• Carrie

    Frankly I am sick and tired of “thanking Obama” for all he’s done.

    • Ben Name

      You’re voice must be horse. Go see a Dr for that! LOL!

  • grumpy1938

    Most doctors are woefully inept anyway, not that it is their fault, they are taught that the proper way to administer aid is to follow the pharmaceutical and cut and burn method of (curing?). The NIH, FDA, AND , diabetes assoc. etc do not want to cure anything and will attack anyone that suggest that they have a cure. it is all about the money, cancer is big business, heart disease is big business, diabetes is bigger business and 98% curable. We are pauns of the food and druge industries who’s only interest is the bottom line and be damned about your health. Many physicians are routinely curing all of the big three; cancer, heart disiese and diebeties with nothing other than whole food and a plant based diet.

    • antiliberalcryptonite
      • grumpy1938

        This is one study as opposed to hundreds I can supply you with that will support the fact that whole food plant based diet is the most healthy diet on the planet. The meat and dairy industry would have you believe that you need the protein and calcium provided by their protects.If that were so then why is the largest land animal, elephant and the strongest land animal, great Ape vegan. Cows are also vegan in there natural surroundings but are fed parts of their own kind in the feed made for them and they are also naturally nourished by only grass to produce the massive amount of protein that the meat industry would have you believe you need. They are also fed mostly corn which they do not digest well so need massive amounts of antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to slaughter. 85% of all antibiotics are feed to the CAFO’s (concentrated animal feeding operations). now if you are a climate change idiot you must by default become a vegan because 51 percent of green house gasses are produced by cattle. more than all the trucks buses, cars and airplanes. Geez’s don’t get me going

      • Ben Name

        I agree only with every forth word.

    • Gracye

      I believe every word!! It’s true!

  • jong

    All we have to do is go back to when they did not have such problems. It was that they were honored for their work and for all they did. That as gone as has much of civil thought during the “bath house” years. No one is respected except those who would tear us down like muslims, gays, illegals. Once we get back on the correct track with each other and GOD we will see the “old” days back once more for doctors and all other honored professions. Including ministers of the true word of GOD.

  • Victor

    “WE THE PEOPLE” DESERVE IT! And, it’s all about the final completion of Hawah’s(Eve’s) 6,000 year old 1st born blood-covenant of DEATH made 6,000 years ago and her husband Adam received equal blame because he “willingly” walked out of Eden to share her DEATH SENTENCE for her conspiring with “Cain” to murder “Able,” who wasn’t “Able” to stop it! You figure…p.s. Wednesday, September 24, 2014 is the next correct date for the Annual Feast of Trumpets(War)! AGAIN: COME OUT OF HER(BABYLON) MY PEOPLE! WATCH…

    • huntermoonsong

      Duh, what the heck is that about – not the article.

      • Ben Name

        sure it is. It’s about crazy and the article is about crazy.

  • lokiswife

    Obamacare has turned the doctor-patient relationship into a processing line in a chicken factory. “What’s the problem? Why are you here? Okay, here’s your prescription, see you next year”. The doctor I had for twenty-five years, who got me through a bout with cancer twenty years ago, saw the writing on the wall and retired early. Ironically after some vacation time, he will be a volunteer at a clinic in a very low income area where patients are not just a number and an allotted time for him. &^%$# Obamacare, %$#*& Obama and his radical ideas….

    • Ben Name

      and you know what happens to chickens in those lines…..heh heh heh.

  • Ben Name

    I hate being a Doctor. Not because of Obama Care but because of all the people I now have to see because of Obama Care. Doesn’t he care about my private life?

  • Derrick Rows

    Folks, it’s up to each of us to build the shining city: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

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