DEAR METROSEXUAL MALE: Would You Rather Hunt Grizzly or Get a Manicure?

hunt memeWould you rather hunt a Grizzly Bear or get a manicure? If the latter, we probably won’t get along.

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  • RhondaOR

    Rage on freak man. The stone-age called and they want their weird cave man back.

    • Daniel Gray

      Nope they want you as they have plans to use you as bait in their hunts.

    • mac12sam12

      Your hubby must be one of those tinker bell metros.

  • Fred

    I’m with you brother.

  • SallyOMalley

    I like a bit of both, actually. A man who can hunt something I can eat – I don’t eat bear, and takes care of his nails so I’m not getting injured when we’re intimate. No need to be divisive, Doug.

  • rjhollydog

    Oh, Please, this is awesome! If you don’t like the hunting photos go somewhere else, maybe they will serve lattes! Black campfire coffee, a good cigar and a bourbon in a tin cup, nice!

  • 19gundog43

    Great picture Doug. Can’t wait for all the Nancy boys to wet their tutus.

  • bearski

    Great looking Bear. What did he square?

  • Rory Wilkins

    Hunting bear in a swamp would have me punching way above my weight class. I’d be up for hunting a cow to do some burgers and steaks though. ^_~

  • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

    That’s one big-ass bear. OK. You got him. Now what?

    • Lever Gun will Travel

      Haul him, skin him, soak him in brine, cook some smoke some make jerky of some, pack a bunch in the freezer the put the rest on the bed for a blanket. Just some suggestions…

      • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

        Yeah, self-defense aside, I guess you wouldn’t take down an animal that size unless you came prepared for a haul.

    • Daniel Gray

      lolol…sounds like the rare roadrunner cartoon where the coyote was shrunk and finally grabbed the roadrunner on the leg and then held up a sign “You wanted me to catch him and I did…Now WHAT DO I DO WITH HIM??”

  • jaxtom

    Personally I’d rather let the bear live as long as it was minding it’s own business. Magnificent animals.

    • Lever Gun will Travel

      But tasty…mmmmm….bear jerky…

      • Greg

        Bear jerky? What does that taste like? I’ve often said that (and back it up, by the way) that I’ll eat anything that doesn’t eat me first.

      • sargeant rock

        I did a bear roast in a dutch oven that my buddy and I had buried before we left camp to hunt deer. When we got back, that was sooooo good we almost ate the pot also….

  • PatrioticInfidelInPA

    Hmmm, I hunt with a bow. Would NOT want to take that bear on with my Bowtech Destroyer 350. If I did, I would want a back up .44 Magnum for insurance!

    • Lever Gun will Travel

      ALWAYS use enough gun. And no, that’s not a bow. Unless you’re talking about a long bow with about 180lbs pull. But you’d still want backup, like a spear and a really big knife.

      • sargeant rock

        Looking at the size of that, if I was to hunt it with a bow, I would be using explosive heads on the arrows… Otherwise you are just going to piss him off…..

  • Lari

    I’d rather hunt the metrosexuals and then feed them to the bears.

  • Lever Gun will Travel

    What the flock is a manicure. Sounds like something you spread around the tomatoes.

    • Greg

      And just what is a “new man bag”? Heck, I don’t even have an old man bag….well, with the exception of one and it only contains two items ;)

  • Doc

    I hate to disappoint the pansies but real men hunt, eat meat, laugh at “metrosexuals” and all like them. We eat meat and potatoes and laugh just as hard at finger foods. Without us the world will die and cockroaches will take over the planet. Odds are they deserve it more than most current inhabitants.

  • justsay’in

    Hunting is fine by me, as long as you eat what you kill. The people who do it for sport, well, I consider their type to be lower than a snake’s belly.

    • Daniel Gray

      Hate to pop your bubble child. But hunters use everything they take. And if they cant use it or dont want to, the meat is usually donated to a food bank or a homeless shelter so it does not spoil and is used.

      Only people who kill and leave the meat or wound an animal and then dont track it and finish it, should be stood against the wall and their jewels shot off one at a time.

      • polarisgold

        I have to disaree a little Daniel…here in Idaho we have a saying that goes something like this….Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up! Yes, you guessed it right, that refers to wolves and the big cat!

        • Daniel Gray

          There is always exceptions to the rule. Now would I stand by and allow a puma or wolf to take one of my animals? Nope I would drop them in a hard second. But would I shoot at a deer or elk or bear and hit it and then leave the animal to suffer? Nope, I would track it down and finish the job and then take meat, I would then leave a little bit for Nature as other animals have to eat as well. But I would not allow the whole animal to spoil if I could help it as even if I didnt want the animal, there are food pantries and low income people that could use it.

  • Denver Kitty

    Doug, I think you’re one incredible MAN. I’d like to find one who appreciates a 60-year old WOMAN who can be equally happy and sexy in blue jeans and motorcycle boots OR in a fur coat, sipping champagne. LOL.

  • Daniel Gray

    I’d rather hunt grizzly with a pocket knife then get a manicure or even dare carry a womans purse, even if the swishies in Frisco call it a man bag.

  • Todd Little

    Give me a bowie knife, ill bring you back a skin.


    Nice shot there Mr. Giles…..are you going to make a coat from the hide and BBQ the meat?

    • jubilee

      at least it is a full grown bear… and you will HAVE MEAT in your freezer, hormone free…the fur isn’t bad either

  • drofelkcahs

    I don’t have much interest in manicures, man bags, or large dead bears.

  • polarisgold

    I’d love to of shot that beast along with 50 wolves……What a day that would be!!

  • cl0ckw0rk

    Looks like my comment wasn’t approved. So much for free speech, huh?

  • lowCal90

    I’ve found this to be a lighthouse in the fog conjured up by the quacks, progressives, and clowns of today’s TV media:

  • bushwacko

    Don’t know who “they” are but I know I don’t want to know them. You know, them ads on television showing “men”? shaving their arms and chests? Kind of pushing this ain’t “they”? What next? Armpit and legs? How about removing the three piece set at birth? WTF?

    • jubilee

      i think GUYS who shave their chests are weird as well i LOVE hairy chests on men. I think it could be a conspiricy for women to desire guys who look like ‘them’ ( women are also using heavy weights to look like some men-or take steroids). But hairy backs….no

    • sunfish86

      gasp, removal of body hair, without considering the fact that mybe that person doesn’t want body hair/interferes with their job/makes living difficult? No, it couldn’t be. THEY’RE ALL BAG WEARING METROSEXUALS.

  • Daniel Gray

    what did that monster dress out as Doug? Round about 300 or 400 pounds?

  • jubilee

    Hmm. i have ate BEAR before… since they are in the wild, there are no hormones in the meat, and the bear i ate tasted a little like beef

  • sunfish86

    Ah yes, Doug Giles, a true man’s man. A man that believes that metrosexual men are the end of the world. I am sorry I am not manly enough for you Doug, I would rather cook than go out and shoot a bear. I see no interest in hunting, I am the worst male out there. I must now hide in shame because I will not shoot a bear. Yes, beer. Breasts, Football, wings, I am true man at heart. T and A for all.

    • muslimmustgo

      A big problem is that obama is attempting to steer our military into the ludicrous mindset of metrosexualism!! You don’t have to kill animals to prove that you’re a man,but would you pick up arms to defend the American way of life and our Constitution against an oppressive invading tyrannical “govt” that is intent on transforming our nation into a marxist state?

      • sunfish86

        Do you even know what the military is like? I’m a soldier you idiot.

        • muslimmustgo

          Yes,I think I know what the military is like,being that I served probably way before you were born,so actually,do you know what the military should be like? You wouldn’t if you are (actually in the military as you claim to be)as of late! You would only know what the current (obama) status of the military is! None of the ludicrous political correctness existed back then as it does now! But it sounds (from your comment) that you subscribe to the “new” obama military policies,(that is if you’re actually in the military)! Doubtful!!! Actually from you’re name calling,it sounds more like you’re just a entitlement mentality millennial!!

          • sunfish86

            You have this crazy ideal that Obama has changed the military so much since you have been. Yes the military has changed, it has changed a lot probably since the time that you have been in. But the idea that Obama has changed the military so much that it is not like it was before is ludicrous. The military has changed in the ideals that the MOS’s are switching gears and infantry and artillery are decreasing but there is increased support needed in the intelligence community. This is not caused by Obama. This is caused by the current situation in the War on Terror. Rather than having boots on the ground, there are boots in tents, listening to information, translation, GPS signaling. The military has changed buddy, don’t try to scapegoat Obama. I don’t care about Obama, I never cared about Bush, but I’m not going to blame someone else for something they never did. You should know better than that.

  • muslimmustgo

    To each his own,I guess,I never had the desire to kill animals,although I would if it meant my survival! I would much rather kill the ludicrous mindset of political correctness and bring back self reliance and individuality! And if there are those (that are more than capable to care for themselves) that fall by the wayside due to their refusal to take the responsibility for self care,then so be it!

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