• Abby

    A dereliction of duty and the American people should fire all people in govt. who refuse to enforce the laws on the books that are there to protect the rights and property of Americans.

    • IHateLibs

      Over HALF should be HUNG for FRAUD and TREASON TOO

      • Mobetta Jenkem

        Oh, no!

        That’s not right!

        The correct word is “HANGED,” friend.

        That’s not only the right word, it’s also the right thing to do…

        • AG Dot Com!

          ↑ this guy. I like this guy.

        • Mr Nobody

          And the first ones needs to be the ones in the Black House.

  • IHateLibs

    LOCK n LOAD America . COMPLETE and Total LAWLESSNESS is a Coming Event . Very Very soon too.

  • AG Dot Com!

    I’ve been saying it for several years now, and each year the Obama/Holder admin adds more fuel to the fire. I count a minimum of 5 acts of treason and/or sedition worth pressing so far. Hopefully Congress will start getting it too.

  • setemfree

    Illegal aliens should be deported, put in Fema camps, or eliminated. There choice.

  • AR154U

    Why shouldn’t they,. after all Americans have given up and fly the white flag daily !! Look at our movies, music and government,.. always at WAR with our fundamental rights and culture ! Obama re-elected and PROMOTES LAWLESSNESS from the Oval Office, but uses the force of the entire US Government to go after religious groups on ObamaCare contraception, but lets weed become legal everywhere !!!

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