BEAUTY & BRAINS: Former Miss America Describes Her History-Making Republican Run for Congress

Erika Harold, who was crowned Miss America in 2003, announced last summer that she would be running for the Republican nomination for Illinois’s thirteenth Congressional district. As Miss America, she spent her reign promoting her messages of bullying prevention and abstinence.

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  • Gilly

    Republican women are classy and beautiful. They are usually women of substance and not fluff.

    • Alleged Comment

      Demoncrap women are all mean, ugly, weird looking bunch. I could name them but I don’t want to scare anybody.

      • theronald

        While you are at it, don’t forget the Hildebeast.

        • Alleged Comment

          Yes, Hillarous Clinton (lesbian bitch).



  • Votes for Harold

    Hey this is a great idea, Nancy Pelosi started out as ‘ Miss Jiffy Lube of 1955.’ Politics badly needs something more than an Oil Change. Erika Harold is more beautiful and much much smarter as a real Republican always is.



  • fliteking

    Not sure she is even half african american . . . but she has accomplished a great deal . . . . good for her and any other americans that hope to follow her example.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Miss Harold is biracial and embraces it. I noticed that mixed raced people such as, Halle Berry, Alycia Keys, and Barack Obama, not only identify themselves as black, they’re also politically leftist as well. Otoh, mixed race people who identify as such; Miss Harold, Ryan Bomberger, and Erik Rush are politically conservative. Erika is one of the best things to come out of Chicago.

      • fliteking

        Great points. On an individual basis race has little meaning to me.

        Tradition, Family, God, Church, the Constitution, Freedom . . . these are important things.,

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Miss Harold is something Barack Ovomit claims to be, but isn’t: a Ivy League grad. This lady is going places. Godspeed, Ericka!

  • Deepizzaguy

    Erika is smarter than she looks.

  • AR154U

    Here’s some FREE advice Erika,.. STAY AWAY FROM BILL CLINTON !!,.. then again you probably already knew this!!

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