BOOM: Mom Shoots & Kills Thief Who ‘Forced Himself into Home with Knife’

An Alabama woman shot and killed a young man when he tried to break into her home, saying his car had broke down.

Mikel Steven Smith, 18, was reportedly armed with a knife when he tried to break into a home located in the Booth community, close to Prattville, WSFA reports.

‘He knocked on the door and tried to gain entrance by saying he needed help that he was broke down,’ Autauga County Chief Deputy Joe Sedinger told the station.

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  • Steven V


  • antiliberalcryptonite

    She read him his rights. “You break into my home, you have the right to die.”

  • Mary

    My husband was away once and we were young and living in the city. I had a guy knock at my door with blood all over him and he told me he’d been stabbed. I talked to him through the door as I was alone in the house with 2 young babies. He was an older man. I told him I’d call the police for him and tell them to come right away but I was afraid to open my door as I didn’t know if he was a rapist or robber trying to gain entrance. I did call the cops though for him. I can’t remember if he disappeared or left with them. It was very late in the evening and I went back to bed after I placed the call.
    But I put the chain lock on my door in case it was a ruse. I told him he could wait for the cops on the porch. If more people would have come out to help I would have done more but a young female by yourself you’re scared to trust people.

    • Paladin67

      You did the right thing.

  • charlie


    • Shorty Stuff

      We can’t have that. The Democrats would start losing their voting base.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        This would be a bad thing?

  • Daniel F. Melton

    A promising young criminal cut down at the start of his adult career. I wonder how many violent criminal acts he perpetrated as a juvenile?

    • Jerry Llewellyn

      I wonder how many potential victims she saved from harm by killing this puke.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        At least one. Herself.

  • D S

    If you do not live at that house, you do not belong there. Good for this lady. More thugs should get this end. It would eliminate the need for more jails and tax payer funding.

  • Paladin

    I get such a warm and fuzzy feeling with a happy ending like this… One down millions to go….

  • Jockey

    Alex the Droogie tried that in A Clockwork Orange. It didn’t turn out well either.

  • J Hunt Morgan

    Why waste taxpayer money and making the homeowner go through the long drawn out process of taking it before the Grand Jury. I’m sure they have more important cases to hear. Apparently the Sheriff’s office lacks the proper training to close these types of cases

  • Guest

    Whew! That was close. It was a “young man”. I thought it was going to be another negro …

  • Mike Wyatt

    Good for her. Finally someone with guts. Hay babe, you need ammo?

  • Wes

    Lady, thank you for doing the world a favor. If only all other burglaries ended similarly!

  • Jerry Llewellyn

    Damn good shot. No drawn out court case or tax money spent on keeping this thug in jail. She took the absolutely correct action……

  • Alleged Comment

    It’s kind of sad the evil guy didn’t learn a thing because he died. Oh well…..

  • KDS

    Look at these people they all get it, no matter what color you are.

    • Alleged Comment

      You can have any color you want so long as it’s black.

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        ROFLMAO!!! (“Henry A. Ford”?)

  • Fred

    Did you get that last little addendum? Some weasels are going to decide whether she’ll be charged. If they’re chit ball lawyers, guess what their decision will be.

    • JoeThePimpernel

      It’s standard procedure to run all homicides (this was a justifiable homicide, but a homicide nonetheless) past the prosecutor/grand jury.

      Nothing sinister about it.

  • Spencer Patton

    If the other individual was involved in the break in then he will be charged with murder of his cohort who was shot. Nothing like throwing your life away so young.

  • Jeffrey Dorfman

    He was breaking in with a knife, which is a deadly weapon. She was in her home. She shot and killed some one who she believed would try to rape or kill her. END OF STORY

  • John Prospero

    Society Thanks you ma’am

  • CensoredSpeech

    Another one bites the dust!!

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