WHAT THE: High School Student Suspended for NRA T-shirt

A high school student in upstate New York was suspended for wearing an NRA T-shirt that touted the second amendment after he refused to turn it inside out or cover the words with duct tape.

Shane Kinney, a 16-year-old sophomore from Grand Island, located between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, said he served a one-day, in-school suspension Monday after he refused last Friday to turn his T-shirt inside out at the request of the vice principal at Grand Island High School. The shirt was emblazoned with the NRA logo and the words, “2nd Amendment Shall not be Infringed” across the back.

“Mr. Lauria [the vice principal] told me I had to either turn the shirt inside out or put duct tape over the words,” Shane Kinney told FoxNews.com. “I told them that I wasn’t going to do it. I had to sit in the suspension room and eat lunch alone until my father brought me a new shirt to school.”

Kinney, a card-carrying member of the NRA along with his parents, said he had worn the shirt  to school before, along with others that were similar, and had been asked to put duct tape over the writing. He said he complied because he didn’t want to make waves.

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  • Marge

    Out of control principals and districts. I’m sure they got their marching orders from the head quarters of the NEA. If districts take the funds they have to march in lock step to this overreaching organization.

  • themadplumber

    This stinks of an re-education of the American People, No more free speech, No more telling the truth if some ones feelings gets hurt unless if they are of Euro decent, Religion will trumph over hard facts in sciences, No more flying the U.S flage over other countries on U.S soil, All assemblies of one race or nationality is permitted as longe as there is no Euro decendants.
    Religious beliefs are to be respected, as long as it is not christianity, but yet they seem to dictate what is science is.
    What the hell happened to having wise as well as intelligant leaders in office. We have dumb asses who vote on our laws who don’t know what is in the constitution let along the meaning as well thinking that it and our country is 400yrs old,,,,
    it is know wonder that we are where we are at today.


    As Thomas Jefferson said at the start, “The tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants”, the day to ‘REFREASH’ that tree is soon to be upon us!.
    LOCK & LOAD!!!

    • SkippyTheWonderPup

      No, that day is here.

  • jb80538

    But if he had been wearing a “gay pride” or “pro abortion” shirt, no punishment at all.

  • Willard Eversole

    if it had been a muslem ha bob nothing would have been said,


    I thought that the courts had already ruled on this question, and that actions taken by schools like this were contrary to tree speech.

  • Wes

    That’s absolutely ridiculous! A gross infringement on liberty. That kid ought to be able to wear a pro-Constitution NRA shirt without the fear of oppressive statist censorship.

    Uh oh, I just hear a knock on my door.

  • Daniel Gray

    Do these schools doing this know or care that it is unconstitutional and illegal according to the US Supreme Court decision called Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, 393 U.S. 503 (1969) which makes them required by federal law to show that the shirt would cause a disruption BEFORE they can ban it, if they can ban it at all.

    Someone should start suing these schools and I bet this stupidity stops!

    • sickpuppy70454

      The NRA’s ILA does just that.

      • Daniel Gray

        Then someone should tell the kid and his family and they should sue the whizz out of this school.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Same with 1971 Unrah Act!

  • Brian

    What is taught in history class if you cannot wear a shirt with history written on it?

    • Libertarian Soldier

      Crap on two of the first, most important Amendments! That’s their teachable moment!

      George Washington believed that aside from the Constitution, itself, the 2nd Amendment was, in his mind the most important.

  • NoRINO

    Thank you young man, from a lifetime NRA member.

  • AG Dot Com!

    Of course, a “Che!” or “Mao!” shirt would just be considered free speech… I mean, you know, because the NRA has murdered hundreds of thousands, whereas Che & Mao just fought for the right to bear arms….

  • sickpuppy70454

    Sounds like a case for the ILA to me.

  • Up Huff

    Great grounds there for a major lawsuit against the offending party/ies.

  • CJS3

    The northeastern US is SOOOOOO F’d up.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      …and the west

      • Homer

        Got excited only to be let down when i heard waaay out west had that big quake a week back that shook the newsrooms and homes. Thought maybe that fault was gonna pop finally.

  • duz 2600

    Fire that Constitution hating Vice Principal! What a STUPID IDIOT!
    Is that what they are teaching in schools???

  • garyamusic .

    Make waves son……………………by all means, make waves.

  • chuckles

    Everybody has been bitchin for 30 years or more and they still won’t home school. The answer isn’t found in idiot government schools. This isn’t rocket science. You will NEVER be satified with public school with moron idiot socialists running it. You are the enemy to them. The principal sees a NAZI shirt on the kid. Think how you would react to a Nazi in your school. You don’t fit in normal society anymore! If you are a patriot Christian, you are a very small minority. We argue and bitch every day on these websites and never change anything. Take your kids out of these asylums and raise them as God intended. Happy happy happy!

  • Libertarian Soldier

    There are idiots posting on these sites that say that the TEA Party and Conservatives are akin to Hitler’s Nazi Party, that the Nazis were right wing conservatives.

    This is why we need not to agree with the left wing. The left is the left. There’s no denying it and for the most part they all agree. How, though do we allow therm to call us right wing? How is it that some of ourselves, not I, call themselves “the right”? The Constitution is neither left, nor right. it is the center! How in the world do you call liberty a right wing phenomenon, as if we were monarchists, fascists, nazis, or the real far right wing extremist, islamists or any other authoritarian, totalitarian collectivist ideology?

    While you’re at it, why do you call them what they want to be called? Why do you repeat the lie, calling them “liberal”, as if they were open minded, accepting or free thinking? Why do you call them “progressive”? The progressive movement lasted from the 1880s through the 1920s and was a bi-partisan effort but was supplanted by the first wave of marxism.

    The democrats we pay to poison our kids in schools are repressive, regressive and backward thinking. Many don’t know the Constitution and quote mis-representations of our Bill of Rights to say what they want it to say, not what it says and any “educator” that wants a kid to take a flag or the words of our Bill of God Given, Natural Rights, including the God Given, Natural Right to Self Defense and Machination should be suspended or expelled from contact with the minds of American Patriots.

    It was the Nazis that censored the youth and the Nazis that took over national healthcare in Deutschland, not the founders, not those concerned with civil rights and the preservation of Liberty!

    This has to change! Take back the Language and Return to the Constitution!

  • sootsme

    So, where the hell is the NRA here? They should be descending on this school with a pack of shysters and opening a can of whoopass all over them. Otherwise, what’s the point of there even being an NRA? Geeez…

  • Ken

    If this would have been my son, I’d have encouraged him to remain in in-school suspension until I was able to contact an attorney. Then I’d make good on any threat to sue.

  • Grizzly907

    Scum commieprog liberal union thugs!!! I hate liberals to the core of my soul!!! I can’t wait to round them up once we take this country back.

  • Homer

    Need to make a Reversible shirt like this one that when asked to turn inside out displays the Exact same thing :D

  • Jim

    Where’s a 1st year law student who wants to make a name for himself? Unless there are details that we don’t know, it’s an obvious 1st Amendment violation of a citizen by a government official(public school, vice principal).

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