Don’t complain when your freedom goes down the toilet…and don’t say Doug didn’t tell you so.

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  • RhondaOR

    Giles is vile and obnoxious. Go away you brat. You’re a disgrace to religion. Jesus never said anything political and his kingdom was not of this life. Walk in love, you fowl hater.

    • Donald Joy

      Uh, actually very much of what Jesus said was specifically directed at and about political hypocrisy and corruption.

      • Scirel

        Exacly, Donald!

        His kingdom is not FROM this world, it’s from HEAVEN, but to think it is not supposed to TRANSFORM this world is to miss the entire point! Why did he teach us to continually pray “Thy kingdom come” if we are not supposed to let the righteous ruler of Heaven have his way HERE.

        Rhonda needs to read the actual Bible.

      • Voncent

        John the Baptist publicly denounced Herod for taking someone else’s wife. He was beheaded for it. Jesus said “Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he..”

      • Tim Brown

        Hear Hear Don!

    • Abby

      Whose the hater? Listen to your fowl comments.

    • ezekiel22

      Rhonda oregon used to have a great education system. You should have stayed awake. Nowhere in this article does Doug say he hates birds, (Fowl). Another point is that being a disgrace to religion is not a disgrace. Anyone can be religious. Ask any pastor and they will tell you that. Doug however is a Christian and we are of many colors and stripes thankfully.
      The one major thing that liberals fear is that christians do use their faith when casting a vote or running for office or fulfilling the duties of that office. That is why they are so busy casting stones and pointing fingers failing to look at themselves.

    • Mason

      Rhonda – Your comments reflect your character. You appear to be the one who is not walking in Love. Why so hateful? Do you not Love the Country that is being ripped apart by a Socialist / Communistic Muslim Agenda? Are you not able to see the agenda spread on the table before you? If you are not going to stand for the ‘Way of Life’ given to you from your ancestors, are you willing to become something else? Yet, if you do not want to adopt the Muslim way of LIFE, according to their way of LIFE … you will be annihilated? Would you rather have the opportunity in your CURRENT ‘Way of LIFE’ of speaking your mind, aside from being BRIDLED by another ‘Way of LIFE?’

    • LarryInIowa

      Giles hates birds? Wow, who knew?

    • Voncent

      We do show contempt for chickens, Rhoda! Especially the ones that cower behind the pews…

      • Apolloone

        I think RondaOr has it wrong about Doug as I remember he mentioned in a past article that he loved southern fried chicken. I supposed Rhonda doesn’t know that God has raised up men like Cyrus who brought down ancient Babylon. Spiritual Babylon and Political/Economic Babylon will aslo be brought down it seems to me that God is shaking things now, the next steps will be a one world government and a one world religion. Remember the Messiah’s parable of the Wheat and the Tares. “Let them grow together until the Harvest. This is a most amazing and interesting statement, yet very few churches

    • darkcyder

      You don’t have to read his stuff. You could just turn away, like the rest of us have to do with obnoxious self-loathing self- anointed Christian title claimers like yourself.
      As for the part about Doug hating fowls, I do believe he had a parrot when he was a kid. And an eye patch.

    • herdzcatz

      Rhonda, all I want to know is why you think Giles hates birds. You called him a fowl hater.

      • 19gundog43

        The trolls like Rhonda, Tabby, Todd and all the others are nothing but a kind of computer generated message. They never respond. Not real people. A huge waste of time responding to them. They take new names every few weeks.

      • Cougar Smith

        I love fowls! (right next to the rice and gravy!)

    • John Douglas

      I had no idea that Doug hates birds, is it because he smokes cigars?

      • Apolloone

        I imagine Rhonda has left for the day since a lot of us poked fun at her homonymic mistake, Rhonda I’m Quiet sure has no idea of Doug’s Roll in the grand scheme of things he is like the rest of us strong in some things and Week in others, and the same goes for Rhonda, so it isn’t Fare to her when we poke fun at her, what if the Shoo was on the other foot, If we would all should apologize I doubt she would Bye it, I Two have made similar mistakes. I really like Yore hat John I had one like it but it disappeared I bet underneath that hat is a Main like a lion(:-}

        • John Douglas

          I’m so confused….does this mean Doug doesn’t hate birds?

          • Apolloone

            Maybe Doug will clear this up for us.

    • selahgreene

      Rhonda, you are absolutely correct – Doug Giles IS a disgrace to religion. But then, so was Jesus. And He made is clear that He hates religion. He said it twice -

      • fedup

        That is some good preaching there. Last time I heard a sermon as such was the last blue moon. We as member’s of the body of Christ need to sieze the moment, as we say around here, be like a chicken on a junebug. Wow, Thank you for the Word.


      Yo dumbass its Doug’s website!! The one who needs to go away is YOU!! Libturds such as yourself are one of the primary reasons our Republic is on life support. MOLON LABE!!! nsa dhs gfy


    The Story,Message, and Person of Christ intervenes at the crossroad of every man’s life! From great to small no matter which direction they take!
    That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. John 1:9

  • JohnConnor

    Jesus was not just about love your neighbor and thy enemy. When he needed to get his hand dirty and straight people out he got the job done. You keep fighting Doug. By the way, enjoying your book Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls.

  • Jeannieology

    Just have covered dish buffets, ladies night, Saturday clean up and leave the politics out of church. That Jesus was way off target when He turned over those tables…I’m glad he got it together and hosted a Christmas pot-holder bazaar. Carry on.

    • Voncent

      Ladies Night Out, Ladies Tea, Ladies Presbytery, Ladies Retreat, ladies’ Coffee night, Ladies at the Movies, Ladies Missionary Prayer Meetings, and a Mens’ Breakfast. And every sermon should end with Romans 13 to justify the cowardice and apathy. Obey Your Master (the one with the uniform)!

      The metrosexual pastor says he isn’t called by Jesus to get involved in politics. But it appears that Jesus called him to golf, rock climb, play ultimate Frisbee, clean up the public school playgrounds, send money and gifts to firefighters, run marathons, set up shingles’ ministries, spend $2,000,000+ on a Youth ministry center, set up an espresso bar in the church lobby, spend $25000 on a cool sound system, etc

  • Stephen Hiller

    Where was it that I saw in a John Wayne movie that his female, bible-thumping co-star said she was sure the Good Lord enjoys a good cigar? Remember, it was the one where he wore a patch on one eye.

    • fedup

      Ms. Eula Goodnight teamed up with Rooster to find the killers of her missionary father. Katherine Hepburn and The MAN. Rooster Cogburn

      • dogface

        You remembered her name before I did.. My memory is gone.. Hell I’m related to her, too..

  • Linda S

    Abby must be a chicken.

  • Linda S

    RhondaOR is a nut!

  • farrightextreme

    Did you see where Lebanon banned something that was offensive to Christians? That will never happen here even though things will be banned that offends other religions.

  • Stephen Hiller

    re: “fedup” – thank you, thank you, thank you – I was having a “partial-heimers” episode. You have come to my rescue.

    • fedup

      Sat down with my grandsons, 5 and 7 years old this past sat.nite. Had to take them to party outlet store Sunday after church to buy eye patches. Played good guys vs. bad guys all afternoon. Lot’s of fun.

  • James

    This is what I have been saying for years. Oh, we will post on some sites, and we will email each other about how the gays are taking our rights away, however, we will not pick up the phone and call our Congressman. We will not email our congressman, and we will not write him a letter telling him we will kick him out of office if he gives the gays the discrimination law which will make it illegal to refuse to cater to them. That is what they want, the “gay card.” They want to sue you if you don’t hire them. They want to sue you if you don’t serve at their events and at their price because they will claim discrimination.

    There are supposed to be 9 million gays in this country. I really doubt that, but even if there were that would leave 291 million that are not gay and refuse to give up their freedom of religion and their freedom of speech. Now what do you think would happen if Congress got 291 million letters demanding that the gay not be given special gay rights. Congress would screw themselves in the ground turning away from supporting the gays. Disney would do likewise if they received 291
    letters condemning them for supporting the gay rights over your freedom of
    religion. You bet your life they would return to the Family Friendly Company
    Walt founded. So just set around and let someone else write and when you have no rights it will be too late. The gays are writing them but they don’t want you too.
    Write these congressmen and make them write you back. Let them know how you feel.

    • pduffy

      Tried writing letters to politicians – dozens of times. Never got a response. That does not work.

      • James


        Oh it works believe me. I personally know the staff of a
        Congressman. They may not answer you because they are trying to avoid answering your inquires, and when they do answer it is usually some form letters that most often do not even address your concerns. They do not want to put anything in writing that the people on the opposite side could use against them in a campaign, and they want to be on the side with the most votes. However, they keep count of which way the wind blows.
        That is how they reply to media that calls are running two to one for etc. They know that to remain in office they have to keep most of their voters on their side. Believe me when the most voters want it a certain way, they jump to that side as fast as they can. Write and email them every day. They have to keep them and believe me when the numbers are large enough they will obey.

        If you don’t keep writing them it is easy for them defend themselves. They just say that the callers wanted them to do that. Usually the people for something are much more active than those against something. The Gays have people assigned to email and write answers to anti gay posts and to the

  • jdbixii

    Due process of law is an awfully long time.

  • willythegeek

    @ JAMES…There’s more than 9 million. And that 291 million figure is wrong too cause more than half of them are liberal, who really don’t care what happens to themselves.

  • pduffy

    I voted last night in the ‘Republican Primary’ in Texas. I left the voting booth with a feeling of emptiness because I knew the minute I walked out the door, nothing was going to change. The candidates running were all RINOS, and it’s SO expensive to oppose them, nobody with any character stands a chance. So please do tell, what do we do when the system is so corrupt? The two-party system gives us two choices – corruption and more corruption. I would like to know, what’s your solution?

    • wandamurline

      Recall elections.

    • Jimbo

      Pduffy – I was of the understanding that a large number of Tea Party folk were running in those primaries and a good number of them won. Am I mistaken or hallucinating?

      • pduffy

        John Cornyn – won over 60% of the vote – RINO. Voted to increase the debt over and over again – no Tea Party victory there. Gregg Abbott, so-called ‘conservative’ won by a 90% vote, but then immediately pledged to invest more tax dollars in public schools, traditionally a ‘democrat’ party stance. Of course, this will mean more property theft to ‘fund’ the public schools. Where was Ted Cruz in backing the more conservative senate candidates? He was painfully silent when it came to the RINO Cornyn. I would like to agree with you that the Tea Party won, but I just don’t see the evidence. The so-called Tea Party candidates that the Republican’s co-opted from the last election have abdicated and laid down and died when it actually comes to voting against all the spending. Please enumerate for me the Tea Party victories. Now if there was actually a real Tea Party, and not just the Republican establishment pretending to be the Tea party, then we might have something.

        • dogface

          I’ve been in contact with them and unfortunately I believe you’re correct on that..

    • fedup

      come out from amongst her.., babylon is falling and her 4 horns of Zechariah are crumbling before us. The 4 horns of military, political, economic and relegious power systems are falling.Be not weary in well doing. You bring heaven down by calling on the God of Israel to bring his wrath on the unjust and unrighteous clowns. When you read O.T. prophets, they were in battle with the corrupt church leaders, as well as Jesus got in the Leaders face. Can we do any less? Occupy till he comes !!

      • pduffy

        Agree with you 100%. The only reason I vote is to try to throw out the current corruption, but I guess that will have to be done by Christ. We don’t have that power, as it is clearly evident, but we keep trying anyway.

        • dogface

          please keep trying, we need the patience of Job, only God can give it to us but we cant give up..

  • exmilcop

    You keep requesting financial assistance and I just can’t afford it. I no longer have funds to give to anything – no matter how good the cause. The Republicans took care of my retirement plan and my 401k a long time ago – defined benefits, you know! That was their money – not mine!
    I’m not going to vote any longer – I’m 80 years old and the only thing to vote for is politicians. Why waste a good vote on a politician?

  • David S.

    Jesus was obedient to His Father. However, when it came to the “world” and its ways, you will NEVER find a bigger rebel.
    I quit going to church. After reading about the men of the Bible and comparing them to todays Christian man, the difference is day and night. Todays man keeps his, um, “spine” in his wife’s purse. I have seen this countless times over the years. It disgusts me. Notice that these “men” resemble the ones on the average TV commercial (i.e. spineless and “simple”, so to speak). The MAIN reason I quit going was due to some of the messages I was hearing and wondered if they came from the pastor or from God. Since leaving, I have actually drawn closer to God. To each their own but the bottom line is: we need MORE guys with courage out there. Far too many wimps.

  • Al Chemist

    If you guys are waiting for a perfect Conservative Christian Politician to vote for, you have a long wait. You will be watching the Winter Olympics in Hell before then. Meanwhile, the democrats are putting forth a lot of liberal/progressive/commies on the tickets, willing to promise large increases in government programs (medicaid, food stamps, free housing, Obama Phones, Obama TVs and so on) without a work requirement and with large tax increases for those who work. Go ahead, stay at home.

    • ilpatriot58

      Amen to that! The decision to stay home was based on far more than his religion—I believe it was just as you said, he wasn;t PERFECT!!

  • Holy Harry & Pentecost Pete

    Romney’s defeat to Obama was in large part due to all those so called “Christians” who Hate Mormons and the ones that felt they needed to teach Republicans a lesson. You may not like another person’s religion but you allowed an Evil man to retain power over voting in a Good man who simply holds different beliefs. Whether you think he worships a “different” Christ or not the fact is he’s done more good and has been more honorable than most of the Republicans out there. He’s still married to the same woman, he doesn’t drink, smoke, use foul language, and he gives large amounts of money to help the less fortunate. He’s been honest and keeps his word. I believe he would have gotten rid of ObamaCare on his first day like he promised and he would have held Congress to a higher standard. No person is perfect. Only Christ is perfect. But you people think that someone must be as perfect as Jesus or they don’t deserve your vote. Well all I have to say is that you will reap what you have sown. When Christ comes back you will say Lord, Lord and he will say I never knew you…

    • donna b

      He lost to obumber because of the voter fraud where dead people voted . Had the election was aloud to have ran on honesty, Romney would have won. That’s a fact

      • Revere

        Sorry Donna, no it is not a fact.

        • antiliberalcryptonite

          Sorry d-bag, it IS a fact. The Antichrist-In-Chief received up to 140% of votes in some precincts, and the opposing candidate zero votes. That is not mathematically, legitimately, statistically, ethically, legally or even physically possible.

          As Joseph Stalin said, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Liberals believe very much in that method of vote counting.

          • cwll85

            Why the name calling?, It is still true that had 20 million Christians put aside there dislike of Mormons, Cheating or not Romney would be President and this Republic would begin to heal, This is a fact!.

        • c69101

          Idiot! Liberals don`t deal in facts.

      • Iorgos

        I want to throw out some thoughts on voting:
        We need to do away with early voting, and have every voter dip their thumb in ink like they did in Iraq (might make multiple voting at least more difficult).
        I don’t trust electronic voting booths, even though they are far easier, unless they would generate a small human readable printout that the voter can check (and that is saved for recounting).
        Anything the democrats like or want with respect to voting (like early voting) should be looked at with great suspicion. There’s usually an end game.

        • ilpatriot58

          Amen! No early voting or mail voting or any of that crap that’s been allowed….if you don’t have time to go to the polls on election day then I believe I don’t want your vote anyway. Who doesn’t have time to go vote….and don’t give me any of your lame excuses either.

    • cwll85

      I remember how my heart sank when Obama won and I was told that millions of Christians were responsible. To this day I cannot forgive or forget what happened because some didn’t like Mormons, Or voted for someone who could not win. I hope you are all happy with your decision to hand this Republic over to a Dictator who has almost finished his destruction of the United States of America. Many people are going to suffer and when Martial law and the National Guard is called out, Remember what you did in 2012.

      • DieHardPatriot

        From what I could find out about 30,000,000,000 evangelical (so called Christians) stayed home from the polls because they did not like Romney’s religion. Obama won by about 10,000,000,000 votes. There it is…one of our rights (to vote) was used as a weapon from a bunch of ignorant class of people and they gave Obama the White House and the He88ish aftermath we are having to fight against. They will answer one day for that betrayal of their God given right and chose to snub it!

        • Lanthanum Khloride

          chop 3 zeros off your numbers, please

        • sandraleesmith46

          We only have about 310 MILLION citizens in this nation total, so were did the 30 BILLION come from? Or the 10 billion for that matter; even China isn’t there yet, the Earth is only just above 7 billion souls.

        • ilpatriot58

          First of all, your numbers are way off and secondly, it wasn’t only about his religion….it was mostly about the wrong-headed thinking that the candidate has to be PERFECT! Well, no one is perfect except God so this is what you get when stubborn, misinformed people do what they think is the right thing for them and don’t consider the long term consequences of their actions. Period.

      • Sam

        Who blamed the Christians? The lying media? I don’t know anyone who voted for that pos in the White House. The looks on peoples’ faces the day after obama was elected again was shock and despair. I believe that people were sure he was going to be gone. My only answer is that the democrats cheated somehow. I have heard that they had software to jimmy the elections. This wouldn’t surprise me if it came to light that it was true.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Soros owns the company that makes and programs the voting machines and the one that tallies the votes all of which are off shore; plus there were massive frauds uncovered during and after the past 3 election cycles; among them minorities voting multiple times; more than 100% of a precinct’s registered voters actually voting, and all for O, and so forth. Add to that the laws that prevent forcing recounts in areas where “minorities’ votes might be affected” shoved through in the ’90s, and voila! O in the WH! This all came out years ago.

      • Sweet, Innocent, and Lovable

        As a Christian I vote because if I don’t then I don’t have a right to bitch, and I do like bitching. The problem with Rummy was not his religion, but if you did your home work you would know that In Mass. as Gov. he passed some of the tuffist gun laws that had been passed, and he designed bummercare. Besides I fought so you would have your right to your stupid opinion.

        • cwll85

          I also did my time in 1970 and was almost killed, So you can call my opinion stupid if you want, And you can shove yours where the sun doesn’t shine. My point was that over 20 million supposed Christians didn’t vote because they didn’t like Romney. So instead we have one of the most evil men in history taking our nation away from all of us. I didn’t serve to hand this Republic to a Tyrant. This is our Country and to many of my brothers didn’t come back. They are rolling in there graves now. And as President Romney would never have taken our right to bear arms away from us because as with Obama it wont pass. Of course being a dictator just means he needs to take the rest of our rights away, Romney would have followed the Constitution.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Please see my post above to Grizzly. I don’t believe he would have followed the Constitution; politically speaking, religion aside, he’s just O-lite. And what he did in MA does bear weight on where he’d likely have gone in the WH!

          • ilpatriot58

            Wrong! and even if he tried to do what you think he would have done, there were (and still are) millions of us paying attention and we would not have let that happen….

          • sandraleesmith46

            So… how has that stopped O? And what makes you think it would have stopped Romney? Which part do you NOT get about them all being PUPPETS and not the ones RUNNING this nation, because they AREN’T! They’re nothing but “mid-level”; the “majors and light colonels”, NOT the O-9 top General! If you’re paying so much attention, how is it you missed that?

    • Grizzly907

      Not true. Obama run because of illegal alien and black voter fraud in the swing state. Not to mention that many conservativew stayed home because the Republican party swindled Ron Paul out of the nomination. They committed their own voter fraud in Iowa to set the narrative that Ron Paul couldn’t win. They also screwed over the Ron Paul delegates as well. Those conservative were not going to vote for a McCain like candidate. So they stayed home. Look at the establishment Republican party for their failure to do the right thing. Romney was liberal lite and whats the purpose of having liberal lite when you can get the real thing?

      • sandraleesmith46

        You DO know there IS only ONE party in DC, and that’s the NWO party; and that EVERYONE who has gotten onto a ballot that would land him/her inside that Beltway has been a member of THAT party? That all the apparent “opposition” is grand Guignol and nothing more, and that INCLUDES Ron Paul, Ted Cruz and all the rest of them? Because if you DON’T know that, you need to get yourself educated. Romney, religion notwithstanding, is politically merely O-lite; and would have been taking us to the SAME place as O is, just a bit slower. Ron Paul has been playing that game for decades, so to believe he’s not on board would be sheer folly! The ballot box is owned by Soros and conservatives will NOT win an election so long as that is true and the NWO retains power enough to prevent it. it’s not “Repubs” or “Dems” it’s AMERICANS, particularly those who claim to be Christians, who have been doing the WRONG things for decades; which is why we are under God’s judgment now and evil has the upper hand. LOOK at what happened to Israel every time she drifted away from the worship of Yhwh God; think He’s stopped doing that? Not at all; That’s why Muslims were able to attack us, first on foreign soil, and finally right on our own soil, with the help of the sitting government, of course and those behind the scenes from the NWO, which is, in fact, Satan’s latest attempt to prove he’s God’s superior, despite the fact that he LOST the war at Calvary! Like so many other leaders, he hasn’t yet conceded that he was defeated!

      • c69101

        I would take Romney over this Marxist jerk we have now!

  • Sam

    I don’t know why people disliked Romney because he was a Mormon. That’s so stupid. The man was a good, decent person with great business experience. Why are people so beholden to a lying, stupid communist Muslim? I don’t get it. Most Mormons are not the kind who believe in polygamy. One of the most decent Mormon men called Cleon Skousen worked beside J. Edgar Hoover for 34 years and he wrote “The 5,000 Year Leap” as well as other books like “The Naked Communist”. These are some of the best books I have ever read. I measure a person by their character and obama was an idiot from the get go, I could tell. He said he was a Christian but what Christian gives themselves a Muslim name? Who else talks about redistribution of wealth? Why, communists do! People should have learned this from high school if they paid attention. No, many people are only concerned with their next party, payday, beer, sex or joint. They don’t live in reality most of the time. I hope and pray that Americans are aware that our government is at war with the people and we must band together and vote out every single RINO and democrat. None of them are any good.

    • jstarusa

      Not only that but Mormons are more Christian-like than this president has even thought about being. So many times he has slapped the Christian faces and took up the Muslim way first and foremost. Not counting all the non Christian values he has and promotes, even some the Muslims do not like. Actions speak louder than words would be a good lesson to remember!

    • Dan Heaberlin

      Sam, how can you say that the government is at war with the people…. if they were at war with the people, they would be trying to take our guns away from us, they would be trying to regulate us to death and they would be trying to divide us as a nation….. Uh oh,……… Maybe you are right!

      • Sam

        The government is at war with us. Wake up. Every day they are making more laws to oppress us and take our freedoms away. It’s the “nudge” technique. They get people to think they are doing good things for us but in reality they are working against us. Look around. Why are the coals mines shut down? Why is obama appointing people with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? Every day, more small businesses shut down and more people are losing their homes, jobs and everything they worked hard for. I see what is going on and I feel the oppression. Cass Sunstein, obama’s regulatory “tzar” wrote a book called “Nudge”. They are going to nudge us into tyranny and poverty.

        • Dan Heaberlin

          Sam…. slow down, I was agreeing with you. Because the government IS trying to take our guns away, and they ARE regulating us to death, and there isn’t even an argument that Obama is trying to divide us as a nation so we will be more Susceptible to takeover by either the communists of the Muslims.

    • ilpatriot58

      Powerful post! My sentiments exactly…..

    • jmortensen

      As a rule Mormons are decent people, they just got the JESUS part wrong ..Turns out that Romney would have been a good President ..But at the end of his campaign (It seemed to me) that he handed the election to Obama .. that first debate could have won him the election, if he hadn’t backed down, handed Obama the others on a silver platter .. And then the voter fraud where districts were having more then 100% turn out of registered voters .. who checked that out ?
      We have to keep on congress till we have a law that says you must show your ID to vote ..

  • Thomas Sharp

    Truth, it just stays at the top of the list.

  • cris

    All you self-righteous ‘christians’ need to wake up! You are not voting for a savior! That has already been established…..Sometimes you have to vote to prevent evil from prevailing!

    By not voting at all, you allowed evil (Obama) to prevail and you are now to blame for the death spiral we are currently in…….I hope you are so proud of ‘taking a stance’…..Fools..

  • gotcha1988

    Short, sweet, and to the point.

  • gotcha1988

    Could I presume to add a P.S. to Mr. Giles’ message? To any pious Christians who are more offended by Giles’ use of the word “bitch” than they are by Obama’s pretending to be a Christian for the purpose of attacking Christ: Get a life!

  • eatdawg

    Western culture is all but over. The war on Christianity has the goal of mainstreaming everyform of debauchery and filth. Your freedom is based on Christian principals. Like a house without it’s foundation the West is about to fall.

  • Bob

    I think here’s a type-o in your letter. The correct word is not “apathetic” it’s “pathetic.”

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