WHO DOES THAT: Man Bites Off Baby’s Nose, Fractures Skull

The mother of the one-year-old baby who nose was bitten of by his father, according to police, to stop him from crying has finally broken her silence.

Angelika Riggins, 16, of Fairfield, California, says she is heartbroken after father Joshua Cooper, 18, also of Fairfield, was charged with biting his own baby’s nose off out of frustration at the infant’s crying.

‘I didn’t see no anger that morning,’ Riggins told KGO. ‘I didn’t see no stress that morning. He was up playing with [Ta'jon].’

‘Waking up and seeing that my baby’s right next to me in the hospital, it hurts,’ she continued. ‘[It] hurts my feelings a lot… my heart is broken.’

The heartbroken mother is at a loss trying to come to grips with what has happened to her son.

The toddler was also discovered to have sustained a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage, doctors told the station.

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  • William Ziegler

    And yet they walk among humans…..

    • Dave G

      William, you are right. These people are less than animals. And what kind of person could do this to their own baby? This is more than being sick in the head and this person should never be able to walk on the streets with humans ever again. No punishment would be too great for this piece of excrement.

    • Marlin208

      And they wonder why these kids grow up hating everyone and everything. Making more animals to roam the streets.

  • falling321

    This article makes it sound as if the girl is more upset at the loss of her boyfriend than the damage done to her baby! And was the skull fracture done at the same time as nose was bitten off, or had this poor baby been suffering from long term abuse? This guy is far below an animal, not even an animal would do this to their baby!

  • Grizzly907

    Typical ghetto savage who’s the product of a welfare stealing bastard maker.

  • wanda faye rigdon

    ghetto trash

  • bob machaffy

    But but she didn’t see any anger towards her infant son, wonder how many times did he shack the baby, she will stay with him & produce more noses, age 16 not enough brains to fill a thimble

  • wanda faye rigdon

    oh the weeds that grow amounst us ! Sickening

  • Guest


  • Wes

    Uhh…. Yay black families?

  • dontdoitagain

    “Angelika”? A 16 year old (welfare) mother? Teenage “dad” bites the nose off his baby? Gee I hope the UK news doesn’t think that this represents America. Really, how much stress do you have to be under to do this? I can’t think of any reason in the world to bite of a babies nose. This story could be real because it comes out of California. Otherwise I would think that somebody made this up.

  • DOOM161

    An 18 year old whose father wasn’t around to teach him to keep it in his pants does that.

  • Marlin208

    She never once saw him be violent, hmmm,. Couldn’t take the baby to the neighbor and say I can’t stand the crying?
    And what mental midget thinks that biting his nose off will make the crying stop.
    Where do they dig these people up from?

  • my.hairy.mole@gmail.com

    Let the spaying and neutering of the welfare crowd begin!!! Then they can *uck themselves silly, forever and ever. You can take ‘em out of the jungle, but ya can’t take the jungle out of them…old proverb.

    • RockyMtn1776

      They still vote and they still have kids. Those who are wards of the state deserve no voice in affairs of the state !
      You idea might work if they were paid to have the procedure done, say $500.oo, it would have to be voluntary.

      • militarydad

        Most of them could be bought off to be neutered for $50. if you catch them just right. They’re not bright and wouldn’t think about the fact that if they stay intact they can make much, much more off the gov if they keep popping the babies out.

  • ProudGGDOfAConfederateSoldier

    Take a look at the baby’s eyes. He is in pain. I’d like to smack around that savage who hurt him! I hope and pray his mother doesn’t regain custody. She should forcibly have her tubes cut and tied.

  • mb

    I wondered how long it would take to media to show us all what we had suspected…of course it wasn’t the MSM that finally showed us a picture of the animal involved…and the mother isn’t 17 as they first reported…if barry had a son…

  • mb

    why do I get the feeling that he didn’t graduate from HS and wasn’t planning on going to college…michelle’s gonna be pissed he left the $$$ on the table…

  • http://www.il-ccw.com/ Paladin

    a 16 year old mom and an 18 year old dad. Fractured skull…

    Well at least the ‘dad’ was involve in his son’s life. That’s a lot more than can be said for other single moms of color.

    Now if Barack had a son… he’d have put some barbecue sauce on that thing before biting it off.

  • Merlinever

    “Who does that?’
    I’ll tell you who does that.

    • Timmogul7

      Another God damned primate.

      • Merlinever

        The truth hurts, doesn’t it.

  • CJS3

    Doan yo worry bout her. Her next baby daddy be bettah.

  • duz 2600

    Don’t worry abuot the daddy, he’ll learn the meaning of KARMA in prison!

    Hardened murderers love to hit cowards, bullies, who take advantage of the weak
    & helpless!

  • Ridley

    Another reason Children should be allowed to have infants. Not old enough to understand what a difficult job it is to raise children. They should be sterilized.

  • knight2

    One of O’s sons I guess.

  • bushwacko

    Likely 15 yrs. old when she got knocked up. Anyone thinks this baboon looking thug could have gotten charged for statutory rape? Oh no one in the village thought it strange? Dat jus be da way it be in da hood. Evolution stopped just a wee bit short with this guy.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      This is more proof of the damage leftism has done to the black community.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    This baby should be taken away from these teenage reprobates and placed with responsible adults, preferably a married heterosexual couple.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    I think I know who the “missing link” are that researchers have been looking for.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Each of us should recognize that, in the fight for liberty, knowledge is our most potent weapon. Arm yourself: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Matthew

    Solve a problem by putting the paternal gene provider to death, NOW.

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