Why A Missing Planeload Of People Dominates Coverage & Consciousness 24/7

People have started to complain about the overwhelming amount of news discussion devoted to the disappearance of flight MH370.  The cable news networks and other forums are on it, seemingly non-stop.

This aviation mystery–which may or may not wind up having to do with international terrorism–pushes everything else to the margins largely in part because of the understandably acute residual vigilance and collective mortal consciousness related to the attacks of 9/11/01, and to the other foiled murderous acts involving large passenger aircraft since 9/11.

Besides, it’s just an extremely compelling and stupefying international mystery, which, for better or worse, can take our minds off other grave and vexing matters over which we have perhaps less prospects of ever seeing at least a clear conclusion.

A story about a toddler trapped in a well somewhere could dominate in somewhat the same way, and have people around the world on the edge of their seats, day in and day out around the clock, until the situation was resolved.

Isolated stories of a certain intrigue and profound human interest rivet people’s attention and create a sense of community across the continents, actually.  We become massively united; bound together in an almost religious sense of awe and anticipation, our minds and mouths engaged in a frenzied search for a solution.  Our appeals even turn to the supernatural, of course, perhaps even more so than regarding our usual, mundane everyday matters.

We hope and pray for a happy ending, for the innocent passengers and their loved ones, as unlikely as it might be.  There’s that chance, however remote…there’s also the more likely scenario of a horrible outcome.  But either way, there’s something about looking for, looking forward, and tuning in expecting clarity at some point–solving the murky miasma of maddening confusion, for once and for all, after such prolonged suspense.

A clear conclusion does probably avail itself here, eventually, unlike in the case of the crisis over Crimea and Ukraine, the ungodly bureaucratic socialist nightmare of Obamacare, and countless other egregious Obama administration scandals.  We’ll not see anything resembling a final answer to the general, stubborn, looming problem of the Middle East conflict, nor of the grand scam of the vast “climate change” hoax.  The intricacies, entanglements, and controversies around the gun debate, abortion, schools, or the global financial landscape and domestic economic problems defy any kind of reasonable rectification in the immediate future.  But I believe we will find out what happened to flight MH370.  And we will stay on the case until we do.

Much like a sensational criminal trial in which we expect a definite verdict, we hang onto every development concerning flight MH370–only that much more because of various added factors; multiplied life and death hanging in the balance, the scope of international intrigue, and the possibility of even more danger in the offing such as the imagined scenario of even thousands more innocents being threatened if the plane is somehow used for a coming terrorist attack.

There is at least one slightly similar missing plane mystery from this young millenium, for which we have not received a clear conclusion–probably because it generated nowhere remotely near the level of attention and concern this one does, nothing like the amount of searching and media coverage.  There were no passengers involved, for one thing.

That unsolved mystery originated in the African country of Angola, in May of 2003.  A Boeing 727, which had been undergoing work to restore it to passenger-ready status after having been converted and used as a fuel transporter, suddenly and unexpected had its engines started, apparently by two men who had been working on it.  Neither of the men were actually qualified to fly the plane.  The aircraft was taxiied erratically onto the runway, then flown off, up, and out over the Atlantic ocean.  The plane and the men have never been found by authorities, despite a massive investigation and search involving American resources of the FBI, CIA, DHS, State Department, and Pentagon.

I believe we will find out what happened to flight MH370, and to the people who climbed aboard it a dozen days ago.  We will stay on the story until we do.  We are bound in our search for resolution, for better or worse.

About the author: Donald Joy

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.

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  • Fish Killer

    Whays funny is that this article is complaining about all of the coverage in the media about the missing plane…..and is itself another article about this same coverage! Really?!?!

    • Goober

      Really?? You REALLY didn’t read the article. Next time, I suggest that you comprehend what the author actually says before you comment. In not one single line does he complain about the coverage. He explains the coverage, and leads off by pointing out that people have started to complain about it.

  • ShotGlass

    What is funny, is someone would expect an article that complains about a particular issue or topic without mentioning or identifying what the issue or topic consists of…

    • Goober

      What did you try to say there..?

      • ShotGlass

        haha! I was responding to Fish Killer, just as you did, but a little more twisted, I guess….and should have hit the reply button…haha

        • Goober

          Right, but I still can’t make sense of your comment.

          • ShotGlass

            OK Goober (nice name) Fish Killer says he/she thinks the above article is funny because it contributes to the very complaint it is pursuing; I say I think it would be funny if the article did the complaining and didn’t mention the complaint. Otherwise get a Rubik’s cube and spend some time working it to a conclusion…..be my suggestion…

  • foxxybey

    Makes one wonder what the illegal Kenyan in the White House is up to, a smoke screen for his daddy Satan and needs to join his daddy in the Lake of Fire.

  • usmadgirl

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that EVERY time our Dictator-In-Chief has his butt in a crack over his unconstitutional actions (which is 99.9 % of the time), there is ALWAYS some issue, either man made or even natural disaster, to take the medias’ & the peoples’ eyes off the issues, giving this criminal & his evil minions a pass from the real problems?

    • ShotGlass

      Quite right, you can never let a good crises to go to waste….they say…

  • Conspiracy Theory


    I have a hypothetical solution to the disappearance of the 777. Suppose someone obtained an Emergency Locator Transmitter or a Transponder (ELT) identical to the one in the 777 and obtained a plane, Lets call it 666 at the same airport as the 777. The 777 received the coding from ground control to put into it’s ELT but never put it in. The pilot of the 666 plane programmed its identical ELT with this code but did not turn it on YET. Both planes take off and when they are out of sight the 666 pilot turns on his transponder transmitting the code immitating the code for the 777. The tower Not being able to tell the difference between a transmission from either plane the tower would track plane 666. Plane 777 just disappeared to fly to a clandestine destination but the tower will not know this until over two hours into the flight when 666 switches off his transponder, then the tower is aware that 777 is missing. Unknown to the tower 777 has already reached its destination and instead of searching for 666 of unknown configuration the alarm is out for 777 which is safely on the ground somewhere. In the confusion of searching for 777, plane 666 can join the search and land at any available destination without question.

  • RockyMtn1776

    ENOUGH of this 24 hour media coverage of the missing plane. It is tragic but life goes on. Let’s get back to other major problems, the Benghazi cover up, the NSA spying on everyone, the Russian problem. The list is endless.

  • Rham

    Everyone has their opinion as to what happened, some are truly masterpieces and because we are all free to speculate, how about this one:

    Obama asked the IRS to have the plane confiscated to create all these news and deviate attention from Putin and Obamacare.

  • mudguy1

    This has been over kill. The diversion that King Obama likes and he has had nothing to do with it. Dose anybody know what his pen and phone has been doing for the last 12 days? If the lame stream media had had non stop coverage of Benghazi for 12 days I doubt we would have to worry about the Kings pen and phone.

  • Researcher

    The picture of Captain Shah sitting in front of his flight simulator shows what happened if you have a single piece of bizarre specialized information. He made a design mistake because he didn’t know a problem exists.

    As he spend long hours using the simulator in his home his family moved in his peripheral vision. Because he failed to provide peripheral vision blocking protection, Cubicle Level Protection, he had the same mental break this phenomenon,Subliminal Distraction exposure, causes and had caused for fifty years since the problem was discovered in 1964. VisionAndPsychosis_Net

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