Michelle Obama’s Not-Quite-Right Fundraising Story

Hopping aboard a taxpayer-funded airplane, Mrs. Obama recently scooted out to California to work the fundraising circuit. Michelle dropped in at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco for a DNCC women’s luncheon where she urged big-money donors to “dig deep” and “max out.”

The main purpose of Michelle’s trip was to raise money to finance the 2014 mid-term elections so that those who share Obama’s twisted anti-American values can help the president drive the final nail in America’s coffin. According to the first lady, Obama wants to lift up the middle class and restore opportunity to those who, since he was elected, have lost all hope for the future.

Michelle seems convinced that Americans “working 40 or 50 hours a week” who are now “stuck in poverty” can count on those who caused the mess to fix it.

During her stem-winder Michelle brought up the usual “there but for the grace of God go I” baloney that neither she nor Barack actually believe. She also stressed that “Our young daughters are counting on us to fight for their rights and freedoms,” which is code for abortion rights.

The first lady promoted the American Dream that, thanks to her husband, is fast becoming a socialistic nightmare, and applauded the ACA, which seriously hurts the five million Americans who lost their health insurance if they should receive a “terrible diagnosis” or have a “horrible accident.”

Michelle conveyed visual examples of Americans “falling off a cliff” and going without “food and medicine or a roof over [their] heads,” all situations that have intensified while Obama’s been playing president for the last five years.

To advance the liberal agenda, Michelle implored, “there is something that all of you can do right now… you can write a check…  And if you’ve written one… write another one…  Write a big old check.  Write the biggest check that you can possibly write.”

Then, Michelle goaded donors to “Leave San Francisco. Leave this bastion. Go out into the wilderness” – door-to-door and solicit the “bitter clinger” vote.

But amidst all the usual fundraising hogwash, what stood out the most were the glaring contradictions concerning how to achieve success in America.

How can a Princeton/Harvard-educated woman jet hither and yon, for free, on a jet paid for by the American taxpayer, beg for handouts from the rich to further “social justice” and then say, “[w]e don’t believe in handouts.  We don’t believe that anyone should get a free ride”?

Then, to convince donors to contribute money to elect liberals she believes will give the less-privileged a “fair shot,” Michelle Obama tells her own “working-class kid from the South Side of Chicago” hard-luck story of growing up in a family that wasn’t rich.

If her story is true, it was her father’s hard work, a stable family life, and personal determination that helped Michelle Obama eventually graduate law school. That means regardless of her circumstances, the first lady’s accomplishments had nothing to do with government giving her a “fair shot.” In reality, Michelle is where she is today because she was a “kid with … big dreams,” a measure of individual resolve, and responsible parents.

Yet Mrs. Obama continues to promote the lie that government central can impart something to America’s children that bureaucratic bolstering has proven it does not have the power to do. In fact, Michelle is so committed to perpetuating that falsehood that she didn’t tell just one hardscrabble story, she told two!

Next, she shared the plight of Troy Simon, a young man with a troubled childhood from “a struggling family in New Orleans.” At 14 years of age, “Troy still couldn’t read.  Troy couldn’t write.  Troy couldn’t even count very well.”

According to Michelle, Troy “got to work…buckled down at school,” caught up, applied to college, and is now a sophomore at Bard College majoring in American Literature. In other words, Troy Simon turned his life without government prodding, handouts and free rides.

At some point Troy decided that he wanted to succeed, and went about it without Joan Baez singing at a tony San Francisco hotel or Michelle Obama telling rich people to cough up another huge check. That’s why someone should politely inform Mrs. Obama – who indicts America by implying there is a lack of opportunity whenever she says, “Not in America. That’s not who we are” – that Troy Simon’s achievement is exactly who America is.

Clearly, Michelle does not recognize the confusion caused by pushing the nanny state using gutter-to-glory stories of personal triumph. Nonetheless, she continues to say, “I can’t help but think how their story could be my story.  But I also remember that my story can be their story if we give these kids a chance.”

Whether Michelle Obama realizes it or not, Troy Simon’s story is her story. That’s why, the next time the first lady is out fundraising, hard work, self-determination, and the wisdom to avail oneself of America’s unparalleled opportunity is the story she ought to be sharing.

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Image: Courtesy of: http://www.blacklistednews.com/For_Queen_Michelle,_17_Days_in_

About the author: Jeannie DeAngelis

Jeannie DeAngelis, born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island, is a wife, mother and grandmother to three grandsons. She has written for politically-themed articles for conservative websites like American Thinker and Breitbart, emphasizing current events as well as the full range of liberal hypocrisy in politics and Hollywood, and pro-life issues. Jeannie publishes a blog at www.jeannie-ology.com.

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  • Fred

    Nothing but hypocrisy and the sad thing is, is that these supposed elites buy this smack.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

      we offer our daughters the opportunity to be raped by bringing in all the Muslims who believe this is ok. you call that an opportunity mrs. Obama! I don’t. I fear for my own 12 year old granddaughter nowadays!

      • lara

        Our children are all in danger…

      • StingRay

        Arm your granddaughter and teach her to become a proficient shot!

  • ill_Eagle_Human

    Everything illogical forms the basis of
    the “Progressive” movement. Tear down belief in deity; replace it with belief
    of a god-like presence on earth, coming in the form of diversity. Defy the
    existence of the “law of natural selection” by supporting the freeloaders of a
    low class. Mass the population into a “middle class” while forcing their
    dependency on government to support the King want-to-be in the lifestyle of the
    hated “rich class”.

    But, then, what would you expect from the
    first president of “Anti-American decent”?

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      This is a great post Eagle. ‘We The People’ have to be vigilant in our response to the “nickel and diming” of our culture. Libs are constant with their pressure. They can’t stop changing, changing, changing! Traditional American values have built this country into the greatest in the world. American exceptionalism is real. It will bring out the character in EVERY American who’s willing to reach for it! For all you people who think you have a better idea… go away. Go far away!

  • Sam

    I don’t hate but I really hate obama and his silver back gorilla wife. I wish they’d both die.

    • rockcut

      You don’t hate? Then, you say what you said !! My word, what you said is disgusting and uncalled for and shows a real lack of humanity in yourself.

      • johnanaguski

        It is the man’s opinion, which you may dislike but to him and many like him it is the truth.

        • rockcut

          The assertion is true but the reality of what is asserted is not true and if you think it is, then you also have a big problem .

          • johnanaguski

            I respect your opinion but I respect my opinion more, as far as you are concerned just keep drinking the kool aid and all shall be well with you.

          • sidebar78

            Have paid for your Obama care yet? No, because can’t afford it. Get a tractor and pull your head out of yourButt

          • johnanaguski

            Sorry punk we Veterans don’t need your obummer care.

          • rockcut

            I don’t even like Kool aid. However, I will speak out everytime I see hate.

          • lara


          • rockcut


            If you cannot read and see no hate in what the person said then you have a
            problem. I see no hate coming from the White house. That is projection on your part because you don’t like him personally. At least, understand what you are doing.

          • mac12sam12

            THe hate seems to be black on white hate. It’s certainly more prevalent and goes unnoticed or more likely ignored by the left. Black on white crime is 12-1 over white on black crime. Makes you ask yourself, who are the real racists.

          • rockcut

            I am referring to the hate in the post not black on white hate. That is a seperate issue. And, I hope you have the answeres to that since it is on your mind. Frankly, I do not have the answeres to that problem.

          • mac12sam12

            I’ll tell you where the problem lies. Obama and holder. Obama saying the Cambridge police acting stupidly before he knew the whole story. Sticking his nose in on the Zimmerman trial before it was over. Holder when asked why he didn’t prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation replied, ”the discrimination laws were designed to protect blacks from whites, not whites from blacks.” The attitude of these two clowns does not promote racial harmony.

          • johnanaguski

            Vindictive,revenge minded and full of hate is this admin let me hear you speak out.

          • rockcut


            You make these claims in general to what? First, one would have to see something specific. And, like all things there might be two perspectives on any issue. One has to remember this common fact. So your claims of
            vindictiveness, revenge minded, and full of hate has to be specific. Be sure, what you write are examples of each category. Not the generalization you made here.

          • johnanaguski

            I’ll give you one about all you can handle The IRS.

          • rockcut


            Ok the IRS …so they are Vindictive, revenge minded and full
            of hate. I guess you are referring to the Tea party groups asking for tax free
            exemption for their groups. Now, I see it the regulation wrote that the IRS
            had to follow was deception and challenging and not straightforward so it caused
            large delays around one issue. Where the actions of the tea party groups mostly
            political and in many cases they were mostly political. Therefore they do not
            quality for tax exemption. I do not want any party no matter who they are to be
            tax exempt if they are primary advocating for a certain political view. Also
            progressive groups were held up in this total confusion…..I cannot see
            applying the terms you used to this situation. It is over reach.

          • Eric Haulenbeek

            What the hell is this, English Lit. 101? The guy is pissed off, just like the majority of Americans are right now. We’ve been lied to, used badly, and squeezed to the max… and asking Sam to check what he’s saying is BS! If you don’t like what you’re reading then go back to huffpo.com!

          • rockcut

            Nothing you said excuses what Sam said. Sorry, your coments are a distraction. I stand by what I said and I would say the same thing no matter what side it came from in a debate.

          • Eric Haulenbeek


      • 63Marine

        When are you going to get your head out of your dark place and see what those 2 clowns have and are doing to ruin America. It’s idiots like you who voted for that P.O.S. and now we Americans have to correct your screw-up….

        • ed28

          Damn skippy!

      • tom cook

        rockbutt, your liberal slime is exuding.

        • rockcut

          Some one has to call out the hate.

          • pappap42

            Then call out the oBUMo’s and the demoRAT party they are the ones who hate. Just look at what they are doing to the country.

          • NannyB

            The left is always condemning the right! So why, then is the “right” giving them fodder to do so? I do not think that there are many who admire Mrs. Obama and certainly less that admire her husband. But when it is said and done, history will not be kind to them I am most certain. Their children will have to live with that. But to spew venom only puts all of you that do so, into a “no class” category that neither side wants…especially when we realize how important it is to take this country back!!

          • rockcut


            You are the first poster who uinderstood my point. I agree with what you said: But to spew venom only puts all of you that do so, into a “no class” category that neither side wants…

            I might agree with your other conclusions as I am sure you might not agree with my conclusions on some things. But that is fine that is what it means to have free speech in the greatest country (America)

      • lara


      • Hans

        There is NO HUMANITY in the ODUMBOs. They are poor EVIL and GODLESS !!!!

        • rockcut


          My Lord what an extreme view you post. I totally reject it. You are so are out in the woods with your ideology and hate it makes it easy for you to make such an absurd statement.

    • tom cook

      Thank you Sam. My sentiments exactly–well, maybe just a baboon and nothing so admirable as a gorilla.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frances-Chute-Quinn/100002220220146 Frances Chute Quinn

      I feel your pain!

    • Jabsdna

      A Silver Back Is a beautiful creature and very intelligent….MOOOOOCHELLE is in no way even close to that, she/he is a wretched,vile,evil,very,very UGLY communist creature !!!

    • NannyB

      That is a bit harsh don’t you think. After all, when they are proven to be nothing but trash, would you not want them around to hear what the nation says about them? That in of itself, is much better. It is comments like yours that shed a bad light on those of us that want them gone – but to wish them harm is also evil!

      • Hans

        What’s wrong putting this gorilla in the ZOO where she belongs????

  • beachmom H

    They probably don’t even know anyone in the middle class or who works 40 or 50 hrs per week to support their families.

    • Hans

      There is no more 40 or 50 hours a week in the future. OBAMACARE will limit work to 29.5 hours per week!!!

      • beachmom H

        Some places are limiting workers to 28 hrs. I work at one.

        • Hans

          I am really sorry. My hope is that you did not vote twice for that IDIOT IN CHIEF !!!

          • beachmom H

            Oh God NO!!! I have actually read the Communist Manifesto and recognized much of what Sir Golfsalot was saying before he even ran. And I am very blessed to have a husband who makes good money so I only work with the company seasonally anyway. But there are a lot of employees who need the hours and are no longer getting them. And they usually use seasonal hires to sort of screen them and then hire some on permanently. No longer allowed to do it. Some people are down to 1 day per week.

  • tom cook

    This is what happens when a baboon is allowed to live in our White House.

    • Carolann313

      More like an orangutan.

      • 48TENN

        Please, don’t insult baboons and orangutans.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        2 toed sloth

  • ChicagoThunder1

    Now every little Johnny joke you know you can now change to Little Troy! What’s old is now new thanks to Michelle that’s how it sounded to me.

  • yennikcm


    • George Block


  • Whatzrname

    Good for the young man who’s majoring in American Literature but unless he wants to teach in academia- and perhaps he does- what’s that degree going to get him?

  • chuck g

    An out of touch, over rated, angry black woman much like oprah

    • Ricarrdo estavans

      She also likes top shelf premium booze. Id like to see the final bill of what this regime has cost the American (serf) taxpayer.

      • George Block

        Hope you have your nerve medicine ready for that amount!

  • combatvet52

    She’s just as bad as Barry boy the crooked messiah, i heard they ran out of trees in the White House for them to jump around on, she sure knows how to jump on our Air Force One to run her errands pure waste we have in the WH

  • WarVet

    Why isn’t the DNC made to pay for her trip? This is BS these frauds and freeloaders (I’m talking about this president and everyone that helped his sorry ass get in office and stay there!) taking advantage of the American people! They are destroying America one step at a time. Every country knew they couldn’t destroy us in a fight, so they had to destroy us from within and this is how their doing it, by having all the communist in America use our laws against us and they have dirt on all these white haired Congress and Senators that have sat in there for all these years! They all need to go, we need term limits on the Congress, Senate, and the Supreme Court! We need to put this president and all that have helped him in jail for Treason! They all have been going against our Constitution and have been subverted our laws to take down America and make us a communist country! The American people need a law suit to make sure the Obama’s or the DNC pay for this trip and the abuse of our planes!

  • Whatzrname

    And she wants us to all pitch in $10 to save obamacare- how many billions of dollars will we throw into that black hole/money pitt before someone shoots it and puts it out of it’s misery-

    • winki

      I agree but it should be “someone shoots it and puts it out of OUR misery”

  • tacomatuttle

    so we are supposed to swallow the bull droppings that this ghetto grifter with her life story of using affirmative action to advance her pathetic life and now having required $millions of tax payer dollars so she can live large, we are supposed to believe she and the diktator care, while they make life worse for millions of American’s

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Her and her down low camel dung associate are pretty good con artists or is it that their voters are just plain dumb.


      A very dangerous combination of both. Wake up people its going to get a lot worse!!! MOLON LABE!!! nsa dhs gfy

      • Ricarrdo estavans

        Keep your powder dry my friend.

  • Roger Anderson

    Ahhh, the ‘fundraiser in chief’, aka, “liar in chief”, aka………………………

  • Randy131

    Using taxpayer money to solicit fundraising from the rich to donate monies for the liberals’ ability to keep destroying the middleclass, by rectifying income equality in making most of the middleclass poor, and thereby making the USA a two class society, the poor and the ruling elitist rich, like those she is fundraising from and she and her husband who lives more opulently than any King in the modern world, at the expense of the American taxpayer. Since Obama declared the Bush recession over and his economic recovery started June 2009, the American people’s averaged yearly income has declined from $58,000.00 a year to just $52,000.00 a year today, a decrease of over 10%. Obama’s trend of dropping over 11 million people from the ‘US Workforce’, to get the unemployment rate down to 7.8%, has partially destroyed the middleclass in the USA, and now Michelle wants more money from the rich in order for Obama to complete his war on income inequality and complete his destruction of the middleclass by making them all poor, as he has done in his first 5 years as President, as all statistical facts have shown and proven. After 4 years and 8 months living in the Obama economic recovery, the number of people today on ‘Welfare’, ‘Food Stamps (EBT Cards & SNAP Program), and ‘Disability’ are at historical record setting high numbers, while the people living at or below the ‘Poverty Level’ are also at the historical record setting high number of 50.1 million people, and these statistics are being fulfilled with what was once the middleclass. If Obama and Michelle are succesful in their fundraising to elect even more liberal Democrats, by the end of Obama’s last 3 years as President, and with the help of the liberal Democrats he is trying to get elected to Congress, he will succeed at completely destroying what is left of the middleclass, and is doing this using the taxpayers’ money to fundraise for this goal.

  • George Block

    Reminds me of monkeys playing with themselves at the zoo. Now that dignifies the first family!

    • George Block

      Barry has screwed so many people no wonder she itches

      • caskinner

        People or men?

        • George Block

          Both! He doesn’t care who he screws. Maybe even a pedifile!

        • George Block

          Feel sorry for “Bo” doesn’t know if he’ll be screwed or eaten!

    • WarVet

      I think he/she is adjusting themselves! Is that what ghetto people do, grab their junk! I heard rumors she is a he, I’m just saying!

      • George Block

        Thanks fellow war vet! 100% disabled Viet Nam Vet here. So you know exactly where I stand.

    • Ricarrdo estavans

      Probably something she caught from her azz phucking down low degenerate deviant con artist so called husband.

    • Ricarrdo estavans

      I hear herpes sores itch like crazy.

    • caskinner

      The Obamas are so crude. I wonder if she has gonaherpasyphlaids.

      • George Block

        I think I saw her at the Buffalo Zoo Gorilla cage!

    • MARYANN33

      Reminds one of Africa.

  • The Watchman

    Thanks Jeannie, great read!!! And oh so true!!!

  • Mark

    As a “Bitter Clinger,” if one of these san fransisco morons shows up at my front door, I’ll kick their sorry butt down the stairs.

    • taliesin319

      Now is the time for that massive seismic event that will relegate San Frantic into the sea with the moocher sucked out with the first tsunami hurtling toward open sea, next step her pied a terre in Hawaii.

      • MARYANN33

        Gosh, I spent the night in that hotel…Fortunately it was years before Moosechelle did.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    After eight years of this criminal regime, I would love to see a final accounting of what this piece of schit couple has cost the Sappy American taxpayer.

  • David R. Nemirow

    To all who voted this dastardly duo into the White House, and on to the American scene, “Thanks a lot”. Finally there is something scarier to watch than “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Now we can shake in our boots over “The Nightmare on Main street”.

  • pappap42

    Why in the hell are taxpayers paying for this freeloader to fly anywhere. She has money to pay her own way. Talk about welfare.

    • JulieB

      Yep, the biggest welfare moochers in the country reside on Pennsylvania Avenue.

      • pappap42

        Don’t forget the mother-in-law is living at OUR house on the taxpayer dime.

  • 48TENN

    Another inspiring speech from the First Traveller.

  • Davis

    Obama & the entire family SUCKS !


    Elitism knows no bounds and wants you to know it takes all you have to help them take all you have to create equal misery for all……Kick’em when they’re up and kick’em when they’re down…

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Michelle Obama is a liar, just like her husband. That’s what liberals have to do though. They don’t dare tell the truth about anything they’re doing lest those “big old check’s” will stop coming in. It doesn’t say much for those sucker’s writing the checks, does it? I’m saddened to look at the president and first lady of our country and yet all I see is two very classless mooches who can stand before the American people, devoid of any character, yet able to display that arrogant ‘Cheshire cat smile’ that says, ‘I sure did fool you!’ These two people have no character at all, and it doesn’t bother them one bit!

  • LarryFrom10EC

    “Their story could be my story”? Is she saying if I sleep with a Marxist “community organizer” I can fly all over the world in a government provided jet telling everyone what a racist `country America is? What accomplishment, other than getting disbarred, can she claim?

    • pappap42

      Trust me they don’t sleep together, he gay you know.

      • grammy23

        Refer to the above picture of her doing whatever it was to her private parts. I always thought she was ugly but I have to wonder if she wasn’t tucking her “man parts” away.

        • MARYANN33

          You got it. We need to speak more on this so the people will keep track of what she is doing down there.

      • MARYANN33

        She a man you know….Drag outfits.



    • darkcyder

      It’s not nice to make fun of her large butt.

      • GABBY


  • brozojl

    why isn’t the DNC paying for this trip, it sure as hell shouldn’t be me!!

  • Mark

    “Michelle Obama tells her own “working-class kid from the South Side of Chicago” hard-luck story of growing up in a family that wasn’t rich.”

    She also said her father was a precinct captain, and had a city job. So,her father was part of Chicago Machine politics, meaning a cushy job, earning lots of money for very little work. They may not have been rich, but they sure as hell weren’t poor like she tells everyone that will listen. The (original) Daley machine rewarded his people well.

  • okihadit

    she hates AMERICA but loves our MONEY!

    • Fletch

      She should be charged for using AF-1

      Cost of Operating Air Force One Hits $181,757 Per Hour as Obama Sets Travel Record

    • MARYANN33

      They don’t love anything. To love means you have a heart. Neither of them have one.

  • RBlakeH

    The best way to hurt Sharpton is to give him a buzz cut and make him look like a sheared sheep for all of his sheeple. As far as Moochelle goes, she is on a campaign run and the -lanes and other expenses are to be paid for by the DNC not the tax payer so we need to protest and make sure that that blonde bimbo Wasserman-Schultz writes that check immediately. I just wonder how many of these “rich” DemonicRATs are dumb enough to fall for what gorilla arms is saying.

  • Timur

    “Lucasfilm Rumored To Be Casting Wookies For STAR WARS: EPISODE VII,”

    well, probably not anymore, but if they leave the white house now she might still be able to land the job and they would also give me some hope for the future of America back.

    • Arrgh2112

      Maybe as stunt double for the third wookie from the left?

  • caskinner

    The Obamas lie so much it is unbelievable.

  • rgone111

    Michelle the mocha reminds me so much of Winnie Mandela. When you have access to the people’s money enjoy it to its max. The people will never know how much is really spent on her lavish lifestyle.

  • Sam Houston

    Don’t be surprised if this crazy loon does not come out on the DNC ticket in 2016 to extend the reign of the Obama Dynasty.

    • Garx69

      That would really upset Hillary. Even better would be Monica.

  • craigmayberry

    Moochelle just loves being the center of attention and having her big behind kissed incessantly.

  • George Block

    Liberal Dignity representing the U.S.A. Appalling

  • del

    Amazing that anyone still gives to this sorry pair squatting in our white house ruining our once great country. What on earth are they getting from doing so????????

  • CaptTurbo

    Come on folks. You don’t want to begrudge Moochie to walk on our aching backs do you?

  • mickey

    We didn’t elect Michelle Obama. Why/How in hell should she be able to fly at will to fundraisers? She has nothing to do with it, why is she allowed to do so? Enough is enough with these two, they have definetly have got to go, TO JAIL!

    • George Block

      Clintons did the same thingh

      • George Block

        THING! SORRY

    • MARYANN33

      They definitely need to hang…

  • pysco

    Michele all the Tax Payer money you spent of vacations could go along way to help, Maybe you could cut back of your greedy life style, until then maybe you could get your husband to lay off upper and middle income people, they earned theirs unlike you.

  • undeRGRound


    DemonicRat National C*** Committee

    This one is completely full of:

    • George Block

      Pretty much describes a Liberal moronic ideology.

  • Val

    She and her pet monkey BO should be doing time in OUR US Federal Prisons.

  • Mys77

    Maybe this is a good thing, after all she is taking and spending the liberal nuts money away from them, so eventually the liberal elites will have nothing but rhetoric and empty pockets, and a big dose of reality. Foolish people always follow the fools. And the Obamas are the two biggest frauds.

  • awkingsley

    Can’t Obama and Michelle be charged with theft for using tax payer funded transportation for campaigning? How could the Tea Party organizations have been refused 501 C3 status when the president and his wife use expensive tax payer funded transportation to raise campaign funds?

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Liberals are hypocrites if nothing else! They’ll make all kinds of excuses for why they get away with the same things that conservatives are constantly being squeezed on. The IRS scandal is a case in point. Their argument is that all 501-C3’s have to be thoroughly grilled before being given tax-free status, but they have no answers for the IRS going after conservative groups only. It’s standard fare for the way these people go through life, insisting they’re so fair, so tolerant, so willing to go the extra mile. Of course we all know they’re lying to themselves… it’s who they are!

    • jlbs

      Because the Tea Party is the Tea Party, and the commies are the commies. See? Plain as day.

  • Wes

    Telling her own story and then the story of Troy. I love it when liberals shoot down their own arguments without even realizing it.

  • anastasia

    how about you Michelle Ostupid, stop using our taxpayer $$ to take lavish vacations, and nuy expensive clothes! Practice what you preach beotch! It is because of your ugly husband and your braces needing self that American is in a mess—all on you and the demoncrats! so how about YOU start writing a big old check back to US!

    • MARYANN33

      Did the phrase “Rich bitch” originate with Mooschelle?

      • tacomatuttle

        it is more applicable to madamn piglosi

        the beastly hutt is just a ghetto grifter, a racist who thinks she is getting payback against whitey for her lifetime of seeing herself as a victim

        • Guest

          She looks in the mirror everyday and blames whitey for the ugly foul mess staring back at her.

        • brkdrvr

          Don’t fool yourself Michele AKA Sasquatch grew up in a very politically connected family, spending so much time with Jessie Jackass’s daughters that they called her the other Jackson sister. She got as much getto cred as Paris Hilton and less morals. She is a true black elitist who only tolerates her cretin husbands “white half” for political gain. BTW several black woman parishioners of “Reverend” Whites church have been quoted as saying that until wright fixed her up w/Barry no other black man could tolerate the “Nasty Bioch”.

        • robocop33

          You do not realize that you have hit the nail squarely on the head with that statement! She DOES hate ‘white people’ and wants nothing more than to embarrass them and put them down while lording over them. Just ask any White former employee from the WH. Ask the Marines and the other servicemen what she is like and how she treats the. Heck, even talk to the Secret Service Agents that are assigned there to protect them. Seems like many of them simply hate her, and some with a passion hate her. It would be so shockingly great if someone could record one of the Secret Service Agents go off on this bitch after giving him so unnecessary and disgusting order. I do believe that those two Agents involved would become instant celebrities and could sell the rights to that recording for mega-bucks. They would have to because they would of course be fired but what a wonderful feeling it would be if they did that! LOL

  • Sunshine43

    Moochelle is a “BS..ing” ass, just as her fraud of a husband is!


    God forbid they should teach their daughter values and morals and obeying God.

    • tacomatuttle

      teaching racism and taking their kiddies to a racist church that teaches the black liberation theology only continues the racism that defines the ghetto grifters

  • Jeff Shouse

    Socialism disguised as altruism or false patriotism can make some amoral people do anything. Just ask Adolf Hitler.

    • Brian_R_Allen

      Spot on, Jeff Shouse!

      And thank God you and other intelligent Truth Tellers are at long long last calling the much-maligned by-his-Lefty/fascist-mates, Herr Hitler, by his real rather than by any other name:


      Brian Richard Allen

  • bill

    mouchelle should be ava braun obamb !!! she is just as w*****ess

  • Johnny

    Do we really have to put up with this line of bs every time michelle decides to [let's say borrow] tax payers money to fly to where ever. Then to peddle her verbal wares.

  • Wilks

    She is pure SCUM!

    • Brian_R_Allen

      Spot on, Wilks!

      Just like, before her, the execrable, recidivist, treasonous, lying, looting, thieving, mass-murdering, perjurious, civil-rights-denying, course-of-justice-perverting, co-serial-raping, unindicted-co-conspiratorial Missus Billy-Bubbah Blythe “Cli’ton” constantly reminded me and reminds me still of my Grandma’s admonition:

      “There is no way!

      “It’s just not achievable!

      “You simply can not make strawberry jam from pig poop!”

      Brian Richard Allen

  • Snoopy

    Still campaigning on tax-payer money I see. If a REPUBLICAN had done that the whole world would have heard about it by now!!

    • Arrgh2112

      If an “R” had done anything remotely like what the royal couple are doing, the leftists would be howling for blood, and that’s for the run up to the first election…if it still went on, the children that were crapping on cop cars would be raping and pillaging in protests across the country.

    • 094870

      You can count on that.

  • miprecinct9

    A rhetorical fanfare that remarkably, some people still buy into….

  • Guest

    Somewhere there are “Millstones and chains” awaiting these vile,communist, and treasonus DemoncRats in office and the current admin. Including the mainstream media and Hollywood. Somewhere a deep and gaping sea awaits to swallow up these lying, thieving, and godless perverted frauds.

  • Hotshot111

    What a hypocritical clunk. Makes one wonder what we really got out of Affirmative Action. Bring on the dings – I’ve had quite enough.

  • donl

    She’s as bad as he is.

    • Hotshot111

      No, she’s worse. At least he’s got a job even though he’s blown it.

      • Herbert Parker

        He does not know what hard work is, never had a real job. PERIOD.

        • Phishhed444

          Ex-actly?!!? I’ve said that exactly.

  • HongryHawg

    Bigfoot sighting in San Francisco!

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Lies are so prevalent with this whouse that none of them know what the truth is!

  • higgy01

    They both claim they want to raise people out of poverty, yet, they promote welfare and the ACA along with other ways to keep people subdued. They really want everyone dependent on the government, the master and overseer in Washington. Neither of the Obamas care even a little about this country for one thing they don’t consider themselves Americans. Our country is just a way from them to whet their voracious appetites and force their warped ideology on us.

  • emma richmon

    You folks always talking and whining about how much the OBAMAS are costing the they taxpayers when the OBAMAS are also taxpayers, and pay a big chunk every year, that said.

    • EL

      In case you don’t know it, there are some parts of the world where you can’t get a breakfast for less than $94. However, I agree that all politicians travel too much on our dollars and The Obama’s lead the bunch. I take it you’re one of those people that enjoys paying taxes. Good Luck to you….play on.

      • MR INFIDEL

        If you’re spending $94 on breakfast, you’re eating the wrong food in the wrong place. But if your a liberal spending taxpayer money, it’s just another day!

      • maddog2008

        I believe that you got that wrong when you said Emma enjoys paying taxes El, it is more like she enjoys living off of other people’s taxes in one form or another. 99.9% of the Obozo loving loons loves playing and abusing the system as much as they love to breath, it is in their DNA.

        • Phishhed444

          That’s 100% correct…it’s in their GD blood.

      • 094870

        It needs to STOP.

    • Herbert Parker

      You folks? Sounds like your president! speaking. Changing the narrative is not going to work. The first lady is breaking the law, using taxpayer dollars for campaigning.

      • 094870

        She needs to be charged for misuse of funds and placed in prison.

    • bitterrootbill

      Attend school with Troy?

    • Bonney Bacon

      Emma, You don’t even know if Mr. Cantor was with other Congress persons (Congressional delegation). You don’t know why he was in Switzerland (World Economic Forum). Maybe you should Google the whys before you put your foot in your mouth. Also, Switzerland is pricy–like New York. Also, John Kerry was a speaker there–didn’t know that Democrats went too?

    • Brian_R_Allen

      emma richmon …. pissing and moaning about The Good Folks whining about how bin much the Zeros are costing the they (sic) Taxpayers ….


      That amount to keep the mobbed-up, marijuana-mumbling, Mussolini-modeled modified-Marxist, murtadd-muslin, mother’s milquetoast Sayiid Barry Buraq Hussayn bin Buraq HussaynHussayn Ugubugubama Frank Marshall Davis Samuel Taylor Jomo Kenyetta and missus Soetoro in African-Big-Man-like splendor, in 2011, alone!

      Still waiting for the 2012 cost of keeping the worst enemy America has faced since World War Two.

      When only by his death our beloved fraternal republic rid itself of the corporatist/Stalinist traitor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

      Whose fascistic-expansion of the power of the feral gummint makes a piker of the nevertheless as-dangerously-dullard and as loathsome and fearsome, Zero.

      As also, come to think of it, did the un-and-anti Americanism of one Richard Milhous Nixon.

      Brian Richard Allen

    • Gorni

      Mr Cantor and 5 additional members of Congress met in Switzerland along with 2500 other delegates from around the world attending the World Economic Forum. They were also meeting with other leaders to discuss world security issues and ways to improve the global economy. It is a Congressional approved meeting and it could help to boost our economy and help job growth.

      These types of scheduled world meetings help to strengthen US relations with other countries that have been declining since BHO took office. I can’t verify a $94.00 breakfast, but you can verify that the WH has Kobe beef flown in fresh once per week from Japan at $110.00 per pound. The WH expenses are public record and can be reviewed through various reporting government websites.

      They also don’t need to “plot” against BHO…… other countries already hate the idiot!

      • gomurr

        While it is Congressional approved, the real reason behind every World Summit or Economic Forum is the advancement of the UN agenda, and we all know what that is.

        • Gorni

          You hit the nail on the head! I think we need to get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.

    • 094870

      IF you will listen you will hear that ALL members in Washington have been doing this far to long and needs to stop.That day is coming.

  • Aleuicius

    Professional liberals and Progressives like to do that: climb that rope, reach success – then cut it down.
    They are the “allies” that once the castle is stormed, THEY push the ladders down, so no one else can share success.
    And all the time they do this, they brag about their own individual accomplishments.

    • 094870

      What accomplishments? Tearing down this once great country. That would be very true. BUT their day is coming.

    • John Lewis

      obama has never accomplished anything except to deceive the fools we have in this country. He’s had muslim terrorists and Soros types propping him up and buying his so-called education and covering up his entire evil past. He’s a leader and member of the muslim brotherhood as a sunni muslim. He has infiltrated our gov on their behalf and has brought many of our enemies in with him.

  • Herbert Parker

    This needs to stop. PERIOD. Using taxpayer dollars to fund any campaign is against the law. PERIOD.

    • Hans

      The ODUMBOs are lawless ILLEGALS in our People’s House !!!! I wish the plague on all of them !!!

      • 094870

        They will reap what they sow.

  • Nanci Alley

    What a crock of crap! The Mooch doesn’t give a damn about America or American’s! She is a over price whore!

  • Mr Infidel

    “After 14 years in the New Orleans public school system, Troy realized his education sucked. He made up his mind to find an opportunity elsewhere to become successful to get out of the $h!t.hole he grew up in. In spite of the Slave Owner (aka, liberal ideology) trying to keep Troy dumb and dependent on the plantation, he has broken thru and is now majoring in American Literature at a distinguished institution.”
    That’s what you’ll never see published by the mainstream media…

    • Aleuicius

      Of course, the irony here is that “After 14 years in the New Orleans public school system, Troy realized his education sucked”.
      So – of course – the progressive liberal’s ruination of the public school system becomes fodder for liberal fund-raising.
      What she saying is: “look – one got out on his own! We can’t be wrong if just one child succeeds anyway”
      At least Troy figured out that the public school system sucks BEFORE it swallowed him.

  • robocop33

    Moochelle is first and foremost an embarassment to America. She mooches off the American taxpayer to jet around the world and live it up and even takes her kids with her including them as “staff”. Sher also has a personal entorage of dozens of taxpayer paid gofer women as well as another 200 back at DC that caters to her every whim. They should insist that she pay for all these trips and expenses. She isn’t paid, (yuet she thinks she should be just for being the First Lady), but she pays ‘her people’ pretty well, again with taxpayers money. Now she wants people to give up more money directly to those who will help her and her criminal husband remain in the White House.

    • Phishhed44

      Awesome characterization of what we all know to be true! Thanx.

    • Gorni

      A first Lady (excuse the “lady” part in Michelle’s case) can use a tax payer transportation for budget approved trips but in the case of fund raising, every penny of it, it is suppose to be reimbursed or paid for by the DNC in this case. Obama is constantly running around the country campaigning and I’ll bet not one dime has been returned. It will be the same with all of Michelle’s trips. This will be one of many.

      • Fred nerk

        First negro……I’m Australian thats’ what we call em’, berry is’nt (heh’ & his ‘oth name is berry not barry) indoneisions are ‘scum too….I’ know!

        • Gorni

          I’m glad to hear that the fantastic country of Australia sees what our idiot, so-called-leader is doing. I have an old friend in Aussie land and have lost contact with him. Never met an Australian that I didn’t like. Thanks for supporting us!

    • 094870

      Number 1. she is NOT first and 2 she is not a lady. That should sum that up. PERIOD.

  • teawithjill

    May his days be few; May another take his place in leadership. Psalms 109.8 NIV
    And my she just burn in hell. teawithjill 2.5.14

    • Conservative Not Republican

      The Liberal Bible – Genesis 1:1 IN the beginning, God created liberals, and they were without form and were in darkness. Come to think of it, they still are today. The Gospel according to Conservative Not Republican – Amen.

      • teawithjill

        I like it and even wrote it down!!

  • cornbread01

    Just the way communists do things when useful idiots put them in charge.

  • lokiswife

    What’s with this “riding on someone else’s coat-tails” bit? Obama did it in the SOTU speech, now she’s doing it. Don’t tell us about someone who accomplished something that you didn’t help them do hoping that people will associate you with their accomplishments and believe that you helped them.

    • Phishhed44

      That’s how I read it too?!! WTF? Damn she-beast.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    …. Whether Moochelle-Antoinette realizes it, Troy Simon’s story is her story ….


    Moocherlle’s “story” is that she did a Missus Rodman-Blythe, obtained a quota-issued law degree (which – as did her “law-professor” ,… um part-time lecturer … um spouse) she blew via her self-disbarment for cause) and hitched her wagon to the shirt tails of a corrupt machine-politics’ “Democrat” and became the deflecting recipient of the bribes and other corrupt payments directed at and intended to buy the favor of her “spouse.”

    Very typically “Democratic” potty woman-ish.

    • Phishhed44

      I wanna see both of them FAIL SO BADLY it’s sickening!!! I’m convinced they’re really not so bright, so much as surrounded by the angels of Hell itself. Barry gonna FAIL, and I can’t wait. Party-on Wayne?!!!

  • Doc Holliday

    Who really is Michelle Obama ? Where did she really come from ? How did she get where she is ? We would like to know.

    • John Lewis

      obama has always been a homosexual druggie and a sunni muslim. Moochelle grew up around J Jackson who promoted her, being the shiester that he is. Her “marriage” to Fairy Barry was arranged by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and J Jackson because Barry needed a “beard” who would enable him to appear legit. She was someone who no real man wanted. At Wright’s “church” they have a program who hooks their down-low males up with women no one wants so that they will have the financial security they want in exchange for their cover.

      I doubt those 2 girls are his. After he got into the WH the first time someone was interviewing one of girls and asked her what she thought about her father….the girl said she didn’t know because she hadn’t known him very long. That interview has been scrubbed of course.

  • dhwilson58

    I’d make that Bitc$ pay for the plane flight then have her committed for evaluation!! The hag is an embarrassment and a fool !!!

  • dhwilson58

    He’s is a transvestite and a flaming idiot!!!

  • 094870

    Is she the chief monkey in charge now? She is wasting her time on this item. O’well she is another dumbycrap, what else should we expect from them.

  • Phishhed44

    I don’t know what I can’t stand more; it, or she-it?

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