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    When Chain of Command forces you to partner up w/woman alone tell them that everyone under the Sun is being alerted including your lawyers!


    Tell Chain of Command when they force you to partner up w/woman alone that your wife is calling their wife! Fight Fire with Fire!

  • RhondaOR

    Christians are weird. Repressed puritanism on display. This agravates sexual desires not keeps one from them. Good luck pilgrims.

    • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

      These are false Christians, hypocrites! The modern church is full of them, but Christ is holy and so are his true people that follow him. You won’t find them in your local church. They’ve been cast out of these houses of evil.

      • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

        So, what you’re saying is that you – and other people you know of – are without sin? Gee, and here I was going around thinking we all sin and fall short of the glory of God…

        • Angelfire4280

          Doug wants to lessen the impact of the gift of righteousness Jesus provided us with His finished work on the cross. His pride tells him he (Doug) must do something in order to remain righteous. He seems to know very little about grace.

          • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

            I suppose that would explain his “I’m as holy as Jesus” attitude.

    • Ole Aggie

      It is not our puritanism that should be repressed, Rhonda. The whole point is to have only one sexual outlet: our spouse. No spouse, no sex. One outlet, high pressure! It’s not easy, but when followed, it’s great.

    • Phil

      Repressed puritanism? Really? The highest quality, most caring people I’ve met are honest Christians with relaxed, mature self control. The most unreliable, untrustworthy, uncaring, cruel people I’ve found all despise Christianity and sexual self control. Have you forgotten about the Atheist Conference were women had to complain publicly that the men there were being very sexually aggressive with them and they felt unsafe? What aggravates sexual desires is not self control but self indulgence. Try putting out a fire with a bucket of gasoline. Good Luck!

      • jubilee

        Dont forget, its WOMEN who get hurt with this stuff more than men in the long run, thanks to the hormone OXYTOCIN. In life, women used to be the ‘buyers’ for the guy to ‘sell’ his life to her in marriage. Today, even VIRGINS are forced into the position of ‘seller’ because of all the women who would ‘give it away for free’…(this is not necessarily a Christian thing, but how men and women are as a rule)

    • Memphis Viking

      So avoiding adultery is “repressed puritanism”? Man, liberals are obsessed with sex.

    • CherryAnn1000

      So how many men have you slept around with and how many STDs do you now have? Still think sexual purity is old fashioned? I’d rather embrace it any day than your laissez faire attitude.

    • Winston

      You prove yourself to be ignorant of Christian practices and a fool for commenting out of that ignorance.

  • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

    No man of God falls into this kind of sin. These are false preachers, false prophets who profess to know God, but deny him, “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. From such turn away.”
    The great confusion is that the vast majority of churches have such men leading them; hypocrites, speaking lies in hypocrisy, pretending to know the Lord Jesus, but having never repented of their own sins or turned to the Savior in truth. They worship God with their lips, but their hearts are full of covetousness, lust, pride, and idolatry. Such is the modern apostate church in America…whose damnation is coming.
    Only those who flee from these wicked, hypocritical preachers and their apostate denominations (that preach a false way of salvation), and seek the Lord and the true gospel and born again experience and the real Holy Spirit, will find mercy.

    • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

      You might not be aware of it, but in God’s eyes, all sin is equal. Sin is sin. And we all do it. Only Christ Himself is without sin.

      But I’m guessing by the number of comments on this post alone – and the holier than thou attitude of them – that you might not actually be a Christian at all. Maybe just a Liberal plant trying to make the other Christians look bad by being intolerant and ranting like some lily white nut case.

      • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

        You would condemn Christ, too, as he preached against sin and hated all manner of sin. I am against sin and hate the hypocrisy these men teach to others.

        • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

          Yeah… you’re a white washed sepulcher if there ever has been one. You prance around showing off your self-declare piety, imposing your “law” on the rest of us while completely missing the point of mercy, grace, confession of sin, repentance, forgiveness, and actual salvation through Christ.

          Good luck avoiding hearing this upon your death:

          “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’ – Matthew 7:21-23

          • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

            Here is a case where the teachings of Jesus about wrongly criticizing someone come into play. “Judge not, that you be not judged…” In rejecting what I have written and pronouncing a false gospel as you have, you stand in defense of the modern churches and these false preachers who profane the Lord’s name. You say all sin is sin, but that is not what the Lord Jesus taught. He pronounced a great woe upon several cities that had heard his preaching and seen his signs and wonders, yet refused to repent. He noted that Sodom and Gomorrah would have repented and remained to his day if he had preached and done miracle in the same manner in those towns. What was he saying? Rejection of the true gospel is a grave sin before God, worse than the sexual depravity and violence evil in Sodom.
            Christ also noted how one certain sin brought the judgment of God upon a man in this life: blaspheming the Holy Ghost. We have examples of this in both old and new testaments, so clearly you are wrong and the sin you now commit in trying to sway people against the warning I have given is greater that the sin of sexual immorality these false preachers have committed.

          • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

            Please, just please – stop hurting the cause of Christ and the image of real Christians with your holier-than-all/I am sinless delusions.

            All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. You are doing it right now by claiming a superiority to other Christian believers.

            Please, stop. We all know you’re an jerk. Probably a troll. But in any case, it’s just really sad.

          • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

            You have no part in the matter of the cause of Christ, as you don’t know him or represent him in any way or fashion. Don’t pretend to speak for him. You are a spokesman for the corrupt church, but not for true Christian by any means. I never claimed to be sinless, nor is any man sinless. That is simply a ploy to trash me so you can trash my words. Peter has denied even knowing the Lord before his crucifixion, but went on, finding mercy, being filled with the Holy Spirit and preaching repentance to all of Israel. How foolish your words sound to anyone who knows the Lord.

          • http://thewriteamerica.com/ thewriteamerica

            Yeah – I get your point. You speak for Christ, nobody else does. Now, you can reply with all of your venom and misrepresentation of the Gospel, but for me, I’ve reached my “Get thee behind me, Satan” point with you and will be ignoring your venom and heresy from now on.

    • herdzcatz

      Not necessarily so, Doug. Look at King David, a man after God’s own heart. A wrong choice, an errant look out the window, and he took another man’s wife. He was busted when the prophet Nathan called him out; he repented.
      It is because men of God can fall into this kind of sin that Paul writes to Timothy “Flee youthful lusts.” In fact, the thing that makes men (and women) far more vulnerable is to think they will never stumble. We are admonished to “look to yourself, lest you, too, stumble.”

      • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

        Let me rephrase, “Very few men of God fall into this kind of sin, very few.” But these men are false prophets because they preach another gospel and falling into sexual sin corresponds to the true desires of their heart. And let’s note the difference between a young Christian and a man who truly walks with God and preaches the gospel like those men we read about in the book of Acts. These men have lifted themselves up among others and claim to be holy men of God. They are not, not because they’ve committed sexual sin, but they commit much greater abomination and are cursed of God because they preach a false, perverted gospel. They are leading thousands to hell while promising them heaven.

      • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

        I spoke with my own pastor tonight about what you said (he is a man of God who has been thrown out of churches for preaching and obeying the gospel commands). He noted that King David was NOT a prophet, but a King. If you look throughout the Old and New Testament and read the stories of the prophets/preachers/apostles, called by God to preach his Word, there is not one example of sexual sin among them. God’s true preachers are faithful and true to Christ and there are very, very few left in America today. Any preacher submitting to the doctrines and commands of any denomination today must sell out Christ to do so. All teach a false gospel of one sort or another. There is not one denomination that has not disobeyed Christ call to unity among believers, not one. Paul condemns them all in I Corinthians and lifts up Christ and him alone as the Savior. He is master and Lord and all true believers bow before and answer to him. But if you submit to a denomination today, you’ve denied Christ, and must repent.

    • CherryAnn1000

      I wish I could say you’re wrong, but you’re not. And we all know who they are.

  • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

    Judgment is coming on America, the govt and the churches in particular, but millions will die. God is not blessing this nation because of all the wickedness it does, slaughtering millions of God’s little babies and preventing school children from learning about the Bible or Christ or even praying a simple prayer to him. America and its churches have become antichrist, competing with Jesus like idol temples competed for the worshipers of Jehovah. Their denominations are full of hypocrisy, a false gospel, false prophets, proclaiming “another Jesus, another gospel, with another spirit.”
    God anger will not be held back much longer. The upheavals in nature, the terrorists attacks, the losses in wars and battles, the downhill turn of our economy and money, the wicked leadership, the increase of corruption, tyranny, oppression are just a foreshadow of the coming destruction which will hit this nation like no other judgment ever hit this country, including the civil war.
    Turn to God and his Son while you can, but don’t think the Billy Graham false gospel will help you. All people who put their trust in him and his false method of salvation will find themselves facing the wrath of God. Read your own Bible; seek God and his mercy. Turn from your sins. Recognize you cannot save yourself…only the Son of God can save you and if you don’t meet him, your doom is certain.

    • jubilee

      Dont forget, as soon as the bible was taken out of public schools, DRUGS MAINSTREAMED, Vietnam started with drafting ( i remember how drastic styles changed with clothing and music in 1964) and even THAT could have been a judgement from GOD. For example, by 1967, cannibus mainstreamed, and the smoking of it was/is very PAGAN and in some people, led to other drugs- –even the cops gave it the code of HITLERS birthday–4/20.

      • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

        I have no doubt that many bad things occurred, judgments upon us from God. Remember how President Kennedy was assassinated just shortly after they removed prayer and Bible reading from schools. He was a more God fearing president than most we’ve had since. He supported the Bible strongly. We fell headlong into the Vietnam war, escalated by Johnson and lost over 50,000 Americans and lost the war. Surely a judgment against us. Then in ’73 another heinous sin by our country: WHOLESALE ABORTION – SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS. This has brought further judgments upon us. Innocent blood of millions is upon the hands of nearly every single American who is of age. All of us have funded abortion either knowingly or unwittingly. The day of reckoning for our nation is near…it is not related to the second coming, but the temporal judgment upon a nation once full of light, turn to darkness and evil, deceit and hypocrisy. Nazi Germany faced a day of reckoning. At that time many more God fearing nations stood up to stop Germany, Italy, and Japan at a great cost. Many nations, I believe, will rise against the U.S. in hatred to try to destroy us and God will be using them to judge us.
        Turn to the Lord while you can. Flee the modern apostate churches with their so called worship bands, false baptisms, false gospels. Know that you must obey the Lord Jesus’ command to repent and believe his words and turn to Christ for pardon and eternal salvation. The churches cannot save you! They are lost themselves, haunts of devils, nor could any church ever save a single soul. Only Jesus saves!

    • violater1

      Agreed! And not only this Nation But The Whole World!

  • 19gundog43

    Great article Steve! These hirelings should already know these rules. It is not rocket science! We are witnessing the beginning of the great falling away. God is culling the herd to separate the posers from the warriors. A monumental battle is coming and He wants true warriors who won’t turn tail and run when the crap hits the fan.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    So, the pastors confess, go on, and start another church with faithful followers? Then, their faithful ones say “oh, he made some mistakes, but saved many souls,” etc.

    • CherryAnn1000

      Yes, like Ted Haggard.

    • PatHenry

      They should never have the trust of another flock !

  • Carney Layne

    Great Video on topic.
    Don’t play with trains!

    • DetroitRock

      That is powerful Testimony! Thank you!

      • Carney Layne

        The video was made by John Voelz who is a pastor in Jackson, MI. 20 years ago he was a college student in the Pacific Northwest and was the worship leader for the church I pastored back then.

  • Wes

    It’s not that hard, pastors. It’s called “self control”. Just keep it in your pants. Don’t start whining about temptation, just freaking keep it in your pants.

    • PatHenry

      And NEVER be alone with a women unless it’s your wife !!

    • Winston

      Yes, and if pastors, bishops/elders, and deacons can’t then they should self-disqualify from ministry.

  • http://jenniferthieme.brandyourself.com/ Jennifer Thieme

    This is great, Steve. Thanks.

  • caskinner

    The same for women too. There would be no infidelity if all adhered to the rules of God.

    • violater1


  • DBinder

    Let him (or her) who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. My pastor has been doing a series on the 10 commandments, and spent two sermons on the short 7th. Sexual sin is devastating as is shown by prominent Christians leaders who’s sin drags down the testimony of the life in Christ and gives unbelievers opportunity to mock. It is a stab in the heart in the body of Christ. We must always pray for all who name Christ to live for Him and watch ourselves.

  • Angelfire4280

    AAAANNNNDDDD, more women need to be in positions of leadership in the Body of Christ. Is that too threatening for the testosterone-addled? Jesus and Paul weren’t threatened by women in leadership.

    • Tim Bushong

      Nonsense. Historically-ignorant nonsense.

      • jubilee

        Paul said that only MEN should be pastors of churches, and also the man had to be a HUSBAND OF ONE WIFE, and handled his household well.
        Jesus even called his church THE BRIDE.. so, if the bride is female, than Jesus and the pastor is an example of a MALE.

    • Memphis Viking

      As long as they aren’t violating the Bible’s commands.

    • PatHenry

      They also were not alone with a women !

    • CherryAnn1000

      What about Paul saying, through the Holy Spirit, that women were to be quiet in churches and learn from their husbands at home?

    • Angelfire4280

      So I see that there are a lot of threatened males in the testosterone-addled (Steve Paulews words, not mine) Body of Christ! Pretty funny.

      • violater1

        Now you are going off without prayerfully researching that of which you happen at this moment to be ignorant of! Dig into the word and you will find that you are being offended by your own pride rather than from anothers correct statement! I will pray for you sister for I feel that you can do much more as a teacher and helper than as a proposed christian leader of men!

        • Angelfire4280

          You and your brothers illustrate pride very well. Thank you for showing me what not to believe. I’ll stick with Jesus and Paul, not violater1 and his sad, insecure, poorly taught ilk.

          • violater1

            Well think and act as you will for with your attitude toward this conversation you too are showing that you are not even close in your walk woth Christ as your Anger and Male chauvanism is showing from your remarks of hatefulness! I will continue to pray for you and prayerfully if I have been inciteful in my writing I apologize! But I beg to differ and tell you that I am not of that which you accuse!
            In fact at your last post to me I have had a feeling coming from you that you are portraying that of the most beautiful Angel created and isn’t it interesting your handle being Angelfire depicts this as well and that Angels Name is Lucifer (Aka Satan)! So from that I can only feel that you too are, would and will Challenge Gods Sovereinty just as did your choice of a handle!

      • Panors77

        No…….just going by what the Apostle Paul wrote. It’s not that a woman can’t do things or is unable, it’s about position that God set in his word. If you have a problem with that you need to take it up with God. It’s HIS edict,etc.

        • DetroitRock

          On most counts I would agree. I’m female, BTW. However, when I worked for others (self employed for over 20 yrs now) I just hated to work for a female!

          It may sound odd, as I’m not against female leadership in some things, where it’s clear they can and will do a better job than their male counterparts. But, I think, just in general most woman are to tied up with matters of their own hearts!

          I think that God intended us to be this way because we MUST be the stronger, more independent person in most relationships and in most families. We are the one’s that pick up the pieces, resolve all sorts of emotional issues, etc.

          For instance: In the old days before antibiotics were available, Men seldom, if ever had anything to do with young children. Until they reached a “teenaged” stage. The reason is that many children did not live long enough to reach the teenage stage of life.

          My point is, Men cannot handle that, Women can! We also bounce back, when hit with terrible circumstances. Even today! Just think of all the children that must suffer through the divorce of their parents. One will almost always see the girl child can “handle it” and bounce back! The boy child, on the other hand, often “act out” blame themselves, and behave very badly or even start to live in a destructive way!

          Therefore, we as Women have a very important role to play in any family. We must do the right thing always, and also we must ENFORCE to all, including our husbands, to follow by example, not by “do as I say, not as I do”. Just mho, of course.

    • Winston

      It is unbiblical for women to be on leadership over men in a Christian church – period.

      • violater1

        Sorry Angel bit you can read it in the scriptures and he is right! And God is not being a chauvanist either! He knows his creation and its shortcomings and shortfalls per say but he created woman from man for a helpmate not for his leader in any respects of life!

        • Erik S

          What this brings to mind is the political world, where Ann Coulter (a woman of all people) holds that had women never gotten the vote, the Democrats would never win another election, public money would not be going to minorities and to deadbeats (men as well as single mothers, of whichever color, white or other), and everybody — men, women, minorities — (being of necessity more independent) would be better off…

          • violater1

            I am not being political one iota Erik S! So where are you trying to take this?!

        • Jane18

          Sorry violater, sometime that “helpmate” is the one in the home with the leadership skills. Did you forget, when the two are joined, they become one…

          • violater1

            No Jane18 I freely admit that my helpmate is just that, but it does not change the facts of Gods Word! My place as the Man is headship of the woman!
            So as to not be redundant read down at Panors77 blog insert into this conversation for another who also lifts up the Word of God according to Pauls Gospel!
            But thanks and yes I agree somewhat but I cannot dispute Gods Wisdom for whatever or for any reason for I openly accept the fact that his Wisdom is infinitely greater than mine as I am a creation not the Creator! When I meet him and it may not be long from now I hope that I can be allowed to ask him such questions as this for edification and increased wisdom!
            May God Bless you jane18 and if he Jesus answers this question before my life ends I hope I can pass this to you! Again in all Sincerity Thanks and May our Savior Jesis be with and keep you! You seem in your writing to be a very fine Lady!

          • violater1

            This tablet gets on my nerves it will not allow my correction to be made on the typo error of jesis to jesus! He means all to me from a song by Dallas holm that I love along with Rise Again! Just a little footnote added!

      • donchart

        What are you Catholic?

        • Winston

          No, not Catholic, but a Biblical Christian.

          • Jane18

            Then Winston, you need to go back and check out All the women in the Bible GOD used to help get HIS Word out and also to help the people. I am not some women’s libber, but I do know that GOD uses both, HIS “sons and daughters”. About that being ‘quiet in church’… the Greek word is babbling, chit-chatting, and no one is supposed to do that!!

      • grannylake

        Women are not bound to yield the leadership if the husband is failing to be a good leader. Wives are supporting their husbands by doing the job the men cannot do.

        • Winston

          Perhaps on the home, but never in the Church. To do so is personal rebellion against God’s Word.

  • Ron Brueske

    How about this, KEEP YOUR pants on, STAY OUT of other peoples pants, bingo, no trouble.

    • Memphis Viking

      Every piece of advice he gave in the article was aimed at eliminating opportunities for the temptation to get in someone else’s pants.

    • PatHenry

      You have to follow his advice because without a witness to say what didn’t happen many a women has lied about what happened in a private situation I:E a elevator or other private setting. Always have someone watch your back !!!!

  • Winston

    A straight up common sense written piece. It should be read aloud in every men’s ministry group. By the way the same/similar advice goes out to women too! How many female teachers are outed in the news on now a regular basis of having sex with their male students?

  • foxxybey

    Lets see I spend all day on the net, watch most of the news and haven’t seen this massive outbreak the writer is talking about, I guess he only reads the hate filled left wing lame stream media?

  • Ickym

    How does a facet priest/minister/rabbi every make peace with them selves if they break God’s laws? Back in the Old Testament, the consequences were swift and lethal. Maybe we need that kind of penalty to make these evil people learn, that breaking God’s laws has consequences.

    • DrBobNM

      you tread a thin line between upholding divine law, and sharia (or the old/new testament equivalent)

      • Winston

        IT is a foolish thing to compare Sharia Law with the Judeo-Christian Old/New Testaments.

        • DrBobNM

          I am not, it just that the OP wanted to have there be dire consequences for the sinners (I take that to mean death). Only God has the final say in judgement and to do otherwise sounds alot like sharia.

  • Clyde

    Steve, Your last admonition that the offended parties should be informed—-Yes, but NOT by anyone other than the offending spouse. Someone who merely happens to know will likely cause more damage than temporary ignorance, IMHO.

  • bobby1122

    In many cases religion is a business opportunity led by liars and con men. The Bible says a church is a group of people studying the WORD of GOD and giving praise( you can do this with believers in your own home) .- NOT fancy buildings, gold trimmed robes and chalices and slick talkers. http://www.inplainsite.org/html/tele-evangelist_lifestyles.html—- Worst scammer= Jimmy Swaggart- who wanted the hooker he was with to get her 9 year old daughter in the game. http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/none-of-your-business/

    • DrBobNM

      as I started reading your post, I thought of skumbag swaggart.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      I can agree with you to a point bobby, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it occurs in many cases. It seems that way when you hear about the big names being brought down by their unwillingness to submit fully to God. Consider though the many small churches throughout the country where this sort of thing never happens. There are also numerous well-established very large ministries that function very well.

    • Winston

      You are absolutely correct. Several years ago I sat next to a well known “Biblcal scholar” returning from a convention in Dallas, TX. I asked him what percentage of “professed” Christians were actually saved… I suggested perhaps only about 20% were really saved but the rest were Christian in name only. He hesitated and said, “it is likely less than that”. People, just attending church does not make a sincere Biblical Christian. Attending church for most is like a “family affair” or “because it’s the social thing to do”. To that I suggest more of a country club church than the church founded by Jesus through the apostles by the Holy Spirit at Antioch in the first century. “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am also.” So, “church” can be anywhere at any time…just be sincere in what you do in rightmindedness.

  • DrBobNM

    “…For those of us lesser Christian lights out here…” the point is, you do not have to be in the spotlight to be a star. Even more likely if you walk the talk in obscurity to mortal men. God will be completely aware of your path you have chosen.

  • grannylake

    It’s difficult because men are weak. Especially men who believe they are powerful. Their self importance makes them weak. Often they really believe that because of their feeling of omnipotence, they are above God’s law that they vowed to obey when they married their wife.

    • Winston

      Oh, I do not believe men are weak especially if they are “powerful”, but more that they believe because they are situationally powerful they won’t get caught. There are those who (as the Bible says) “do what is right in their own eyes yet it leads to destruction.” They get caught and their grief and sorrow is not for what they did but that they got caught in doing the dirty deed. Women are no different. How many times have you watched the nightly news where a female teacher got caught for having sex with a minor (student). Oh, they cry and whine not because of their immorality or that they broke the law…they acted on their own free will or to satisfy their “itch”, but because they were charged and indicted for the crime(s) they committed.

      • grannylake

        I meant weak when it comes to controlling their sexual desires. Women tend to be more cautious since they are the ones that can get pregnant. But I agree. Everyone is pitiful acting when they get caught.

  • Claude M. Dionne

    To: AngelFire4280. I can understand your (biased?!?) position on women’s leadership in the universal Church, but I will have to agree than men MUST follow their position inside the various houses of worship (even though both sexes are ‘EQUAL’, men have to lead). I would love to see more women make a tangible difference inside the walls, yet, there are many more pastors, lay people, etc.,. officiating for the various flocks. That’s how we see it up in Canada, anyway. Finally, there are more men than women who were caught without their pants/dresses on, bar none! But the way how many wo-men dress scantily both in and out of the ‘modern’ church/secular world could be dange-rously challenging to both married and single people. Remember dandy Jezebel in the Old Testament? She was no prude and tried to seduce Joseph against his godly conscience. What did he do? He ran away from Jezebel’s temptations. Enough said!!

    • Laticia

      That was Potifer’s wife. Not Jezebel. Jezebel was Ahab’s wife and was alive several centuries after Joseph…but you got the story line right….

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    It’s always sad when this sort of thing happens. In Christian circles the damage is far worse. Entire ministries fall apart and many people are affected. Usually it’s people who have depended on these ministries for support they really need, and of course the families of these wrongdoer’s often times fall apart completely.

  • DetroitRock

    It seems to be that “Christians” – all of us, are held to a different standard than any other. Like, whens the last time you heard a “scandal” about a Muslim? Ever? It just doesn’t happen, does it?

    On the same note though, if your married, you swore before God and everybody to stay true to your spouse, in both good times and bad, and for better or for worse. That’s it! If your not happy, get a divorce for crying out loud! Marriage is “nothing” if at first you don’t have “trust”.

    I’ve only been married to the same person for 26 years, ( only one marriage also) so maybe I don’t know it “all”. But, this I do know, Trust is everything!

    • johnnywood

      Read Phil.1:10.

  • jeffnkr


  • TB

    The same applies for women, although it is written as a warning for men. Good article!

  • Tberryjack

    Wait just a minute, Everybody. Now Satan has no reason to tempt anyone that’s NOT a Christian, and this being the End of Time as we know it, the Bible Clearly States that Satan WILL be on the Prowl more now than at any other time. Satan knows every Christian’s weak point and that’s where he goes after them the hardest. He don’t have to tempt a Muslim or any other sinner because he already has them. Now a Christian is just like any other Man or Woman and they can be completely sold out for God and trying to live for Christ, but along comes Satan and since he knows your weakness starts bringing all kinds of women into the Christian man’s life or men into the woman’s life and turns on the flirting. No matter who you are or how dedicated you are to living for Christ if you aren’t very careful the temptation becomes extreme, more than most other men are tempted because Satan’s in there to defeat you not just play games. Then you have these people that like to Gossip. Now they think everyone else’s sin is the most terrible thing in the world, which of course it’s bad but it should be between the man and his wife but these people that seem to think Gossiping is their job, their Christian Duty, which it’s just as big a sin if not more than what they are gossiping about. Now you never hear about the Gossips in the Church just the one that committed adultery. Or what about the spouse that makes life unbareable at home and drives the other partner away. Cases like that makes it a lot harder to fight temptation when Satan plans on throwing every thing he has at the one that’s caught up in the act. Just remember, no one is perfect though most seem to think they are and if the truth be known those of you that are judging these people are doing something God is against just as much as the people in this story. Judge NOT lest ye be Judged for God is the only one that has the right to judge, No Gossiper nor Talebearer will have a place in Heaven, not thief nor back biter, nor drunkerd and on and on.

  • johnnywood

    Read I Corinthians 6 and Phil. 1:10.

    • LynxNews

      Read Rev 2:2 and then 2 Timothy 1:15. Paul is a liar.

  • Dave

    Where many of you Christians mess up is you don’t read your Bible for yourselves. Many of you depend on some alleged man of God to “interpret” your Bible for you. Many of you, do in fact worship these alleged men of God, more than you do your Christ. Also, when these alleged men of God screw up, more often than not, rather than punishing them in a meaningful way, the “powers that be” in the church, go into full damage control mode. Many times their crap behavior is covered up and/or excused “for the greater good”. Often times, it is not a “stumbling”, but is in fact a long established pattern of misconduct. Christians claim that their religion/code of conduct is the only one that is valid in the eyes of God. Yet many of them (especially the leaders) invalidate their belief by their crap behavior. I Corinthians 5 in your Bible addresses the subject at hand.

  • Saltporkdoc

    My father, an ordained Methodist minister was confronted on the street by the local atheist for his opinion following such a sexual scandal by a well known evangelistic pastor. My father and the atheist had been philosophically sparring together for about two years at the time. It was a small town and I was walking with dad when the confrontation occurred. I will always remember two things about it, the glee and “gotcha” attitude of the atheist and my father’s response, “Well, given the number of people he has led to a more holy life, I’d say it proves God can make beautiful music even with a broken instrument.”
    Whether that response effected the atheist, I do not know. However, I have found great comfort in the thought that God can make beautiful music with a broken instrument like me.

    • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

      As an ordained Methodist, your father is one of the apostate leaders. He and they (the supposed fallen) are birds of a feather, leading thousands and millions to a false faith. All their outward “holiness” will not save a single soul. It is but moral reformation by the will of men, trying to make themselves better. But Jesus said, “Ye must be born again…born from above.” I was a Methodist. I was confirmed and baptized. It was worthless in the matter of salvation. Those that follow men do not follow God. Methodism can save no one. Only the Lord Jesus saves the repentant soul that cries out to him and seeks to follow Jesus. Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Baptists, Catholics (put any denomination in here) all preach a false gospel. They follow men. Christ said call no man your master, for only one is your master: Christ.

      • oldgoatee

        What church should I go to, if any?

        • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

          I would suggest getting out your own Bible and studying it and seeking the Lord at your own home. There is no church that I can suggest, unless you live in northern Wisconsin. My wife and I met together in my home with just a couple friends and sometimes only by ourselves. We had a hymn book and we listened to sermons from this place: http://pastorsb.com
          This is the web site of my good friend and pastor. He is a man who has been persecuted for his faith and preaching the true gospel message. He is the man of God who has pronounced doom on this nation, as you can hear for yourself, and why. As you listen to it or read his articles, you’ll note a huge difference from the modern gospel which has such low standards and barely resembles the true teachings of Christ. He teaches true repentance and explains how God works within a man, so that no man will ever glory in his presence as if he (that man) did anything in and of himself, except turn away from his wicked ways and toward God, and that only with the help (grace) of God. He explains being born again and how and why that happens and why it cannot happen except by the preaching of the true gospel, as was done in the early church and in every true move of God since then. He goes into great detail in his sermons as to how the modern churches have gone astray, very specifically pointing out their errors and false teachings and the truth of the scriptures. “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” One must receive the love of the truth that God wants to give you (IIThes 2:10). No sinner can simply believe some truths about Jesus and think a simple prayer will save them. They must repent (this alone is a great work of God in a man, woman, or child’s soul and few understand it). They must seek to enter the kingdom of God (be born again). Only God can do this work in a man, but a man must obey the Holy Spirit and stop resisting him.

          • garysvent

            Another so-called Christian who likes the thought of going to heaven, but can’t stand the thought that Christ might save someone else, and is really turned off by the notion that he might have to help support with his money the spreading of the Word through churches.

            There’s no such thing as a perfect pastor, or a perfect parishioner. No such thing as the perfect repentance. Christ came to save the imperfect.

          • charlie

            you surely enjoy your koolaid

          • charlie

            correct that is new testament.

      • Colleen Phillips

        And who appointed you the judge of the status of others’ salvation? Your reply to “Saltporkdoc” is totally unChristlike, inappropriate, and irrelevant to this discussion. Take your condemnation and go elsewhere. You are the type of self-righteous anal orifice that turns people away from Christianity, and gives Jesus a bad rap. It’s people like you that destroyed my Christian experience a long time ago.

        • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

          You are wrong, Colleen, that it is irrelevant. The supposed Christian ministers of the day and even in the past several generations have turned away from God and live for money and the praise of men. “They profess to know God, but in works deny him.” This shoe fits on nearly every denominational preacher, with few exceptions. You call me self-righteous, but are not so many of these preachers who lift themselves up in the eyes of men as our examples actually the self-righteous, hypocritical men like the Pharisees and Sadducees of old? You want to condemn me who is simply pointing this out, but not condemn those leading millions of souls into false hope and a Christ-less eternity?
          There may have been someone who turned you off years ago, but will you strike out at anyone just because they may speak similar words? “Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”

        • tlk244182

          One point in DR’s favour, at least he’s not preaching that “feel good” stuff.

        • charlie

          dorry he was correct. you must e a church member

  • http://www.noneofyourbusiness.com Anthony Alexander

    Even the devil himself tempted Christ to turn the rock into bread when he fasted in the desert…..today that scenario is played out day after day after day with each of us….We will encounter temptation in many forms and it IS a TEST of faith….how strong are you?….Get tough….don’t be a P_SSY…….

  • Colleen Phillips

    My husband went to a weekend Christian men’s retreat once and was shocked by the other guys in his cabin, all of whom admitted to cheating on their wives repeatedly, with the excuse that they wanted to behave, but just couldn’t help themselves when tempted. How thankful I am to have an old fashioned guy who is 100% faithful, and even after almost 38 years of marriage, still treats me as if I were the most desirable woman on the planet. Now that’s a REAL man!
    Ladies, if you have a guy like mine, he’s a “keeper;” do not ever take him for granted!

  • me1952

    Sorry but human nature is human nature is human nature. It excuses nothing, only proves none of us is immune.
    Come on, didn’t the Rev. Billy Graham give his buddy Clinton a free pass on his extramarital romping? Graham didn’t not have to pass judgment, but he didn’t have to excuse it either. I completely lost all respect for the man from that day forward.
    “In the spotlight” means power, money, and influence. Also plenty of adoring women.
    Christian leaders are no different than, let’s say, Graham’s buddy Clinton.

    • charlie

      but BG does not preach the true and complete Gospel

      • me1952

        Whatever, he’s a rank hypocrite.

  • Charlie A

    As a man I can definitely state that for almost all men their Achilles heel is located between their legs, not at their their foot.

  • http://pastorsb.com/ Doug Roy

    The modern church does not teach that people must repent of their sins in order to come to Christ and seek his pardon. It does not teach that you must be born again from above. It does not teach that you cannot live a Christian life unless Christ has saved you. What the modern church teaches is a conglomeration of heresies and half-truths. The Lutheran and Catholic churches, and perhaps a couple others, teach that you are saved via baby baptism, when a priest or pastor sprinkles water on your little head. The Baptists and a few others teach teach that baptism by immersion is essential in order for you to be saved. They also believe, along with a myriad of denominations and independent churches in the Bill Bright/Billy Graham gospel of confessing or believing a few basic truths about Christ and the Bible and praying the sinners prayer to be saved. Then there are a few denominations that believe you can do nothing to be saved, but hope that God chooses you. Some others believe you must speak in tongues. There are combinations of the above and even more ideas out there how a person is saved which include confirmation, catechism, moral reform and so on and so on. None of these methods or means of salvation are Biblical. None of them save a soul. No church can save anyone. They have no power to save.
    Paul says clearly, “the gospel is the power of God unto salvation.” But there is such confusion over what the gospel is, that hardly any understand it. Why is that? The true gospel must be preached and taught by true men of God and they must be taught by the Holy Ghost. And it is the Holy Ghost that enlightens all people to understand the gospel message and helps men, women, and children to repent of their sins and turn to God. All must “receive the love of the truth” and turn from all lies, false religion, including false churchianity/christianity, all idolatry, and every sin. But no man can reform himself. This takes the power of God, Men can only “repent” or turn from their sins and turn toward God. Men are too evil and corrupt to reform themselves. This is why Jesus taught, “You must be born again.” This is a spiritual birth where God replaces the old stoney heart and give you a new heart and spirit. He make you into a new creature in Christ. This is a miraculous work of God in a soul and only Jesus Christ can accomplish this within you. You must meet him for this to happen in your life. He must make himself real to you and give you this “faith of Christ.” You cannot attain it by seeking knowledge, reading your Bible, or going to church. Only by seeking Christ and his truth.
    But the modern church has forsaken this path that requires a supernatural, risen savior. They have opted for a religious business that gives you knowledge and ritual instead, accompanied by your good works, especially giving your money to them. All such religion is vain and the leaders of it are false, giving you another Christ, another gospel, and another spirit. And with these, they give you bondage to your church and a darkened mind and dead, seared conscience. Hypocrisy becomes your lifestyle and pleasing men and your church, your way of life.

    • charlie


  • Water Dude

    Fellow Patriots: I’ve found this to be the sharpest arrow in freedom’s quiver: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • AR154U

    All MUST remember Larry Flynt’s million dollar reward to trap and expose Christian Leaders and Conservative lawmakers. Flynt will pay top dollar to anyone that finds or creates dirt on these people !

  • charlie

    what do you expect from that bunch of self-righteous, arrogant, self centered hirelings. They ARE NOT Christian Leaders, they are churchmen, hirelings.
    scriptures make it clear ALL those hirelings and their works will be exposed to the world. It does not effect true Christians who understand these hirelings are building their own little kingdoms and not the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God has nothing to do with big and mega churches and money.
    Mark 10:42-45 But Jesus called them to Himself and said to them, “You know that those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. 43 Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. 44 And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all. 45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

    • IvanRider

      I still believe that Bill Gothard may be innocent of most, if not all, of the allegations made against him.

      Remember how those women accusing Herman Cain were shown to have been frauds hired by Obama to destroy Herman Cain in order to maintain the Alinsky narrative about Republicans? Herman Cain left the presidential run in 2011 not as an admission of guilt, but because the opposition got nasty and started harassing his wife. He left to protect his wife.

      Bill Gothard is easily in a position where the same sewer rats would be desperate to come after him with the same filth and lies they spewed on Herman Cain. IBLP was very effective. And that made it a threat. So the
      plan was simple: Convince a bunch of ladies to accuse him of being an idiot in the 70s, and decapitate IBLP. Bill left so that the ministry could be centered around God, instead of himself. Because that way, IBLP can survive without the burden of one man’s scandals.

      As for Doug Phillips? I actually met the man. He’s not some total creep. He just let his ego get in the way of his ministry – and paid for it by losing control of his libido. Yes, his family might implode over his foolish action. But that doesn’t make his every word false.

      I consider the way his friends at Vision Forum knifed him in the back when they learned the truth of what he’d done to have been the greater wrongdoing. They should have allowed him to resign quietly, which is what he was going to do. They should have let him control how much of his confession he wanted to have go public, versus what remained a private matter in his family. He knew he screwed up. But to stab him in the back and air every sordid detail of his dirty laundry to World Magazine was despicable.

      “It was sexual, but he claims he didn’t actually “know” her in the Biblical sense.” Does World think I’m too dumb to deduce that to mean he “pulled a Clinton”? I have a pretty vivid imagination, and I didn’t need to see that.

      Yes, per this article, his wife had a right to know everything. I would have been content to have him send out a message to everyone remaining at Vision Forum saying that, due to a private matter in his family, he feels he has disqualified himself from the ministry and is stepping down. It would have been none of the rest of the country’s business to know that he pulled a Clinton. It not only destroyed him and the ministry to make everything public, but it put his children in danger.

      We need to remember to let Christ be the head, and not get so hung up on fallible human leaders. In one way or another, eventually, all human leaders will disappoint. That is why elected officials used to have term limits. Even angels need God to rule over them, and none of us are perfect angels.

  • Vince

    Just enjoy lusting at the sexy ads on Clashdaily and other Christian sites. Very Christ-like of you.

  • IvanRider

    - “Don’t enter a car, elevator, room, etc. alone with another woman.” – If I’m single, I’ll enter whatever room I have to / want to. If she starts making inappropriate suggestions, I can always leave, or ask her to.

    – “Don’t send flirty/questionable texts, social media messages, etc. to another woman.” – While I’m single, if I have no other prior relationships or commitments, I’ll flirt with whom I want, provided they are also single / not-committed. I can always tell her that sexting is going too far, and that I would only e-mail my junk to my spouse.

    – “Sexual acts short of full-on sexual intercourse with someone not your
    spouse still constitute sexual impropriety.” – That’s a fair assessment.

    – “Don’t hire a woman to be your personal assistant.” – Again, as long as I’m single, if I have no other commitments, I’d hire whomever I felt was best for the job. If she had a crush on me, I could always transfer her to another department to prevent impropriety from happening. At the first sign of trouble: “This can’t be allowed. Where else would you be comfortable.” I’d only discriminate by gender if I were already married / seriously committed.

    – “Don’t become private prayer partners with other women.” – If I’m single, I’ll pray with whomever I feel comfortable praying with. It doesn’t have to be in the same room. Facebook can be utilized too.

    – “If married, you should have no secret relationships with any other
    women; if you currently are indulging such a relationship, end it. NOW.” – That’s fair.

    — “Don’t privately share your marriage problems or frustrations with another woman.” – I would share with one that I have no physical attraction to or pretensions of ever getting together with. Sometimes, other women have the best advice.

    – “At the first tingle of discomfort that a relationship you have with a
    woman might not be copacetic, take immediate, serious steps to set it
    right; if necessary, cut it off.” – I have difficulty cutting off anyone I don’t feel has totally deserved to be cut off. That being said, I’m more than willing to tell a girl to dial it back if I don’t feel her pace is appropriate.

    – “Stay away from other men (or women!) who don’t take sexual purity seriously.” – Those who’ve learned the hard way often have the best advice. I’d only cut them off if I felt they were intentionally a truly toxic influence.

    – “Never assume you don’t have to keep your guard up any longer. (“Take
    heed when you think you stand, lest you fall — 1 Corinthians 10:12).” – I would add to, regardless how difficult life gets, avoid the snares of despair. It can lead down the same road as pride.

    – “Extended counseling with a godly man is a must: If there are root
    issues that need to be skewered, now is the time to get it done.” – Provided you find one you can trust. The reason so many wait so long is because they’re convinced that the “godly” man will consider this one thing “too big” to trust to the individual making a confession to confess when the time is right, and will betray the secrecy of matters brought up during the counseling session. That’s why professional counselors sign confidentiality agreements as a condition of their services.

    While it’s nice to think coming clean is the best solution, you have to be careful for those who hear too much and would get vindictive. Saying too much too soon to the wrong party could lead to unnecessary violence. That danger must not be taken lightly.

    – “Under no circumstances nor for whatever reason should the offended
    spouse be left in the dark regarding your friend’s infidelity”. – Perhaps, but again – be wary of vindictive relatives. Don’t, in your desire to see a friend come clean about sexual impropriety, sow the seeds of murder in someone else’s heart. The party who offended must confess, not a friend for them, lest the would-be “friend” should turn to slander. Loose lips sink ships.

  • Christian Puddleglum Cepel

    A very good page-and-a-half summation of the book Hedges: Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It by Jerry B. Jenkins. Thank you. There be wisdom in them there words.

  • imnotgay2008

    The corruption in today’s Baptist and Catholic churches and most evangelical churches is pervasive. What you need to do is FLEE these institutions of sin altogether! pray privately and stop going to Church!

  • cvxxx

    No we people are looking for a real human being who is bold and stops doing the two step.

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