life dude.feel sorry for you. I can only Pray for u.:D no more comments:DLOL

          • GREATEST EVER

            Learn English. Yu type lyke a retard

          • Jess

            Yeah!! latest I can learn it….rite..I’V got some hope.But I feel really sorry for u YOU , coz u are one hopeless guy..with no goal in life one word you are “NOTHING” And so your comments goes back to the……………..hey! gud u guessed it rite this time TRASH!!!!!!:D :DLMAO

          • GREATEST EVER

            The retard that wanted to learn English…He never could.

            Does the 3rd world country you live in not have any English schools?

    • Sonny2000

      No I don’ t believe women are the only ones to have called her beautiful on this discussion, look into it. If you scan more of the replies you’ll see that Ms. Valasquez has quite the male following, how could her true beauty not be noticed?


        I’m referring to physical beauty. Looks. NOT personality.

        The male following has praised her spirit, personality and will. The FEMALE following has praised her “physical beauty” and “looks”.

  • mozziem

    You go girl!! You are awesome and inspirational – may we all learn and be motivated by your story! Thank you!

  • Curtis

    You’re beautiful Lizzie! Inside and out.

  • Tina Marie Chabot Carlson

    Lizzie you are gorgeous, I have great respect and admiration for you..

  • Markus Auclair

    Oh god her life story. Maybe you’re not the model of beauty. But you have the most gorgeous soul and attitude. I hope you can live a long prosperous life.

  • LC

    I’ve seen much uglier women, fat, morbidly obese women who can control their appearance

    • The_Pirate_Blues

      Did you not get anything from this talk about not judging people by their outside appearance? Seriously, did you & I just listen to the same talk? You’ve just come out hating on fat people for their appearance (being ugly – in your terms). Maybe you should watch the video again and see if you “get it” this time. I’m technically overweight, but I don’t think I’m gross or ugly. I know obese people who are cheerful and good fun (and god forbid – attractive). I’m not overweight from stuffing my face with junk food, but you know what – I don’t have to justify why I’m overweight to you. Just watch her talk again and see if you get the REAL message coming from it. Or keep hating on “ugly fat women” if that is what really entertains you. This video was LOST on you :( Oh yeah – and I love that it’s “fat, morbidly obese women” who you find ugly (uglier?) – no mention of men! Does that mean you think fat morbidly obese men are.. attractive? I don’t really want the answer – rhetorical question to your inane and ignorant comment.

  • hande

    You are beautiful , beauty is not just what you see, it is what you made me feel while listening to you .

  • Niv ED

    You’re beautiful inside and out ! just perfect :)

  • Tim Gorman

    God Bless her and shame on the individual for posting the video,ignorance is a much worse disease than what she has

  • David L Bradford Jr.

    I’ve done worse! Lol


      Damn…..Just damn….

  • JNick

    So awesome. This is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in a very long time. What an incredible encouragement. Lizzie, thank you so much for this – I needed to be reminded that our choices define us, and not our circumstances.

  • Nyomie

    I find you very beautiful and attractive inside out. Your personality is wonderful. In my opinion, you are better than me in so many ways

  • Eva Pacifico

    bright souls shine through <3

  • Linzie Rosa

    Beautiful INSIDE AND OUT.

  • BlueBaBeda

    You’d make a great comedian, Lizzie. XD

  • Loandlo

    It was meant for Lizzie to be on the internet so her talent for communicating and giving
    people hope would come through. She has a mission and it seems that she is doing it
    very well!! It may be a long time away, but eventually all of us will lose our lives and our earthly bodies, but our spirits as well as Lizzie’s will be the most beautiful ever.

  • Georgia

    Honestly, EVERY women is beautiful even if they can help it or not! This lady is inspiring to other women which makes here even more beautiful! She doesn’t judge herself and she doesn’t judge other people! So why the heck do we?!?!

  • Shawna

    You are one of the most beautiful and inspiring women I have ever listened to! You have an amazing gift for motivational speaking and your humor takes it to the top! God bless you in your success and you would be a blessing serving as a wife and mother!

  • Barbara Peyton

    So inspiring! What a beautiful young lady –inside and out!! You will go even farther. God bless.

  • Duncan Allen


    • anoesis

      Because using all caps is considered yelling at the top of your lungs at us. You can make your point without ALL caps.

    • http://TedSlater.com/ Ted Slater

      All caps are harder to read.

  • vanhattan

    Stunning. I wish I had more beautiful like her in my life!!!! All the best Lizzie and big love.

  • http://juarezpaf.com juarezpaf

    Impressive! One of the most incredible presentations I’ve seen in my entire life. Congratz Lizzie for such a brave spirit and this courage you have inside out.

  • KC

    You are an inspiration Lizzie. I hope all your dreams come true. A shining star….

  • Saintdre

    She has a spirit stronger than anyone I know, including myself. Her strength, perseverance and perspective on life is truly admirable.

  • John McCurley

    Some people can be such assholes.

  • tinker

    you go girl

  • Jill Sluiter Babcock

    I greatly admire the courage and indomitable spirit of this women.

  • Kat

    Such courage and strength. God put this beautiful woman on earth for all of us to know. She is amazing!

  • Vy Nguyen

    We all have a problem, I did saw her on youtube. I was told by many peoples there are peoples who life are much worst than mine, and Every single day I told myself to be strong and not disappointed for what I have but that’s life. Lizzie are so strong she’s the person to bring a true woman into this society.

  • StillJustMe

    What a wonderful woman! God bless her for the person she is and for choosing a positive way to live with her disorder. Also, great hair :)

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    I think she is hot!!!

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    I think she has the most adorable voice… She’s an inspiration.

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    The “heart” is the true indicator of beauty, and we should all inspire to achieve such inner qualities.

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    Lizzie’s differences make her beautiful.

  • Stephanie

    she’s beautiful

  • Addy

    You really can change lives through your words. Thank you for striving to be what you are today. I feel so blessed to have heard your story, and it makes me want to do and be more. God bless!

  • Tam

    Thankyou Lizzie for sharing your story. You truly are an inspiration to us all. Positivity is free in this world and as you say, use the negativity to keep climbing that ladder. You will achieve all of your goals and more. I have nothing but admiration for you!

  • Neilsick

    Who decided she was the ugliest woman in the world? I really don’t understand. How is she the ugliest woman in the world?

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    Love it!

  • guest

    She seems like such a sweet and an intelligent person with a wonderful sense of humor. Real beauty comes from the inside and she is gorgeous!

  • guest

    She’s one of only THREE people on EARTH with this genetic condition. Wow. Talk about rare.

  • Jason L

    Disagree – she is far from the “world’s ugliest woman”. Every single person who has bullied and condemned her for this is a much uglier person. Good for her for being such a strong woman! She should be labeled “world’s bravest woman”

  • Kathleen

    Society is ugly. Lizzie, you are beautiful.

  • Carol

    That person who refused to remove the youtube video may not have an ugly appearance but he has the ugliest heart and personality. He has no right to do such an act! Bravo to Lizzie Velasquez for being so strong and brave. Please continue to inspire us and be who you are :)

  • April k

    Lizzie, you are amazingly awesome! Thank you for the inspirational speech,
    I needed it.

  • Sonny2000

    No, at first glance I didn’t see the beauty that is Lizzie Valasquez. She isn’t beautiful by the warped standards that we have set for what is and what isn’t beautiful. But, I found as I looked longer at her pictured and set aside all those ignorant lessons we have all been exposed too, I realized the picture of loveliness that was before me. Thank you Ms. Lizzie Valasquez for having the courage to show all of us real beauty.

  • Brandon D. Clifton

    You do not know me,but I love you Lizzie! Thank you so much for this.

  • raf

    When I first saw your pic “ugly” did not even cross my mind. I think someone’s personality and how they treat others is what makes them beautiful or “ugly”. God gives people only what they can handle. You are doing great and look good doing so! Wish you much happiness and success in life and I hope you are a major inspiration to all who have struggled in life and a voice for the other two that share this conditon.

  • t23cherry

    Lizzie….you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Inside and out!

  • QuoteBuster

    yeah,…. the quote is probably wrong… “Lizzie Velasquez ‘Knows God sees her true beauty'”… If Ms. Velasquez said it, then she would have said “I know Gods sees my trued beauty” and the correct quote would have been “Lizzie Velasquez ‘know[s] God sees [her] true beauty'”

  • Cassie Chlon

    You are an amazing and strong women. You are funny, smart, and beautiful. Do not let others negative thoughts and actions get you down. Those who say hateful things about you are the ‘Ugly’ ones. Such an inspirational speech. Amazing!

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    amazing woman! such a sweetheart.. thank you for reminding us of what beauty really means..

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    Lizzy, I’m glad you didn’t stay in the dark and I love the way you are. Infact I am going to say I love you as a person right now because that’s Everything that matters to me. To me All I know is that you’re a person that can sooth my heart more than others. You have no Idea who the real monsters are and I hope it stays that way. The real monsters are in daily society with masks who doesn’t care how one feels. Because feelings and emotion truly does make you a person. Not your looks; but if you had to be reminded of this and had to think about it. Are you even a being that can love? Which in human theory, a person.

  • Kathleen

    You have defined yourself, Lizzie. You are a beautiful and strong woman, Keep climbing up your ladder of goals. It was a privilege to listen to you speak.

  • Drav R

    hope she has a good personality.

    • jeeplover3241

      your an idiot!

    • kati

      way to be a dick

      • Drav R

        ? that’s not very polite. You don’t even know me.

    • Judy

      I hope YOUR looks are better than your personality.

      • Drav R

        why you gotta hate?

  • Rashmi

    You are an amazing woman! truly inspirational…god bless you! Wish you the best!

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    I think I’ve found the ugliest person in the world…it’s none other than that cretin who would take this beautiful angel and and name her the ugliest……Lizzie, you have the kind of beauty I’ve always aspired to achieve, yet never succeeded. You are my inspiration to keep trying, thank you!

  • Arno

    Lizzie, You are like the Kite flying bird, the more wind against it, the higher flies, please keep flying high!!!

  • Joseph

    Lizzy u are a beautiful beautiful lady don’t listen to that YouTube piece if scum who put this up about you keep doing your thing and inspiring people all over the world this is a cold sick world we live in dont let it bother you beautiful you go girl

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    My god, you are gorgeous! I would be honored to have you share my lifetime. Truth

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    Lizzie, you are an inspiration and you are a beautiful woman.

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    Lizzie, you are a child of God and you are beautiful inside and out.. Remember, physical beauty is only a skin deep what matters most is you character. I think you are a strong-willed woman full of aspirations in life. You are a peculiar person and being such makes you really admirable. Go for your goals in life… keep praying! Take care.

  • filomena

    Lizzie you are the most beautiful person inside and out

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    Lizzie you’re god’s child… the most beautiful woman in the world !

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    You’re so courageous for sharing your story with all of us!! You’re a beautiful person, and the heart is the most important ! In the LDS Church there’s a beautiful song called ‘I Am A Child Of God’, which you would love! Good luck and much happiness to you!

  • aui

    just appreciate who you really are…doesn’t matter what others say..the most important thing is we must accept ourselves..beauty did not only comes from the beautiful faces but also from a beautiful heart..love who we really are…

  • Soapy Ford

    You are Truly Beautiful Lizzy!!!

  • dude

    she’s got more courage than Michael bay

  • Pastor of Muppets

    Plastic surgery. This whole story on this creature is ridiculous.

    • Alexander Brooks

      Dream that you someday become of a fraction of the sheer beauty manifested in her. 62lbs of something you need to strive for.

      • Pastor of Muppets

        That thing is 62 lbs of devil poop.

    • Bri

      Don’t worry, hell is filled with people like you. You’ll get along just fine

      • Pastor of Muppets

        Hell is filled with Lizzie demons and retards like you. God made me perfect in every way. :)