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  • VirginiaLady

    Oh, I get it. Use black magic in god’s name. What could possibly go wrong?

  • VirginiaLady

    Well that’s a healthy relationship.

  • VirginiaLady

    Not true. He didn’t like it that god gave humans power over angels/demons. He wanted us all to be equals under god.
    Why am I even talking to you idiots???

    • sandraleesmith46

      Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, renamed Satan BEFORE humanity existed, so perhaps you should try reading God’s Word rather than relying on Hollywood’s version? I saw those movies too, and they were wrong. He challenged God and lost.

      • VirginiaLady

        How do you know? No one was there.

        • sandraleesmith46

          God WAS; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and ALL the angels were as well; those who followed God, as well as those who followed and were cast out with Lucifer. God saw fit to insure we were informed, in His Word.

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    Is there an imprecatory psalm or prayer particularly well-suited to the imbecilic trolls who love to camp out on this site?

    I’d simply LOVE to offer some prayers on their behalf, of course. It would be my pleasure.


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