1. OzzWorx

      In California the first person shot on the roads was doing 60 in the fast lane. When a driver brighted her she slowed to 55.

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        And I’m sure the second to last thing that went through that person’s head (before the bullet) was “but I was going the right speed!”

    1. Richard Haley

      Yes, the driver of the first car really is an inconsiderate boob. Obviously she is left eye dominate. ‘I’m going the speed lmit, but I’m not passing anyone.’
      Get the heck out of the way!!!!

  1. genes

    Both are breaking Florida traffic laws and both are being jerks. Hopefully the videoing driver will learn before someone gets killed from her arrogance and stupidity.

  2. Lawrence Behr

    Found On Road Dead….it is true slower traffic should keep to the right it is a basic law of motor vehicle operation, BUT it does not GIVE entitlement to ANY ONE PERSON, EVER. The driver of the truck was just plain rude, he should have just passed the car and went on his way , he was speeding and most likely be caught doing so.
    Remember driving is a privilege not a right, Share The Road

    1. Scooter McHeadshot

      i’m pretty sure he was giving her the finger over her recording the issue, ie giving her something to see. this ignorant woman exacerbated this situation and should have been cited for obstructing the flow of traffic.

      1. Lawrence Behr

        in the video he was clearly driving aggressively and not following at a safe distance and that is why the girl started to video this incident. Yes she should have moved to the right but some people, women and men do not know basic laws yet hold a drivers license. At any time he could have just past her up and kept moving along , but he exacerbated the situation, taunting her and flipping her off. . Like the title says, “Clobbered by GOD”, evil begets evil

        1. Richard Haley

          If you really thought about this, it was the driver of the first car that was in grave error. My late brother was the same way. He’d drive in the left hand lane and maintain the speed limit, which at the time was that STUPID Governer Dukakis’s 55 MPH. I once told him that he had better never be in front of me, or I’d run him off the road!!!!
          Now, how could you ever think that this is road rage when I’m not even driving????

          1. Freddy Neat Shee

            There’s one in Florida as well. The only reason it took 2 years to pass the law is because of the AARP.

          2. Lawrence Behr

            clearly you just don’t get it, just because “she” was doing the speed limit that she was in the right! she should have moved over, but it does not excuse his driving behavior to wit he swerved into the left lane to make his point only to lose control of his truck, and what happened next was not the fault of the girl, it was a man so consumed with rage that he just realized he can’t drive “55” LOL maybe his place WAS in the right lane after all and at a slower rate of speed and maybe he would have arrived at his destination safely and on time!
            And YES they should enact a law that tickets slower drivers in the left lane that we call “the hammer lane” meaning “hammer down” and we will take our chances in front of a judge! . It is an all to common problem no matter where you live.
            I am not taking sides here I am pointing out that jackass behavior behind the wheel comes at a price.

          3. Richard Haley

            “…pointing out that jackass behavior behind the wheel comes at a price.”
            And the real Jackass was…???
            If she had been using the PROPER edicate, she would not have been in the left hand lane in the firsat place!!!!

          4. Lawrence Behr

            clearly the guy in the ditch, His etiquette(correctly spelled) is to flip off a driver who is just as ignorant as he was, he failed his attempt to pass on the right. please STOP you are starting to sound like the Idiot in the ditch. BTW what is “PROPER” ABOUT ROAD RAGE!!!, what church do you attend?

      1. Scooter McHeadshot

        depends on if they are in city limits or not. I know plenty of secondary divided highways that are 55mph or sometimes 60.

      2. Freddy Neat Shee

        She said it was US HWY 41 in Florida — AKA Tamiami Trail. For most of it, the speed limit is 55, but in towns, it’s as low as 45. It didn’t look like she was in a “town” area, though — it looked like she was closer to the Port of Tampa / Ruskin area.

    1. Freddy Neat Shee

      I predict a quote from DragginAss or some similar name, who wants to correct you and say that you’re wrong about the left/right lane thing. You’re not wrong. He is:

      Florida Statute 316.081 currently reads, as follows:

      “Abstract: (2) Upon all roadways, any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway. (3) Upon any roadway“.

  3. Freddy Neat Shee

    In Texas, it’s illegal to be parked in the left lane – you are only allowed to be in the left lane long enough to pass someone. As an example, someone going 50 in a 55 on an Interstate (in this case, according to the video description, US 41).

    1. CrustyOldGeezer

      I did notice that she passed a couple of slower moving vehicles.

      The pickup driver had an attitude and earned his lesson. I doubt he learned anything though.

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        True — and those slower moving vehicles were where they needed to be — to the right of the faster vehicles. I’m not saying that Mr. Aggro was in the clear here, but the woman videotaping all this on her cell phone while driving clearly had an attitude as well.

        To be clear, Florida does allow the use of a cell phone while driving, however, according to their distracted driving site ( http://www.dmvflorida.org/cell-phone-distractions.shtml ) ,

        now when it is safe to talk on your cell phone. You should not talk on the cell phone during hazardous driving conditions. If road conditions are not safe, traffic is heavy, or weather is severe, don’t use your cell phone — it is simply not worth risking a crash…or your life!

        In her comments on the video, she said that the reason she couldn’t speed up in the road is because the weather was too severe. She also claimed to not be able to get to the right, although we clearly see plenty of times she could have gotten right if she wanted to. So we’re to believe that talking on the phone is not OK, but she can hold her phone up with one hand, making sure it is pointed at a truck behind her, while driving in weather too severe to go faster, with one hand?

        1. CrustyOldGeezer

          I’m guessing that was a passenger doing the camera.

          And I offer no excuses for either party.

          In heavy rain, dual tires kick up a lot of spray and I can understand not changing lanes into a much more dangerous condition than letting the immature moron in the pickup go faster.

        2. dragon5126

          THANK YOU! Most of what you stated is spot on, HOWEVER, this is a stretch of 4 lane divided in residential and business area, this brings the legal limit to 45. and she was doing 50… Also as this is a 4 lane with turns onto and off of both lanes, there is NO passing lane. this is the same as driving in the city, as there are lights and stop signs…

    2. Scooter McHeadshot

      Couldn’t agree more. She had the opportunity to move over easily and let faster traffic pass, but little miss self-appointed traffic cop was too selfish to think of anyone but herself. Anyone that thinks she doesn’t shoulder a big chunk of the responsibility for this situation is brain dead.

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        We called them “enforcers” back when I was in FL — people who camped out on the left lane going exactly the speed limit, usually while a semi truck is in the middle lane, and with about a mile of clear road ahead of them. She was lucky that all this guy shot at her was his middle finger, if they were in Florida.

    3. AG Dot Com!

      I did love that about Texas – especially in the outlying areas. The drivers were incredibly polite. San Angelo was great. Dallas, not so much. Watched some vatos racing Hondas on the expressway in downtown screw up – one of ‘em smoked the wall pretty hard…

    4. dragon5126

      this is a surface road, through a residential area , or did you miss that fact? As such there are TWO through traffic lanes, both of which have turns on to and off of the road. NO passing lane as prescribed by Texas DOT further as this stretch was going through residential and business area, the speed limit DROPS to 45 MPH… Surface road NOT interstate… You are missing the obvious. NEXT she did not have anything to do with the cause of the accident. the other driver was tail gaiting, pushing and guilty of inattentive driving So if you think the car driver is guilty you must also think rape victims cause the crime because they are the victim. you suffer from cranial rectal inversion

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        The video shows no such thing. Now you’re just making things up out of whole cloth because I schooled you. Just go back to your davenport, next to the credenza, and leave the driving to someone competent, Merle.

        Florida Statute 316.081 currently reads, as follows:

        “Abstract: (2) Upon all roadways, any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway. (3) Upon any roadway“.

        Looks like you need a retest. Idiot.

        1. dragon5126

          you need to learn how to read a statute because you just proved my comment 100% correct
          Further I Stated TEXAS and you counter with Florida? You are retarded aren’t you??? Also supply the REST of the statute, sections 1 and 3 apply…

  4. a_browning

    The driver of the car should not have been in the left lane unless passing. These idiots are a real hazard on the roads.

    1. Steve Bunten

      Example of two idiots. The left-lane-hugging driver who should have gotten over (and shouldn’t have been video recording this while driving) and the a*hole truck driver who could have gotten many people hurt by his driving.

      1. dragon5126

        the “left lane hugger” was lawfully driving in a proper traffic lane NOT a passing lane, this was not an interstate highway it was a 4 lane divided surface road with turns onto and off of, from both lanes which means there are NO passing lanes… virtually 99% of the posters miss this fact and should NOT be driving themselves.

        1. Freddy Neat Shee

          Why so defensive? Is it because you don’t know Florida State Traffic Laws, but are trying desperately to make people think you’re an authority?

          Florida Statute 316.081 currently reads, as follows:

          “Abstract: (2) Upon all roadways, any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway. (3) Upon any roadway“.

          Looks like you need a retest. And if you don’t like it, remember: I-75 goes north, too.

        2. John

          “99%” of the posters agree because they are right. We can’t agree with you because then we’d all be wrong.

          1. dragon5126

            Wrong little girl,, this is US 41, within The city limits LOOK at the video… NO passing lane, ho fast lane no slow lane JUST through traffic lanes. live with it

    2. dragon5126

      and another one needs a retest. this IS NOT an interstate, there is no posting “PASSING LANE ONLY” and left turns are allowed from the lane, it is a simple traffic lane. Surrender your license at the nearest police station immediately

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        Are you trying to make yourself look like an idiot? Florida Statute 316.081 currently reads, as follows:

        “Abstract: (2) Upon all roadways, any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway. (3) Upon any roadway“.

        Looks like you need a retest. Idiot.

  5. CrustyOldGeezer

    NOT A “TRUCK”!

    Professional TRUCK DRIVERS do not act like this even on bad days.

    THIS POS was just another useless bum with more money than brains and tried to bully his way because he had a “Bigger Vehicle” and THAT makes him gawd in his eyes.

    As a former professional 18 wheel driver I have seen the same attitude on many occasions.

    Some have tried to bully me and picked up driving lessons free of charge and solidly learned so they will never forget.

      1. CrustyOldGeezer

        Another fool I have to suffer through?

        3 1/2 Million Miles with zero moving violations and zero accidents and you think I’m a dummy?

        That, child, is 30 years of zero mistakes.

        And without trucks you would not make it a week.

        1. Freddy Neat Shee

          Sergeant C (DragginAss) is just a little upset that your truck could run his little car off the road without you even being aware of it. He has a complex, and doesn’t realize when he’s wrong, and since he can’t actually debate competently (he never had to learn), he instead resorts to force, and in that case, your truck has him beat. So he’s scared. And with a name like Roland, I mean, do you blame him?

  6. Al Chemist

    It would have been polite if the person in the left lane had pulled over to the right lane and let the truck pass. That said, the driver of the truck was a jerk.

  7. Bulldog74

    OK, the guy was a jerk, but on the other hand the driver doing the filming refused to get over to the right when the truck was coming up behind her in the left (passing) lane…not to mention that it looks like when he DID try to pass her on the right, she deliberately sped up, at least for a while.
    The thing about instant justice is there’s always enough to go around.

    1. Wes

      In the description of the video on Youtube she said that she couldn’t get over because there were trucks in the right lane blocking her.

  8. Ricarrdo estavans

    That looks like a 55 mph highway. The car was doing about 35 mph. Lock up the moron who is in the left lane and going way below the max mph.

      1. dragon5126

        parallax the car is doing 50 on a 45 mph… and there is no “fast lane” as turns are made FROM both lanes…

        1. Freddy Neat Shee

          US HWY 41 in Tampa is a 55MPH speed limit. There are no “No Passing” signs. Next time you get a chance, ask your driver what the current speed limit is, and how fast he’s going.

          1. dragon5126

            first off this ISNT Tampa, second go back to the statute you have the fetish for and reread the portion on speed relative to conditions moron…

          2. Freddy Neat Shee

            According to the person who posted the video on youtube, it is. And according to you, she is in the city lanes, as evidenced by the fact that you live right off of 41. So according to your own proclamations, she is in the City of Tampa doing this. I was just arguing the point as though you were correct, which, being a cop, you certainly are not.

          3. dragon5126

            Freddie fagbag, YOU are arguing two different discussions at once, one based by the dirtball commenting on TEXAS law, and this one which takes place in Florida, separate them and get back on track fruit cup.

        2. Patrick Henry

          MD for example has 55 – 65mph rural highway zones with left turn lanes. You still have to keep right until it is necessary to move over for the left turn.

    1. dragon5126

      its a 45 mph divided in a residential area (look at the back yards and houses, the car was doing 50… there IS NO fast lane as there are right and left turns on the road, and MAX speed s not a requirement its a limit… Drive much?

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        US HWY 41 in Tampa is a 55MPH speed limit. There are no “No Passing” signs. Next time you get a chance, ask your driver what the current speed limit is, and how fast he’s going. Then make sure you tell him that when you were his age, the speed limit was 25 MPH, because it was thought that over 25MPH, humans couldn’t breathe.

      2. Ricarrdo estavans

        I do not know of any female driver who is aware of what is commonly referred to as the “rules of the road.” The moron giggling should have moved over. She was the See You Next Tuesday variety.

    1. dragon5126

      Get a clue there is NO fast lane when you can make turns from EITHER of the TWO lanes.., you need to be retested too… Look how many people are assuming this is an interstate with a POSTED passing lane.

      1. John

        You can’t hog the left lane just because you have the choice to turn. Pass, turn, or get out of the way. I wonder how many other drivers yell at you and call you names and you don’t realize it.

        1. Freddy Neat Shee

          The first one that shoots something other than the bird at him will probably wake him up. Before the geezerade kicks back in again.

        2. dragon5126

          If I ran across you in person the first thing I would do is issue an order for retest… you obviously don’t know JACK this wasn’t on the expressway there is NO passing lane, this is US 41 within city limits. this makes both lanes through traffic lanes.

          1. Freddy Neat Shee

            And of both of them, the right lane is for slower traffic, unless you’re turning left:

            Florida Statute 316.081 currently reads, as follows:

            “Abstract: (2) Upon all roadways, any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway. (3) Upon ANY roadway“.

            (Emphasis mine)

            Looks like you need a retest. Idiot.

            Also, you may want to review the City of Tampa Personnel Manual, section B28.2A (3) (e) (1):

            The e City of Tampa Civil Service Rules and Regulations authorize the City to dismiss employees due to incompetence, insubordination, neglect of duty, moral turpitude, and/or breach of peace (Article J. Section 4.a.). The types of conduct and/or performance which fall into these categories which may be considered cause for dismissal are listed below. As stated above, these lists are not all-inclusive:

            (under Breach of Peace):

            1) Being offensive or antagonistic, either physically or verbally, toward any City employee or member of the public at any time

  9. Rob Price

    This is becoming more of a problem all the time. In today’s society where everyone has a camera, not too much will get by, and most people will get caught eventually for their “over the top” action’s. Let’s see if this guy will learn his lesson, or, this just makes him worse of a “road hog”!

  10. johnpar47

    Ever heard of lane discipline? Left lane is for passing – not traveling. Yes, the guy in the truck was a butthead but this all could have been avoided with a bit of road courtesy from the other driver. If you’re going to park in the passing lane it’s guaranteed you’re going to piss off some of the other drivers.

    1. RangerRick

      Agreed 100%. There are jerk drivers and a-holes; both driver’s exhibited those qualities. The truck driver should be fined for damaging property and the driver filming should be charged with driving with reckless driving and impeding traffic. I feel the driver filming is the bigger hindrance on the road and typical of the entitlement generation (it’s my lane and I have ever right to be here and do whatever speed I see fit).

      1. dragon5126

        ANOTHER IDIOT needs a retest. this was a 4 lane divided not 6 there is turning from BOTH lanes and is in a residential area there IS NO PASSING LANE as there are turns allowed from both lanes… you need to learn the REAL rules of the road

        1. Freddy Neat Shee

          Florida Statute 316.081 currently reads, as follows:

          “Abstract: (2) Upon all roadways, any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the
          same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway. (3) Upon any roadway“.

          Looks like you need a retest. Idiot.

        2. RangerRick

          In a four lane divided highway, the left lane is still the passing lane, which she was blocking and not allowing the truck to pass. You’re the woman in the video blocking traffic yelling at others to learn the rules when you don’t have a clue.

          1. dragon5126

            ummm incorrect, this is entering the business district, there IS NO passing lane… you need to watch the video before you comment poser

          2. RangerRick

            No, you would be incorrect and presumptuous, again. Let me point you to the Florida statue that does not distinguish between ‘entering a business district’ or not, pay attention to numbers 2 and 3 where all roads fall under the ‘move over’ purview: http://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Statutes/2013/316.081

            She should have been in the right lane, plain and simple. And if she was traveling at ~60mph like she showed in the video and recorded 1 minute into him tailing her for 3 minutes, she had 3 miles to move over. Yes, he could have passed her in the right during that time and been done with it but she could have been ticketed by a Florida peace officer for blocking the flow of traffic in the left, passing lane.

            Not a poser, just someone who has the facts.

          3. dragon5126

            you obviously don’t have any facts since you don’t even have her speed correct. IF you were a “ranger” as you claim you would know that there is parallax from reading the speedo at an angle which makes the reading of FIFTY higher than it is, POSER.

          4. RangerRick

            No, you would be incorrect and presumptuous, again. Let me point you to the Florida statue that does not distinguish between ‘entering a business district’ or not, pay attention to numbers 2 and 3 where all roads fall under the ‘move over’ purview:http://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/S

            She should have been in the right lane, plain and simple. And if she was traveling at ~60mph like she showed in the video and recorded 1 minute into him tailing her for 3 minutes, she had 3 miles to move over. Yes, he could have passed her in the right during that time and been done with it but she could have been ticketed by a Florida peace officer for blocking the flow of traffic in the left, passing lane.

            Watch the video, consider the facts, and read the laws. She was in the wrong and should have move over. He was also in the wrong and unfortunately paid heavily for it.

          5. dragon5126

            umm wrong deranged dick I watched read and am a sworn officer. He should be cited for felony reckless endangerment

      2. johnpar47

        Yeah boy! Common courtesy seems to have vanished in our me-me-me society. Seems every female driver has a cell phone plastered to her ear. I would have T-boned one last week but saw she wasn’t remotely aware so I checked my speed to avoid hitting her, she just blew through the stop sign and didn’t even see me. Driving while brain numb should be a traffic offense? A little consideration, both on and off the road, makes this old world a more enjoyable place to live!

    2. dragon5126

      ANOTHER IDIOT needs a retest. this was a 4 lane divided not 6 there is turning from BOTH lanes and is in a residential area there IS NO PASSING LANE as there are turns allowed from both lanes…

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        You need to take the driver test. There is NOT a no passing lane on US HWY 41 in Tampa where she is talking about, or the lady would have mentioned it in the comments on her video. And if there was, then she didn’t see it, which means SHE WASN’T LOOKING AT THE ROAD. Don’t take my word for it: Take the word of the person who shot the video. Maybe YOU need to retake the driver test. Along with a test on which is the brake and which is the gas, and a reflex test as well.

        1. dragon5126

          Freddie fagbait, you are mixing multiple conversations together, the discussion about texas regulations and this one, and per UNIFORM US DOT REGULATIONS, there are NO “passing lane ONLY” regulations on ANY US highway in the city limits in the US PERIOD… now go take your Lithium and thorazine…

          1. Freddy Neat Shee

            I had to look up thorazine. It’s a shot given, usually to mental patients already in a hospital, to calm them down. Did you just tell us a little more about your past than you intended to?

            This may be why you’re still a traffic cop. You may refer to me as “Detective Neat Shee” or “sir”.

          2. dragon5126

            Freddie if you had to look it up you are not detective material, since you receive the injections daily…

      2. johnpar47

        I was taught over 50 years ago that the left lane is for higher rates of speed and/or passing. If I’m impeding flow of traffic I move over and let drivers pass – regardless of whether 4 or 6 lanes. It’s called common courtesy.

        1. Freddy Neat Shee

          Looks like DragginAss was taught 25 years before you that if you go more than 25 miles per hour, humans can’t breathe. Some habits die hard.

        2. dragon5126

          then your education is incomplete first off there are things called through lanes, which in this instance is both. She was also over taking traffic on the right Retest time based on eyesight for you,,, and third when within city limits as in this instance there is NO lane limitations based on speed due to traffic entering and exiting traffic flow. Do you still use an abacus?

          1. Freddy Neat Shee

            The scary thing is, if he really is a cop (and still a traffic cop? wonder why?), he may be using this thread to get himself psyched up before his shift.

          2. dragon5126

            awww that almost sort of may have come close but didn’t, hurt my feelings.. But I wouldn’t admit that it took over 50 years to be taught how to drive… it ruins your credibility in this discussion…

  11. justagirl

    well, the woman driving SLOW in the FAST and PASSING lane was an a$$hat too. What was SHE trying to prove? That she did not obey or know the rules of the road?

    1. dragon5126

      wrong she was at the speed limit on a surface street with turns allowed from BOTH lanes, You are another person that should be ordered for a license retest since it is YOU that does not know the rules. there is NOT a third POSTED passing only lane. this was NOT the interstate. you just bought an order for a retest and return to probationary license status were you to try that argument in traffic court.

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        US HWY 41 in Tampa (where she is, according to her comments in the
        video, as quoted here: “This happened to me on SR 41 in Tampa on Monday
        March 24th” ). She’s obviously not from around Tampa, because we all
        know US HWY 41, but there is no SR 41 anywhere near Tampa (SR 60 is the
        closest State Road). So for her to call it SR 41, means she didn’t know
        really where she was.

        Also, she was clearly going less than the speed limit in the left lane. She videotaped it herself. Where she was in Tampa, the speed limit is 55 MPH. She’s barely able to hit 50 MPH. While driving on a slick road, according to her own comment, and holding a cell phone behind her head, keeping the truck in center frame, presumably with one hand, while driving slow with the other hand.

        Also, according to the video:

        I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane

        . Even though we clearly see from the video that she could have gotten over. SHE IS ACKNOWLEDGING that she should have been over a lane. The video taper herself is acknowledging this.

        Maybe the person who shot the actual video knows more about the conditions than your speculation and grandstanding?

        You are the reason there are left lane passing laws. And you are the reason that the FL DMV will, if I ever become governor of that state, have a policy where geriatrics must retake the driver test every 8 years after 60 years old, which will include drilling on which is the gas and which is the brake, as that seems to be a bit of difficulty for you people, and after each driver test, once the person has arrived back in the office from the test, and while they are waiting in line, randomly, a very heavily painted tennis ball will be launched at the person once, randomly. If the clerk sees that you have paint on your outfit from the tennis ball, then your reflexes are not fast enough for you to have a license.

          1. Freddy Neat Shee

            It was empty — looked like it was hers. Which means when she was wearing it, it was still empty :-)

      2. Oneyeopn

        So dragon5126, you must have been the special ed student driving in the left lane that did not at the first opportunity pull over to let faster traffic by, nor did you signal that you were turning left so quit your bitchin, no one was right here!!!

        1. dragon5126

          yeah dipstick I’m the guy with the shiny flashy lights and loud noisy thing that pulls idiots like you over and takes your money and license because you are stupid… I never said anyone was right, but the complaints about the bimbo driving in the wrong lane were incorrect. This took place within city limits there IS NO passing lane. She is ONLY guilty of inattentive driving

  12. AG Dot Com!

    Ok, so utterly unimpressed. The amateur videographer is at least as wrong as the guy in the truck. She deliberately baits him, she deliberately camps in the left lane, she deliberately accelerates to cut him off, and she leaves the scene of an accident she essentially caused. Isn’t that a State worker’s reflective jacket in the car with her as well?

    Yeah sorry, this one is not even a little amusing. The b**** with the camera is a worthless oxygen-thieving meatsack.

    1. dragon5126

      Wrong… divided highway turning from both lanes, speed does not place a claim on the lane use on this Surface street. back to driving school with you

      1. AG Dot Com!

        Yeah no. She was deliberately provoking. Yes, the guy was in the wrong. But I am pretty sure here in Michigan she’d be in front of the judge for provocation. She had every opportunity to defuse the situation by moving out of the way. her own video demonstrates that.

      2. AG Dot Com!

        To clarify — it isn’t the lane, or her speed – it is her actions once the other driver engaged. Provocation is frowned upon by a lot of traffic courts…

        1. Ben Name

          how do you know anything about driving when you don’t leave your “den” to spend a little time with your daughter?

          1. Ben Name

            At least sometimes I am relevant, unlike you who isn’t. But no one other than me cares enough to tell you.

            I do care, but mostly that you don’t pass on your stupidity to your daughter. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

          2. AG Dot Com!

            It’s Korean slang for “right?!?”, and it’s pronounced “go f*** yourself, Ben. You’re a pseudo-intellectual with a repertoire and a personality about as deep as a petri dish, who thinks pedophilic jokes are amusing, which gives some pretty good insight into your character, or lack thereof” – just kidding. It’s pronounced “k’chi, ung?”

          3. Ben Name

            It’s still clever. You can’t win in common tongue so you have to act like a third grader to feel good about your self….or do you feel yourself good enough?

          4. AG Dot Com!

            I do feel myself good enough, Ben… and no, you can’t touch me. Bad touch, Ben. Bad touch.

          5. Ben Name

            No worries. wrinkly white guys from MI are not on my radar. Thanks for the honest narcism though.

          6. AG Dot Com!

            So, I “isn’t relevant”, eh, Ben? Let me ask you something … 당신 엄마가 유산 을 생존 하는것 아느냐? 무슨 유익, 의미 가 있냐? I mean, seriously. 진짜 정신 없시 멍청 한 놈 이다… 정신 좀 자려라, 응?

            (good luck with that on Google Translate…)

          7. Ben Name

            You are so crazy. Can’t win your points in a common language so you resort to third grade mentality.

            Just when I thought we were getting close to being friends.

            (good luck with your daughter!)

          8. AG Dot Com!

            Aw come on, Ben! Giving up so easily? And here I was starting to believe all your yammering about how your intellect are superior to minez and all that!

        2. dragon5126

          if her actions were provoking, the other drivers were out right threatening. Next that wasn’t a state workers jacket it was a simple yellow rain jacket, and there is no reason to assume otherwise, there wasn’t even reflective material visible on it. personally I do find her actions with the camera offensive, as far as her swinging it around, had she just kept it on the other vehicle, I would say she was recording to protect herself. But she pushed it to the bimbo level. Especially wit the road conditions being what they were, But people need to get off this “passing lane” fetish they were within city limits. Passing lanes and speed became irrelevant beyond posted limits once they entered the city limits.

      3. Freddy Neat Shee

        Wrong: Florida Statute 316.081 currently reads, as follows:

        “Abstract: (2) Upon all roadways, any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway. (3) Upon any roadway“.

        Looks like you need a retest. Idiot.

    1. antiliberalcryptonite

      yeah…hang ‘em…or better yet, chop something off! That’s what you meant to say, right Captain Obvious?

    2. dragon5126

      this was NOT a passing lane this was a four lane divided highway not a six lane, again you are another who does NOT know the rules of the road. Since there was NOT a POSTED PASSING ONLY Lane (the only time a citation for use of the left lane can be issued) there IS NO PASSING LANE, Further, this is a SURFACE Street NOT an interstate, and as there is turning off both sides of the divided highway there is NO claim to any lane based on speed alone. I can go on with more defining statements but the fact that there is turning from both lanes, your argument is moot and void

        1. Freddy Neat Shee

          Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida. Could either be the Tampa PD or the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s.

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        Florida Statute 316.081 currently reads, as follows:

        “Abstract: (2) Upon all roadways, any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway. (3) Upon any roadway“.

        If you don’t like it, remember: I-75 goes North too. Maybe you should take it up to where people are worried about things like that. Like, say, Ohio.

  13. AG Dot Com!

    And BTW – what the hell was she doing filming so actively? She was the only person in the vehicle – Is that not illegal wherever the heck she was???

    1. dragon5126

      Sadly No it isn’t, as long as she had control of the vehicle, she was lawfully documenting the unlawful actions of the other driver, even IF it was taking HER attention off the road where it should have been… the double edged sword was swinging in this one.

  14. jeffnkr

    The person driving the vehicle from which the video was made, was guilty of driving in the wrong lane. She didn’t have any business being in the left lane. She should have pulled over into the right lane, and let the other driver pass. “SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT” is just as much a law on the books of many states, as is what the driver who wrecked, did. If you choose to drive at or below the posted speed limit, you cannot drive in the extreme-left lane.

    1. dragon5126

      no they were not, they were doing the limit or above in the through lane. the right lane for slower moving traffic. People NEED to be re-educated about the use of the left lane in this country. Once the speed limit is REACHED there is NO further claim to going faster. PERIOD.

      1. Ken

        Speaking as a true road hog, I’m sure. Read your drivers manual again and you’ll see it says that slower traffic should be in the right lane. It says nothing about the speed limit of either lane.

        1. dragon5126

          speaking as a cop, WRONG. it is dependent on the road, its location and the speed limit. doesn’t matter if you think otherwise, this is the actual law not the rules of courtesy. the rule book uses words like should , not SHALL.

          1. Mi

            Speaking as an AHOLE no matter who you are. If you are a cop and I am sure you are from all of the comments you have written I am sure you are a regular by-the-book POS hypocrite. If you are a road cop how about you enforce the laws on driving too slow or not pulling over for having too many cars behind you and all of the other LAWS that road Nazi’s refuse to obey because they have control issues.

          2. dragon5126

            speaking as the moron YOU are, you just watched a vid of why the driver was doing the speed she was, still passing people who were in the right lane and when Joe jack off flew past her, lost control and created a major safety issue for everyone. Since there are NO laws for obstructing traffic when you are doing the posted speed limit how about you go do a lip stand on a toilet seat at your favorite truck stop transvestite Suzi, because it sure as H sounds like it is YOU with the control issue. You sound like a trannie who was beat up too many times for getting caught in your little gender lie, and were afraid to press charges because your wife might find out how you come up with that extra cash on the weekends.

          3. Mi

            Unfortunately you sound exactly like the majority of cops I have encountered and that is exactly the kind of people that should never be in the position. The sad part is that is were most low-skilled thugs end up.

            Obviously you are on the job right now with all this time on your hands. What’s the matter is your favorite donut shop still closed?

          4. Freddy Neat Shee

            It’s ok — Darwin will sort it out once the right people get the information on how to wirelessly hack a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor and lock up the front right brake while at speed.

          5. dragon5126

            if the majority of cops all sound the same, its obvious that the problem lies with YOU don’t blame the world because you are a scum ball, that’s a democrat’s tactic. Are YOU a democrat?

          6. Freddy Neat Shee

            …until they codify rules of courtesy into law:

            Slowpokes in the left lane of major Florida roads will soon face more than the ire of drivers stuck behind them.

            Drivers going 10 mph slower than the speed limit who don’t get out of the way of approaching vehicles can be ticketed $60 and hit with a 3-point moving violation, according to one small part of a transportation bill that goes into effect Monday, July 1 [2013]

            The overall bill makes changes to the way the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles administers many programs and was signed into law June 13 by the governor.

            Making it illegal could mean a reduction in the dangers caused by an angry driver stuck behind a slow driver unwilling to move over, Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Dylan Bryan said.

            “Road rage is a broad term, but I think it would drastically reduce
            the amount of driver frustration and evasive maneuvers,” Bryan said. “… A lot of your secondary issues that happen from driver frustration will either be reduced or eliminated.”

            Now in this case, she was driving 5 under (50 in a 55), although you may be right in the parallax view of the speedo, and she could have been going 45 in a 55, making her eligible for this ticket. What she was definitely doing was being discourteous.

            People like you are the reason that courtesy has to be encoded into law.

            Also, you may want to have a discussion with Jane Castor if you really are a cop, about the big issue with the 2013 model year Ford Police Interceptors and how easy they are to hack remotely — I’ve seen someone able to get into the wireless tire pressure communication system and able to force the car to lock up the front right brake to 100% (while leaving the other brakes unaffected), while the engine tach was over 2500RPM. It could be… dangerous, especially if someone like you was following someone like me, and someone else was in my car on the computer, and we decided we didn’t want you to do that.

          7. dragon5126

            living in the past Freddie? what is the date today? ad the words of a LOWLY Sgt? bull. Are you aware that 83% of all high way collisions OCCUR during lane changes? SO how would this reduce dangers? it would INCREASE them which is why it is discouraged by cops who work the Highways, and are instead looking to have LAWFUL definitions put in place for “road rage” allowing law enforcement to remove fools like the driver of the truck and the majority of the idiots screaming about the woman who posted the vid to be removed from the road. Start reading what you post and stop plagiarizing Freddie Freeloader… your little date snafu just made you look like an ass

      2. CrustyOldGeezer

        Intentionally obstructing the normal flow of traffic is illegal in most States regardless of the posted speed limit.

        most law enforcement will advise you to let them go and let the cops deal with them.

        1. dragon5126

          Incorrect. If you are in one of the MAJORITY of States that have an absolute speed limit, exceeding the posted limit negates ALL right of way, and removes even the right to use the road. This means if the person is driving precisely the speed limit, NOBODY other than duly authorized law enforcement has any right to claim the right to the lane you are in. regardless of traffic flow. the ONLY time it becomes unlawful is if you are holding traffic below the posted speed limit on a multilane highway

          1. dragon5126

            Freddie fagface, she was within the city limits on US41 entering
            the business district, the speed limit is 45… NOT 55…

      3. bigb6905

        In Texas, if you are in the left lane and someone is being impeded by your car, regardless of the speed you’re driving, you are obstructing traffic and can be cited for it. Cruising along in the left lane is against the law even if no cars are behind you.

      4. Freddy Neat Shee

        Oh goody, a left-lane jihadi. The video clearly shows that she was going UNDER the speed limit. As for which lane:

        Florida Statute 316.081 currently reads, as follows:

        “Abstract: (2) Upon all roadways, any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except when overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction or when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway. (3) Upon any roadway“.

        Looks like you need a retest. Idiot.

    2. Craig Knapp

      On another board where I saw a bit more from the driver, they were in the left lane to pass three 18-wheelers. You can see at least one of them in the video. The truck driver just seemed to be mad that they only followed the speed limit in a wet, thus dangerous situation. Otherwise, you are VERY right.

      1. shflbroker

        Is she hadn’t been in the passing lane, just tooling along, this would never have happened to begin with.

    1. Bay0Wulf

      It is illegal in most states to “Pass on the Right”. It is illegal in most states to “Fail to Yield” the Left Lane to an approaching vehicle. It is illegal in most states to fail to “Keep Right UNLESS Passing”.

      The driver / filmer is criminally liable for that accident.

      Can you figure out which is worse now?

  15. worldwatchman

    You just never know………yep……the domino effect. Many are saying that the camera car driver baited this guy but, that’s assuming they “know” the speed limit wherever that happened. Maybe the camera car was doing the speed limit. Does “anyone commenting know” where this took place? I doubt it. Maybe there’s more to this story.

    1. Oneyeopn

      well on youtube it is posted by Florida Driver and its the only one so I expect this took place in Florida….you still do not hold up traffic in the left lane when the right lane is clear…..WHERE EVER special eddie was driving

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        the video person said she was on US HWY 41 in Tampa. Which means it should be fairly easy to figure out who was driving the truck from the court case. And since she says that she contacted the police to tell them what happened, her name should be in a witness list on the same incident.

        1. Aristophanes

          Unfortunately, this happens a lot in Florida (idiots driving slower than the speed limit in the left lane). It is very annoying and very frustrating. These drivers have no problem with backing up traffic and causing traffice jams. I personally want a fork lift attached to the front of my car so I can move these idiots along!

          1. bil

            Yeah, I’m a Tampa native, moved to Dade City, next to Zephyrhills, land of the carpetbaggers and snowbirds. You should hear them complain endlessly to each other, “Oh, you have no idea how bad the drivers are down here.”
            Of course, they have no clue that the drivers they are complaining about are 75% from “up there, aka, baack ho-me.”

    2. shflbroker

      Doesn’t matter what the speed limit is. This driver is NOT law enforcement and appears to cause more traffic problems than elimnate them. Drive in the right lane except for when passing. Simple.

  16. dbur

    In Oregon as most states it’s illegal to plug up the left lane if youy are not passing, regardless of what the speed limit is or what your speed is. Of course I’ve never seen it enforced, and Oregonians all drive like there is no one on the highway but themselves anyway. When they aren’t doing that they are improperly yielding right of way or otherwise disrupting proper flow of traffic. Of course I exagerate, it’s probably just the standout minority who do this.

    Both the drivers in this video deserve a time-out from driving.

  17. soldier frank

    I spent ten years driving on the German Autobahn. Gotta say the krauts have this down pat. You do not drive in the left hand lane unless you are passing or doing some low flying. Lots of Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches out there zippin’ along at 200 kmh (120 mph) and German drivers are trained to stay the Hades out of their way.

  18. Guest

    So, the person was doing 58mph in the passing lane with the curb lane open. Care to comment on what the speed limit there was? Just as importantly, why was she driving in the passing lane in the first place? Didn’t she ever learn to read the signs “KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT WHEN PASSING”?

  19. Barbara

    I am glad to see that a large percentage of readers understands where the person filming this is in the wrong….most speed limits are at least 60 miles an hour on a highway and if you are in the left hand lane on a two way lane highway you move over when you are doing 58 miles per hour. What a moron!!

  20. FRENCHIE1369


  21. Oneyeopn

    All I saw from this was special eddie driving slowly in the fast lane…..and to promote special eddie……promoting this is just wrong.

    1. Bay0Wulf

      Ummmm … hopefully you were being sarcastic. Otherwise, the Pelosi icon suits you pretty well only you might as well leave the tape and commentary off the picture.

      In a Court of Law; The person doing the filming was breaking the law on several counts. Among them being “Stay Right UNLESS Passing” (yes, a REAL law) and “Using a Handheld Device While Driving” and “Distracted Driving”. If this wound up in court, she would be ticketed, handed a fistful of points and be paying for the damages to the other vehicle.

  22. CherryAnn1000

    This is just rich. The knucklehead in the truck is so busy flipping and looking out his window he has no idea where he’s at or what he’s doing. Thankfully, no one else was involved or hurt and this fool was caught and charged. Another braindead graduate of our public schools, no doubt.

    1. suz

      I think she caused the accident by tying up traffic and not moving over. Also can’t film and keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. Both should be charged.

      1. Tracy Michelle Hargett

        Well to be fair the guy in the passenger seat could have been filming, but still – there are better ways to entertain yourselves than pissing random people off.

  23. grannie

    Why was he hogging the left lane? Supposed to be the passing lane, the fast lane. When somebody comes up behind you in the left lane, it is only courteous to move over and let them pass.

    1. Freddy Neat Shee

      I predict that a clueless northerner is going to respond to your comment saying that the left lane isn’t necessarily for faster traffic. This moron (DragginAss, or something like that — you’ll see his comments a lot below) believes that he is very right in this, when in actuality, he is not.

      1. grannie

        I don’t know about other states, but in Georgia there are signs posted that say “slower vehicles use the right lane”. And you can be pulled over by troopers if you fail to do this.

          1. Freddy Neat Shee

            AARP, probably. You’d have to ask DragginAss about it, he seems like just the kind of person to know, as long as you keep off his lawn :P

  24. Dale Patterson

    any driver safety class will tell you that you are not to impede t criminally…he left hand lane… doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a passing lane…

    they’ll also tell you that you are not the law, so do not impede people trying to pass…

    the person who video’d this can be charged and sued both civilly and criminally… instead of cooperating and moving out of the way, as any class will tell you, she chose to stay in the way and piss the guy off behind her… The fact that she videoed the whole event tells us she had intent…

    I would not side with her on this…

  25. SwagStopper29

    So here we have a baiting bytch with a camera and a monkey in, of course, a mammoth F350 Grand Hoosier Edition. These two are made for each other.

  26. Dale Patterson

    sadly, she lost her argument when she did not move immediately over after passing those trucks…

    if the guy in the Ford had room to go to her right, she had room to get into the right hand lane and yield to faster traffic…

    in Texas, she would be cited for causing the accident… And any insurance company would ask the question, “did she do anything and everything to prevent it?”

    1. Freddy Neat Shee

      And the video would show that she could have done plenty to prevent the accident, and the video also shows the accident that she caused, the damage it caused, and her complete lack of remorse for causing the accident.

      I’ve downloaded the video as an archive and will be forwarding it on to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, and also looking up the accident record for this accident, and forwarding it on to the driver of the truck as well.

  27. polmutant

    the idiot driving the car should be shot. it was piddling in the fast lane. only derelict obamaloids do such idiocy.

  28. Dale Patterson

    I’ve driven in Florida enough to know that many people will pull out from the right-hand lane right in front of you as you’re trying to pass…

    there’s not enough video here too discern that, but it certainly seems to be a possibility… And I’ve seen enough people slow down while passing large trucks to the point that they are hardly passing at all…

    it only instigates anger and frustration for people who actually are trying to get somewhere…

    if you have people behind you wanting to pass, move over.. it’s the right thing to do…

    1. bil

      In Florida it is now against the law to be a left lane bandit, and you WILL get a ticket. AND, doing the speed limit is no bar to the ticket. If you are being a Richard in the left lane, you will be ticketed.

  29. Willi Wonka

    Wow guys, impeding the left lane or not the lesson here is DO NOT BE A RICHARD! Unless there is an emergency (in which case he would not have slowed to finger) lay back and wait. Or as time permits pass her and go about your business without ruining your life. It’s called traffic, I do not care where you are from.

    1. Bay0Wulf

      Willi … check the State where you live. I bet you didn’t know that there is a pretty stiff penalty for “Passing on the Right” (which is illegal in SEVERAL states due to its inherently high level of danger)

  30. RealGerman

    The person filming may be in the wrong (and probably is), but aggressive driving by the person riding her bumper is also illegal. In fact, that person would probably also be charged with reckless driving, since they purposely cut the filming driver off.

    1. Rhonda Renee Sessions

      You got it. She was documenting HIS illegal actions, which was the cause for the video in the first place.

      1. RealGerman

        Alot of people these days are using dashcams to monitor their rides. The cameras are getting inexpensive to purchase, and they can really save your butt if you’re in an accident or pulled over by the police. I’ll be getting one in the near future. It’s crazy driving around where I live! You can be in the passing lane trying to get around a long line of cars going under the speed limit…and it doesn’t matter if you’re going EIGHTY, there’s a guy behind you riding your butt and flashing his lights as if you COULD get over if you wanted to! Ridiculous.

  31. GenEarly

    Why were they initially filming? Truck driver seemed reasonable considering the filmer was riding the passing lane, and then filmer self righteously filmed the exact speed limit. After the truck passes on the right once past a tractor trailer the filmer speeds up to goad the truck driver. Looks like a liberal filmer being a bigger ass to me.

  32. Waldo the Pig

    In the situation where there are two lanes in each
    direction, the left lane is for passing irregardless of what speed you are
    going. If you are not passing get into the right lane. If you think that you are OK by traveling in the left lane at just above the posted speed limit, think again. I have seen New York state policeman come on top of such people in the left passing and after flashing their high beams with the driver still not pulling over getting a ticket. On the other hand the road rage guy trying to pass you might have a gun.

    Conclusion, it is not worth it when you are acting like a cop by restricting those who wish to travel above the speed limit. You could loose your life.

  33. bil

    What does he want?! I was doing 58 in a 65?! And I’m ALLOWED to be in the left lane – I’m a left lane bandit!!!!

    1. Daniel Gray

      Nope, you are REQUIRED to move back to the right lane and stay there unless passing. Flunked drivers ed did ya?

          1. melatr7

            sar·casm noun ˈsär-ˌka-zəm
            the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny

            Be that as it may, it was very clear to me. You missed it this time… Danny Boy! LOL

          2. Daniel Gray

            Now you are learning how to use sarcasm. Keep it up and I will have to give you a B for the course.

      1. bil

        Actually, I passed Driver’s Ed in 1960. I also passed the humor class where we learned to recognize sarcasm in its written form.

          1. Daniel Gray

            Nope, I was a straight 3.8 GPA student my whole time in High School and I was a 3.9 GPA while in College as well as being on the Deans List.

            Since you dont know how to use sarcasm, you really need to get lessons.

          2. bil

            I was first in my class in 1967 (B.A., Political Science) and again in 1968 (M.A., Adult Education).
            Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I know how to use sarcasm, but your estimate of what you know needs revision.

    2. genmar


  34. jlbs

    The ‘filming driver’ was/is wrong on this. The left lane is a passing lane. Many times I have exceeded the speed limit just to pass and get back into the right lane, where I resume the speed limit as soon as I can. Because I like to see what’s ahead, I like to get around the semis and other large transports; thus the increase in speed to pass.

  35. Drew Gaytan

    Since everything else in Florida is necessarily printed in three languages, signs that read “slower traffic keep right” ought to be, as well :P

  36. Daniel Gray

    First off, the filming driver is a moron. She was in the left lane constantly and all drivers education courses state the left lane is for passing ONLY. So she is just as much of a moron as the guy who flipped her off!

    Jeeze, I bet that this lady does not even know what that little stick on the side below the steering wheel is for.

    And if you look, then either her or a member of her family works for the FDOT as shown with the protective vest hanging on the passenger seat

    1. genmar


      1. londontubes

        You, of course, are talking about the “MORONIC ASS**ES..ALL THERE SHOULD BE OPEN SEASON ON PSYCHO DRIVERS…PASS THEM, SHOOT ‘EM” pickup driver who tailgated, sped, caused an accident in which he or others could have been injured or killed (because he crossed two lanes of oncoming traffic). He is the “MORONIC ASS” in this tale.

          1. londontubes

            Governor Bush vetoed 2005 SB732, which would have reserved the left lane for passing, saying that drivers blocking the left lane are “cautious and careful.”

    2. Conservative Not Republican

      If you watch the video, she was passing vehicles in the right hand lane. The video info also states they were getting ready to make a left hand turn. I don’t know the area, but often times if I have to negotiate a difficult intersection in heavy traffic, especially on wet streets, I don’t wait until the last second to get over. If I wait, I might not be able to get over at all. I’m not saying that was the case in this instant. I don’t know what the traffic conditions were like overall. I’m just using that as an example.

      I watched the video closely for at FDOT identification of the vest, but could not find it. Do know about the time spot in the video where that can be seen?

        1. Conservative Not Republican

          That’s what I found too. For all I know, it could be a FDOT vest, I just couldn’t find that identification on it in the video.

      1. Daniel Gray

        you are looking at it in reverse. if you look at it with her in the drivers seat as it clearly shows she is, she is in the LEFT lane; not the right lane. She was not passing till about 30 seconds in the video, which gives her more then enough time to pass and get her rear back over to the right where she belongs. when she stops to video tape the wreck, you see her exit from the drivers door as she pulled into a LEFT turn lane.

        And the point where the safety vest is clearly shown on the passenger seat is easily seen at the beginning and again at the 40 second mark and again at the 1:06 mark and again at the 1:13 mark

        1. Conservative Not Republican

          I probably could have been more specific. If she is passing vehicles which are in the right hand lane, that would mean that she is in the left hand land. Sorry for the confusion.
          with the limited viewpoint of the video, it is not possible with much accuracy to determine exactly what the traffic conditions were like. Maybe she had time, maybe not. Without a front view to show the other traffic, there is no way to know that for a fact.
          If I’m going to be making a left turn in a short distance, and the streets are slick, I’m going to stay where I am. All you have to do is witness what the truck did when he sped up and changed quickly changed lanes. The driver of the truck clealy wasn’t taking into consideration the road conditions and it is just lucky he didn’t hurt or kill someone.
          Being considerate of others works both ways. The driver of the truck clearly thought the time he had to wait was more important than the safety of those around him.
          Again, if there is someone just blocking the lane with no intention of turning, your point is vaild, but in this case, I will take the word of the driver in front. Given that the truck driver had an accident, could have caused others to have an accident, and the apparently slick road conditions, I have to say the truck driver was in the wrong for not taking into consideration the safety of those around him. I bet if he had to do it over again, he would have just been a bit more patient. It wasn’t worth 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes of his time considering the damage he did to his vehicle. Not to mention he also fled the scene and was charged. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty certain the police also saw the video. Again, the left hand land is not a “go as fast as I want unless I get caught lane”…the left lane is subject to the restrictions of the speed limit too.

          1. Daniel Gray

            never said it was the “go as fast as I want until I get caught” lane. All I said is that the left lane is for passing and almost all drivers ed classes as well as drivers courses clearly say that unless you are within 1 mile from your turn, then you stay in the right lane and only go to the left lane when you are getting ready to make your turn.

  37. Bay0Wulf

    As A Licensed Commercial Driver (Tractor Trailers) I see Two Wrongs. (Well, actually more but …)

    1. The person doing the filming was driving in the passing lane for no reason. The law and common sense dictate “Keep Right Unless Passing” this is REGARDLESS of what speed you are driving. Traveling in the left lane without passing is against the law although usually overlooked if there is no other traffic present. In SEVERAL states it is actually ILLEGAL to pass on the right even in a situation like this.

    2. The person doing the filming was “Using a Handheld Device While Driving”. Against the law. Was “Driving While Distracted”. Against the law.

    The guy with the “road rage” was pretty stupid for letting this person upset them and then was even more stupid when he vented his anger and lost control of his vehicle. The person laughing may think its funny but that person is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE and, if that driver had been hurt, a case could easily have been made against them.

    1. genmar


    2. Rhonda Renee Sessions

      Only you didn’t observe the vehicle in the right hand lane that the driver filming clearly shows as passing while in the left lane. I’m a “commercial truck driver”, too, but also have acute observation skills!

      1. Mindy Robinson

        The witch had many opportunites to pull over and let the guy pass, being a “commericial truck driver” doesn’t mean you are a good driver nor does it mean you are a considerate driver.

        1. Rhonda Renee Sessions

          The “witch”, as you called her (and insults and name-calling shows just what type of woman YOU are), WAS passing others in the right lane, going fast enough to pass them, but maintaining the speed limit, which is what you are SUPPOSED to do. It does not give you permission to speed up to OVER the speed limit. Also, “weaving” through traffic, which she would have been doing if she was continually in and out of the passing lane, to accommodate everyone’s idea of what is right, when there are several vehicles bunched together going slower than her, would be cause to be pulled over by a cop, too. Sometimes, it’s better to just stay put. The F350 driver came running up her butt, almost kissed her bumper, from the passing lane, too, which is illegal. Not once do you see him in the right lane, except to pass her before she had a chance to move over. THEN, he sped up past her, slowed down to give her the finger, then sped up again to do it again, and then sped up so fast on wet pavement to get ahead of her to get BACK in the left hand lane that he swerved out of control. What did she do? She maintained control of her vehicle for the conditions. Who is the dumb-ass here? He was!

      2. Bay0Wulf

        Actually, yes I did see the vehicle. I did see that the driver made a point of “using” that vehicle as an additional blocker as they slowed down beside it. Having been the guy in the truck on numerous occasions when some idiot decided to do EXACTLY that type of thing, I know exactly what was being done and why. I have also been extremely pissed off at the concept that sumdumfuk has decided to endanger MY life, MY rig, MY well-being playing their STUPID games.

        Perhaps you did not notice the elapsed time aspect? Perhaps you did not notice that the moron DID NOT clear the lane when finally past the truck?

        RRS … perhaps you should consider checking on YOUR ability to “observe” a situation.

    3. Mindy Robinson

      The witch intentionally incited him, she should have been arrested. I commute 40 miles per day, half of my drive is on a 2 lane hwy, 1/2 on freeway. Daily there are people on the 2 lane hwy doing 45 mph, they won’t get over so other’s can go by, I see them talking with thier buddies, messing around , their concern for any other then themselves , 0. Then I get on the freeway, 2 lanes, always a jerk in the fast lane , doing 60 in a 70 mph zone. Road rage is created by the daily abuse of those who care for none but themselves. Summertime get’s even worse, city slickers come into our area with their RV’s, their trailers, their car’s, they come to partake of our lakes, streams and rural serenity, they drive 40 mph on a 2 lane hwy which they have bogged down on both sides, they don’t give a damn about any save themselves, they don’t care that some of us are getting off work and are headed home for 2 more hours of farm work, they don’t care because we aren’t important, they are.

  38. Dave

    I dont think they have “Slower traffic keep right” signs any more in Florida?!?! Miami and Ft. Lauderdale also dont use turn signals (90% of those two cities: haitians and tacos – third world who just learned how to handle fire).

  39. jwolf011

    Actually everyone here who says the driver filming should not be in the left lane, you are completely wrong. The left lane being the passing lane only applies if you are not in a city or if you are in a city, only applies to interstate driving, not highway driving. This person is not on an interstate and is clearly in a city and therefore the passing lane rule does not apply. I love it when people argue part of the law and ignore the rest of it. Though I do agree that the driver filming is dumb for distracting themselves filming. They should have gotten a ticket as well.

        1. Mindy Robinson

          I just realized, does it really matter what the law is? Isn’t this really about being considerate of other’s? Isn’t that what we should care about? I don’t care if by law I can drive in the left lane and keep people from going by, I care about people, so if someone behind me want’s to get by, I get over. I don’t need a law to tell me how to treat other’s because I care about other’s.

          1. jwolf011

            I would have to agree with this, but the law is the law, she wasn’t breaking it. So basically it comes down to one person not liking what another person is doing and getting mad about it. Now I am not an angel, I would get mad too but I wouldn’t be an idiot about it. It’s called tolerance, after all if there weren’t dumb people in this world, there wouldn’t be anyone around to make me look smart!

          2. Mindy Robinson

            Lol! I do get mad, very angry, but, like you, I would not endanger those around me to vent my anger. I don’t use the word “tolerance” , it’s a polotically correct lie spread by facists. Note, not that I think you are using it in that manner , I don’t, but it has taken on a negative meaning to me. :)

          3. londontubes

            I understand and agree with that, however, the venom in the discussion seems to be at the ‘filmer’ because she, besides being inconsiderate, was breaking the law. She was not brakeing the law: “Governor Bush vetoed 2005 SB732, which would have reserved the left lane for passing, saying that drivers blocking the left lane are “cautious and careful.”, but she may have been inconsiderate. But the bottom line is that she didn’t ‘CAUSE’ the accident. The driver of the pickup caused the accident. There is no way she could, or should, be legally held accountable for the damage the other drive cause to his vehicle.

      1. jwolf011

        Sorry Matt, not in Florida in city limits, a State Road is not an exception, only interstate highways are. The law is clear about this, feel free to look it up.

    1. Mindy Robinson

      I see a highway or freeway and on a highway if there are 2 lanes, one is a passing lane , it is illegal to hang in that lane. You are wrong. Despite that, it comes down to just one reality, it’s called consideration of other’s. By the way , when in Wa state on a hwy, the left lane is a passing lane, you break the law if you drive in that lane without intent to pass.

      1. jwolf011

        Sorry, you are wrong, this happened in Florida, not Washington Mindy. I know the law in Washington is that all highways, the left lanes are passing lanes, except if they are HOV lanes, then it doesn’t apply. Again, someone else that wants to quote law they know nothing about. You obviously have no clue about Florida traffic laws and therefore have no business trying to tell me I am wrong. Education is the key to success in any debate. You lose. I do accept apologies though.

        1. Mindy Robinson

          No, I don’t know Flordai law. jw, I won’t apologize , your original comment was written in such a manner as to encompass not jsut the state but the nation, so the failure was in your communication. In the end jw, it does not matter what the “law” is, what matters is caring about other’s, being considerate. My arguement stands, you lose, I do accept apologies though. :)

          1. jwolf011

            No my comment was not written in such a manner as to encompass the nation. In the spoken word of English, the topic and subject at hand delivers the focus. Just like in a cover letter when applying for a job, you don’t keep saying I, I, I, me, etc. The topic is about you so why say it? Here the topic is about driving laws and who broke what law. The topic is Florida, there is no reason to mention the state of said subject unless you are talking about another state. Then it is important to point out the state you are talking about. So I think the correct statement would be not that my original comment was written in such a manner… but more accurately, you read my comment in such a manner that you took it upon yourself to make assumptions outside of the scope of the subject.

  40. Conservative Not Republican

    It seems that those here claiming that the lady shouldn’t have been in the left hand lane are just dismissing the fact that she was also passing cars that were in the right lane. Beyond that, if she is passing cars, which the video clearly shows, and she is getting ready to make a left hand turn, she has NO OBLIGATION to move over to accommodate someone because they desire to go faster than she is. There is a speed LIMIT. Got that? LIMIT. That means that you are NOT allowed to go as fast as you desire if you happen to be in the left hand lane. Got that? Let me repeat that: You are NOT allowed to go as fast as you desire because you are in the left hand lane. And there are some that are also claiming she was breaking the law while totally ignoring the fact that the truck driver was clearly tailgating, which is also against the law, and was also probably speeding…also against the law.

    Those here that are claiming by implication that the left hand lane is the “go as fast as I want unless I get caught lane” are just as big an idiot as the moron in the truck, I agree with the title of the article, instant justice was served. The truck driver is a POS.

    1. Mindy Robinson

      The witch had several opportunities to let the guy pass, she broke the traffic law, no you cannot hang in the passing lane and further more she incited with intent. Furthermore, if someone wants to get by, even if they are going over the speed limit, you get over as soon as possible to let them go, it’s called consideration of others , I see you are one of those who lack that consideration, think it’s all about you and what you want. Bottom line, if you were behind me in this situation I would have pulled into the other lane so you could pass.

      1. Conservative Not Republican

        Again, you. as well as others here, are totally disregarding her intention to make a left turn, as well as the violations by the truck behind her, as well as the fact that she was also passing people in the right lane.
        Consideration of others also includes driving a safe speed for the road conditions. The roads were wet, and that is why the idiot in the truck lost control of his vehicle and could have killed someone had there been traffic in the opposing lanes. If I’m going to make a left turn, I’m going to be in the left lane a reasonable distance before I make that turn. I don’t have to wait until I’m 20 feet from the point where I am going to turn and then get over just because I’m not going fast enough to suit you. Consideration of others also inclues being considerate of their need to make a turn and waiting your turn to move ahead in that lane. Your desire to go faster than me does not mean I have to go as fast as you might want me to before I make my turn.
        Beyond that, I said in the very first paragraph that if she was constantly in the left lane with no intention of ever turning, then your point would be valid. However, that is not the case.

  41. kathy

    Yes, the guy is a douche, but I think I would have moved over to the right lane. He might have had a gun instead of just a big bird.

    1. Mindy Robinson

      I move over because I am not more important then the person behind me, if they want to drive faster then I am(rare), I accomadate them as soon as possible.

    1. Mindy Robinson

      Lol! Here is wa state it’s mostly the (disease-brained) libs who drive like the witch and act like the guy.

  42. Threemarie

    I don’t know if I’d claim that God had anything to do with any of this. He doesn’t approve of any of the behaviors shown in the video.

  43. johng4700

    It seems to me that the person making the video was in the left (passing) lane. The person making the video should have pulled over into the right lane and let the person go by. The person making the video is responsible for the accident, is not a courteous driver and was ignorant for doing what she did.

    1. Rhonda Renee Sessions

      And if you noticed, the driver making the video was also in the process of passing a vehicle, herself. Also, guess what? The driver is also a professional truck driver, based on the yellow safety vest that was hanging from her passenger seat. She wasn’t on the clock, and thereby, wasn’t obligated to wear it at the time. She was in her personal vehicle, likely heading home for the day. So, I believe she knows the rules of the road!

      1. Oilfart1

        just because there was a yellow vest in the care does not mean the video taker was a “professional” driver. She could pick up trash on the side of the road for as much as we know. I am trying to figure out how she could concentrate on driving worrying about taking video.

      2. Mindy Robinson

        Likewise, I don’t know how many truck drivers have cut me off, dangerously pulling out in front of me on a 2 lane hwy and then doing 45 mph. The woman is a witch. You give only your view and attempt to defend a witch because you think she is a truck driver, that is just wrong. Being a “professional truck driver” does not mean you are considerate, does not mean you can drive and does not mean you are considerate of other’s.

          1. Mindy Robinson

            Poor dragon, did I hurt your little feelings? I take it you are allowed to say whatever you want but other’s are not. You must be a lib.

  44. Jay Johnston

    I have to agree with johng4700; the person making the video is the one responsible for this accident. If she was really worried about proper and courteous driving she would have pulled to the next lane as you can clearly see there are at least 2 lanes in the direction of traffic. It does no good to be a traffic vigilante, just pull over let those who are more aggressive pass. They may have an accident but not because they became obsessed with your refusal to letting them pass distract them. Be part of the solution and pull aside not part of the problem.

    1. londontubes

      “courteous’, yes, but not ‘proper’ if you mean legal.

      I was driving on a curvy two lane road some years ago, and was driving the speed limit, which was 55. I was being tailgated by a white car. There was no where to pull over. My motorhome and towed car were almost 60 feet long. We came to a short straight stretch, and he started to pass me with a blind curve ahead. Being the defensive driver that I am, I could see that he could not get past me before the curve, so I slowed down. When he was about 2/3 of the way past me, a car was coming around the curve and had to hit the gravel shoulder to avoid a head-on collision with the white car. As the white car passed me, he gave the the finger. If I hadn’t slowed down, there would have been a head-on collision, and the guy could possibly have died. Was that my fault for going to slow, or was it his for not being willing to drive the speed limit until there was a safe place to pass?

      1. Jay Johnston

        London, you had a much different situation and no that wasn’t your fault. Watch this video and see the lanes where this driver could have done the courteous thing while you could not. This video just shows a traffic vigilante your situation while on the surface similar is actually very different than what was depicted here.

        1. dragon5126

          again YOU are one of the idiots who doesn’t realize there is no passing lane on US 41 within the City limits…

          1. Jay Johnston

            Dragon you’re right I don’t realize that. I don’t live near that road I was just going by the lanes I clearly saw in the video and it still goes that you don’t play traffic vigilante and when the passing lane did open up the car filming should have safely moved to the right lane and let this guy go. It’s safer for every one if you get out of the way of faster traffic even if you are doing the (artificial) speed limit.

          2. dragon5126

            Jay I’m not pushing this because I agree with the bimbo, Personally I’d like to slap her. But what got me is everyone got on the passing lane bandwagon and didn’t pay any attention to things that are very obvious in the video. one of the biggest is the road conditions. and my apologies for the insult… I been letting this whole thing get under my skin

      2. Mindy Robinson

        London, you had no where to go, people do not get angry when there is nothing you can do, frustrated yes, but, not angry. This witch was just being inconsiderate, cared for none but her own worthless self. This is what causes road rage. I have run into an occasional driver such as you describe , but, it is very rare. I haul a camper and horses , go over passes where there are only 2 lanes and nowhere to pull over for miles, people do not harass me and as soon as I can , I pull over so they can go by. I care about other people, so, if I am slowing down other’s for whatever reason, I do what I have to do so that they might continue on their journey without hinderance. This witch does not do that London.

        1. dragon5126

          speaking of witches. Mindy I have been following your posts and slamming you because YOU are clueless. This vid was recorded on US 41 within the city limits. there is NO slow, fast or passing lane because it is INSIDE the city limits. PERIOD. you really need to learn what the hell you are talking about. I Live on this highway. I see morons think they have exclusive use of the left lane because they want to exceed the limit all the time. and I see the meat wagon haul them off to the morgue just as often. Educate yourself there IS no passing lane inside the city limits.

          1. Mindy Robinson

            So what you are telling me dragon is that you don’t care about other’s , you will do as you want. Clueless, no , I’m not dragon, there are many people in this world who go out of their way to control other’s, the witch is one of them. I do not condone what the guy did , endangering other’s in a futile attempt to extract revenge on one as evil as the woman is not a worthy cause. As far as where the witch incited this evil, there were no details to that, I see a hwy not a city street. By the way dragon, if that had been you behind me, I would have pulled into the other lane to let you pass. Why? Because dragon, you are as important as I am to me. Most defintley you have been slamming me. I see inconsiderate , selfish people use the left lane on hwy/freeway all the time because they think they have exlusive use of it. I like your name by the way, dragon. :)

          2. dragon5126

            No Mindy what I am telling you is you do NOT know what the H you are talking about and you are trying to use your lack of knowledge to proclaim what others should do and thank you for the compliment. As for the proper lane use, it is dependent on LOCATION. this was taken on US 41, within city limits. there is no passing lane within city limits. no fast lane, no slow lane, lane limitations create greater traffic issues than they solve within a city or population center… dammit now you made me feel guilty for yelling at you!

          3. dragon5126

            grrr that wasn’t fair! I was fine with you being a faceless person now I feel crappy for yelling at you… you did that on purpose!

  45. Dave

    Why is God getting blamed for this? It is “cause and effect”. I see two idiot drivers one of whom was caught on video suffering the consequences of his crap behavior and poor driving skills. God, more than likely didn’t lift His finger on this one. He didn’t have to.

  46. wyncotejoan

    Yep, I saw someone driving like a dork in the passing lane next to a slow truck. If you want to do the speed limit then drive in the slow lane and 4mph over the limit does not qualify for the fast lane. I would blame the passive aggressive idiot with the video for this accident.

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        I’ll just leave this here:


        From the article:

        A bill that passed the Florida Senate last week would allow drivers to be ticketed if they are driving too slowly in the left lane, and another car is trying to pass them. The ticket would be $143, and put points on the offender’s driver’s license.

        And it would cost drivers even if they are driving the speed limit.

        Note that they don’t say “passing lane” here — they make the distinction that it is solely the left lane. And if you think “well, that’s not true in a city! Someone could be taking a left turn!” (or however your kind would formulate a thought like that):

        The bill makes exceptions for such instances as preparing to make a left turn, driving the speed limit while not impeding the flow of traffic and traffic conditions that would make moving to the right dangerous.

        The article is from April of 2011. Maybe you need a refresher in your driving school? And maybe you would get a better reaction if you were a little less acidic?

        1. dragon5126

          once again know nothing READ the act ( if it isn’t an ACT it isn’t valid. and then WATCH the vid… and also read the state statute governing speed for toad conditions, and the fact that the OVER RIDING STATUTE that governs is the Unified DOT Road safety act. that governs ALL US highways Above and beyond State statute UNLESS the state collects TOLLS on the road, as the Federal government pays for the road… You NEED to READ the WHOLE governing STATUTE little boy, you can not just pick a single article of it for your citation…. you are leaving out ALL the definitions that are required for the parts you are trying oh so pitifully to cite. Just like a democrat and Obama voter!

  47. 724willy

    That Ford has moxi, fishtailing at 55, that Beaver is an agitator, and needs driving lessons, Hot head boy needs anger management, God had mercy on both.

  48. pysco

    The truck driver was an idiot. However, the “B”itch should have been in the slow lane, and with that camera running, I think she had the intention, and was deliberately trying to induce the road rage exhibited by the truck driver.

    1. Mindy Robinson

      Indeed, the witch was doing just that, she is guilty of breaking not one but 2 laws, one traffic law and intent to incite.

      1. dragon5126

        first off mindy, there is no such law as “intent to incite” you effing head case, Second this took place within the city limits on US 41, there is NO fast lane within a city limits PERIOD. as this has transitioned to as “surface road” complete with traffic lights and stop signs, so shut the hell up and get a clue. THEN go to driving school.

        1. Mindy Robinson

          dragon, intent to incite is against the law and it is a federal law. You have heard of the 1’st amendement , have you not? I would say you are the effing head case, you seem to have a serious problem with debate or even logic.

          1. dragon5126

            no mindy there is no such law as intent to incite, the ONLY law based on intent is first degree Homicide it is YOU that has the issues, you are running around, chicken little style, making unfounded claims without regard to the facts that are ALL apparent in the video.

  49. Oilfart1

    she was in the left lane, she should have moved over and allowed him to pass. that does not excuse the behavior though. she did exacerbate the response.

    1. Mindy Robinson

      She did so with intent, another inconsiderate jerk on the road, there are too many of them and thus today we have “road rage”.

          1. dragon5126

            after the compliment on my name I am …. If it comes out you studied psych I’m gonna be ticked… LOL

    2. dragon5126

      Shut up and go to driving school. this is US 41 within city limits, there is no fast lane both are through traffic lanes as they both have turns directly onto and off of them. It is pathetic that the number of drivers that are commenting on this can not recognize this fact.

  50. londontubes

    The ‘slow’ driver, who was actually was obeying the law, cannot be blamed for an accident that was caused by someone else who chose to break the law. I am assuming that the speed limint on this road was 50, and that was what the driver was doing. Believe it or not, you can be cited for breaking the speed limit.

    If you were crossing a street with a green light, and someone ran a red light and hit you, would you accept his argument that it is your fault because you weren’t going fast enough to not be in his way when he wanted to run the light?

    Bottom line: if someone is obeying the law and you want to break the law, and there is an accident, you cannot blame him. Talk to a cop.

    3,000,000 miles of driving experience, and I have seen it all.

    1. felix1999

      Ah, BUT you are not supposed to endlessly drive in the PASSING lane as this driver was doing. Now it makes sense. The driver behind him wanted to pass him. You can’t pass a driver in the “slow” lane or at least you are not supposed to. That is how the filmer set up the driver behind him. He nicely drove the speed limit in the PASSING LANE and never went back over to the “slow” lane provoking the driver behind him.

      1. londontubes

        Show me anywhere in any state’s laws where the left lane is, under statute, called “The passing lane”. If you are driving under the speed LIMIT (meaning that you can not legaly go faster that that), you are to drive in the right hand lane. The left hand lane is for those cars who are passing the cars in the right lane who are going less that the SPEED LIMIT.

        1. dragon5126

          there is a problem with ALL of that. First this was a us highway ( US 41) WITHIN city limits, there is neither fast or slow lanes, they are both through traffic lanes and they both have turn lanes on and off of them. NO vehicle can claim right of way based on speed

        1. felix1999

          Where did you get the “half a mile” measurement?

          Clearly the guy BEHIND the filmer wanted to PASS HIM. That is when you go over to the SLOW lane to let the guy pass you. It’s just following the law. DO you also FILM people BEHIND you ALL COVERED UP? All of this was planned. The filmer all covered up knew, he’s eventually get an impatient driver behind him as he HOGGED the fast lane and do something stupid.

          Yeah the guy behind him was a jerk but none of this should have happened.

          1. dragon5126

            WRONG! THIS WAS ON US 41 INSIDE the city limits this was SIMPLY a through traffic lane and nothing more, there is no slow or fast lane in this instance… You DO have a drivers license, don’t you???

          2. londontubes

            Who caused the accident? Do you think that the person who was passed illegaly would get a ticket for causing the accident? No. Would she get a ticket for using a camera? If it is against the law in that jurisdiction, Yes, and rightfully so. But you will not get a ticket for ‘causing’ an accident while obeying the speed limit.

      2. dragon5126

        another moron puts their foot in their mouth. this was US 41 INSIDE the city limits. THERE IS NO PASSING LANE YOU INSIPID MORON!

    2. Mindy Robinson

      The witch was not obeying the law, she had no business hanging in the passing lane, it’s illegal. The witch intentionally goaded the driver behind her. The witch was breaking the law, the traffic laws and also guilty of intent to incite.

      1. dragon5126

        another dumb broad who shouldn’t drive, aren’t you Mindy? US 41, within CITY LIMITS DOES NOT HAVE PASSING LANES ONLY regular traffic lanes, Please turn in your license immediately.

          1. dragon5126

            now how can I have any fun yelling at you when you make me want to say thank you? I’m really just irritated at the people who are missing the obvious, and that is due to the LOCATION of the highway there is no speed sensitive lane, and these folks are more aggressive about it than I’ve gotten. I Live on US 41 and see this every day, and living in the snow belt I see wrecks like this all the time. The bottom line is unless the other person actively forces you into the accident, it isnt their fault, since each and everyone of us are responsible for our own actions… Got a pic? ;-) Ok I Seriously apologize for blasting you and harassing you. You are obviously a decent woman. and quite frankly, you do seem like someone who I would not mind as a friend, which really makes me feel low for the way I was talking to you. Please accept my apologies

          2. Freddy Neat Shee

            It’s far easier to not try to blast everyone when you think you’re right, so that you don’t have to ask for an apology.

          3. dragon5126

            Oh one other thing (trying to keep all comments centralized) you didn’t hurt my feelings till you were nice to me. And I am far from a libbie. In this war against the Obamazites I’ve simply stopped being nice. It may burn bridges but people who know what its about understand it accept a simple apology, a meeting of the minds is more important than a first impression when we are talking about the future of the republic. And there is no need to apologize for my irritation at others.

      2. londontubes

        I don’t know how much you have driven, or in how many states, but different states have different laws. Now a little educaion for you: “Governor Bush vetoed 2005 SB732, which would have reserved the left lane for passing, saying that drivers blocking the left lane are “cautious and careful.”” (http://www.mit.edu/~jfc/right.html)

        So, as you can see, in the state of Florida, there is no ‘Passing Lane’ by statute. Now, I guess that solves the legal part of your discussion. Any more comments regarding the law?

    3. dragon5126

      the WORST PART: this is US highway 41 within CITY LIMITS, there is NO passing lane, and these MORONS are crying about the driver doing at or near the limit in a proper lane for through traffic. they all need a retest,

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        Kindly point out the stretch of road in US HWY 41 through the City of Tampa that has a divided highway with grass median? You can’t? Because it doesn’t exist! US HWY 41 through Tampa (also known as “Business 41″, because it has businesses, not a residential area, on it), has no median, except in some places, there is a 2 foot wide “curb”. US HWY 41 outside the city limits does. You know, where the speed limit is 55 MPH and there is no “No Passing” sign.

        1. dragon5126

          immediately before entering and exiting the actual Business District Know it all the one half mile transition section where the speed limit drops and the road bed transitions
          And please Freddie stop stalking me, I’m Straight…

      2. londontubes

        Governor Bush vetoed 2005 SB732, which would have reserved the left lane for passing, saying that drivers blocking the left lane are “cautious and careful.”

  51. chronovisor

    idiots like the moron in the slow lane should of been the one punished! if you want to drive the “speed limit” drive in the slow lane more states need to do what certain areas in texas do TICKET people in the PASSING lane when they are NOT passing!

    1. felix1999

      Ah, so the person filming it was in the “fast” lane and NOT in the “slower” lane. Ah ha …. so THAT is why the driver was filming this. Doing the speed limit in the “fast” lane knowing it was a matter of time till someone in the passing lane would be annoyed.

      1. chronovisor

        exactly right you know as well as i do they probably do it all the time KNOWING other drivers get ticked and i am VERY disappointed by this conservative website would be “happy” the “road rage” driver had a wreck!

        1. londontubes

          I hope you were responding to ‘chronovisor’. He said that she, the filmer, should be ticketed. I said that so should those in the ‘passing lane’ who are excessivly speeding.

          I also didn’t know where the road was in Florida. I live 3000 miles from there. Also, there is no ‘passing lanes’ anywhere in the State of Florida. “Governor Bush vetoed 2005 SB732, which would have reserved the left lane for passing, saying that drivers blocking the left lane are “cautious and careful.”(http://www.mit.edu/~jfc/right.html).

          1. dragon5126

            no the comment wasn’t directed at you, it was ponted at the morons who think there are passing lanes in side the city, and on the busness dist roads
            I myself even pointed out that the POSTED LIMIT IS the limit and those exceeding it can and should be cited as they cause the most accidents, as this vid demonstrates.

      1. chronovisor

        MOST police will NOT ticket you IF you are exceeding the speed limit as long as it’s going with the flow of traffic! come to texas and drive slow in the passing lane and see what happens

        1. londontubes

          Different jusitdictions have different laws. Governor Bush vetoed 2005 SB732, which would have reserved the left lane for passing, saying that drivers blocking the left lane are “cautious and careful.” (http://www.mit.edu/~jfc/right.html).

          Also a city street in Florida is different that the wide open spaces of Texas.

          Texas laws about ‘passing lanes’. DOT may post “left lane for passing only”, 544.011. Passing on right prohibited except on one-way roadways, 545.057. (http://www.mit.edu/~jfc/right.html).

    2. felix1999


      “TICKET people in the PASSING lane when they are NOT passing!”

      The dirtball filming this provoked the whole thing.

      1. RealGerman

        The dirtball riding up the butt of the dirtball filming them ALLOWED themselves to be provoked! Did they take the appropriate action??? Bueller?? The driver in the rear drove aggressively and recklessly. BOTH of those will get you a ticket. In fact, the idiot in the rear could’ve caused a SERIOUSLY fatal accident by his ‘reaction’ to the idiot in front. And I’d bet a wad of money that a court would’ve found him guilty of vehicular manslaughter! Let’s also not forget (since everyone is quoting their drivers ed. memories) that we are to allow a SAFE FOLLOWING DISTANCE between us and the person in front of us. Didn’t see that happenin’…….

        1. Mindy Robinson

          The idiot in the front also was illegal and could be ticketed. The jerk in the front was breaking the law.

          1. RealGerman

            no disagreement there. I’m talking about the guy in the rear. He is also responsible for HIS OWN BAD actions. If he’s in court, will he say, “your Honor, she made me do it!”??? It was HIS ACTIONS that could’ve taken the life of others by being reckless and giving into rage.

          2. Mindy Robinson

            :) I think we are in total agreement. No matter what, we do not endanger the lives of innocents to seek revenge. The guy was an idiot, repulsive, so was the woman.

          3. dragon5126

            WRONG they were within the city limits,,,,get a drivers licence that didn’t come from a cerial box

          4. Mindy Robinson

            Lol!. You are beating a dead horse dragon, why does it bother you so much that I point out the fact the witch in front intentionally goaded someone into rage? That’s not right dragon and any who conduct themselves in this manner are more guilty then those they goaded. Why does that bother you? I did not argue that the guy was excused, what he did endangered others, what the witch did initiated it. Why does that bother you?

      2. chronovisor

        EXACTLY right- KNOWING it’s just a matter of time before someone gets ticked off, and then laughing about it! but it sounded like a woman driving so i am really not surprised the MAJORITY of people who drive SLOW in the passing lane are WOMEN! clueless

    3. dragon5126

      this ISNT in texas it is highway 41 and this is inside the city limits get a clue there is no PASSING LANE.

      1. chronovisor

        so you have comprehension issues, i said LIKE texas and it doesn’t matter if it’s a “highway” or not! why the f would you purposely drive the “speed limit” in the “passing lane” when you can get to the right and do the speed limit? and if there is TWO lanes ONE would be a PASSING lane! man what a more ON! go take a comprehension class

        1. dragon5126

          it is YOU with the comprehension issues EXCEEDING THE POSTED LIMIT IS A VIOLATION. If YOU can NOT COMPREHEND THAT YOU FAIL. It does NOT MATTER what lane you are in. Second, Within City LIMITS, as this vid indicated, THERE IS NO PASSING LANE. YOU would have just accrued enough points for me to order a retest or face immediate revocation on your license hot shot…

          1. chronovisor

            do you smoke pot or crack before you start to post? you said and i quote “this ISNT in texas it is highway 41 and this is inside the city limits get a clue there is no PASSING LANE” if YOU want to drive the speed limit DRIVE in the left hand lane and don’t be a pr!ck and hold up those of us WHO want to drive faster! dumb@$$ few cops are going to give you a ticket for doing 5 mph over and in TEXAS you WILL get a ticket if you are in the passing lane NOT passing, so here’s my advice to you DON”T COME TO TEXAS and drive 55 in the passing lane grandma

          2. dragon5126

            you are a real dumb phuque aren’t you? READ what you posted and realize just how stupid you are… The fact is I do come to Texas and drive in it all the time with no issue little girl and have seen massive numbers of citations issued for exceeding the limit in the left lane… so keep on toking but do yourself a favor and move to Colorado first.

          3. chronovisor

            wtf are you talking about d!psh!t? i said MORE states should do what texas does TICKET morons in the passing lane not passing?- i never said they DON”T ticket speeder, d@mn what a illiterate you must be and i seriously doubt you come to texas although you are familiar with “highway 41″ in georgia, you sound like a typical floridian, let me guess…you voted for alan grayson? or debbie blabbermouth sh!tz?

          4. dragon5126

            takes a real dumbphuque to not know what they read, let alone what they said Dumbphuque… go take that remedial reading course

          5. chronovisor

            hahah you are so full of $hit you just made my night! yeah right you were a “trainer” at dps academy sure you were, what a maroon, and i guess that last statement? project much??? hahaha idiot

          6. dragon5126

            LOL which was it that struck your raw nerve? You kicking the dog or you having sex with your son? That’s it, you’re a gay Pedo, aren’t you? complaining about projecting is just a deflection tactic you perverts constantly pull, you telegraphed that one

          7. chronovisor

            haha yeah you got me, although WHO is the one constantly talking about perverted sex???? it’s obvious by your language and constant references to sex you were never a professional anything at any level, so keep posting from your mommy’s basement, living in your little fantasy world….

          8. dragon5126

            An admission to molesting your son, and a liberal attempt to blame it on someone else, how typical.

          9. chronovisor

            your perverse obsession with child molestation is getting old, look iam sorry you and your father had issues, but you’re just a $hit talking f@g, you little twerp, now go away and play with yourself

          10. dragon5126

            Ah HAH I was right! Look at how you strike out blindly because you were caught! An innocent man wouldn’t act out in such a guilty manner!

          11. chronovisor

            seek therapy buddy, i hear they are doing great things for mental defects like you

          12. dragon5126

            they haven’t done much for you, especially since I keep dragging you down the path that demonstrates how ignorant you are and I’m laughing at you ALL THE WAY

          13. chronovisor

            i know man you are SUCH a genius you soooooo smart!!! but i guess when all you got to do all day is sit around waitin for that guvment check, you have to pass the time some way, you go bro!

          14. dragon5126

            I earn my pay, unlike you, welfare wonder, millions work so you and yours get to sit home and smoke dope

          15. chronovisor

            oh oh that’s right you are a “dps” trainer! wait never mind that’s in your fantasy world…..

          16. Freddy Neat Shee

            He’s just mad because his sister found out what he’s been doing with his niece. See some of my previous posts for more info and screenshots, or just check out his profile.

  52. felix1999

    I have to wonder WHY was this driver filming this guy to begin with? It almost looks like the filmer had planned to provoke the other driver. I don’t film people when I’m a passenger in a car for fun!

    In any event, It is HILARIOUS!

      1. felix1999

        Choosing to stay in the PASSING LANE is a choice too! You are NOT supposed to stay in the PASSING LANE as this driver was doing and THAT is what aggravated the guy behind him. The guy behind him was pissed off and passed him ILLEGALLY in the slow lane and trashed his car. The passing lane is to pass people; not stay in it.BTW do you also FILM people as you drive along in the PASSING LANE. Eventually you are going to piss someone off that wants to PASS you. That is what happened here.

        1. Mindy Robinson

          That is my take on this as well. I put up with these jerks everyday and yes I get angry. I’m tired of these arrogant, inconsiderate a holes.

        2. Bonney Bacon

          Out here in car land (California) there are signs that say “Slower cars keep to the right”. (Unless you are on our 5+ lane freeways and then only the far left lane is the ‘fast lane’ (not the carpool lane)). Lots of road rage here, the freeways are either flowing at 65 to 75 MPH (with vehicles roaring past at even higher speeds) or at 5 to 20 MPH due to our world renown ‘rush hour’ that lasts close to 24 hours a day it’s not too bad unless the angry driver has a gun–and then there’s the idiots on the overpasses that drop stuff down on the cars…hazards everywhere!

          I believe the lady should have moved over but it looked like she was going faster than the right hand lane–just not as fast as the idiot behind her.

      2. Mindy Robinson

        The witch was inconsiderate , intentionally , goaded the driver. She is a bitch, thinks only of herself, no one else matters. She knew what she was doing and those who support her will cause her to continue to create as much chaos and harm as she can.

        1. londontubes

          But he still chose to drive in an illegal manner (speeding, tailgating, passing on the right, reckless driving) and received the just desserts of his actions.

          While she may have been ‘inconsiderate’, don’t blame her for what he chose to do and the results of it. He chose to drive that way, and actions have consequences.

  53. Mutt

    I agree with most in here that the lady should have moved over to the right lane. Still, it surely is a hoot to see an idiot get an immediate big dose of karma. He and his truck are now in the same condition; pieces of crap.

  54. RealGerman

    What alot of people are ‘skipping over’ is that REGARDLESS of whether or not the filmer was ‘provoking’ or ‘taunting’ the person behind them…it is ALSO the responsibility of the person behind the filmer to keep a SAFE FOLLOWING DISTANCE, to OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT, and to NOT drive AGGRESSIVELY or RECKLESSLY. Both of them need to be taken out back and spanked, but you CAN’T give the idiot in the truck a pass on this one. He made the decision to allow himself to be influenced by an idiot. Which ended up with him also being an idiot, in a MUCH worse way.

      1. RealGerman

        Depending on where they were and the type of lane setup, you’re probably right. However, the irresponsible actions of the driver who allowed rage to overtake him could’ve taken the life/lives of other innocent drivers by his stupid anger. If he took out a schoolbus because of driving crazy and speeding/swerving, are you going to defend him because he was ‘upset’?? I know a judge won’t.

        1. Mindy Robinson

          You don’t understand, I hold both responsible, the witch more so only because it was her intent. I would not act in the manner the guy did,but, I know why he did it, both the witch and the guy could have hurt other’s.

          1. dragon5126

            The difference is I can pull you over and order you retested before you can get behind the wheel again.

          2. BDnSC

            Ahhh. So you are one of those corrupt cops that like to play by your own rules? Pull her over for what? I’m sure you could make something up couldn’t you?…Haven’t you?
            SInce you are such a big guy, go ahead and give us your name. I’m sure there are a lot of people that would like to introduce your stupid comments in court.
            If you really are a cop, it is pricks like you that give the profession a bad name.
            Keep it up you pathetic loser. I hope I am the one that catches your worthless antics on video. That truck crash will look like your career…..screetching with a lot of broken pieces lying around afterwards.

          3. dragon5126

            no jackass its people like you, ignorant know it all’s that drive decent cops over the edge. Why do you think the amount of police related violence is on the rise? Garbage like you who are all mouth, no intellect and are the cause of the decline of the nation because YOU THINK you know the law and DONT. Just like in this instance, where there IS NO PASSING LANE within the city limits on a surface road such as this, US 41, entering a business district within the city limits. It will be entertaining to see you on a youtube vid when some burned out cop blows you away because your mouth wrote a check your tail cant cash

          4. dragon5126

            keep trying toady you don’t have a clue. and never will all that glue you were sniffing and paint you were doffing damaged your brain

          5. BDnSC

            You are such a simpleton!

            Here is a little law lesson for you regarding your prvious lies about “passing lanes etc:


            As for me knowing the law? It is obvious that I know more law than you do, and I’m not the one that threatened to pull some one over without cause.
            No Passing Lane. Right, Once more you lay your total ignorance out for everyone to see. The video shows a multi-lane highway. Law states slower traffic to keep right. What do you think that leaves the inside lane for you idiot?
            BTW. I notice you are not forthcoming with your name so we can show your comments to the jury the next time you pull someone over without cause. (That’s assuming you haven’t lied about your real ability to do that)
            As for the violence, you keep telling your little pea brain those lies. Meanwhile, it should be mentioned that the more the law becomes a police state the more people will start fighting back. If you clean the wax out of your ears you will hear about your president turning this great country into a police state.
            And finally, you may want to search out and review the comments the idiot you are defending has made. She admitted to speeding up. It is obvious that she is intentionally provoking the truck driver, and like you it is obvious that her limited intellect lets her justify her own stupidity to herself.
            BTW, I see you never disputed that you are in fact one of the corrupt cops. Now run along before your capt. catches you and finds out what a real moron you are and fires you.

          6. dragon5126

            You obviously cant read very well you simpleton, you reinforce it with your personal comments, and your citations as well… You must have went to “public school”
            Keep telling yourself you are right and you will find at least one person who will believe everything you say…

          7. Freddy Neat Shee

            Not for much longer. Check your City of Tampa Personnel Manual, under B. Directives and Benefits, section B28.2 Discipline Administration – Cause for Dismissal.

            Pay special attention to section (3)(e)(1), under “Breach of Peace”. The very first example they give, is this:

            Being offensive or antagonistic, either physically or verbally, toward any City employee or member of the public at any time.

            While I don’t want to spend the effort it would take to track down your IP address, and figure out exactly who you are, the City of Tampa’s T&I department (Technology and Innovation) can, and after reviewing this thread, may be very motivated to. Pay specific attention to the phrase “at any time”. This means “even when you are off-duty”.

            Of course, if the IP address you’re posting from is from your car, I’m sure there are other reasons for dismissal that also apply (such as misuse of City property, etc.).

            In short, and friendly reminder:

          8. dragon5126

            freddy is just another burned out bulb in a world of dim fools. and doesn’t know what he is talking about. let alone WHO he is addressing.

          9. Flashbackjack

            You are right about no designated passing lane but the person with the camera appeared to blocking the left lane and speeding up when the guy started passing in the right hand lane. No common courtesy.
            In parts of Michigan, she would have been run off the road.

          10. dragon5126

            Freddy pay attention to the US Constitution, in specific Amendments 1 and 10. THEN research SCOTUS Rulings on employment clauses violating Constitutional and Civil Rights, You will find the City of Tampa specifically named as DEFENDANT, in a precedent setting suit BANNING regulation of any activities while off the clock… If you spent half the time keeping current as you do practicing being a MORON you could actually earn the title “World’s Foremost Authority” instead of having it used sarcastically when referencing you.

          11. dan prater

            You’ve got to be a Tampa cop surfing on the tax payers dime.
            Still suffering from the I’m god I’m right syndrome I see.
            News flash your not
            Your the reason real people hate cops.

          12. dragon5126

            you need to take a reading comprehension course little Danny… look at the times of my posts, look at a clock, Oh wait that’s right, you haven’t learned to tell time yet…
            And you keep telling yourself I’m not correct. that’s OK, it doesnt matter to me but it will to your psychiatrist. Your displacement issue is a bit of mental health issue for you, isn’t it?

            By the way, tell your wife I’ll be a little late, I need to service your mother first

          13. dan prater

            You keep proving your an arse.
            Cops don’t work at night I guess.
            Little danny yes. At least I have the balls to identifyyself and not hide behind a aliais to act like an area..

          14. Freddy Neat Shee

            Cops do work at night — people who run the gun range don’t. So now we have more information on who he is. Or who he is impersonating.

            The problem with pretending to be someone you’re not online, is that eventually, enough information is given, to where someone can tell. And that’s what DragginAss hasn’t figured out. He gave enough information so we can tell exactly who he claims to be, with enough detective work. And now that I have enough information to positively ID him, I don’t mind letting him know how I figured out who Sgt. R C is.

          15. dan prater

            I was being sarcastic. I know cops ( good ) work at night others (not so good ) surf the web like dragon ass.
            Its kinda hard to stay up all night surfing then work all day.
            That unless he’s on drugs.

          16. dan prater

            Agreed, I’ll sign it
            Let me know if I can help.
            Believe it or not I don’t hate cops , but I do detest the I’m god, type

          17. Freddy Neat Shee

            I think I’ve figured out who it actually is — I posed a couple of posts above. It appears to be someone named Scott Shuman, from Wisconsin, who apparently vacations down here in FL. Which makes him a snowbird, as we’ve all kind of suspected. Apparently, he pisses off a lot of other people too. Of course, he’ll never figure out who I am, but he may figure out who you are, and he’s the kind of worm that pretends to be someone he’s not (in law enforcement), and may try to cause grief for you. If he does, the only true response is to post what he does online, so that we all know who he is. If he calls you, let us know what number he called from, etc., and we can take it from there.

            Here’s more information about him:


            http://toprightnews.com/?p=1094 (see how he talks to Nancy Townsend from there)

            But since he was impersonating Sergeant Roland Corrales from the Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Office, and he lives on US 41, I’m sure that Sgt Corrales will find that very interesting, and may have a couple things to say to him.

          18. dan prater

            That’s OK. I know some real cops and discussed this ass with them
            Their response tickled me.
            I hope he does come see me.

          19. Freddy Neat Shee

            So you claim to be a duly sworn officer, you don’t say that you’re not a cop in Tampa (could be TPD or HCSO), you mention where you live, and you’re very familiar with Tampa in the area before and after the city limits on 41. After all, you live there (according to your own posts). You also claim to be a range master (running the gun range). Just in this thread alone, there are a lot of indications of who you are.

            Your acidic personality, except for when a woman claims to like your name, indicates a personality disorder that would preclude you from advancing too far in the HCSO or TPD. Since the training range is run by the HCSO at Falkenburg, it’s fairly easy to look up who runs it, and the command structure. It also indicates a degree of loneliness typically found with men who believe they’re right all the time.

            Cops in patrol cars could work any shift, but since you seem to think that we should know that you’re not on taxpayer time based on the time of day that you post, that indicates to me that you post only during normal business hours — like, for example, when the training range is open.

            It’s also pretty easy to find your information on facebook, given the information you’ve posted in this thread. And antagonizing people gives some of us motive to figure out who you are. Or, heck, we could just wait around for you to show up at 2001 or the Mons again, as those are the only types of places where you can get any female attention.

            I was a little angry with how you present yourself. But now, I’m just… sad for you. I feel sorry for the pathetic direction your life has turned, where you have to steal the honor of a good man who is doing a d@mned good job training deputies in the correct and safe ways of handling firearms – a man who is no doubt responsible for saving countless hundreds of lives through better training in stressful situations — a man who you are not worthy to stand in his shadow, let alone claim to be him online. You will be caught. And you will be punished.

            And I will still not care.

          20. dragon5126

            Little Freddie your psychosis has taken over… Show me in this thread where I made any statement of running the gun range, and where I live… You need to lay off the dope and sign yourself into a treatment center. You are trying to displace YOUR diagnosis on to others. NEXT IF you had any clue as to how law enforcement works you would KNOW that it is a 24/7 business and since there are only three shifts, and courts only run first shift in most cases wit the exception of misdemeanor and traffic courts, so rotational shift assignments are used, Stop trying to claim credit where no credit is due, you have figured nothing out, are still noting but an ignorant jackass attempting to give themselves lip service and STILL need a remedial reading and comprehension course…
            You, little Freddy are extremely delusional. to the point of being a danger to yourself and others… as this last post clearly delineates. Perhaps I should do you a favor and turn it over to the DHS and let them find you “for your own protection and well being”, because you definitely have become psychotic, and are Liable to hurt yourself and others from shorting those “bath salts”…

          21. Freddy Neat Shee

            You mentioned where you live in a post on this thread. I’ve attached a screenshot. I’ve attached it here for your amusement.

            You claim to be a range master on your profile. I’ve attached a screenshot of that too.

            When I posted your picture, you didn’t react with “oh! You’ve got the wrong person, dumbass!”… No, you reacted with some message about how Epsom salts makes human flesh taste better, or something deranged like that.

          22. dragon5126

            Idiot, Highway 41 starts in the Upper peninsula of Michigan and ends in the glades of Florida… Try again that isn’t a location any more than listing Planet Earth… You are really Mentally ill and are desperate for attention and help…

          23. Freddy Neat Shee

            lisbethgirl hasn’t posted in over three months. Which means either:

            1) I set up another profile a long time ago, just to find you, and message you, in the hopes that you may follow me on Disqus, after which I decided to drop off the face of the Earth for 3 months, only to surface this past week, as someone else, to try to antagonize you, knowing that you would take the side of an @ss in a traffic video, so that I could use the picture to embarrass you, or

            2) It’s just now dawning on you that anyone on the Internet could be anyone else on the Internet as well, especially someone who hasn’t posted in awhile. How many of your online relationships are people you’ve never met? how many are female? Here’s a hint: They’re all me. And I’m not who I say I am either :P, or

            3) You actually did take that picture of your niece. It looks like she has clothes on, and it also looks like she’s of age, so the only real “creep” factor here is that you’re taking that kind of pic of your niece. But then, only her real uncle would know if she was underage after seeing only that much of the picture (you’d have to know and recognize the actual girl).

            Also – if anyone still reading this conversation could have a look, I’m sure that others will be able to verify that you’re following the girl in the screen shot I took. Creep.

          24. dragon5126

            Well Freddie since you have shown a fixation on me, it seems very plausible that it was you. And since the post isn’t visible to me. that would mean there was malicious intent involved, AND you are the one who is showing the actions and nature of a stalker, with the massive amount of speculation as to my identity and location, AND your personal knowledge of her posting habits… Keep on tightening that Noose around your own neck Little Freddie

          25. dragon5126

            Hey everyone! Look at little Freddie posting kiddie porn on here! The admins have already verified the nonexistence of the pic on my profile

          26. dragon5126

            Keep trying Little Freddie, you claim I have three, names three locations where I live and STILL are not right… but you are proving your need for immediate psychiatric care

          27. Freddy Neat Shee

            So far, I’ve said that you were Sgt Roland Corrales (sometimes Sgt Roland, sometimes Sgt Corrales). I think I’ve said here that *I* may have been Scott Shumann for the purposes of the conversation. Are you trying to say that you are?

          28. Freddy Neat Shee

            Pot, kettle, what? It’s ok, Sgt Roland, this is still conduct unbecoming. Also, the manual says that these are just examples, but it is not limited to this. Spending hours pissing off citizens just because you think you know more than you actually do is not the mark of someone who needs to have any firearms at all, let alone training people on how to use them.

            It’s ok, though, that oversight will be corrected in short order. Or you can apologize. Your move.

          29. dragon5126

            two different names in two consecutive posts… You are sinking deeper into your psychosis Freddie… Seek help before you flip out on the street and get hurt…

          30. dragon5126

            show me where there is a threat moron, I did NOT say I WILL. said I CAN… you must of flunked English as a second language

          31. dan prater

            Saying I can ( dumbass) is a threat. You sound like a power abuse arz if there ever was one.

          32. dragon5126

            no DUMBASS Can is a statement of ability, WILL is a statement of intent, English IS your second language isn’t it? I bet you are one of those Illegals in Florida. Arent you?

          33. dan prater

            Ok numb nuts, I can report you I can file a complaint, I can find you.
            Threats are taken in the context of the statement.
            You like to threaten people.
            Standard lard azz abusive pig.

          34. Freddy Neat Shee

            I was going to keep quiet about this, but dragon just had to keep antagonizing me, even after I warned him.

            He keeps talking about being a cop — claims to be a sworn officer. Maybe it’s the old age talking, maybe he forgot he retired, or maybe he isn’t who he says he is.

            He claims to be the range master in Tampa, and after I mentioned him by initials and rank, he said I mentioned old information, which is true. But only he would know that that well.

            So he’s either Sgt Roland Corrales of the Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Office, his LT (Jim Bradford), or Major Alan Hill (but I tend to believe someone with his complete lack of any social skills whatsoever would preclude him from getting much higher up than Sgt).

            If he’s not these people, then he is guilty of pretending to be that person. Either way, the Hillsborough County Sherriff’s office would love to hear about this guy, who is either a police wannabe (I personally believe this is the case), who is impersonating a duly sworn officer.

            According to their website, the Training Division (where Dragon claims to be the range master) can be reached at 813-627-1000, and is still under the command of Major Alan Hill.

            Based on all the information that Dragon spewed while also trying to make everyone think he knew what he was talking about (seriously, dude, do you know *anyone* in interrogation at all? It’s like Interrogation 101!), he gave enough information about himself for Major Hill to know who this person is, if he is someone under his command.

            This is also why I kept referring to the City of Tampa instead of Hillsborough County Sherriff’s office, so that he would think I didn’t know who he really was, and he’d keep giving us information.

            If he’s not, then the IT department of Hillsborough County could get the information from Disqus as to what IP addresses he’s posting from, while impersonating a law enforcement officer. Either way, he’s boned. It just takes someone calling and complaining at this point. But I won’t be the person to do it. I’ve archived the thread, and he can’t delete the comments permanently — Disqus keeps a record of them.

            And it wouldn’t have come to this, had he just shut the hell up.

          35. dragon5126

            go for is Danny boy, it will take YOU down, for filing a false complaint, expose you to civil and criminal liability charges and supply me with all the information to knock on your door with an arrest warrant. You are just another under educated piece of garbage who has crossed the line and is deserving of being watched over as being suspect of criminal intent. You are not on a playground little boy this is the ADULT world where YOUR mouth has consequences that your tail has to pay

          36. dan prater

            Oh, did you take that as a threat ,Dragonass?
            I didn’t say I would ,I said I could ,to quote your dumbass, dumbass.
            Go ahead and knock on my door. I’ll tell you to go screw yourself. If a cop comes to see me I want a real copcop, not some self rigious ass such as you.

          37. dragon5126

            ahh so finally YOU admit that YOU are full of crap… Thank you Danny Boy… Your admission in front of everyone is appreciated.

          38. dragon5126

            those bathsalts are rotting big holes in your brain little Freddie get help before you try eating someone on the street

          39. Freddy Neat Shee

            It’s been 9 hours and I still haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. So I have to ask:

            Are you saying that Epsom salts (used to help relieve foot pain after a long day working), which are usually put into a pail of warm water (a bath) are also used to flavor humans? I thought that they were considered toxic? And how would you know about that, anyway?

            And why would you make any response at all to a comment that includes a picture of somebody who looks kind of like Ernest Borgnine if he were high on something, unless that person is either known by you or is you? Methinks the troll doth protest too much.

            (seriously — you need to talk to someone who has more than a crash course in interrogation — you’re really turning yourself into a case study here — how does it feel to be outsmarted by a guy in a Groucho Marx mask? You did know that it’s a mask, right?)

          40. dragon5126

            yes Little Freddie you are exposing your habitual drug user with every comment. and your fixation on me is showing everyone how pathetic your life is,

          41. Freddy Neat Shee

            It could be worse — he could be this guy:

            There’s both a horse’s ass and a horse’s face in this pic :-)

            Also, I had to crop the picture because, seriously, nobody wants to see what’s going on down there… pull up your pants, man!

            What exactly are you doing to that poor horse?!

          42. dragon5126

            And now you are posting pics of yourself claiming your someone else? get help little Freddie before you end up committed for life

  55. genes

    Comments have been disabled at youtube. They were on earlier but I guess that the self-described professional driver was getting a lot of flack for her stupidity. Too bad, I had left a comment reminding her that she violated FL distracted driving law.

    1. londontubes

      Now, that is a valid point. If it us illegal in Florida to operate a hand held camera while driving, yes, she could/should be cited for that, but that really has no bearing on the case at hand, other than because of the video, the idiot in the truck was caught. If that was the reason he was caught, I wonder if she was cited for the above mentioned violation.

      1. RealGerman

        This was clearly not a handheld camera. It was either mounted to her windshield, or rearview mirror or her dash. She swiveled it a few times. Not saying the filmer wasn’t a moron. However, aLOT of people are using these dashcams to record their rides. They’re relatively cheap, and can come in handy if there’s an accident or if the police pull you over. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary with the use of the camera. That doesn’t excuse driving in the wrong lane, though.

          1. RealGerman

            I stand corrected. I hadn’t gone over to her Youtube page until just now. There seems to be more to the story though after reading what she wrote there. Looking forward to the ‘additional footage’ she says she’ll be adding. Thanks for the heads-up, genes.

        1. londontubes

          I will stand corrected if the camera was the type you described. IF it was illegal in the jursitiction she was in, she could be cited, if not she should not be. Neither does her using the camera “excuse driving” in an illegal (speeding, tailgating, passing on the right, reckless driving) as did the pickup driver who had the accident.

  56. Mindy Robinson

    There are no details as to what was going on. I see a highway/frewway which has a fast and a slow lane. I see a driver get agiated, a driver stuck behind someone else. Was that someone else driving in the fast lane and going below the speed limit? Road rage is caused by other drivers being inconsiderate, ie, driving in the fast lane below the speed limit. I experience this every day and yes, I get angry. If you are doing 60 mph in a 70 mile an hour zone and your are in the fast lane, you are a jerk. I also put up with people driving 45 mph on a 2 lane highway, in good weather, tourists who don’t give a damn about the people trying to get to work or trying to get home after work where we then have another 2 hours of work feeding farm critters. I am considerate of other’s on the road and I expect to be treated with consideration. This guy was angry for a reason, I am guessing it’s because the driver who was filming this was being an ass, just guessing.

    1. Jason Roush

      At 16 seconds in I see railroad crossing, at 24 I see the rail road. I see many side roads throughout the video. If the speed is not 70.

      1. BDnSC

        AL and SC have many roads very similar where speed is 65 or 70.
        Either way, Driver’s manual states….”slower traffic keeps right”

        1. RangerRick

          It’s the law in Florida, do 10mph less than the posted limit in the passing lane and you can be fined. Drive in the fast lane and block traffic, same thing.

    2. lfhpueblo

      I agree, did look like he was speeding up, then slowing down more than once. Maybe he didn’t like the guy following too close, but he should have gone into the right lane if he didn’t like being tail gated. Also, in his vehicle looked like he had a possibly a fireman’s jacket, maybe not, but if he were a fireman (and I don’t know that he was) maybe he should have known the rules of the road better. Even if no road signs posted, perhaps in their state (I am saying perhaps as I don’t know), in the booklet they give you to study before your licensing test to drive it may have information about staying right except to pass.

      1. dragon5126

        granted the bimbo needs to be slapped up for multiple reasons, HOWEVER, traffic violations are INFRACTIONS the driver of the truck was committing CRIMINAL violations, starting with reckless endangerment, which is a felony violation.

  57. REM1875

    Get the hell out of the left hand passing lane you incosiderate moron. Slower traffic keep right! If he is trying to pass you-you are slower!

    1. dragon5126

      WRONG is she doing the speed limit or prudent speed for conditions? if so the road rager is WRONG and so are you

      1. REM1875

        Just what do you think that sign means ‘slower traffic keep right’ a little driving time in Europe would help English comprehension.
        If you ain’t passing you don’t belong in that lane no matter what your speed.

          1. BDnSC

            Do you know what state this was in? Then you show us!
            BTW, hang in the left lane in Europe and you will be crated off to jail and fined more than your apparently meager salary!
            Stupid people think they are right, but they aren’t. Go look up Dunning-Kruger Syndrome….then look in the mirror for a clearer picture.

          2. dragon5126

            it seems to be you suffering from DKS… and next you will be quoting Sharia Law wont you. This is the US so can the Socialist EU bullcrap. Did you NOTICE the fool spin out on the black ice? ROAD CONDITIONS NEGATE lane regulations. Next if you would LOOK at the vid you would SEE she was passing traffic not going slower than. AN a whole shopping list of items that counter you garbage. Maybe YOU need to get OUT of the US since you love the socialist EU so much. WE don’t want or NEED commies like YOU in the US.

          3. BDnSC

            Do you ALWAYS rationalize your stupidity or do you simply ignore facts that are there for everyone to see?
            Black ice? LMAO! Is that why you could hear the tires squalling on the pavement? (You hear nothing on black ice)
            Go to the latest yahoo news and you will see her admit to speeding up so he couldn’t get by…..
            As for me leaving the US, Why? I vote against socialism every chance I get. Last I checked, Germany isn’t socialist. Obama comes closer to that than Germany ever thought about. But you voted for Obama, right?
            Here’s a novel idea, go educate your self on logic and logical debate, then come back and carry on a discussion with the big boys. Until then, keep you ideas separated from the facts and quit peeing on yourself when you get them mixed up like you have here.
            Move yourself…We have too many ignorant worthless libs here already.

          4. dragon5126

            I suggest you go to the original poster’s page and read the facts, watch the vid again and see where he starts to spin out on the black ice and where his tires grab dry pavement. NEXT a squall is a storm, tires don’t Squall, you are Losing it INBRED… stop having sex with your family members, it’s already causing mental deficiencies. You don’t know what is going on around you. Of course being from SC makes this obvious. You are the one that brings the states average IQ down to double digit figures.

          5. Freddy Neat Shee

            BTW: According to the OP, in the youtube video, this takes place in Tampa. Since you claim to live on US41 close to Tampa, you would know that there isn’t a lot of black ice in Tampa, even now.

          6. dragon5126

            Little Freddie it was the OP that pointed out speed was reduced due to the ice on the road… Are you one of those Global Warming idiots that says the freezing weather in the south is due to global warming?

    2. MattStratt

      She shows the speed they are driving at… if you are in the passing lane, and at max speed, then you are legally in the clear if someone is tailgating you. That’s why she showed the speed dial on camera.

      1. BDnSC

        Not so! Read the new law in GA!
        Same in CO!
        If you do not know what you are talking about, keep your mouth shut and at least look like you might.

      2. bil

        NOT! In Florida, left lane hogging is against the law, not matter what speed you are doing. It is speed differential that kills, not speed alone.

  58. lfhpueblo

    In Colorado there are signs posted that say must keep right except to pass. If you don’t and there are state patrol around, you’ll get ticketed. They also fly planes in Colorado to watch the highways on good weather days and so even if you don’t see a state patrol car around, there may be one in the sky that will get you license and call in a trooper.

    1. gloria

      Good – I wish they would enforce this in all states. When traveling we have been behind a string of cars for miles, all held up by one person like this woman. They take 10 minutes to pass a truck!

    2. dan prater

      Fl has the same rule. Slower keep right. The left lane is supposed to stay open in case emergency’s happen and passing. But morons feel they own the left lane.

  59. Ann Wilson

    Wow, these comments are cracking me up. It’s on line road rage in case there isn’t enough when you drive. Mellow out people.

  60. BDnSC

    Why was the biotch driving slow in the left (fast) lane to begin with?
    Do it in GA and reap a $200 ticket!
    Granted he looks like the fool, but how safe was she being? Left hand slow driving while filming behind her….Yeah boy that’s safe huh?
    Intentionally holding up other people to get her jollies….
    What if he was on his way to the hospital or another emergency?
    Intentionally provoking anger for pleasure…speaks more of her lack of character than the other guy’s.
    Not only enjoys other people’s misfortune, but instigates it and finds pleasure in it.
    She is one more pathetic person that thinks it is her prerogative to force everyone to live by the standards she sees fit. Never mind that she doesn’t live up to her own standards.
    I will wager that she is a miserable liberal!

  61. DrBobNM

    the one filming the video boxed him in and maintained right lane speed in the left lane, In short, she drew the road rage. The guy has a temper, but if she kept right, this would not have happened.

      1. DrBobNM

        wouldn’t want to be stuck behind you, p4l. I wouldn’t have reacted like this guy did, but it would have been a pain in the kiester.

        1. patriot4life

          I always drive the Speed Limit , and it makes people MAD !! , and I DON’T CARE , I DRIVE FOR A LIVING 300 MILES A DAY AND I THINK IT WAS GREAT THAT A$4HOLE WRECKED HIS TRUCK !!

          1. DrBobNM

            do you block traffic in the left lane? That’s what that woman was doing. If you block traffic in the left lane, perhaps you should lose your professional license. Its a violation of traffic law.

          2. DrBobNM

            with that level of anger and you want me believe that you don’t have road rage every day? You just have a passive form that endangers other motorists just as much as the active form. I wish I could report you to the appropriate licensing agency.

          3. dan prater

            The left lane isn’t fr cruising.its supposed to be left open for emergency use if needed. Ambulances and such.
            They may be trying to get to your kid or somebody else’s.

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        You’d have to see the semi truck to her right (also to the truck’s right). Seriously, you didn’t see that? did you watch any of the video that you pontificated on? Or were you too busy boning your niece?

          1. DrBobNM

            the guy in the rh lane was minding his own business going the speed limit, but she used him as a block to the right. You really can’t be THAT stupid, can you?

          2. dragon5126

            YOU are THAT stupid if you think that the vehicle she was PASSING was being used to box in the moron in the truck

          3. DrBobNM

            no point in reasoning with you, you are brain dead. I feel sorry for anybody who depends on you for support/advice. You just don’t get it.

          4. dragon5126

            keep commenting lil’ Bobby… What you don’t get, along with the rest of the Snark patrol here is I have control of you. You have nothing of value to say so you keep whining and crying about how bad I am and how worthless I am… and YET you don’t see that it is YOU that is of no value. All you have in your life is an internet argument with ne. And I am Laughing all along. You are so pathetic that you have even missed the side conversations I’ve had with others, about how the woman with the cell phone should have been cited for inattentive driving for using the phone while driving and other provable and valid arguments that are part of the video and would stand up in court. Others who have tried to argue have realized they were being had and were being slowly moved into the limelight to show everyone how incredibly invalid their lives are. You, Little Freddie and a couple others have been made total fools of right in front of your own eyes, and STILL you miss the point, which is you are just abject fools who argue with the floor for being in the way of your feet when you stomp them during your tantrums… Your little sisters must have beat the crap out of all of you constantly, because if you had any PRIDE left at all you wouldn’t have allowed yourselves to be pulled into such a nonsensical and long argument, as you can see (if you have any wits about you) that other than the idiot patrol that I have baited all along, and you are a charter member of, everyone else stepped away from it. You really should seek to improve your self esteem through positive activities in the REAL world, not by being internet bullies in cyberville, because, quite honestly, you suck at it.

          5. DrBobNM

            “.. I have control of you..” you do?? That’s news to me, drag. You sound like a delusional lunatic with a desperate need for validation. “…nonsensical and long argument…” I would categorize this latest rant of yours as exactly that, LOL. Give it a rest.

          6. dragon5126

            Face it Little Bobby every time you respond with one of your ignorant comments, like this last one, you prove my point. It’s your ignorance and arrogant stupidity that keeps your eyes closed… Just ask any one, including your Psychaitrist

      2. DrBobNM

        didn’t you watch the video? She matched speed of the car in the right lane so that effectively gave him no way to get around. It was two cars; hers (active) and the guy in the RH lane (unwittingly).

  62. gloria

    I do not agree with the guy who flipped her off or tried to cut her off – But I have to say it is soooo maddening when so many people use the passing lane to drive in. It is for passing. Thank means you have to speed up past the speed limit until you overtake the vehicle in the right lane. Then move right so others can pass. This woman should have gotten a big ticket.

  63. grannylake

    Both were stupid drivers irritating each other on purpose.
    They both are lucky their poor driving didn’t kill an innocent.

  64. DrBobNM

    you would think Doug won’t condone someone purposely boxing in another driver, and then rejoicing when he makes a bad choice. I’m not condoning the guys actions, but the woman was purposely making a hazardous situation on the road. What if the guy didn’t ultimately end up in a ditch, but swerved back into traffic and clobbered another car, perhaps even her’s?

  65. Paladin

    The person filming should also be cited for reckless driving as they were obviously alone using a cell phone to video the entire event instead of paying attention to the road.

        1. metro143

          The reason for the passing lane is to allow traffic to flow freely. People who drive in the passing lane do a great disservice and cause traffic jambs. It is just as easy to go slow in the other lane as it is to tie up the traffic lane. I don’t condone the man giving her the finger, However, If she really knew the how to drive. She would have moved over to the right and allowed the traffic to pass. In my perspective she is just as rude as the guy behind her.

  66. Bos95

    In most states it is illegal to drive in the passing lane. It is for passing, not driving slow and pissing off the driver behind you. She should have gotten a ticket. I don’t think God had anything to do with the guy’s accident. He just wasn’t paying attention. Too busy flipping the bird to the idiot who was in the wrong lane.

  67. dragon5126

    The bimbo definitely needed a kick in the butt, for allowing the games to be played, she should have dropped speed and fell behind the car in the right lane (road conditions made speeding up unsafe) AND LET THE FOOL IN THE TRUCK KILL HIMSELF. There are an excessive number of drivers in larger trucks and SUVs that use the size of the vehicle to intimidate other drivers. More than once Ive driven sting vehicles to deal with these morons

    1. Freddy Neat Shee

      The Ford F550 Pit Bull VX has the same issue as the 2013 Ford Police Interceptor — it’s possible to remotely lock up the right front tire’s brakes at speed. The difference is that with the Pit Bull, you can also lock the throttle to 100% too. Timed right, this can “sting” your sting vehicle very effectively.

      We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

      Expect us.

      1. dragon5126

        Freddie your schitzoprenia is kicking in
        look closely at the trucks frontend poor sad little man you don’t even know what you are arguing about now…

        1. Freddy Neat Shee

          They’re all Fords — I’ve posted a pic of an F550 Pit Bull in this very thread — definitely a “sting vehicle”. You know what’s common about all the trucks? They all have the TPMS remote exploit problem. And they’re all by Ford (so they all use the same coding method to access the brake system). Go government control!

          Here’s a hint: If your throttle is maxed to 100% and your front left brake is programmed to stay at 0% regardless of driver input (but your right front brake still responds to the brake pedal), every truck you’ve pictured above will look like this:

          And the best thing? The inputs are logged (logs you hit your brake), but the results aren’t (doesn’t log the fact that only your right front brake was responding). After your airbag deploys, the program wipes itself out, so an analysis of the truck after the accident shows that it is 100% driver error. It doesn’t matter if you have a Push bumper or a PIT bumper, or no special bumper.

          And that’s when they check to see what drugs you were on.

          I’m still trying to figure out what your point is, though? Maybe you should lay off the drugs.

          1. dragon5126

            SchitzophreniaFreddie, You are using circular logic to introduce arguments that have Nothing to do with any points of the discussion, If you cant see that, it is because your delusions are in full control of your mind

  68. dr

    Clobbered by God? Who wrote that? BS. In the name of Jesus. She was more anti God than he was. This website has shown this tendency more than once.

  69. TIM

    He didn’t seem to be following all that close but you can hear her hitting her brakes rapidly. She should have just gotten out of the passing lane and let him go by. Sometimes drivers cause the rage by being such jerks to the people behind them.

    1. dragon5126

      super hearing there tim,,, if someone else can control you, you need to be n meds or locked up and away from the general population, you know, like ALL Liberals

      1. Freddy Neat Shee

        It’s called a “volume control”. But for you, you may need to see if there’s a “hearing aid compatible” mode.

        1. dragon5126

          no Freddie its called auditory hallucinations. You know the things the doctors tell you that you are suffering from…

  70. Busdriver Bill

    Tim is right on! The passing lane is for passing. Too many folks seem to think that it’s OK to drive “In formation” with the lane to the right. Wrong! If one finds himself going the same speed as the folks to the right, move over and join them, FCS! I, too, pass these “speed-limiters” on the right, but withhold the fickle finger of fate. Life is too short to lose one’s composure over the foolishness of lesser qualified drivers. (Yes, I meant that, as I am a professional, and was an airline pilot before)!

  71. tom cook

    My observation is that pickup drivers in general are very juvenile types of males with self-image problems and the more juvenile and arrested in development the bigger truck these losers need. They drive way too fast to show how special they are; they tailgate other drivers who aren’t going fast enough in front of them; and they line the highways and ditches in the rain and snow. They are to a great extent jerks.

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